he came there to kill her for god's sake

I totally forgot and all hope has restored now. Oh god bless, phew
  • Caroline asked Tyler to choose her instead of revenge- HE WALKED AWAY
  • Caroline said to Stefan that if he came back for her, he should stay- HE WALKED AWAY

  • Caroline asked Klaus for a prom dress, he gave her a beautiful one without question- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE
  • Caroline asked Klaus to show mercy to Tyler and instead of killing him on the spot, he gave him a head start and didn’t dare to scour the Earth for him- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE
  • Caroline invited Klaus to her graduation and he came without a second thought- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE
  • Caroline continuously called Klaus to come back and save Damon even though Klaus couldn’t care less about Damon and he did just that- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE
  • Caroline wanted Klaus to give Tyler his freedom and as her graduation gift, he freed Tyler- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE
  • Caroline said to Klaus that she would be honest with him if he promised to never come back and he did just that even though he didn’t want to do that- FOR CAROLINE’S SAKE

Endgame material? Me thinks, yes

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                 —Steve, I…  But Peggy never got the chance to finish her sentence. Without a WARNING, she grabbed the GUN that she kept hidden beneath her skirt and she shot above Steve’s shoulder, slaughtering a soldier that was aiming for the super soldier’s back with his own weapon. Her bullet hit him in the head, killing him instantly. Bypassing her lover, she walked fast towards her victim, sightly pushing his corpse with her foot.   He’s from Hydra…? How…? God, he probably followed you here and I doubt that he came alone.The director almost ran towards the display monitors, groaning as she saw several HYDRA agents inviding her base.  For God’s sake—

Luke cheats on you part 2

Requested imagine - so enjoy💞

As soon as I ran out the house I ran straight to my car and jumped in, I just sat there for a while, thinking where to go. I waited till I had calmed down because I was still crying, I looked back at the house once more to see if he was looking but no-body was there. I started the car and drove to my best friends house Michael. I met Luke through him so he would understand I needed him.

As soon as I got to Michael’s I jumped out of my car and ran straight to his door banging on it, at this point the tears started flowing. He opened it and looked straight at me with a worried look. “Y/n what’s wrong” he said pulling me into a tight embrace. “Lu-uke, he cheat-ed on me” i sniffled. I could feel Michael get angry, I could feel his fists clenching. “I’m gonna kill him” he spat. “No don’t, it will only make things worse, please can I stay here for a while though please? I can’t go back” I asked. Michael nodded, I knew he would be fine I’m his best friend for God sake he always has my back.

I walked into the living room and sat down, he followed in with some movies, a blanket and some ice -cream, he always knew what to do. He put the movie in and came and cuddled with me.

Michaels Pov
This would be the perfect time to tell her how I feel, maybe if I tell her she won’t go back to him if he asks. Thing is I’ve had a crush on y/n since we met, but then she met Luke and I never had hope with her, should I tell her? Or not? I don’t know. I was snapped out of my gaze when someone knocked on the door. Great. “I’ll go” y/n said. She’s just so perfect.

Y/n Pov
I was so comfy with Michael but the knock on the door made me move. I went to the door and opened it, and he was standing there. The person I didn’t want to see. Luke. “Y/n” he said. “can we talk?” He asked with some hope in his voice. “No she can’t” I turned around and Michael was there jaw clenched, fists going white. He walked closer and placed his arm around my waist. I shivered from his touch. Luke just stood there looking hopeful.

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