he can get away with being pantless

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blurb request: 4/4 walking in on you half naked

i love this yessss

ashton: you would’ve accidentally ended up sleeping over at ashton’s place because you both fell asleep during movie night and the next morning you didn’t want to go home in the shirt you were wearing the night before because ashton had ended up drooling all over your shoulder so he’d let you borrow a flannel or something and you’d be in his room with your shirt off with one arm through the sleeve of his shirt when he opens the door because he thought you were changing in the bathroom and not his room. he’d probably gasp when he first saw you because he’s never seen you naked before and then start giggling like crazy and you’d probably yell at him to get out so he would but the image of you shirtless would forever be in his mind.

calum: let’s say you were at calum’s house helping his mom cook or something when you end up dropping something messy and it gets all over you so his mom tells you to go take a shower in calum’s bathroom while she puts your clothes in the washer so you go in and turn on the shower only wearing a towel because your clothes are in the wash and you’d be in the process of dropping your towel to get in the shower when calum bursts in because no one told him you were going to take a shower in his bathroom and you’d turn around and shriek and try to pull the towel back up and hope he didn’t see anything and he’d probably be really confused like why is this cute naked girl in my bathroom what do i do and he’d eventually just squeak out “sorry!” and then run away

luke: i can see luke being over at your house to bake cookies with you but it turns into a flour fight that ends when he smears dough across the butt of your jeans accidentally and you have to go change so you let luke dust off his hair and clothes in the bathroom while you go to your room to change your shirt and after luke gets done in the bathroom he’d go to your room expecting you to be done getting dressed but nope as soon as he opened the door he’d see you pantless and bending over to pick up your dirty jeans from the ground so your ass would be like bam look at me and his eyes would go wide before he tries to sneak out and close the door as quietly as possible but he steps on something and makes a noise causing you to turn around and see him and like dive behind your bed for coverage while he apologizes profusely and runs away

michael: with michael i think you’d have spent the night at his house but not have had sex with him, like you two just cuddled all night or something and you’d wake up the next morning and he’d still be asleep so you’d get up and start changing into the clothes you brought thinking he’d be asleep for a while and he wouldn’t see you naked or anything but once you’ve got all your clothes on you hear “well that was nice” from behind you in a sleepy morning voice and you turn around and michael is awake with his hands behind his head and a pleased look on his face and you’d be totally shocked and ask if he was watching the whole time and he’d be like “yup. you’re not as sneaky as you think you are.” and you’d be like “why didn’t you say something?!” and he’d say “if i did you would’ve stopped…” and then you’d smack him and end up cuddling and making out some more because it really wasn’t that big of a deal that he saw you semi-naked

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