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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 7)

((A/N: As promised, the next chapter ASAP. It’s getting rather intense, for those who haven’t noticed. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going. There’s also the potential for a ‘spin-off’ of sorts, depending on how it’s received. This one I loved writing. I love it all, but this is bananas. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.3k 

Warnings: Language, awkwardness, alcohol use. Also: hilarity. 

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6//))

Ares wasted no time in getting to you, that was for sure. He moved with the speed Hermes had endowed in him without much care for the fact that he was likely on Zeus’ radar at this point. There was a feeling of need and fear as he made his way to you as fast as his feet could take him. He saw you, in his mind’s eye, and felt your pain. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was seeing, but he knew it was the beginning of the explanation for why Zeus was so terribly interested in you.

The wonderful part about gods on earth, all of the Pantheon had found, was that they could blend with ease. In truth very few humans knew the real forms of the gods and those that did were said to have been under a spell when approached. It was how Ares was able to run towards where you were in time to watch the fire burn out.

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Hi! Blaise/Theo + 199. thank you <3

199:  “Is that an apology?”

This is my first Blaise/Theo work so pls don’t be hard on me


“Please come outside babe.” Theo kept his eyes fixed on his transfiguration essay as he ignored his boyfriend’s whiney plea. Sometimes he loved how Blaise surprised him with a snogging session or a picnic for no reason, but now was not one of those moments. The library was too hot and he had a major headache.

“The sun is out and N..E.W.T’s are more than a month away Theo. Please?”

No reaction.

“Pretty please?”

“You’re always pretty Blaise, adding that word makes it a pleonasm.” Theo sighed, as he ceased his attempt to ignore his italian flame, who always seemed to take compliments like this for granted. Telling a gorgeous man he was gorgeous was not a flirtation, just stating a fact.

“I love it when you talk nerdy on me.”

“I love it when you shut up and leave me to my work when I feel like there’s a troll banging on the inside of my skull with a hammer.” He pushed the affectionate hand Blaise had slung around his shoulders away and tried to regain his focus.

“Maybe I can chase that troll away with a different kind of banging.” The seductive whisper gave Theo some much welcomed goosebumps, but he still responded by shoving Blaise away.

Blaise looked hurt.

Theo felt much worse though. Why couldn’t Blaise understand that he had to do this? Why didn’t he grasp that without good grades he would never get a job?

Theo didn’t have rich parents or the inheritance of a wealthy uncle waiting for him when he got out of Hogwarts. The only thing he had was a fuckton of prejudice against his house and at least four yearmates who outranked his grades.

“Well I’m off then. Maybe Draco can entertain me.” The suddenly drop in temperature his departing lover caused was not a welcome one.

“Wait for a year or so and I can entertain you. Though I probably wouldn’t be high end enough.” Theo didn’t look up when he heard Blaise’s footsteps halt.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“What is says on the tin. I don’t have wealthy parents when I get out of here. Hell, I don’t even have parents since my father got kissed, and there’s not much of a job market for pisspoor orphaned Slytherins. In what other field could I possibly find employment?” Theo finally lifted his head to meet Blaise’s eye. He looked shocked.

“You really think selling yourself is the best only option?”

“The option with the highest pay grade. I’m being real here Blaise, remember Esmée? She had the highest score in her year but she’s still living off scraps in a terrible muggle neighborhood because she’s an orphan Slytherin. I don’t see myself heading anywhere else.”

“I thought you were going to Paris.”

“I didn’t get in. News spreads Blaise, any institution would be out of its mind to accept a barely average student from a house filled with death eaters.”

“You’re not barely average.”

“Maybe not, but I’m no Hermione. And though selling myself is a bit over dramatic I really do need to study now if I don’t want to end up as an office clerk for some dodgy pharmacist in Knockturn Alley.”

Theo saw the hurt expression on Blaise fade, only to be replaced moments later by a look of concern. “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t get into Paris?”

Theo looked away again, but Blaise sat down next to him and gently cupped his face, forcing him to meet his eye. The gesture was more intimate than their messy blowjobs in empty corridors, or their prolonged good night kisses. With difficulty Theo swallowed and answered.

“I forgot. My father wouldn’t have cared, my mother is dead. I’m not yet used to having such close friends I’m afraid.”

“Is that an apology?” Blaise wrapped his strong arm arms around Theo, and this time he didn’t shove them away. Gracefully Blaise placed himself between the table and his boyfriend, his fine arse resting on Theo’s bony upper legs.

“You have nothing to apologise for. You’re suddenly on the receiving end of prejudice you barely had, you lost your father, you saw your mother get killed. That’s not nothing Theo. But now you have us. Me, Draco, Pansy. We’re not just here to listen when you talk, we’re here to remind you that you should talk. And to blackmail Draco into making your homework by threatening to reveal his giant Harry Potter shrine.”

“That would kind of miss the point of ho-.” Blaise rolled his eyes and shut him up with a kiss. 

“Now there’s something you do need to apologise for babe. There is such a thing as ‘too much nerd.’”

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Magical Office Episode 2: The Board Meeting

Let me know what you think. You should check out The Office playlist on Spotify. It literally has every song ever sung or mentioned on the show. Absoluetly Bloody Brilliant!


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-Interview with Y/N-

Y/N: So… umm yeah it’s my third week working here. It’s been quite an adjustment. (beat) Oh no Newt’s been great. He isn’t as big of a handful as the Minister makes him out to be.

There is a cut away scene to Y/N opening Newt’s office door to see the room covered in mooncalves. Newt stands in the middle of the room. A mooncalf sits in his arms. The camera pans back to Y/N who gives Newt a stern look. Newt shrugs.

Newt: Ugh this isn’t what it looks like.

The cut away ends and goes back to Y/N being interviewed.

Y/N: The others? Umm yeah I see them now and then, Bridget is very chatty so I interact with her a lot. I’m not sure I’ve actually seen Claire move yet. Y/N shifts uncomfortably in the chair and leans in as if to tell the camera a secret. I’m-I’m not actually sure if she’s still alive.

Another cut away shows Claire at her desk, with the same sun glasses on. In her hair are spit balls. A figure walks by and puts more paperwork on her desk. Random clutter and paperwork cover her desk. Suddenly a spit ball flys across the room. The camera shoots up and follows the shot that came from Rodger. He quickly tries to hide the evidence that he was the one who had shot the spit ball at Claire.

Rodger: What? I’m so bored!

The cut away scene ends and goes back to Y/N sitting in the chair. She looks down at her watch and adjusts her watch.

Y/N: The minister is doing rounds to the different corridors and giving us our annual ministry updates and news. Apparently he does this every once in a while to get feed back from everyone and tell people about what’s new in the ministry…

Y/N is cut off by the sound of the interview room door opening. The camera turns to see Newt in the doorway. He looks over at her and quickly notices the camera.

Newt: (startled) Oh so sorry. Forgot the camera would be in here. (To Y/N) Don’t know if you saw the time but he’s about to start.

Y/N: I did actually. Is Rodger ready? Last time it was easier with three of us.

She gets up from her chair and follows Newt our of the room. The camera follows beind the both of them.

Newt: Yeah I believe he’s right behind him.

Suddenly M.C Hammers song “Can’t Touch This” can be heard along with loud banging and things shattering or breaking. The camera focuses on the furthest corner. Suddenly a Hammer flies from it into a wall. Biggleswade comes from around the corner carrying a boom box. His other hand is conjuring hammers as they fly around the room. Bridget runs around screaming at Biggleswade to get a grip. Claire is still asleep in her chair. Rodger follows closely behind and tries to save the hammers from destroying more of the corridor. Sometimes he is successful, other times he misses as the hammers go through the drywall. Newt and Y/N instantly start helping.

Biggleswade: (with the music) Stop! Hammer Time!

There is a cut away to Newt, Rodger and Y/N in the interview room. All of them look exhausted and all of them are covered with drywall dust. Y/N flicks dust from her trousers and does the same to Newt jacket sleeve. She turns to Rodger and dusts the top of his hair. Rodger then sneezes and Newt tries to tousle his cost a little to get the dust off. Rodger looks at the camera after his sneeze.

Rodger:Biggleswade discovered a new Muggle recording the other day. He decided he loved it so much he ended up taking it too literally and made 9:30am his “hammer time.” Which apparently, according to Muggles, means you throw around Muggle working tools.

Y/N: We still aren’t sure Muggles would have a Hammer Time, but we understand why this M.C person is warning people about the time.

Newt: We’re hoping he moves out of the Muggle 90’s soon before one of us dies.


The next scene shows the corridor gathering into the conference room, the same room as where the interviews are held. Biggleswade and Rodger help wheel Claire into the room. Bridget follows behind with Y/N and Newt in toe. Biggleswade and Rodger help fix Claire to be presentable.

Bridget: Don’t you think we should take her to the St. Mungos? I mean it’s been like three weeks. She probably stinks.

Biggleswade carefully gets close to Claire’s head and sniffs her hair.

Biggleswade: I’d say she’s got another week.

Bridget makes a disgusted face. Newt and Y/N look at each with a worrying face. Rodger sits next to Y/N.

Rodger: (To Y/N) Don’t worry she’s been out longer than this once before. She’ll be fine.

The camera zooms in on Newt’s face who looks at the camera with a blank and expression. He slowly begins to shake his head in disbelief.

Suddenly the camera goes to the conference room door where Milton opens the door and enters on his own. He stands next to Newt with his wand and a piece of paper. He uses the Lumos charm and shines it over the front of the room. The camera goes back to Newt’s expression and he slowly puts his head in his hands.

Milton: Witches and Wizards! He runs the ministry, he is the greatest, most charming and sexiest Wizard in the office! He’s your best friend and mine, give it up for MINISTER PARKINSON!!!!!

The Conference room door opens and in jogs Minister Parkinson. He throws his arms into the air and bobs up and down. Milton joins him and both of them jump around with their arms in the air.


Y/N: This is supposed to be an all day meeting…(The scene cuts to Y/N and Newt looking at each other and smirking as they try to hide their laughter.) …I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.



Bridget: Oh My God they have been glued at the hip since she got here! They are always whispering (Cut Scene to Bridget sitting in the break room table. Newt and Y/N are sitting next to each other but are turned to face each other. They are laughing and listening to each other intently. The camera goes back to Bridget who looks bored and annoyed.) The two of them are SO going to hook up. It’s like…


The camera cuts back to the board meeting. Minister Parkinson stands at the head of the table and addresses the room.

Minister:Thank you, thank you everybody! No need to stand and applause… (he pauses and when no one does anything he gives them all a stern look. Y/N and Newt look around the room as everyone looks around with confused looks. Newt and Y/N slowly stand and start clapping. Everyone follows except for Claire.) Oh stop, oh stop guys. Go one sit down. (Still confused, everyone sits again) Alright… so to start off Wizard Resources wants me to…


Minister: (His interview takes place in his office.) The board always asks me why I go around to the different offices and do these meeting myself. I mean I could get anyone to do them. I look at them and I tell them because I have a heart and knee caps just like them. I’m nothing special. I just ran for Minister and got appointed. I put my robes on one arm at a time just like anyone. But they don’t get that. When I walk into the room they immediately act like I’m this royal king or something. Doing these meetings, I feel, makes me seem like a normal average working wizard. I look forward to when I can just be average Parkinson instead of Magical Minister of Magic Parkinson.

Director: Does anyone actually call you that?

Minister: Umm no… it’s just something I’ve been trying to make a thing. It sounds more formal I think.


The scene cuts back to the board meeting. The minister is continuing to speak.

Minister: Just to reconfirm what I said. If you have any office romances, like you know officially dating. If you know you guys are just hooking up casually, I don’t think WR is gonna want to hear about it. But you know if you guys are talking about moving in together or meeting the family then best to get that locked down with WR.

The camera focuses in on Bridget’s face who sticks a hand in front of her mouth, hiding it from Y/N and Newt. She Mouths ‘A MATTER OF TIME’ and points with her other hand behind her hand at them.

Minister: It’s not that we forbid office romances, (He tries to subtly wink at Bridget. The camera zooms in on Bridget, who freezes and looks back and forth between the minister and the camera.)


Rodger: Everyone knows Bridget has a huge crush on the Minister. Even the Minister knows.



This interview takes place in Bridget’s office. There are several ‘Bridget loves Parkinson’ and Minister Parkinson memorabilia around the room.

Bridget: Me? Have a crush on the Minister? No. Absolutely not. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Cuts back to the meeting. The minister looks at his papers.

Minister: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Y/N for keeping Newt in line and as accident free as possible.

Newt looks annoyed at the Minister.Putting his arms out to the side as if to say what the hell.

Newt: I am right here. I can hear you.

Y/N takes Newt’s hand and moves it down to his lap. Newt looks at Y/N shocked at the physical contact but tries not show emotion. He hides his smirk by bowing his head. The camera blurs its focus on Rodger who stares at the interaction and seems defeated. Y/N lets go of Newt’s hand.

Y/N: Thank you Minister, it’s fine. He hasn’t been any trouble at all.


Y/N: (She looks off as if in a dream.) It’s actually been quite fun.


The camera cuts back to the Minister.

Minister: Well. I guess that’s it if no one else has anything.

Milton quickly raises his hand in urgency. The Minister rolls his eyes.

Minister: Does anyone else have anything? No? (The minister collects his stuff as Milton hovers over him. Everyone starts to get up and talks among themselves. Before the minister leaves the room he turns back to everyone.) And will someone PLEASE pour some water over that woman and wake her up?

The scene cuts over to Claire sitting in the chair still asleep. A voice belonging to Milton uses the Aguamenti charm and water dumps all over her head. She screams and wakes up. She rips off the sunglasses.

Claire: Oh hey thar. How have you all been?

Camera cuts back to everyone packing up to go home for the evening. Rodger stops by Newt’s door to see Y/N walking out.

Rodger: Fun meeting huh?

Y/N: Crazy fun. Waay too much fun for me to handle.

Rodger: Acts bashful So I wanted to see what you were doing tonight?

Y/N: Oh I’m just heading home. Nothing special.

Rodger: Well…maybe you’d like to… go… (Suddenly Newt comes through the door, interrupting them both. )

Newt: Y/N, I-I would you be able to… ugh… stay behind tonight? I have some extra things I will need help with.

Y/N: Oh yeah sure! She turns back to Rodger Sorry Rodger, maybe another night.

Newt and Y/N disappear back into Newt’s office. Rodger shakes his head and begins to walk towards the office door as he turns his head he looks into the camera. He shrugs his bag onto his shoulder more and continues to walk faster out of the office.


Y/N: Office Romances? Oh it’s not for me. It’s not like I am at a point in my life where I’d be ready to have a serious enough relationship.

The camera catches Newt and Y/N talking close together in a semi lit office. He props his case on a chair and opens it. He takes Y/N’s hand and helps guide her down into the case.

Y/N: As for people in the office? If I would date anyone? I mean I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m not really interested in anyone at the moment… but I guess that could change.


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74 + Seungkwan + fluffy fluff for the drabble game? Thank you and congrats on 2k!! I loove the writing you guys always come out with :')) ♡♡♡ - jam anon

74: “I wanted to see you so much” (Say Yes)

A/N: YAY!!!! finally got around to posting this, (admin wooed is a very strong motivator), I hope you enjoy this jam anon!! 

- hoshit 💕

Genre: fluffy fluff floof fluffffff

Word Count: 895

Warnings: none!

It’s raining so hard, you think to yourself, the loud thundering of the skies sometimes making you jump. It’s another late night for you, since you had to rush out an essay due the next day that you put off till the last possible moment. Luckily, it’s mostly finished, and all you had to do was to rearrange and format it.

The kettle whistles, and you brew yourself a cup of tea, your thoughts turning to your boyfriend and his grousing of having a late night of practice, smiling contently because while he complained about practice, it was obvious to see that he loved being an idol and everything that came along with it.

Ready to get back to work, you head out of the kitchen, when loud hammering on your door startles you and you hurriedly put down your mug of tea before sparing the clock a quick glance, checking that yes, it really is 1AM and there really is a lunatic banging on my door now.

You move quietly to the door, not wishing to inform whoever it was that you were still awake, even though the light that can be seen under the door would have given it away. Tiptoeing, you look through the peephole, and see absolutely nothing.

Idiot, you cursed, it’s 1AM of course there’s no light outside, why did I even think that I was going to see anything?

You debate switching on the light outside your house, when you hear a familiar voice from behind the door.

“It’s me, open up! It’s cold out here!”

Of course, the madman would be your boyfriend Seungkwan, and you hurriedly fling open the door to reveal him in all his wet glory.

“I wanted to see you so much,” Seungkwan huffs, the rain dripping down his head, trickling down and making a puddle at your doorsteps,

“You’re insane,” you grin, wrapping your arms around this beautiful, half-drowned boy who ran through the rain just to see you.

“Stop, I’ll get you all wet,” he complains, struggling to get out of your grip while you laugh and tighten your hug for a moment, before pushing him away playfully.

“I’ll get you a towel first, just stay put,” you instruct him, running back into your apartment to get the biggest towel you have, returning quickly to engulf him in it and drag him into the toilet, his change of clothes already waiting there.

His grateful smile gives you pause, and for a moment you two stand there smiling at each other, the ridiculousness of the situation forgotten in each other’s proximity.

He boots you out of the toilet, “I’m going to change now and you’re welcome to watch,” the back part of his sentence muffled as you kick the door shut quickly in his face to avoid hearing the rest of what would definitely be an inappropriate statement, and his loud boyish laughter, definitely audible even with a closed door, drifts by your room.

You retrieve your tea from the living room and return to your work, only to be interrupted minutes later by a clingy Seungkwan who insisted on staring at your work from behind you. Playfully, you kick at his legs and he wails as he topples onto your bed, flopping around as if he had been hit by a truck, before settling, knowing that you really had to do your work, and contents himself by playing a mobile game.

There is blissful silence for about ten minutes, before it is broken once again by Seungkwan.

“It’s been 84 years, come here and cuddle with me,” Seungkwan whines from the bed, his legs and arms outstretched towards you, flailing wildly and somewhat resembling an octopus, and you stifle your laugh at how childish he was being.

“I’m still checking through, just give me a few more minutes,” you sing, your mood inordinately cheerful at that time of the night. The presence of Seungkwan was probably to blame for that, as well as the knowledge that once you finished your work, you could rest until the afternoon as the essay was due then.

You quickly finish up, sighing happily at the sound of the printer that was printing out the last pages of your essay, and put everything away neatly before jumping into bed and crashing into Seungkwan.

He pulls up the sheets and the two of you lie in content silence, the sound of the rain soothing to your ears, before something that he said previously sinks in.

“84 years? We’d be old and wrinkly then,” you snort, poking his sides as he squirms away from you while trying to poke you back.

“So? We’d still be the same, just that I’d have to chase you around in your wheelchair and you’d probably knock around into things and then we’d get kicked out of the nursing home for being too rowdy,” Seungkwan smiles fondly, tangling your legs with his.

Your reply was a mutter of assent, eyes having closed in languor, a hand around his waist and your head on his arm. It would hurt in the morning, but Seungkwan really could not care less at this point, tucking a strand of hair behind your ears. He snuggles closer to you, and closes his eyes, smiling.

“I’m glad I have you,” he whispers out loud.

“Shut up and let me sleep.”

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Can I get a scenario where reader is Kuroo's sister and while she and lev are having sex he hears them and tries to open the door but it is locked and he can her her yelling out Lev's name and he is pissed bc he has no idea she was with lev and lev is freaking out but the s/o just keeps going? Sorry if that is too specific and also if you could please make it really dirty? Like filthy please. Thank you in advance if you do write this! 😚

Lev Haiba couldn’t remember the last time he had gotten any alone time with his girlfriend. Between her club and volleyball, there was absolutely no time for them to ever hang out, and when they got the news that clubs for first years were canceled due to midterms, well, let’s just say it was euphoria.
His back was flush against the soft duvet of her bed, her body rocking up against him as she rode his cock. His eyes were closed tight and his hands gripped tight onto the sheets for purchase, her soft calling of his name fueling him further. All of a sudden, though, Lev thought he heard a door slam. He forgot it though, because there was no way anyone could be home, right? Both of her parents worked until night, and Tetsurou still had volleyball practice.
They were completely alone.
Lev was content until he was sure he could hear a chorus of heavy footsteps approach the bedroom. He gulped, looking up at __ for reassurance. She either didn’t hear the footsteps, or completely disregarded it, because her moans drawled on.
“__… some… someone’s home…” He panted. He attempted to lift himself up on his elbows, but immediately crashed back down into the pillows as a sudden wave of pleasure hit him hard.
“Oh, fuck…” She hissed, bracing herself momentarily as the agonizing steps got closer.
“__!” The belligerent call of her brother caused her hips to stutter. For a moment she tensed up, shot a quick glance at the door, then instantaneously relaxed. She looked down at him, smirking, while harsh bangs on her bedroom door rattled on.
“Its locked…” She cooed, taking his hand and kissing his trembling fingers, “Just ignore him, there’s nothing he can do.”
Lev didn’t listen to her, though. Although Tetsurou wasn’t his biggest enemy on the team, he still scared the shit out of him, and there was no telling what he would do to him once he had to inevitably face him again. Lev’s movements ceased to a stop, his heart hammering out of genuine fear. He should have known this situation was too good to be true.
“Lev… just… focus on me…” She stuttered, tilting his face towards hers and kissing him rough.
“Lev? I swear to god, __, if Lev fucking Haiba is in there with you right now…” Tetsurou rambled on, his frustration evident. “Why him, out of all people? Couldn’t you hook up with Kenma or something?”
Lev whined out of fear, his hands sliding up to her hips and holding her down in attempts to make her stop. That was a shitty move on his end, for she became more relentless, snapping her hips rough against his. His futile attempts to hold back his moans had failed, her name slipping past his lips like a prayer. He hated this, absolutely despised it, because his captain and sole decider of his volleyball career was standing right outside the bedroom as his precious little sister was fucking him mercilessly.
“__, __, please stop…” He whined, eyes focused on nothing else besides the taunting door handle, it’s little jerks brewing up his anxiety. “What if- what if he finds a way to get in? He can’t see me like this! He’s my captain he’ll kill me, or kill you… He’ll kill us!”
“He won’t. He can’t. He brings over his girlfriend all the time. It’s about time…” She paused to let out a breathy moan, “About time that I get my fun… Lev.”
Lev gulped, his focus drawn back to her face above him. Her face was soft and red, and despite her calm demeanor, he could tell she was slightly nervous herself.
“You can trust me, right?”
Lev nodded hastily, and began bucking his hips up to the rhythm of knocks on the door. She called out his name, intentionally loud, and intentionally over sexualized. She really was Kuroo Tetsurou’s sister, clever, cunning, and oh so mischievous.
The harsh knocking began to cease to a stop, and was replaced with a loud, over exaggerated groan.
“You know what, __? I don’t care about your sex life. Just please don’t let that alien impregnate you with his freakazoid slavic babies.”
“You know what Tetsu? Maybe I will. Alien offspring sounds really hot…” She laughed, leaning over momentarily and peppering his collarbone with soft kisses. Lev gaped up at her, shocked from her words.
Tetsurou was really going to kill him, now.
He didn’t realize he was holding his breath until heavy footsteps trailed away from the door. He broke out into a cold sweat, his breath coming back to him in heavy pants.
“You’re…” He spluttered between breaths, “You’re a freak.”
“Please never do that again.”
“Eh, I liked the rush.”
Lev gaped, his nails digging into the flesh of her hips. “You… are so lucky I love you…”

They Call Them Trinity - Chapter 3

All the ships, AU, mostly SFW, SFF, 3,672 words.

dabblingdabbler and theinfamous-scatteredplot kindly beta/proofread this chapter - thanks guys!

Read chapter 2 here

All chapters here

- - -

Grace falls asleep with a hand on her gun.

- - - 

There’s a scream, and a gunshot. A woman is crying for help, her hands held against her own throat. There’s a boy being kicked in the chest. Grace knows this dream, she’s had it before. There’s a heavy gun, and weak, tiny hands. Grace’s hands. The trigger is so hard, the cylinder rolls slowly and then slips back to its original position, the fingers are not strong enough. There’s the back of a man, it’s so large it covers everything. It’s all she can see. Behind him, the screams keep coming, higher, faster. Desperate. Little hands change position, it’s easier now. The hammer slides and clicks back. Bang. The recoil sends her body to the ground, the man’s back arches - a devilish sound exits his throat. He turns, bloodshot eyes looking at her. Her mother thrown on the ground. Her fingers still wrapped around the gun. And then, the explosion, her cheek cut open, her right ear bitten by the bullet. A flock of hair on the floor. Grace’s eyes flip open in the dark.

The dream comes back every time, that’s why she never sleeps the night after a job. She knows that, if the dream would go on, there would be four more bullets in the man’s chest, and blood all over her mother’s bedsheets, and a gun falling heavily on the floor. But it never does, it always ends with a burning feeling on her right cheek and ear. She lays still, waiting for her heartbeat to slow down. 

The winds is still howling, a flapping sounds distracts Grace from her own thoughts. There’s a movement close to her: short, delicate, regular. As she shifts slightly, the movement stops. Grace feels the body next to her stiffen, and she smiles in the dark.

“Need help with that?" She asks.

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Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: KuroKen and some KageHina
A/N: I needed something after @limitlessmonster encouraged me to fall into a fic of emotional turmoil. I don’t regret it. 

Kenma hates crowds. 

They’ve always been a source of anxiety for him and as he navigates through the hordes of sweaty, drunk, flirtatious people he wonders why he ever agreed to go to this bar with Shouyou and Kageyama in the first place. 

For one, it’s a bar. Kenma doesn’t enjoy drinking. In fact, he often orders a soda instead, vehemently rejecting the insistence from the bartender that he “add rum to that Coke”. He’s also a third wheel and he hates feeling like he might be intruding on a date, no matter how often Shouyou insists that they just wanted to go out with friends. 

Friend, Kenma corrects. He’s the only friend they ever drag along. He hasn’t decided if Shouyou is just respectful of his aversion to large groups or if Kageyama just has no friends to contribute to their nights out. 

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The voices - bucky x reader

hey :) so it’s my first time ever writing, and if someone is reading this, i’d loooove feedback or requests or stuff and well, hope you’ll enjoy xx

pairing- bucky x superhero!reader

warnings- mentions of death, mental breakdown, angst and i guess that’s it

summary- when you joined the avengers they all knew about your powers, and what you were capable of doing, but they never knew what price comes with such a powerfull skill.

it’s been about a year since you’ve joined the avengers after you were found on the street stealing food from a supermarket, cleverly using your telepathic skills to distract the confused guard and staff.

you were doing really great and you felt like you really belong with the group of unique people, and though you felt really comfortable with them you never really completley shared everything about your past.

after you joined the group dr. banner, with your premission of course, exmained you and your abilities.

you were used to being the “new girl”, being called a ‘newbie’ all the time and doing the dirty work for the team, when one day there was a new recruit.

“this is james ‘bucky’ barnes,” said cap pointing at the guy i knew to be ‘the winter soldier’ but really didn’t look that intimidating when standing in front of the team puppy eyed with a small grin.

“he’s my best friend and our new addition for the team” the captain finished.

his eyes are so hauntingly beautiful you thought , you could see the pain they have seen, the horrible things they have witnessed, and yet there was something so calming and kind in them. you didn’t notice you were staring directly at the metal armed super soldier when he turned his gaze to you, and you diverted your look from him suspiciously fast.

“looks like you no longer have to wash all the dishes y/n” tony said, snarky as always.

you smiled lightly at him and felt how the blood rushed to your chicks when you saw the winter soldier was looking at you, as if hypnotized.

ah crap  you thought to yourself i like him.

two weeks later, everything seemed to be going great with the avengers, and you and bucky have grown pretty close over that time.

you were all just back from a mission and sat in one the many couch filled rooms in the avengers tower and had a chat.

“tony, money can’t fix everything” you frowned at the guy.

“sure it can!” the grown man said sounding to you more like a spoiled five year old.

“it can’t fix that guy’s broken leg, can it?” clint joined the conversation.

“well no, but-” tony self justified when he was cut off by bucky, “i think you should still apologize for it”

“me too” you joined smiling warmly at the metal armed guy, him doing the same right back at you.

“shut up you two, go get a room” tony said looking at you, obviously irritated.

both of you blushed and looked at different directions.

“anyway, you should apologize tony, you hurt him” cap said,

when suddenly everything went pitch black, your head started aching like a thousand hammers are banging against it, all you could hear was familiar voices, shouting into your brain you hurt him! you did it! you’re a monster!

when you came to it you realized you’ve been staring at the wall, your eyes wide and your mouth open for the last 2-3 minutes and everyone started to assemble around you making sure you were okay.

they all looked confused and pretty scared considering the state you were in not responding to anyone,but you were completley frightend, not because you didn’t know what was happening to you, it was because you did know. it was happening, and you had to get away as fast as you could.

you shut your eyes so hard that you feel like you might just not be able to open them again, the voices are talking again, “what have you done? what the hell have you done? you’re a murderer y/n”  the female voice from your memories yelled, it was harsh, scared and filled with rage and pain.

you sharply opened your eyes, “i-i gotta-” you mumbled, so close to whispering that nearly no one heard what you voiced, then you got up and bolted away from the room as fast as you possibly could considering the dizziness you were feeling, you stopped when you felt like you would collapse if you ran any more and you entered one of the smaller rooms in the tower, and set on a grey couch in the left corner of the room.

meanwhile in the living room everyone were pretty shocked by your actions and tried to figure out what happened to you, the winter soldier looked around the room, got himself together and ran out the door following your footsteps quickly. bucky looked into a few rooms when he finally found you sitting on the gray couch, holding your knees moving slightly forwards and backwards to a certain rhythm, your eyes which are usually full of life and laughter, the eyes he adored so much, the eyes he dreamed of looking into until he falls asleep every night were blank, as if possessed, staring coldly at the white wall in front of the couch.

“y/n? are you ok?” bucky said in a soothing tone

“i’m cold” you whispered so lightly that he couldn’t hear what you said.

“y/n what happened back there? i’m worried”

“i’m cold” you said a little louder this time, your voice cracking as you spoke.

bucky took a moment and looked around the room, then he grabbed a blanket that was thrown over a chair and covered you slowly. as he covered you you could feel his arms around your waist for a second, and it felt so warm and comforting you wanted that second to last forever, you wanted bucky to grab you tight and make the voices stop.

 “y/n,” bucky whispered sitting left to your covered body “if you don’t want to tell me what happened that’s fine-”

“i’m cold” you cut him off in a still shaky voice, you felt so stupid doing that but that’s all that came out of your mouth.

“do you mind if i come closer to you?” he asked, you nodded your head signing him that you don’t mind that.

he scooted closer to you and put his large human arm around your shoulders, embraing you. you rested your head on his chest and your right arm moved over to cling to his shirt softly, your eyes still blank looking at the wall and the voices still running around in your mind. both you and bucky were silent for about 2 minutes, you taking in his warmth, afraid that any moment it’ll be taken away for good while trying to shut the voices up, him just looking at you memorizing your details, he didn’t even mind if you’d stay with him that way forever.

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