he calls for me


I met him when I was 19. We have loved and adored and respected each other since the beginning, since before we even met, just because we were fans of each other’s talent. We weren’t ready at all, though, to be together. It’s just timing. We both needed to experience some things, but the love has been there the whole time. There were times over the years when he would call me and hear that I was stressed or overwhelmed or not doing well, and he would call my mom. There were also times when he was really broken and sad – this was years ago – and I would come take care of him, because we love each other as best friends first and foremost.

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Final day of big sale, was supposed to be closed 40 minutes ago. Customer comes to me with a coupon. Decides to get a cheaper product as the receipt is printing. I explain to him 3 times after return how the coupon applied to him he only got it after my manager explained it a 5th. I realize he has a new product on the counter. I sigh and mention I didnt see it. He calls me an asshole for being annoyed. Manager defends me. I walk away. Spoke to coworker- the guy smelled her and called her sexy.

Official Photoshoot with Tommy Flanagan.

Okay guys, don’t be pissed at me, but as soon as he seen me he remembered me. And not just by the way I looked he remembered my NAME is didn’t hear him call ANYONE ELSE by their NAMES but as soon as he seen me he had that famous “Oh I didn’t think I’d see you again well fuck hello!”

And guess what guys… guess fucking what he called me this time….

“Hey baby~”

I fucking shit you not. He like legit purred it too I’m not making this shit up. Here was our conversation… in fanfiction form.

“Hey baby~”

He purred as I walked up to him. He wrapped his arm around me for a side hug.

“Hey Tommy~”

I purred back. He squeezed my arm.

“How are you doing, baby?”

He asked me as we prepared for the picture. I smiled.

“Good, good. How are you?”

I asked.

“Good now.”

The picture was taken.

“Oh well I see you dried off a bit, that’s good.”

((I had walked in the ran to see him))


Awkwardly I laughed and nodded as I looked up at him before turning away.

“You have a good day honey.”

He told me as I went to get my things. I turned back around.

“Yeah, you too.”

I was the only woman that I had seen that he held a conversation with that I could hear. Like he actually stood there and spoke with me. This man is amazing. 💖💖💖

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Pest Problems

While walking the perimeter my S.A.M Bot noticed we had a new bug problem in the side yard.  He called me outside so we could discuss what to do about it.  

S.A.M. suggested I just pour gasoline all over the nest, and strike a match, the old fashioned way (S.A.M.’s a bit of a pryro ya see). What with gas being so hard to come by these days, I thought that would be a horrible waste of resources, and expensive to boot. Me, I figured I’d just go grab my stolen Freeze Ray Gun from the lab,  zap the critters, toss em in a sack, and then leave them at the Brotherhood’s front gate to thaw out.  Let the bugs be their problem.  It’s about time they earned their keep.  Sides, I thought it would be hilarious to watch.

As we were figuring out how to go about it, we suddenly heard this loud droning noise coming from high up above.  Much louder than the chirping racket the critters checking us out as we talked were making.  It was like a turbo prop or something, and it was getting louder real fast.

I look up in the sky, and there right above us was the biggest damn bug I’d ever seen.  I reckon it must be the Queen or something. Anyways,  S.A.M. and I quickly decided this was a problem that could probably wait for another day, so we beat feet fast back into the bunker with the mutant flying cockroach and her kin hot on our tails.

Gonna have to see if I can arrange a trade for a gigantic can of Raid, or maybe a small Tactical Nuke over at Bartertown.  In the meantime, I guess we’ll all be staying indoors for a while.

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Never trust a man who is 25 and you're 20 and always said shit like "you're a nice looking girl", or any compliment with girl. Idk why, it always felt off that he never saw me equally and called me girl? When I'm 20???

They call grown women “girls” when they want to make us feel lesser (small, young, without authority) and young girls “women” when they want to justify being creeps 😒

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As a fan of Iron Fist comics I need to point out something: origin of Danny Rand is about an outsider saved and raised by citizens of magical interdimensional city Kun Lun. As long as he is born and spent his childhood anywhere on Earth but Kun Lun, Danny will be an outsider. So there is no reason he has to be white, an Asian guy would still be an outsider in Kun Lun.

A lot of people are too obtuse to realize that Danny can be considered an outsider by just being American and how powerful the message would have been if he were Asian-American.

But since you brought it up, I’ll point out for those who didn’t watch the show… Danny barely talks about. They don’t show it and just once or twice he mentions “They called me a word that means outsider” and doesn’t dwell on it at all. It’s not important. And then they introduce Davos who’s obviously suppose to represent those who were training to take on the Iron Fist title since birth, someone who would be understandably bitter that this American came out of no where and snatched it from all of them……… But he’s not even East Asian either. So wtf?

- mod g

Metal-Eating Salamander Spirit

A large salamander who walked on his back legs entered the room. He was about the same height as Bar, around seven or so feet. He sat down at the table and slurped up the bacon that was on my plate. He then ate the salt and pepper shakes. Then he ate the napkins and my glass of water. Then he stood back up and ate the entire table with everything on it.

“Wow,” I said as he sat back down. He asked me what I called him for and I explained how I was trying to meet the spirits that live inside my building. He told me about how he lives in one of the electrical rooms and eats the metal objects that are there along with the tools that people sometimes bring in.

I asked him how long he’s been in this building and he says that he moved here when it was built. “It’s the nicest building here,” he commented and I agreed. I asked him if he’s ever been in one of the really nice science buildings that nearby. He complained that he hated it in there because all of the chemicals make him sick. “I only eat inanimate objects,” he said as he phases through the wall to go eat someone’s bike that was outside. I mentioned how he’s kind of like Bar who also is always eating things as the salamander returns. He looked at Bar, “Hey aren’t you the guy who-”

“Yes,” Bar cut off and the salamander seemed to be in awe of him.

“Organic matter is gross because I can hear whatever it is that I’m eating screaming,” the salamander added. I pointed out that he ate my bacon. “Well it was already dead and it looked good. I’m talking about eating things alive and what not, but still a prefer things that never ‘lived’ like metal,” he replied.

“I guess you’re not too much like Bar after all,” I mused.

“I eat the living only, no metal or things like that,” Bar explained, “In fact, humans are my main prey.”

“Then what are you doing hanging out with one?” the salamander questioned. He then let out a big gasp, “The human enslaved you! That’s it, isn’t it!? My Brother, I will help you break free from its clutches.”

I opened my mouth to refute him but Bar beat me to it. “I am here by choice,” he said plainly, “and I am not your brother.”

“But why would you become friends with your prey? Don’t you know how dangerous that is? To me humans are like cattle: just as the cow produces milk for the human, the human produces edible objects for me. I appreciate them but a friendship with them? Unheard of! You must rethink this!”

“No,” Bar replied, “I love this human.” I’m too caught up in the feels™ to really do anything besides get up to leave.

“Love?!” the salamander repeated with disgust. “You’re headed down a dangerous path, I bet the human did something to you.” He followed us all the way back to my room, trying to convince Bar to leave me the whole time. When we got to my room the salamander wouldn’t leave so I banished him by spraying a bottle of window cleaner at him.  

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Every single time I find myself in a relationship, they reveal themselves to be one of the worst people I have ever met. I've been pushed, slapped, punched, and bruised. Once my ex called me to tell me he was going to slit my throat and that he hopes my brain tumor kills me. Then he told our mutual acquaintances that I am a liar and overreactive and now people think I'm some hysteric crazy person. So when somebody asks me why I choose to stay single now it takes everything I have not to scream.


I’m sorry the people around you are so insensitive ❤ Your choice is valid af and you are definitely better off single than with someone who makes life worse!

Last night pt.2

Is I started working in the garden, I realized that I had forgotten a couple tools I needed. So I texted hubby and asked if he run then down to me. About 20 minutes later he arrived with my garden tools.

Howard came out to meet him so I introduced them. “That’s a remarkable woman your married to young man. Howard said which caused my to smile. After they chatted hubby gave me a kiss and left. I told him that I would be home in and hour or so. as hubby drove away, I wondered if he could taste Howard on my breath.

I worked for another 15 minutes then Howard called me into his house. he was laying on the bed naked, that 8 inch cock sticking straight up. He was stroking it slowly. “Seeing you with your husband got me very hard.”

“I see that.” I smiled

“Turn around and slowly take off your pants, but leave your thong on.” He demanded.

I did as he asked. He stroked his cock as I removed my yoga pants. My ass was there for him to gaze at. I could hear him stroking his cock.

“Turn around and face me, then remove your top.”

I did as he asked. I stood there in just my fushia panties. His cock was very thick as he stroked it in front of me.

“back up against the wall and put your hands up over your head.”

As I did, Howard got up off the bed and walked over to me. His cock pressed up against my belly, he started kissing me. We were both breathing heavy as we kissed passionately. He reached down pulled my panties to the side and inserted his cock deep inside my pussy. I cried out in pleasure as he started  fucking me standing up.His cock thrusting in and out of my wet pussy he kept pinching my erect nipples.

He pulled out, turned me around and perked my ass out. He pulled the thong piece aside and entered my wet pussy from behind. My face pressed against the wall, I was breathing heavy as he fucked me from behind. His hands cupping and teasing my breasts.

“Lay down on the bed.”

I did and he layed down on top of me, my long legs wrapped around his ass. He was kissing me and fucking me at the same time. The bed squeaking as he thrusted into me. His hips slapping into mine. I started to breath heavy as I kissed and nibbled his ear lobe. I cried out as I came, He thrusted faster inside of me.

He got up off of me, turned me on my belly and started rimming my ass with his tongue. ‘I wonder if your ass would take my cock” he asked.

“only one way to find out.’ I breathed fast

He got up on his knees moved over me, I felt his cock head atmy asshole. I breathed fast, thrusting my ass up into him. He spread my ass cheeks and started to enter my ass. I relaxed my ass so I wouldn’t hurt so much. Once he was most of the way in he started thrusting his cock back and forth getting use to my tight ass.

He layed down on my back as he fucked my ass.

“Christ are you ever tight” he said in my ear.

His hips slapping into my ass as his balls slapped my pussy.

“First it was your pussy, now hubby won’t be able to fuck you in the ass”

He started slamming into my ass, I was crying out with painful pleasure. He pulled me up on my knees and started to fuck me doggystyle. My ass was full and stretched around his cock. The bed was squeaking and the headboard was banging against the wall.

I felt his warm cum inside my ass as he came breathing heavily. He carefully pulled out of my ass and we layed down on the bed together.

“It’s a shame my wife comes home this weekend. It won’t be the same when your here gardening.” he said playing with my hair.

He told me about how after 30 years of marriage they don’t have sex anymore and that watching me work in the garden made him feel very horny for the first time.

Still horny, I reached down and started stroking his soft cock. I mounted his hips and slid his cock into my pussy. He was watching me. looking at my tits in front of him. I started riding him. looking into his eyes. watching his facial expressions as my hips slapped down onto his. His cock started to get hard again inside me and I smiled down at him. He held my hips as my tits bounced up and down. I rode him hard and fast. The bedposts banging against the bed again, I arched my back cried out and came, squirting in his cock. My juices running down his cock and balls.

“Fuck me” he said

I collapsed exhausted beside him breathing heavy.

He turned me on my side facing away from him, nudged up close behind me and inserted his hard cock inside me. He held my shoulder  with one hand, my hip with the other, fucking me on my side. thrusting fast and slow, he took his time.

finally he came a second time filling my pussy with his warm cum.

Although, next week, I will miss fucking him, It will be hot meeting his wife, knowing what she is truly missing.  

(Irish dance post) we had an 8-hand workshop tonight with a visiting teacher and!!! he called me out for having good technique on this one tricky step & they called other people over to watch me dance it!!! that is 100% the best compliment I have gotten since I started dancing!!!

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[makes curious noise] I think I missed something. What's this about Morality and not being able to stay in Anxiety's room? Because the anons are asking Anxiety about his love life, because Anxiety will kick him out, or for some other reason that I'm too tired to think of right now?

Anxiety’s room wasn’t as dark as I expected

But he called me a moron and told me to get out :(

- Dad

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oh gosh I was at a teacher student dessert night thing and was teaching these two little five year old twins solitaire (in my defense they asked what I was doing) and one referred to me as a he! I'm not even out yet but one said to the other "he said he was 14 wow" I have a typically masculine haircut/clothes and the little five year old called me "he" I'm so happy

Aw! That’s great! I’m so happy for you 💙

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Confession I haven't told anyone but I need to get this off my chest: when I was younger, I was stupid. A couple of years ago I was desperate for this boys (let's just call him C) attention but I knew he didn't like me, so I made up this fake profile. I strung him along, made him fall for me, made him think I was real. Then, I met this other guy, E. We talked through that profile and I liked him so much, and I screwed him over. I shouldn't have done that, and I've always regretted it. (1/2)

(2/2) I was hoping that when we got older we could meet up or something and I could explain it to him. He was such a sweet guy and didn’t deserve the crap I put him through. But I’ll never get that chance. He died almost two weeks ago. I miss him. I regret ever fucking him over and I feel guilty for doing it. Okay. Thank you for listening to my crap. I hope you have a good day.

I’m really grateful and proud you decided to share that with me. Look, I obviously can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling but you shouldn’t put yourself through the ringer for your past. Everyone has done stupid things in their past. I have done many. I think that fact that you weren’t using the profiles to be intentionally malicious but to get to know people and have always regretted using them is a testament to you. Catfishing obviously isn’t fantastic but knowing that you were in the wrong is the only thing you can do as you move forward. Since you will remember the things you’ve done, it’s obviously going to play on your mind. You won’t just forget about it. Again, you had the intent on explaining yourself so that’s a good thing. You cared about him enough to tell him the truth when you could. You obviously didn’t have any control over his death and you shouldn’t hold it against yourself. If you think it might help, maybe write him a message with an explanation and send it to him if his account is still active. It might just help with getting a bit of closure. Wishing you all the best xx

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)