he can explain that

Bts cheering you up:

Request: I just read all ur writings and Omgg there so adorable ur amazing😆😍 I was wondering if u cud do one of bts reacting to their s/o sobbing over something the members can’t really help. Like it’s not anything specific it cud b smthg like being stressed or annoyed🤔 How wud the members distract or cheer up their s/o

A/ N: cute, did you know you sent this after I closed the requests?


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Food and a legion of lame dad jokes. Basic but it gets the job done so why complaining. Seokjin is actually a really fun dude to be around so I doubt you’ll stay as stressed as you were for a long time.


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His calm and cool aura will change in a millisecond once he sensed you’re feeling down and he is pulling silly faces, dancing weirdly, ordering your favorite takeout. He is working his hidden charm.


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Look I don’t know how to explain it he just can. He can make the most tense person feel easy, make a crying person laugh, he just can make you feel better. I call it the Hobi spell.

Rap Monster:

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He would try to keep a distance so you’ll calm down on your own but seeing you crying will change his plans. Your tears are his weakness and now it’s his job to pull that award winning smile and oulling you into his chest to try doing anything to make you feel better, from watching a romcom to dangerously trying to cook you a cheer up snack.


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At first he is serious like babe talk to me, holding hands and kissing your cheeks but that’s just half the Jimin right? Slowly his methods will turn over and giggling you out of your state seemed like the best solution for the both of you.

V/ Taehyung:

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You’re sad, he’s sad so Taehyuung will be trying everything and I litrally mean everything to make you feel better. Food, music, dancing, going for a ride, cuddling. He will dedicate all his talents, abilities and time to make sure you will never cry or pout again.


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Talk to him. He will ask questions, wanting to understand the full situaion before making his move. Obviously video games will be an option, otherwise he will try to seduce you with your favorite food until you cave in. Music will be an imortant factor too. I see him pulling you into his lap and listening to music through a shared headphone while he sings to you.

ii. 1992

He asks her medical opinion like he’s mocking her, and she has to fight the urge to be defensive.

This is what he wants. Spy on him. Learn his secrets. Learn what he knows.

Maybe you can explain to me why it’s Bureau policy to label these cases as unexplained phenomena.

He leans closer to her like he’s telling her a secret.

“Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?”

She smirks. It feels strange on her face.

“Logically, I would have to say no.”

He can’t even tell it’s a lie.

The recent chapter gave me a huge DadMight kick and since I needed something happy I thought i share my headcanon about Toshinori being a pretty good dancer. Since heroes are celebrities many would attend a lot of Galas and Charity events to maintain a certain image. Meaning bulky All Might has to learn to dance with a partner a talent that probably went unused after his injury.

Perhaps some of the kids are out in the dorms living room listening to some upbeat classical, and just relaxing or working on homework, when Toshi walks in curious about the music. Maybe he leans against the couch and taps his foot to the beat or maybe he hums along, either way he seems at ease and excited about it and eventually Mina asks, “All Might can you dance?” He explains that yes he learned how to dance for festive events oblivious to the rising excitement in the room until Mina jumps up from the couch exclaiming that he HAD to dance with them

This leads to Toshi giving impromptu dance lessons to each of the kids in the room, swirling them around and laughing with them as Uraraka, Kirishima, and Mina all try to dance with him at once, and maybe he thinks all those lessons wouldn’t go to waste like he once thought

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"goodbye." And jamilton !!

Thomas was sitting on their bed in the bedroom he shared with his husband, Alex. It had been a few hours since he had read about his affair with maria Reynolds. His eyes were still red and puffy. He cried until he couldn’t anymore.

He heard the sound of footsteps and the door opening. He had already had his bag packed and he was ready to leave.

But he couldn’t without talking with his husband.

“Dear? Thomas? Why are there packed bag?” He looked at him, his face tired and his eyes filled with guilt as his eyes drifted to the paper in his hand. “I can explain-”

“Explain what?” His voice cracked as he looked at him with an emotionless gaze. “Explain that you’ve been sleeping with Maria Reynolds for over a year and a half? I think what you wrote explains it pretty well.” He looked at him with a hurt gaze.

“Thomas, I-” Alex tried to say but Thomas rose his hand. Thomas’s eyes flickered down to his wedding ring and he immediately took it off.

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. I’ve heard enough.” He stared as the ring glinted in the candlelight. “I’m leaving you… I’m taking Philip and leaving back to Monticello.” He announced.

“What? No, please-” Alex started to plead, somehow trying to make him stay.

Thomas grabbed his husband’s hand and placed the ring in it. “Goodbye, Alexander.” He turned on his heel, grabbing his suitcase and packing both his and Philip’s suitcases in his carriage.

Alex hurried after them, grabbing hold of Thomas’s wrist. “W-Wait! Please-”

Thomas turned around. Just one last kiss… That’s all he needed.  Thomas leaned in, pressing a short but soft kiss to his lips. “Goodbye, Alexander…”

Thomas got into the waiting carriage, sitting next to Philip and they were off.

The Reynolds Pamphlet. Have you read this? Ain’t seen nobody ruin their own life. His poor husband.

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Imagine Angus gets frustrated with a spell he's working hard on. He's trying everything, and Taako can't really explain how to do the spell because /how/ would you explain Blink? He gets so frustrated and calls the spell stupid and he ends crying and hugging taako and slips and calls Taako Dad. Taako picks up his magical boy and makes Angus have a break.

asdnjskdfnksdfn yes pls oml

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Ok so I'm into ddlg and my bf like being called daddy but I don't think he understands what that means. I've shown him blogs but he has put the pieces together. How can I explain it to him without ruining the chance of him actually trying to be a daddy?

Ok so act casual , let’s say you guys are watching a movie , u know like be calm don’t scare him off 😅
After the movies finishes ,go on your phone and make sure he can see
Go on ddlg posts
Hopefully he’ll ask what’s that you’re looking at
Then tell him it’s ddlg
Then define what ddlg is and means to you
Say it’s something you want to try out with him and ask me if he’s willing to try something new out
😊hopefully this works!
Update me! I love hearing stories about these thing! They’re just sooooo cute!

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My friend is worried that as a gay man he is being transphobic because he doesn't want to have sex with trans men (pre-op). I told him it's totally okay becuase he's simply not attracted to vaginas, and that's what pre-op men have. Unfortunately, he's read a lot of "it's transphobic to_" articles and he worries that he's being a bad person. How can I explain to him that he's not?

Tobias says:

It’s not transphobic at all. No one is EVER obliged to be intimate with someone else, otherwise that’s rape. 

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hi! I'm a different anon but I'm sorry I didn't understand what you meant by jin being too confident and getting used to his confidence actually means that he has low self esteem. could you please reiterate? thank you!

I’m referring to this mornings chatroom and VLIVE with Seokjin. It means he has been so used to being called/looking handsome that it wasn’t making him as happy/confident with himself. He needed change in order to feel as if he looks good. It was pretty much same old, same old type of thing going on. “Anything I do, I’ll just be called handsome. Am I really that handsome or do people just tell me this?” That’s why he gave himself “ugly” bangs so he can train himself to believe he is handsome. He better explains it in his VLIVE, so watch that. It’s actually a serious talk with Seokjin which I liked. I think it shows more of who he is. They eng sub should be up by now.

Things Dr. Kuseno Has to Deal With
  • Typing out an entire manual for Saitama so he knows what to do if Genos “you know, gets all weird or something”  
  • Explaining to Genos why he can’t have a blender installed somewhere on his body
  • Sitting Genos down and explaining why nearly self-destructing four times in one week is a bad thing
  • Showing Saitama for the seventh time how to manually shut Genos down
  • “You want to know where what is, Saitama?” “Heh, you know…I’m just curious.” 
  • Not asking why Genos has finger-shaped dents all over his body or the occasional bite mark 
  • Getting use to the sight of Genos being carried back to his lab by Saitama on his back
  • Listening to Genos go on and on and on about how great his Sensei is 
  • “He really is amazing, doctor.” “Uh huh.” 
  • Pulling Saitama aside and giving him the “stern father figure talk”
  • “So…are you saying Genos does like flowers…or not?” “Is this really the only reason you came all the way over here?” “Yep.” “*sighs* He does. He likes tulips.”  
  • Listening to Genos have lovey dovey (as Dr. Kuseno liked to call them) conversations with Saitama over the phone while he’s getting repaired
  • Getting a call from Saitama in the middle of the night asking if Genos can get struck by lightning 
  • Getting another call from Saitama asking if “static shock would mess Genos up because he bought me these new fuzzy socks and I wanna shock him but I want to make sure he doesn’t, you know, die if I do.”
  • Being surprised whenever Genos laughs at something Saitama says 
  • Being happy that Genos has finally started to live his life after meeting the hero Saitama    
  • Mahiru: Kuro, could you take out the trash?

So I’ve watched Fantastic Beasts three times this week and I have A LOT OF FEELINGS REGARDING JACOB. GET READY. THEORY 1: Okay so everyone believes that Jacob was obliviated along with everyone else after all that magic stuff, right?
However: earlier in the film (when newt brings jacob down into his suitcase) when newt is shown extracting the venom of the swooping evil used to make the rain at the end of the movie, he explains it can be used to remove NEGATIVE memories. All the muggles had their memories of magic removed because all their memories of magic were associated with negativity.
However, Jacob was brought into the wizarding world and got to experience magic first hand, bond with animals and create POSITIVE memories (in addition to a hot ass girlfriend and a new friend). He has very few negative memories of magic.
So if he went in the rain that was meant to remove negative memories of magic from the muggle bystanders, that would mean that he still retained (if not, vaguely remembered through dreams or something) his positive memories, making it plausible that that’s why he made his pastries the shapes of the creatures he saw, seemed to recognise newt at the end of the movie when he bumped into him with the suitcase full of silver (and also didn’t freak out at the sight of magic silver eggshells)And it also explains the knowing look shared between him and Queenie at the very end of the film– there was a look of recognition in his face. THEORY PART 2: When Jacob was bitten by the Murtlap in the beginning of the film, Newt was quick to assess the symptoms, predict the outcome, and come up with an antidote to undo the affects of the bite. This makes a lot of sense since Newt is so familiar with the animals… So it would make sense that he would know an antidote to the venom of the Swooping Evil, right? Right! So what if, before Jacob went into the rain and Queenie kissed him, she had the antidote on her lips? (He could have taken it before then, but he was all emotional and hesitant to go out in the rain so my guess is that he didn’t have any knowledge of an antidote.) That would, again, explain why he made the pastries look like the animals he saw, how he didn’t freak out when he received a suitcase full of Occamy eggs, called out Newt, and seemed to recognise Queenie in his bakery later. And lastly, THEORY PART 3: So if the venom of the swooping evil was used to exclusively remove muggles’ memories of magic and not JUST negative memories, there’s no way it could have removed ALL of Jacob’s memories of Newt, Queenie, and Tina. Think about it: they weren’t performing magic EVERY SECOND that they were with him. There had to have been times they were just sitting and talking, running down the street, kissing on rooftops (I firmly believe that Queenie gave Jacob a kiss before fighting the Obscurial bc SHE THOUGHT SHE WOULD DIE SO WHY WOULDNT SHE? anyways), etc. So if those memories didn’t involve magic, would they be erased?? NO! No matter how you look at it, it just doesn’t make sense that Jacobs memories would be ALL erased after that. Additionally: in the Goblet of Fire during the Quidditch World Cup, the muggle owners of the facility had to be continually obliviated so as not to expose the wizarding world, and ended up pretty much going insane, if you remember. With that much long term exposure to magic, wouldn’t an obliviation that extreme affect Jacob mentally somehow? In that case, how could he have become a successful baker with a booming business? He had to have retained something in order to be that “together.” So anyways, there are my three (and a half?) theories regarding Jacob, and I hope you feel enlightened if you’re sad and think his memories were erased. I am very invested in this because Jacob was the best character and I refuse to believe they removed all his memories. He was a huge stepping stone in muggle (no-maj?)-wizard relations because he proves outright that not all muggles pose a huge threat to wizardkind. Anyways.


“All that I wanted to hold you so CLOSEEEEE (8)” 

Otayuri x Enchanted (Disney). I used the dialogue from one scene (the one when Giselle is angry for the first time) It took me longer than I expected, and I had to change and delete some parts of the scene because the comic was getting too long haha 

Ok, so Yuri and Otabek are going to pair skate, but Otabek can feel that they are both tired, so he decides that is enough practice for one night.


Yuri can’t explain his feelings for his best friend… he thinks it’s anger, but NO! haha

I don’t know which one to do next, but I’m thinking of Pocahontas (my favorite movie <3)

Also a bonus: