he can barely keep his eyes open or move his lips

Waking Up [Connor x Human!Reader]

* Author’s note: English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. Hope you like it!

                                            (credits to the gif’s creator)

A ray of sun sneaking from a narrow separation of the curtains managed to reach at some point right in your eyes, making you leave your dream world and wake up slowly. Immediately after you managed to fully wake up, you felt a slight weight on your chest and a tired smile rose on your lips when you felt the heat that was radiating that weight. You took a hand from the heavy covers of the big bed that wrapped around you and lifted it up and then laid it on Connor’s hair, entangling your fingers and covering them gently between his brown locks.

Again listening to my heartbeat?” You questioned in a sleepy tone with a funny touch.

You could feel Connor’s lips curling into a smile against the bare skin of your chest and how his eyelashes fluttered delicately giving you a little tickle. “I’ll never get tired of doing it.”

“Sometimes you creep me out a little.” You joked between a snickered while caressing the soft hair of the android above you. One of the many things that fascinated you about Connor was his hair and how soft it was. “I think I’ll never get used to your robotic behaviors, even now that they’re minimal.”

Waking up in a world in which the androids revolution had already been victorious and both human and androids coexisted in peace and neither of them behaved like slaves or owners, was quite pleasant. You felt happy and you knew that your partner was happy too.

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A small piece where Y/N can’t get Harry’s attention, so she pouts and decides exactly how to grab his attention

Y/N rarely begs Harry for anything. He’s usually one step ahead of her, always making sure she had everything she needed. Cuddles, hugs, good morning texts. But sometimes he can get caught up in his own work, Y/N has no problems with it obviously. Yet it only gets in the way when Y/N really wants something. And not just anything. But something only Harry could satisfy.

The first time Y/N acted out like a brat, Harry was answering emails.

He was lied out on the bed, back propped up by the headboard with the MacBook in his lap. His ankles crosses and hair slightly fluffed over his forehead due to just waking up. His glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, scratched at his stubble dusted jaw letting his eyes dart on the screen at the multiple emails sent by his manager. It was barely 8am on a Saturday, Y/N usually slept in on the weekends, it was her escape from the hectic schedule of work and schooling. Something was keeping her up though. She lied in bed with her back facing Harry, stretching her arms over her head once she became aware. Y/N peaked up at him sleepily, seeing his bright green eyes looking down at her.

“Up this early in the mornin’? Tha’s a record.” Harry teases letting his right hand lightly scratch over Y/N scalp making her hum out in delight.

“Heyyy don’t be rude… I can be up early if I put my mind to it.” Y/N quipped in. The only thing on her mind right now was for Harry to put his mouth on her.

She’d never ask him for it though. She would always think she’s got it all in her head, pep talking herself in the mirror to get the confidence to just come straight out and tell him exactly what she wants. But she can never get past the first sentence. Harry always can read her before she can even mention what she wants from him. He says it’s all due to his “impeccable reading of people” but Y/N just thinks her flushed cheeks are a dead giveaway.

After sharing a few kisses and daily questions they went through every morning that he asked. “Did you sleep well,” “what should we make for breakfast,” she could usually answer them with no problem. But she was getting too distracted on the way his mouth spoke certain syllabas, the way he used his knuckles to push the glasses further up his nose. Everything that should seem normal, but was just making her body even warmer. Harry caught on to her spacing out, brushing the tip of her nose with his finger.

“Did you even hear a word o’ what I just said?” He rose an eyebrow looking down at her. Y/N moved her eyes back to him immediately dropping them back down when her eyes met his. She meaked out an embarrassed ‘no’ before he smirked softly leaning over kissing under her ear.

“Go brush your teeth an’ we’ll make some breakfast yeah?” Harry tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before rubbing his thumb across her jaw. Y/N blinked a few times before getting up and heading over to the bathroom to freshen up. She brushed her teeth, combed through her hair, she even splashed cold water on her face to just snap her out of it.

But nothing worked.


And now she was left to fluster her way through to get Harry to do something to her. Y/N opened the door after drying her face with a towel, he was still lied there in the same position, ruffling his hand through his hair yawning out. She stood by the end of the bed just watching his, fiddling with the sleeves of the sweater of his she wore. Harry trailed his eyes back to her smiling sweetly.

“Look a’ you… all fresh an’ ready to go.” Y/N smiled slightly nodding before gnawing on her lip.

“Yeah! Yeah yeah I just….” Just like that she was at a loss for words. Anytime she started a sentence in a certain way, Harry’s eyes would immediately dart over to hers, his eyebrows scrunching in concern. She hated when she worried him, it was never her intention to, I mean how were you supposed to ask your boyfriend to just eat you out. It should be easy, but with someone like Harry, it’s more tedious than it should be.

I just really want your mo-“ She’s suddenly cut off by Harry’s ringtone blaring, making his eyes move to the phone left on the nightstand. “Jus’ give me a minute love…” Harry mumbled before answering the call.

Just like that he answered the phone. Y/N looked at him, dropping her hands by her sides letting her lower lip jut out in a pout. She didn’t mean to be someone who wanted a lot of attention, but she wants attention. Especially when she’s needy for him. Something in the way he answered the phone made Y/N reset her words in her brain. She knew a way to get to Harry.

It was risky, but she knew she had to take it if she wanted him to do something now.

Harry has his phone held between his shoulder and ear, typing away on his laptop letting out noises of responses to whoever was on the other line. Y/N crawled over to his side, resting her hand over his forearm. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, moving his hand for a minute to brush his thumb over her knuckles. She moved to lean her chin to rest on his shoulder, pressing her lips against his ear, tugging his hand that was over hers, to her thigh. Harry let his hand rest on the outside of her thigh, suddenly glancing down at it. He moved his head up to sit straight, using his other hand to pressing the phone against his ear.

“H….. really need you right now…” She murmured quietly in his ear, slipping her fingers between the open spaces of his on her thigh. Harry looked at her moving the phone away from his mouth.

“Sweetheart.. ‘m on a call jus’ give me 5 minutes..” He mumbled moving his phone back to his mouth before resuming the conversation with what sounded like his manager.

Y/N frowned pulling just her head back to look at him, his eyes not even bothering to look back at her, too focused on the screen in front of him. Her own patience was wearing thin, deciding to shove the computer off his thighs and crawling in between them. Harry looked at her with furrowed eyebrows glancing back at the screen and then her. Y/N just shrugged tapping her fingers against his thighs casually keeping her eyes on him. He looked down at her hands before grabbing one of her wrist and sending a warning glance before setting her wrist down in her lap. Y/N pouted moving her hands back to the waistnand of his boxers, slipping her fingertips in. Harry widened his eyes quickly grabbing her wrist and moving to press the phone against his shoulder to muffle the speaker.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Harry hissed keeping his hold on her wrist.

“You aren’t paying attention to me, have to figure out ways to do it obviously.” Y/N bluntly stated rolling her eyes.

Harry narrowed them before murmuring our a low ‘quit it’ before returning back to his call, now making sure his eyes were focused on hers the whole time. At this point she would’ve stopped, realizing whoever was on the other line is important and whatever they were talking about was obviously something that Harry would have to pay attention too.

But she wasn’t going to stop.

Y/N moved to lie on her stomach between his legs, pulling out his cock from his boxers. Before he could let out another scolding, she immediately wrapped her lips around the tip, lolling her tongue around. Harry let out a choked breath moving his free hand into her hair. She let her eyes trail up to his raising her eyebrows up before pulling back, letting her hand slowly work over his shaft. Harry shook his head gritting his teeth together.

“Yeah ‘m fine mate don’t worry about it… I can’t believe what the fuck are you doin’…” Harry spoke through clenched teeth at the last part. Y/N bit her lip shaking her head innocently, acting like she had no clue what she was doing. She let her tongue lay flat on the underside of his prick, letting it drag up lazily before flicking her tongue against the bead of pre-cum that had escaped. She was fully now wrapping her mouth around his cock and letting her head do the work. Her hand pumping over his shaft ever time she moved her mouth up making his head slam back against the headboard squeezing his eyes shut. He had more self control than this, but something about the way her mouth was hot around his dick was making his mind go in circle. He couldn’t think straight with her doe eyes looking up at him like she isn’t choking on his cock.

“I go-got it yes-fuck I’ll talk to you later ‘m busy.” Harry quickled rambled out before slamming his hand down on the bed with the phone. His hand quickly tangled in her hair tugging her head back toughly. A line of spit connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock, breathing out heavily against the warm skin.

“You are jus’ not listenin’ today are you petal…” Harry clicked his tongue shaking his head as he looked down at her with dark eyes. “Know ‘m on an important call… still disobeyed..?” Y/N licked over her lips dropping her eyes down.

“I’m sorry daddy… just wanted something…” Y/N meekly whimpered out, his hand tugging at her roots to have her eyes move back to is.

“Well if you jus’ would ask… daddy wouldn’t be so rough with his baby now would he…” Y/N nodded biting over her lip pouting out as she looked at him.

“I tried saying something! You didn’t listen though!” Harry raised his eyebrows at her tone making her shrink back slightly.

“I said I’d be with you in a minute didn’ I..? You weren’t being patient…” Y/N huffed out moving her eyes away from his face.

“I know I know….. sorry daddy…” She mumbled out looking back at him, tilting his head to the side.

“‘M letting you off with a warning this time… next time it won’t be pretty do you understand?” Harry lowly mumbles leaning his head down slightly to make his point clear. Y/N nodded glancing over his face biting over her lip.

“Good girl…. now.. go ‘head…. finish what you started…” Harry leaned back against the headboard again watching her with raised eyebrows, his lips quirking up into a smirk once he saw her eyes light up again.

The second time Y/N acted like a brat, both of them were at a restaurant with a group of friends.

They were both sat together in a booth, Y/N was pressed against the wall, sitting on the inside of Harry’s side. His hand rested comfortably on her thigh as he talked to one of his friends about a story she’s heard a million times before. She hasn’t had much to drink this time coming out. She would’ve been nursing a couple margaritas by this time but something was once again taking her focus off of anything. Her eyes turned to watch Harry animatedly explain his story using his free hand to gesticulate every word. Her mind flashed back to that morning he tugged at her hair she could feel her scalp prick with pain. The way he just looked down at her with a harsh stare that would make her want to crawl into a hole and never come out, but at the same time just completely soak her panties. She liked the way he was asserting his position in their relationship.

She loved he way he just dominated her.

Her hand moved to rest over his, using her fingertips to trace over the rings that adorned his fingers. Harry turned his head to look st her adoringly, squeezing her thigh in response. Y/N smiles leaning over to press her lips over his ear, tightening her grip on his hand. “Daddy….”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly turning his head to look at her properly, blinking a few time to understand what she said. She looked at him sinking her teeth in her lower lip sliding his hand up her thigh slowly. “‘M soaking for you… want you to take me home right now.”

Harry shook his head grabbing his glass of water raising his eyebrows over the rim of the glass. “Stop it…..”

Y/N pouted before pressing his fingertips over that spot over her underwear, specifically wearing a skirt of this occasion. Harry swallowed thicker looking down at her lap where his fingers were now pressing against her warm heat. He sucked the air through his teeth glancing at her through his eyelashes.

“You are so in fo’ it when we get home I swear…” Y/N looked at him with excited eyes trying to hide the way her thigh clenched even more hearing the way he spoke. Harry pulled his hand back before looking back at the table and explaining their sudden plans to leave. “Missus has a bit of a stomach flu happening, gonna take care of her now” he murmured helping Y/N get out of the booth alongside him. Both saying farewell to their friends, some of them wishing Y/N a full recovery as they headed out back to his car. The way Harry had his fingers tightly locked with her own, was making Y/N anticipate what was waiting at home.

The minute Y/N stepped into the door, Harry had her shoved against the nearest wall. She let out a gasp of shock pressing her hands against the wall to turn around. Harry came around quickly to press his body up against hers, wrapping his fingers around her waist.

“You jus’ don’t know when to behave do you…” Harry whispers hotly against the crook of her neck, baring his teeth against her skin, letting her head fall back on his shoulder. Y/N’s eyes shut feeling his mouth work on her neck, licking over her dry lips trying to move her wrists away from his grip. Harry squeezes over them pressing pressing his mouth against her ear.

“If you move those hands an inch… I won’t let you cum once tonight… understood…?” Y/N swallowed thickly nodding quickly before being turned around looking up at him. Harry moves her hands to rest on the wall by her hips before sinking down on his knees. He leaned forwards nipping up the skin of her inner thigh, holding the back of her knees as he looked up at her. Y/N’s hands were clenched into fists twisting slightly every time he sunk his teeth into the supple skin of her thigh. Harry moved his head under her skirt, it being flowy enough for his head to disappear completely under the fabric. His tongue pressed flat against her clit letting it nudge around over her underwear. Y/N dropped her head back whining slightly as her hands itched to just slip into his hair. Harry pulled back finally and slipped off both her skirt and panties, pressing kisses all over the apex of her thighs. He could see in the corner of his eyes, her fingers flexing and un-flexing each time his mouth would brush against her clit. He couldn’t help but let a smirk spread across his lips, knowing that whatever he was doing, she was trying her absolute hardest to stay still.

Harry licked over his lips before wrapping them snugly around her clit, letting the tip of his tongue roll the bundle around in his mouth. Y/N jaw dropped open looking down at him feeling her knees buckle. Harry quickly grabbed her thigh before throwing one of them over her shoulder, giving him more access to lick into her. His tongue moved back to lap up everything that had come out, letting out a growl against her clit when lifted her hips up into his mouth.

“Taste so fucking sweet… could spend the rest o’ my life here…” Harry mumbled against her inner thighs nipping roughly at thr tender skin making her cry out, slamming her hands down onto the wall.

“Oh my… fuck me… right there H.. oh my god…” Y/N squeaked out whining as he pulled back with raised eyebrow. “What did you just call me?”

Y/N quickly shook her head desperately moving her hands to her thighs to clutch into something. “Nothing daddy please.. please please please just come back… please!” Y/N begged, before nearly crying in relief when he returned his mouth back onto her swollen clit, letting his jaw work feverishly to pull her to her high. She looked down at him with her jaw dropped feeling her tummy coils, digging her nails into the skin of her thigh. She was so close. So so so close.

And then he pulled away.

Harry stood up to his feet as she looked up at him blinking through some tears, feeling her high escape her slowly. “Why did you do that! I was so close.” She cried out sniffling slightly. Harry shook his head turning her around pressing her chest back against the wall.

“You think this was gon’ be easy…?” Harry tutted shaking his head as he grabbed her hips and pressed his aching bulge against the swell of her bum. She purposely pushes back against him, resting her fists against the wall beside her head whining.

“I’m sorry daddy… I’ll never do it again I promise.. just.. j-just let me cum… please…” Y/N whimpered hearing the ruffling of his clothes coming of. She glanced over her shoulder before he pressed his lips lightly across her cheek.

Oh baby… baby baby baby… relax… ‘m comin’ ‘m comin….” Harry coos out against her cheek, holding her hips, letting his thumb rub across her heated skin. She shut her eyes slightly relaxing into his movements. Her eyes quickly shot open letting out a choked cry once he got in one smooth thrust. Harry growled against her shoulder grinding his hips down immediately.

“‘M going to fucking ruin you…” His hips moved to a rhythmical pace, her forehead pressed against the wall, letting out choked whined and moans every time he reached that spot. Harry’s forehead pressed against the back of her neck slamming his hind into her perky bum, making him want to cum on the spot.

“You feel me… right.. here.” He emphasized when he lightly squirmed his hips to nudge that spot, pressing his hand against her tummy. Y/N gasped dropping her hand to rest over his before nodding desperately.

“I-it feels… so good fuck…” Y/N cried feeling his free hand move to wrap his hand around her throat.

“Are you ever going to act like a brat like that ever again..?” Harry asks pressing his nose against her temple squeezing down on her throat ever so slightly. Y/N gasps out shaking her head, the pressure on her throat intensifying the bubbling in her tummy.

“Are you ever going to disobey daddy every again..?” Harry takes her lobe in between his teeth pressing his hips flush against hers, just staying there. Y/N shook her head once again trying to move her hips against his, but it was no use.

“N-no I’ll never disobey you ever again daddy.. never never never I-I promise just.. let me cum please, ‘m so close..” Y/N chokes out a sob dropping her head down. Harry looked at her moving his hand down from her throat and rubbing quick circles over her clit, keeping his hips still against hers.

“Wan’ you cummin’ jus’ like this….” Harry murmurs nudging his nose against her cheek maid her head turn to lock eyes with his. His other hand moves to slip in between her fingers, tightly intertwining their hands as he worked his fingers against her. Y/N pressed her cheek against the wall looking at him through hooded eyes trembling slightly under him. Harry tilts his head to press his mouth against hers, letting his tongue lick into every inch of her mouth as she chased her release. Y/N dropped her jaw against her mouth letting out a string of whines and his name as she finally came. The clenching around his cock making him cum just behind her, letting out a low groan, burying his face in her neck utterly exhausted.

Y/N turned her head to press her lips over his forehead smiling sleepily rubbing over his knuckles.

Baby…. baby come on….” Y/N cooed out softly to Harry who just let out a tired moan against her neck, lifting it up lazily. His sweaty fringe draped over her forehead, eyes tired but gleaming with excitement, lips puffy with his constant gnawing. Y/N wishes she could engrave this picture in her head for the rest of her life.

If this is what being a brat brought, then she won’t hesitate next time to push his buttons.

Crescent Bound {M} - Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Werewolf! AU/ Smut / Dash of Fluff
Word Count: 12,730 

Crescent Bound Series Masterlist | Yoongi

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content (and if you can handle that then I’m pretty sure you can handle the coarse language)

The first time you noticed a change with Jungkook was towards the end of summer before classes started again. It was late evening. The last of the summer heat for the day drawn away and the cool breeze from the open window crept in. You shifted closer to Jungkook, feeling the warmth of his body radiate off him to you. His body temperature always running a tad bit higher than yours and you would tease him about it. He’d joke and say that it’s because your heart was so cold and his was warm. He had been  your best friend for as long as you could remember. There was nothing that you two didn’t know about each other. It started off as your typical night with Jungkook, watching movies on the couch in the living room of his house. You had cuddled him before, something that was nothing more than an innocent gesture between both of you. Yet that night was different. When you moved closer to him he stiffened, and though you had barely brushed against him a loud groan escaped his lips before he collapsed from the couch on to the ground. He keeled over grasping at his wrist, his breathing erratic.

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Prompt: The shirtless scene, in reverse. Extremely angsty instead of sexy, because that’s how I roll..

The bond stays closed for several weeks after Crait.

Rey had thought it would be harder, that she’d spend every waking moment stitching together the loose threads of it, warp and weave a barrier to herself just to keep him out.

But there’s nothing. It’s just hollow.

Like her.

Like him.

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3:18 AM

Originally posted by thegirlbehindtheblackcamera

Thanks for this request! A little bit of sleepy, smutty Harry. It was a fun one to write. Love you all so much. xx - L

You and Harry’s thigh get close in the middle of the night.

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 1,156

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Dean’s not drunk, exactly. He’s just this side of tipsy and drowsy in the way you only get after a really good meal. Add to that the pure giddiness he’s been riding all evening, having most of his family under the same roof and having dinner together, and the effect is almost like being drunk.

The good kind, though. The kind that leaves him loose and a little fuzzy in the head and unable to keep from smiling. 

About half-way through the evening, their drinks run out and Dean offers to pick up another round in the kitchen (for the adults, Jack and the girls got cut off after one beer each). He hardly notices when Cas follows, besides the vague feeling of relief that he won’t have to carry it all back to the living room by himself.

“Grab a bottle of red,” Dean instructs Cas as he rummages through the fridge for beer. “Jody likes it classy. And it’s apparently good for the heart.”

“It’s not,” Cas replies but he selects a bottle from the wine rack anyway. 

Dean gathers a couple of beer cans in each hand and turns, nudging the fridge door closed with his hips. Cas is reading the label on the wine bottle, brows furrowed slightly in concentration. It’s really ridiculously endearing, and Dean can’t stop the affectionate smile from spreading across his lips.

Then Cas looks up, their eyes meeting, and he smiles back and… something just goes wrong inside Dean’s head. 

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When they first started sharing a bed it used to startle John into alert wakefulness on the evenings when Sherlock would crawl under the covers in the middle of the night, long after John had gone to sleep.  The heavy comforter would move, Sherlock’s arm would brush against him, and John’s heart would kick into high gear, his eyes snapping open and his hand flinging itself out for a gun that wasn’t there because he’d had the good sense to leave it upstairs.  Sherlock had handled it surprisingly well after his initial surprise; he’d simply lowered himself, slowly and carefully, until he was laying down, not touching John except for one hand that curled loosely around his bicep, and murmured “Breathe, John.  You’re safe.  Nothing’s going to hurt you.”

John couldn’t bring himself to say that it wasn’t images of himself being hurt that frightened him.  He’d focus on the warmth of Sherlock beside him and the gentle pressure of his hand–comforting but not restraining–and simply breathe until he felt like he could move again.  Then he’d turn and pull Sherlock against him, press his nose into the soft curve of his neck, and focus on the feeling of his heartbeat against his lips until he fell back to sleep.  When he woke he’d always find that Sherlock had shifted until his back was pressed to John’s chest, John’s arm curled protectively around his waist, his forehead hot against the back of Sherlock’s neck.

It went on like this for two months.  Then, one night, Sherlock slipped into the bed a little after midnight, and John didn’t startle awake, didn’t stop breathing.  He did wake, but it was gentle, easy.  His eyes opened blearily as the bed dipped, and he felt Sherlock go still, waiting for the inevitable alarm to go off in John’s head.  But John only shifted like someone who’s still half-asleep, only turned enough so that Sherlock could settle back against him just the way John knew he liked, his fingers threading through John’s where he held his hand against his chest so that John could feel his heart, a steady thrum against his palm.

“I never would’ve pegged you for the little spoon, you know,” he said, his voice rough with sleep.  He tightened his arm and brushed his lips against Sherlock’s bare shoulder.  “S’good, though.”

“Mm, you let my physical appearance cloud your judgment,” Sherlock said, and John could feel the vibration of his words, pressed together as they were.  “You assumed that just because I am the taller of the two of us that I would prefer to be the ‘big spoon,’ as you say.”

John couldn’t help a small huff of laughter.  The idea of hearing Sherlock Holmes talk about spooning would’ve been unthinkable a mere few months ago.

“Besides,” Sherlock went on, “it suits us both.”


“Yes.  You find comfort in being able to surround me, in the feeling that you’re keeping me safe.”

It wasn’t surprising that Sherlock had figured that one out.  Pretty obvious, really.  He’d probably deduced it that first night even when John was too much of a wreck from his own fears to put it into words.

He kissed Sherlock’s neck, speaking against his skin.  “And you?“

“I’ve never liked being confined or restrained.  I’m sure that’s a surprise to you,” he said dryly, and John laughed.  Then Sherlock’s voice softened, and his hand tightened around John’s.  “But then I met you, and you surrounded my entire life, and I discovered that I didn’t mind the way you invaded my every thought, my every action.  I spent years wanting to be confined in your arms the way I was confined in my absolute affection for you.  And now I finally can be.  So.  That’s how it suits me.”

John swallowed thickly.  “There’s another thing I never would’ve guessed about you.”

“What’s that?”

He tugged gently at Sherlock’s hip until he turned so that John could kiss him.  “You’re a bloody romantic.”

He could feel Sherlock’s smile curve against his lips.  “Only for you.”

“Mm, let’s keep it that way.”

Sherlock’s answer was soft, barely murmured into the infinitesimal space between their mouths.  “Forever.”

sleep(less) beauty

summary: you’re studying in the college cafe in the early hours of the morning, when you get an unexpected visit to keep you company. 

pairing: frat boy!bucky x reader

word count: 1843 words

warnings: is fluff even a warning anymore? y’all know I can’t do a touch of angst

notes: all my assignments are finally over, hopefully I’ll get back to writing, which will never happen, let’s be real. I’m so excited for the new IW announcements (also who likes lance tucker fics, because I love lance and I wanna write him more)

oh yeah! thank you sm to @srgntjbarnes for beta-ing this fic, she made it a lot less shitty and helped me out a ton, ily ash

Permanent Tags are OPEN | masterlist 

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The door tinkles softly as you push it open, the comforting lights of the cafe instantly enveloping you. It’s not especially crowded, considering that it’s 3am. You couldn’t sleep, so you decided to head to one of your college’s 24/7 cafes, also you didn’t want to disturb your sleeping roommate.

Setting your computer down, you open up one of your final essays, already feeling relief falling off your shoulders at the fact that you’re close to finishing all your homework.

After working on it for an hour, you’re three quarters of the way done, and you signal the waitress for a top up of your coffee. As you sip it slowly, you hear the door chiming again as somebody comes into the cafe.

You recognise him instantly. He’s in a few of your classes, and he’s always seen joking around at the back of the lecture hall with the rest of the fraternity boys. You’re pretty sure his name is James, or something. They’re annoying, sure, but they’re not intentionally trying to be jackasses all the time.

He’s rubbing his eyes, looking extremely bleary. There was a party at one of the frat houses tonight, but you elected not to go, because you don’t really like the party scene.

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Study Session

pairing : billy hargrove x reader

warnings : smut, dirty talking, swearing, the good stuff ;)

requests : @bii-aan-ckaa


Originally posted by mistress-gif

It was the talk of the entire school for almost a week when Billy Hargrove moved to Hawkins. The man looked like he was straight out of a magazine. And he’s from the beloved state of California. Everything about him made every woman swoon. His hair, his walk and oh my god his jeans.

I was walking down the hallway with my friend, Jessica when I first saw him. My eyes scanned over inch of him but I knew he’d never go for a girl like me, even if it was a night and we were both heavily intoxicated.

“What do you think of the new kid?” Jessica asked, practically breaking her neck to turn around and take another look at him.

“He’s alright.” I simply stated as I walked over to my locker beginning to open it.

“Come on, ‘alright’ he’s better than alright. He’s stunning.” She was almost drooling at this point.

As I pushed my books in my locker and grabbed a different binder for my next class, somebody came sliding up to the locker next to me.

I turned my head slightly and I was shocked to see Billy leaning up against the lockers raising his eyebrows at me.

“So, chemistry is kicking my ass and it’s only the first week and I heard you’re pretty smart so would you be willing to help me?” He asked, barely making eye contact, mostly looking at his hands as if he didn’t care.

“Sure, when are you free?” I asked, doing my best to keep calm.

“Today, after school. Does that work for you?” He stated more than asking and I nodded. Before I could form a sentence he was already walking off.

“How the hell did you manage to get a study date with Billy Hargrove?” Jessica asked awe stuck.

“It isn’t a date.” I smiled, finally closing my locker.

“Okay, sure, have fun study ‘chemistry’” She grinned and I rolled my eyes heading to my next class.

Once the final bell rang, I headed out the door to where Billy was, leaning up against his car, cigarette between his lips.

“You cool with working at my place?” He asked and I nodded, saying a simple yes before we both got into his car. As we drove away, far surpassing the speed limit I couldn’t help but feel my heart rate increase each inch we got closer to his house.

He opened the front door of his house for me, leading me to his room and closing the door behind him.

“So what do you want to work on first?” I asked as I set my bag down, going through to get my chemistry notes.

“I can think of a couple things.” Billy said seductively, I looked back to see him eyeing me up and down with a glisten in his eye.

“H-Here we can look over the notes that we took before you came here.” I stuttered out, laying down a packet of notes.

Billy brought over a chair as we sat down and I went over what the diagrams showed and how they correlated with the current topic we were learning in class right now.

“Are you starting to understand?” I asked and looked over at him.

“Uh, yeah.” He nodded smiling.

“Okay well I have some other worksheets I could let you look at to make sure you fully understand.” As I reached for a piece of paper in my binder I could feel Billy’s hand running up my thigh.

“I think I know this stuff pretty well, but I’d rather get to know you a little better.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I grabbed his hand, throwing it off me before handing him the paper.

“Try finishing that to make sure you got it.” I said sterny leaning back in the chair as he rolled his eyes, grabbing a pencil and quickly writing in answers.

“Here.” He said almost violently as he whipped the paper in my direction. I grabbed the paper, scanning over the answers.

“Half of this is wrong.” I stated.

“Yeah, it’s probably because I wasn’t really paying attention.” He shrugged and leaned back, kicking his feet up on the desk.

“Well, if you aren’t going to pay attention, I’m not going to waste my time.” I said rather annoyed and he sat up hastily.

“I just can’t wrap my head around the concept.” He said, slowly leaning in.

“Well then listen.” I offered. I could feel the room heat up as he leaned in until he pressed his lips to mine which resulted with me putting my hand on his chest, pushing him off.

“And the first step would be to stop trying to get with me.”

“Come on, you know you want to.” He grinned wildly.

He wasn’t wrong, I could feel my heat pooling where I needed him most.

“We need to study.”

“And I need to study you.” He whispered as he kissed me once more. At first I didn’t move, not because I didn’t want him to kiss me but because I did. My mind quickly played the pros and cons of this until I ultimately decided to melt into it. Kissing back with the feverly passion that he had.

My hands grabbed at the back of his neck and Billy pulled me out of the chair I was sitting in, to his lap. He wasted little time in pushing his tongue into my mouth, now starting a battle of dominance. I began grinding into him, satisfying both of our needs for friction by the pleasant moan he let out.

“Keep doing that princess.” He sighed as he kissed up and down my neck, jawline, and ear. I could feel the bulge in his pants growing as I moved faster against him.

Billy’s actions grew quicker as he ripped off his leather jacket and picked me up, throwing me down on his bed and sliding above me, ripping my shirt off and taking in my body.

“Fuck princess, I would’ve never taken someone like you for drop dead gorgeous.” He breathed out heavily before stripping his own shirt off. I️ blushed at the new pet name and I️ unclipped my bra as a wave of confidence rushed over me.

Billy’s pupils swelled at the sight and he wasted no time in taking extra care of them, massaging my right breast as his tongue swirled against my left one, lightly biting down causing me to whimper. He repeated the same actions on the other one and he sucked on the flesh around them until black and blue bruises littered my chest.

“I️ must say, I️ did a fucking good job. Wouldn’t you say?” He asked. I️ pushed myself up against him and slithered my arms around his shoulders.

“Yes,” I️ purred in his ear and I️ could hear him let out a low growl.

“What do you want me to do princess, huh? Do you want me to fuck the shit out of you. God, I️ want you to cum around my cock. Would you like that?” He whispered in a low tone and I️ moaned at his words.

“Yes, Yes Billy! Fuck me please.” I️ whined and he leaned back, chuckling slightly.

“You don’t know how turned on I️ get when I️ see you squirming beneath me.” He groaned and he began unbuttoning my pants.

Once he removed all of my clothing, he did the same with his.

Without warning he pushed himself into me, allowing us to moan out in sync.

“My cock feels so good around your tight fucking pussy.” Billy groaned as he thrusted. I️ grinded my hips, creating more friction as I️ let my nails rake up and down his back.

“Shit Billy, yes. Faster please.” I️ whined and he listened, speeding up his actions as I️ felt my orgasm beginning to come upon me.

“Billy, I’m close.” I️ moaned out as I️ gripped tightly on his long hair and he yelled out in pleasure at the harsh feeling of his hair being pulled.

“Good, cum for me princess. I️’ve wanted you to do that ever since I️ first saw you.” He groaned and gripped my hips, completely pounding into me.

I️ grabbed the back of his neck, biting and sucking on the flesh of his neck as I️ came from my high. The pleasure I️ gave Billy allowed him to fall from his high as well, as he came inside me. Billy thrusted hard a couple more times as we rode our orgasms out.

As we finished, Billy pulled out, practically collapsing on top of me.

“Now, that was some good shit.” He smirked before he laid his head on my chest and I️ ran my hands through his damp hair.

“I️ couldn’t agree more.”


Summary: Bucky overhears something unsettling at a party.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1320

A/N: Insecure, touch starved Bucky is my jam. Short but I found it in my drafts and had to post it. 

The first thing Bucky is aware of when he wakes in the morning is Y/N’s hand against his bicep. He cracks one eye open, finding her curled onto her side, head resting on the feathery clouds of their pillows. Her arm is outstretched, fingers against his skin, as though she had reached out in the night, having drifted too far but also too lazy to move closer.

Bucky lets out a low sigh of contentment, shifting over so he can bring her into his arms. She doesn’t even wake, just moves her head so she rests against his bare chest. Her arm snakes over his stomach, fingers twitching against his ribs.

The sun hasn’t even risen yet, long fingers of light just starting to stretch over New York’s skyline. He watches, peace settling in his bones, easing his wounded soul. Bucky is aware of every breath Y/N takes, the beating of her heart, and most of all her skin against his.

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early mornings ✧ peter parker

synopsis: lazy, early mornings are all the common, but when they happen, it’s quite the experience
warnings: smut and like one swear word
a/n: i just saw infinity war and i’m actually pissed. i won’t spoil anything but oh my g o d

a soft breeze swept through the room, lightly lifting the white, fleece curtains. the early morning breeze that washed over you made you shiver and you cuddled further into the warmth that laid next to you. peter let out a tired, breathy laugh as you pressed yourself into him as if the two of you could possibly get any closer.

though half of your face was buried in his chest, peter couldn’t help but admire you in this state: bare faced, peaceful, and half-asleep. he swore you’d never looked better. it’s very rare he sees you with such a soothed, untroubled look on your face, there were far too many things going on in your life. but in these lazy, early mornings, you looked tranquil and restful. and god, was he in love with you.

peter couldn’t contain himself from sprinkling soft kisses all over your face. he started at your forehead, leaving a lingering peck there before going down to your cheek, then to your nose.

he smiled at the way you tiredly scrunched up your nose, slightly opening your beautifully hazed-over eyes.

“you woke me up,” you chided despite the soft smirk on your face.

he muttered out a small ‘sorry’ before pressing a kiss to your lips, the kiss lingering for a few seconds before he pulled away, only to kiss you again a few more times.  you giggled, your cheeks turning a light pink at peter’s affection. his light eyes showed so much adoration for you, you found the love almost over-whelming; peter always told you that he loved you more than any person has loved any thing, and the way he looked at you made you believe it.

“i must really be in love with you, your morning breath doesn’t bother me anymore.”

he rolled you over on your back, nuzzling himself into the nook of your shoulder. “you love me and you know it.”

your eyes fluttered shut and you were on the brink of falling back to sleep before you felt a soft pair of lips along your neck and your collarbone. you moaned (mostly in contentment) and your hand instinctively traveled into peter’s hair. you could feel his lips pull into a smirk as the low, light sound floated from your mouth.

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The Mile High Club

Dacre loves getting you all riled up in public and what’s a better way to do it while joining in on the mile high club.


Dacre Montgomery x Reader Smut

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A quick little IronStrange drabble with unofficial son Peter that no one asked for! 

Tony’s turning a corner on the first floor with Stephen at his side, the two lost in a heated discussion about strategic planning for front-line Avengers, but he slows to a stop when the two reach the front entrance just as Peter shoves the large doors open. 

Peter’s five shades too pale, something Tony didn’t think was even possible, and he’s shaking and sweating, his chest heaving as if the mere effort of climbing the steps up to the tower was the most physically tasking challenge he’s done his whole life. 

“Kid?” Tony’s frowning, and he can feel Stephen tense slightly beside him. 

“Hey, Mr. Stark,” Peter says, voice broken, trembling, as he offers a weak wave. “Hey, Doc,” he adds along a shaking breath. 

“What’s wrong?” Tony asks, concern pulling creases in his forehead. 

Peter seems to contemplate the question for a moment before offering a half shrug. “I’m not sure–” His jaw goes slack, and his brows furrow. 

“Peter?” Stephen offers, low vibrato echoing against the bare walls. 

“I think…” 

“He’s going to faint,” Stephen says quickly as he starts toward Peter, with Tony, who’s borderline dumbfounded, hot on his heels. 

Peter’s eyes suddenly roll back, and his body goes limp, forcing Stephen to teleport from his space, across the small distance between himself and Peter, to Peter’s side, making it just in time to catch the unconscious boy. 

“He’s burning,” Stephen mutters under his breath, concern lacing his tone as Tony reaches the two. 


“Peter’s temperature is elevated to 103.3 degrees Fahrenheit, Sir.” 

“Goddammit,” Tony curses under his breath, raking one hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh. “Why’s it so high, FRIDAY? Has he been skipping sleep again?” 

Stephen swings a strong arm behind Peter’s knees and wraps the other one around the younger boy’s shoulders, lifting him to his chest with a frown. “Again?” He parrots back, concerned. 

“His body’s exhibiting multiple signs of fatigue. My best assumption would be that he hasn’t slept in the last forty-eight hours.”

“Forty-eight hours?” Stephen exclaims, tone louder than usual, as he and Tony start toward med-bay. “Is this a regular occurrence, Tony?” 

Rolling his eyes, Tony storms forward, just one step faster than Stephen. “This is his thing,” he starts with a sigh. “He has no self-preservation abilities whatsoever.” 

“I wonder who he picked that up from,” Stephen mutters under his breath as Tony holds the door to med-bay open for him. 

“What?” Tony asks, a little too sharply, and Stephen shakes his head, keeping his eyes locked to the nearest bed. 

“Nothing,” he mutters before rattling off a list of supplies for Tony to collect as he gently sets Peter onto a bed. 

“It’s not a virus, right FRIDAY?” Tony asks, returning moments later with an armful of supplies, much more than what Stephen asked for. 

“My scans are coming back relatively clean, Sir. He just needs a full rest.” 

Stephen nods along with FRIDAY’s words as he pulls Peter’s lids up to peek at the boy’s eyes. With his lips pressed into a firm line, he smooths one hand to Peter’s burning forehead while the other finds his wrist, two fingers pushing into a small dip to track Peter’s pulse. 

“His condition isn’t great,” Stephen says after a few focused moments. “But as your assistant said, sleep appears to be the best remedy. All we can do is make him comfortable.” He motions to the damp cloth in Tony’s hand, and Tony steps forward, draping it over Peter’s boiling forehead with a frown. 

Stephen takes a few steps back as Tony moves through the motions of fluffing Peter’s pillow, draping a blanket over him, then frowning down at him with crossed arms. 

“This happens far too often,” Stephen says, a drawn conclusion based on Tony’s actions, but Tony treats it as a question. 

Tony only nods, a tired, drawn out sigh slipping past his lips as he moves around the bed to lean against the table beside Stephen. 

“Why do you let it happen?” 

“The kid only listens to me half the time.” 

“He models his behavior after you.” 

Tony drags a sharp gaze toward Stephen. “What is that supposed to mean?” 

Stephen only leans over, nudging Tony’s arm with his own as he keeps his eyes locked to Peter’s listless form. 

“I’ll talk to him when he wakes up.” 

A breath of a laugh slips past Tony’s lips, and he brings one hand up, patting Stephen’s shoulder with a quick shake of his head. 

“Okay, good luck with that. Let me know how it goes.” 

It Ain’t Me: Part 10(II) |Last part|

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4 K

Genre: Angst

Part 10(I)

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Jungkook was ready. Thirty minutes had already passed since you had hung up and his house was as neat as it could be. The bed sheets were neatly plastered on the bed with minimal creases. The glass door facing the city was spotless and glistening with the orbs of lights emitting from the skyscrapers.  The wine was ready in cabinet but he daren’t take it out yet. He didn’t want to seem too at ease with the situation, which he really wasn’t, but if it came to that, he was ready to please you with some of your favorite wine. Double-checking everything for the 20th time, he nervously looked at the clock. 9:30 pm. You should be here anytime.

As if it was a rehearsed play, his doorbell came to life. His heart almost leapt right out of his chest but he steadied himself speed walked to his front door, opening it with more haste than he intended, to find you standing in a black dress and a thin overcoat clearly not meant for the kind of chilly winds gracing the city from past few nights. You were paler than he remembered and slightly thinner.  You were frowning, and your lips were in pursed in a tight line.

You cleared your throat, clearly unnerved by his shameless ogling.

But he couldn’t help himself, you looked as beautiful as the first day he had seen you. Just as ethereal.

“May I come in?” You finally spoke up.

The formality in your words cut through his heart like a knife. He swallowed and forced a smile on his face.

“Of course you can.” He moved back, giving you space to enter and you did. You avoided his eyes and walked right past him into his living room. Jungkook tried not to show the hurt on his face when you didn’t even glance at his bedroom. He wasn’t sure if he was successful.

He followed you into the living room and took a seat on the modest sofa chair beside you. This was making him nervous. You were making him nervous. He stuttered when he spoke next. “W-would you like some wine? I have your favorite-“


Was it possible to hear one’s name and go into cardiac arrest? Jungkook wondered as he struggled hard to keep the smile on his face. He certainly hoped not.


“I forgive you.”

His eyes grew wide. You forgive him? This was too different from what he had expected, too different from how things had played out in his mind.

“…but?” He prompted you.

“But…I cannot be with you.” You finished.

You saw the hope dissipate from his face and desperation set in. Forgetting the awkward tension between the two of you, in a second Jungkook engulfed your hands in his own.

“___, One chance. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking for. Never again will I do something so stupid. Please…just give me one chance.” He cracked.

You felt your eyes starting to water at his words. It was tough for you too, to finally accept your own words, to think beyond only the good memories and stand face to face with the unbiased reality of your relationship with Jungkook.

“Listen to me carefully Jungkook.” You freed your hands from his grip and held his face in your hands with tearful eyes. Whatever the outcome, you had to stand your ground. You had accepted the reality and you wanted to show it to Jungkook. You carefully ran your eyes over his face. His chocolate brown eyes fixed on your every word brimming with tears that his stubborn ass won’t allow to drop down, his messy and yet perfect hair that you’re always curious about because goddamn his hair was so soft, his quivering lips that you knew tasted like heaven. You swallowed the lump building in your throat and closed your eyes for a long second. You sigh when you opened them next.

“This is tough for me too. You…you mean a lot more to me than just a lover. You’re my friend. And-“ You released a frustrated sigh and continued. “And I love you in so many ways. But I can’t be with you without hurting myself.” Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but shook your head, pleading him to let you finish. “It’s the trust that’s missing Jungkook. It’s not just you. Maybe it’s the both of us, maybe you could have believed me and maybe I could have tried harder. There’s so many things that could have happened but things proceeded the way they did and” A tear left escaped and then two. You ran your hand over his hair and he leaned into your touch. “And maybe it was for the better.” A strangled cry left Jungkook’s mouth and your heart broke at the sound but you continued, pulling him closer until his head was on your chest and your arms around him tight.

“Shh, it’s okay. This needs to be done.” You said softly because if you attempted to make your voice any stronger you knew you would cry. “ Maybe we need to know each other a lot more than we believe we do. We need to meet as new people again….as strangers.”

Jungkook removed his face from your chest but he didn’t look up. He was holding your hands around his neck and looking down at his lap. His shaky breaths told you that he was crying still. It felt like an eternity before he spoke next.

“How will I ever forgive myself for this ___? For hurting you? For breaking us apart?”

You found your voice again and with a sad smile of your own you said-

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Your heels clicked nastily on the scratchy surface as you struggled to drag your suitcases across the road.  A rash driver barely missed you by an inch. You swore under your breath when you twisted your foot and took a silent pledge to lead a protest against the terrible airport drivers who clearly paid no mind to the lives of the people crossing the road. Taking a deep breath, you collected yourself but just when you were about to move forward, a hand swiftly crossed your inattentive form and took your bag from you. To say you were freaked would be an understatement. In fact, you were pretty sure your scream had reached the spaceships on Mars.

“Yoongi! What the hell?” You said through grinded teeth while your hand moved to soothe your erratically beating heart.

Yoongi flashed his gummy smile and shrugged. “You looked like you were struggling, so I helped.”

“By scaring me half to death?” You hissed.

“You should’ve seen your face.” He snickered and you rolled your eyes, speed walking towards the café settled on your right when you entered through the crystal doors of the airport. Yoongi caught up and took your suitcase from you. You gave him a thankful salute as you entered the café.

“So,” You began, taking a seat across Yoongi on one of the corner tables. “I reckon there must be something incredibly important for you to have insisted on meeting me before my flight?”

“Of course.” Yoongi said, his face getting serious.

“Great. This better be good. I’m sitting here 3 hours before my departure time.”

“Of course it is.” Yoongi replied sipping on water.

“Hmm, so tell me. What is it?”

Yoongi leaned forward, more serious than you had ever seen him. His hand snaked across the table towards your hand and settled above it. A look of passion covered his eyes. You were silent, waiting for him to begin. This must be a lot more serious than you expected.

“What’s up?”

For a second, your mind went blank. Then confusion spread.

“What?” you said skeptically.

“What’s up? How’ve you been?” An innocent smile covered the devil’s face.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” You said unamusedly.

“No? Can a friend not even ask how you’ve been? Geez.” He smirked, clearly unaffected by your annoyed gaze.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “My dearest FRIEND Min Yoongi, I happen to have a flight in…oh THREE HOURS, and I’m sitting here at 8 in the morning and all you want to ask me is ‘what’s up’ ?!”

“No. I’m here to say Goodbye.”

Your anger dissipated at the sudden change in his tone and this time you knew he wasn’t kidding. You faintly smiled as you called on the waiter to order your tea and Yoongi’s coffee.

“I’ll be back soon.” You pointed out, turning to Yoongi after giving your order.

“Yeah, a year qualifies as soon now does it?” He grumbled.

You smiled at his pout. Sometimes, your friend could really be a darling.

“It is. My colleagues are being posted out for 3 years you know. I’m getting out pretty early compared to that.” You sipped on your tea.

“Yeah, I know.” He sighed. “It’s okay, you deserve a break from…this place.”

A dull pain formed in your chest and your eyes grew slightly melancholic. “How is he?” You asked quietly.

“Well, you know, he’s faring. He’s laughing again. He speaks of you often.”

“Does he now?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yep. He totally does.”

You smiled and sipped on your tea. It had been a month since you had parted ways officially. It was like your first break up all over again. The pain, the tears, the sorrow. The weight your break up being final this time was weighing you down. Only this time, you weren’t helpless. This time you weren’t craving closure. This time you weren’t regretting your choice. This time you weren’t waiting on anyone’s words. Yes, it was painful. But it was bearable.

“So you never told me what happened that day when you showed up at his house.” Yoongi pulled you back from your thoughts. You took another sip from your tea of green and a mixed emotion settled across your features. What had really happened huh…

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Silence stretched after you made your revelation, and all you and Jungkook could do was look into each other’s eyes. Then slowly, a smile began to form on Jungkook’s face and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.

“Thank you ____.” He said softly.

You returned his smile and gave him a nod.

“I know…” He began, pulling away from you and leaning back in his position. “I know this wasn’t easy decision to make for you too. I know I did some horrible, horrible things. But, maybe you are right. Maybe we need to meet again as strangers. Maybe one day…” His voice cracked and you felt the lump rise in your throat.

“Maybe one day, we can find each other again. Maybe one day, we’ll bump into each other at a party again. Maybe one day…I will run after you again.”

Your eyes couldn’t hold back the tears and they fell freely. This finality of the entire situation was a little scary but in one part of your chest, a load weighing you down started to diminish. And this time you smiled through your tears when you answered.

“Maybe we will.”

“Hello? ____? You okay?” You were drawn back from your thoughts with Yoongi’s deep voice once again. You blinked twice and focused on his puzzled expression.

“Uh,” You found your voice again. “Yeah…Yeah I’m good.”

Yoongi gave you a weird look and began speaking again.

“So…hey…I uh wanted to say that it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me and all that but you know um…apart from that, when you, uh, come back…that is…when you come back…you and me…can we uh…shit.”
You watched with eyes wide as Yoongi fiddled with his hands and tried to complete his sentence. Wait, was he sweating? Is Min badboy Yoongi nervous?

“Hey, Yoongi, are you okay?” You asked him, your voice full of concern.

Yoongi sighed and then took a deep breath. He looked up.

“Okay, I’m gonna say this quick so listen carefully. When you come back for a break this winter, can you and I go somewhere….like to an amusement park or something? I mean, wherever you want to go of course. I’m not forcing you and I know what-“

You laughter stopped him in midst of his wreck of a sentence.

“Hold on, I gotta record this. Min Yoongi asking me on a date.”

Yoongi blushed so hard, you were sure he could be considered a close relative of tomatoes at that second.

“You-..I-..No! Not a date! I-I just want to be better friends with you and know you better.”

“At an amusement park?” You teased him.

“I said wherever you want to go!” He blushed again.

You smiled mischievously and gave your hand across the table for him to take. He suspiciously took your hand and shook it.

“Sure, let’s hang around. I want to know you better too. You are the closest friend I have right now, believe it or not…” You smiled fondly. You knew Yoongi and you knew that this was an effort on his part. He considered you a friend and with Yoongi, your friendship had blossomed under odd circumstances, which meant that you did consider each other close but didn’t really know each other that well and this was Yoongi’s effort to know you better. Only, you knew he didn’t do this often and how awkward he must feeling, so of course…you had to tease him.

“But right now I’m really hungry, so treat me to some good pancakes. My wallet’s packed and locked inside. If you do this, I will let you take me out on a date, Mr. BadBoy.” You winked.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “In your dreams, you pumpkin.”

Voices faded in the background as you and Yoongi bickered back and forth, and your mind wandered to the events of last two months. So much had happened. You had lost the love of your life, you had lost your best friend, you lost your backing but you also gained. You gained friends like Yoongi. You gained an understanding of your relationship and where you went wrong. You learnt to forgive. You learnt to let go. If someone asked you now whether you would choose not to take Jungkook up on that offer the time he ran after you, if you could, you would say no. You would do it all over again. You would take yourself back to the night you met Jungkook and do it all over again. Because maybe some day, you will meet again as strangers.

Maybe someday, he will chase after you again and you will spend the night drowned in beers and laughter.


a/n: I feel like I just married off my daughter. This marks the end of It Ain’t me. Thank for all your love!

Much love, 


Truth or Dare

pairing : steve harrington x reader

warnings : smut (oral! fem on male)

requests : none :)

a/n : i’ve been making my friend watxh stranger things so i’m in a writing mood to write some stanger things stuff AND YES I MADE IT SO STEVE AND NANCY NEVER HAD A THING OOPS

“Time to get sheet faced?” I questionee as I held the neon orange piece of paper.

“Come on (Y/N), it’ll be fun.” Nancy nudged me as we walked down the school hallway.

“I don’t know, these kind of parties aren’t my speed.” I argued and she rolled her eyes.

“Everyone is going to go, even Steve.” Her voice was almost taunting at the last part. My heart leapt into my chest when she said his name.

“You’re going, end of story.” Nancy smiled before walking into her classroom leaving me speechless.

My heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I scavenged through my closet for a costume. As I frantically searched, my phone rang. I raced over answering to Nancy claiming that she’d be over in 10 and we’d go to the party.

“Nance, I can’t even find a costume.” I complained as I flopped down onto my bed.

“Come on, that’s easy. Wear that black and white stripped shirt you have and put on a black hat, bam you’re a bank robber.” She explained.

“You think that’ll look good?” I asked.

“Yes now get ready! I’m leaving now.” She said before she hung up the phone.

Nancy’s car pulled up as I put together the finishing touches of my costume, slipping a black beanie over the top of my head and checking the outfit over once more in the mirror.

I could see her headlights through my window, signaling for me to hurry up so I quickly escorted myself from the house, entering her car and greeting Nancy with a warm smile.

“You look like you’re about to steal some hearts.” Nancy winked at her clever comment and I rolled my eyes.

“Very funny.” I laughed as she drove off to the party.

Before we even entered the house I could already hear the loud music coming from the house. The silhouettes of the teenagers through the windows showed they were all dancing carefree without any doubts.

Once Nancy and I entered, one of our other friends Olivia called us over. A large group of people were sitting in a circle.

“Nancy! (Y/N)! Come join us in a game of truth or dare.” Olivia called happily, patting at the space on the couch next to her. Nancy and I complied and Nance sat next to Olivia and I sat down next to Nancy.

“What are you guys doing?” Steve Harrington himself walked over to the group, drink in hand.

“We’re playing truth or dare, you in Harrington?” A guy named Joshua called to him. Steve let out a huff and nodded, moving so he could sit in the only empty spot which was next to me.

“Alright guys, it’s Halloween night, so no holding back on dares you got it?” Olivia asked the group and everyone agreed.

As the game pursued, the dares slowly began to amp up. Barely any truths were asked, and it went from simple pecks between strangers to lap dances and strip teasing. More people have joined and I was silently praising that I was able to sink down enough into the couch so I wouldn’t be called on.

“(Y/N) has anyone dares you yet?” Nancy asked, finally looking over at you.

“No but it’s fine.” I quickly spewed our knowing that she was now going to dare me.

“No! You said you’d play so you should. So, truth or dare?” Nancy asked as my heart rate escalated.

“Dare, I guess.” I said softly and Nancy smiled.

“I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with…” She eyes the group of people even though I knew very well who she’d pick. “Steve” She finished the sentence and Steve and I both made eye contact. He grinned and nodded giving a simple okay. We both stood up, walking over to the small closet and closing the door behind us.

“So, enjoying the party?” Steve asked as he finished closing the door and scratching the back of his head.

“Yeah it’s alright, what about you?” I asked trying to remain calm.

“It’s going really well now.” He smirked taking a step closer.

“Why?” I asked growing even more nervous.

“Because I’m in a room with the hottest girl at this party all by myself.” He took another step closer so now we were only a couple inches apart.

“Really?” I asked, my voice timid.

“Really (Y/N), I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you the whole night.” With that he sunk his head down, connecting my lips with his. To my surprise, the kiss was slow and sweet, as if Steve was trying to savor every taste as well was I.

Steve’s hands gravitated to my waist, sliding around it and holding on loosely but with a firm grip. My hands flew into his hair, tugging harshly at the soft strands causing him to let out a low moan.

Steve’s tongue ran across my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, granting him the access he was asking for, swirling our tongues together in a fiery dance of passion. Steve began taking steps forward until I was pushed back against the wall, Steve’s mouth moved from mine to my neck. Leaving harsh kisses down my neck and then he immediately stopped.

I whined at the loss of intimacy and he took a step back grinning. As if on command, the door flung open with Olivia with her hands on her hips.

“Did you guys just stand there? That’s boring. Well, while you guys just chatted in here the game ended and a lot of people left so you guys can leave if you want.” Olivia explained, before walking off. Steve turned to me smirking slightly.

“What do you say we go back to my place? My parents aren’t home right now, actually they won’t be home all weekend.” Steve offered and I happily agreed.

The minute we walked into Steve’s house, Steve pushed me up against the door, kissing me once more but this time it was filled with passion and lust. My arms wound tightly around his neck and his large hands went for every inch of my body, exploring as well as discarding articles of clothing.

“Wow.” Steve breathed out as I stood there shirtless. He quickly grabbed my hand, pulling me over to the couch in his living room. Laying me down and then throwing off his shirt before hovering over me. He kissed down my body, only stopping to replace his kisses with a harsh bite. I moaned out loudly at the feeling and I could feel Steve smile against my skin.

“That’s right, baby. Be as loud as you want. Nobody will hear.”

With that I flipped us over so I was straddling him and his eyes went wide.

“The same goes for you.” I smiled seductively to him as I slowly undid his belt and the button of his jeans, I pulled them down, allowing for his concealed hard on to spring free. I admired his naked body before I lowered my head towards where he needed me most. I licked a long strip on the underside of him and he let out a deep growl at the feeling. I wasn’t satisfied with his reaction so I decided to completely take in as much of him as I could.

Once he hit the back of my throat I began to pump him through my mouth at a painfully slow movement. Using my hand to caress everything else I couldn’t fit in. Steve’s mouth was filled with whines and whimpers at the pace. Finally getting closer to the satisfaction of his actions I began to pump faster on him, swirling my tongue around him as well. He began to buck his hips, making me take even more of him into my mouth.

He began to let out loud groans in pleasure at the feelings and once I reached a speed and could feel him twitching, he pulled me off.

“As much as I love you for that, I’d rather cum inside you.” Steve admired and I blushed. As I sat there straddling him, I slowly unclipped my bra and felt the cold air hit my chest. Steve’s hand gently brushed up against my face as he brought my face closer to his.

“You are absolutely beautiful.” He gushed to me and I smiled, nuzzling my face into his hand. Pushing my lips to his, Steve moved his hands to remove my pants as well as my panties, leaving us both completely naked. He switched positions so I was once again my back was resting against the couch and Steve used his upper arms to hold himself up.

“Are you ready?” Steve asked almost in a whisper and I was caught off guard by his sudden carefulness. I nodded at him and brought him into another sensual kiss as he began to insert himself into me. We both moaned into each other’s mouths as the level of pleasure filled us both. Steve began to thrust in and out, slow and steady at first and then picking up the pace. My nails raked against his back and pulled tightly at his hair.

His head ducked down to rest in the crook of my neck and I decided to switch positions one more time. I flipped us so I was riding him as Steve laid back, letting me do the work. I bounced on him quickly as Steve tightly gripped my hips, helping me get into a rhythm that suited both of us. A knot tied tighter in my stomach at the new position I threw my head back, moaning out.

“You look so hot.” Steve moaned as he took one of his hands to massage my breast. The knot tied tighter and tighter until I couldn’t bear it and I came down from a strong high. I screamed out and Steve came to, moaning out.

As we both came down from our highs I fell flush against Steve and he wrapped his strong arms around my torso.

“I really think we should do that again.” Steve offered.

“What about your parents?” I inquired.

“Like I said, they won’t be home all weekend.” Steve smirked.

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(A/N: I mean….. I enjoyed writing it ITS A BIT WILD, I hope you enjoy it though and tell me what you think! :D excuse the typos )

A little piece where Harry isn’t going to take Y/N’s bratty attitude.

When Y/N wanted something, she got it within a snap. And Harry quite enjoyed the feeling of spoiling his girlfriend with everything and anything in the world, hell, he could buy the whole world if she asked for it. But sometimes he feels like the spoiling goes to her head. And she admits, she lets it go to her head. And sometimes when the spoiling gets to her head, she gets a bit….. bratty.

Y/N has had her eye on this pretty pink lingerie that was filled with intricate lace detailing, she rarely wore lingerie much but when it was for Harry, she would buy as much as she could. At least once a month he would buy her a new set and let her model in it the whole day before fucking her into pieces. Harry loved the lingerie as much, if not more, than she did. But today was a bit different.

Harry had sat with her at his laptop a few weeks prior, Y/N on his lap as they scrolled through many, many pieces of lingerie. He couldn’t help but smirk each time her cheeks would flush a bit at the design of some pieces, making his heart grow 100% times fonder than it already was. Today was the day the shipment made it to their house and Harry was more than excited to have her open it and see what he had gotten her.

“Babe?” Harry calls out climbing up the stairs to their shared bedroom, where Y/N lied on her stomach watching some TV. Y/N looked over smiling as she sat up.

“What is that…..”

“Jus’ a little…. present.. ‘member when we looked a’ that websites few weeks ago..” Y/N’s cheeked immediately turned red before looking at the box and perking up even more.

Harry came and flopped himself down beside her before setting the box in her lap. She glanced at him before untying the little bow, lifting the lid off the box showcasing the three pieces of lingerie Harry had gotten for her. Y/N’s eyes lit up as she pulled out each piece gushing to Harry over how the detailing was “so cute!” and “amazing,” yet he saw her face drop after taking all he got for her out. Harry’s eyebrows furrowed as he glanced between her and the box.

‘Wha’s wrong? Got you everythin’ and some mor’ tha’ we picked together.” Y/N shook her head crossing her arms and stuck her lower lip out.

Harry knew where she was going with this.

“Come out with it love…. wha’s the matter?”

“Isn’t there more than this? Like… I mean I like it but…”

Harry’s eyebrows rose looking at her leaning back on his hand.

“Mor’? Sweetie this all is very expensive… I made sure it was the best fo’ you.”

“I wanted a different one though.” Y/N huffed out looked at the pieces lies in front of her. They were beautiful, she knows that, but she wanted the pretty pink one that she clearly hinted to Harry when they were looking at the website. “I wanted the pink one..”

Harry sighed running his fingers through her hair before tucking a strand behind her ear. “Know you wanted it sweetheart.. jus’ not now.” Y/N’s frown furthered huffing our even more.


Y/N.” Harry murmured lowly looking at her with a stare that made her feel her breath get caught in her throat. “Spen’ a’lot of time picking all these out fo’ you… I can ge’ the pink ones next time I promise..”

“But Harry I wanted them now, I’ve been wanting it for months! I even told you!” Y/N whined looking at him.

Harry grabbed her chin, tugging her face till their the tips of their noses were brushing against each other. “Baby….. should be nice to daddy right…? He gets you all you want all the time..”

Y/N swallowed thinking darting her eyes between his mouth and his eyes feeling small under his intense stare. Harry cocked his head to the side, keeping his hold on her chain before brushing his thumb against her lower lip, her mouth greedily parting them and slipping his thumb into her mouth. Harry clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth keeping his eyes focused on her pretty mouth suckling at his thumb.

“‘F only you weren’t bein’ so ungrateful… daddy would’ve been eating’ out your pretty little cunt till you couldn’t bare it anymore….” Y/N whimpered around his thumb clenching her thighs together, looking at him pressing her thighs together, just imagining how his head would be bobbing between her legs, his bright eyes glancing up at her each time he nudged his tongue into that special spot that made her arch her back. She shook her head whining around his thumb.

“But daddy-

“Nu uh…. no buts…” He slipped his thumb out of her mouth shaking his head. “Only good girls get wha’ they want….” Harry could see the desperation in her eyes. She was properly soaked now, but he wanted to see her begging him for anything. She just needed a release before he would leave her high and dry again.

“Daddy please… just need to cum once j-just..” Y/N whined grabbing at his wrists sitting up on her knees. Harry looked up at her and saw her cheeks gaining a deep red color, her pupils were dilated, and her bottom lip was being gnawed between her teeth. He got up off the bed grabbing one of his silk ties from the drawer, gripping it with one hand while the other tugged at it. Harry glanced at Y/N through his eyelashes nodding his head up slightly to make her sit up on her knees at the edge of the bed. She looked between his face and the tie, holding out her wrists together in front. He stalked over, standing right in front of her before slowly beginning to wrap the tie around her wrists. She looked up at him swallowing thickly once he tightened the knot, making sure she wouldn’t get out anytime soon. Harry moves to sit down on the edge of the bed next to her, before tugging her up and standing her between his legs. His nose nudged the hem of her shirt up to press his mouth right above the waist and of the shorts she wore, letting his warm tongue trace over some spots on her skin. Y/N rested her bonded wrists on the top of his head looking down and Harry with completed eagerly, slightly nudging her hips forwards. Harry shook his head holding her hips and pulling back before looking up at her.

“Behave…. you’re lucky ‘m even doin’ anything with you right now…” Harry mumbled slipping down her shorts and panties. Y/N bit her lip watching his face the whole time pouting.

“What’re you gonna make me do?”

“You are gon’a ride my thigh sweetheart… “

Y/N licked over her lips slowly before nodding slightly as he slipped off his sweatpants, just leaving him in his tight white briefs. He grabbed her hips letting her straddle around right thigh. Y/N whimpered as her warm core pressed against the taut skin of Harry’s thigh, shutting her eyes. Harry looked up at her hiding his smirk before pressing his lips together leaning back on his hands. “Go on then..”

Y/N’s closed fists rested over his clothed abdomen, slowly beginning to roll her hips into his thigh. Her nails starting to dig into the flesh of her palms as she looked down to see his skin glisten with her. Harry watched her intently, blinking slow as she began to get desperate for a release. Her pretty lips were being gnawed by her teeth, and her eyebrows were furrowed letting her hips slowly drawl over the skin. He moved up a bit to wrap his arm tightly around her lower back, pressing their chests together till they were nose to nose once again. Y/N gasped as his arm tugged her harder against his thigh, letting his body feel her shivers. Harry quirked the left side of his lips into the smirk when he felt Y/N’s pants against his own lips.

“You’re jus’ imagining my cock aren’t you… sinking deep into the pretty little cunt of yours… hmm..? Nudgin’ the tip o’ my cock ‘gainst tha’ spot tha’ makes you scream fo’ me…” Y/N squeezed her eyes shut as his words shaking her head feeling her mind go into overdrive. Harry slipped his fingers of his free hand into her hair, yanking it back till her neck was taut and exposed all for him. “Bu’ you were such a brat… it’s a shame…” He sighed rather dramatically against her neck before sinking his teeth down into a spot on her neck making her just whine out.

“I can’t cum like this…” Y/N whimpered, scratching at the fabric of his shirt, feeling the sting of his teeth sinking into her skin. “Daddy please… ‘m your good girl you know that…”

Harry pulled back bringing her head back to look at him, stopping her hips from moving against his thighs. “Not right now.. you were a brat pet… daddy doesn’t mess around…” Y/N huffed as her release escaped her looking down at him. “Barely ‘ave given you your proper punishment…”

Y/N looked down at him pressing her lips together knowing continuing to talk would only prolong her release even more. Harry turned around, lying them both down, with her back pressed up against the bed. Harry hovered over her, moving her tied hands to rest over her head looking down at her. “‘F you don’ touch me the whole time ‘m eating you out…. I’ll make sure you get my cock… promise..” Y/N looked up at him with wide eyes rubbing her thighs together. Harry knows Y/N loves to tugs at the fluff of hair at the top of his head, she loves to tug his head closer into her cunt to make sure he didn’t miss an inch. He was using her disadvantage to his advantage.

But Y/N was ready to make sure she got what she wanted.

She clutched the pillow in her hands, watching his as he trailed kisses down the middle of her stomach, pulling her thighs over his shoulders. He looked up at her once his mouth pressed against her public bone, moving his mouth to kiss around her clit. His fingertips dug into the top of her thighs. Harry licked over his own lips before letting his tongue slip out, licking up the entirely over her. Y/N gasped staring to move her hands but quickly putting them back over head remembering what Harry has told her. His mouth wrapped around her clit harshly, letting his tongue continuously flick over the bud. Her hips jerked up choking out a whine, tightening her thighs around his head as she tried to move her hips against his mouth. Harry shook his head against her heat, letting his tongue delve in deeper into her entrance, tugging her thighs away from his head. She squirmed under his mouth feeling her hand get relentless as his mouth worked over her. His eyes were trained up on her the whole time, seeing her chest rise and fall rapidly under the fabric of her t shirt. She was so close. Y/N had her hands clutched against her chest to bite down on her tongue when Harry’s tongue alternated between her clit and her entrance, licking her out like she was a tall glass of cold water. Her thighs quivered against his head feeling her tummy coil before he pulled back.

Harry!” Y/N cried out too focused in the buzzing of her body to realize she had called him by his name. Her eyes were brimmed with tears looking up at him as he wiped his mouth with his thumb.

“I-I didn’t even touch you once! I was right about to cu-“ She’s suddenly cut off when Harry’s mouth pressed against hers. His slightly parted to let their tongues messily intertwine. Her hands could only wrap around the sides of his neck, his hips pressing down and rubbing against her throbbing kiss making her whine out against his mouth.

“I know you didn’t touch me pretty girl… bu’ wouldn’t you wan’ my cock instead…” He murmured peppering kisses down her jaw as his hips continued to slowly move against her own. Y/N moaned out dropping her head back nodding eagerly.

“Yes yes yes yes yes- god yes want it so bad…” Harry grinned at her eagerness before pulling back and turning her over on her tummy, gently nudging her to pull her onto her knees. Her upper back propped up on her forearms while her bum arched up waiting for his. Harry dragged his hands over the swell of both her cheeks, leaning down to place open mouthed kisses, nipping at some pieces of her skin making her giggle briefly. Once he pulled back, he let his right hand drop down on her hand roughly, making Y/N let out a garbled scream. The bite of his three rings specifically stung as Harry rubbed over the newly pink skin. Y/N looked over her shoulder at him once his left hand repeated the same action making her hips pull away from his hands, hissing out. Harry pulled his cock out of his boxers, smirking as his eyes met hers, leaning down to brush their noses together.

“Wha… didn’t think I would spank you for getting all mouthy with daddy?” Harry murmured watching as her eyes locked on his lips. “Think I need to set you back in your place sweetheart…” He pulled back just slightly to look down as he slowly pushed his cock into her cunt inch by inch, making Y/N’s head drop forwards sucking a breath between her teeth. One of Harry’s hands wrapped around her throat, tugging her back up into the position she was in, pumping his lips into hers. His other hand held the both of them up, pressed against the side of her body as his forehead pressed against her temple. The only things filling the room was Y/N’s mewls, Harry’s growls and the thumping of his hips against her bum. Y/N’s hands struggled against the tie around her wrists, wanting to reach behind her and squeeze over his perky bum to press him deeper into her. Harry could see her struggle with the tie, chuckling lowly in her ear letting his thrust emphasize his words.

“Next time daddy buys you something… are you gon’a throw a fit?” Y/N shook her head quickly looking back at him. Harry leaning down taking her bottom lip between his teeth tugging at it.

“Are you goin’ to complain next time daddy buys you something?” He growled out slamming his hips into hers, letting them stay and grind down against her bump to nudge against her spot.

No! No no I won’t I’m sorry.” Y/N whimpered out feeling the tip of his cock continuously nudge against her spongy spot, making her tummy coil for the third time today. Harry’s hand was still wrapped around her throat, looking down at her letting out his own whines, applying pressure around her throat lightly. Y/N’s mouth drops open along with Harry’s as he feels her clenching around him. She’s seeing stars, feeling the coolness of his rings on the sizzling skin of her neck. It only takes Harry one more thrust before she’s gasping out for air and cumming all over his cock. He moves his hand from her throat to clench the duvet on either side of Y/N burying his face into her neck as he came.

“Oh fuck me… you naughty little minx…” Harry growled against her neck held heartedly, moving his hips slowly to ride out their highs. “You liked my hand aroun’ your throat didn’t you..” Y/N turned her head to look at him tiredly giggling shutting her eyes before nodding. If she wasn’t so exhausted he would’ve had a go with her again right on the spot. Harry sat back on his heels, wincing as he pulled himself out rubbing his hands over her bum, squeezing at the plushy flesh.

Y/N lazily turned over on her back letting Harry untie the tie around her wrists and tossing it on the floor befor leaning down to kiss over the skin, looking at her through his eyelashes. Y/N smiled before tilting her head up, lips puckered. Harry cupped her face before leaning down and lovingly smooshing their lips together, thumbs rubbing at her cheekbones affectionately. Both of them smiling into the kiss, Y/N’s hands rubbing down the expansion of his back, lightly scratching the skin making his spine tingle. Harry pulled back licking over his lips as he looked down at her.

“You okay…?” He murmured softly brushing away some matted hair off your forehead as she giggled.

“I’m more than okay H I promise… I love it when you get like that.” He emphasized kissing over the side of his nose making him smirk.

“Oh yeah? ‘Love it’ don’t you…” She giggled again nodding and wrapping her arms fully around her neck slotting their lips together again.

“I still want the baby pink set..”

Harry groaned playfully into her mouth dropping his forehead against hers.

“Still ‘aven’t learned your lesson yet petal…. guess ‘m gon’a ‘ave to do to teach you all over again.”

They haven’t sparred ever before, always preferring to fill their free time with other date activities, but when Magnus has swung by and declared Alec needed a break lest he grows roots behind his desk, Alec couldn’t bring himself to say no, didn’t want to say no.

So, while he went ahead to fetch them some weapons from the cache and get changed into more comfortable clothes, he left Magnus to do the same. Even having expected something different than the wonderful dark navy suit, Alec could not help but stare, as he entered the training hall.

Because holy shit, there are very few things hotter than Magnus and one of them is definitely Magnus in workout gear.  

Alec stops dead in his tracks, two staffs in hand, and just takes it all in - the way the faint purple and blue hues flit over Magnus’ body while he shifts lightly on his feet, the way the all-black ensemble clings to his body, showing off his thick thighs and those biceps, muscle straining against skin as Magnus stretches his arms above his head.

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Hello hi! I have a prompt if you're feeling up to it? There is so much of Andrew looking after sick!Neil but can we have it reversed? I think Andrew would low-key (highkey) love the focused attention from Neil (also,,, Neil not being sure how to look after sick people and turning to advice from the other foxes as discreetly as possible bc there's no way Andrew wants them knowing he's anything less than impenetrable)

(I did my best w this prompt from one POV, sorry it took so very absurdly long! lots of Andrew thoughts with a side of useless boy dialogue)

He wakes up bleary and dry-mouthed, his tongue catching on his hard palate like papers rustling together. Andrew squints into his pillow, pressing two fingers into the eyelid of one streaming eye. The sun is too dilute to touch him, and the breeze from the cracked window chills him so much that it hurts, muscles locked and shivering.

He knew he was getting sick when the hurt that lives inside him flared real, visible and disgusting. All this hacking, running, sweating makes him vulnerable, loud when he wants to be quiet. Neil had called him overdramatic. He’d dragged the covers to his side of the bed in reply, battered sleep’s door until it splintered.

Now he feels like he always felt in the heart-racing countdown to withdrawal, fighting through sweat and aches and cracking lips, cracking skin, cracking strength. Whiskey won’t help him here though. Nothing will help him here, after rowing through the confused, freezing night and only now washing up in foggy morning, fever lapping at him.

Something drips onto his hot forehead and his chest pumps hard, startled. His eyes flash open.

Neil is frowning, looming over him and holding a cold rag that’s a bit too wet. It’s clumsy, but it feels better when Neil arranges it on his sweaty brow. His hand stays on the compress, a sustaining pressure, like he’s healing with just his hands and his willpower. Water runs into his hair like tears.

“How are you?” Neil asks. His other hand walks from the bedspread to Andrew’s side, he can feel the fingertips becoming a full-palmed press. It’s the comfort of a person who always feels better when he’s touched hard and deliberately, alive in a way he can feel.

Andrew doesn’t reply, but he knows that his closed eyes and relaxed body mean something to Neil. He trusts him with his hot forehead and his bedside.

“You look bad,” Neil continues.

“I am not playing,” Andrew says hoarsely. “If that’s what you’re angling for so tactfully.”

Neil’s hands retreat, Andrew’s forehead folds under the rag where no one will see. “I’m here because you’re my— I’m not worried about our goalie, I’m worried about you.”

“You’re here because this is your room,” Andrew corrects.

“Fine,” Neil says, voice full of the opposite. “I’m going to practice, anyway, since that’s all I care about.”

Andrew feels him leave their bed, and he finds that the wet smell of his hair was keeping his headache at bay. Another drop of water rolls down his temple, and he scrubs the compress from his face so he can watch Neil leave, but he’s already gone.

It haunts his heart, for a while, the snapped olive branch, the hurt that put its fist in its mouth and left the room so Andrew wouldn’t see it properly.

He knows, deep in him, that he’s not being any different than usual, but he also knows what Neil might have expected, seeing him spread out in their bed with his eyes wet. He’s trying to fix Andrew’s surface like he never tries to fix what’s underneath.

Neil doesn’t have the vocabulary for sickness that isn’t terminal, though. He can’t fathom something between a bandaid and a prosthetic.

He drifts, for hours, so thirsty that he can feel it in his skin, so stuffed from throat to nose that he can only breathe dry and heavy through his mouth. He can hear the wheeze inside of him.

In foster care, they would make him sleep in the garage when he got sick. They didn’t want him to infect a house full of already difficult children. He remembers watching the shadows of feet moving in the light under the door, the way the cold only made him sicker and angrier, a yoga mat between his body and the concrete.

He blinks and his eyes are crusted together. He can taste salt. He thinks of Neil and the pain in his chest changes. He latches onto the feeling, like the garage door opening in the morning, letting him back into the warmth.

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