he can barely keep his eyes open or move his lips

anonymous asked:

I just wanna know if he likes it proper and slow or wet and nasty head. That says a lot a person.

nice and slow when its morning and he’s still sleepy eyed and in a daze, barely can keep his eyes open..and you’ve got yourself moving down and positioned perfectly so he can stay right where he’s at. arm still above his head resting on his pillow. he’s motionless and just low guttural moans coming from him.

wet and nasty post show or after coming home from the bar, both tipsy from the endless jack and cokes. he’s straddled over you on his knees dragging his dick in and out of your throat. his hand leading the way -one hand on his dick and one pulling your head back to get a good angle. you’re barely able to recover from the last thrust before you feel him deep in your throat again. it’s quick and a mess… not your greatest work but he’s coming fast over your lips and tongue.