he can see the monster and converse with him without becoming a monster himself

Eight Months (part III).

A few hours had passed since you had been cruelly snatched away from Harry. He remained in the corridor, pacing the floors and running a hand over his face and through his hair. His mind was plagued by the image of you so broken, as he contemplated what he could have done differently to prevent you from being this hurt and mistreated. Each time a door swung open, it distracted him from his thoughts as he’d look up, in the hope that a doctor was bringing him some more news. Nobody was coming, not yet.

He tries to calm himself, sitting on the grey plastic chairs. His knee bounces and he drums his fingers on his exposed knee, the rips in the jeans more prominent with the joint protruding out of the clothing. Resting his head back on the wall, he closes his eyes, his mind wandering to earlier that evening.


He was torn. He wanted to embrace you for as long as possible and keep you safe, allowing no harm to come to you, but he needed to know the extent of your injuries. Stumbling backwards through the door of his apartment, he keeps an arm firmly wrapped around your waist as he guides you to the sofa.

“There you go, darling” he murmurs softly, sitting you down onto the fabric gently. He kneels in front of you, gently caressing your cheek. He notes your injuries; a split lip, and a few bruises around your neck and whilst they absolutely sicken him, he involuntarily wants to hurl when he sees the bruises and cuts travelling up your thighs, indicating a serious assault. Your stifled sobs bring him back to reality and his sad eyes meet yours. “You’re safe, baby, you’re safe here with me” he tells you as he takes your hands in his own.

‘Baby.’ It rolls off of his tongue as if the last eight months never happened. He said it as he always did throughout your relationship, and with so much love to give you.

“Who did this to you? Who hurt you?” he asks, and a part of him isn’t sure he wants to know the answer because nothing will tear at him more knowing that this disgusting, careless human being is roaming the streets of London as a free man, and Harry hasn’t done anything to protect his girl. Even now, you’re his girl. You always will be. Your sobs win out and he knows he won’t be leaving you to look for the predator; you need him here and that’s enough for him to decide that he won’t go anywhere else.

You shake your head vigorously because you know that if you speak, you’ll completely break down, and Harry has already seen you at your weakest, you can’t expect him to pick up the pieces from your new nasty relationship.

“Tell me, (Y/N), tell me who’s done this to you” he murmurs again, caressing your cheek once more. “Was it him? That new guy, Tom?” he questions, spitting out the name. In normal circumstances, you’d laugh at him for appearing jealous as you piece together that Harry would only know the name through stalking your social media. But this was not a normal circumstance. Your silence answers his question before you sob again, covering your face with your hands. You were ashamed, confused, and you felt dirty and violated. You wanted nothing more than to wake up and for it to all just be one huge nightmare. It was a nightmare, but you were living it.

Harry disturbs you from your trailing thoughts as he slams his fist into the coffee table beside him. You know his anger isn’t aimed at you, but instead, towards the perpetrator. Tom was your boyfriend and he should have done everything in his power to keep you safe, instead, he was the one causing the hurt and pain. Harry would never hurt you, he would always care for you and protect you, whether that was from the monsters under the bed, the monsters in your head, or monsters like Tom. But Harry hadn’t been there to protect you. Scenarios plague his mind as he closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. The sight isn’t pretty as he tries to quickly dismiss the image of Tom violently forcing himself on you. The bruises around your neck indicated you being held down, and the cuts on your thighs implied the roughness of the vicious assault and the idea of you going through that repulsed him.

“Hey hey hey, you’re ok, you’re safe with me, darling” he quickly hushes you, returning to reality and cupping your face in his hands once again. “Look at me, (Y/N)” he whispers softly. He knows how you’re feeling; ashamed, embarrassed. “This is not your fault, ok? It’s him, all him, and he’s committed a crime. He needs to be punished, darling. We need to contact the police.”

You want to protest but you haven’t got the strength. You just want everything to be over. You want nothing more than to shower and have Harry hold you in his embrace all night, protecting you from the world. Harry chews his lip softly, awaiting your reply, but your silence gives him all the confirmation he needs.

Taking out his phone, he punches in the emergency number with his right hand, his left intertwining his fingers with yours for as much support as possible. Once he was put through to the operator, he began to speak. “Uh, yeah, hi” he begins nervously on the phone. “My … uh, my” he starts, and he realises that doesn’t know how to address you. Girlfriend? Friend? “I’d like to report a crime” he murmurs down the phone, choosing his words wisely. Whilst you can’t hear the words being spoken by the operator, you can only assume the conversation and you know the question asked when Harry replies with “a rape.”

Rape. The word being spoken aloud puts the scenario into perspective once more for both you and Harry. It’s a vicious word and a vicious attack. Something nobody should ever have to go through. Harry had always empowered girls and women throughout his life, and this became more obvious when his fame reached new heights and he expressed his positive opinions on women; he had the utmost respect for them. Those girls and women after all, will become our future mothers, doctors, nurses, carers and so much more. How can anyone hurt another human being like this? How can a man do such a thing? It’s a word that strikes anger in Harry. He just doesn’t understand it. In his opinion, it’s a very black and white scenario. No means no and any other actions, whether it be struggling or screaming or crying, that indicates a girl is not a hundred percent willing, also means no.

Ending the call, he looks at you apologetically. “They’re on their way. They want to take a statement from you” he murmurs softly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “They’ve asked that you don’t shower or eat or drink anything, and after the statement, they’ll take you to a rape crisis centre” he tells you gently.

He knows this information must be so difficult to process, hell, he’s struggling to understand some of this himself. The only thing he can be certain of is that he’ll be staying with you throughout everything. He’s never leaving you again.


“Mr Styles? Mr Styles?” a female voice calls him. Reality hits and Harry opens his eyes. Looking around the room, he sees a young woman holding a clipboard heading towards him. She gives him a small and supportive, yet, apologetic smile as she heads towards him.

“How is she?” Harry asks, standing up instantly, but remaining rooted to the spot.

The nurse nods and purses her lips. “She’s doing well considering the ordeal she’s experienced. We have completed the rape kit and we’ve made her as comfortable as possible. Right now, she needs rest and her loved ones around her. She can go home whenever she’s ready, I just need to grab the discharge papers. You can see her though” she tells him.

Harry nods, swallowing the lump forming in his throat. Relief washes over him. You hadn’t requested that he didn’t see you, so you must have wanted him in there. He had given you the privacy you deserve during the rape kit but now you needed him.

Grabbing the bag from the floor, he heads towards your room. He’s not too sure why he knocks on the door; he wonders if he was just being polite or if it was to make sure he didn’t startle you. “Only me” he murmurs softly as he enters the room. He sits on the end of the bed, resting a hand cautiously on your leg. “I didn’t go far, I just sat outside for a little while” he tells you, in an attempt to reassure you that he has no intention of leaving you, ever again. “I brought some clean clothes for you, just something casual” he quickly gestures to the bag he carried in.

You nod. “Thank you, Harry” you whisper.

“What for?” he asks, burrowing his brows together.

You shrugged. “Everything. Just being here, really” you tell him.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else, darling” he replies with the utmost honesty, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Pulling away from the tender moment, he reaches into the bag, grabbing the bottle of water he purchased prior to entering the room. “Their vending machines aren’t too great, it’s not that cold” he apologises.

“It’s okay” you manage to whisper, your throat dry and scratched from the lack of liquid. You pick up the pot filled with two small capsules on your bedside table and without hesitation, you empty it into your mouth before downing a couple of mouthfuls of the bottled water. “They’re to prevent pregnancy” you murmur, avoiding eye contact with Harry after he frowns at your actions.

He quickly averts his eyes to the floor, realising that this really wasn’t any of his business. He lost the right to know everything about you the day he walked out of your life.

“You’re coming back to mine” he whispers softly.

“Oh Harry, you’ve already done enough for me, I can’t” you begin, but he quickly shushes you.

“I wasn’t offering you. I’m telling you. I want to look after you. Your clothes are here” he murmurs as he takes your clean things out of the bag. “Do you need a hand or?” he asks. He doesn’t want to be intrusive or invade your privacy but the scratchy nightgown provided for you doesn’t seem like it would be easy to unbutton from the back.

You nod hesitantly. Right now, you needed all the help you could get. But you felt like your body had been exposed to everyone. First, Tom had taken advantage of your half naked body sprawled across his kitchen floor and abused you in every way you thought was possible. The next intrusion was having to tell the police everything that happened, explaining to them in detail exactly what Tom did to you. Harry sat through that statement to give you as much support as possible but he now knew everything and there was no hiding away from that. How could he ever look at you the same way again? And finally, the rape kit had been intrusive. Whilst the nurse had been kind and caring and treated you with the utmost respect, it didn’t allow you to forget the horrific assault you had been through which resulted in you having various swabs to identify the perpetrators DNA.

Harry leans forward, cautiously unbuttoning the gown from behind you. With your bare back exposed to him, he held his breath in an attempt to contain his anger. Your back was red and scratched, an indication of a struggle during the attack. The bruising around your neck became more prominent from where Tom had wrapped his fingers around you so tightly. He helps you to pull the cosy jumper over your head, something he chose for comfort more than practicality. He helps you to pull on the sweats over your legs. Even with the medical treatment received at the clinic, the cuts and bruises are still of a horrific sight for him. He carefully but quickly covers you, avoiding staring at your injuries in fear of alarming you.

Once you were dressed, you gave a small smile, almost a thank you but it was in support of Harry too. You knew it must have been hard for Harry to hear your statement to the police following your assault, knowing that Tom was out there with no remorse of what he did, and you knew how difficult Harry would find it to not go out there and track him down and beat him half to death. But in Harry’s eyes, no punishment would ever be good enough for Tom, so he knew to let the police deal with the reported crime themselves, whilst Harry took good care of you.

Sighing softly, he picks up the bag from the floor and takes your hand in his, skimming it gently with his thumb. He raises your hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to it. “Ready to go?” he asks. You nod. Were you? You really weren’t sure if you were ready for anything anymore. Tom was still walking the streets of London, you weren’t safe, not yet. You weren’t sure if you’d ever feel safe again. But as you looked up into Harry’s piercing stare, his eyes studying your expression, you knew that as long as Harry was around, you were safe.

BTS Reacts: their gf walking around in only their shirt

Hyung line / Maknae Line [coming soon]

Requested by infiresmannnnnnn 

A/N: im sorry if it’s not quite what you had in mind 😅😅 i just got a bit carried away since it’s my first request lol. i really wanted to show off my writing style more than anything. hope you dont mind the length (i honestly dont know how some of them got to be so long tbh *cough hoseok cough*)!!! Also I wrote so much that I hit post limit part way through Jimin’s one so I had to split it into Hyung and Maknae lines. Hope that’s okay!

(Gif’s not mine)

(WARNING: got some good ol’ PG13 makeout sessions up in here - not explicit sex obviously, but given the request you can gather its not going to be completely innocent, just wanna give you all a heads up so no one comes complaining to me lol)

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

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Jin had been in your kitchen, cooking both of you dinner before he had to go back to his dorms. He had a relatively early schedule tomorrow with his members, yet he insisted on making you proper food.

“You know how much I like cooking, though, Jagiya.” He insisted. “Go have a shower. I’ll be done by the time you’re out.” He said, chuckling at you as you huffed out a “fine”.

Twenty minutes later, you were done. Upon realising you had forgotten to bring a change of clothes with you to the bathroom, you sighed, pulling on your recently discarded shirt, that barely covered your ass. Scuttling around your apartment, looking for the sweatpants you ‘swear were right there, on the couch’, Jin called you for dinner.

You walked into the kitchen-dining area with a confused frown on your face.

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“A Nobody” - Isaac Lahey

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is evil (kinda like void Stiles) and she has a soft spot for Isaac.
(I feel like this isn’t even close to what the anon requested but this is how it turned out so I hope you guys will like it regardless.)

On the outside, (Y/N) looked like a normal teenage girl. But on the inside, nothing but darkness and emptyness could be found.

When (Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills, Scott McCall had instantly known something was off about the new girl. He had wished his instincts were wrong but soon after the arrival of the pretty-looking girl, chaos started to spread in Beacon Hills like a disease. People were brutally murdered or went mysteriously missing and the pack knew (Y/N) had something to do with it all.

“She doesn’t look like a murderer, though.” Isaac declared while the group of friends was on their lunch break.
“Wha- Is he serious?” Stiles asked his best friend, Scott. “This girl looks like the devil!” He added.
“I’m just saying, maybe she is innocent.” Isaac shrugged.
“No, she’s not. Did you take a good look at her? It’s like staring into the depth of nothingness. She is evil, and you guys know I can detect evil better than anyone.” Stiles said and Isaac rolled his eyes at the skinny and sarcastic teenage boy.
“Stiles is right. Something is off about her.” Scott stated.
“I can feel it too.” Lydia nodded.
“What can you feel, Lydia?” Allison asked, frowning.
“Death.” Lydia said after a short while.
Everytime the banshee was near (Y/N), she could feel the darkness eat away her soul and all the happiness being sucked out of her life. It was a very unpleasant feeling, even for someone like Lydia – to whom death had become a part of her daily life.
“If she is the one killing people, we have to stop her.” Scott declared and his eyes glowed a bright red for a second before going back to their original color.

The next morning, (Y/N) didn’t show up to school and the pack felt panic spreading quickly into their veins. School was the easiest way to keep an eye on (Y/N) without looking too suspicious, but now they had to find (Y/N) before someone else got hurt.
The pack didn’t find (Y/N) until nightfall. Scott had got a call from his mom, Melissa McCall, saying he needed to come to the hospital right away, and judging from the panic in her voice, Scott knew something terrible had happened and he figured they would find (Y/N) at the center of it all.
The moment Scott, Allison, Lydia, Stiles and Isaac walked through the doors of Beacon Hills Memorial, they saw many people lying in a pool of their own blood. Scott had found his mom, frightened but unharmed – to his relief, and had ordered her to go home and lock herself inside the supernatural-protected house.
The pack had decided to split up – although Stiles insisted on staying close to his werewolf best friend, so they could cover more ground and find (Y/N) more quickly.

Isaac was walking quietly in the corridor on the third floor when his werewolf hearing picked up a heartbeat nearby. He walked into a room – which turned out to be the morgue, and found (Y/N) standing there, her back to him.
“(Y/N)?”  Isaac called carefully.
The teenage girl turned around slowly. She looked emotionless, but somehow pretty calm. Her skin and clothes were stained with blood as if she had taken a bath in her victims’ blood.
“I wouldn’t stay here if I were you.” (Y/N) said.
“Why? So you can kill more people?” Isaac said. There was no anger in his voice. Even if now he knew for sure that (Y/N) was the one behind the brutal murders in Beacon Hills, an odd feeling told him not to hurt or kill her, as if he still believed she could be innocent.
“Do you want me to start with you, pretty wolf?” (Y/N) asked blankly.
Isaac couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s voice sounded innocent, almost gentle but emptied of all emotions, and he failed to understand how could someone like (Y/N) could create so much chaos.
“What are you?“ Isaac spoke his thoughts aloud.
"An abomination.” (Y/N) replied.
“This isn’t you.” Isaac stated, although he didn’t know the girl at all and couldn’t possibly know if she had once been different. “Something is posessing you.” He added, though unsure of his theory.
“You’re right, pretty wolf. I was posessed. But I’m not anymore, not when there is nothing left to posess.” (Y/N) said as if she was discussing the weather.
“What happened to you?”
“My soul got eaten up.” (Y/N) replied, her eyes piercing through Isaac’s.
“So you’re killing people just for the hell of it?” Isaac asked. This time, a hint of anger was present in his voice.
“Do you think I need a purpose to kill? Is that what you want me to tell your little friends when they will find you drowned in your own blood? That I took your life for a reason?” (Y/N) asked.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac declared.

Isaac could see (Y/N) smirking a little even though the darkness of the night was hiding half of her angelic-looking face.
“What’s going to stop me? Your claws?” (Y/N) said, calmly.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac repeated, although it was pretty obvious he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince (Y/N).
“It’s okay. Everyone begs for mercy at the end.” (Y/N) said as she walked closer to her next prey, Isaac.
“I can help you.”  Isaac said suddenly.
“Don’t you recognize a lost cause when you see one, pretty wolf?”
“I can help you go back to who you used to be.”
“I used to be a nobody. Who would want to go back to that?” (Y/N) said and for the first time since the beginning of their conversation, Isaac swore he heard sadness in the girl’s voice.
“You do.” Isaac declared and (Y/N) didn’t take another step. She was standing inches away from the werewolf.

A part of her couldn’t wait to slit his throat and watch as his blood stained the floor and until the very last drop left his body. But then, there was this part of her – tiny and well-hidden, which was forbidden her to hurt another soul, especially the one standing in front of her. But killing and destroying had been in her nature for so long, she couldn’t possibly avoid her fate. Or could she?
“I am a monster. I don’t deserve your help and your pity.” (Y/N) stated with anger.
“You’re not a monst-” Isaac couldn’t finish his sentence.
(Y/N) had placed a hand around his throat and was ready to rip it out with her own fingernails. Isaac’s jaw tightened but the boy stayed still.
“Fight back, pretty wolf.” (Y/N) said with her hand around his throat. “Fight back!” She shouted.
(Y/N)’s voice was no longer calm and gentle. There were finally emotions in her words. There was anger. There was sadness. There was humanity.

Isaac put his hand on the one that (Y/N) had placed around his throat. At the touch, (Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock and confusion. Isaac drew (Y/N)’s hand away from his throat and the teenage girl let him do so.
“You’re not a monster.” Isaac finally said.
“You’re wrong. And you’re going to die because of it.” (Y/N) said but she stayed still. She didn’t try to kill Isaac. She couldn’t and she didn’t know why.

There was a heavy silence in the room while Isaac and (Y/N) stared into each other’s eyes. (Y/N) was still fighting off the urge to kill the werewolf, but why she was fighting it off, she didn’t know.
Then, Isaac gently placed a hand on (Y/N)’s cheek and she backed away as if his touch had bruned her skin. At this very moment, she felt something. Something other than anger or pain. Something she hadn’t felt in forever which is why it felt so odd and unfamiliar. And (Y/N) knew that whatever it was, she had to hold on to it, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t because even if it was as though she could finally see a light into the darkness, the light was so bright it was blinding her. She couldn’t because it felt like someone was riping her soul out all over again. She couldn’t because after feeling nothing for so long, the pain was agonizing.
“Don’t fight back.” Isaac said quietly as he watched the girl struggling not to let any light in into her darkened mind. He could see her pushing all emotions away and it seemed to be strongly hurting her.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced (Y/N)’s body and she gasped. Isaac’s eyes widened and he turned around to see Allison throwing another arrow at (Y/N).
“Allison, stop!” Isaac shouted.
“Get out of the way, Isaac!” Allison shouted back, convinced that she was rescuing her friend and doing him a favor by killing the enemy.
“No! Stop!” Isaac shouted but Allison threw another arrow and (Y/N) collapsed onto the floor.
With three arrows piercing through her body, (Y/N) gasped for air as she laid almost motionless on the floor of the morgue, her blood staining her clothes and skin as it mixed with the dry blood of her latest victims.
Isaac hurried at her side while Allison watched him, confused. Isaac held (Y/N) in his arms as the girl struggled to breathe.
“What have you done?” Isaac shouted.
“I- I thought-” Allison stuttered, extremely confused.
“Get out! Go find help!” Isaac shouted urgently.
Allison stayed still, wondering if she had just badly injured an innocent.
“Now, Allison!” Isaac shouted and the huntress ran out of the room to go and get help.
“You’re gonna be okay, (Y/N).” Isaac said quietly as blood stained (Y/N)’s lips.

But Isaac knew what just came out of his mouth was a lie and (Y/N) knew it too. She couldn’t breathe. She was dying and she was okay with it. She wanted the pain to stop. It wasn’t her physical injuries that was hurting her. But while her body was pain-free, everything inside was agonizing. The pain which she felt on the inside was what was killing her. Her mind was on fire, her soul – which she believed to be long gone, was being torn apart by the strong and unbearable feeling of love and of life.
“I’m sorry.” Isaac whispered, fighting off the urge to scream and cry for someone he hardly even knew.
“It’s okay.” (Y/N) whispered as her body went still. “I was made to kill, not to love.”

And then her eyes were closed and a single tear fell down her face. Crying was so foreign to her, but that’s how she knew. She had been forbidden to feel, and the moment Isaac set her free from the never-ending darkness and chaos, death came crawling back to take her soul. And this time, she was never getting it back ever again. Isaac was the first person to see (Y/N) for who she used to be and not who she had become. He was the first person to see her as a human being and not as a monster. And that’s what gave (Y/N) a piece of her humanity back: to be reminded of who she used to be and not blamed for who she was now. Because everybody should be reminded of what they’ve lost in order to get it back. And as the pain exploded in her body into a thousand flames, she knew she was herself again. She was a nobody again, a nobody at all.

About a Girl [7]

Originally posted by rm-olderfan

An arrangement.

You sat in your bedroom letting your mind wander to the woman that you had seen in the kitchen. Seo Jihye. The name sounded somewhat familiar, but you couldn’t tell where you had heard it before. There was so much temptation to try and hear what the conversation was about, it really took all your strength to not try and spy. So you used a book to keep yourself distracted. 

You had made it through one chapter when your door flung open. You didn’t even have time to react before you found your book thrown across the room and a crying Jangmi in your lap. The alarm bells in your head went off, something had to be terribly wrong. You engulfed the girl into your arms and began stroking her hair in an attempt to comfort her. “Jangmi,” you whispered in her ear. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“It’s,” she sniffed as she struggling to get words out. “My daddy and that woman.”

“What? Miss Seo?”

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I found some interesting things on the internet and put it together… Not quite horror though.

• All the Autobots, Decepticons, and the humans friends end up in some place where this monster is (M.E.C.H. has a Death Labyrinth™ somewhere in Canada). Optimus and Megatron come to an agreement to work together to get out.

• Weird shit starts happening as the monster is coming after them

• Knockout and Breakdown break off from the group. Starscream tags along

• Cliff and Miko have disappeared (oh look he’s alive…Maybe)

• Wheeljack finds a good hiding place for he and Bulkhead. Wheeljack starts MacGyvering the shit out of anything he can find to make traps and bombs.

• Optimus and Bee are trying to keep everyone together. They comfort the others.

• Ultra Magnus and Dreadwing continuously bitch at each other because they have contradicting orders for everyone’s survival. It doesn’t help that Fowler yacks at them too. Megs eventually becomes done with their shit and asserts himself

• Something crashes

• “Who’s there?!” - Arcee

• “It’s the monster!” - Smokescreen

• “There. Is. No. Monster!” - Jack

• The noises stop.

• Meanwhile in another part of the maze, Breakdown is being dragged off by the monster. Starscream and Knockout try to help him, but ultimately fail. The monster drags Breakdown away to Primus knows where. A fight between Screamer and KO happens involving whether they should find Breakdown or find a way out.

• Back to everyone else!

• Panic and hysteria! People are beginning to suspect that SHOCKWAVE created the monster.

• Predaking, who decided to keep a look our for the monster, gets a little offended by this remark to his ‘creator’, but keeps it to himself.

• Suddenly the monster appears from the ceiling! *Terrified shrieking* OP+UM guides the Autobots away, Megs orders the cons to do the same. Fowler gets Jack and Raf.

• Megatron turns to face the monster with his sword out. Almost immediately he’s pinned down by it. June notices this and shouts for Optimus’ help.

• The monsters tail smacks OP HARD into the wall, knocking him out temporarily.

• “Nooo!” - June

• June picks up a crowbar and begins running towards the monster. She throws the crowbar at it, gaining it’s attention. The monster takes notice and grabs her with it’s tail. It then proceeds to headbutt Megs and drag him away while Dreading, Arcee, and Optimus shoot at it.

• “Holy fragging scrap it just took on Megatron without breaking a SWEAT!” - Wheeljack

• “Yeah, but did you notice it was licking his faceplates? I think it was trying to be friendly.” - Smokescreen

• “Smokescreen?” - “Yeah?” - “That’s bullshit.” - “Just voicing my thoughts, Agent Fowler.”

• Ratchet believes that Smokey might actually be right, as it is a common trait among Earth life to do this. (I’m thinking in terms of cats and dogs)

• Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Arcee, Predaking, Jack, Ultra Magnus, AND Soundwave don’t believe that this is the case.

• Optimus does sort of believe him tho because they’re besties

• Jack is distressed and wants to go find his mom. Dreadwing and Predaking also wish to find Megatron.

• They attempt to find the exit. They move around by using the hand on the wall technique. They walk in a single file line with Optimus in the front, and Predaking in the back. Smokescreen manages strikes up a conversation with Shockwave, who surprisingly talks with him.

• Smokescreen sets Raf on his shoulder and he listens to Smoke and Shock.

• Every once in a while Raf says something to make it more interesting.

• Arcee, Jack, and Predaking are in the back. Arcee comforts Jack. Predaking asks what Jack’s relationship is to June and learns about human families. Predaking makes a connection between June and Shockwave. He decides that he’ll take more interest in Shockwave’s health in the future

• Soundwave decides to be near Optimus and Ratchet.

• They start noticing a very foul smell. Raf throws up, but not before Smokescreen takes him off his shoulder armor. Shockwave notes it’s nastiness and asks Raf why it happens.

• Before Raf can explain, Cliffjumper appears out of the shadows and runs straight towards Optimus. Arcee immediately jumps out of line and asks him where he was and where is Miko.

• “Oh she’s with Lucy and the others! They’re fine.” - Cliffjumper

• “Who is ‘Lucy’?” - Optimus

• “Sweetest thing to ever live down here.” - Cliffjumper

• Cliff leads them into the center of the maze, telling them about how M.E.C.H.s ancestor dealt with bioweaponry and creating mutants. Lucy was one of the first things that they created, and threw away.

• Lucy was just one of many mutants that had been made. There were at 13 other mutants, all of which except one. The last one turned on them and began to eat his creators, and then his brothers.

• Lucy had been the only one who survived the massacre. She could evade the rouge mutant but she could not escape the maze.

• “Why not?” - Raf, who is a little horrified by the tale.

• Cliffjumper doesn’t answer, instead he stops walking. The others see that they’ve come to a large door. Cliff turns around and whispers to them that they must move slowly and stay quiet.

• Cliff opens the door slowly to reveal a large dome shaped hanger. In the center sits a furry beast larger than both Optimus and Megatron put together. The bots immediately recognized it as the thing that had attacked them earlier.

• The beast turned towards their entourage and stares at them intently. June and Miko both run out from under the beast to the bots. June ran to her son and Miko ran for Wheeljack and Bulkhead.

• Cliff explains that the beast in the center of the room was Lucy and she dragged them here to the safest place in the maze.

• Lucy is covered in dark brown fur that almost looked black in their current lighting. Two ebony horns emerged from her head and arched over her neck. The claws on her hands were over three feet long and we’re as black as her horns. She had a long tail that stretched over 70 feet long. Overall Lucy was shaped like a human, but she walked on all fours like a gorilla.

• When Cliff and Miko wandered off from the pack they found Lucy roaming the halls. Cliff was intrigued but a bit tense about her whereas Miko immediately thought she was awesome. Apparently she approached Lucy only somewhat cautiously. Lucy was a bit startled by Miko’s enthusiastic greeting but learned to like her pretty quickly.

• It wasn’t too long before Lucy had sensed danger. She picked up Miko and grunted at Cliff. He had no clue as to why until an armor rattling shriek came from the darker end on the hallway.

To be continued… Maybe

BTS reaction to getting jealous of your co-worker

Scenario: They came to visit you on your workplace and see how your co-worker stares or/and tries to touch you. To say that makes him jealous is an understanding.

Kim Seokjin / Jin

He has a smile on his face the whole time you are introducing him around the office but he becomes tense the moment you introduce him to that co-worker. You used to talk to Jin about your friendship with him but once he asked for you to stop talking about other guys, you stopped.
Jin stated incredulous as your co-worker tries to take your hand while telling a story about you in the work place, it was about how you once stapled your finger.
“Ah, yes I remember” he says taking your hand away from your co-worker. “You came to me that night for help and I managed to get the staple out”.
“Yes, it hurt a lot” you say remembering but you feel yourself blush.
Jin notices your cheeks. “Yes, but good thing I could make you forget the pain with my kisses, starting with the one I gave to your hurt finger”, with his words he brings your hand to his lips only to kiss that finger, all the while glaring at your co-worker.
Your co-worker soon leaves the two of you alone mumbling something about having too much work. 

Kim Namjoon / Rap Moster

Once he notices how your co-worker looks at you when you are trying to introduce Namjoon to him he gets a bit overprotective of you. His eyes keep shifting between your co-worker and you so he takes your hand and holds it.
After a while he realizes that even though your co-worker has spoken directly to you on various occasions and has stared intently at your face you have yet to return his lingering stares or give any interest to his remarks. Not being able to keep it in any more Namjoon lets out a loud chuckle. Nobody understands the reason of his sudden amusement but once you are alone with him you get the chance to ask him.
“Oh that? It was just that he was trying so hard to get your attention and you barely put any interest on what he had to say” he reveals.  
“Really?” you laugh incredulous. “What a fool! As if I can think straight once you’re touching me, even you holding my hand affects me”.
Once the words leave your mouth you can see his eyes darken. “Oh, is that so?” he says while walking towards you.

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

Hoseok already knew who he was for you had once showed him a photo your friends at the office had taken during your birthday celebration. In the picture he had his arm around your neck and was very close to you; when Hobi had pointed it to you, you just laughed it off and told him not to worry for you had seen your co-worker kiss a guy once.
All the while you are introducing them you can feel Hoseoks eyes shifting from you to your co-worker, a smile playing on his lips. Not knowing why he is smiling so much you quickly end the conversation and walk away from your co-worker pulling on Hobis hand.
“Why are you smiling so much?” you ask once you’re alone.
“He is not gay”, he says while letting out a laugh. “He is most definitely not gay”.
“But –“ you try to complain but he stops you by holding your face between his hands.
“Trust me on this” he says leaning gently to kiss you.
You’re still with your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the small moment that just happened when you hear a voice coming from behind you.
“I guess I’ll come back later” you hear your co-worker say, you have never heard him sound so bitter.

Park Jimin

He is very insecure and when he sees just how close your co-worker is standing next to you he keeps shifting his eyes elsewhere. You can’t help but notice how silent Jimin is.
When you catch his eyes and smile at him you feel something is not right for he just looks away without returning your smile. You pull him away from everyone to ask him what is wrong.
“He is better looking than what you described” he says still not being able to meet your eyes for long periods of time.
“Oh, is he handsome?” you say looking back at your co-worker. “I guess he is alright, but he isn’t my type”. You grab Jimins hands in yours and make him look into your eyes. “You have set my standards way too high for me to like someone who isn’t you, Jimin”.
You can instantly feel the tension leave his body at your words. He smiles shyly at you and you rejoice as you see his cheeks get pink.

Min Yoongi / Suga

He notices right away from the way your co-worker stares at you that he has more than friendship on his mind when it comes to you; which is why when you try to introduce Yoongi to him he refuses to acknowledge him.
“So, shall we go get lunch?” he says interrupting your co-worker mid-sentence. 
“Ye- yes, okay” you answer confused, looking between the both of them.
Yoongi puts his arm around your waist and pulls you against his body. For the first time since you introduced them both he makes eye contact with your co-worker and you can instantly feel the tension.
“If you’ll excuse us, I will now go feed my girlfriend”, he says refusing to be the one to look away first. Your co-worker starts fidgeting and he walks away without saying another word.  You are not sure but you could have sworn you hear a small chuckle come from Yoongis direction.  

Kim Taehyung / V

He is very excited to meet everyone but he becomes irritated once your co-worker pulls you away to supposedly talk about a very urgent work matter.
He tries to put himself on a better mood by standing where you can clearly see him behind your co-worker. He tries to make you laugh by doing faces and blowing kisses at you while you talk seriously with your co-worker. You notice that “urgent matter” isn’t as important as your co-worker made it seem so you try to escape the conversation but he often tries to pull you back into talking with him by pulling on your arm.
Once Taehyung sees how your co-worker ceases to let you go to him, he walks up to him and makes him nervous by calling him out for his actions.
“Excuse me, what exactly are you doing? Stop bothering my girlfriend over trivial things like paper on the photocopier” he says glaring at your co-worker while snaking his arms around your waist.
Your co-worker instantly lets go of your arm and Tae walk the both of you away without saying anything else to your co-worker.
“He seems nice” he says giving you a sarcastic smile.
You laugh at his remark and his eyes soften. He kisses you on the forhead.

Jeon Jungkook

He is very happy to see where you work and to meet the people you talk to everyday. Once you introduce him to that co-worker you notice how significantly quieter he’s gotten and when you try to ask him what is bothering him he says it’s nothing.
You had once mentioned that co-worker to him before; how he usually tried to buy you lunch and often asked you to go eat after work.
“I don’t like him” he had said at the time. But it was a whole different thing to put a face to that feeling of uneasiness.
It wasn’t until you noticed how much he was glaring at the guy that you knew why he was suddenly taking your hands and caressing your arms while trying to catch your eyes.
“See? He isn’t so bad” you say when you are finally alone.
“I hate him”, he says smiling down at you and lets out a sigh.

Sam and Dean and their complement of issues (and complementary issues)

So what started as a random reply turned into our (as always this came out of conversation with @owehimeverything) Grand Unifying Theory of the Winchester brothers relationship…

chiisana-sukima wrote:

…in terms of who they are as people over the long haul, Sam is pretty unwavering in believing that Dean has a good reason for the mistakes he makes and is a good person who is doing the best he can and will come through on the right side in the end. Whereas Dean, I think, wants to believe that same thing of Sam, but doesn’t always (he does always believe he’ll love Sam no matter what though). And so in the places where Sam is weakest, sometimes Dean instead of shoring him up, breaks him down further.

I think is largely true, and along with the cosmic destiny and echoing Michael and Lucifer, a lot of it is the basic psychology of how they were raised. Sam grew up with Dean as a second parent, and the one who provided him unconditional love, who supported him through their rough life; naturally Sam internalized that as Dean being good, generous, to dedicate himself to that duty. While as Dean, acting as Sam’s father and mother as much as brother, loved him unconditionally but was always having to watch out for Sam making mistakes, correcting him when he went wrong, as you do with children. (They talk about this in season 5, Dean trying to get over that long-practiced instinct of thinking of Sam as a kid who Dean has to keep “on the straight and narrow.”)

It’s fascinating how these viewpoints totally flip their usual philosophies. Sam is generally the one more inclined to see in shades of gray, to look for both the good and bad in anything – but he thinks of Dean as an absolute, a Good man (and when Dean completely falters in this, Sam doesn’t know what to do. In season 4, when Dean confesses what he did in Hell, that’s when Sam goes back to Ruby and the demon blood.) While as Dean is more a black-and-white thinker, his morality based on instinct more than reason, this feels right and this feels wrong – but Sam he loves whether he’s right or wrong. Sam may look like a monster to the rest of the world, but he is always Dean’s brother; and no matter how dark Sam gets, Dean always believes he can come back from it. Taking out the monster before it can kill innocents is Dean’s go-to solution with everything but Sam – never with Sam.

Both these views can get distorted and painful and fuck up their relationship on either side. As you say, Dean sometimes inadvertently tears Sam down at his weakest points; and Sam can do the same thing to Dean (but in different ways, at different points).

Sometimes Sam doubts Dean’s love for him – believes that Dean is loyal out of duty, because he is a good person who took responsibility for Sam and won’t forsake that (even if he really would want to). So he sends Dean to Lisa and Ben, assuming that with someone, anyone, to care for and protect, Dean will ultimately be happy. Not realizing that Dean loves him specifically, out of more than altruistic compassion, and losing Sam is far worse a pain than just failing in his duty. I don’t think Sam ever imagined that his going to Stanford would break Dean’s heart; when Dean says that he didn’t call Sam for two years, Sam hears it as Dean was fine without him, until he needed his help – when really Dean staying away was a painful sacrifice, Dean trying to give the space he thought Sam wanted (and trying to protect his own heart).

And on the other side, Dean fears what Sam might be capable of, and that if Sam does do the wrong thing, that Dean won’t be able to stop it (as is his duty – as he’s always understood it, as his dad always told him, as Sam himself has made Dean promise), because he does love Sam so much. And so he will become too judgmental, pointing out Sam’s past and present mistakes. Not because he hates Sam for them but because he can’t hate Sam for them, so hopes the reminder will at least be enough to make Sam question himself. Often worded bluntly or even cruelly, to try to get through – not realizing how much Sam already questions himself, or that to Sam, Dean is almost the ultimate moral authority, and so his seeming judgment cuts deeper than anyone else’s.

This also causes a tragedy of Golden Rule intentions, in that Sam sometimes will try to give Dean what Sam himself most wants/needs (assurances that he’s a good person) while Dean will give Sam what Dean himself most wants/needs (assurances that he is loved no matter what) when sometimes their brother needs the other thing more. Sam needs to be told more than he’s a good person, because it’s maybe his greatest fear, that he’s fundamentally evil and has no right to exist, whether or not he’s loved. While as Dean doesn’t put as much stock in whether Sam or anyone else believes he’s good or evil (he has his own opinion on that, which goes up and down, but ultimately he does what he thinks is right and/or what he feels he has to do, whatever anyone thinks) but he needs to be loved and to love, because he’s never sure of his right to either.

The first half of Season 8 is maybe my favorite (in a painful way) exploration of this, because both of them get their fundamentals so shaken. Dean is supposed to be Sam’s “good man”, who does the right thing – who was indiscriminately killing his way through Purgatory for a year and now is friends with a vampire – while Dean thought his and Sam’s love could see them through anything – but Sam apparently didn’t care he was gone and did just fine without him.

And as dark as the Carver era got, a lot of it was a climb up from this, a working through of these issues. Between Gadreel and the MoC, Sam had to face Dean’s darker sides, that Dean could do terrible things, with or without reason – he still believes Dean is ultimately good, but he also knows Dean can do wrong, and will act to stop it. And Dean is less likely to pass judgment, and more likely to put faith in Sam’s choices – to not just love him but trust him as well (the MoC worked this from both sides; when sunk into its influence Dean was more judgmental than ever, but when he was keeping his head above the surface he was more likely to defer to Sam’s judgment, accepting that his own was compromised. And that’s continued through s11-12, that Dean makes his opinion known but follows Sam’s lead with complex calls like going to Lucifer or working with the BMOL, or affirming his leadership in 12x22.)

Meanwhile Dean is more sure of Sam’s love, after the MoC and all Sam did – he didn’t want Sam to do it, to risk the world like that and put that much more on Dean’s conscience; but that Sam did anyway (that he would again, in a second) has settled Dean in a deep way, maybe finally convinced him that Sam does love him that much, such that Dean can openly acknowledge how his death will mess up Sam, that he can say with confidence “but we always came back.” And Sam likewise is more sure of where they stand, telling Dean how he feels, criticizing and expecting Dean to respond to it without taking it as a rejection of their bond.

Of course they’ve still got some distance to go yet, and personal issues within themselves to work out. And they might still fall back into old patterns. But they’ve gotten further than ever before (and for all my criticisms of season 12, I am so satisfied that it didn’t set them back in this. Here’s hoping that season 13 will continue progressing forward!)

Part Two: Still a Better Love Story than Twilight. (Live Free or Twihard S06E05)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader investigate a rash of disappearances involving teenage girls, which they soon discover the girls are being lured by a nest of vampires. During the hunt, Dean is turned into a vampire and is faced with deathly consequences if he can’t resist his temptation to feed his thirst for human blood. In his final hours, fiction becomes reality when Dean and the reader share a moment that feels straight of a vampire paperback.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,142.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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Cure (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

“He thinks he’s doing the right thing. Which just makes it scarier.” 
In efforts to bring Bellamy back to his right mind away from Pike’s brainwashing to convince him the grounders are on your side, things get a little bit messy.

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

Upon hearing what Bellamy was about to do, you raced to the gates of Arkadia where he was walking gun in hand with Pike. Your heart - along with your hope that what you heard was false information - fell as you stood there. He was about to go out and kill the 300 grounders who were sent to protect us.

“Bellamy!” Before he can leave he turns around at the sound of your voice and only walks up because it’s you. His best friend. Calling it friends is better than saying there’s something more there between the two of you, some immense, unspoken love and bond that you’ve never been able to shake.

“Y/N.” He states, almost as if he already knows what this is going to be about. Octavias already talked to him about this, so has Monty. And now he’s expecting to hear it from you.

“What are you doing?” You ask breathily, your eyebrows furrowed. The idea of Bellamy just killing like this is so foreign and disgusting. You wonder what’s gotten into him.

“What has to be done.” He answers, crossing his arms and standing tall and proud. An uneasy feeling settles in the pit of your stomach and you feel ill.

“This doesn’t have to happen, Bell,” you inform him, “You can still stop this.” Pausing for a few seconds, Bellamys eyes travel towards the ground.

“You don’t get it, do you?” He snaps, looking up and you almost flinch at the harsh tone of his that you’ve never heard before, “They’ll keep killing us. It’s what they’ve always done.”

“We’re the 13th clan now Bellamy.” You tell him, “That means we’re apart of them, they can’t wipe us out.”

“Listen to me–” he tries to interrupt you but you continue talking, continue getting your point across because you know if you let him leave then he won’t come back the same. And you love who he is now.

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on a fan theory that all the events of episode prompto only happened in Prompto's head and weren't real? (Is it safe to discuss the episode now?)

Well, on my blog it is, at least, but I’ll tag for spoilers just in case. c: Because I REALLY want to talk about this theory because, to be honest, I’m really close to agreeing with it. To an extent, I mean, since Episode Prompto was an odd one in my eyes.

So spoilers ahead, because we’re talking EPISODE PROMPTO! Read below for my rambling!

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BTS reaction:  The girl they're in love with has a suitor that's a Hollywood actor


So I didn’t know if you meant that the girl was in a relationship with them or if she was just a crush so I made both, the scenario varies depending on the member. I also wrote on the perspective on the reader being the girl and the actor having more of a crush/hitting on the girl instead, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy! :)

H/A: Hollywood actor

Kim Seokjin / Jin

You are on a relationship and it has been going on for a few months. One night he decides to take you to an event with him and even though he’s tried to be by your side it has been impossible for he had to be introduced around to make connections for his work.  And you understand but it is while he is away talking to some important producer that H/A comes to talk to you.

From afar you can see Jin tense once he spots you talking to H/A. He isn’t normally jealous of you talking with guys because he trusts you very much but even you can feel how intensely H/A is looking at you.

“So, what do you say we skip this and go somewhere quieter?” H/A says to you while coming closer to you.

“Sorry, I am here with someone” you answer looking around for Jin, who was no longer where you had last seen him.

“You mean that guy you were with before? He’s barely been with you but I am willing to give you my full attention for the night” he says while caressing your arm, you turn to look at him at the invasion of your personal space. H/A misjudging your reaction as a good one continues, “Come with me” he says giving you the smile, the smile you once thought was charming but seeing it up close made you feel uneasy.

“No, I prefer him over you a thousand times over, even if I have to wait” you say stepping back but your back collapses with something – or rather someone.

“Don’t feel bad she chose me over you, I am worldwide handsome after all, you know?” you hear Jin say from behind you, and even if you can’t see his face at the moment you just know he is smirking at H/A.

Kim Namjoon / Rap Moster

He was getting his hair done for a show when his stylist started talking about you.

“Sorry, what were you saying about Y/N?” he asked.

“Oh, just that sometime during the week I read an article on a magazine and H/A mentioned he has a bit of a crush on her” she answered.

After work he comes to your apartment right away. You are surprised to see him for he usually lets you know when he will come to visit.

“Namjoon?” you ask after you’ve let him in and he has still to take a sit or stand still.

“What about me?” he asks once he stops pacing.

“Sorry?” you ask confused. “Namjoon is everything alright? Has something happened? I saw your performance and you seemed fine, if that’s what you are asking”.  

“Have you read any gossip magazines recently?” he asks looking at you intently.

“No”, you answer confused. “Is there something I need to know?”

“No, no” he says a content smile taking over his face.

You walk up to him and put your hands on his cheeks. “You are so weird today” you say.

“Yes very weird so, what would you say if I asked you out on a date?” he asks putting his hands over your own, trapping them where they were against his cheeks.

Later that week after you have gone out for coffee with Namjoon you hear what H/A has said about you.

“You little dork” you say when Namjoon answers the call. “You knew, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?” he asks and you can hear him walk away from whoever he was with. Once you explain what your friend has told you about H/A his voice instantly changes to a lower tone, a tone you know he only uses when he is sad. “Sorry I didn’t tell you” he says.

“Namjoon, I would still have said yes to that date, just so you know” you tell him and practically feel the tension leave his body, even through the phone. As a response he lets out a small laugh.  

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

You work on the agency H/A is a part of and one night when you are about to go home he stops you and asks you out on a date. Freaking out you give him your number and tell him you will let him know your answer later.

Still freaking out you send a quick text to Hobi, your best friend, telling him you will be over at his apartment in a few minutes because something happened and you needed someone to talk to. Being the great friend he was he tells you you are always welcome but please to be careful on the way there since he knows how you get when you’re freaked out.

Once you are at his apartment, you have reassured him nothing bad has happened and after you have calmed him down you tell him H/A has asked you out, you can literally see his face shut down.

“Did you say yes?” he asks.

“No, I told him I’d let him know. What do I do, Hobi?” you ask taking his hands in yours.  

“I thought you weren’t into famous people” is the only thing he says after a minute of simply staring at you.

“What?” you ask confused.

“That’s why I haven’t asked you out on all the time we have known each other” he says and seeing your surprise he turns to fully face you. “You seriously didn’t know I like you?”

You shake your head, your eyes wide at the revelation.

“Ah, you silly thing” he says messing your hair. “C’mon, I’ll buy you dinner” and with that he puts an arm around your shoulders and guides you out of the apartment to eat.

Park Jimin

You are friends with H/A and one time while you were accompanying him to shop for something paparazzis had taken a few pictures of you together, he had reassured you not to worry for his agency would most likely take care of the pictures.

One day you were lying down on your couch with Jimin, both of you were on your phones when he suddenly sat up and threw his phone at you. Confused at the angry expression on his face you look at his phone where an article is opened, in it there is a picture of you with H/A and it basically stated the actor was dating you.

“I know we have yet to make our relationship public but I hate the feeling I just got from seeing that picture” he said crouching in front of you.

“He is my friend, Jimin” you say, giving him his phone back.

“I know but I have met him and he clearly likes you” he says and shows you the picture of you and H/A again. “Look at the way he is looking at you here!”

“He does not like me” you say laughing at Jimins expression. Seeing the wrinkles forming on his forehead from frowning you close the distance and kiss them. “And even if he does, he knows I am in a relationship.”

Jimin lets out a breath and puts his forehead against yours; it is something you have come to realize he does when he needs to reassure himself on something. He ends the discussion that night by giving you a quick kiss on the lips and lies down next to you again, his arm around your waist.

However, next time you’re out together he takes your hand to purposely get the paparazzis speculating on your relationship.  

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Min Yoongi / Suga

You have been together for a year. It is your anniversary and you had decided to go eat dinner, unfortunately when Yoongi had come get you, you weren’t ready so you had to let him in and make him wait while you finished getting ready.

You had left him sitting on one of the stools on your kitchen and you are putting on a bracelet he had given you for your sixth month together when you see him standing on the entrance of your room holding the flowers you had received earlier.

“Oh, yeah. Thanks for the flowers, babe, they are very beautiful” you say absentmindedly while looking for rings to go with your outfit.

“I didn’t send these” you hear him say.

You turn to look at him, confused. “What? I hadn’t had the chance to read the card; I just assumed they were from you.”  

He puts down the vase with the flowers on your vanity and takes the card; you continue getting ready while looking at him through the mirror.  Seeing the pout he has while reading the card you ask him who sent the flowers.

“H/A” he says. “I knew you had met him but I didn’t know you had become friendly” he says, making sure to pronounce the last word with as much disgust he could manage.

Seeing how upset the flowers have made him you take the flowers and walk to your kitchen, Yoongi close behind you. Turning to look at him for dramatic effect, you throw the flowers on the trash without looking away from him. He tries to conceal it but you can see the small smile playing on his lips.

“Shall we go? I’m ready” you say taking his hand.

“I wanted to be the one to throw them on the trash” he later confesses to you.

Kim Taehyung / V

You were both on H/A new movie premiere. After hearing Tae was going you had decided to go with him, your best friend.

You were just commenting the movie with Taehyung when H/A had come and started a conversation with you. You had noticed how Tae had tried to talk with him about acting but he was clearly ignoring him. Not being able to take another eye roll from H/A when Tae said something to him you spoke up.

“So, I guess you have not met Taehyung yet” you say taking Taes arm and interlocking it with yours. “He is such a great actor.”

“Ah, no I have not” H/A said giving Taehyung a firm handshake.

“I mean, look at him! He’s got the talent, the looks, the presence on screen! He’s got everything” you say looking at Tae and turning to look at H/A you continue, “Oh well, I guess some just have to conform themselves with being mediocre at best”.

Even though there is a smile on your face, H/A could see your words were meant for him and he soon excuses himself.

Taehyung lets out a small laugh once H/A leaves. “So, you think I’m good looking? Am I the whole package?” he asks teasingly.

“Shut up” you say blushing once it registers what you had just said to a talented, well known actor.

“Don’t worry, you are the whole package to me as well” he says pulling you in for a hug.

Jeon Jungkook

You were both watching TV, a show where H/A was being interviewed. When he was asked if he liked someone your name came up and both, Kookie and you, didn’t know what to do.

“Did he just say your name?” Jungkook asks looking at you, his eyes wide. “I didn’t know you knew each other”.

“So it wasn’t my imagination?” you say still not believing a well-known actor had just confessed having a crush on you on television. You had met H/A on various occasions and the first time you had been star-struck but the more you got the know him the more you started to dislike him.

Your eyes are glued to the screen when suddenly the screen turns off and you see Kookie holding the remote while looking at you.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I just did that” he says a blush starting to form at his cheeks. “Want me to turn it back on?”

“No, it’s fine. He isn’t my type, after all” you say relaxing back against the couch. You see how his face goes through a series of emotions, from sad to confused to happy; a smile takes over his face.

“Put on a game, I like watching you play” you say to lighten the mood; Jungkook instantly gets up to turn on the console.

“Maybe the next time I’m invited to a variety show I should confess my crush for you”  he says later while he is still playing.

“Maybe” you answer not knowing if he is joking about having a crush on you or not.

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Standing Ovation Ch 3, Game Suspension Pt 4

Refer to: Cast

VIP Room

“Now then, the meal is just about done, so how about we return to continuing the negotiations?”

The game on the ground is coming to its sixth inning already.

The Serpent’s progress is alternating back and forth, it being a close game with the opposing team, demodulating a lot of the voltage of the audience.

“Really now, were we negotiating? That’s a first for me.”

Izaya replied back with a smile towards Hiura holding a knife and fork.

“Then let’s start from here on out. Izaya Orihara-kun. Who is backing you?”

“There isn’t anyone….is what I want to say, but since I’m just an ordinary informant, if I have to say someone then the one hiring me would be the human backing me…..is what that will mean.”

“Is that so. If that’s the case, this will be quick.”

Hiura roughly causes the sofa to creak and told the young man sitting in the wheelchair while giving a fake smile.

“You see, I’m saying I’ll mediate for you.”

“A mediator, you say?”

“Yes. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are currently standing on thin ice. On top of that, it’s a layer of ice above boiling magma. It wouldn’t be strange when it melts.”

“Now for that I’m at a loss whether I should be freezing or sweating.”

“Hand me all the information you have on the current case. I won’t do anything bad to you, and I could persuade Takioka so you all can gain profits.”

Hearing Hiura’s words fairly stated, Izaya looks up at the sprinklers above them and answered.

“I see, I see. That is truly an appreciated proposal. However…”

“Is there something you disapprove of?”

“For you to be able to decide the entirety of my treatment and business from here on out, vice governor Hiura, you already are seizing the initiative for that matter, are you not?”

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When All This Pain Is Gone

It’s only fair for me to post an angst after that fluff Admin Kay posted, isn’t it?? -Admin Lara

GENRE: Angst, just plain old angst, i gotta admit it turned out more dramatic than i expected

PAIRING: Namjoon x Reader (?)

SUMMARY: Since what you now had in your hands were not worth saving anymore, what were you supposed to do? Was just walking away the right thing to do?

Originally posted by pjkook

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Revolution - Chapter 3

I won’t allow that you destroy yourself, Shion.

Six years have passed after Nezumi’s departure. Even though the progress of the Restructural Committee is like an untamed wave of changes and improvements, some people are unsatisfied and more than tired Shion thinks he has failed. Will he ever be able to look in these beautiful grey eyes again? Or will his guilt consume him?

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Requiem: Part Twenty


Bay looked numbly at the steel bars surrounding himself. He knew them as well as he knew Nate’s face. He supposed it was the affect when he had been in them for eight days. They burned cold through his skin until his body heat warmed them, but it just made him cold.

He hadn’t seen Breanya since the three nights before and he prayed to the Mother she and Alyx wouldn’t get caught for their involvement for his healed wrist. Although, he didn’t know why he prayed to begin with, the Mother never answered his prayers in the last twelve years so why would She now? His father had discovered his arm during their next bonding session and asked who helped him but Bay merely stared at him.

He tried carving the names out of Bay but Bay kept his mouth shut. He wouldn’t be responsible for a five-year-old child or his mother’s mate being hurt because of a kindness given to him. Bay looked down and ran his fingers through his grimy hair. The dye was long gone, leaving the ashy hair soaked with blood and dirt.

He heard a clinking sound and he looked up to see his father standing in front of him, his arms folded over his chest. “Your silence to help your sister and the female who gave her the salve is very admirable Baylor. Very admirable indeed.”

Bay stared at him, not bothering to answer him. His father ran his hand through his clean hair before coming over and leaning down in front of the bars, far enough it was out of range for Bay to get his hands around his father’s throat. So, he didn’t even try.

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The Lucky Boomerang - Part 7

Summary: It was widely known that Captain Boomerang didn’t work well with others; a true statement, until one particular accomplice caught his attention. His decision to spare her caused the pair to become deadly. They were nearly as famous as the Clown couple themselves. Renowned for her easy escapes and incredible stealth, Lady Luck was an appropriate partner for the Aussie bank robber. Their luck changes when a certain metahuman brings them both to Belle Reve Penitentiary and they are forced into joining Task Force X. (Side note: In this imagine, Boomerang is at Belle Reve)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

(Captain Boomerang x Reader)

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word Count: 1,043

A/N: Thank you for being patient for this chapter! I’ll be posting a Suicide Squad imagine request next, so look forward to that! Also, my tag list is getting very long, so thanks so much for the support!

Deadshot had seemingly lost his cool and didn’t want to hang around. As the group reached the building, instead of hiding behind Flag like the rest of the soldiers, Deadshot stormed through the smashed-up door. Harley skipped in behind him, with (Y/N) and Digger in close pursuit.

The huge glass foyer was empty. The floor was littered with shards. Harley and (Y/N) picked their way through, their heels crunching as they walked. Glancing at the security cameras, Digger scoffed, “Looks like we have a spot of luck, eh?” He winked at Lady. She giggled at his little pun. This was the Digger she had missed, the one who made her laugh, who didn’t take himself too seriously. Being locked up for so long had supressed that side to him. Now that they were “free”, they could partly enjoy themselves. “Don’t make me shoot you,” Deadshot chided. He apparently didn’t appreciate the humour.

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The Wood Fairy- PruHun 1890s human au

Shout out to my hero @blitzkrieg-mit-dem-fleischgewehr for brainstorming and plotting with me!!

Finding him wasn’t so hard really. Gilbert Beilschimdt was a well-known name as far as books on military strategy and history went. Somehow it wasn’t what Elizaveta would expect from her old friend at all. That might seem rude, but she doesn’t mean it in a slighting way. Even as a child, Gilbert had kept meticulous journals, but he’d been very private about such things. She had tried to read one once and had been swiftly and roughly tackled to the ground.

Perhaps that was why he published so many books on war and history- they were impersonal but skillfully written enough to garner praise. He’d even travelled to the United States to research his most recent volume on the tactics of the armies during the War of the Secession. This isn’t the book that Elizaveta was interested in asking him about. No, she was more interested in a single volume of fairy tales that she had just finished reading. The author’s name is listed as Friedrich Hoffmann, but Elizaveta knows that only Gilbert could’ve wrote this.

She makes her way through the library, glancing at the people at the tables and chairs. Some are reading and others are writing. None of them look like the man whose stern face she’d seen in the newspaper or the boy that she remembered from when she was young. He should be here somewhere if the adorable little boy that she had talked to at his address was telling the truth.

When she turns a corner at the end of a row of shelves, there Gilbert sits, and she knows him instantly. She reaches up to straighten her hat on her perfectly coiffed hair. Then she straightens her dress and her collar. Really, she should make a good impression on him. She wonders… would he recognize her? After all, he had never seen her as a woman.

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anonymous asked:

UT Sans, UF Sans, UF Papyrus, US Papyrus, and SF Papyrus see their S/O or crush get slapped by an abusive ex (hard enough to leave a mark or bruise). Reactions?

**Soft warning: violence



Classic trusted that you knew what you were doing when you asked to invite your ex over, to get rid of guilt and clean up what happened in the past. You two left off on a very bad note and dating Classic has really helped you recover and become more confident in yourself, so you were ready for this. At least, you THOUGHT you were ready for this.

When they showed up, you noticed they came off as more mature, and Classic greeted them casually. Because of the fact that things got abusive in the past, he wanted to meet this person and be able to listen in when you two talk it out. As you and your ex get into the conversation, it becomes an argument, as your ex screams at you, asking why your new boyfriend has to be here, since it’s private. You stand up and tell them that you think Classic should know what happened before, and right then and there, they just slap you. They hit you real hard across the face, it makes tears prick the corners of your eyes as your hands shoot up to your cheek and you take a few steps back, completely shut down. Classic’s eye flames and turns your ex’s soul blue, pinning them to the wall without being gentle. You watch your boyfriend go off on your ex, yelling and threatening them to never lay a hand on you again. It terrifies them, and they sprint out of the house the second they’re released from the magic. Classic then goes up to you, kisses your red cheek, and hugs you tighter than ever. He doesn’t let go of you for the rest of the night as you cry in his arms, and settle down just before dozing off.



Red has had a crush on you for what feels like forever - to be specific, 5 months. He’s met your girlfriend, and never really liked her. She seemed too controlling over your and too judgmental of your actions, and Red can even remember a few times where you went to him crying, and he comforted you just as a best friend should. So it was one night where everyone was just kinda getting together, including his brother, Undyne, Tori, some other monsters.. and the both of you. You two showed up last, and your gf apologized for being late due to your bad planning, and you just went with it. Red already knew this would be interesting.

It was a little after everyone ate when he saw your girlfriend pull you off to the side, and you seemed uncomfortable, so Red secretly followed. He heard her screaming at you and completely breaking down your self esteem, but he couldn’t control himself when he saw her punch you in the chest, and it wasn’t a light punch. You stumbled back and hit the wall, oxygen drained from your lungs, and before she could whack you again, Red launched a bone straight at her arm. It got impaled and she let out a scream once being hit, and he stormed over, pushed her down, and told her in a dark voice that he NEVER wants to see her again, and never wants to see her with you ever again. She is going to let you SAFELY pack your stuff and move in with him. At this point, all the other monsters are watching as Red towers over your ex, blood running down her arm. When she screams at Red that she’ll tell the police, all the other monsters join in and stand up for you, warning her that it’s the last thing she’ll ever do.

That night, you move in with Red, sit down, and spill everything. He tries his best to heal the wound on your chest, since he knows it’s sensitive and tries to do it without going crazy that you took your shirt off in front of him, and in a few days, you two start dating. It’s one of the best few days of your life, with more to come in the future.


Fell disliked your ex boyfriend the second you mentioned he was your ex, because obviously that means he couldn’t handle perfection. You and Fell have been together for a few months and, since you left off on a good note with your ex and wanted to keep it there, you wanted to visit him to check up on how life is going. Fell agrees, but wants to stay outside while you talk, and if you stay too long, he’s letting himself in. He gets protective over you.

When you show up at your ex’s house, he smiles and motions for you to come in, and sees Fell, being the edgy little thing he is. When you mention it’s your boyfriend, your ex actually motions for him to come in, too. Fell developed a little respect, seeing as how he at LEAST has some manners.

The conversation remains light hearted until you get around to mentioning Fell. Your ex squints his eyes a little and begins accusing you of dumping him to go and date someone else, and out of no where, he just starts beating you. He’s muscular, so the few hits he manages to get on you give you a bloody lip, a bruised bicep, and a sore stomach. Fell very quickly intrudes and hurts your ex way worse than intended, and almost kills him, but you beg him to stop. Fell demands for your ex to never show his face in public ever again, and if he sees him, he’ll finish the job. Since Fell is terrifying when he has to be, your ex nods and agrees, not wanting to mess around. Sure enough, you never see your ex again, and don’t bother revisiting him. Fell takes care of your wounds as much as he can and gently kisses the top of your head, claiming you as his and his only, forever.



Honey really likes to compare himself to your significant other, and personally, he thinks that your S/o SUCKS. He messes with them a lot and pulls pranks on them, excusing it as if it’s how he treats all his good friends, but your S/o isn’t fond of him. One night, while you and Honey stay up late talking over something like Skype or FaceTime, you get around to talking about how the relationship with your S/o is “pleasant when they aren’t angry, and they get angry easily.” And with these words, Honey becomes concerned. He really wants you elaborate, but doesn’t push you, so when you feel uncomfortable going on, he lets you go to bed.

The next day, you and your S/o decided to invite Honey and Blue over for dinner - you bragged about how good of a cook Blue is, and that maybe you could all use a little bonding, and your S/o agreed. When the skelebros show up, everything seems normal. Your s/o tickle tortures you at one point though, and hearing your amazing laugh fill the room drives Honey crazy. He wants to be able to touch you and tickle you as intimately as he just saw. It’s when you accidentally say something a little snarky that your S/o gets offended, and tells you to say it again in a slightly threatening tone. So when you stand up and tell them that it was nothing, that you didn’t mean for it to come off that way, your S/o slaps you hard across the face, and has a ring on, so it leaves not only a red hand mark, but a bruise on your cheek. Blue’s eyes widen and he very quickly takes a step back, unsure of what to do, and Honey steps forward and says “We’re leaving.” When your S/o, NOW your ex, thanks them for finally leaving, Honey repeats, “No no, WE are leaving. All three of us. Bye.”

With a little violence from Honey toward your ex, since they attempt to fight him and fail horribly, he finally pulls you away from that toxic relationship and you move in with them (they both live in the same house since it’s only been a few months since being on the surface). Blue tries to heal your cheek up as much as he can and reassures you that you’re safe with the two of them, and when he sees you and Honey getting close, he slowly begins to urge you two to go out together. So sooner than later, you do, and you don’t regret anything.



Rus knew your s/o was abusive, but you begged him not to say or do anything, so he restrained. Although it felt so wrong, he did as you wanted him to, and not even his brother knows. Rus finally gains the courage to get you to break up with your S/o when Berry points out that he saw bruises on your upper arms and legs after you leave from a friendly night together, and Rus spills to him. Together, both of them confront you before you make it all the way home, and you become a crying mess. You cling to Rus as he comforts you, and you beg him and his brother to help you. God, you’re so scared to go home, you feel sick to your stomach calling it home, please, just help. So they do.

That same night that they confronted you, they marched right up to your s/o’s front door, and told them you were leaving. You were going to pack your stuff and leave. Your s/o was furious with you, and went to grab you, but Rus shoved them away and pinned them to the wall, warning them not to get angry or they’ll regret it. Your now-called-ex puts up a fight, and it ends poorly for them. Rus beats the shit out of them, and Berry is proud of his brother, and isn’t afraid to express it. They leave your ex there on the floor as the three of you leave, and Berry encourages you not to feel guilty- they deserve it. You live with Rus for a few months until you finally get together, since you needed time to recover from what happened.

Dating Rap Monster(Namjoon) Would be like

I AM READY AND WILLING TO B R E AK ADMIN TRICY WITH THIS NAMJOON IS HER ULT BIAS AND I AM SO PREPARED TO DESTROY HER WITH THIS AHAHAHAH also i’m kinda sad bc this is the END OF THE BOYFRIEND BTS SERIES AHH i feel kinda empty inside but dont worry i have plenty of ideas to fill me up again muahaha! keep an eye out for some GOT7 stuff and possibly another bts series out soon~ Please please pl e a s e send me ideas or prompts for reactions and also long series like this!!!!

  • oh my god this man 
  • Tricey loves him and so do i
  • he’s such a low key meme like he’s not on the level of Tae and Hobi and of cOURSE THE MASTER HIMSELF JEON JUNGKOOK BUT STILL
  • he’s a Shy Meme
  • and i know it sounds weird like the words Namjoon and Shy do not go together v well bUT IN ACTUALITY HES A SMOL TOL
  • he has the capability to be v v sweet and loving but sometimes he just ends up 
  • daddy??
  • like not even trying like he’s ACTIVELY trying to make ur date night nice and romantic but lmao he spills red wine on ur outfit and he almost cries so he takes u home and then helps u get out of ur stained clothes ;D
  • on the topic of disaster 
  • you keep extras of almost everything at your house
  • or at the very least, you have a large stock of glue and duct tape 
  • lots of band aids 
  • like literally bubble wrap everything important to you bc if not it will get broken in .2 seconds when he comes over
  • being very tempted to bubble wrap him when he goes anywhere
  • he is to blame whenever anything around your house breaks
  • do u remember when people would go “thanks obama” when things went wrong? 
  • its kinda like that like ugh ur tv isn’t working ur remote is broken ur microwave is on the fritz and he doesn’t even have to be in the same country hell he could be on the moon but ur like…..naMJO O OOONNNNN
  • you are constantly getting calls from Jin telling you that Namjoon did __ to himself and they’re currently getting it checked out
  • the first few times you freaked out but then after like the 3 time in a 2 week span you got used to it like ugh again?? i’ll be there in a lil bit
  • Kim Daily 
  • you being the one to take those Kim Daily pictures
  • sometimes ur like??Namjoon WHAT are you wearing? (flashbacks to him in the Baepsae dance practice lol)
  • yeah okay whatever makes u happy babe
  • you then start planning his outfits for him most of the time
  • takes tho u sands of selfies w u
  • gets ‘mad’ if u ruin the selfie by making a dumb face 
  • he gets v v flustered if you kiss his cheek when taking a selfie its very cute please do this OFTEN
  • he tries to do ageyo to get on your good side when he breaks something v valuable to u or if he forgets an important date but ur like…please stop okay oka ok alright ur forgive just please…stop
  • he would try s o hard to be normal the first few times u went out but then u make a bad joke and suddenly the gloves are off and you now have Dorky Namjoon on ur hands 100% of the time
  • he can get v v serious at really random times
  • like you’re getting ice cream together and laughing at something the maknae line did that day and suddenly he’s not laughing and he’s looking you dead in the eyes its kinda terrifying 
  • and he’s like “for what purpose were we put on this earth why are we here what is the meaning of our existence”
  • and ur like??? okay?
  • “well currently our purpose is to get ice cream so like, i’m not gonna defy destiny lol”
  • he loves any answer you give him like he knows he can give really weird questions often but you tae him seriously even if your answers are goofy
  • he’s bad at expressing his thoughts in a coherent manner 
  • he loves having u on his lap like wh o a 
  • he’ll try to be cute and pull you on his lap when ur having a movie night but he ends up spilling ur drink lol
  • u sit on his lap after u clean it up bc it makes him s o happy
  • he loves to just lay in bed and watch you sleep especially when he can’t sleep for some reason or another it sounds creepy i know but
  • he just loves u so much and you’re his biggest source of inspiration to him 
  • so sometimes you’ll wake up at 3 am bc he was missing from ur bed and you walk into the kitchen and find him sitting at the table in his sleeping pants and a small snack next to him
  • he moved out there bc he didn’t want to disturb ur sleep but you have a hard time sleeping without him bc he’s v v warm and comfy to lay on
  • (even if he snores like a freaking pug)
  • he turned the lamp on so that he could write properly and he looks so handsome with the light hitting his face just right and the look of concentration he has, and he’s humming ever so slightly and his beautiful skin is glowing, highlighting his bare chest and reflecting off of the little highlights in his messy hair and its such a beautiful moment you feel blessed to witness and you walk up behind him and slide your arms around his neck in a loose hug
  • and he’s a little startled bc he thought you were asleep and he was in his own lil world
  • so he scoots his chair out a lil and you plop urself into his lap and he holds your waist, gently rubbing the bare skin under your sleep shirt (that happens to be one of his shirts) and his forehead is resting on the junction between your neck and your shoulder, his warm breath fanning the skin there and giving you goosebumps 
  • and you’re running your hands through his fluffy hair and you scratch his scalp with your fingernails and he gives this deep m o a n and suddenly his lips are gently working on your neck and he looks up at you with this sleepy/aroused look in his eyes and he slides his hands up your ribs and you are g o n e
  • we all know he has that weird converse fetish going on 
  • you wear his “ideal type” shirt, short shorts( bc namjoon is a bOOTY MAN AND I WILL SAY THAT UNTIL MY DEATH) and red converse 
  • and you make the mistake of wearing that to visit the boys at practice and he drags u out into a closet and u have to wear his hoodie back to the room bc ur neck is destroyed 
  • obvs the boys make fun of u but namjoon shuts that shit down bc at least he’s actually getting some lmao
  • please call him daddy at least once 
  • he loves it
  • you wear the converse in bed for his birthday and you legit couldn’t walk for the next 2 days lol
  • he loves light BDSM like blindfolds handcuffs ropes toys spanking oh holy shIT HE LOVES IT
  • dirty talk man. lots of it. 
  • you call him daddy when u want something from him and immediately he will get it for u no matter what
  • he’s someone who needs u to help take care of his morning problem almost every morning
  • not quite as adventurous as Hobi in the, sex everywhere thing, just bc he loves to hear your voice when you have sex okay he wants u to be vocal af 
  • loves to see you in lingerie of any kind. can be lace, velvet, silk, anything. He especially loves it if you wear white, since its such an innocent and pure color, it really gets him off to see you enjoying such dirty things while looking like an angel.
  • he’s not super DUPER vocal, except for praising you and dirty talk, especially if you’re going down on him, you better expect a LOT of talking from his end
  • however, he is a deep moaner/ groaning and grunter. I mean, that deep silky voice of his is  just a telltale for the kinds of moans he has.
  • he likes to whisper dirty things in your ear when you’re in public and you have to resist the urge to punch him in the dick bc not now namjoon you caNNOT AFFORD TO BE SHOOK IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT
  • help me I’m such a sinner
  • sometimes he gets into this weird headspace like yoongi does, maybe its an artist thing but 
  • he sort of closes himself off a little bit when he’s stressed and maybe confused about his feelings for you bc its nice to date someone and like them but its v different when you’re dating someone and you LOVE them yknow?
  • and you would get a little worried but you figured his silence was bc of an upcoming comeback or he was having trouble with a song, and it wasn’t unusual that as the leader of BTS sometimes he had to put them before you, and you understood that, but after the 3rd week of not hearing anything from him, and him ghosting your texts and calls, you text Jin
  • who says that Namjoon is sorting through some things and it’s better if you come over and ask him about it in person
  • and Namjoon doesn’t really realize that he’s avoiding you or hurting you like to him it’s perfectly natural to close yourself off from others so that you’re not distracted or effected by their presence when you make a serious decision
  • but when you confront him with tears in your eyes, wondering if this silence is his way of cutting himself off from you in order to make it easier to break up with you, he realizes that that’s not a healthy way to think things through
  • and the very last thing he wanted to do was to see you here in front of him with your eyes watering and your hands are full of crushed glass that is your heart, and as always he’s responsible for breaking and ruining everything 
  • and he panics and tells you that no he never wants to break up with you because he loves you and he just wasn’t sure how to handle it bc he’s never had a serious love like this before and it honestly scared him how much he had fallen for you and how he needed you like air but he didn’t realize that you needed him just as much as he needed you and that you were suffocating without him
  • and he’s rambling so you cut him off with a salty kiss and he didn’t realize he was crying too until you’re holding his face in your hands wiping them away and as his eyes become less clouded by tears he sees you with tear tracks stained onto your face and you look tired and broken down but there’s such a love in your eyes 
  • and to him it just clicks that even tho he’s treated you so terribly you still love him bc forgiveness should be that easy, and you SHOULD be mad at him but you love him and you’re such a better person then he is for forgiving him so easily
  • and you just tell him he’s an idiot and that he better treat you extra nice for making you worry about him like that 
  • and he gives a watery laugh and tells you that if you’d just marry him already then you’d never have to worry about him again
  • and you tell him that would never happen, he hurts himself too much for you not to worry, but you say yes, and namjoon knows that you’ll always be together to glue glass hearts together again forever.

fuck my asshole RIP IN PEACE @ MYSELF AND ALSO TRICEY i feel like this one is so long?? send help i am crying

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