he can only pull them off

real life RFA members:

im jaebum got7 as han jumin

  • DADS
  • both cat-person
  • kink daddies
  • han jumin is literally im jaebum in suit ( and tie   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜

mark got7 as 707 / saeyoung choi

their personality didn’t entirely match 100% but both are cinnamon rolls that need to be protected at all cost

jeonghan seventeen as ZEN / ryu hyun

ok gotta admit the only thing they have in common is their hair but no one can pull off a zen except jeonghan tbh

bambam got7 as yoosung

  • both are cute sons
  • both are fluff ball of sunshines  ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

jeongyeon twice as kang jaehee

both are the definition of femme fatale

┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓ bonus  ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓

kim taehyung bts as saeran choi / unknown

  • both are very sexual 
  • but innocent rolls at the same time
  • their smirks resemble each other 
  • sigh…. i hate them both
SF9 As High School Students


  • takes all AP and advanced classes and has stRAIGHT A’s
  • tutors literally everyone
  • teacher’s favorite
  • we all have that teacher that hates everyone
  • well that teacher adores inseong
  • gets really annoyed when people wanna copy off his hw
  • never late to class
  • perfect attendance record
  • does all the work in group projects
  • every teacher wants him as their teacher aide
  • has so many extra school supplies
  • finished his hw before 11pm and actualy sLEEPS


  • only wears sweats and caps
  • basically always wearing athleisure
  • pretty lowkey in school
  • president of one of the school’s dance clubs/crew
  • choreographs all the performances for rallies
  • eats his lunch in the middle of class so he can practice dancing during lunch
  • late to his class after lunch cuz h was too busy dancing so he didn’t hear the bell
  • wants everyone in his dance club to do well so he’s always pulling people to the side so help them with any moves they might be struggling with


  • not popular himself but is friends with the popular kids
  • tries to show off during PE because he is a “manly man”
  • ends up with a ball to the face and he blacked out for the rest of the period
  • hangs out in the computer lab during break and lunch
  • secretly plays slither during class whenever they use computers
  • wears the same hoodie basically the entire year
  • the only friend in his squad that can drive
  • so he’s always giving everyone rides
  • gives really entertaining presentations full of memes and puns


  • everyone knows who he is
  • he may not be friends with everyone but he just knows everyone
  • friends with entire school on facebook
  • has snapchat streaks with half the school
  • always making comments in class to make everyone laugh
  • hands down class clown
  • never has his school supplies
  • does morning announcements and his is so damn loud and peppy
  • so once the school hears them they’re awake
  • the guy who gets everyone hyped at rallies
  • blew something up in chem and the entire school got evacuated and sent home
  • wore booty shorts to school to protest the unfair dresscode


  • discreetly places his mixtape around school
  • but it’s fire so everyone is trying to figure out who made it
  • most lowkey BTS fanboy ever
  • the one who breaks up fights
  • works at the milk tea place nearby so he can earn money to make more mixtapes
  • got in trouble for watching videos on youtube on the library computers instead of using them for school work
  • hacked the school wifi
  • has a stash of instant noodles in one of his classrooms
  • part of anime club


  • lead role in school plays/musicals
  • ultimate mom friend
  • works in cafeteria and the lunch ladies LOVE him
  • makes better food than the lunch ladies
  • so he cooks food for everyone
  • tells Dawon to put some pants on so he doesn’t get dresscoded
  • like Jaeyoon he’s always giving people rides
  • doesn’t fit in the desks
  • always makes milk tea runs after school to see juho
  • all star of baseball team yes just like his character in cyh
  • has a bunch of fangirls
  • is the only reason people even go to the school baseball games


  • vice president of youngbin’s dance club
  • constantly teasing everyone
  • you know that one guy who’s almost always joking around
  • that’s taeyang
  • heavily involved with the drama department
  • he choreographs the musical dance routines
  • when he’s not dancing
  • he’s running with cross country team
  • does this very rarely and he’s not part of the cross country team
  • he just runs with them sometimes and they don’t mind
  • plus he runs shirtless so at that point who would mind
  • never gets in trouble because he blinds the teachers with his smiel so they forget what he even did wrong
  • he and Rowoon are the main heart throbs of the school
  • almost always is dating someone and he and his s/o are #relationshipgoals


  • his looks confuse everyone
  • so everyone thinks he’s older than he actually is
  • has cat buttons on his backpack
  • unlike Zuho he straight up hands people his mixtape
  • was ok looking as a freshman but oohh he glo’ed up
  • so senior year he’s a hottie
  • always asking Jaeyoon and Rowoon for rides
  • goes to nearby milk tea place to ask Zuho to play his mixtape there
  • phone dies before lunch
  • kept bringing food to the library and kept getting caught eating it
  • so he go banned from the library
  • crushes on the same person all of high school but nEVER TELLS THEM THAT HE LIKES THEM
  • the only reason the school newspaper is still alive


  • looks up to Rowoon literally
  • he wants to be part of school musicals but he always ends up playing the kid version of Rowoon’s character
  • but when Rowoon graduates THEN he’s the lead
  • too shy to even look at any of his crushes
  • always running from class to class
  • always participates in rallies
  • whether it be Youngbin’s cool choreo or the silly skits
  • very involved with his class
  • always at the off-campus fundraisers for his class
  • tries to be part of student gov but he never gets elected
  • wears the same damn sweatshirt everyday
  • everyone’s just like
  • “what is this 13 year old doing here lmao”
  • then he opens his mouth and starts talking and it just leaves the people around his speechless
Imagine not being able to find a motel to stay in, so you and the boys have to sleep in Baby...

Originally posted by kayaka11

“Dean we have checked every hotel, they are all booked.” You reminded as Dean once again lapped the small Minnesota town to try and find a place where they could get two beds and a couch. 

“This is a small ghost town practically, how can all the rooms be full.” He grunted at you 

“Well seeing how there is only one hotel, and it looks like it is a hotel for druggies and whores, it isn’t all that shocking.” You sassed back as he looked at you through the rearview mirror. 

Your hair was pulled into a ponytail, and your face had a natural glow to it. Even though you weren’t making eye contact with him he could tell that they had their normal sparkle to them, and they were just as hypnotic to him as always. 

 "Maybe we should just pull off to the side of the road, sleep in baby for the night.“ Sam suggested as his head rested against the window. 

"No Sam we are findin…" 

"Listen D, we are all exhausted and it’s late, and I just want to sleep. So can we please just pull over.” Sam groaned at his brother, who knew that his brother was being honest with him. 

So he proceeded to pull out of the town and over to a safe spot where no one was likely to brother the trio in the impala. 

“Thank you, now if you could so kindly move your ass so I can lay down that would be wonderful.” Sam instructed as Dean exited the driver door, and leaned against the car, he then heard the back door open and shut and knew a presence was next to him, “why don’t you take the back, we have all had a rough day and you look like you could use some sleep." 

 "What about you, like you said we all had a rough day.” He asked as you shrugged your shoulders. 

“I am short enough I could probably curl up and sleep in the trunk, as long as you keep it open slightly so I can get some air.” You joked 

“Yea so what, the police can open it easier and accuse us of kidnapping you." 

"If you kidnapped me, why would you leave the trunk open for me?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the older Winchester.

“Why don’t we just share the back seat, I can sit on the left and you…" 

"Or you can just lay on the seat and I can lay on you?” You suggested thinking he would never agree to that, however you had no idea that at the very suggestion his heart beat sped up and he was fully on board. 

“Ok, just let me get the blankets out of the trunk, I am sure Sammy will want one at some point. 

"Yea yea okay.” You smiled, happy that he agreed to your crazy plan. 

Once he had covered Sam partly with the blanket he laid down on the cool leather seats, and waited for you to climb atop him and settle down. 

 "Maybe I should just take the…“ 

"Nonsense it will be fine.” He insisted as you slowly got in the car, shut the door and laid on top of Dean, his chest providing you with a warm, gun powder and whiskey scented pillow as he pulled the blanket slightly up to cover you and wrapped your torso up in his embrace. You smiled at the advantage of being able to hear his heart rate freaking out, since your’s was probably doing the same, but he would never know. 

“You know Dean, If your heart is going to keep me up all night then maybe I will just curl up with Sam.” You whispered as you felt his grip tighten a bit, as though he feared you would actually leave. 

“Well I am sorry I can’t control how fast it beats when I have a beautiful woman laying on me." 

"Well as long as little Dean doesn’t pitch a tent by my leg I will be ok.” You joked before falling into a deep silence, and soon into a comfortable sleep. 

When Sam woke up his watch said it was about nine o'clock, and the bunker was still a ways away. He slowly sat up and peered in the seat behind his, and smiled to himself. For in the backseat was his brother, his face turned to the side and his mouth slightly opened, snores leaving the cavern known as his mouth. One arm rested against the floor as the other laid across the bump under the blanket. [Y/N]’s face was facing the back of the leather seats, however you had one arm tucked under your head, and gently rested on Dean’s peck muscle, as the other hand was wrapped around his neck. To Sam you both looked too cute to wake up, so he quickly snapped a photograph on your disposable camera in the glove box and prayed you were both in a deep enough sleep to not awake when he started the impala and started towards home. 

 About half way there Dean woke up, the sound of the impala filling his ears, when he tried to get up to investigate though he felt a weight on his chest, and immediately thought of what supernatural creature would have enough power to hold him down and make so that he couldn’t get back up. And then he heard your barely audible moan as you shifted slightly on his chest, suddenly the memories all came back to him, and he slowly started to panic, not because the car was moving but because you were so close. 

 "Well good morning sleepy head.“ Sam chimed from the driver’s seat. 

 "What time is it?" 

"Almost noon. I’d say we have another two- three hours to go." 

 "Oh. Has…" 

"She hasn’t woken up yet, You two must have had fun…" 

"We didn’t do anything, we just fell asleep.” He said, rather defensively. 

“Well did you at least tell her how you feel?” Sam asked, fully aware that his brother was harboring a crush on you, and that you were harboring a crush on Dean. 

“No, like I said we just went to sleep.” His hand rose from the ground and immediately went to your back, gently rubbing it, his nose was filled with the scent of your body wash and conditioner, your body felt cool against his, and then in your sleep you mumbled, “I love you Dean." 

It was as though the world stopped, he heard you loud and clear, his eyes widening at the realization that you loved him, or at least you said you did, and in his panic he was failing to look at your fully awake form looking up at him. You pushed up a bit and kissed his jaw line, drawing the attention back to you. 

"Maybe before you talk about a girl, you should make sure she is asleep.” You smiled as Dean exhaled. And as he did you leaned forward again and kissed him. 

 And finally your life felt right.

Am I the only jungkook stan who miss seing his real eyes ? I know lenses are good….but I feel like jungkook’s natural sparkle is missing whenever he has those large lenses on. Idk if you get what I mean ? His natural eyes give him that natural charming “jungkook” aura that no one else can pull off . Lenses are for performances but he’s been wearing them so much these days T_T jungkookie pls let me see the eyes I fell for….

‘Rat Headcanons:

- he bites his nails when he gets nervous, excited, or when they’re beginning a game

- when giving kisses he tastes like metal and gunpowder

- when he’s tired, Roadhog gives him piggyback rides to their destination

- he has a fear of deep water/pools of water to where he can’t stand fully up in (mainly because he thinks he’ll drown because the franticness of him flailing and trying to swim and all that junk will pull his prosthetics off him and he’ll only have his left side to swim with-)

- Roadhog gives him gifts of sweets and chocolate and lollies whenever he finds them because they’re so rare and are considered a delicacy- and they’re ALWAYS melted due to the heat but Junkrat doesn’t mind it and prefers it messy

- he sleep talks/kicks in his sleep/tosses & turns

-When Roadhog and Junkrat are affectionate towards eachother (like kisses and nudges-)‘Rat makes little snorting noises with Roadhog to make him smile under his mask.

- Mako has to help him bathe when they get the chance to because he can’t reach everywhere

- When ‘Rat talks too much ‘Hog smooshes his mask against his face to shut him up- (and it doesn’t work the majority of the time-)

- Rat tries to surprise ‘Hog by painting a super basic pig on his nails but messes it up because his hands are so shaky but ‘Hog loves it anyways because Rat made it and it’s lovely

- when ‘Hog and ‘Rat are play wrestling he bites and kicks and fidgets and will essentially fight dirty to win (he never does)

- Rat blows raspberries on ‘Hog’s belly and loves it

- He LOVES having his hair tousled but not a lot of people will do it sadly enough

- he LOVES wearing ‘Hog’s shirts because they’re so big and they go down to his knees

- ‘Hog leaves little notes (and little love notes too sometimes-) on Rat’s blueprints for new things saying ‘Good job’ and little doodles of pigs and Rat tears them off and keeps every single one in a very special place on their bag 

Today, I overheard a student saying “Boys are stronger than girls.”

And the girl he said this to was rather upset, so I went over to investigate. I asked them what was going on, and the boy told me what I’d heard.

I pulled two boxes of toys, about as big as the young gentlemen, and put them in front of him. 

“Okay,” I said, “pick up these two boxes.”

Of course, he laughed it off. He went to pick up both boxes, but found he couldn’t. He could only lift up the top box. He started to get rather frustrated and eventually quit.

“I can’t,” he admitted. At this point, I have a crowd of students watching, and some parents who have walked in to pick up their kids.

“I’m a girl, right?” I asked. He nodded. I picked both boxes up and held them at chest level. 

“So, do you still think a girl can’t be stronger than a boy?”

The boy got rather sheepish and shook his head. The little girl next to me was beaming. She said she wanted to be strong like me one day.

And this is why I teach. :)

R.F.A: Romantic Headcanons

These just got gradually longer and longer lmao oops


  • comes up with a ton of assorted pet names for you
  • plays with your hair a lot
  • holds your hand in public because he’s all over that pda
  • constantly gushes about how great you are to people - he’s the stype of guy who when waiting in line for something, he’d turn to the person behind him, point and you and whisper “Isn’t she cute? Yeah she’s mine.” then wink
  • every time he leaves you for work or something he’ll wink while saying goodbye
  • winks
  • you end up brushing his hair for him all the time bc it’s just so soft how
  • you’re secretly jealous of his hair
  • sometimes you’d do his hair for him and you’d have matching hairstyles
  • the hairstyles are usually quite feminine but he just pulls them off this boy looks manly in anything
  • seriously though he can look manly in a dress
  • he showers you in compliments and more so if you deny them
  • the only way to get him to stop is by intensely complimenting him or being flirty in any way
  • then he’ll go super red and be very flustered because like he’s the man he should be the hot one this isn’t fair
  • he loves how you stare at him in awe whenever he dances or preforms or just exists bc he’s so hot how can you not stare 
  • he often puts on private performances just for you
  • he knows you die at all the hip thrusts so hip thrusts ahoy


  • LOLOL dates
  • gaming day is every day with this boy
  • he’s give you a ton of items in game
  • he’d give you tons of handicaps whenever you wanted to pvp him
  • but a crush is called a crush because you need to crush them. fight them, win, and be strONG-
  • now you’re the one giving him the handicaps
  • he constantly makes gaming references at any given moment
  • and now they’ve just rubbed off on you subconsciously
  • one time you sat in his lap while he was gaming and he was so flustered and red he couldn’t focus and lost the round
  • now you’d do it all the time to ruin his rank
  • he can’t stay mad at you though you’re too cute
  • but he will get revenge by showering you in tickles
  • cuddles
  • cuddles all day everyday
  • cute gamer couple ayyyyye


  • she says she’s too busy for cuddles but there’s no such thing as too busy for cuddles
  • you cuddle her all the time, especially when she’s visibly stressed. she hates to admit it but it really helps her calm down a lot
  • will return cuddles but only when alone
  • while you watching Zen’s performances are a pleasant pastime, you secretly get a little jealous of how much Jaehee likes Zen
  • but since you’re also a Zen fangirl you can’t really judge
  • what you don’t know is that she’s jealous of how much you like Zen
  • neither of you bring it up, ever
  • you always cook together
  • Jaehee is a way better cook than you so you always stalk the internet for new and creative food ideas to impress her with
  • it doesn’t seem like it at first, but she’s really easily impressed by you
  • you try to feed her and she goes beet red and slowly co-operates
  • she chuckles nervously a lot whenever you flirt with her
  • she chuckles nervously a lot in general
  • you love her nervous chuckles bc they’re just too cute
  • usually uses an “ahem” to recover from a nervous chuckle
  • which is equally as cute
  • Jaehee is Baehee
  • also Gayhee


  • this boy pampers you silly
  • there is nothing he won’t buy for you
  • and as much as you protest he doesn’t need to, you secretly enjoy it anyways
  • I mean who wouldn’t like it if someone bought you a ton of stuff???
  • you don’t let him know that though bc he’s being too nice
  • he insists on getting the most expensive everythings especially on dates
  • at first you thought he was trying to impress you so you declined but you soon realised that it was just normal for him to spend a ton of money on the littlest things
  • he often finds random gifts in stores that reminds him of you and as soon as he sees it he buys it for you
  • “how much was this bracelet Jumin”
  • “only a couple hundred dollars”
  • “jumIN-”
  • “yeah you told me you didn’t like me spending too much money on you so I got you the cheaper one. To be honest, I really wanted to get you the thousand dollar on-”
  • “jUMIN-”
  • you constantly have to remind him that money does not equal happy relationship, it also needs some TLC
  • but he’s constantly busy with work
  • so when he’s not busy he’ll sit with you in his massive fluffy bed and just spend time together talking, watching youtube, playing with Elizabeth the 3rd, and just have a really sweet time
  • soon you started showing and talking about all your hobbies which of course, Jumin felt obligated to participate in and pay for
  • you thought he was just trying to be nice by liking what you liked but it turns out he genuinely enjoyed your hobbies
  • so he’d even pull sick days just to spend time with you, much to your concern
  • sometimes when he had a stressful day at work, when he arrives home he’d just grab you and initiate a hot make-out session to de-stress without saying anything
  • you don’t complain eue


  • you guys are like the fred and george weasley, the hikaru and kaoru hitachiin of the RFA except you’re not twins, you’re a pranking powercouple
  • couple #goals
  • he literally taught himself to knit just to knit you guys matching ugly christmas sweaters
  • it wasn’t even christmas yet
  • it was like freaking February
  • but you wore them anyways bc it’s the thought that counts
  • getting weird looks in public from you calling him “God Seven”
  • he hacked your phone to make your ringtone “we’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship” and it doesn’t allow you to change it
  • and then he’d call you during serious moments to make the ringtone go off and embarrass you
  • you’d get revenge one way or another
  • because you hellbent on revenge shows nO MERCY not even to your God Seven
  • it’ll be a back-n-forth prank war until you guys get sick of it and decide to have a make-out session instead
  • teases you by threatening to turn off the wifi except for his devices
  • “can you get me the remote from over there”
    “pffft, get it yourself Seven.”
    “i’ll turn the wifi off right here right now
    *dashes for the remote*
  • lol what is sleep??
  • will stay up till sunrise just cuddling or spending time with you
  • “gimme a kiss”
  • “no seven-”
  • “then i’ll come get one~”
  • also “meow”
  • you guys love dressing up in cat ears for each other
  • then it escalated to cat onesies
  • you’ll wear them in public with him bc #noshame
  • he will shower you in kisses at the most unpredictable moments just because

will add V + Unknown later it’s 1am and I should go to bed early lmao hope you enjoyed!!! Feel free to give me feedback, I’m open to all critism!!!

Strong As A Bear (Sequel to Quiet As A Mouse)

Part One

A/N: Warnings: Its a Shameless imagine. If you watch the show, you know how screwy it can get.

The Milkovich brothers couldn’t exactly go and beat up Mr. Francis and his wife like they would anyone else. Rich people had lawyers, rich people could put them in prison for life.

But that didn’t seem to bother Mickey.

“You messed with the wrong fuckin’ girl!” he shouted, the man at his feet groaning in pain. Blood had splattered Mickey’s clothes, but he didn’t seem to notice.

The only reason the old man wasn’t dead was because Claire had pulled him off him. But he had taken a considerable amount of damage, and Mickey’s voice was hoarse from yelling at him.

There were a few cuts on Mickey from when Mr. Francis had been able to fight back, and Claire tended to them like a loving mother; the house having enough medical supplies to be a hospital.

“You know you didn’t have to do that, Mouse.” she remarked.

“Yes I did; nobody messes with the Milkovichs.”

“I ain’t a Milkovich.” Claire reminded.

He scoffed. “Yeah right. Sorry Bear, but you’re fuckin’ stuck with us.”

She smiled slightly. “….Thanks Mouse.”


With the revelation of Claire’s home life, it was a while before anyone remembered Mandy being upset. Not that she cared. Her sister’s well being was more important than any asshole.

That didn’t stop her from telling her brothers when they finally asked however. And its certainly didn’t stop the man-hunt.

Claire didn’t know the Gallaghers well. Mostly by reputation, but she had become some-what friends with Ian, so she wanted to give him the benifit of the doubt.

Which was why she snuck past the Milkovichs waiting outside his house and went to knock on the door.

A woman with wavy dark brown hair opened it. 


“Is Ian home?” she asked with a small smile.

She huffed. “Look kid, if this is about Mandy Milkovich –”

“Oh it is.” Claire cut her off. “But my goal is to call of the man-hunt.” she sighed the way a mother would when her child pulled another kid’s hair. “If I know Mandy, and unfortunately I do, its always best to get both sides of the story.”

“….Yeah, okay. Come on in.” she stepped aside.

“Excellent.” she stepped in and closed the door behind her. “Oh, Claire Francis by the way.” she held out a hand, employing the ‘north side charm’ she had been forced to learn.

“Fiona Gallagher.” the woman gave her a look but shook her hand. “Ian! There’s a girl here for you!” she yelled up the stairs.

There was no response, and it was Carl who came down the steps.

“Ian’s not –” he stopped when he saw Claire. “Hey babe.”

She scoffed. “In your dreams, half-pint.” she pushed past him up the stairs, a hand ready on the crowbar hanging from her belt-loop. “Ohhhh Gingeerrrr! Ya don’t gotta be scared, I’m just here to talk.” Fiona had followed her up the stairs with a concerned look that Claire paid no mind to. “This his room?” she pointed to one of the doors. When she received a nod, she turned and kicked it open.

“What the fuck?!” Fiona exclaimed.

“I’ll pay for it later.” she waved her off, her attention on the red haired boy who was huddled against the corner of his bed with wide, scared eyes. “Hiya Ginger. We need to talk.” she stepped up and dragged him by his collar, leaving two very confused and slightly scared siblings behind.

She didn’t let him go until they were outside. Ian stepped back the moment he could.

“Look, if you’re gonna beat me up, can you just get it over with? Better you than Mickey and his brothers.”

“Don’t be so sure.” she glared at him. “And anyway, I’m not gonna hurt ya. Not yet anyway; I came to get your side of the story.”

“What?” he said, surprised.

Claire huffed. “Look, I heard enough of Mandy’s ‘guess who I screwed?’ stories to know that her being raped is a long shot. And though I don’t know you very well, I’d like to think that you’re a good person. Though to be fair –” she pulled the crowbar from her belt loop, tossing it in the air and catching it. “If it turns out to be true, I do know how to use this.” Ian gulped. “You’ve got one minute, go.”

“….I’m gay.”


One minute turned into about an hour. They ended up at the park, sitting on the swings. Claire listened patiently as Ian spilled everything. There was no judgement, no yelling, and she even promised to call of Mickey and his brothers. And that wasn’t all.

“I could, pretend to be your girlfriend at school if you want.” she shrugged. “Just so people won’t give you a hard time.”

“….You’d do that for me?”

“Yeah. I mean, its not like a got a line of guys trying to hook up with me.” she chuckled slightly. “Mickey and his brothers usually scare them away.”

Ian frowned. “I’ve always wondered; how’d a girl like you end up with the Milkovichs?”

“A girl like me?” Claire raised an eyebrow.

“Nice, rational, understanding – ya know everything that a Milkovich isn’t?

She sighed and looked down, pushing back and forth on her swing. “I’m from the north side. But uh, money and fancy life ain’t all its cracked up to be. Only time anyone ever gave a damn about me is when they wanted a picture with a kid for good publicity.” she shrugged. “I dunno, might not be the best crowd to mess with, but they do care about me. I kinda need that.”


Claire got on amazingly with the Gallaghers. It was strange to be around people who expressed their fondness of you with words and hugs; the Milkovichs always used dirty jokes and headlocks.

To her credit, she was balancing her time between the two places very well, despite the fact that her family had zero interest in sharing her.

Then came the fateful day that Ian was flipping out over the gun Mickey had taken from Kash. He had told Claire that he had plans to get it back, but she didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.

And anyway, the blonde had bigger problems. Namely; Terry Milkovich. He was out of prison again and had never been too fond of Claire. The feeling was mutual, but the danger wasn’t. The man tolerated her simply because all of his kids flipped the fuck out if he tried to kick her out. Still, Claire liked to avoid contact with him whenever possible.

After she had woken up groaning slightly from her hangover, she looked around to find herself in Mandy’s room with the girl laying next to her in the bed.

“Mans.” she nudged her. “Mans. Wake up!” she wacked her with the pillow she had been laying on.

Mandy groaned in protest. “Let me sleep! I’m dreaming of lollipops and chocolate.” she buried her face into the pillow.

Claire scoffed. “Yeah right.” she stood and fixed her clothes. “Imma go find Mickey.”

“Tell ‘im he’s an asshat.”

“Will do.” she chuckled.

Claire came out of Mandy’s room just as Ian was coming out of Mickey’s.

“Hiya ginger.”

He jumped a clear foot in the air. “Jesus, Claire! You scared the hell outta me!”

“Good. Get the hell outta my house.”

He nodded. “You’re still comin’ over for dinner right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” she smiled at him. He returned the smile before hurrying outside.

Once he was gone, Claire turned back to her task at hand, heading into Mickey’s room.

“Fuck Bear, what have you got against knocking?” Mickey said, rushing to finished getting dressed.

“You don’t, so neither do I.” She shrugged, kicking the door shut and leaning against it. “So. You and Ian huh?”

“What about me and Gallagher?”

“You think I’m stupid? You fucked.”

Mickey laughed like that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. “What? Fuck no, for me and him to happen, I’d have to be –”

“Gay?” she raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. Cuz, ya kinda are.”

“No I’m not.”

Claire sighed and shook her head. “Mouse, don’t fuckin’ lie to me, you’re no good at it. Ya don’t gotta worry. I haven’t told anyone yet, I ain’t about to tell anyone now.”

“……You knew?”

She scoffed. “Am I not your best friend?”

Mickey was silent a moment before he threw himself at Claire. She stumbled back, but was held up by his arms wrapped tightly around her. Claire didn’t say a word, only returned the embrace. Moments like this were few and far between for Mickey, and she was the only one who ever got to see them.

“…..T-Thanks Bear.” he said into her hair, so softly she almost didn’t hear him.

She smiled softly. “You’re welcome Mouse. My pleasure.”

salamencerobot  asked:

The other three were inspired by animals right? if so, i'd like to know what kinds.

They were roughly inspired by animals. Some more closely resembling what they were inspired off of and some just taking some characteristics. River had their own reasons for each animal skull, but we paired them with their “hosts” for certain characteristics we think fit them. 

Sans’ Blaster:

His blaster is like the one we see in game. For our design it was based on a canine skull.  Sans gets canine because they are loyal and selfless, also make great companions and protectors. 

Papyrus’ Blaster:

Pap’s has characteristics of a Horned Lizard. He’s got lizard because they are survivalist, kinda like himself. His is also one of the widest blasters. Great to nap on.

Gaster’s Blaster:

Ding’s blaster is based off of a crow. We put a crow to him because they are smart af and very fast learners, just as he is. He also really likes birds. 

Now while we might not consider Rivers blaster to be an animal… Not everyone agrees with that. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to figure out what Rivers blaster was modeled after

As for why we gave them that kind of blaster… Well I guess it’ll be clear in due time.

~ Sol

Making out with Rick Grimes would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Wooo Rick :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him always eyeing you hungrily and you knowing exactly what is going to happen as he’s making his way towards you

-Him cupping your face and looking into your eyes before smirking and kissing you

-Him always starting off slow to show you that he loves you before gradually dominating you

-Him always ending up setting himself in between your legs and on top of you whenever you are both on the couch or the bed

-You surprising him by sitting on his lap or straddling him instead and it always make turn him on even more

-Him feeling your body as much as he can before pulling you so closely to him

-Him loving to tease you by reaching to remove your hands from him only to pin them above your head as he takes control

-Him loving it when you would tease him back when he does that by grinding yourself against him

-Him leaving marks and hickeys on the side of your neck before whispering sweet and loving words to you

-You and him rarely ever getting caught and usually it ends up with the both of you making love

So how about a fic where Stiles & Derek have been dancing around the idea of getting together for awhile, but something always happens to keep them apart. Neither of them are great with emotional talks, which is just adding to the problem & the building tension between them. Stiles finds a spell that he thinks will help…. 

Below is a very bad ficlet/barely a prompt cause i’m not a writer so someone fix it if you want <3!

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Pynch hc: in sr yr everyone at aglionby gets these old fashioned class rings. gansey cries when he gets his, Noah's been wearing his for years, Ronan refuses and dreams himself a ring instead that's inscribed with obscenities. Adam rly wants one but doesn't think he can afford it till the school tells him that they're starting a ring fund for scholarship students & he scrapes together the cash. 1/2

2/2 yrs later Ronan is watching Adam make them breakfast and he’s wanted to get married basically since he first looked at Adam but he’s been holding off since Parrish is His Own Man etc but sitting there watching adam pour coffee he can’t imagine life without him and with his signature Lynch Impulsive Decision Making he realizes he wants to propose asap. Like ASAP and the only ring Ronan has is his old class ring (he wears it ironically) (whoops contd in a third part)

And so he freaks and pulls the ring off and is down on one knee by the time Adam turns around with his coffee. So his engagement ring winds up being inscribed with “Aglionby Class Of Go Fuck Yourself” and he’s so amused but also finds it adorable that Ronan couldn’t even wait. And that’s how Adam winds up wearing two Aglionby rings which is sort of full circle when u think abt how the rings represent both of them (yikes they r so cute can I write this fic pls thx for listening to my rambly hc)

aww pls this is so cute. they’re going to get super married like. give ronan a church wedding and then a second cabeswater joining ceremony thing with adam he deserves it!!


A boarding school AU for NCT Dream where they’re a squad of the schools most mischievous boys. They pull little pranks and they’re on all the teacher’s good sides, except the one who knows that they’re behind all those “accidents” and “mishaps.” He’s dead set on getting them expelled, but only if he can catch them.

Mark = The Leader. He keeps them from doing something stupid or dangerous.

Haechan = The Enabler. He always has a stock of prank supplies on hand. Don’t ask how he got them, it’s best you don’t know.

Jeno & Jaemin = The Twin Terrors. They’re the ones who pull off all the pranks. Poor Mr. Lee had potato powder in his hair for weeks…

Chenle = The Brains. He comes up with the ways to prank, and tells Haechan what to get. No one knows how he thinks this stuff up.

Renjun = The Charms. He’s a model student and always vouches for his friends when suspicion arises. He helps keep the teachers trust, allowing the mischief to continue.

Jisung = The Innocent. He really just gets dragged along in all of this but finds it fun anyway.

A band of young brothers trying to have fun while still remaining good in the eye of the headmaster….

I wonder how that will go.


Me n my friendmily held our own little Christmas celebration this Saturday, and because I am an impatient beetroot, I threw my gifts at everyone (except for @shtiyajust4you who was present on Skype and I couldn’t fit it through the webcam) which means I can now share what I made for @thesketcherlass - she was complaining about how with only three plushies released via Fangamer, it would likely be ages for them to get to her son, so. I had to take matters into my own hands

He is made from almost entirely secondhand materials and half of his stuffing is the leftover fabric bits. He is patterned by head, which I still don’t know how I managed to pull off. The plush itself is made from fabric that is, to quote my art teacher, so soft you almost can’t feel it, and eyes, nose and mouth are hand embroidered on. He actually has little fangs, but they kind of drown in all the fluff. The yellow stripe on his shirt is made from an old scarf, and the heart locket is two tiny conch shells from an old necklace glued together and painted gold.

Sketch may or may not have died when I gave it to her. A lot.


Based on this imagine found at @thefandomimagine

Kylo Ren x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of Force-play (geddit?). A bit saucy. Maybe NSFW.

Word count: 641

“You understand the amount of damage you have been causing lately is getting embarrassingly costly, don’t you?”

He strides into the room, his shoulders slumping further with every step he takes as he pulls his belt from around his waist, tossing it at the chair near the bed. He says nothing but you can feel his shame radiating through the room as it is wont to do as soon as you bring up finances and the effect his awful temper has on them.

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I just have so many Young Jason feelings I can’t quite contain them.

Jason kicking and screaming loudly as Batman picked him up and put him into the Batmobile to take him back to the manor for the first time. Upon seeing the interior of the car, the young boy was stunned into silence the whole way home as he took in the scene. Bruce later jokes it was the easiest 15 minutes he ever had with Jason.

Bruce getting emotional as he and Alfred pulled off his clothes to bathe the dirty orphan only to find he tragically thin and covered in welts and bruises. Bruce had to excuse himself halfway through while Alfred helped the boy in the tub and promised Jason with tears in his eyes that he would never go hungry or be hurt again.

Jason realizing that Billionaire Bruce Wayne is actually the Batman and getting genuinely upset. If Bruce really wanted to stop crime, Jason argued, he should use his money and influence not his fists. Bruce explains the charities and foundations he contributes to, answering questions and assuring Jason. but Bruce takes notes of the flaws Jason pointed out and seeks to fix them.

Bruce publically announcing that he is adopting another young boy and getting angry at the backlash the press give him regarding Jason’s background. They keep the news away from Jason and assure him that he’s no less deserving of love than anyone else despite anything he’s been told.

Jason receiving his first gift from Bruce (a small little pocket knife) and getting overly emotional. He desperately fights back tears and stammers that it’s been so long since anyone gave him anything and Bruce just takes his small boy into his arms and tells him it’s okay to feel nervous when adjusting to his new life and that he would always be there for the boy.

In the first few days at the manor Jason didn’t have any real clothes so he wore Dick’s old shirts which were far too big for the small, thin boy. While no one in the house said anything to set off the skittish street boy, everyone was taking secret snapshots of Jason waddling around in Dick’s old sweatshirts looking absolutely adorable.

Bruce sneaking into Jason’s room after patrol only to find that, night after night, Jason was awake and waiting for him. After a while of this, Bruce asks why Jason is tiring himself up to stay awake. Grudgingly, Jay admits he likes seeing Bruce come in to wish him goodnight as it makes him feel truly loved. Bruce then makes it a habit to drop in earlier so Jason always remembers his new family loves him.

anonymous asked:

write a one shot between shiro's tuft and ur moustache

Finally I can breath again: the paladins are back from their mission. I was petrified, everytime they go into battle I can’t help but stiffen up until I am sure they are safe. I stopped counting the timed I pulled out my roots because of the black paladin. I don’t care about the other paladins as much as I care about Shiro. Only because of them. Whenever he takes off his helmet, my hairs become brighter. They are so beautiful: pure white strand of hair, flowing in the wind, soft and shiny. They notice me from across the room, I can’t stop the shiver running through me. I can’t get used to them, they simply look too amazing. I admire them very much, especially how they can keep their cool when they are stuck under that black helmet. Their animation is beautiful, the way they fluf around when Shiro moves is gorgeous. I wish Coran would make me look as soft and light but he only makes me look dry and rough. He could show a little more gratitude, I represent half of his character after all. But I’m not as amazing as them, I’ll never be. They have more screen time than Hunk, they have more development than Lance, they have more knowledge than Pidge, they have a radtron blog unlike Keith’s dead mullet. They took over tumblr. They are taking over Shiro. They will take over Voltron. I know they can do it, because I’m their only ally.

There you go @corans-radstache I know it was you !!

Norm of the North Highlights

-a caribou wins a bet and demands the other caribou pay up. He pulls his antlers clean off from his head and says “at least these grow back” and puts them in the other caribous hooves (?????)
-A major plot point is everyone thinking Norm is an actor in a bear costume. There’s scenes where he switched places with an ACTUAL actor in a TERRIBLE polar bear costume and the villain is the only one who can tell the difference.
-there’s a scene where Ken Jeong’s character breaks into a sushi restaurant where Norm is dining and tries to shoot him with a tranquilizer. Norm takes the gun and stops him to the applause of the restaurant. The stereotypical Japanese sushi chef bows and says, I shit you not, “thank you, Norm-San. You will always be a guest to us”. Norm thanks him in fluent Japanese.
-my favorite FAVORITE FAVORITE scene that had me gasping for air was when Norm is on a talk show with an Oprah stand in and out of nowhere says “let’s take this to a BIGGER stage!” Suddenly “Shut Up and Dance” starts playing and Norm bursts out the door of the studio dancing, with the host dancing with the same smiling unmoving expression. Suddenly in less than a second THE ENTIRETY OF TIMES SQUARE CHEERS AND STOPS WHAT THEYRE DOING/STARTS DANCING WITH THESE STIFF REPEATED DANCE MOVEMENTS WITH SHUT UP AND DANCE PLAYING FOR LIKE A MINUTE.
-all the background character movements look like something from Xavier:Renegade Angel
-the minions-wannabe lemmings have a scene where they urinate in a fish tank with living fish swimming around for a solid minute. When the scene ends and they go into another room they proceed to urinate in a potted plant.
-there’s a girl polar bear with big eyelashes who talks to Norm maybe two times throughout the entire film but is treated like the long sought after love interest in the end and it shows them with cubs because she clearly needed to exist in the film just to have sex with Norm and give him a family he can tell his great twerking adventures about. (Credit to the film, against my expectations the cubs do not twerk)
-a small child is the only person to immediately recognize Norm as a real Polar Bear immediately but this is ONLY because she’s a literal genius who studies them intensely. Everyone else actually thinks he’s a guy in a bear costume.
-Norm is held at the bottom of the ocean by a laughably small piece of a ship that he could have easily pushed off. He closes his eyes and has a flashback of his entire life which just consists of random two second shots of every major character in the film, also the girl polar bear from their one conversation. This is enough to inspire Norm to persevere.
-there’s a wildly baffling and unneeded joke where Norm is put into a flashy colorful outfit but is hiding behind a curtain. His agent says “Norm! We need you to come out!” And when he steps out into the light he says “I think I already did”. The film gives you a few seconds to take it in and laugh because gay jokes in the talking polar bear movie!
-you think the film is going to end when the music swells and there’s a big dramatic shot of the starry sky as the film fades to black. But then a new scene starts that’s just Norm dancing and slapping his butt on a stage for about 30 seconds. Norm jumps off the stage and flattens the lemmings. Then the credits start for real. There is no relevance to the plot in what is the last scene in the movie.


“(Y/n), you go that way with the Maximoffs to free the hostages!” Steve orders. You nod and wave your hand to signal the twins to go down the hallway, and Pietro zooms past you as Wanda and you run after him.

You look at Wanda as you run. “You can open the doors without the keys, right?”

She looks at you, eyes flashing red as she grins. “Are you doubting me?”

Smiling at your best friend, you turn the corner only to be immediately pulled back by Pietro’s zooming body. Bullets rain down where you were just standing.

Your friend leans against the wall, panting. “Soldiers,” he stammers, “They have guns.”

Grinning, you pull off your skin-tight gloves and put them in your pocket. “We don’t need any.”

Rounding the corner, you extend your arms and fire erupts from your palms and onto the Hydra soldiers. Wanda and Pietro keep the bullets from hitting you as the soldiers retreat.

You can control fire, which is why you were recruited for the Avengers in the first place (along with your advanced fighting skills). The thing is, you need gloves over your hands because they’re constantly hot. So, as a result, you wear comfortable gloves (designed by Tony and Bruce) when not in battle.

Pulling your hands back, you pull your gloves back on before drawing your gun (so you don’t melt it), and run down the hallway towards the cells. “You two get the hostages out. I’ll keep watch.”

They nod at you and get to work. As you turn the corner, you almost fall over as you skid to a stop in shock. A person you’d never thought you’d see again stands before you, a shocked look on his face too.

“Coulson?” You ask, disbelief lacing your voice as tears well up in your eyes. “Is that you?”

He has a large cut on the right side of his forehead, and his bottom lip is cut. His mouth keeps opening as if to say something, but he never does. And you don’t either.

Pietro looks toward you from the cells and sees your distressed look. “(Y/n)!” He yells, rushing to your side. Just as he’s about to punch Coulson, you stop him.

“No, Piet, he’s a friend.” You assure him, holding your friend back with one hand as you wipe tears from your eyes with the other. Looking at Coulson, you ignore Pietro’s angry face for him making you cry, you stand tall. “A friend.”

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How would Sinbad, Kouen and Judar react if their s/o had been through a traumatic experience and could barely talk? I love your blog btw! I check it every day!!


  • Sinbad pulls off his shawl, wrapping his s/o. He asks them simple question, only needing yes or no answers. Do you need a doctor. Do you think you can stand. Do you want water. He keeps his tone steady.

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen brushes a stray strand of hair from his s/o’s face. He looks into their eyes deeply, looking for some faint sign they’re okay. He strokes their cheek with his thumb, telling them they’re safe with him. Always.


  • Judar is honestly scared. Seeing his s/o so shaken to their core throws him off, he can’t even feign that he doesn’t care. Crouching by their side, he grasps their shoulders, asking them to please say something.