he can show haru the sight. he can move on. they can both be free

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Can I pretty please have style 5 as fathers, like their s/o watching them clean up the kid's messes or like playing with their kids (basically fluffy fluffiness)

thank you precious cinnamon roll for remembering that I love the guys as dads and asdfghkl I will pray to you every night, anon. 

plus, how’d my post about the flustered boys get so many notes?? Like 130?? damn guys, i’m so flattered, but so shocked, I can’t even

sorry also for not posting great stuff lately, i’ve been under immense and stress and pressure and i don’t feel to great

time to re-binge watch Free! again - Admin Tito


Cries of anguish racked your brain as you moved to the middle with a groan and tried to nudge Haru to go soothe your daughter down. It was your turn to do the nightly task, but you were too tired, and it wasn’t as if Haru had a baby sucking at his nipples everyday. Expecting to find a limp body, your hand met the expanse of the empty bed that only lingered with heat. You sat up, in worry and curiosity, and tip toed downstairs to where the strangled cries seems to source from. Stumbling in the bright light, you found yourself in the kitchen, squinting at a half naked Haru cradling your daughter with a bottle in her mouth. Haru glanced at you and his eyes lit up at the source of his happiness and reminder of just how lucky he was. He didn’t see a new, inexperienced mother with a disheveled bed head, bags under her eyes and saggy clothes. He didn’t see any bad in her appearance itself; he saw all the natural beauty and wonderful after glow of the early morning hours that allowed him to know that you were real, and you were only for him.

“H-Haru, what are you-” You mumbled with a few quiet steps but Haru quickly put a finger to his lips before returning to the baby’s bottle. His slender figure probably shook with exhaustion and sleep deprivation, but he wasn’t about to let that interrupt something he never thought he’d be able to do. Admiring the fervent gaze he put on the baby and the gentle rocking of his body to soothe her, you stepped even closer, behind him, and wrapped your arms around his collarbone.

“Not cold?” You kiss his shoulder blade as you both gaze down to the beautiful baby girl. Her body was all covered in a white onesie, tiny fists curled under neath the fabric, and all wrapped securely in a light pink blanket you remembered Makoto gave during the baby shower.

“No” he whispered as he turned his head to peck you gently on the lips. In the 3’ o clock shadow of the moon and the low light of the kitchen, the three of you swayed slowly side to side.

“Look at her!” you squeal with a whisper as you poke your daughter’s supple cheek light enough so she wouldn’t feel it. You felt Haru’s deep chuckles reverberating from his chest to yours as you reached to stroke her jet black tresses back. “Can you believe we made her?”

Haru hummed in agreement and cheekily replied “The only reason she’s as beautiful as she is cause of her mommy”

“Shut up” You lightly slapped his back and rested your chin on his bare  shoulder so you can get a perfect look at her eyelashes that fluttered closed.

Hugging him tighter, and whispering a small “I love you”, you also wondered how you had ever gotten so lucky.


     After 2 hours of opening presents, retaking the same photo over and over again and trying to conserve as much wrapping as possible, you were spent. You never imagined that Christmas with two toddlers and one newborn baby would be so damn exhausting. It was endearing of course, watching your kids face light up with excitement and joy even though they had attempted to stay up all night to catch a sight of Santa. But as you sat on the floor against the foot of the couch, lightly patting the back of the baby that breathed softly on your shoulder, you felt your eye lids closing in on you.

“Look! Look!” Your little twins began showing off their toys from Santa in front of you, jumping over the mess of tissue and wrapping paper still around. You gave them a small smile and kissed their heads until they became immersed within their own presents. Closing your eyes again, you felt sleep wash all over you, until you heard Makoto come back into the living room and shuffle all the papers around.

“Makoto?” You whined half heartedly as you looked up into his tired jade orbs albeit sweet smile. He chuckled as he went around to pick up the mess around the living room, herding the complaining twins onto the couch. It made your heart swell with content and admiration as you watched him make his careful way to save you some sanity and energy.

Suddenly, you felt a heavy weight on your thighs, and looking down, you saw  Makoto nuzzling his nose into your soft pajama pants.

“Hey, babe” Makoto gives you a teasing smile as he reaches up to poke the baby’s bottom. Laughing, you swat his hand away, but intertwined it with your free fingers.

“Pretty exhausting Christmas for three kids, huh?” You asked as he stares at the piece of jewelry on your ring finger. Kissing it, Makoto looked up at you with his large doe eyes and nodded.

“It was pretty fun though” He nudged his head towards the waddling twins, his olive brown hair spreading over the plaid. “Look how happy they are.”

“Right” A grin grew on your face as you spoke in a louder voice. “But maybe let’s just sell those two and keep the new one. For sanity’s sake.”

Immediately, you were bombarded by two small bodies, one wrapped around the arm, and the other holding onto your stretched out legs. Giggling and laughing, Makoto brought both kids to his chest and held them while still laying on your legs.

No, Mommy, please don’t sell us!” They whined in the middle of their screams and giggles as Makoto pretended to be asleep and kept them under the lock of his arms. Laughter and contentment reverberated through your chest, and tiny breaths of life blew on your collarbone as you looked at your wonderfully strange family.


      A bright light hit your closed eyelids as you groaned and tried to pull the warm duvet over your head. Maybe it was your birthday, and maybe you shouldn’t wait until 11:00 AM to wake up again, but the bed was so comfortable. And you were so tired from a long week at work.

“Wake up, sleepy head” Nagisa’s supple lips tickled your earlobe as he pulled down one cover of the comforter to expose your upper half. Grunting in response, and still keeping your eyes closed, you pulled back on the covers and curled into a tighter cocoon.

“No” You mumbled “Just come. Sleep. Here. With me.”

“I would, but” you could practically hear the cheekiness spelled out on his grin “after what we did last night, I’m not sure you can handle it.”

“Nagisa!” Eliciting a sudden gasp, you threw off your comforter, the cool air of the bedroom hitting your exposed arms and shoulders. You rubbed your eyes and slipped on Nagisa’s tshirt and your pajama pants, but when ready to pounce on him, he was no where to be seen.

“Nagisa?” You called out towards the open bedroom door. Right when you did, you heard a tiny giggle erupt from under the bed, along with a not so inconspicuous “Shh!”

Rolling your eyes, you flipped off the cover to catch them both under the bed, but before you could even react, a pillow smacked in your face and you fell backwards into the mattress.

“Hey!” You shouted with a muffle as you grabbed the thrown the pillow case in defense. But immediately, another pillow bombarded you, and you felt it continuously smack you, albeit with not much strength, as another pinned you by your arms above your head.

“Happy Birthday!” Your toddler shrieked in joy as you managed to wrench yourself from Nagisa’s grasp and hit them both with your pillow. Feathers and laughter began to flow everywhere as you and your little boy teamed up against Nagisa, bombarding his blonde locks with a couple of throws. As much as he tried to grab you, and hold you under him, you used your son as a shield and a pillow as a sword. All went well until he grabbed the pillow, threw it out of your hand and grabbed you and your child into a strong hug. All three of you laid, in the messy pile of feathers, early morning sweat, and ruined pillows; exhausted, excited. Nagisa held you two in his arms, and breathed against your neck while you argued who was the real winner here.

“Happy Birthday, babe. I love you” He whispered as he kissed the side of your neck. You looked up at his magenta eyes that looked at you with fervent admiration and the messy bed head you desperately wanted to run your fingers through.

“Love you too” Your little boy and you chimed at the same time, causing another eruption of giggles.


“Hey, I’m home!” You called out as you opened the door into the house, only to be met with silence. Hearing a loud clatter and a shriek, you narrowed you eyes, and set down your bag and jacket to make your way to the kitchen. What you witnessed next was definitely not called for. Flour matted the entire granite countertop and the floor around it, ghosts of fingers and palms all over the cupboards and the walls. You shifted your eyes to the many, many bowls that towered over the sink, most of which oozed with most likely ruined batter.

“I can explain!” Rei jumped up from behind the counter, causing you to be be startled a bit. Raising your eyebrows, you put one hand on your hip and give him a stern look.

“Explain away” You began to stifle laughter as you saw the flour, batter and egg shells wove into his cobalt locks and all across the apron that read “Kiss the chef!” The only thing not covered in flour was the spot of where his glasses used to be, making the situation even funnier.

“I was trying to teach these two,” Two small heads popped up from behind the counter, both girls also caked in flour as they gave you toothy grins “how to make my healthy butterfly cookies!”

“Healthy?!” One of them scrunched their nose “You said they were suga-”

You glared at Rei even harder as he clamped his hand over your little girl’s mouth and gave you a nervous chuckle.

“That’s beside the point” He rubbed the back of his reddening neck. You could tell he was just trying to be the cool parent for once, instead of the one that always imposed certain rules and made sure they followed them. It was endearing, to be honest.

Rolling your eyes once again, you made you slow way to the three culprits, and dragged them with you to the bathrooms. You first made your way with Rei to the bathroom in your bedroom while leaving the twins to shed their clothes for their bath.

“Sorry” Rei glanced you sheepishly as he stripped off all his clothes except for his boxer briefs. Your breath slightly hitched as you fervently watched his delicate muscles move with every tenacious movement he made around the room. He must’ve noticed your stare, because he stopped shuffling for new clothes and gave you a cocky smirk.

“What? Enjoying the sight, are we?”

“It’s fine” You ignore his cheeky question and shake your head to get back into focus. “Just make sure when you’re trying to make something sugary, don’t give the girls complete control over it. They couldn’t know any better than you.”

“Of course” Rei nodded solemnly as he stepped into the bathroom door. Suddenly spinning on his heel, he grabbed you by your wrist and held you close. A darker look swirled through his eyes, but that didn’t distract you from the fact that it was the only part that looked darker from the rest of his face.

“But I think if we were to make something sugary, tonight” He continued as a blush crept up to his cheeks “I think I’m gonna need a little more sugar, if ya catch my drift.”

Smirking at him, you placed a palm on his chest, but instead pushed him back into the bathroom and closed the door with stifling laughter.

“You’re such a dork Rei”

“But I’m your dork” He quipped.

Shut up


Trudging your feet along the pavement that led to your small but cosy house, you found yourself almost willing to collapse right then and there. Arguments, tensions and annoying bosses and coworkers filled your day with dread, not making the fact that you didn’t sleep at all any better. You were ready to cry, sleep, anything to get your mind off how much you felt like never going back to work again.

The house was dim with a light on only in the kitchen in the living room, which was strange because when you would leave Rin with your little daughter , they would usually be on the couch watching yet another useless cartoon show or just Rin in the kitchen cooking something up. Slightly annoyed, you drop your bag, jacket and shoes where ever, and make your way upstairs that led to the bedrooms. Another light peeked out of the kids room, and you reached hesitantly for the door knob.

Rin, with your daughter curled up to him one side, was sprawled against the edge of the bed, with a pink tiara on his head, purple boa around his neck and glittery bangles on his wrists, not much different than the latter. His maroon tresses hung over his sleeping face as you saw that an empty tea cup hung languidly from one of his fingers, where you then saw a full out tea party on the table with endless amounts of stuffed animals and tea items. Chuckling at the audacity of the situation, you tiptoed towards the two, and kneeled down so you could crawl next to them. Peering closer into his face, you thought you could see hints of messy lip gloss and eye shadow on his face, which almost caused you burst in an half “Aw” and an half eruption of laughter.

“Rin-chan?” You reached to poke him in the cheek, in which, startled, he stared at you through his alert carmine orbs. But he quickly relaxed again as he silently motioned for you to come under his arm as well, immediately drawing on the feelings of sleep and contentment you long missed as he squeezed you to his chest. As he kissed your forehead and lightly threaded his fingers through your hair, Rin could sense that you were stressed, full of anxiety and ready to cry; He didn’t need to ask you to make sure. After all these years, he’s learned to intuitively know when something was wrong after being Sousuke’s best friend for so long.

“Shit. ” He murmured quiet enough “ Tea party gone wild.”

You managed a chuckle but then drifted to sleep in his warm and safe embrace.

Welcome Home- A RinHaru Fanfic

“Geez, what is Gou thinking? Calling me back to Japan after so long… she won’t even tell me what it’s for…” Rin sighed as he glanced down at his phone. The text from his sister simply said, Onii-chan, big news! Come home as soon as possible! “What kind of big news could she possibly mean…?”

After about a ten hour flight from Australia, Rin had landed in Tokyo, Japan. It had been around three years since he had left to swim professionally. He came home occasionally, to see his sister and his friends. Most of the time he came home though, he would spend time with Haru, who was also swimming beside him at the top.

Rin smiled as he thought back on his memories of Japan and stretched his arms above his head, “Even though she won’t tell me anything, I’m glad she called me back.”

“Ah-hah! It’s Rin-chan!”

“Huh?” A loud, hyper voice had called his name from ahead. He glanced up, and saw the small blonde head of Nagisa racing towards him, bouncing like an excited puppy.

“Nagisa-kun! Wait a second, please!” Rei ran after him, desperately reaching out to grab him before he could make impact with Rin at full force.

“Nagisa,” Makoto appeared from (seemingly) nowhere and grabbed him calmly by the back of his jacket, “Rin just got off a long flight, you shouldn’t tire him out so soon.”

“Ah, I didn’t think about that…” Nagisa calmed down immediately and took his place by Rei’s side.

“Honestly…” Rei sighed, and pushed his glasses up his nose.

Rin and Makoto shared a knowing and kind smile, “Welcome home, Rin.”

“I’m back,” Rin said as he met the clear, blue eyes of Haru, who had just come out from behind Makoto.

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Challenge: Jealous
Rating: sfw
Previous Series: Retrouvaille
Summary: Makoto, being the epitome of perfection for the entire human race, shouldn’t be so surprised that all his best friends turned out to have had feelings for him in some way or another, and he especially shouldn’t be surprised that Haruka’s not pleased by this situation at all, but he is, on both counts.
Title: You Every Time

Note: Also written for a prompt off of marukaprompts based on a line I had Nagisa say in The Materiality Principle – “Everyone who meets Mako-chan falls at least a little bit in love with him”.


There are a lot of things that never really changed about Nagisa, I realize. One of these is his utterly inappropriate sense of timing. The other is that, once he sets his sights on something, nothing short of a full-blown global apocalypse will stop him.

And even he’d probably talk the apocalypse into giving him a few more minutes.

So when Nagisa says that we’re going to have a party to ‘celebrate Haru-chan and Mako-chan being sappy boyfriends’, then we are going to have a party and we are going to appreciate it. Even if, after all that’s been said and done, what Haru really wants to do right now is to spend the night nuzzling into my shoulder as we sit side-by-side on Haru’s couch, like an oversized kitten.

…He didn’t exactly tell me that’s what he wanted to do, but one thing that never really changed about me is that I am still blessedly able to read out entire paragraphs of thought out of one of Haru’s glances. So I’m sure that’s the gist of his last one.

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OVERBOARD, (rin/haru)

reverera asked: rinharu + 21 (”we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”)

~2900 words, rated PG13 for deep kissing and Haru’s inward struggle with his lower half

on AO3 as well

Rin stands in Haru’s doorway with his bag slung over his shoulder and damp splotches on his hoodie and hat. The drizzle that had soaked Rin has evolved to torrential by now; Haru would have mistaken Rin’s knocking for a round of thunder if he hadn’t been perched before his door, expectant with childlike eagerness.

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