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I really love your Nurseydex fics!!! I was wondering if you might write more based on that part w Dex and Nursey being f*ckbuddies and Dex asking Nursey to stay the night, just once, no one ever does. And how they go from there? And if Dex is thr little spoon if they cuddle I'll probably explode from happiness just saying. Please and thank you

hey, and thank you! 
btw, your butt looks good in those pants and you can do the thing. i believe in you.

Dex watched Nursey struggling to pull on those ridiculously tight jeans he like to wear from his bed. Normally, seeing him jump around would make Dex laugh, but he couldn’t find it in himself. Instead, he was just… exhausted.

Not the sort of exhausted that comes from a job well done, or a satisfied exhausted from good sex. No, he felt drained. Emotionally exhausted. The kind that came from watching another guy walk out the door.

It wasn’t that the sex wasn’t great, because it really, really was. It was better than any hookup Dex could pick up, better than any relationship he’d ever had. The sex was practically addictive.

The problem was that he liked more than just the sex, though. He like the time they spent together before they fucked. He got excited about the idea of seeing Nursey outside of hockey. It wasn’t just a casual, friends with benefits thing anymore; there were feelings involved.

Feelings that were killing him every time he watched Nursey walk away like Dex wasn’t worth the time and effort of sticking around.

Dex knew he wasn’t that fun to be around. He was brash, and aggressive, and angry. He didn’t have a great personality. It was easy to understand why hook ups never stuck around: why bother putting up with all of that when the sex already happened. It still hurt, but it was understandable. When it was Nursey, though…

Nursey and him spent time together. He liked Dex enough to hang out with him, or so Dex thought. It was hard not to wonder if that was just out of obligation to the team, or worse, a way to get in his pants, when Nursey always left straight after he got what he wanted.

When Nursey finally got the tight denim over his thighs, he turned around, mouth already forming words when he paused.

“What’s wrong, bro?”

Dex realized he had barely moved since Nursey climbed off the cheap dorm mattress. He hadn’t put on any of his clothes, or even covered himself up. The pillows got lost somewhere in their haste to get naked, so the only thing on the bed with Dex was his thick quilt.

He considered telling Nursey nothing was wrong, that he was imagining things. Anything but what actually came out of his mouth.

“Please don’t leave.”

Nursey stopped struggling with his shirt, eyes wide. He let his arms drop to his side, half tangled in the maroon fabric. “What’d you say?”

“Please stay? Just the night, just once? Nobody ever stays, and it’s okay with them, but it’s you, and I just need you to… I just need you. Please, Nursey?”

There was something in his voice that he hated. He sounded weak, broken. And maybe he was. Hell, he probably was. He couldn’t be normal and fuck without feeling like he was coming apart at the seems.

Dex couldn’t bring himself to look at Nursey’s face. He focused on Nursey’s strong arms, the smooth skin of his chest, the stupid men’s hockey shirt that Dex was pretty sure started out life as his own. No, he knew what he would find in Nursey’s face: pitty.

But he was at the point where he didn’t care. He didn’t want to know if Nursey stayed with him because he felt bad for Dex. And if he said no? Dex didn’t want to see the look of disgust at his over emotional response. He just wanted to pretend, if only for one night, that maybe someone could care for him, that he was good for something other than hockey and fucking.

In a flash, Nursey stripped back out of his clothes and crawled back up on the bed with Dex. With gentle but firm hands, he directed Dex to look at him.

Nursey’s face… there wasn’t pity, or disgust, or any emotion Dex could name. It was soft and open, and it made something in his chest ache just as much as it eased some of the tension he was feeling. Nursey pressed a gentle kiss to Dex’s lips, the first time they’d ever kissed outside of sex.

After a minute looking at each other, Nursey rearranged them on the bed so that he was spooning Dex. It wasn’t the first time Dex had been the little spoon (he had a girlfriend in high school who loved to cuddle that way), but it was the first time he felt so completely surrounded, and warm, and safe.

One of the things that surprised Dex most about having sex with Nursey was how attentive he was. He cared more about his partner’s pleasure than his own. Dex wasn’t sure why he was so surprised that Nursey was the same way with cuddling. Nursey made sure that Dex was as comfortable as possible, that he knew he was the entire focus of Nursey’s attention. He knew just how to move his hands to be comforting but not over-stimulating.

It was nearly an hour before either of them said anything. Dex surprised himself by breaking the silence.

“Thank you, for doing this for me.”

Nursey nosed at the back of Dex’s neck. He hummed as an acknowledgement that he heard Dex speak, but didn’t say anything. Dex realized that Nursey was giving him time to talk, time to sort through his thoughts and figure out what exactly he wanted to say. He had never been so grateful for someone in his life.

“I’m… it’s okay when other people leave after a hookup, but I like you. I really fucking like you, Nursey. And it really, really fucking hurts thinking that you don’t like me enough to stick around, y'know? Or care.”

Behind him, Nursey took a deep breath. Dex could almost feel him counting to 10 in his head, a technique Jack tried to teach the team in an effort to get them to respond instead of react. Dex found himself counting, too.

After 30 long seconds, Nursey said, “I really like you, too. I only leave because I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Dex found Nursey’s hand on his stomach and held it tight. That wasn’t what he expected. Before he could respond, though, Nursey spoke again.

“If you wanted, I would never leave this bed. But if you want me to leave, I can do that, too. You’re calling the shots, Poindexter, because I’m all in for whatever you want.”

“How about… for now, we just do this.”

some headcanons i wanna share about the christiansen kids:

  • because i dont wanna believe that mary would be chill with her kids all having the same goddAMN NAME JOSEPH all the kids have middle names based after the four gospels:
    • chris matthew
    • christian mark
    • christie lucille (luke doesnt work as well)
    • crish john
  • i love the idea that mary eventually tries to do better with her kids, not for joseph’s sake but for her own, and asks for robert’s help sometimes
  • going on that, christie and christian love their uncle robbie who lets them watch as much sci fi and horror as they want as long as they thank everyone in the credits with him
  • chris just does everything he can to stay out of the way and not bring his parent’s attention to him, that way they won’t have to argue over him
  • the twins love the dark and horror stuff cause they can’t stand the Perfect American Christian Children™ image they have to project
  • outside of their family the kids’ll tend to go by their middle names to give themselves a better sense of individuality

idk where i was going with all this but i just wanted to post it and ill add more as i think of em

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Can I request 7 with Steve please!

“I may have mildly panicked…”- Steve Rogers

Fingers buried in your boyfriend’s hair, you smiled against his lips.

“Why can’t I justt stay here?” Steve murmured, hands gripping your hips beneath his shirt you’d stolen.

“Stevie, you know why… if the rest of the team find out then they’ll never shut up about it!” you said, hands resting at the base of his neck.

“So! I can deal with the questions. What I can’t deal with is watching every guy in this building hitting on my girlfriend, when I can do nothing about it.” he said, eyebrows furrowing as he leant his forehead against yours.

Just as you went in for another kiss, your door slammed open, causing you to shove Steve off of your bed and onto the floor.

“Y/N! Will you please tell Tasha that it was not me who broke her widow bites!” a flustered looking Clint whined, flanked by a stern looking Natasha.

Stuttering for a moment, you finally choked out,

“I wouldn’t know…”

“I know it was you, Barton.” Natasha said, glaring at the archer as they both stalked away.

Rolling your eyes slightly, your attention quickly shifted back to the blonde super soldier slumped on your carpet.

“Steve…” you murmured, eyes filled with panic as you watched him push himself off the foor, jaw clenched. “Steve, I’m sorry… I may have mildly panicked…

“Whatever.” he muttered, turning around and leaving the room. Leaving you with your head slumped and hands gripping the sheets.

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of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school. 

Summary: Based on this prompt I found in the depths of tumblr; “I’m a single parent and my child takes your dance class and thanks so much for always staying after class to watch him/her when my boss is an ass and keeps me past my off hours and holy cow you’re pretty/handsome and really sweet/kind and wow I should be late more often so we can talk. Say how do you feel about private lessons? For my kid- yea, yea, for my kid

Captain Swan AU, Rating TBD, —-

read it on a03

The class had finished almost an hour ago, yet little Daisy Jones was still sitting in the locker room, with her teacher, Miss Emma. She was quite the adorable little thing; petite yet slender, with these enormous, crystalline blue eyes to rival a porcelain doll. From what Emma gathered about the girl in passing conversations, much like the one they were currently engaged in, was that she only had a father -her mother had passed when she was very young, she didn’t remember her all that much- and, she was an only child. Emma had since helped the girl pack away her belongings; shoes, spare tights, hair grips, and helped her to pull on her sweatpants and outdoor shoes, ready for her father to collect her.

“You know, he’s probably just late again.” Daisy shrugged, playing on her iPad as she glanced across to her teacher, who was curiously peering out of the window to the street below, looking for any plausible passing visage of the girl’s father.

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Hello. You know how the transformers transform from vehicle form to humanoid form ( Sorry. That's the best way I can describe them. If there's names for it, I don't know what it is.) I love watching their transformation sequence!!! Could I request for human s/o commented' I couldn't get sick of it. It's just so cool' after they finish transforming to their humanoid form. The cons asked "What is?. They replied "You transforming." What is TFP cons + Predaking reaction to this?

I could watch them transform all day too, lovely x3

-He finds it amusing that you like his transformation ability so much
-He tells you that his vehicular mode is actually Cybertronian and not Earth base in case you couldn’t tell and why he chose to stay with his form, he likes that he can educate you in transformation

-He’s like “you and me both. Did you know there was a time I couldn’t transform? And I was on my own, mind you! It was dreadful.”
-He gladly educates you about t-cogs and transformation to further your understanding of him

-He has a smiley face emoticon on his screen when you tell him
-He messages you when he’s coming back so you can come see him transform upon landing since he knows you like it so much

Knock Out:
-He smirks and sees this as an excuse to show off more often
-He actually loves his ability to transform a lot and would be devastated if he loss it, so he can see why you find it so fascinating since you are unable to do it

-He’s blushy and asks if you’d like to see him do it again before he gets on with what he is doing
-He tells you the things he likes about humans that he can’t do, but don’t tell anyone

-She’s flattered, “it is wonderful isn’t it?”
-She tries not to show how happy it makes her to see your face light up when she transforms in front of you

-It takes him a second to register to him why you find it so fascinating because it’s second nature to him
-He embarrassingly admits that he likes that human thing you do when you get tired, and walks away in a hurry

-He tells you he is fascinated by humans too and would like to learn about your abilities :D
-Especially how much you can actually stand since you’re so much more fragile than Cybertronians D:

-He laughs cheerfully and scoops you up twirling you, he loves being praised
-He makes sure you’re watching when he transforms, and sometimes you catch him smirking about it

Daddy’s Angel

“Are you having fun yet Y/N?” Your dad asks you from across the table. You shrug your shoulders.

“It’s alright but it’s not much different than every other race we’ve been to.” You point out uninterested. Your eyes are scanning the people around you, the women dressed in their finest silk dresses and the men in overly expensive suits. The races, obviously, were nothing knew to you. When you were as rich as your parents were, it was unusual if you didn’t attend every race you could and flash your cash, mingling with only the richest, proper, most boring people around. You rolled your eyes as some of the guys looked at you, your red dress somewhat revealing. All the guys you met were all the same; entitled dicks. You wanted something new, something exciting, and you were kidding yourself if you thought you were going to find it here.

Your Dad had gotten up to talk with some co-workers across the room, and most people were busy watching the horses take the track. You sat back at the table alone, your head in your hand, longingly wishing you could have something to drink .For the time being you wanted to live, so you wouldn’t dare have a drink in your father’s presence. He was what most people call “old fashioned” and you were known by most as “Daddy’s angel.” You wanted more than anything to break out of the mold you were placed in.

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Do You Feel It?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE the “seeing wings = soulmates!” troupe. However, the fics I’ve come across for Gabriel always seem to have him getting super excited super quickly. I feel like it would be a more emotional moment that takes a moment to adjust to. I wanted to see him vulnerable and flustered. Here’s my take on the idea of wings and soulmates. 
Pairing: Gabriel/Reader 
Warnings: fluffy fluff 
Synopsis: “Angles have this…thing. About angels. And angel wings.”
Gabriel. The name was familiar, obviously. Besides perhaps Lucifer, he was the most well known Angel, even if I hadn’t been raised Christian. I’d learned about the Archangel Gabriel in the same breath I’d learned about Jesus, seeing how he announced Jesus’s existence to the Virgin Mary. His name was spoken in a reverence by every religious figure I’d met growing up, he was a biblical fixture in my life. Which is why I was left a bit short for words when Sam and Dean announced his impending arrival with undisguised disdain.
“Gabriel. THE Gabriel. Is coming here? To help us with a hunt?”
Sam gave a disgruntled sigh, “yeah. Hopefully he won’t be here long and we won’t have to deal with him too much.”
I knew the stories about the boys’ run-ins with the angel. As much of a show as they put on, they didn’t seem to hate him as much as they hated some of the other angels. There was a deep-seated distrust and vague annoyance, but their faces didn’t darken at his name like it did with others, which I took to be a good sign.
Honestly, I loved the stories about Gabriel. While misguided, he seemed to have a good heart and sense of humor. I mean, come on, trapped in TV? It’s the single-greatest prank I’d ever heard of. The Mystery Spot mess was perhaps a little overboard, but the point he was tying to make to Sam was with good intention. Surely he’d redeemed himself, at least somewhat, in their eyes when he helped them against Lucifer. It had broken my heart to think he’d almost died, even though I’d never met him. It was several years later that the boys found me hunting a rugaroo solo and had taken me in. I’d been with them for about a year now, so it surprised me that I hadn’t met Gabriel. I was quite looking forward to it, much to the apparent annoyance on the Winchesters’ faces. If they’d expected me to be sulky about this interesting turn of events and expansion into my hunting life, they were sorely disappointed.
“(Y/n) really, he’s not that big of a deal, and if you act like he is, it’s going to go straight to his head and make him even more of an annoying jerk than he already is.”
Dean piped up, “Not to mention he did technically kill me, like, a lot. No matter what funny façade he presents, you can’t afford to forget how dangerous he can be. In fact…maybe it’s best if you aren’t here when he comes. The less he knows about you, the better, if you ask me.”
“Are you kidding me, Dean?” I turned to Sam, who had an expression that was starting to mirror Dean’s. “Sam, you’ve got to be kidding me! I am a grown woman, the two of you are not my keepers!” They may have taken the place of surrogate brothers in my life, but they most certainly did not have any authority over me. “If I want to meet the infamous Archangel Gabriel, I will, and you cannot stop me. Dean, no-” Dean had opened his mouth, about to argue. “I was hunting for YEARS before I met the two of you. I’ve met every monster imaginable and my religion is one of the only things I’ve held on to from my pre-hunting life. I’ve been around Cas a ton and hell, I’ve literally met Mr. Call Me Chuck himself! You say Gabriel has information that could help us, by Chuck, I’m going to be there to meet him with you and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I finished, a little childishly, just short of stomping my foot and sticking out my tongue.
“This one’s firey, I like her. Where’d you find her?”
Startled, the three of us whipped around. Standing in the middle of the library behind us was a (rather attractive) man. He was much shorter than the boys, but a couple inches taller than me. He had golden blonde hair and caramel-colored eyes that seemed to constantly sparkle like he was mid-laugh. His face was upturned in an amused smirk. He noticed me watching him and gave me a wink. “Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, but I believe you’ve figured that out.” He turned to the boys, “No holy fire? No pre-drawn angel banishing sigils? Boys, I don’t know whether to be disappointed in your lack of preparedness or impressed with your increasing capacity for trusting people. What can I do you for?”
The boys begrudgingly began explaining to Gabriel the details of the case. We suspected the witch we’d been tracking had somehow gotten hold of a Hand of God. With Gabriel’s attention fixed on the boys (or, mostly fixed. Every so often he would glance at me, almost like he was sizing me up. It was both intriguing and intimidating) I took a moment to examine the most incredible feature of my new acquaintance: the six massive golden wings protruding from his shoulder blades. They seemed to fill the entire room. They looked like they were spun with pure gold. Not only did they reflect light, they seemed to radiate light and warmth. There was an edge of one of the wings near me. I resisted the urge to reach out and stroke it. I wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked, but I didn’t want to overstep any weird angel boundaries. I couldn’t help but be a little confused. I’d been around Cas a hundred times. I’d met Hannah and Balthazar. Why had they kept their wings hidden? Gabriel seemed to be proud of his, showing them off like he was. Every so often he would give them a gentle shake, as if he was adjusting them, causing the light to ripple down his feathers. The effect was mesmerizing. If Cas’ wings were half as beautiful, surely he’d want to show them off, too.
“–(y/n)? (Y/n), you there?” I shook my head a little and turned to the three pairs of eyes watching me, waiting for a response. I wasn’t sure whether or not mentioning an angel’s wings was acceptable or appropriate, so I decided to keep my thoughts on their beauty to myself.
“Sorry, I got lost in thought for a minute there. What were you saying?”
Dean replied, “we were saying that we need hard proof before we go charging in, just in case this is the real deal. You ready to tank this bitch tomorrow?”
“Sure,” I replied. “The three of us? Or…all of us?” I tried to ask innocently, glancing at Gabriel. With all my heart I wanted Gabriel to be there, too. However, I had only just met the man. I hadn’t even spoken to him yet. Why I so desperately wanted him to stay I didn’t know and I didn’t want to be…weird. Gabriel was watching me, dear Chuck I hoped he wasn’t reading my mind.
“You, me, and Dean tomorrow,” came Sam’s reply. “We need to cover our bases and find out everything we can about what we’re dealing with tonight. If this truly is a Hand of God, we need to be prepared.”
“I’ll be on standby,” Gabriel added. “Just a quick prayer and I’m there. Now, who’s hungry?”
Gabriel ended up spending the afternoon at the bunker. After he popped in six pizzas (two topped with chocolate sauce and candy. It looked awful but according to him “candy goes good with everything”) Gabriel half-helped the boys research and half-spent his time talking to me. I tried to help research with the boys, but I couldn’t help myself talking to Gabriel. There was this strange pull I was feeling toward the angel. Perhaps it’s because he’s an archangel. Against my normal thorough hunter’s training, my head was only halfway in the researching while he sat across from me talking about his favorite biblical misconceptions and telling me stories about the boys from before I’d met them.
“Here’s a thought,” I said two hours later after closing the book I’d been attempting to read from. “Why don’t we simply…ask Chuck?”
“Well, we don’t exactly have him on speed-dial,” replied Sam.
“Besides,” added Dean, “He split after the whole Amara thing, remember? ‘The world has you’ and all that bullshit. I doubt he’d answer even if we could call him.” I nodded my head, conceding to the reasonable argument. I grabbed another book and pulled it toward me. I could feel eyes on me. I looked up and my eyes met Gabriel’s. He was watching me with an intensity that almost made me uncomfortable. Instead of opening the book, I stood up, breaking eye contact.
“I need some fresh air. I’m going for a walk.”
The boys didn’t look up from the books they were engrossed in. Dean grunted and Sam gave a vague wave of acknowledgment. Determinedly not looking at the angel, I grabbed my jacket and walked across the room and up the stairs to the door. Making sure I had my key, I stepped out into the cool evening air.
I took a deep breath and began walking. I barely paid attention to where I was headed, vaguely west toward the sunset. I had walked a radius around the bunker of a few miles in every direction during the year I’d spent here and my feet took me to one of my favorite spots: a small clearing in a grove of trees on a hillside, perfect for watching the sunset. I sat down and surveyed my surroundings. The air was definitely helping me clear my head. What was wrong with me? It was like Gabriel was clogging my senses, making my head fuzzy and warm. It was a strangely comfortable suffocation, one that was equal parts invited and confusing as hell. I had literally only met him this afternoon! I had never developed feelings for anyone this quickly, especially feelings this strong! It didn’t make any sense!
“You feel it too, don’t you?”
I stood up quickly, turning to the voice behind me. I relaxed immediately once I saw Gabriel. Which was also wrong! I was a hunter! What was I doing relaxing at the sight of a potentially dangerous creature that I barely knew? Gabriel seemed to read the mix of emotions on my face.
“It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I…don’t think I even could. I have this…weird pull toward you. Am I crazy? Do you feel it?”
It was almost unnerving seeing him so vulnerable, asking for reassurance. The stories I’d read and learned about for as long as I could remember were of this mythical and intimidating figure of Heaven. The stories the boys had told me were of this powerful and annoyingly pretentious asshole. The man before me was…a man.
He reached his hand up to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck, obviously uncomfortable with my silence. His wings twitched, causing the light from the setting sun to dance with the golden luminescence of his feathers. The movement caught my eye, which he noticed. His hand froze on his neck and his eyes widened. I met his eyes and his eyebrows cinched, mouth slightly agape. He shook one of his wings purposefully. I glanced toward the movement and back to his face, confusion I’m sure was evident on mine. His hand dropped from his neck and he released a long breath he had been holding. He took a step backward as if in shock and asked in a quiet voice, “…you can see them, can’t you?”
Slowly, I nodded. “Gabriel…why can I see your wings, but not Castiel’s? Hannah’s? Balthazar’s? Do they keep theirs hidden?”
Gabriel’s focus on me was intense as he seemed to gather himself. He cleared his throat and took a couple steps toward me. His hands looked like they were attempting to reach out and take my arms, but he was holding himself back. “Um…no. Not technically. There’s this…thing. About angels. And angel wings. Even we can’t see each other’s wings.”
This surprised me, but it only deepened my confusion. Angels couldn’t see each other’s wings? So, why could I?
“I guess that’s not entirely true,” he amended. “In certain…circumstances, we can. It’s simply one of those things. Showing your wings is kinda like showing your privates. It’s an intimate thing. Only reserved for special…partners…” he trailed off. I stepped toward him. We were inches apart. The fuzziness in my head was starting to return, along with a strange clarity.
“Partners?” I pressed.
“Well, more like…mates. Like…soul mates. It sounds cheesy, but only an angel’s soul mate is able to see an angel’s wings. You can’t see Castiel’s because he’s not your soulmate.”
“But I can see yours. So that must mean…”
“Yeah.” He closed the distance between us, allowing his hands to wrap around my back and hold me closer to him for a fiercely passionate kiss. I returned it with fervor. His hands trailed up my arms to cradle my face. My hands found their way to his hips and our bodies pressed against one another. Every cell in my body was on fire. Every ounce of my being was screaming how perfect this felt, how natural and overwhelmingly right. I wanted to kiss him for the rest of my life.
I started to giggle while we kissed. He broke away and rested his forehead against mine. “What, in the name of my father, could be so funny at a moment like this?” He teased.
I grinned at him. “I’m standing on a hill in a field kissing THE literal archangel Gabriel whom happens to somehow be my soulmate. If my mother could see me now…” he chuckled and kissed my nose. His wings, unbeknownst to me, had wrapped around us, forming a sort of cocoon around us both. I started to reach my hand toward the feathers close to me, but stopped. I glanced at Gabriel, who gave an almost imperceptible nod of permission. I continued my reach and stroked the feathers. They felt like clouds woven into a fabric. Their softness was indescribable and the warmth was comforting to the touch. Gabriel let out a hissing gasp the moment I made contact. I pulled my hand away and looked to him immediately, terrified that I had somehow managed to hurt him. He noticed my distress and kissed my forehead.
“It’s okay. I’ve just…never felt anyone touch my wings before. It’s like if you suddenly had nerve endings in your hair. It’s startling, but extremely pleasant.”
Just then, my cellphone began to buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen.
“The boys seem to be getting worried…how long have we been out here?” I couldn’t see the sunset behind Gabe’s wings. When he pulled them back, I learned that not only had the sun gone down long ago, but the heat radiating from his wings had effectively blocked off the chill of the night. I was immediately onslaught by cold air and wrapped my arms around myself, shivering at the temperature difference. Gabriel noticed and held me in his arms.
“Hold on tight, sugar,” he whispered in my ear before snapping us into the bunker’s living room. Dean and Sam, who had been sitting on the couch and in an armchair respectively, both jumped up as we materialized in front of them, concern evident in their faces. Concern that quickly turned into confusion and apprehension as they took in the protective and possessive way Gabriel was standing with his arms around me, and the comfortable way I was leaning my back against his front. Dean’s eyebrow slowly raised as he caught my eye.
Grinning sheepishly, I looked at the two of them and said, “boys…you may want to sit down. I believe you both need a break from research and there’s some…things….that need to be talked about.”

Dinner with a Stranger (4/4)

Dinner with a Stranger (4/4)
Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: mention of abuse, fluff
Word count: 1399

Originally posted by hiddlestonedonloki

Leaving Tom was much harder than Y/N ever imagined it could be. He drove her to airport and because he’s Tom Hiddleston, they let him walk her through security and all the way to the gate. They even gave them a private room to say their goodbyes. As soon as the door closed behind them, Tom’s lips were on hers in a firm but gentle kiss. His arms snaked around her waist, pulling her close and holding tight as his lips moved against hers in a way that made her want so much more. It almost frightened her how much she wanted to be close to him.

“Stay with me,” he whispered when he finally let them up for air. Foreheads resting together as they tried to catch their breaths.

“I can’t,” Y/N replied softly, her eyes closed. “We both knew that me being here was short term.”

“Would you stay if you could?” He asked, his arms still holding her against him.

Y/N sighed as she opened her eyes to memorize his face, her hands cupping his jaw. “I wish I had met you two weeks ago or not at all. Three days has been too short, but would two weeks have been long enough? I don’t think so.”

Tom grinned, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Tom-” Y/N was cut off by his lips crashing into hers, drawing out a moan from her throat. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she tilted her head to give him full access to her mouth, which he took full advantage of. A loud announcement over the speaker calling for her to board the place broke them apart.

“I’ll miss you, my darling,” he whispered, looking deep into her e/c eyes.

“I’ll miss you too, Tom, more than I ever thought possible.” Y/N replied, a tear forming that Tom swept away with his thumb. At the gate, Y/N glanced back at Tom while her ticket was scanned and then, with a small wave, she turned and forced herself to walk down the tunnel and find her seat. Getting settled, she had to take a moment to steady her breathing to keep from bursting into tears.

As soon as she was out of sight, Tom whipped his phone from his pocket and dialed as he began hurrying down the long hallway.

“Helmsworth, where are you right now? I need a favor.”
Y/N landed in Dallas exhausted. Her parents picked her up from the airport, so happy to see her. She forced herself to smile and find the joy in being with her family, they never failed to raise her spirits. On the ride home, Y/N filled them in on most of the trip. They told her some surprising news that her ex had been kicked off the force. Apparently he had been stealing drugs and money that had been entered in as evidence. He was currently awaiting his court date in jail because even his own family refused to post bail.

When they arrived at their house, Y/N felt a little more like herself. Her fears of running into her ex were greatly diminished, so much so that she felt like she might be able to tell her parents about Tom. As an adult, she certainly didn’t need to, but there was no reason to hide her joy from them. She decided that as soon as she got settled, she would tell them.

After a shower and a bit of unpacking, Y/N was ready to talk. She left her wet hair falling around her shoulders, her face free of makeup, and dressed comfortably in a loose sundress as she replayed the conversation over in her head. She knew they would be happy but probably concerned. Her mind was so focused on the conversation that she wanted to have with them, she didn’t notice that there were three voices in their small kitchen. As she padded barefoot into the kitchen, she stopped short at the sight of Tom having a cup of coffee at the table with both her parents.

Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she saw her parents smiling at Tom in quiet conversation. He looked up and smiled at her, his eyes shining. He slowly stood and walked to stand in front of her. Y/N barely held back the tears that filled her eyes as he gazed down on her face.

“Hello love,” he said softly, his eyes looking into hers with hope.

“How?” Y/N shook her head in disbelief as the tears finally fell down her cheeks.

“I called in a favor,” Tom gently swept her tears away as he cupped her face. “Is this okay?” he whispered.

“God yes!” Y/N cried as she flung her arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around her waist and held fast as he hugged her, lifting her off her feet for a moment. He held her until a sound that could only be a father clearing his throat broke in.

“Oh,” Y/N said as they pulled part, “Mom, Dad, this is-”

“Yes, we know honey, Tom explained already.” Her mother smiled over her cup of coffee.

“How long have you been here?” Y/N looked at Tom incredulously.

“Nearly an hour,” Tom actually blushed a little as he smiled, looking between Y/N and her parents. “I, umm, I have something to talk to you about, Y/N. Can we step outside for a moment?”

“Oh, um, okay, sure,” Y/N looked at the table long enough to see both of her parents grinning like idiots as she led Tom through the back door to the covered porch, stepping into a pair of flip flops she kept at the door. Tom held her hand as they stepped off the porch and into the grass and the orange light of the setting sun.

“Y/N, I have something absolutely crazy to ask you.” He began, stopping to turn to her, still holding her hands in his.

“Okay.” Y/N waited, holding her breath.

“I understand if you think I’m insane and just send me away, I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you did.” He took a deep breath before continuing, his eyes hopeful. “I… I love you. We’ve known each other such a short time and I would never dream of trying to push you faster than can go, but I… I want to be with you. Whatever that needs to look like for you…. I just…. I’m yours, Y/N.”

“Tom,” Y/N breathed out. “My Tom, I love you too, so very much. It almost scares me how much I love you. But how can this work? I’m leaving for New York in a week and you are… Tom Hiddleston.”

“Ah, yes, well here’s the beauty of it, my darling,” Tom grinned a delightfully wicked grin. “I’m in New York quite often. So often, in fact, that sometimes I need a ‘home base’ as it were.”

“Oh really?” Y/N returned his grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. “I might have a place you can stay if you get in a bind.”

“You might?” He asked, his lips centimeters from hers.

“If you ask me nicely.” she whispered.

“May I?”

“You may.” She replied just as his lips crashed down on hers. He swept her off her feet and whirled around, causing her shoes to fly across the yard towards her parents watching from the screen door. Their arms linked together, both smiling, happy to finally see their daughter find happiness.

6 months later….

Cameras flashed such that Y/N was nearly blinded but she kept smiling, her arm around Tom’s waist. They were attending a charity function and Tom warned her about the reporters and their cameras. He gave her pointers on how to keep smiling and not look like a maniac. His arm around her waist kept her grounded. Someone yelled something and Tom turned to look down into her face, love shining that even the furthest photographer couldn’t miss it. With a grin, he leaned down and gently touched his lips to hers. He brought her left hand up to his chest and stood such that the flashing lights bounced off of the diamond gleaming on her finger.


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here for another minute (chuck bass drabble)

holy hell writing this drabble was so fun!!!! mostly bc ed westwick looks like a damn angel in that gif. i’m wet. bye. 

(pls remember none of the gifs are mine! love y’all!!)

“I wouldn’t want you dead” ft Chuck Bass

You and Blair were childhood friends and there wasn’t a thing you wouldn’t do for her. There were some things that you would protest very loudly, though. One of those things was play the stupid middle school game ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ at her stupid Valentine’s Day Party. Your protests fell on deaf ears and Blair somehow convinced you to spin first.

“I really don’t want to do this…” You glare at Blair and she gives you a warm smile.

“Come on, it’ll be fun! I promise,” she giggles and walks you over to the circle that the rest of the party-goers had formed.

“Why is everyone so eager to play this stupid game? We’re not in middle school, hell we’re not even in high school anymore!” You scrunch up your face at all your potential picks.

“Because not everyone is a prude like  you,” you hear the venomous voice behind you and you grit your teeth, fists clenched at your sides as you stop walking.

“Now is not the time, Bass,” Blair glares at Chuck as he walks in front of you, looking you up and down.

“You look hot. I’m shocked,” he smirks, winking at you as you walk away. He was always mean to you in a playful sort of way, but after finding out that you came to B’s Valentine’s Bash with Carter, he’s been insufferable.

“God I fucking hate that prick,” you look over at Blair who’s giving you an apologetic smile.

“I never understood why you hate him so much,” she shrugs, sitting next to you in the circle.

“We’re polar fucking opposites, Blair. He’s literally the devil,” you mutter, glaring at Chuck as he sits a few people away from you.

“You’re not a complete angel, either love,” Blair whispers and rubs your thigh as she gathers everyone’s attention. “Alright everyone, let’s get this game started! My beautiful friend Y/N is gonna spin first!”

She hands you the bottle and you lean forward, spinning the bottle with just a hint of anger in mind. The bottle spins and spins and spins… and lands on Chuck.

“Fuck,” you clench your jaw as Chuck gives you a smug look, scoffing as though he thinks you wouldn’t do it. You stand and flip your hair over your shoulder. “Get off your ass, Charles.”

You walk over to the Waldorf’s massive closet as Chuck practically trips over his own two feet to make his way after you. He locks the closet and leans against the door.

“I gotta say, I didn’t think you’d do it.” Once again, his eyes rake up and down your body as you roll your eyes at him.

“Chuck shut up. We just have to spend seven minutes in here. You don’t have to talk to me,” you glare at him and turn away, walking to the end of the closet.

“Make me,” he shrugs, leaning against and empty coat rack, eyes not leaving your face. You roll your eyes and shake your head.

“What the hell has gotten into you, Charles?” You put one foot in front of the other, walking to him as though stalking your prey. “Why are you being a grade A prick?”

“I’m not Carter, Y/N. I won’t play the nice guy to get into your pants and then go back to being a prick. I am always a prick. It’s who I am,” he shrugs, a smug look on his face as you walk closer.

“Is that what this is about? Carter?” You stop a foot away from him, giving him an incredulous look.

“This is about the fact that you would bring him here as though you forgot what the fuck he’s done to us all,” he curses under his breath and pulls out a cigarette.

Originally posted by xxmmxv

He lights it, taking a hit and breathing out a cloud of grey smoke. It looked as though the cigarette was the only thing that would keep him sane, as though he couldn’t fathom what was happening around him. Every breath he took and let out was faced away from you, as though embarrassed. It physically pained him to put out the square as he forced himself to look back up at you.

“You brought him here despite the fact that he was willing to beat Nathaniel half to death because the kid couldn’t pay off his gambling debt. Your precious Carter was willing to stab me in the gut to keep me from testifying against him in court. But of course, that would probably be a point in his favor, huh? Because you fucking despise me. You despise me enough to want me–”

Your hand colliding with the side of his face brought his words to an abrupt halt. A light gasp left your lips as I realized what you’d just done, Chuck’s face slowly lifting back up to level with mine. A heartbeat passed in silence before Chuck cupped your face, crashing his lips against yours in a desperate frenzy. Before you know what’s going on, your fingers are tangled in his hair and his hands are cupping your ass. Your mouths are molding into each other after every breath, proving that there was a very VERY thin line between lust and hate.

You both pull back for a breath of air, a calming silence falling between you two as you study each other’s faces.

“I wouldn’t want you dead,” you whisper, placing gentle yet demanding kisses all along his jaw.

“Good,” he whispers breathlessly, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist as he pushes you up against the door, your back thudding against it as you both chuckle.

Your lips move to his neck and he lets out a light moan, his grip tightening around your waist as you feel him grow against your panty-covered slit. One of his hands moves up and grabs your hair in a fist, pulling your head back and exposing the skin of your neck. You let out a loud gasp as he nips your jaw then your neck then the base of your throat. His lips move lower and before you can react, the door is opened causing you to fall flat on your back and Chuck to stay right on top of you. His hands formed a sort of cage around your shoulders to keep your head from getting hurt while his head is buried in your chest.

“Well well well,” Blair’s standing by your right shoulder with a key in her hand and a proud smirk on her precious face as she watches you two. “Bass you can move your head from down there.”

“Now why would I do that?” His voice comes out muffled as you chuckle, shaking your head.

Everyone was watching you, and you knew you had to move, but you would be okay with staying here for another minute.

Why Asgore and Gaster used to be (very) close friends

( Gaster battle sprite by @dreemurr-reborn )

Here are 4 reasons King Asgore and Doctor W. D. Gaster used to be close friends.

1. The strong connections between The Dreemurr family and the Font family

When we look at the 3 biological members of the Dreemurr family and the family of 3 skeletons that each speak in a different typefaces (dubbed the Font family for the purpose of this post) certain patterns emerges. Each one of the members correspond with a member of the other family. Asriel/Flowey and Papyrus, Toriel and Sans, Asgore and Gaster, each pair has a connection and share key characteristics the others don’t. Gaster worked for Asgore, presumably worked to further his goals, and both is looked up to for their work. Since we still don’t know much about Gaster as a person their might be other characteristics Asgore and Gaster have in common. My assessment is that like Flowey/Papyrus and Toriel/Sans, Asgore/Gaster shared a strong bond.

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My late entries for @klanceweek Days 2 and 3. Joint drabbles showcasing pining!lance. Canon-compliant. Also on AO3 & FFnet. (You can read these, along with Day 1, as a series on AO3.)

- sleapy 😴

Radio Silence

Words: ~300
Summary: Day 2: Sacrifice. Set during S02E12, when Keith announces he’ll infiltrate the Galra ship. 2nd person, Lance’s POV.

“I’ll do it. I’ll sneak onto Zarkon’s ship. I’m Galra, so I’ll be able to interact with their technology. No one’s commanding me. I’m doing it.”

You hear Keith speak the words, but you feel them in your viscera.

It’s war. It’s the climax of your team’s master plan, and it’s threatening to fall apart because of one missing link. Everyone is doing what they can. Keith is just doing what he can. Then why do you feel such dread in your veins? Why does the thought of Keith on what Kollivan just called “a suicide mission” twist your stomach into unpleasant knots? You don’t say anything but you stare daggers into the back of Keith head, wanting to telepathically convey ‘don’t go’ at the same time as never wanting him to get an inkling of your feelings—feelings you can’t quite grasp yet yourself. All you know is that you don’t want him to go. It will be like waiting for him to return from the Blade of Marmorra base all over again, watching Red trying to infiltrate, knowing she’d only do that if he was in real danger. All you know is that you want him to stay back where the two of you can keep an eye on each other, as you do, without ever acknowledging it. You want the lack of communication from Thace to be someone else’s problem, regardless of the fact that your team is small enough for it to be everyone’s problem; regardless of the fact that you couldn’t bear to lose any of the others any more than you could bear to lose Keith, and yet it’s only seeing him in danger that lights embers along your body, that makes you whisper, “Don’t sacrifice yourself.”

Other Words for Love

Words: ~800
Summary:  Day 3 - Scars. Post-season 2 (Set after S02E13). 2nd person, Lance’s POV.

You’re so drained. Drained from the mission, from the uncertainty of losing Shiro, from being zapped by Haggar’s magic, from listening to Slav calculate the probabilities of further success. Remembering Shiro’s past advice, you sentimentally decide to hit the training deck to unwind. You are entirely unsurprised to find Keith there—does that guy even do anything in his free time besides train? But what you were not expecting was your rival dual-wielding his bayard and his extended Marmorra blade against a training bot. He’s sweating with exertion, breath labored. He doesn’t seem to have heard the door slide open; and you’re rooted to the spot, staring openly.

“End training sequence.” Keith takes a deep breath and retracts his blades. He tucks the luxite knife into the holster on his belt and pulls up the hem of his T-shirt to wipe at the sweat on his face. It’s too tight to do much good though, so he gives up and reaches behind his head, yanking the shirt off altogether.

You were not ready, and your audible intake of breath alerts him to your presence. He turns, pinning you with his gaze, expression unreadable. You weren’t fortified to see Keith’s bare chest either, and you feel the blush on your face and neck. The tensest moments of your life pass as you match that gaze, until you succumb to the urge to run your mouth—your go-to solution for tense situations.

“So Mullet, I bet you think you’re extra cool now with that new shoulder scar.”

His brow knits in confusion. “Are you serious?”

And okay, maybe it was the wrong thing to say—insensitive, even—but you’re onto something here, and this is how it always works between you two, right? You lick your lips and keep talking.

“Not to boast, but I’ve got badass scars too that tell some pretty heroic stories.”

His face is blank now, as if he’s at a complete loss for how to react to your priorities. You will him to understand that this banter is easier than talking about what you’ve all just gone through. Part of you wonders if he does understand, because he hasn’t actually told you to fuck off yet. You wonder if he also understands that it’s easier for you to get under his skin than it is to look into his eyes and say you’re relieved he made it off the Galra ship alright.

Throwing confidence you don’t really feel into your steps, you approach him. You tilt your head to bare the side of your neck, where a raised pink thread of skin extends up behind your ear to disappear into your hair. “This was from the jellyfish I had to wear on my head to block the Baku’s mind control rays when I helped save the mermaids.”

And maybe you didn’t think this well-enough through, because when you feel a hot finger gently trace the mark you just pointed out, your blood runs cold. Keith takes a step to your side and his finger blazes a path to the back of your neck where a more faded scar begins. Your breath is shaky as you struggle to keep talking.

“Th-that one was from Sendak’s bomb.”

“You took the full force of that blast on your back,” Keith recalls. “This must go pretty far down.”

You hesitate only for a moment before you’re reaching back to take off your shirt. The scar—faint because you were luckily wearing your armor that day—does indeed run all the way down your back, the rest of it covered by your jeans. His fingers brush across your back once, and the single touch is enough to rock a shiver through you. Your mind likes to default to competition when it comes to Keith, so it immediately occurs to you that this is unfair; if he gets to touch yours, you get to touch his. You turn toward him, keeping your eyes trained away from his face and focus on his right shoulder. You run your forefinger and thumb down the corded slash, feeling how different it is from the pale skin on either side of it. Your balled-up shirt is clutched tightly in your other hand. He cocks his head to the side, and you feel more than see his eyes scrutinizing you intensely. Something about this moment tells you there’s no point in keeping it in anymore. “Keith,” you whisper, without looking up or pulling back your hand, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

His chest swells at your words, and it helps assure you that there’s nothing wrong with caring for him like this. He moves a fraction of an inch closer, hand coming up to rest on yours where it still rests on his shoulder. “I’m glad you’re okay too.”

onyxthree-two  asked:

May I request some Reaper angst? Like... reader has been mourning his death and is completely falling apart with crippling depression, locking herself away from everyone and Gabe has been watching her gradually get worse. And perhaps he shows up comforting her? Or maybe he stays away because he has to? You can decide that!


Note: This drabble is a bit longer, as I absolutely fell in love with the prompt and found myself writing so much. I’m tempted to write more for this and even more stories based on this prompt alone. This features a high degree of angst and darker themes, so please be cautious before reading! I hope you like it!

Your knees were brought up to your chest as you hid underneath your covers, enshrouded by the comfort of darkness. Your eyes were open, but it wasn’t like you could see anything anyway. They burned from how much your tears came from them, and twitched in irritation as you stared further into the void. Your body hurt, your eyes hurt, and you didn’t want to come from the comfort zone you created. You were fine in the dark, fine in your own company, fine away from it all.

The darkness had always been your comfort ever since the tragic event that happened, and it calmed you, as strange as it was. Some nights were cooler than others, but always in some way you felt it kept you safe. When you were more mobile, there were many times where the shadows appeared darker than other parts of your house, but you dismissed it as you in your distressed state seeing things.

A sudden knock at your door caused you to release an irritated sigh, and you tightened holding your knees even more.

But the knocking wouldn’t stop. Every few minutes, the knocking would return again. You had no interest in answering, felt no reason to talk to anyone, and just preferred to be alone. It hurt too much to be around others, and you struggled wanting to socialize. All the while, the knocking persisting, irritating you further, causing an agitated you to remove yourself from the blanketed darkness and towards your living room door. You were in your pajamas, hair disheveled, but your appearance was the least of your concerns.

The knocking became louder the closer to the door you became, the pounding ringing through your ears as you lazily rubbed the sleep from your eyes. A growl escaped you, and you squinted at the object in front of you. You hesitated opening the door, hovering your hand above the knob while carefully listening to the sounds of the hallway. This wouldn’t be the first time you’d heard relentless knocking, but often you would ignore it, creating a successful piece of mind for you.

This wouldn’t be one of those times.

Shaking your head in defeat, you opened the door, blinking as you saw a familiar brunette and redhead. You looked away, shamefully so, and left the door for them to answer as they stood in the hallway. You didn’t make eye contact, and instead remain quieted as you made your way to the arm chair. Your silence confused them, and they looked at you with concerned expressions, causing you to speak, “You can come in.”

“You sure, love?”

“Yes, Lena.”

Lena looked relieved, stepping in with flowers in her hands as she carefully entered your apartment complex, Emily closing the door behind them. There were signs of clutter in a few areas, but for the most part, your home was clean. It moreso was a result of you not wanting to bother moving or changing anything from your previous relationship, and the girls before you were aware of it. You again, regained your position of bringing your knees to your chest as you sat in the arm chair, hiding your tear-stained face.

“Hey, [Y/N]. Thank you for letting us in. We won’t stay long if you don’t want us to,” the brunette studied your movement and body language, glancing to a worried Emily as she sat next to her girlfriend. “It’s just been so long and, we all are so worried about you—”

She stopped herself when she saw you raise your face to look at her, the redness and swollen nature of your eyes taking her back. You looked exhausted, and seconds away from crying again. Emily glanced from Lena back to you, steadying her posture as the depressed you directed your attention to the floor.

“We’re so worried about you,” Lena began, breaking the silence, “it’s been months since we’ve been able to see you, and weeks since we last had contact with you. I was worried, I wanted to make sure that—” she stopped herself, feeling herself get worked up a bit, “—I wanted to make sure that you were OK. If you don’t want to talk, I understand, I just, I just wanted to see you. You’re one of my best friends, and I hate to see you like this.”

Though you knew Lena had it in her best interests to uplift you, her words stung a bit more than she would ever imagine. You weren’t trying to purposely ignore phone calls and drop forms of communication, but everything fell suit when you lost you lost your team. You didn’t want to be around anyone. You struggled eating, leaving your apartment. Even eating became spotty, and the nightmares that occupied your mind wouldn’t stop. It weighed heavy on your heart the truth and reality of the situation; that this remained ever-present, and no amount of wishing would ever bring them back.

To bring him back.

“Lena,” her name was the only thing you could say, and weakly so, before you wilted in the arm chair and felt the tears roll down your cheek. Your cries struck Emily and Lena so strongly, and Emily gripped Lena’s hand as they watched you break down. Lena found herself tearing up, standing up and walking to you and kneeling at the chair as she watched you. A heartbreaking scream came from you as she stood up to hug you, again, the weight only making you wail more. You felt as you couldn’t breathe with how much you let pour from you, your body trembling from the tears that burst forth like a dam.

The red-haired young woman brought her hand to her chest, feeling her eyes becoming glossy as she watched Lena comfort you. Her heart ached, and she lowered her attention to the flowers at her side. “I’m sorry, [Y/N],” she whispered, observing on as you came apart.

Minutes of sobbing were only broken by shortened recovery breaths as you held tightly onto Lena. She rocked you gently, your howls of misery worsening with every second as she held you close. You collapsed into her, spotting her chest with tears, the waves of grief overwhelming you as your heavy eyes fluttered shut. You sobbed unceasingly, clutching the time-traveler’s jacket as tight as you could. You just wanted the team back, your life back, your family back; him back.

Why did it have to end like this?

Exhaling deeply, you waved the couple good-bye from your apartment as you parted ways. You had stopped crying during some conversation with them, and it felt good for you, to be in the comfort of those who cared. It still felt odd, seeing people after for so long, but you were grateful that some of the sadness that you held in silence was finally released. Looking down to the purple nightshade in your hand, as well the others that rested in their vase across from you in the living area, you attempted to clear your mind. 

It was late evening now, and you decided to close the curtains in multiple spaces in your home. Lena had encouraged you to have a bit more sunshine in your apartment, something the three of you found humorous. Though, with it being so late, it was only appropriate to do so. As you went to reach for the curtain, you felt a wave of uncertainty hit you, making you hesitate. You peered around the room, as if you felt it was wrong to do, or if something was burning into you. You shook your head, laughing to yourself at the silly reasoning even crossed your mind.

Darkness soon covered your living space area, and you made your way back to your room. You sucked in your teeth, feeling a cold waft of air hit you and making you shiver. You weren’t sure what caused this, but perhaps it was a result of being so emotionally fragile the entire day with Emily and Lena. That had to be the reason, otherwise, you felt you weren’t in the right state of mind. The pitter patter of your bare feet was the only sound in your apartment as you opened your door, looking to the shadow on the wall that was casted from the hallway lighting. 

You furrowed your brows at your shadow before stepping forward, only to jerk as you saw a much larger, taller silhouette looming over yours. It made you jump.

What in the world was that?

Quickly your nystagmic eyes looked to the area around you, turning on the lights instinctively. You turned around, a cold sweat hitting sending shivers down your spine. No one was behind you. You flicked on the lights on and off as a precaution, then stopped, realizing how foolish you’d seem. After seconds of nothing and stillness, you sighed again. Holding onto your arm and making sure your vision was in tact, you kept blinking, seeing only your shadow this time. You were seeing things, you had to be. Yes, you were withdrawn, your depression had been terrible, but you didn’t think you would be seeing things. 

The strangest thing was that no one really knew you lived here. The only people who knew of this location were Lena, Emily, Winston, and your long-since passed lover. You let your hair down, sitting on the side of your bed before whispering, “I love you, Gabriel. And I… I miss you.” You don’t know what prompted you to speak out loud, but your heart calmed once your sudden fear left you. You glanced to the picture of the both of you together on your nightstand, at your favourite location, and smiled timidly. You didn’t feel the tear that rolled down your cheek as you laid down, lowering your eyelids.

You swore, you thought you heard a familiar voice say your name within the darkness as you submitted to slumber.

Your mind had to be playing tricks on you.

anonymous asked:

I think that while UT cares about our!Ciel, he might be obsessed with real!Ciel because of how much he resembles Vincent. He's trying to help both twins (I agree with your John Brown theory) but he's more obsessed with the real!Ciel. What do you think about the possibility of this?

Hello Anon and no, actually I have a lot of trouble understanding why a lot of Kuro readers feel the need to describe UT as “obsessed with real!Ciel” in particular, no offense. :) I know the blue sect is all focusing on Real!Ciel, the blue star, quite obviously, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same for the Undertaker. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think UT is obsessed with the Phantomhive family in general, which would make him obsessed with Real!Ciel yes… 

…but in my opinion that doesn’t mean that he isn’t also obsessed with our!Ciel, as we could see more than once in the manga in my opinion.

To get my point across a little better, here’s what I told someone (not tagging them in case they don’t want me to) who asked me privately about my interpretation of the Undertaker’s words in ch105:

「かわいそうに 骨の髄まで焼けてしまって あんな死に方じゃもう・・・」
“Poor thing. Even the marrows of his bones were burnt. Having died like that, XX not XX anymore…” [*もう means “(can) not anymore” in this case. So apparently, something can not be done because Vincent’s body is too damaged. Maybe UT was trying to resurrect him or resurrect someone else (Claudia?) by using his body, idk.]

「ああ でも "ファントムハイヴ伯爵"はまだいるからね…」
“Ah, but… there still is an “Earl Phantomhive”[*singular/plural/female/male not specified], isn’t there…“

(This is @akumadeenglish‘s explanation as to the Undertaker’s words in ch105)

I always interpreted chapter 105 and the “there still is an Earl Phantomhive isn’t there” part not as UT referring to the twin or our!Ciel, but just referring to the title “Earl Phantomhive” in general, which is to say to “the one with the watchdog duty”.

I might be reaching a bit in my assumptions, but by now, I think it’s not completely absurd to consider that the Undertaker might have been close to Claudia Phantomhive, no matter if the relationship was romantic or not.
Now, we don’t know how she died, but the Undertaker stayed around after her death and helped Vincent Phantomhive, just like he helped our!Ciel until the Campania arc => he’s been helping the Watchdogs that inherited the duty after Claudia.

It might have been his decision or he might have made some kind of yet unknown promise to Claudia herself but

「ああ でも "ファントムハイヴ伯爵"はまだいるからね…」
“Ah, but… there still is an “Earl Phantomhive”[*singular/plural/female/male not specified], isn’t there…“

I always interpreted chapter 105 and that line in particular as UT basically saying “it’s too bad that I can’t bring Vincent back since I really miss him because his body burnt, but at the same time there is still someone of Claudia’s family who has to put up with being the Queen’s Watchdog, so I still need to be around and watch over him”.

That’s why I think Ciel himself was confused in ch105/106. Ciel can’t have been thinking about this twin as the other possibility besides him in ch105, because apparently until ch128 he thought that his twin had died 4 years ago.

So I don’t think UT meant Ciel or his twin in his words of ch105, I always interpreted it as a more general concept based on UT’s devotion to the P family: as long as someone of Claudia’s family will be bothered by the Watchdog duty, UT will stay around as much as he can and try to help. That’s why he said…


You see Anon, I really agree with this post by @hitsugikuro​ and this post by @thedarkestcrow​ and I don’t recall having seen a post that would explain with canon examples why exactly UT would be more obsessed with Real!Ciel than with our!Ciel, and that’s where the problem lies for me with all those “UT brought the twin back” theories.

UT wants to bring back people that he loved/liked/cared about, yes, but when it comes to the twins, I just don’t see why UT would treat them differently from one another, especially when Real!Ciel is most likely dead and already soulless, while Ciel still has his soul but it’s endangered by a contract to Sebastian.

So you see, considering UT’s advice to Ciel about taking care of his soul in the circus arc, I’d say that UT being more preoccupied by our!Ciel’s soul would actually make more sense than UT being more obsessed with someone who already lost his soul (especially when UT got to interact with our!Ciel more than with the twin before his death, since he helped our!Ciel with the watchdog duty for 3 years after the twin was sacrificed).

It’s the same with Claudia, since Vincent can’t be brought back. I always thought that the bizarre dolls project is all because he wants to bring her back, since she’s one of his lockets, but does this mean that in the meantime he’s discarding our!Ciel on the side with the problematic of the contract? As he proved with the circus arc, the campania arc and the weston arc, he’s not and he even made it clear before that he wanted to stop Seb from eating Ciel’s soul.

So I’m sorry Anon, maybe I’m biased, but I really don’t see why UT would favor any Phantomhive over another, as he already proved by not putting Claudia’s possible revival above watching over how Ciel is doing as the Watchdog.

I hope you understand why I think that way with my interpretation of ch105, even if there is still a possibility that I’m wrong, as always. Thank you for passing by in any case and have a nice day. :)

anonymous asked:

Reaper, Jack, Junkrat and Roadhog with a s/o who is just like Retsu Unohana from the anime Bleach. They used to be one of the most wanted criminals in society but nowadays they work as a medic like Mercy but her superiors are actively keeping her from going on missions because she becomes a complete savage when it comes to fighting (killing) the enemy.


  • Talon needs a medic, so he’s happy that you’re focusing on healing others. He even trusts you with treating him, being anxious about doctor’s after what Mercy did to him.
  • He understands mentally why they holding you back but a part of him wants to be with you on the battle.

Soldier 76

  • You were a good healer, making sure that everyone under your care was fully healed.
  • As a soldier, however, you were terrifying. Even going too far for him as a vigilante. He practically pleads with you to stay on base, afraid that he’ll lose you.


  • He doesn’t particularly care what you do. As a healer you keep him in better condition than he’s ever been in his life.
  • As a soldier, the two of you wreck mayhem across the battlefield. He loves being with you, the two of you absolute menaces on the battlefield.


  •  You keep him healthy, patching up whatever wounds you can whenever he’s back.
  • If you want to fight, he isn’t going to stop you. He has no reason to judge as an apocalypse machine himself. He actually enjoys watching you annihilate people.
Letters to Bucky (Part 11)

If you’re missing any updates, catch up HERE!
Hang on lovelies, because this one was rough.

“Move.” Tony wove his way through the group of people in the lobby of the medical center. “Move!” he snapped louder, and the crowd started parting to make way.

“What can I do for you, sir?” the bored looking receptionist asked.

“Just directions to the elevator.” he said quickly. “I need to be up on the eighth floor right now.”

“I’m sorry sir, no one is allowed past the third floor without an appointment. Do you have an appointment, sir?” she didn’t look up once as she recited what she had doubtless said hundreds of times before.

“Are you serious? Do you know who I am?” Tony whipped off his sunglasses, and she glanced up then.

“Handsome and stressed?’ she shrugged. “Do you have an appointment?”

“I don’t need a fucking appointment!” he yelled. “You call Dr Persson and tell him that Tony fucking Stark is standing downstairs NOW!”

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Olicity: Return to Me

normalisjustafairytale said: On the prompt front, 4 n 1 quickie of four times Oliver tried to win her back and one time he succeeded. All the fluffy things that make Felicity weak at the knees.

The mug finds itself a home on her desk with a minuscule ‘thud’ that she almost misses beneath the furious hammering of her fingers against the keyboard. They’ve been searching for Darhk so intensely the last few days that she’s not entirely certain she’s slept in the last forty-eight hours, which would be far easier to work out if she’d paid attention to the time they actually started this insane manhunt. Now, all she knows is that she’s exhausted, that she can’t remember the last time she went to the bathroom, and that she’s not entirely certain if that smell is coming from her or not.

But she knows that she’s under-caffeinated and thirsty as hell, so the acknowledgement of the mug at her side comes at the same moment the delicious aroma of coffee sends a wash of relaxation through her, however temporarily. 

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Pairing/Characters: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter is caught up in his own thoughts. He’s trying to figure out what he wants to do with his future and find a place to stay. One lazy day at work, you, his childhood crush, walk in. Peter’s future might be much closer than he thought. Coffee Shop AU.

Request: @raindancer2004 Hi can I request number 8 with Peter Parker & reader please?

#8 - “I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?”

Warnings: None. This can turn into serious fluff if you want me to continue it!

Word Count: 3801

A/N: Translation - Coffee shop love (i  know right?) If you have seen the movie Zodiac you’ll know who the shop owner is based on, wink wink. I watched it before I started this, so, that’s why haha. Should i continue this? Let me know please! This is also my first ever Peter fic so be gentle lol. Graphic is mine. Damn it Hayley, back at it again with the series…


(I’m actually not sure who Peter Parker is in this fic. Is it Tom? Is it Toby? Is it Andrew? I don’t  know…but the graphic is Tom…)

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Yuuram in Novel 14

Buckle up, darlings~

Novel 14. ch.1
-The sheer amount of fondling -


That is indeed his voice, and he did yell my name. But Wolf said the voice he heard wasn’t mine, but someone else’s.

“Are you okay? Tell me, quick, where are you hurt!?”

I try to confirm his injury with him again, after all I was the one who hurt him.

Crouching down, Wolfram makes a short grunt and then stands up forcefully with his legs. He desperately stretches his previously bent back, pushing away my hand with all his strength. I hurriedly chase his shadow, coming to the spot underneath the bright sunlight shining down from the surface.

“Wait a sec, Wolf, where are you hurt…”

I reach out my left hand to touch what feels like a body, and feel something like torn cloth and animal fur. My thumb and index fingers are moist and warm, when I rub them it even feels a little sticky.

“I’m sorry, really…”

Wolf tries to step back from me, and I quickly grab his waist, pulling him to me. Hugging him tightly with my right arm, I press my left palm to his stomach—The warmth from his skin spreads over to me, a numbing pain climbing up my arm at the same time.
I was healed this way a few times before, as long as I do exactly as I remember, I should be abke to heal others too. After all Gisela and Anissina taught me before, too, and I successfully did it last time, right?


I’m pushed away forcefully, falling onto my butt on the hard floor, only managing to prop up my upper half with my hands.


“Don’t touch me!”

Of course I can’t see his expression, and can only rely on my hearing to tell, but the emotion that comes through his voice, is very obviously anger.

He’s standing in a spot with light, so I can see his shadow clearer. Although it’s not the honey color that I see when I can see completely clearly, there’s still a golden glimmer around him that’s different from the surroundings. His own body looks like a dirty grey, though, so I can tell that he’s wearing something he rarely does. That might very well be the reason I mistook him for the enemy.

“Sorry, I was wrong. I never thought it would be you.”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Pin your brother down will you?-

“Conrad, you’re just in time, Wolf is pretty badly hurt, press him down while I’m healing him.”

“Wolfram is fine, it’s just a small wound on his clothes and abdomen, thankfully he had an amulet with him, so the wound isn’t deep, not so bad that he has to trouble Your Majesty to heal him.”

“But he lost so much blood.”

“That’s your blood.”


Novel 14. ch.1
-Pretty shitty of you though Connie-

The shadow that looks like the Captain stops abruptly, revealing his confusion with the question, “Arrest who?”

“Lord von Bielefeld. He hurt His Majesty, we mustn’t let him approach His Majesty.”

Now it’s my turn to panic.

“Wait a sec! You misunderstood, Conrad! This is a misunderstanding!”

“No matter what the reason, it’s a fact that Wolfram hurt you with a sword, this is an unforgivable crime. Haven’t you noticed the pain in your right shoulder?”

Once he says that, I finally remember that the two of us were at each other’s throats just a while ago. At the same time I grabbed the blade with my hand, the other person was holding a broken sword, so that’s how both of us ended injured.

Novel 14. ch.1
-Yuuri’s mental comments are the best-

Wolfram must have been waving his hand as he spoke, because I feel a breeze brush past my face. Wonderful, his movements are no different than usual, and his voice is powerful too, I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Novel 14. ch.1
-What you mean you can’t approach me!? Okay this whole chapter is like a yuuram festa-

“Don’t be mistaken, Lord Weller. They are Shin Makoku soldiers, and will not obey your orders. Sizemore, you don’t have to arrest me, but from now on you must keep a watch on me, if I try to approach His Majesty then you must do everything to stop me, even if it means using force, understand?”


“Wait a sec! Wolf, what do you mean by keep a watch? What do you mean, you can’t approach me? More importantly, why are you here, come on and explain to me! How will I know anything if you don’t tell me!?”

“Why am I here?”

Wolfram can’t approach me, but there’s amusement in his voice when he talks. But that isn’t self-jest or embarrassment, much less joy. If I had to describe it, that should be pride, right?

“Staying by Your Majesty’s side, isn’t that my duty?”


“That’s why I came to find you.”

I want to see his expression so bad, to see what kind of attitude he said that line with. Surely he must have his arms over his chest, his body tilted back slightly, even looking down on me with his chin raised.

“Is that so? So you came to look for me, thank you.”

But I lost my rational mind, mistaking him for an enemy and even hurting, it’s only natural that he would be mad, I can’t even blame him if he starts hating me for it.

Novel 14. ch.1

“Dacascos, cut the nonsense! Hurry up and get clean cloth and water to help bandage Yuuri’s wound.”

“Wolf, you too.”
I reach my hand out towards Wolfram’s back, to be precise, towards the shadow I decide is his back, and of course I can’t reach.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to touch you, but your wound must be healed! Don’t underestimate it just because it’s not deep! Where’s Gisela? Didn’t Gisela come?”

“About that, Your Majesty…”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Still chapter 1-

Even though I’m exhausted I can’t rely on Wolfram, after all he’s injured too, right now it’s probably all he can do to take care of himself.

Although he keeps insisting to his brother that it’s a light injury, but a soldier’s idea of a light injury is different from a sportsman’s. To us baseball boy, a sprain that takes three weeks to heal is already a fairly serious injury. A sword stab to the stomach is basically throwing away the entire ball season, so serious it will seriously let down all the fans.

Novel 14. ch.1
- Notice how Yuuri casually forgets to mention ‘former’ when he says prince from here on-

“And that one who’s angry because his stomach got hurt, the handsome guy that looks like a fairy tale prince, he is too?”

“Mn, actually he is a prince.”

“In that case, he’s Your Majesty’s brother from a different mother or something like that?”

“No, no, he’s the son of the previous Queen.” (…)

“So what is PRINCE so unhappy about, why is he so angry?”

“Maybe because I injured him.”


“Listen up, Little Buddy, no matter what happened in that underground tunnel, it’s not your fault, and not anyone else’s fault, either. That is an evil place, scary things happen there. Tragedies will happen there, that seem to tear apart your heart, and leave deep wounds. So no matter what you do, never blame yourself, it’s not Little Buddy’s fault, and it’s no one’s fault.”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Where’s Wolfram? -

“Captain, since there’s no danger, let’s enter the town. Where are Wolfram and the others? Hazel and Ajira-san should have arrived already too, and it’s very weird that there isn’t a single person in town… Don’t tell me…”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Seconds later, Wolfram saves Yuuri’s henachoko ass-

When I bring my face to the surface, there’s a freshwater smell different from that of seawater. It’s freshwater and a whole lot of it.

And it’s precisely then, that I sense for the first time that there are people in the town.

A door opens and closes roughly, and I hear a man giving a panicked warning,

“Yuuri you can’t, the water has been polluted!”


Before I can raise my head, someone’s already pulled me up by the collar, what a close call.

“You said polluted?”

What a rare word in this world.(…)

Wolfram pulls my hand and brings me into a building, it looks like the Seisakoku resistance led by Hazel and the four Shin Makoku soldiers Sizemore brought are all here.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Another explosive yuuram chapter-

After drinking some water, eating some food, and have a nice nap on a long awaited bed, most of the weariness that I collected vanished too. Actually I know very well, the damage done to my body can’t be healed immediately, but when I open my eyes in bed and see only light and shadow, I’m honestly SHOCKED.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Very well.”

Although I answer the question instinctively, I had slept far from soundly. Because I had a nightmare, and kept getting woken up, returning to the same scene every time I fall asleep, until I can’t help but wonder if I really like retaking exams so much.

“What about you, Wolf?”


“You’re lying, because you snored as you always do when you’re sleeping like a log.”

“You deliberately pricked up your ears and listened out for that? What a curious baby you are, Yuuri!”

“…Even if I don’t want to hear it, I still hear it.”

Wolfram and I are in charge of controlling the large dining room that’s acting as our base of operations, in other words we’re on watch duty.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Wounded Wolfie-

(…)Wolfram, on the other hand, stayed back to protect me.

Although he acts energetic, the truth is he’s a wounded party too, and wounded in the stomach no less. The one who wounded him was me, so I really can’t make him do anything else strenuous.

What’s surprising is his reaction when he was told to stay on guard duty. Normally he would say something like “I can fight, don’t you trust me?” and then there would be a long line of protests, I was even all ready to listen to him complain, but instead Wolfram just said “I see”, completely against my expectations.

Novel 14. ch.3
-You hate me-


Seeing my body lean towards his direction, Wolfram immediately utters using a harsh tone,

“Keep your distance, keep your distance. Don’t get too close to me.”

“Ahh—Okay, okay, okay, I’m forbidden within a radius of 2 meters, right?”

He hates me, even though not long ago we were so close we could stay in the same large crate.

“I say, Wolf, I want to confirm with you.”


“You… chest hair… No, actually, it’s nothing. I just didn’t think that you could keep growing after eighty.”

That furry feeling near his chest, is actually… Honestly I really can’t predict what mazoku growth is like.

“I-I’m not jealous, got it?”

“What on earth are you mumbling about?”

But we’re not just supposed to talk about body hair.

“I think apologies are in order” (Yuuri)

“You want to make me apologize here?”

“Or course not! I don’t want to make you apologize~! Besides I’m not even angry, though it seems you still are… See, you won’t even approach me. So I wanted to make up with you, and apologize to you first. After all I don’t want this awkward atmosphere to continue anymore, and it’ll be troubling to Captain Sizemore and Dacascos.”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Just… just read-

“It’s only natural that you would hate me… We’re comrades, but I caused you to get hurt. Not only that…”

I can’t help but cover my mouth with my hand.

“I actually wanted to… k-kill you. Back then I really, truly, wanted to… Damn, I feel like puking.”

“Hold on, other than your eyes and shoulder, are you in any pain?”

I turn my head to a side, waving my right hand next to it to gesture ‘no’. Actually I’m not sick, it’s just that the sudden stress and anxiety made my stomach acids flow the wrong way.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, I never thought it could be you. I’ll repent, if saying it is not enough, then I’m willing to accept any punishment to show my sincerity.”

“About that, at first I wanted to deal with everything here first, and talk about it again once we safely bring the Maou back to Shin Makoku, but since you brought it up now, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I can feel Wolfram looking at me as he sighs.

“If you want to, you can even sentence me to death. Not only did I point my sword at His Majesty the Maou, I even attacked you, and injured you. But I swear… I really never thought it could be you.”

“Me too.”

Back then, when Wolfram slid down using the rope, I had completely treated him as an enemy. When I saw his sword, shining brightly in the darkness as it reflected the sunlight, I deeply believed that person was an enemy here to kill me.

“At that moment when I saw the sword.”

“All I saw was a moving figure. Back then I didn’t think whether it was a friend or foe, but the moment I set foot in the dark place, my thoughts immediately became “that was an enemy, that figure is an enemy without a doubt”… And even your voice sounded like someone else…”

“Didn’t you change the direction of the sword at the last moment? The sword blade suddenly went flat, that’s why Conrad said I only got banged up. But I still purposely picked up the weapon, and just like that, towards your stomach… Mmgh!”

I’m talking about these things, and it hurts so bad just thinking about what happened back then.

“Are you really okay?”

I break the orders not to get close to him and approach Wolfram, carefully plastering my palm over what should be his stomach.

“Maybe my healing isn’t as good as Gisela’s, but it’s better than not healing at all.”

“Stop! Don’t use majutsu!”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Me, hate you?-

Wolfram immediately bats away my hand.

“Why are you such a brainless henachoko? This is Shinzoku land, you know!? This is the continent with houryoku so strong even Gisela couldn’t set foot here, there’s no way you don’t know the consequences of using maryoku in a place like this, right? It’s precisely because you want to use your majutsu whenever, that’s why I told you not to get near me!”


“Didn’t you hear me? It’s because you like using majutsu so much, that’s why I told you not to get near me.”

No matter how I ask, the answer is the same. But it’s completely different from the reason I cracked my head to come up with.

“…So you’re not mad at me?”

His breathing is very fast.

“Of course I’m mad. Who asked you to be so rash?”

“And I thought you hated me…”

“Me, hate you?”

Helplessly, Wolfram can’t help but raise his tone at the end, so it feels about like “Me, hate you~~?”

“Could someone who hated the king possibly chase him to the ends of the earth? And…” (…)

“Carrying this strangely disgusting thing called ‘Günter’s Protection’ too.”

“Günter’s Protection~~?”

This time it’s my turn to raise my tone.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Do as I say not as I do-

Wolfram says I can’t get close to him, but he grabs my left hand and reaches it into the bag, using his sonorous voice to recite a chant non-stop, making all the hairs on my body stand on end.
Although it’s not possible, I still have the illusion of Günter’s hair twining around my arm.

Novel 14. ch.3
-After settling things with Wolf, Yuuri starts humming a religious hymn -

“What song is that?”


It seems I had started singing a familiar tune without realizing it.

Only I can’t really remember the lyrics, so it’s no different from humming it. (…)

Back then I thought it sounded familiar, but I didn’t think it’s a hymn from Earth.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Pity each other-

“Venera sure is impressive.”

“Although she’s not young anymore, she is indeed very sharp.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

I didn’t think Wolfram would respond to my mumbling, maybe it’s because we’re both casualties, so we sort of pity each other.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri panicking about Wolf as usual-

There’s the sound of running footsteps from the corridor, Wolfram holds his sword in his hand, and makes the sound of pushing the blade out of its sheath.


“Stay here, don’t move.” (…)

“Wolf! Don’t force yourself…”

“Stay there, don’t move!”

The sound of clashing blades which I can’t get used to no matter how many times I hear it, vibrates the air and the room, making me so scared I want to cover up my ears. Although I’m really worried about Wolfram, fighting against multiple opponents, but right now I can’t do a thing to help. Forget helping, it’s all I can do protect myself.

“Wolf…? Wolfram!?”

It feels as though time is crawling past, but in reality it’s probably only been two minutes. I sense the sound of clashing swords and the impacts coming through the floorboards slowly fading, so I called Wolfram’s name.

“Wolf, are you alright!? Talk to me!”

“As if that needs saying.”

His steps are nimble as he walks back to my side, and his voice sounds energetic too. But there’s the smell of blood emanating throughout the room, and from his body as well. He probably notices my uneasiness, saying before I ask,

“I’m not hurt, this is all their blood, but they’re not dead. Because you would probably say ‘tie them into their horses and send them back’ right?”

“Are you really okay?”

“Of course I am. What happened to Yuuri? After your vision got worse, you start worrying about nothing too?”

“No, of course not!”

“How could lackeys like that hurt me? The wound on my stomach is almost healed now, too, not a problem at all. Why don’t you touch it and see—But first you must promise me you won’t use maryoku—”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri keeps panicking-

Before I can yell a warning, Wolfram has already engaged the enemy. The sound of metal and clashes once again rings out in the dining room.

“Wolf, get ready to leave!”

“Are we running away!?”

“Of course we’re escaping! But the townspeople here need to get away too, right? Aren’t those guys trying to break into civilian houses?”

“That’s right, they plan on destroying the water purifiers too, as a warning to the others. But as long as we lead the townspeople away, there won’t be any more serious casualties.”

“Anyway we have to try and see. Wolfram! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

I was just thinking that the room has gotten quiet again, it turns out the soldiers that barged in afterwards were dealt with as well. Last time I have heard that his swordsmanship is strong, but I never thought he would be this strong, completely different from the Lord von Bielefeld I know, could it be that he’s been possessed by the sword god?

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wait…. did he just…?-

Instead it’s Wolfram behind me that growls. If it were the normal him, he’d have let his fists do the talking ages ago. Although he really wants to, right now all he can do is bear with it.

When it comes to Saralegui, as well as the temporary truce with Conrad—which means with the Big Shimaron ambassador, I’ve told Wolf everything without hiding a thing, and he knows what kind of a person the Small Shimaron king is, too. But since it’s safer to let Saralegui hold my hand, he can only open one eye and close the other now.

Although Wolfram’s personality is very emotional, recently when it comes to any critical moments, he will show the bravery to resist his impulses. After all, he’s a man more suited than me to be the Maou.

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wolfie baby~ then more Yuuri panic-

“Could it be their mother died?”

I tell Wolfram the same thing, that there’s a child crying, and we need to save them.

Hazel says, “What is it?”

As though comforting me, Wolfram pats my neck gently, completely indulging my rash behavior.

“I’ll go look.”

“I’m coming too.”

“No, you stay here! If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to face His Majesty Shinou.”

After he breaks the window and charges in, there’s no reaction for a long time, while instead my heart beats so loudly even I can hear it. Suddenly there’s a loud explosion, numbing both my sense of sight and sound.

My previously dark vision instantly brightens, and it’s all orange. Not only can’t I feel the cold from before, my face and arms are enveloped by the approaching heat.

What on earth happened?

“Wolf! Wolfram!”

“I’m here!”

A body heavier than usual jumps out of the window, he’s probably carrying a child, followed tightly by a weeping woman.

Novel 14. ch.6
-"Wolfram stop him” -

Maybe it’s because he notices who else is there, Lord Weller points at Wolfram at one side, signaling for him to go to Yuuri immediately.

“Stop him, Wolf! Stop him now!”

Conrad wants to run here, but he’s knocked over by an escaping woman. Once he steadies his footing he readies himself to keep running , but this time he’s stopped by an incoming crowd.

Wolfram wants to put the child in his arms down onto the ground, but the frightened little girl grabs him and won’t let go, that little hand buried in his clothes unwilling to relax no matter what.

“Yuuri! Stop, don’t use maryoku!”

His voice can’t reach the young man’s ears.

Novel 14. ch.7
- Keeping Wolf away-

“In that case, purposely keeping Wolfram away would be pointless as well. To think you used maryoku on something other than healing.”

“What, so that’s why!”

I can’t help but grin. Still, I can’t help but be very concerned about the strict attitude he had towards Wolfram during that reunion.

“I always found it strange, why were you so strict to him?”

Lord Weller clears his throat a little, saying in a solemn tone,

“Technically speaking, his actions were a serious offense. I didn’t think the only punishment was to keep him away from you, even I feel my brain is getting slower and slower these days. But more importantly, you really don’t feel uncomfortable in any way?”

Novel 14. ch.7
- The bed scene -

I open the door of the rented bedroom, walking to the window with the candle without holding on to anything. Wolfram is lying on the bed next to the window, his back facing me.

“Are you asleep?”


A muffled answer. He’s laughing at me.

“You’re lying, you wouldn’t answer if you’re sleeping!”

“That was an instinctive reaction. I realized that you’re coming to me to cry and complain again, so I had no choice but to answer you.”

“Don’t you normally pretend to sleep?”

“All I can say is I’m too nice a guy.”

Sitting on the sturdy mattress stuffed full of hay, I raise my head to look at the night sky outside the window. There’s a dim square in my pitch black field of vision, and some bright spots glowing yellow in the middle. There isn’t a moon, or any stars, only the light of a candle flame.
The wind blows against my face, carrying the smell of charred walls, sand and water. Looks like the glass on the window is broken.

“Thank goodness I still have you beside me.”

“You’re being so honest about your feelings, it’s sickening.”

“I don’t even have the strength to pretend anymore.”

I can tell with a touch that the bed beside me is wet. It must have been the lakewater that broke the window glass, and wet the room. Is this my punishment for failing the mission today?

“Can I sleep over there with you?”

Under the weak candlelight, a blurred Wolfram swings the thing in front of his chest,

“Günter’s here too, is that alright with you?”

“That’s really too cruel.”
I start laughing to the point I can’t stop, but then my voice starts to crack, so I have no choice but to bury my face in the pillow so Wolfram won’t notice. Just like that, the dim candlelight disappears from my vision.

Surely I won’t be able to sleep through the guilt and regret.

But I must let my body rest a while. Because the life we’re living is one where we don’t know when’s the next time we can sleep on beds again.

(the next chapter literally starts the morning after with him and Saralegui walking in the desert. )

Novel 14. ch.9
- Talking at the same time-

“Although some menial thing like this isn’t worth reporting to Your Majesty the Maou, it seems I am the messiah.“


Wolfram and I yell at the same time.

Novel 14. ch.11
- Regaining his sight thanks to Adalbert’s healing. The first thing he does when he realizes he can see is look at Wolf. Then he lengthily describes him, not so the rest of the characters -

“Ah~~ Really! Adalbert, move the bed aside, quickly—”

“Your Majesty.”

Conrad’s tone sounds hesitant, the hand reaching out for my right shoulder wandering up and down helplessly. It’s rare for him to look so lost.

“I told you so many times, don’t call me Your Majesty.”

“Sorry. Yuuri, your eyes…”

“Eh? My eyes?”

And then Wolfram asks in a hoarse voice, “Can you see?” Hazel only raises her eyebrows, and finally Saralegui says in his usual tone,

“What, your eyes are okay now?”

“It’s true! I can see!”

I can see.

Wolfram’s blonde hair and emerald eyes, Hazel’s wrinkly hands and strong mouth, Adalbert’s buff muscles and butt-shaped chin, as well as Saralegui’s golden eyes. No matter how many times I blink, my vision doesn’t turn blurry, it’s not just shadows, it won’t disappear without a trace anymore.”


Looking at Wolfram, who’s staring at me non-stop, I really am beside myself with happiness. Really, you’re still very cute! Since you always have such a valiant attitude, I assumed you matured quite a bit in the time we were apart, but to think you still have the beauty of an angel. Though it’s true I can still sense you’ve definitely become manlier.

Novel 14. ch.11
- What is Wolf so pissed off about? What does he mean by "mean”?-

Before I can finish talking, Wolfram bumps me with his arm, and even says indignantly,

“You feel at ease just after a good meal, don’t tell me you were just malnourished? Yuuri… How could you be so mean?”

“No, how’s that possible!? How could a few days of malnourishment make my vision deteriorate so drastically?”


Novel 14. ch11
-Describing Wolf vs. Adalbert-

“Is that so? Then go for it, you guys, I plan on staying here and living the easy life of a messiah for a while longer.”

Adalbert keeps sitting on the table and waves us goodbye. But the right hand he just raised is beaten down by someone, and his chest grabbed.

“Look at you, are you still a mazoku like this!?”

That person is Wolfram.

This image should look hilarious normally, right? After all there’s a huge difference in their body sizes, it looks like a cicada grabbing a large tree. But right now Adalbert is pressed down by Wolfram’s presence, so no one notices the difference in size at all.

Novel 14. ch12
-Worried Yuuri-

Wolfram catches up to us, the corners of his lips curling up. Under these circumstances, all he can do is smile strangely. Despite his angelic looks, he can also say something so mature. To think he can show a smile completely unlike his two brothers, saying such brave words.

Watching him grow up so quickly recently, I can’t help but feel panicked. If I keep assuming he’s on the same level as me, one day I will surely be left behind in the dust.


So this novel is probably the most yuuram packed in all the series.
The bed scene will always hold a special place in my heart, for many reasons, but most importantly because the scene is cut short and it resumes “the next morning “, which is Japanese for having the camera aim at the waving curtains and out the window. Also there’s a phrase in the next novel that will really explain why the bed scene is so important… but will explain that in the next part!

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tea time for @tsukinoyoukai. prompt: dinner

a soldier’s life is full of emptiness, right down to stomaches that rumble and gurgle at the smell of a campfire. when on the field, they survive on rations: thickly packed tins of fish and offal meats and packets of saltless crackers. at home they eat better: undetermined slop of grains, potatoes with eyes big enough to blink back, and withered vegetables from the fields that did not fair very well over the winter.

they can’t complain though. at least they have meals to eat with the lives that they still have. and at least times on base outweigh the times on expeditions–some of them never even got the chance to break into their rations before they became one for a titan.

erwin never has been particularly fond of military food. he spent the first decade of his life well off enough to have fresh meat a couple of times a month, dried meat a couple of times a week. his vegetables were bright, varied, and crisp. he even had fruit sometimes. and now, two decades between then and now, he still never acquired a taste for the tasteless. when dinnertime comes around, he tends to sit in his office munching on some canned treat he bought with his salary. he was going to be a commander until his dying breath–what else was he going to spend his money on?

it changes a little when levi enters his life. quiet but all so particular. he’s a stickler for routines and health and cleanliness. as their orbits grow closer, he watches out for erwin. erwin wouldn’t deny that it annoys him at first. he had never been told by another solider he couldn’t do something as mundane as staying in his office until three in the morning. or leave his jacket crumpled on the couch. or to leave base with his boots not oiled.

it was the finer details, the little things about how he lives his life that levi came in and applied his own brand of adhesive–making sure erwin ate was one of them. he comes into erwin’s office, a tray filled with two meals, and kicks the door gently behind him. erwin eyes the grandfather clock and tilts his head to hide a smile. 17:00.

levi walks to the desk, places the tray across erwin’s papers and maps, and removes his plate and cup to move to the couch to eat without a word. erwin places down his quill into the inkwell, leans back in his chair to let out a stretch, and then leans forward to pick up his fork. “thank you, levi.”

levi shrugs as he delicately shovels a spoon of slop into his mouth. levi has the habit of eating slowly and carefully, making sure no food ever displaces outside of his mouth, but he tends to get a little careless around erwin. a piece of rice sticks to the side of his lips as he goes for another round.

“how has your day been?” erwin asks. he shoves away a discolored bean with his fork.

“a waste of time.”

“how so?”

“the shipments from the capital were delayed, so we were missing new training blades and nape dummies.”

“we’ve been so low for such a long time.”

levi scoffs as he takes another bite of his meal and swallows it down. “we basically just stood around and stared at each other all day.”

“did you work on some close quarter combat in the mean time?”

levi looks up at erwin. close quarter combat was both of their favorites, especially when sparring together. their height and weight differences always made the combat a challenge–one that currently left them in a tie. 324 to 324. “i was hoping we could do that after dinner.”

“that may upset my stomach.”

“so you’re saying i’d win.”

“oh, most certainly.”

erwin doesn’t go to get his dinner anymore, not just because he allows his mind to consume the concept of time most days, but because it’s moments like these… when levi looks at him, creases a smile to his lips, a smile no other soul in the corps gets to witness, and lets it beat like a butterflies wings within the walls of his office between spoons of smashed rice and undercooked potatoes.

Excuses To See You (Single Dad AU N)

Originally posted by nxnight

Type: Fluff

Request: Hello!! I was scrolling through ur blog and I saw the N post with the babies and it was so cute!! So I wanted to request a father Au with N (I don’t really care about the context. You’ll do an amazing job anyways) thank you so much!! Have a great day!!!

Mooyeol behind his pacifier as his father pushed him in his stroller. He was happy to pass many babies throughout their walk through the park. Hakyeon’s fatherly senses kicked in as he saw a little boy running down the path. He quickly stopped the stroller and grabbed the boy stopping him mid run causing the boy to whine. He looked the boy over as he caught sight of the supposed-to-be leashed bag on his back. “Sangjoong” he read the label on the back there also was a number written on the back “I guess you do this often” he mumbles as he held the boy like a football and pulled his phone out with the other. Sangjoong whined and kicked at him but Hakyeon’s grip stays true “hello” a panicked voice responds to the call right away. “I found Sangjoong” he spoke as a relieved sigh left the other end. “Are you in the park?” he asked “yes” he hears “I’m by the fountain then I can keep him entertained until you get here” he tells “thank you so much” he hears before the call ends.

Hakyeon pushed the stroller with one hand as he carried the struggling boy in the other. He sat down on the stone base of the fountain making sure his grip stayed tight as he reached into the back of the stroller grabbing the snack bag. He pulled out an apple squeeze pouch and opening it. He passed it to Sangjoong who instantly calmed down and took it. Hakyeon sat the boy down on his lap watching him drink the pouch.

“Sangjoong” an angry voice called as the boy perked up “you punk” you spoke as he gave you an innocent look. “Thank you so much” you sigh as you looked at Hakyeon. He smiled waving his hand lightly. “I owe you” you tell him as he smiled “do you have any plans?” he asked.


“How are you able to do that with such ease?” you asked as you looked at your son who was distracted by the food in front of him. “Luck I guess. I know boys get rowdy so the best way to stop them is to give them something to eat or toys” he spoke as he fed Mooyeol. You sighed “I never thought he would be this much work” you told him as he smiled. “I recommend you get a different bag. The tail hook ripped off” he says. “Yeah I know” you lean against your hand. “I didn’t think it would break” you mumble as you picked up the leash. “I think he would love the dinosaur ones. There’s ones I’ve been looking at for when Mooyeol starts walking. I can show you them” he says as you smile nodding. 


Hakyeon kept using different reasons to see you until he got the courage to ask you out. Which was magical for the two of you. Your sons weren’t sure what to think when you two had decided to move in with each other. They weren’t so sure why they had to move out of their homes to move into another one.

Hakyeon had his arm wrapped around your waist as you two looked around your new home “this place is perfect for us” he hums as the moves had put things into place. He turned your head placing a kiss onto your lips “I hope you and I can make many memories here with our family” he whispers as you pull him in for another kiss. “We’ll make so many” you promise as he smiles.