he can be the eyes or it can be some mugger or whatever

AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Midnight Robbery: Ch1

You run into strange things, wandering New Yorks streets at night.

(Credence/Newt. AU where Newt ends up being Credence’s alleyway wizard connection instead of Grindlegraves. Also I just wanted to write Newt being a weirdo while Credence quietly and intensely thinks “what in the fuck” on repeat)

(Warning for very mild hints of suicide ideation. Also warning for the fact that most of this was written on my phone)

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Imagine Peter Parker being jealous of you fangirling over Spiderman

“He’s just so cool!” you continue following Peter into his room. You’ve been going on and on about the red masked hero all week, and although it was flattering at first, Peter was starting to get jealous (though he’d never admit it) As you flop down onto Peter’s bed as you did every day when you’d hang out, you continued going on about Spiderman. “He just whooshes through the sky! He must be SO strong!” you say flailing your arms in a swinging motion. Peter grits his teeth and flips to a page in his Math textbook, “Yes (Y/N) you have already said that like 10 times.” Taken aback by his tone, you turn his wheelie chair around to look at you, “I’m sorry…” you start sympathetically, “I didn’t mean to annoy you…” you finish in a disappointed tone. You’ve been going on and on about the arachnad hero for just about a week now. Since your encounter with your muggers, when Spiderman saved you, you’ve almost become obsessed. You haven’t even given Peter barely any time to talk about his life. You’re best friend, who has been with you through everything, just wanted to be able to talk with you… Peter widens his eyes and shakes his head, “N-no! You didn’t annoy me!” he states “I-it’s just…” he startes nervously. Should he tell you his secret identity? He knows he can trust you. But will things ever be the same? If you know he’s Spiderman, maybe your friendship would be ruined, that is the exact reason why he’s never told you his feelings. Well, that and the fear of being rejected. Your brows furrow in confusion at his last words, “It’s just what Peter?” you ask softly. He’s pulled out of his previous thoughts and looks at you thoughtfully. Your (E/C) compassionatelly looking into his brown ones. Nobody’s eyes compared to yours, the way they lit up whenever you were happy, or the way they’d crease when you smiled. If only you felt the same way about him, but maybe you did. Peter Parker, the one boy with the biggest heart out of everyone you knew. Would never give you his. Countless nights were spent dreaming of futures with Peter you were sure would never come. The thought of his soft pink lips on yours consumed your thoughts day and night, a smile creeped it’s way on your face whenever you would get a text from him. His voice alone could make the worst day the best. He was always there to comfort you when you needed it, and you him. You loved each other, but both of you were oblivious to the other’s feelings. You repeat yourself, “It’s just what Peter?” your voice came out more worried now. You see Peter seem to be having a war with himslef right now. Fighting over what answer he should say. He finally turns his chair back around and starts writing in his book, “Nothing…” he grumbles, and you can’t help but roll your eyes. You love Peter. But sometimes he can annoy you. You flop your back onto his bed and take out your phone, scrolling through instagram, waiting for Peter to finish his homework. It always surprised you how eager Peter was to do his homework. For him, it was a distraction, from being Spiderman, for being bullied, for losing Uncle Ben, and for his crazy feelings for you. He loved the way you tucked your (H/C) hair behind your ear absentmindedly when you were speaking of something that really interested you. Or when you’d bite your nails when you were nervous. He adored the way your nose would scrunch up when you were confused. But you loved Spiderman, not him. Of course you wanted some corageous hero, and not some dorky kid. He glares at his homework at the rememberance of your swooning over said hero and grumbles under his breath, “He’s not that great anyway.” despite his quiet voice, you still heard him. You sat up in shock, “Spiderman?!” you ask. He tenses at the thought that you heard him and tries to play it off cooly, “Y-yeah…” he says rubbing the back of his neck, not looking at you, “I-I mean, uh, he’s just a guy.” You fold your arms across your chest in offense, “Just a guy that happened to save my life!” you retort in Spiderman’s defense. Peter scoffs, nervousness being replaced with annoyance, “Yeah so? I could have done it!” you glare at Peter. You couldn’t believe his hate for the masked hero, “Whatever Peter.” you say shrugging it off, “You’re just jealous.” you finish, with anger in your voice. Peter’s eyebrows raise. “I-I am NOT jealous!” he retorts, pointing a finger at you. You look at your phone and role your eyes, “Whatever you say Petey…” he’s now flailing his arms at you trying to get your attention away from your phone screen as he says, “I mean it (Y/N) I’m not jealous of Spiderman!” You turn your phone of and look at him with a smirk, “Face it Peter, you are completely jealous of your friendly neighborhood–” “No! I’m not!” he interrupts, earning him an eyeroll from you, “Are too!” you say back at him playfully. His glars deepoms, “Am not!” he says sternly. You just smirk again and poke his chest with your index finger, “Are too!” you taunt. This goes on for a while until your faces are inches apart. “Am no-” Peter stops himself once he realizes you tow were subconciously moving closer. Your (E/C) sneak a glance at his soft, pink lips, before looking back at his brown doe eyes and notice he’s staring at your lips too. You slightly lean in a barely noticable distance. Then you freeze. Was your first kiss going to be with Peter Parker? The boy you’ve loved since you met in 7th grade. Peter instantly pulls back, too scared to go any further without telling you his bigfest secret. You, however, take this as rejection, and decode to play it off, fighting back tears, “Your are SO jealous Peter!” he gives you one last glare/smirk before causing the trap door on his cieling to open. Some kind of white string–no web– comes out of the opened area carrying some kind of red and blue outfit. You widen your eyes in shock. Realizing what the white material is. You struggle to find the words, failing as you open your mouth to say something. Peter however doesn’t wast a second, pulling the string off and heading into his closet to change, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Peter Parker is Spiderman?! You thing to yourself. Your Peter Parker?! How? Why? When? What? Plenty of questions circle around your brain as Peter steps out of his closet clad in the red and blue uniform, minus the mask he was holding in his hand. He gives you a sheepish smile. “I’m Spiderman…” he says gripping his mask tightly. You still just stare at him, wide eyed and in shock. His facial expression turns to worry as he gets closer to you. “(Y/N)?!” he asks waving a hand in front of your face, “(Y/N)? Are you okay?” he asks almost frantically, as your eyes remain widened, “Say something (Y/N) he pleads. You meet his eyes and your voice comes out breathless, “Y-you’re Spiderman…” you say admiring his suit. Worry leaves his face and is replaced with a grin. He gives you a spin and you laugh, “You’re Spiderman!” you exclaim throwing your arms around your best friend. He accepts the hug and returns it, nuzzling his head into the nape of your neck. “Yeah…” he says nervously, “I’m spiderman…and…I love you…” you freeze in his arms. You pull apart from him and look into his eyes for any indication that he’s lying, you see none, but you still don’t believe him…Your Peter Parker, loves YOU! By the time you process this, Peter’s face falls. “N-nevermind.” he says pushing away from you. “I get it. We can go back to being friends. Just forget I said anything.” you wave your hand in front of hims exclaiming, “No! Peter I–” “Stop it (Y/N) I know you don’t love me.” he cuts you off. You shake your head, “Peter I d–” he cuts you off again, “I thought that if you knew I was Spiderman, you’d love me like you loved him. Like I’ve always loved you.” he finishez. You throw your arms around Peter’s neck and press a kiss to his lips. One that you’ve waited far too long for. He’s shocked for a second, not sure where to put his hands, until he finally rests them on your hips. The kiss is soft, and gentle, not rushed at all…it was perfect. When you pull apart you place your forhead on his and sigh, “I DO love you Peter!” you say softly, “If you’d have just let me finish!” you hit his arm playfully, and he laughs softly. “And I love YOU, not Spiderman. Sure Spiderman is great, but he’s nothing compared to the sweet, funny, intelligent Peter Parker that has always been there for me.” he sighs sweetly as I say my speech, “I am not in love with Spiderman. I am completely, head over heels, in love with you…My Peter Parker.” With your finish, he presses his lips to yours, never being one with words he hopes the kiss will sum up how he feels. How whenever you smile he feels his whole life get brighter, how whenever he is swinging around the city he watches you do your daily errands and can’t help but wish more than anything that he could be with you, how whenever he’s saving anybody’s life, he’s doing it for you, because he loves you…more than anything. END: Part 2?

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One-shot: Selfish

A/N; this is heartbreakingly sad, I have no idea why I wrote it. This has nothing to do with anything, I just love seeing characters suffer. 

This one-shot in not in conjunction with any other fic I’ve written, I just did this for kicks. 

Pairing: Peter x Reader (older), mentions of Daredevil (platonic)

Summary: Sometimes you feel something for another person, but it isn’t always love. 

Warnings: mentions of blood, cursing, and just straight up sad.

You could say Peter’s soft stirring roused you, but you were never quite asleep in the first place. Starring at his features, you took all of him in; lidded eyes, lashes touching his cheeks. Bloodied nose dripping onto already stained sheet which you’d change come morning. His tousled hair felt flat against the pillow, small strands stick to his forehead with sweat. Peter’s breathing was even and rhythmic, indicating that he was in deep slumber.

At some point, his hands had slipped from your waist to wrap around his middle, clutching his stomach as though his organs would spill from it. You dragged your eyes back to his face, watching his parted lips as though they’d say your name any moment now, a sleepy lullaby in the otherwise quiet room.

He never did.

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The Mission: A Suicide Squad Fanfic - Part 6

The paper sat on the desk in front of her; taunting her.

Certificate of Death

Names: Lynn and Elliott Y/L/N

Died: 2/11/14

Immediate Cause of Death: Fractures to skull and various internal injuries

Due to: Collision with inebriated driver

Then, yet another form was placed on the table before her. It read, ‘Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights’.

This form was essentially an out. A way to escape being her little brother’s legal guardian. A way to live her life without the burden of acting as a parent.

She reached for a pen that sat adjacent to the sheet, scribbled on it, and walked out of the room.

It wasn’t y/n’s signature, but the words ‘hell no’ written in ink, and set in stone.  


It was a cold, bitter night in Gotham City. Y/n folded her arms close to her chest to retain heat as she turned a corner into a dark alley. She was on her way to Eve’s Diner to work the graveyard shift for the second time that week. Her worn down converse tapped the ground lightly with each step she took. She heard a small thud coming from behind a dumpster and quickened her pace.

‘Hey.’ A voice said menacingly. ‘Hey, I’m talking to you!’

She stopped and clenched her eyes shut. If she was held up by some trigger happy douchebag, she wouldn’t live to tell the tale. She had spent all of her money on her brother Jaxon’s meds the previous day. She slowly turned around and found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

‘Shit.’ she whispered.

‘Hello…kind sir.’ she began, raising her hands. ‘Um, do you…do you need directions? Or- or maybe a map of some sort? This area is not exactly safe at this time of night.’ She chuckled nervously. ‘If you need some help, I’m an excellent tour guide. B-because I’m sure you’ve got places you need to go. And, and I’ve got a job to get to where people are expecting to see me…ya know…alive.’

‘Shut the fuck up,’ the man said aggressively, moving closer to y/n.

She stumbled backwards and held her hands out in front of her body. “Look, hey, I’ve got a brother. Okay? He’s only 13 and he’s got heart problems. He’s in the hospital. It’s just him and me. He doesn’t have anyone else.’

The man raised his gun threateningly, saying, ‘Well where the hell are your parents, huh?’

Y/n gulped. ‘They got killed by a drunk driver two years ago.’ She saw the man’s hostile expression falter for a split second, so she continued. ‘Just, please, just let me go. I-I’ll bring you some money when I get my next paycheck, I swear, just…please.’ Her pleas must have had some impact on the mugger, because he ran off into the night without laying a hand on y/n or her wallet.

She held her breath and stood in the alley for about thirty seconds, staring at where a gun had been pointed between her eyes only moments ago, before saying, ‘I’m a motherfucking sorcerer!’ She was helpless to contain her laughter. ‘I’m invincible!’ She yelled. Just then, a faint ‘meow’ came from behind her, causing y/n to jump and yell ‘SHIT!’ She then hauled ass out of that alley and made her way to work.

She rushed to Gotham Mercy General Hospital after work to visit her brother. She greeted the receptionist and proceeded to climb four flights of stairs to reach Jaxon’s room. ‘Hey, stranger.’ she joked. ‘How ya doin’?’

‘Well, I got that cute nurse, Annie, to hug me during an impromptu screening of ‘Marley and Me’. So, I guess things could be worse.’

‘How’d you get to be so smart, kid?’ Y/n asked, chuckling at the cleverness of her younger brother.

‘Hey, when you’re moving along the stages of life as quick as me, you gotta make sure you sound the part. I have a congenital heart defect, sis. I’ve got the heart of an 85 year old, and it’s on it’s last legs. I’m just embracing it.’

‘Hey,’ y/n said, attempting to remain positive. ‘Don’t talk like that, Jax. You and me, we’re doing just fine. You’re- you’re gonna be just fine. And so am I, for that matter. You know that surgery Doc Allen said he could do? The one that could cure you?’

Jaxon nodded his head, a cautious smile forming on his face.

Taking notice of her brother’s blossoming optimism, she continued. ‘Yeah, well, I’ve almost got enough. Money, I mean.’

Jaxon’s eyes lit up like stars in a pitch black sky. Y/n relished the look of hope that fell across his features. That was the greatest news y/n had ever gotten to give, except for the fact that it was total bullshit.

She was nowhere close to reaching the amount of money needed for Jaxon’s surgery, but she didn’t have to tell him that. She was still desperately clinging to the hope that a miracle would occur and she would raise every penny that was required, and maybe a little extra.

‘Lemme tell you, Jax, we’re gonna find a way to get by. Just like always. And I will do everything I can to make sure you’re outta here in a few months. Hopefully, with Annie’s phone number.’ Y/n joked. ‘Ok, little bro, I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.’ She leaned down and kissed her brother’s forehead before turning and walking out of the room.

She exited the hospital and stood, silently, outside. She inhaled deeply, trying her best not to lose it. Sadly, her attempts were ineffective. Tears began to trickle down her face, and then the waterworks began. She covered her mouth to stop a horrendous sob from escaping her swollen lips. She trudged over to a nearby bench and plopped down. ‘Oh, god.’ She choked out, weeping uncontrollably. Her hands flew to her bloodshot eyes as she did her best to hide from the world that terrified her.

Then, like a ray of hope from heaven, y/n lifted her head up and her gaze shifted to a utility pole with dozens of neon flyers stapled to it. But one flyer in particular caught her eye; it was the only flyer that wasn’t colored. It was plain white with no extravagant fonts or anything else that would usually make it noticeable. Y/n stood up and crossed the street to get a better look at it.

It was an advertisement for an experiment that required a test subject. The nature of the experiment was not stated on the flyer, but it said that any volunteer test subject who fit the requirements would be paid $1,000 a day for ten days.

That would be more than enough to pay off Jaxon’s medical bills and pay for his surgery. So, she ripped the flyer off of the pole and returned home.

Later that morning, y/n went to the address that was written on the flyer. Lucky for her, she fit the requirements for the experiment to the letter. 

The scientists put her into a comatose state and performed whatever experiments and tests they needed to for ten days straight.

On the tenth day, after the the scientists had finished their tests, one of them sat y/n down and explained to her what she should expect.

‘First of all, Ms. y/l/n, we here at the Briarwood Center for Scientific Research and Development would like to thank you for your participation in this experiment. Some side effects that you may experience are as follows: migraines, nausea, and fatigue. However, if this experiment comes to fruition as we hope it does, you can expect to see something, well, amazing happen to you within the month.’ Y/n just nodded along, indulging the scientist.

‘Alrighty!’ She replied, feigning enthusiasm. ‘Wow, can’t wait! Can I get my money now?’

Y/n took her big, fat check and went to see her brother at the hospital. She bounded up those four flights of stairs and practically skipped into his room. ‘Jax! Guess what I- who the hell are you?’ She asked, noticing that the person lying before her was not her brother.

After speaking to Doctor Allen, y/n discovered that Jaxon’s condition had worsened in the ten days since she had seen him. He had been transferred to the ICU just three days earlier.

She used her money to pay off all of the medical bills that had been piling up, which cost more than she had anticipated, but she didn’t have enough for the surgery. Once again, y/n was desperate. She worked day and night trying to raise enough money for her brother’s surgery, while dealing with the side effects of the experiment she had participated in.

One night, she arrived home from work and ran straight to the toilet to puke up her dinner. That paired with the brain-melting migraines and how difficult it was for her to keep her eyes open, she became convinced that she was trapped in her own personal hell. ‘What the FUCK did I do to deserve this, huh?’ She yelled, still bent over the toilet bowl. ‘I’m a good person, goddamnit!’ She shrieked, wiping the vomit away from the corners of her mouth with her shirt sleeve.

She stumbled into the piss-poor excuse for a living room in her tiny apartment and dropped to her knees. She became filled with a white hot rage. She felt so unbelievably angry at everything. She was angry at the world, angry at the scientists who experimented on her, and she was angry with herself. She clenched her fists, shut her eyes, and screamed as loud as she could.

All of the pictures that hung on the walls fell to the floor, her television rose into the air and dropped just as quickly, her bed lifted off of the ground, and the dishes in her sink flew across the room and hit the wall, shattering them. By the time she opened her eyes, her apartment was a complete wreck.

‘W-what?’ She wondered quietly. She looked down at her hands and noticed that they were glowing. ‘What the hell’s happening to me?’ She asked, knowing that no one was around to answer.

Then, an idea popped into her head. An idea that she dare not say out loud; it was too heinous, too reckless, too…bad.

‘No. Uh uh, this-there’s no way…’ She trailed off, realizing that there was, in fact, a way. A way that would solve all of her problems. A way that would make everything alright for her and her brother.

In that moment, y/n decided that if she wasn’t going to be given anything in this world, she would have to take it.

She started by robbing local mom-and-pop banks to get the money for her brother’s surgery. She robbed 7 small credit unions before it happened. She got a call from Doctor Allen.

‘Y/n? It’s Doc Allen. Please come to the hospital as quickly as you can…it’s urgent.’

She ran to Gotham Mercy as fast as her legs could carry her. She shoved the doors open and slammed her hands on the front desk.

‘Where is he?’

The receptionist looked at y/n with sad eyes, ‘I-I’m so sorry, sweetie.’

‘No.’ Y/n insisted. ‘No, no, no, no, no. He’s fine, he’s ok, please…tell me he’s ok!’ Some nurses gathered around her as Doctor Allen approached holding a clipboard with forms attached. She recognized those forms.

Certificate of Death

Name: Jaxon Y/L/N

She was sobbing without shame as she yelled, ‘NO. HE’S OK, HE HAS TO BE! NO, NO, NO, NOT AGAIN!’ The nurses held her arms as she tried to collapse on the ground. Y/n was now completely and totally alone.  

Her brother was dead and y/n was livid. She was filled loathing and fury that couldn’t be contained. Jaxon was all that she had left. He was the reason that she stayed good and sane.

But he was gone now.

Now, instead of robbing banks to help her brother, she was gonna rob them to avenge him. She decided to get revenge on all of the rich people in Gotham, all the people who had everything and wanted for nothing, all the people who would have been able to pay for her brother’s surgery. She decided to rob Gotham National Bank.

She planned the heist out for months, put together a team of four other criminals with the skills she required, and then it was finally time.

Y/n’s crew stood at the back entrance to the bank, waiting for their leader to open the door for them. After she had put the idea to go bowling into the minds of the guards at the front entrance, she made her way to meet her team. She walked in front of the group and put her fingers to her head and closed her eyes. The door slowly lifted off of its hinges, and then landed quietly on the ground. The thieves rushed inside, knowing their time was limited.

Every member of the group was loading stacks of cash, uncut diamonds, and priceless jewelry into their rucksacks. That is, every member except for y/n.

‘Hey, sexy,’ one of the more grotesque male group members began. ‘Why aren’t you gettin’ anything?’

Y/n chuckled lowly, then said, ‘I’m not wasting my time. I’m just gonna let you all do the dirty work for me, kill you, and keep everything for myself.’ A hush fell over the group, but then y/n began laughing.

She continued to laugh until she had every crew member laughing with her, and then she used her powers to snap each of their necks.

One by one.

She grabbed each bag that was filled with riches and left the bank, smiling at her wickedness. But, just as she thought she was home free, who should drop from the skies but Batman?

She stopped dead in her tracks, ‘Well, well, well, what do we have here? The big bad bat making an appearance just for me! How sweet! If I’d known you were coming I woulda dressed up a bit.’ She chided.

‘You’re coming with me, Hypnotica.’ Batman said through his teeth.

‘Hypnotica? Really? Is that what people are calling me? I mean, I get it. I control people’s minds, it makes sense but it’s so cliche!’ Y/n turned her back to Batman while still complaining about her nickname, but when she went to face him again he was gone.

‘Huh,’ Y/n said, feeling an eerie sense of relief. ‘That was almost too easy.’

Then, she heard a ‘whoosh’ sound coming from behind her, felt a sharp pain in her neck, and everything went black.

Her eyes fluttered open and she yawned. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She inquired. She sat up from the uncomfortable mattress that she had been lying on, stood up, and walked to the door. She shook the handle and yelled, ‘HEY! WHERE AM I?’

A man in a uniform with the words ‘Arkham Asylum’ written on the chest walked up and said, ‘Shut the hell up, Hypnotica.’

As the man walked away, y/n yelled after him, ‘THAT’S NOT MY NAME YOU ASSHAT! MY NAME-’ she trailed off, and then said under her breath, ‘my name is y/n.’

Y/n remained a prisoner at Arkham for about 8 months until she attempted to strangle a guard because he didn’t give her a full scoop of mashed potatoes.

The night after the mashed potato incident, while y/n was sound asleep, she was heavily sedated and transferred to another institution. An institution called Belle Reve Penitentiary.

This was the place where y/n would live out her three life sentences; where she would remain for the rest of her days.

Or so she thought.


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anonymous asked:

Prompt: What about a story where it's the first time Tim and Kon get close. Like around late Young Justice, or in the break between Young Justice and Teen Titans or something. It can be anything ya want but if you need something more specific it can be Tim having doubts he's a good Robin in secret and Kon happens to hear him.

This is the last ask! I saved this one for last because I was intrigued by the prompt as something I’d kind of played around as an idea about early Tim/Kon. This is earlier than you had listed, more like early YJ, I hope that’s ok! I was just excited for an excuse to write this idea on how Tim and Kon first started becoming friends (with maybe the opportunity to become more later)

Superboy, newly dubbed Kon-El, examined the note he’d found taped to his new room at Mount Justice where he’d been crashing since, well, he had no other place to go. The Gym, 3pm, Be ready to fight. Seeing as only him, Impulse and the new Robin came to the old headquarters they sort of commandeered for themselves and Imp had illegible chicken scratch, you didn’t have to be the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out who was challenging him. He tucked the note into his pocket and kept walking, determined to see what their little group’s resident human was up to.

He honestly didn’t know what to make of the Boy Wonder. I mean, yeah, Superman had gone on before about how impressive Batman was but his kid sidekick didn’t do anything for Kon. He was tiny for one, smaller than even Imp who was just a skinny beanpole himself. Rob was kind of annoying and naggy too, trying to direct and boss around the two metas like he was the leader or something. And who ever thought it was a good idea to put some random dude, a teenager even, in charge of a bunch of superheroes? So maybe that’s why he finds himself walking down to the Mountain’s gym at 10 to 3. He’s curious what the human thinks he can do to someone as strong (nearly) as Superman. Kon probably should be more worried about accidently hurting the kid, they were like maybe sorta friends after all, but right now he really wanted to punch something. Supes let him use the name and the symbol but no matter how much Kon tried, the man wouldn’t give him the time of day. All Kon had was his costume, a rundown secondhand base, a crazy speedster kid and an annoying prep.

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worst mugger ever

im so confused why did i write this i wrote it at like 3 am oh well take it pls

Lance was just walking to the store to grab some fucking cold medicine. This goddamn bout of the flu wouldn’t lay off him. His week had already sucked ass and now this.

Some idiot decided to mug him.

Not today, buddy, not today.

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The Fangirl

1st. Headliner

Iris West is a reporter and her passion is investigative reporting. So the first prompt of Iris week goes to her job.

Happy Flash Ladies Month, y’all!

The Fangirl

Sometimes Iris hates the Flash.

Not Barry. Not even really the Flash. How can she hate either of them? She loves them both.

But the Flash in the papers. The one her professional name has been, is, and will be tied to, forever.

Because no matter how long her career is (and she plans on it being long; she plans to be eighty-some and hobbling up with a micro-cloud-recorder or whatever they have in the future and croaking, “Just a few questions, Senator” and the corrupt senator will basically pee himself because it’s Iris West-Allen asking) they’ll always mention how she was the mouthpiece for the Flash. She was the one who brought his story to Central City and the world.

And the whispers will always, always say that she was never anything special; that all her fame as a journalist is due to that superhero.

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Who says you can’t go home? (Chapter 1)

I don’t really have time to start a longer fic right now but the muse doesn’t seem to care about that!

This is my first attempt at writing Bucky, and people who are familiar with my Loki stories will know more or less what to expect. This is my version of Bucky and I can only hope you guys like him too. I have to thank my hubby who put this idea in my head.

The story is set somewhere between The Winter Soldier and Civil War. I have no idea exactly how long this will be, could be 3 chapters but could also be 10, I follow the muse ;)

What I can tell you is that there will be fluff, angst and definitely smut. No smut yet in this chapter though. 

Feedback is very much appreciated!


Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 1)

Jess filled up the plate with food and handed it to Jack, the old man who was last in line at the homeless shelter that evening.

‘Thank you, my dear,’ Jack grabbed the plate with shaking hands and rewarded her with a dashing smile, showing off his missing bottom teeth,’ you’re an angel sent from God.’

‘Oh no, Jack, I can assure you I’m just a volunteer,’ Jess smiled,’ the people who run this place day in day out are the real angels.’
‘Well, you are an angel in my book, and a beautiful one on top of that, if I was 30 years younger I’d ask you out for a night on the town and blow your socks off,’ the old man winked at her and made his way to one of the tables.

‘I’m sure you would,’ Jess shook her head in a smile and started cleaning up the counter when she felt someone else watching her.

She knew who it was even before she looked up, the mysterious man with the long dark hair and the sad face, he always came in when everyone else was already seated and he never spoke a word to anyone. 

The first couple of times he came in here he had just stood there staring at the food from a distance, as if he was afraid to come closer. This went on for 5 days in a row until Jess started feeling sorry for him and could no longer stand to watch.
‘Wait, don’t run, I only want to help you!’ she had yelled which had made him stop just before heading out the door.

She still remembered the look on his face, as if he was afraid to even look directly into her eyes. 
He looked a lot younger from up close, more a boy than a man, but what struck her most was this undeniable sadness in his eyes.
Whatever his story was, she knew it must have been a tragic one and her heart broke for him. How could he be so young and so lost?

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Shit. I forgot to ask

Prompt: Pietro: “Hey, y/n! Soo…what color should I wear to prom?“

Y/N: "Umm? I don’t know?" 

Pietro: "Well, we have to match. So what color is your dress?" 

Y/N: "Hey, yeah…since when are we going to prom?”

Pietro: “Shit. I forgot to ask.”

Pairing: Pietro/Reader

High School AU

Senior year was coming to an end and everyone knows what that means. Prom.

I’m not  the biggest fan when it comes to dances nor am I part of the we-hate-prom fanclub. To be honest, I barely think about it. I’m planning on going but mostly because it’s one of the last things I’ll get to do with my friends before we graduate and go on our separate ways. At least with most of them.

There’s no way you could separate me from the Maximoff twins. We’ve been best friends since I can remember and we’ve been making plans for college since we were old enough to know what it meant. We would all go to NYU. Solemnly based on the fact that it is in New York and we’ve been wanting to move in there and make some new friends, buy apartments next to each other and have the whole: F.r.i.e.n.d.s. dynamic.

I know what you think…not the usual high dreams you could expect from a couple of teenagers.

But there’s this other thing we always avoid telling other people about our families and to be more specific about Wanda and Pietro’s alchoolic father and the anger issues of mine, which are sometimes resolved with a little bit more than a slap over the face. It’s not that bad…at least that’s what we tell ourselves…we found out pretty late that the way our families work isn’t how it’s suppoued to.

And now, we just want to get as far as possible, as soon as possible. We make the best of what we have and we don’t lose a second more blocked in our past. Because these days, it’s all about the future.

Now, back to prom. I know I said it’s not that big of a deal but apparently it is to people in my class. This is that time of the year when each time you turn around you find someone doing something incredibly stupid in the hope that the object of their affection says yes. I mean seriously, there was a kid dressed in a Jedi suit and did the whole ‘I’m mind tricking you’ thing - You will go to the prom as my date - every year things got wierder and wierder.

I don’t get it why people don’t just go with their friends, that’s what I’m planning on doing. Seriously now, how many high school sweathearts last the summer? Friends, on the other hand, can be for life!

“What got you thinking so hard there, y/n?” Pepper asks as she slides in the chair next to mine during our lunch break.

“Prom…” I reply absent minded.

“Oh, you’re going with Pietro?” she asked rasing her eyebrows in a suspicious manner. What was all that about?

“Yes. I’m going with him and Wanda.” I say focusing on my… I have no idea what I was eating. Me and Pietro figured that if we actually knew what we were suppoused to be eating at the canteen we would starve. So we never asked, we just hoped it wouldn’t kill us.

“Oh…I thought that..never mind.” she dimissed whatever she was about to say quickly and started eating.

Honestly, I didn’t really care to ask so I just tried to keep the conversation alive and said the first thing that popped into my mind. “So, who’s your date?”

“It’s..Tony.” she mumbled softly in between bites.

“Tony? I don’t know any guys named…wait! Stark? You’re going with Tony Stark?” I stared at her, bewilderment evident in my voice, and most likely on my face.

I guess you guys need filling in. Anthony Stark, he would kill me if he would find out I just said Anthony but that’s beside the point, is like… one of the greatest playboys there is. And I’m not talking about High School level playboy. No…I talk about celebrity-pappazi-extremely-rich-people playboy level. There are fanclubs about him, he has actual fangirls. It’s quite emberassing if you ask me. Anyway, Pepper is like one of the few girls who doesn’t..apparently didn’t, buy his crap. And since he and Pietro don’t get along, me and Wandadon’t count. But just because we’re tagged at Speedy’s minions. Don’t ask… Anyway, everyone thought Pepper was the one girl he couldn’t get his hands on. People actually worshiped her for that. And now? All those people left without a godess? Think of the disaster!


“Oh my God! Is he blackmailing you?” of course that must me it! How could I think anything else. I would apologize for that later.

“No! And stop being so rude about it! Yes, we’re going to Prom together. He’s not that bad…once you get to know him. He’s really smart and beside all that douchebag act there has an actual good heart.” she starts defending the asshole. Actually defending him.

“Holy crap! It has begun! The Apocalypse begun! I’m not ready for it!” I say in an overly dramatical voice.

Pepper rolls her eyes and decides to ignore me…I can be pretty much a douche too sometimes but good thing is everybody know they are harmless jokes and no one really gets upset. At least that’s what I think…


I enter my trig class and the most strange thing happens. Stephanie Whitmore is waiting near my desk..which can only mean she’s waiting for me…which can only mean the sun rises in the north. Because that’s how far from the usual this situation is.

“Who is she?” there is obvious anger in her tone and if that wasn’t obvious enough the murderous gaze she threw me should have suficed.

“I promise it was a one time thing. I don’t love her. Not the way I love you!!” so this..this is like the worst time ever to be sarcastic. Like if there was a top 10 worst times to joke around this would come next to never-be-sarcastic-when-you-have-a-gun-pointed-at-your head-and-the-mugger-has-a-funny-moustache.

“Cut the crap, bitch! Now tell me who’s Pietro’s date to Prom!”

“What the..what?! Pietro’s date? What does that have to do with anything?” there was plain confusion. What was her deal with my best friend?

“I asked Pietro to Prom and he refused, me. Me! Saying he already had a date and he would never ditch her!”

“Calm your tits, woman. I’ll talk to him. We’re going as a group. Me, him and Wanda. I’ll let him know there’s no problem if he wants to go with you.” why did she need to scream and cause a scene? Really now, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Though I guess I was pretty impressed he turned Stephanie down to go with me and his sister. That’s actually nice.

“I don’t know who you think you’re kidding with this but I know he has a date! As in a single girl! He’s taking a girl to prom! I already know Wanda’s going with Vision and she won’t tell me who he’s taking. I figured you’d like to keep using both your lungs and you’d tell me what I want.”

Use both my lungs? Who the hell talks like that and wh..wait! Wanda’s going with Vision? When did that happen? And how come Pietro hadn’t beaten the shit out of him yet. There’s no secret he isn’t the biggest fan of having boys near his sister. And really now, what kind of parents name their kid Vision? It just sounds wrong. But..wait. If Wanda’s going with Vision, Pietro with his mystery girl…that means…they totally left me hanging.

“Those little piece of shits!!” I mumble. “I can’t believe both of them got dates for Prom and didn’t tell me. Who the hell am I suppoused to go with, now?”

“Wait, you didn’t know all this? You’re practically useless!” and she storms out of the room.

Didn’t she have trig class too? People are wierd.

But I still can’t believe my best friends did that to me…I don’t mind that they have dates..it would have been nice to know before I turned down the guy in my chemistry class becase I was suppoused to go with my friends…c'mon they could have at least told me!

Rest of the day sucked. I’m still shocked my friends left me in the dark. Apparently it was already a big thing, Wanda going with Vision and Pietro, the best in our school’s track team, with his mysteryos date. They were pretty high on the social ladder, I was practically dragged along and in all High School there was no one who seemed to have caught Pietro’s eye before. And he had enough girls falling at his feet. The news that there was a hidden love interest in the runner’s life was pretty big. People kept on asking me who she was and I had absolutely no idea. He never talked about anyone. And now…I tried to ignore the pit in my stomach and the anger rising inside me each time someone asked me. And it was not because they had left me hanging or they didn’t tell me…it was because I found myself wishing I was the girl everyone was talking about.

And as soon as that thought crossed my mind I realized what my anger had all been about. I was jelous.


I’m home now…reading…listening to music and trying to not think about what happened today at school. Especially the issue involving Pietro. And that’s what I was calling it from now on. And as I was definetely not thinking about the…issue, my phone started ringing and too busy, not thinking about the issue, I hadn’t checked the caller id before answering.

“Y’/n speaking.”

“Hey, y/n! Soo…what color should I wear to prom?” he asked in a playful manner. He was so the last person I wanted to talk to right now. And I can’t believe he had the audacity to ask me what he should wear to the dance with his amazing date that was so spectacular he forgot to mention.

“Umm? I don’t know?” I wouldn’t even bother acting angry with him. He didn’t deserve my..angry words…

“Well, we have to match. So what color is your dress?” he says like it’s the most normal thing to say. What just happened? Was I? Was he?? Was I his date?

“Hey, yeah…since when are we going to prom?” Because I had no idea I was his date…I mean since I didn’t know you can’t really say I ever was but… but that means I’m the mystery girl?

As I debate what it all means I realize the line went silent after my last spoken words before I hear a soft whisper. “Shit. I forgot to ask.”

magic-is-real-sometimes  asked:

clint talking with peter about how to stay on top of the whole superhero thing, (not exactly like mentor student, more like big bro type thing? they're both disasters i feel like they would relate.)

they are most definitely both disasters and i love them for it (sorry this took so long; the last scene really gave me grief. i hope you enjoy it!!!)

Peter rushed through the communal kitchen early one morning, hurrying to avoid missing his train and being late for school. He pulled open a few cupboard doors, shutting them after only quick looks inside. Peter was familiar with where everything was—his overnight visits to the Tower becoming more and more frequent since his aunt had found out his identity—but there wasn’t any food he could take with him. The fruit bowl on the counter stood empty as well. With a sigh, Peter prepared to leave without eating.

“The point of raiding the kitchen is to actually take food, y’know.”

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WestAllen fic:

Title: Good Boys and Bow Ties
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Iris West, Barry Allen
Word count: 8637

Summary:  Iris West punches Barry Allen in the face and falls in love with him in exactly the same moment: the courtship of E2 WestAllen. (Contains some kink, because, um, it turns out that Iris bossing Barry around is super hot?)


Some idiot tries to hold up Jitterbugs’ and a nineteen year old waitress named Iris West – who barely comes up to this guy’s chest – hurls herself at him, cracks him twice in the head with an ashtray and throws him clean over her shoulder. Keeps him pinned with some crazy arm thing until the cops arrive.

Barry Allen, who ducked inside only five minute earlier just to get out of the evening rain, decides he’s going to marry this girl.

Except he doesn’t know her name and it takes him six months of passing by outside Jitterbugs’ to get up the courage to go in and ask.

(Baby steps).

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Death Takes a Holiday - Part 1

Word Count: 2698 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Spn stuff

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Come on, Princess. Wake up.” Dean was hovering over you, gently shaking you trying to pull you out of the nightmare you were currently stuck in. “Y/N!” Your eyes slowly fluttered open and met his concerned ones before you brushed your own hair out of your face. “Wanna tell me what that was about?”

“Not really.” You groaned and sat up, looking around the room for Sam.

“If it was about Sam, you can say it.” Dean said. “He’s at the diner waiting for us. It’s lunch time.”

“It was Sam.” You sighed as you got out of bed and started changing your clothes. Dean winced when he saw all the bruises that still covered your body. “I get that it was the siren, I do. But even with Sam’s size he shouldn’t have been able to take me down that brutally. There’s just something…I dunno…different.” You thought back to your nightmare, Sam with jet black eyes staring you down like you were the enemy and shivered.

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Okay, so I’ve very recently become obsessed with this song by Fifth Harmony. It’s just so damn catchy! Anyway, I was listening to it while writing the other day, and my brain started twisting and turning… I mean, what would it be like trying to keep it cool (when your heart is pounding & a boy is making you nervous) when he’s a werewolf & can hear/sense all that? And, since I haven’t written a Scott imagine yet, I also wanted to do that… And, here’s the result! :)

I’m not sure that my writing quite matches the tone of the song itself, but I used a few excerpts from the lyrics, that’s what I really gravitated towards when writing this. I hope you all enjoy it!

I don’t admit it. I play it cool, but every minute that I’m with you I feel the fever, and I won’t lie, I break a sweat. My body’s telling all the secrets I ain’t told you yet…

Being around Scott McCall was the most heart pounding nervous you had ever felt in your entire life. This boy made your pulse quicken and your heart race. Being around him was both exhilarating and nerve wrecking. Whenever the caramel-skinned boy was around, your palms started sweating. It took everything in you to even appear calm and collected on the outside because that was definitely not how you felt on the inside. If Scott could only hear your heartbeat, your body would give away your secret. You were unequivocally and completely in love with him. But, you were also too afraid to tell him. He had been the first person to even notice you when you moved to Beacon Hills, and he had been the only person who was nice to you. Since then you’d gotten to know and become friends with all of his friends, but you knew that had more to do with Scott than it did you.

Every once and a while, you’d look over at Scott and you’d catch him looking back at you with those coffee-colored brown eyes, and he had a goofy, lop-sided on his face. He’d duck his head and cast his eyes downward and train them on whatever was in front of him.

You’d heard rumors about Scott’s past relationships, and it was undeniably intimidating. His first love was some sort of epic Romeo & Juliet romance with her parents hating him, but anytime Allison’s name was brought up, you could still see the heartbreak in Scott’s eyes. You couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to see your first love die, right in front of your eyes, by some muggers. At least, that was the rumor that you had heard… Even without ever having met Allison, you could tell how much she and Scott had meant to one another. It was in the way that your friends spoke of both her and the relationship with Scott. Mostly though, all you had to do was look at the boy who unknowingly held your heart in his hands. Every emotion was there, written all over his face.

Then, there was Kira, his most recent ex-girlfriend. Apparently she had been the new girl before you, and she and Scott had been smitten with one another immediately. Kira was so sweet, quirky, and strong. You saw so much strength in that girl, and she intimidated the hell out of you, no matter how nice she was. You had never gotten the story about why she and Scott had broken up. Nobody really talked about it. You knew that Scott and Kira were still friends, good friends, though. You often wondered if Scott was still holding a torch for the girl. It wouldn’t be hard to understand why.

You had to wonder if you could measure up to either of those beautiful girls, let alone both of them… But, none of that could make your heart stop wanting Scott. You tried to tell yourself that you needed to distance yourself to protect yourself, but it never worked. Every time you tried to talk yourself out of being around him, your feet betrayed you. And, when your feet betrayed you, so did the rest of your body. You noticed how everyone watched when you and Scott were around each other. Lydia often made comments about your crush on Scott, about how you should make a move – that everyone thought so. But, for some reason, Scott didn’t seem to notice the way your body reacted to his. Or, at least, he had never made a move to make you believe that he noticed it. He just always acted like Scott, the way he always had.

You look up at the party you’re currently at with Lydia and Malia to see Scott watching you from across the room. You send a shy smile his way before turning towards your friends and excusing yourself.  You needed some air. The party was crowded, and after locking eyes with Scott just a minute before, you needed to catch your breath.

A few minutes later, you’re standing by yourself outside, just looking up at the stars. “Too overwhelming in there for you?” You turn your head when you hear his voice. You catch your breath as you see his twinkling eyes locked on yours, like he knew that’s exactly where you’d look.

“This moment is feeling pretty overwhelming.” It slips out of your mouth before you even realize you were thinking it.

You’re nervous until you see Scott’s own smile grow. He takes a few steps forward until he can touch you. He reaches his hands out to grip your hips, slowly pushing you back until your back is pressed against the side of the house. Scott’s eyes look deeply into yours, as if he’s asking your permission. He was hesitating, giving you just one last minute to change and push him away. You move one of your hands up and tangle it in the hair at the back of Scott’s neck while the other grips the front of his denim button-up shirt and pulls him closer.

The last thing you see before closing your eyes and feel Scott’s lips on your own is his smirk. The kiss is the most intense, deep, and passionate thing you’d ever felt in your entire life. You felt it all throughout your body. Your knees were weak while your arms clung to this amazing boy. Your head was spinning, and your body heat was skyrocketing. You heart is literally trying to beat itself out of your chest, but you couldn’t even feel it at this point. All you could feel were Scott’s soft lips on yours.

When you pull your head away from Scott’s, in desperate need of air, you open your eyes to see him already looking at you. You don’t know what you were expecting, but this wasn’t it. His eyes were soft and held such care and warmth. He was looking at you like he never wanted to look away. Scott lets one of his hands move to gently touch your forearm while the other lifts to cradle your head. He leans down and kisses the top of your head. “Can I drive you home?” He asks.

“That sounds great.” You bite your lip and follow Scott as his hand that was touching your forearm slides down your arm gently until he’s holding your hand, his fingers interlocked with yours.

The truth is out, no stopping now. I’m getting closer. I’ve had enough.

The truth was out there now. If Scott didn’t realize how you felt about him now, there was absolutely nothing in the world that could make it more apparent. You just hoped that he felt the same way.

There wasn’t a lot of talking on the ride home given that Scott drove a bike, but you loved the feeling of wrapping your arms around him and holding him tight. He seemed to enjoy it too, given that at every stop he moved one hand down and held yours, even if it was just a few seconds. Damn, this boy sure had done a number on you. Hopefully he didn’t do another one and break your heart while he was at it.

All too soon, you and Scott arrive at your house. You swing your leg and get off the back of Scott’s bike while handing Scott the helmet back that he’d let you borrow. He takes his own off and just looks up at you. “Your heart was beating really fast all the way here.” He smiles that lop-sided smile at you.

You take a second to think to yourself before biting your bottom lip and then taking a deep breath. “What did that kiss mean, Scott? Because, I think it’s pretty clear that I like you… If you don’t believe me, just feel my heartbeat. It’d hit you like a sledgehammer.” You wring your hands over and over again in front of your body. This was the most anxious moment of your life.

“It meant everything.” Scott leans forward, reaching out to hold your head between his hands, as he leans in to kiss you lips tenderly. “I want you. I want this… us.” Scott looks deeply into your eyes again.

Your face breaks out into a huge smile. “I really want that, too.”

“Good, now come here.” Scott grins at your before pulling your face closer to his own again until your mouth is covering his.

Love at First Run

 “Try her,” Sam Winchester suggested, nodding towards a small blonde girl who was perched on the hood of a beat up Chevy with rusty Kentucky plates, an enormous book in her lap.

                Dean, who had been watching the blonde long before his brother had noticed her, just chuckled lowly. “Trust me, Sammy. I’d like to do a lot more than just try that—”

                Sam elbowed Dean sharply in the side, cutting off his remark. “Just do it, Dean. The sooner we get these people cleared out the better.”

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