he can wear a suit can't be

Conversation with my Co-Author
  • Me: I want Lotor to have more depth in this fic. I don't want him to be pure evil, but became that way from circumstance. But I can't seem to figure out how it will all end.
  • CA: Keith should kill him.
  • Me: what?! No, I'm not sure that will work for this...
  • CA: He should wear his black suit and kill Lotor with his blade.
  • Me: Now this is an excuse to put Keith in his black suit...
  • CA: And then he can kill Lotor nice and slow, the way the bastard deserves to die.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Your obsessing over that one thing he does, aren't you?
  • CA: You don't kidnap Lance away from Keith and not expect to DIE!!!!!!
  • Me: -_-
Dear most high school choir teachers

Just because they can hit the note doesn’t mean they should
For the love of Jesus make the altos sing louder
If you have a transboy let him wear a suit even if he’s a soprano
If you have a transgirl let her wear a dress even if she’s a bass
Just because they’re not professionals it doesn’t give you the right to let them suck
If a section or person can’t get it right don’t pray they will help them

Secret Service Starters
  • "Please tell me that umbrella isn't just an umbrella."
  • "I need help here NOW!"
  • "Lives will be lost."
  • "We can't do this."
  • "You can't just shoot your way out of this."
  • "So... follow this dirt bag and see where he leads us?"
  • "Welcome home. Is there anything you need? Drink? Dinner? Hand grenade?"
  • "I'm wearing a bullet resistant suit."
  • "You wouldn't happen to have a signal scrambler would you?"
  • "So sorry I to have to kill you."
  • "What is that?"
  • "Never tell me the odds."
  • "For king/queen and country!"
  • "Don't worry about anyone listening in."
  • "Do you think you can lower my guard just by pouting and keeping your shirt half buttoned?"
  • "Dear God, what happened to you?"
  • "Bullet in the head, that's all it will take."
  • "Your glasses have a video recorder."
  • "Data says that the chances of failure is around 87 percent."
  • "Do you really think you can solve everything by playing poker?"
  • "The consulate isn't going to help us this time."
  • "Please tell me you have explosives somewhere on you."
  • "What the hell did you just do?"
  • "Boss says if you go, you better not come back."
  • "So... fake marriage?"
  • "Nice hotel. Shame it's a front for international smugglers."
  • "Did you really think that was going to work?"
  • "Not everyone is a parkour master."
  • "I'm a tech, not a sniper!"
  • "Since when do you know how to pick pockets?"
  • "Surprising what you'll learn on the streets of ______."
  • "The hell are you doing?"
  • "What part of go in, see if the target is in there and get back out, do you not understand?"
  • "Where did you get that?"

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the Wayne family at a Gala, Tim or Cass invite Steph as their plus one but get dragged away by rich people, other rich people start talking down to Steph, who takes it like the angel she is because she can't explode at a Gala, until Damian comes over to set them straight because he *can* and *will* explode at a Gala

Damian would probably accidentally spill the person’s drink on their ridiculously expensive outfit and then instead of apologising he would casually insult their outfit like “Oh well it’s a 2012 Gucci suit so it can’t be worth THAT much. Anyways you should talk to my dear sister Stephanie, she’s wearing the 2017 Armani line. She has exclusive access thanks to her volunteer modelling. She could probably introduce you to her model friends but obviously you think she isn’t good enough so why would you want to do that?” And the person is just left speechless, Steph is trying not to laugh hysterically and Damian’s brothers are failing miserably at not laughing. Damian just walks off smugly, his point proven.

Our secret

Pairing: Mino x Reader
Requested by anonymous: Hello! I Have a request! could you do a sexy romantic scenario (MinoXReader) where the girl is a super shy foreigner that is working for Yg has a makeup artist and everyone is flirting with her ,which makes Mino jealous and over protective of her ,and she is naive to the point of not noticing any of the flirting Please ! :)
Comments: SO SORRY THIS TOOK AGES, hope you like it.

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As soon as the five guys entered the room, it was filled with their loud voices and laughter, they were in a good mood today.

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6052. Beast Boy’s suit and underwear are made of a special bionic materiel that in a way melds with his skin. His belt shrinks along with anything he's carrying in it. The Titans can't figure out what kind of materiel this is and can't recreate it because it was special made and extremely expensive because his rich foster family bought it for him. This can also result in Beast Boy sometimes ending up in underwear or maybe even naked if he doesn't wear his suit while shapeshifting, as his clothes would rip.

Submitted by thenahoi

** Admins note: “Materiel” isn’t a typo! I’m not sure if this was intended or not, but “materiel” is specifically materials that are specially created for military uses, and specifically applies to the specific supplies used in one’s specific operation. (It’s very specific.)

headcanon: ok so, i am 99% sure that the sweater Ford regularly wears after he comes out of the portal actually belonged to Stan. ever since he was a kid, Stan only ever really wore one color, which is this faded maroon/red color. the sweater Ford wears now is almost the exact same color.

Ford, on the other hand, has always leaned more towards yellows, browns, and the occasional orange or blue.

which leas me to believe that the sweater Ford is wearing is one that Stan lent to him. (this might also go for his pants, because Ford has only been shown wearing blue or brown pants, not black, if you exclude the clothes he was wearing immediately after coming out of the portal. Stan regularly wears black pants.)

so, i’m thinking that Ford’s old clothes were either too small for him now (especially since he is noticeably bigger than when he was 28), or they were just too old and not in good enough condition to use anymore. clothes can only last so long, after all. so Stan lent Ford some of his own clothes that he never wears, like the red sweater, and possibly the pants.

(side note: Stan and Ford got their color preferences from their mom and dad, respectively. their dad always wore a yellow and brown suit with a blue undershirt, and their mom always wore a maroon dress)

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what about Rhodey absolutely adoring how soft Tony looks? You've had an ask before about Tony being insecure about his weight and getting hurt because of the remarks about it. But he's not fat or chubby, he's just soft looking. And Rhodey absolutely loves it, the whole look - his fluffy hair, his cute as hell neck, his doe eyes and his tummy - and he can't help but feel so much love and awe when he looks at him, because Tony is beautiful and cute as hell.

What else can I add to this, I wholeheartedly agree!


Tony probably learnt two things very early: that his eyes give away all of his emotions despite how well he masks them otherwise and second that people tend to underestimate him because of his “soft” appearance.

So he always wears sunglasses and his sharp suits to avoid showing weaknesses in any way.

Only Rhodey (and later the team) gets to see Tony all soft and relaxed. 

Rhodey is totally gone on him either way, taking full advantage of the fact that he is allowed to TOUCH whenever (and wherever) he wants. 

They snuggle up on the couch during movie nights and Rhodey just cards his fingers through Tony’s soft hair, trailing them over Tony’s neck.

He loves to wrap his arms around Tony and hug him, loves to get all sappy -as Tony calls it- and put his head in Tony’s lap. 

The ultimate soft look though is when Tony walks around the tower in one of Rhodey’s sweaters: slightly too big on him, just enough to cover his hands and his hair all soft and curly, brown eyes still heavy with sleep and a light flush on his cheeks.

Rhodey kinda falls in love all over again whenever he sees Tony like this.


Geno can never catch a break.

So yeh this was my idea for a thing that takes place at the scifell wedding. *shrugs* I just thought of this and it made me laugh. also I am teaching myself how to draw suits! ( though I need learn how to draw a tux, since the grooms would look nicer than the guests) Death was easy. he just put on a tie and said that that was his formal wear.

( also this is my way of announcing that I officially ship afterdeath, even though I probably won’t draw it unless one of you bros ask me to.)

(also I’m tired so sorry if this description doesn’t make sense *sweats nervously* )

  • Imagine that it's raining, because it always rains when it's time to do something hard and sad, and Blue is sitting in the reading room staring out the window while waiting on the guys to pick her up. Maura comes up behind her and wraps her arms around Blue while the Grey Man stands back watching.
  • "I'm so sorry, Blue."
  • Now Imagine Ronan trying to get ready and tearing apart his room because he can't find his damn tie, and everything's gone to hell anyway. Adam comes in and picks it up off the bed, where it's been laying, and gently takes his hand.
  • "I'm so sorry, Ronan."
  • And Noah doesn't even appear.
  • Then they get there, and walk inside together because none of them can face the casket alone. They don't notice the fancy people in their fancy clothes, or the boys from Alionby Academy, or the flowers everywhere.
  • All they notice is Gansey, eyes perfectly closed, hands perfectly crossed, wearing an impeccable suit.
  • And Blue starts to cry because it's all wrong, and he should be in a Polo and shorts with those stupid boat shoes.
  • And Ronan unconsciously pulls her and Adam closer. They watch the casket lower into the ground, right on the ley line just as Gansey would have wanted and his parents insisted on.
  • And when it's over they drive in silence back to Monmouth Manufacturing and open the door. It's cold inside and Blue shivers as Noah appears with a sad smile.
  • Next to him is Gansey, who smiles broadly and welcomes them all home.

I’ve fallen so hard for this ship I don’t even know what to do with myself tbh.

(Sliiiiiight nsfw toward the end, but nothing graphic!)

The first time he kisses her, they are sitting beside a small campfire, wrapped in wool cloaks that help ward against the chill. They could’ve spent the night at a village inn; he told her he didn’t mind the extra bit of travel, but she’d been very firm about how she expected things to proceed now that she had joined him.

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OMG. Okay so Gon and Killua are going to Leorio's wedding (you can decide who he's marrying - is it Kurapika? Palm? Ging? Who knows) and of course since they're important guests they have to wear suits. And Gon's like "ah. Killua looks so great in a suit. Reminds me of that Greed Island auction." And during the ceremony Gon can't take his eyes off Killua. He's just so /beautiful/. And when Gln slow dances with Killua at the reception, he decides that he will marry him one day. <3333

i give up on anatomical accuracy

i think this was a prompt for a fic, but im not really sure….

ANYWAY, since i lost the will to write anything today and i felt like drawing some kirugons, i hope you enjoy this tiny drawing instead! <3 <3

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Ok but TRASH'S CLOTHING CHOICES WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM THE DIAMONDS ON THE SLEEVES AND THEN THE COLLAR MATCHES THE CUFFS I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THEM AND HIS BEHAVIOUR OH MY GOD HE WAS SO CREEPY which seemed kind of different to his more sinister trashy book vibe? Idk. ^^" I can't wait for this filth to get destroyed.

You mean this part right?

“Surprise!! My ugly cuffs match my ugly collar!”

I’m still laughing at Gourmet because in the manga when he first appeared he was wearing a diamond sweater 

not this fucking tomato suit.

But they fucking kept the theme of it with that first gif and this scene when he went to Kaneki’s college to talk to him.

And it’s just a fucking riot because he CAN wear nice normal clothing, I’ve seen it. He was even wearing this nice outfit in that same scene in the manga.

He went from a kinda cool looking fashion dude *cough*stranger danger*cough* in the manga to an embarrassing fashion disaster shit stain *cough*sTRAnGER DaNGEr!*cough* in the anime. 

It’s like the anime artists all gathered in a circle and were like, “This fucking piece of trash needs a fashion statement as bad as his personality” and I hope that’s exactly what happened because that is the best decision they could have ever made.

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Ben C looks beautifully dapper in a suit and then he goes out in public by himself and he's wearing like three jackets and i just face palm. My baby can't dress himself..

I think we can all agree that BOTH are amazing because look:

This is Ben. 

Ben wears scarves in the Summer.

Ben wears goofy hats.

Ben wears four layers and sunglasses in the rain

But Ben is 100% himself

Now this is Benedict Cumberbatch

Dapper in all black. He’s going to a funeral. The funeral of our vaginas.

Red Carpet ready! Hands in pockets and looking like he’s pleased about the vaginal death sweeping the nation.

He’s totally professional and so god damn handsome.Fuck I forgot how handsome this photoset was.Sorry. I might need a minute

Damn.I haven’t been this aroused in awhile.

Anyway,he looks hot whether he’s dressed for all of the seasons or award season.Fact.

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Athena and Aphrodite just sit on Olympus parties like "Ugh that dress definitely doesn't suit Demeter" "Even though Zeus is the God of the Universe it doesn't mean he can wear that monstrosity" and Athena tries to ignore her but she can't

Apollo tells the muses to turn the music up lmao

I loved Suicide Squad so much, and I want to make a review post eventually, but first can we just please take a moment to talk about how good Bruce Wayne looked in the end in the Amanda Waller scene?? He looked so GOOD so DAD like and safe and justicey and perfect hair, batman™ smirk, DEAD SET ON MAKING FRIENDS, wearing an expensive watch probably to match his expensive suit, and tbh I wanted to leave in his brief case with him. 

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Can you write a quick one-shot of Joshifer before their ET interview in his/her hotel room where she can't keep her hands off of him and he keeps telling her that he'll be wearing a nice shirt that day? :)

Here you go. It’s my spin on your request. I hope you enjoy!

“Where I Belong”

The steamy tendrils swirl around my form as I hastily pull the door to the bathroom open, “Jen! My shirts not in here; have you seen─”

“You mean this one?”

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