he can barely keep his eyes open or move his lips

Part 3 of Dirty Girl TONIGHT

I’m planning on posting this sometime betwee 5PM and 7PM CST, here is a little sneak peak…

He watches you for a moment, hungry eyes raking over your flushed skin, up and down, that cocky ass smirk plastered on his face. He lifts a hand slowly, dragging his knuckles over your bare thighs trailing up to your hipbone, setting your skin on fire, making your breaths come in shallow gasps.

Dean leans forward, both hands on you, guiding you forward so you are straddling him, but he doesn’t let you sit down, instead you stand there, open for him, supporting yourself on his shoulders, gripping tightly.  His fingers keep moving over you, up your inner thighs, teasing you as he keeps his eyes on your face, and you can’t look away from those forest green eyes with more pupil than iris now.

“Dean.” You plead, voice breathy, not even sure what you’re asking for as his fingers play against the lips of your pussy, feather light touches that make you wanna grind down but his hand on your hip won’t let you.

“What do you want sweetheart? Tell me. Use your words princess.”

“Please fuck me.” Surprised at how fast and easy the words tumble out, you stop breathing, wishing momentarily that you could take them back, but the smirk on his face, the way he rolls his jaw quickly gets rid of that thought.

“Not yet princess…I’ve got other plans for my dirty girl first.”

You whimper but it turns to a gasp as he slides his middle and ring finger into your pussy, “Oh god.” You groan, your head thrown back, hair falling over your shoulder as you shudder.

“You like that princess? Huh?” He grins wickedly, curling his fingers against the front wall of your core, the tips pushing against your g-spot. You can’t answer right away, but Dean growls, pressing his fingers into that sweet spot again, a little harder this time, “Answer me princess.”

  • k but picture this
  • neil and andrew on their bed
  • neil is resting against the headboard fully clothed jerking himself off
  • and andrew is sitting in front of him smoking and watching neil’s hand move so fast it should hurt
  • neil can’t peel his eyes away from andrew’s face, lips barely open, panting and making these little whiny noises
  • andrew looks like he could not give less of a shit
  • and neil is trying to get a reaction out of him just by doing this but andrew won’t let him win and neil won’t give up
  • so neil almost smiling tells him how much he wishes he could be sucking andrew’s cock right now instead of having to touch himself
  • andrew says nothing, so neil goes on,
  • saying how bad he wants andrew to come on his tongue and all over his face and how bad he needs to taste him
  • now, andrew knows exactly what neil looks like before he comes
  • how his voice breaks
  • how his back arches
  • how he can’t keep his eyes open even though he tries
  • so when neil starts showing signs, andrew gets closer, putting out the cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand, and takes neil’s hands out of the way
  • andrew says, ‘just ask nicely next time.’
  • and shoves two fingers that taste like smoke in neil’s mouth so he’ll shut up, and deepthroats him until neils the one coming all over andrew’s face
  • neil licks it off his cheeks afterwards and andrew calls him disgusting, but he lets him anyway