he came from a hoarding situation and he used to look a lot worse

A Fire To Keep You Warm

Summary: Werewolves don’t get sick, or at least, say they don’t, if they’re stubborn. Hanzo won’t humor him.
Tags/warnings: Monster AU, Werewolf!McCree, demon!Hanzo, sickfic, mild body horror, lots of fluff

McCree was usually pretty easy going. He prided himself on his ability to roll with the punches, to adapt to any situation, to think fast on the fly. It kept him alive.

But there was one thing that really, really got on his every last nerve.


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The Clock Is Ticking

Part one is here.

Magnus dropped a wad of vampire hair into the cauldron and began to stir the contents with a long-handled spoon as it turned from a sickly green to a dark brown. He watched as it bubbled for a moment, then conjured a flask and poured a portion of the potion into it. He put the stopper on and set it aside, picking up the next and filling it as well. Once three flasks sat side by side and the cauldron was empty, it vanished with a snap of his fingers and a cloud of blue sparks, and he picked up the three flasks and put them in a small leather bag.

His first meeting of the day was not at all pleasant. It was with a very stout Mundane who insisted she’d requested four flasks of the potion, not three, and refused to review the contract until Magnus threatened to leave. She relented, and when Magnus pointed to the part that stated they had, in fact, agreed on three bottles, she snatched them up and shoved the bag of jewels into his hands and stormed off.

They were eighteenth century diamonds and rubies, and he’d been waiting for some time to get his hands on them. The way the diamonds were cut was of particular interest because it was a style that had been used only in one region for a very short period of time. This particular interest was the only reason he’d agreed to work with the woman at all, considering the fact that she wanted three flasks of what he’d told her would cause instant love and affection for her by the drinker. He couldn’t imagine that whatever she had planned was going to go well, but the moment she left the room, he put her out of his mind, already preparing for his next client.

His second client of the day was so boring Magnus cut him off midway through his spiel and proposed a counteroffer. His client, a well bred and affluent Mundane from Manhattan, seemed shocked, but Magnus ignored him, plowing on with his proposal until the man agreed. It was an easy job, and the Mundane had signed a contract agreeing to pay ten times what the work was worth, so Magnus left him with a sense of pride and in surprisingly good humor.

It was now early afternoon, and Magnus decided to stop by his loft to feed the hoard of cats that had surely gathered on his balcony. They didn’t care much about seeing him, but ran to their bowls as soon as Magnus filled them.

Magnus rolled his eyes and walked into his office to grab the book he’d need for his next meeting. It wasn’t one he was looking forward to, but the book itself was rather interesting, so he sat down in the chair behind his desk and opened it to the very first page, conjuring up a glass of whiskey.

He was just about to turn the page when his phone starting ringing, and he pulled it out of his pocket with a sigh. Upon seeing who was calling, he set the book down on his desk and hit answer, lowering his glass.

“Has it ever occurred to you that I do, in fact, have other things to do besides listen to your excuses as to why your payment is a week late?”

Magnus could hear Louis shuffling around on the other end of the line, then clearing his throat. There was a lot of background noise, the sound of tires and car horns and people yelling, and Magnus’ impatience grew just a little bit more.

“I’ll have it tonight, I told you.”

Magnus swirled the contents of his glass and leaned back in his chair, sighing. Louis had told him he’d have his payment three times already this week, and had always found some excuse for not being able to show up.

“Don’t disappoint me again, Shadowhunter.”

And then he ended the call and stood, shaking his head in annoyance and walking into his bedroom.

His third client of the day was worse than the other two combined, and Magnus had to remind himself that the only reason he took these jobs was because Mundanes had no concept of how much was too much. He’d whip up an easy potion and be paid enough to go on several vacations in Singapore, or he’d do a quick spell and receive enough to entirely redecorate his loft; all it took was a little suggestion.

This particular client, however, wanted something much more complicated and much more taxing. Magnus tried to explain to him that the wards he wanted put up would take at least a week, but he kept insisting that they be done the next day. Magnus did his best to explain the situation in the simplest terms he knew how, but the man appeared to not hear anything he said.

Tired of wasting his time, Magnus dropped his glamour, and the man stumbled back.

“One week, or you find someone else.”

The man nodded vigorously, and Magnus’ eyes returned to their previous brown. He flourished a pen.

“If you’ll just sign here then.”

Magnus slid on his waistcoat and buttoned it, then began rolling up the sleeves of his burgundy collared shirt, looking down at his hands. Staring down at his left wrist, his eyes went wide and he froze.

There, in black ink, stood seventeen minutes.

Magnus stared at the numbers, their sharp lines, the way they were spaced just far enough apart to fit across his wrist, and he watched as it ticked down to sixteen minutes.

Magnus inhaled very slowly, feeling the air flow in through his nose, feeling his shoulders rise, and then he exhaled and his shoulders fell, his gaze still locked on his wrist.

He’d never seen it this low before.

He remembered looking down at his wrist when he was a child and the shame that came with seeing he had 402 years until he met his soulmate. He remembered lying to his friends and his family, saying it was only a few years, and he remembered lying in bed at night, thinking there must have been some kind of mistake, that he must have done something wrong.

He’d varied his answers to the inevitable question for believability, and no one ever expressed any doubt as to its veracity, but he’d stopped looking not long after he’d found out that if he did make it that long, there probably was someone waiting for him at the end of those 400 years.

And then, about two decades ago, things had started to change. Instead of rather steadily counting down, the time began to flux, going from decades to hours multiple times a day. The first time he had noticed it, he’d panicked and had canceled his next meeting, but then he’d watched it change back to nineteen years and two hundred and thirteen days, and he’d gotten used to it again. But never had he ever been this close to meeting his soulmate.

Magnus took another deep breath, and he left his sleeves rolled up as he conjured a portal and stepped through it into the alley behind Pandemonium.

Magnus spotted Louis by the bar and made his way over. It was too dark and crowded to make out much, but he could vaguely see two men standing next to Louis who appeared to be looking for someone in the mass of people. They were craning their necks and seemed oblivious as to Louis’ presence, and Magnus could see that Louis was fidgeting even from here.

Someone bumped into his left side, and he turned, raising his arm slightly. In a flash of pink light, Magnus saw the inky black twenty eight seconds. The stranger ignored him completely, and he pressed on, emerging from the crowd and seeing Louis freeze.

In another flash of light, Magnus just barely caught the words six seconds.

He took the last few steps and shifted his gaze from Louis to the man standing next to him who was staring at Magnus, his left wrist raised just in front of him as if he’d been looking at it.

Magnus took a deep breath and extended his hand to the stranger.


…set sometime on disc 1:

Aeris crept closer as Cloud withdrew another blade from the scabbards on his back and let it fall onto the pile. “I’m impressed.” He glanced up at her, his lips twitching almost into a smile before he flopped onto his back.


She nudged a sword hilt with her foot. “You could sell some of them. No need to carry all of them.” Aeris crouched down and gripped a sword. Not easy to even lift. SOLDIER strength it seemed.

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I Was Made For Loving You Pt. 2 (SehunxReaderxLay) *Angst, language.*

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Pt. 1 , Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5

“Sehun Please!” I screamed as the car came closer to him. It had no intention of stopping.

Kai ran out into the road, and pushed Sehun out of the way, right before the car could hit him.

“What the hell!? Why would you do that!? You could have gotten killed too! Just let me die.” Sehun said, pushing Kai off of him.

“I can’t let that happen. I’m not letting my best friend die. You’re going to be okay, Sehun. We’re gonna get through this, I promise. Just, please, come back home.” Kai begged.

Chen and I ran across the street to Sehun and Kai to see if they were okay. “Are you guys okay?” Chen and I say in unison.

“Yeah, we’re fine, just a little scratched up. Nothing serious.” Kai stood up and wiped himself off.

Sehun still sat on the sidewalk, his head in his hands. Kai helped him up, and shielded him from the members who were just now starting to show up, knowing that Sehun wouldn’t want anyone seeing him like this.  “We’re fine guys. I think for now we are just going to go home and rest up.” Kai said, trying to make everyone calm down and not worry too much.

Suho helped Kai with Sehun. I hesitate a little, but go to Sehun to make sure he’s really okay. After a second, I decide it’s okay to hug him. “Please don’t scare me like that ever again, okay?” I whispered to him.

“I thought you didn’t care.” He said, looking down at me, tears mixed with rain water falling down his cheeks still.

“Of course I care! Are you crazy!?”

“I thought you’d be too busy with Lay to even notice I was gone.” His voice was still sad, and it hurt my heart that he was so torn up about this.

“I wasn’t going to leave you the way you were, of course I noticed you were gone. I didn’t know what you were planning, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. Don’t do things like that.” I said, hugging him tighter.

“I’m gonna take him back to the dorm now, okay?” Kai said, interrupting our small moment.

“Alright.” I wanted to leave with them, but I also wanted to give Sehun his space, is that what he really needs though? Space?

“Give him his space, Lauren. He just went through a lot.” Lay said, standing beside me now.

I looked up at him and sighed for the millionth time today. “What he needs right now isn’t space, Lay, he needs to know that he’s loved and he needs to get attention.” I said, making up my mind about the situation.

“But Jagiya… I don’t want you to go. If you go off and do this tonight… Then I guess we’re done. I can’t keep fighting for you all the time, it gets exhausting. It’s me or him.” He said, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the wet ground.

I hesitate again, but nod, making my decision. “Lay, I’m so sorry, but Sehun needs me right now. I’m not just going to abandon him.” Before I can change my mind, I ran to catch up with Sehun, Kai, and Suho.

I look back at Lay, who’s standing there dumbfounded, trying to process the the fact that I chose Sehun over him. “Fuck!” He yelled into the night air.

Kyungsoo looks at me, pity in his eyes. “I’ll go take care of Lay. Be safe, okay?” He said, running off in Lay’s direction. Baekhyun follows him, giving me a warm smile before he took off.

I can’t help but feel guilty about leaving Lay for Sehun. But in a moment like this, I couldn’t just leave Sehun to do whatever. He could try to run out again.

All of us run through the rain to the dorm, and quickly get Sehun to his room. Suho gathers everyone and starts ushering the boys out the door. “Come on, let’s give these two some time alone.” He said, shutting the door behind him, after hoarding everyone out.

I slowly walked over to Sehun, a little hesitant at first to sit beside him on the edge of the bed. I’m quiet for a while, thinking everything over. Sehun seemed to notice my distraught face. He scoots closer to me, and pulls me into a hug. “Want to talk about it?” He asked, in a soft voice. I just shook my head, not wanting to make any of this about me.

He pulled me down in a laying position on the bed, and held me close to him, burying his face into my wet hair. It was a little uncomfortable to cuddle while extremely wet from being in the rain, but Sehun didn’t seem to mind. We stayed silent as we cuddled, soon falling asleep and forgetting about the events that happened today.


I was the first to wake up, I look over at the sleeping figure beside me, forgetting that Sehun was here instead of Lay. Everything that happened last night came flooding into my memory. I sighed and quietly got out of the bed, trying not to wake Sehun. Walking to the living room, I spot Kai sitting on the couch, eating breakfast and watching television. I sat down next to him, staying silent for a second, but then turning to him. “Last night,” I started. “Lay told me that Sehun had done something like this before. Can you tell me what happened, exactly?” I asked, hopeful that he would answer me.

However, he just stared at me with a blank face before answering; “You wouldn’t want to know… It was worse than this… You should know that Sehun loves you. Really loves you, and it hurts him to see you and Lay together.” He said, looking at me seriously.

I look at the ground and let a tear escape my eye. “I know.” I say, before getting up and walking slowly back to Sehun’s room.

I look at the boy, who is still in a deep sleep, and I smile. Climbing back into the bed, I pulled him close to me and snuggled my face into his chest. “Don’t do stuff like this again, okay? I love you too.” I said it so quiet that even I couldn’t hear my own voice, but I said it. I finally said it. And it feels so goddamn good to get it off my chest. Sure, no one was around to hear it, but I definitely said it.

There was a loud slam throughout the dorm, and a loud ‘where is she!?’ coming from the living room. Soon, Sehun’s door slammed open, and in stumbled a drunk Zhang Yixing.

He starred at the two of us for a split second, and his eyes turned to stone when they met mine. “Is this what you meaant by love and attention!? You fucking slept with him!? Are you kidding me!?” His words slurred, but they were loud as hell. He didn’t even let me explain before he slammed the door shut.

Sehun’s eyes fluttered open, and he sat up, rubbing his face. “What just happened?” He asked sleepily.

I shook my head, continuing to stare at the door, trying to process what just happened. “Nothing, just go back to sleep, okay?” My voice quivered as I tried not to cry.

I was so shocked by Lay bursting in like that, that I didn’t know what to do. He rarely got drunk and when he did, he never acted like this. I was almost at the point of a panic attack. Sehun notices this quickly, and he holds my shoulders, looking at me with concern in his eyes. “Are you alright? (Y/N), you’re shaking, what happened?”

I can’t even speak, I’m shaking so much. Sehun wraps me up in his balnket. “It’s Lay, isn’t it?” He asked. I managed to nod my head, making his eyebrows forrow. “Stay here.” He tells me, before he rushes down the hall to Lay’s room.

Sehun pushes Lay down easily due to his state at the moment. “What the hell did you say to (Y/N)!? She’s having a panic attack because of you, asshole!” Sehun yells down at the drunk boy on the floor.

Lay struggles to get up, but when he does, he shoves Sehun against the wall. In the other room, Suho could hear the commotion and runs into the room to break up yet another fight. Kyungsoo was next to come in, looking Lay in the eyes and telling him to let this go. “Think about what we talked about last night. Don’t blow up like this, it’s not worth it.”

The boys in the room started to have deja vu from previous fights. It was all the same comments and attemps to get the two boys to stop fighting.

Upon hearing these words, however, Lay collasped to the ground and started to break down. “How could she do this? We were so happy together. I thought she loved me. It’s all because of this LITTLE SHIT!” Lay’s voice rose and he starts shaking from how angry he was getting. “We were happy until you showed up. You ruined everything. You ruined the only thing I ever cared about!”

I walked in just in time to hear that last part. Lay’s eyes glass over totally emotionless when his eyes meet mine. He lifts himself to is bed, and tells everyone to leave.

Everyone except me leave the room. A tear rolls down my cheek as I look at his form. “Lay, I’m so, so sorry for chosing Sehun over you… But what was I supposed to do!? He was going to kill himself, dammit! I couldn’t just leave him alone.” I said, looking at my feet, more tears falling to the ground. “However, I didn’t fuck him. Nothing happened between us last night, other than the two of us falling asleep. I would never do that to you, ever. It hurts me that you think I would. Lay, I love you so much, I really do..” I paused before I said my next words, thinking about them carefully. I took a deep breath, and nodded my head as I made the decision to say what I’ve been dying to say for a while now. “But I can’t lie to you and say I don’t love Sehun, because I do… But, I don’t want to lose you. I want you by my side for everything. Just, please, don’t leave me.” I begged, finally looking up from the floor to him.

He doesn’t even look at me, but his face is full of hurt. It’s quiet for a moment and I start to believe this whole conversation is pointless, so I turn to leave the room. I’ve said my peice.

Before I can make it to the door, Lay finally speaks up. “You love him? I knew you did. I tried to convince myself that I was wrong, but dammit I knew you did.” He said, running his hands through his hair.

I walked over and sit down beside him, trying to pull him into a hug, but he only pushed my arms away. “I just… I need time to process this all. I don’t know what to do anymore. I still love you, (Y/N), but I can’t be with someone who is in love with another man and can’t chose. There are too many risks. I just don’t know what to think.”

I sigh, and look away from him. “Yeah, I know.. I’m sorry if I hurt you too much.” I stand up and walk out of his room, quietly shutting the door behind me. I walk back in, with my head hung low. “I forgot my keys.” I say as I grab them off of one of the drawers, I leave again, but have to re-enter the room for a second time. “I also forgot my phone…” Grabbing the device, I start to head out of the dorm, but Suho stops me.

“Is everything okay? Where are you going?” He asks, looking at me with concern in his eyes. I’m tired of everyone giving me that look.

I turn to face him and shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know.” I say, before leaving the dorm. I walk out into the cold winter air. My clothes are still a bit damp from last night. I have no idea what to do in a situation like this. I’m in love with two amazing boys who would give me the world if I asked for it.

I reached my car and got in to drive to I don’t even know where. I end up riding around for a few hours, until I ended up at the first place Lay and I met. It’s just some old restaurant now, but it was brand new back then. The place is shut down, but I get out of the car anyways and walk towards the old building. All the good memories flooding back into my mind at once. I slide down the window and sit with my head in my hands, tears uncontrollably running down my face.

At this point, I’m so lost, I have no clue what to do. No matter what I do, or who I chose, I’ll end up hurting one of them. I can’t handle that. I felt water fall on my arm, and look up at the sky to realize that it’s started to storm again. There’s people rushing to get to shelter, failing to share an umbrella. A man stops in front of me, looking down at me. “Are you okay, miss?” He asks, offering his umbrella to me. I only shake my head and stand up.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” I say.

He smiled at me and nodded. “The weather is supposed to just get worse, so I’d hurry and get home if I were you.” He bowed, and started jogging in the opposite direction as me.

He’s right. I thought. I should go home, I’ll make a decison on the way.

I start to drive back home, wiping the extra tears from my eyes and trying to steady my breathing.

It’s raining incredibly hard, making it hard for me to see out of my windshield, which resulted to me having to drive extremely slow. As I drive, my phone falls from my lap onto the floor. I decided to get it later, but it starts to ring. I looked down, only able to read the name. It’s Sehun. I tried reaching for the device and managed to grab it.

“Hello? Yes, Sehun, I’m fine.” I answered, before looking up at the road. There was a car coming towards me, they were on the wrong side of the road. I swerved, and because of the road being wet, my car starts to spin in a circle and slams against a wall.

Sehun’s voice comes through the phone speaker. “(Y/N)!? (Y/N)!? I heard a crash, are you okay?” He asked, but when there was no answer, he hung up.

I haven’t written in a while! I’m so sorry about that, I’ve been SO busy with band stuff and school stuff. I hope you all understand. :)

on dragon sickness/gold sickness and the arkenstone

(this is some real rough analysis/meta that i never really felt was finished. and now i kinda don’t think i’ll ever ‘finish’ it. it’s probably fine? as is? hm. anyways, dragon sickness discussion under the cut.)

I think botfa makes it pretty clear that Thorin’s sickness is exacerbated by the fact that he doesn’t have the Arkenstone in his grasp. Which… kind of makes it seem like Bilbo made a big mistake withholding it from him. Did he? Did he have enough reliable information to make that decision for Thorin? Let’s explore.

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My Mother was a Hoarder

My mother was a hoarder. I can’t put it any more lightly. To be entirely truthful, I don’t know why she started hoarding. It was something that started before my siblings and I were born. My mom never was really the type of woman that would be open with her feelings, especially with her children. However, she was never really a caregiver either. She cared more about collecting things than she did about being a real role-model for her kids. She was just there, plain and simple.

It was embarrassing to say the least. I never really realized the gravity of the situation until I was 12 and I went to stay at a friends house. I was extremely confused by the fact that they didn’t have trash on their floor, or roaches in their fridge, or large piles of just misc. crap. After that, I think my personality changed a lot. I never wanted to talk about my family when friends asked. I think the worst part of it all was that I was the youngest and therefore, all four of my siblings got out before me. I was left alone with my mother and the garbage for almost 3 years.

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