he called to her

The fact that Dany stood out on the balcony hoping Jon would return even though she saw him get dragged into freezing water by three wights.

The fact that he did come back.

The fact that Dany is clearly really self-conscious about being unable to have a child and Jon seems to be sad about that ONLY because it makes her sad and he apparently cannot allow anything to make her sad ever again.

The fact that Jon looks absolutely desperate to comfort her and holds onto her hand like it’s his damn lifeline.

The fact that Jon wants Dany as his queen whether she can produce an heir or not because he realizes that she’s every bit as brave and compassionate as he is.

The fact that in his sleepy puppy state he couldn’t help just calling her “Dany” because he already feels that comfortable with her.



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Mulder and Scully make dinner together and mess it up

Things That Happen in the Kitchen
by mldrgrl
Rated PG13

“Scully, can I ask you a personal question?” Mulder asked.  He’d been twirling a pencil between his fingers and watching her type up a report on her computer for the better part of fifteen minutes, and she knew from experience that his silence wouldn’t last long.

“No,” she answered, taking only a brief pause before she began typing again, trying to ignore his gaze, which she could feel boring holes into the back of her head.  Her neck tingled and she flicked her head back to shake the feeling away

“Can you cook?”

“Of course I can cook.”

“Why, ‘of course?’  I’m supposed to believe you can do everything perfectly?”

Scully smiled in spite of herself, but her back was to Mulder so she knew he wouldn’t see her amusement.  “Seven years later, you’ve finally caught on.”

“You know what I’ve also learned in seven years, Scully?”


“I need proof.”

Scully smiled again, but kept typing.  “What about you?”

“Does soup count?”



“Not quite.”

“I guess not.”

Scully nodded once and put her attention back into her report.  She’d lost her place in the moment she let her mind wander to engage in conversation with Mulder and she had to backtrack to find her train of thought again.

“So, what about Friday night?” Mulder asked.

“What about it?” she murmured, re-reading her last paragraph.

“You coming over and teaching me how to cook.”

Scully finally turned in her chair to face Mulder and he stopped twirling his pencil, though the grin on his face remained.  She lifted her brow as if to question his sanity.

“It’ll be fun,” he said.  

“Basically, you just want me to feed you.  What do I get out of it?”

“You get to put your money where your mouth is.  Try to prove to me you know what you’re doing.  I know how much you enjoy that.”

“I don’t enjoy proving you wrong, it’s just so easy to do.”

“I said try, Scully.  I still contend you have yet to actually prove me wrong.”

Scully raised her brow again, definitely questioning his sanity this time.  She turned back around and put her hands on her keyboard, but didn’t type.

“How’s seven?” she asked.

“Works for me,” he answered, twirling his pencil again.  She could see him grinning in the reflection of her computer screen.


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Nicky and Erik’s Great Marriage Mishap

I’m too weak for these cousins, okay?!

  • we’re years after canon
    • all the original foxes graduated
    • Neil and Andrew are finally in the same team so they have their apartment together
    • Aaron is living with Katelyn and they’re both working in hospital so, yeah, they’re both basically destroyed 99% of the time
    • Nicky moved back to Germany and is living with Erik, he found a job here so he’s given up Exy
  • Germany legalized gay marriage so guess who’s getting married?!?!?!

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Uncharted Waters - Jonerys Oneshot

Hey guys, just a new piece I wrote. I hope you like it!

Genre: Drama / Romance. Rated: T. Chapter: 1/1. Also on: Fanfiction.net

Set after 7x04. Daenerys finally agreed to help Jon in the fight against the White Walkers. They travel north by ship and should concentrate on the task ahead. But somehow they can’t stop thinking about each other …

Jon was tired. Not in the way you could make up for with a nice bath and a long rest but in a different way. His bones ached, yes, but his mind and his heart did too. He was tired of fighting and being strong. In his heart was a deep longing for happiness and peace but he didn’t know how to reach it. His head was filled with strategies, battle techniques and a repetitive image of the Night King and his ice cold eyes. He would die in the war against him, Jon was sure of it. So the only way left for him to get his happiness and peace would be in death.

It was past midnight and he sat at a table in the belly of the ship that would carry him back north. He had already discarded his armor and was sitting there in nothing but his pants and his tunic. He felt the waves crashing against it and heard the groan of the wood as he studied the drink standing before him. Strong alcohol Tyrion recommended. Surely the liquid would make his throat burn and let him forget some of his problems for the night. But he couldn’t convince himself to drink it. He had never been particularly fond of alcohol and especially in a time like this he liked to keep his mind sharp.

But in his mind all the strategies, techniques and ice cold eyes merged to one never ending sequence of images, one which he was forced to think about at day and dream of at night. But underneath it crept one soft one. At first it had been just eyes. Not ice cold ones like the Night Kings but a pair of violet eyes, which were kind but also strong. Then lips, so soft that he yearned to touch them. And they could shape a smile so bright that, for a moment, it was capable to illuminate all the darkness in his heart. And then hair, a veil of silver hair, that would surely feel like silk in his hands. It all came together to form one perfect image of the woman, -the queen he corrected himself, who lay in her cabin just a few rooms distance from him.

There were so many things in his life that he didn’t see coming. His death for starters, his resurrection, his coronation as King in the North. But of all these things she was the one he didn’t see coming at all. All his dreams about love shattered to pieces the moment Ygritte died in his arms. But here he was, so trapped in the dark, that he nearly forgot that there was something like love in the world.

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His Replacement l Harrison Osterfield

Summary: Tom Holland hires a new assistant after Harrison Osterfield lands the role as the next Harry Osborn in the upcoming Marvel films and Harrison finds himself fancying his replacement a lot more than he expected…

Warning: swearing

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: multiple anonymous people

A/N: I actually combined four anonymous requests for this oneshot just to make it a better plot. I thought the four would go nicely together. Hope you all enjoy it!


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The good, the bad, the ugly, the incredibly STUPID and the thin silver lining


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Bakugou you’re great and I love you.

No but i’ve been thinking about the fight when I was away and how everyone went against Bakugou and it’s really unfair, for both Bakugou and Uraraka.

Bakugou didn’t look down on Uraraka. Regardless of her gender, he was expecting her to attack, and expecting her to have an ace up her sleeve. He took her seriously, he didn’t brag, he focused, and he gave everything against her. 

Therefore, Uraraka’s attempts to fight Bakugou are even more incredible. He went full blast against her, and she handled her own, she used his guard and his own attacks as a way to distract him and attack him with the rock fall, she was incredible and seriously went off her limits. 

And Bakugou accepted all of it, he gave his everything, and he valued her enough to expect her to do something great. He was respectful, hell he even warned her beforehand that he wouldn’t hold back. It would be rude to hold back. He took her just as seriously as a rival than he is taking Deku and Todoroki.

Yet almost everyone aside from Aizawa and Deku, had called out Bakugou as a bully to “be that rough with a frail girl”. People were picturing him as a villain.

I’m seriously glad both Aizawa and Deku made notice that what Bakugou did was to take Uraraka seriously. He didn’t hold back because she was a girl. He valued her strength. 

So much that after the fight, once she lost, he still values her as a good adversary and calls out that she was strong.

The thing is that, by doing this whole thing going against Bakugou, it sounds almost as if everyone else wasn’t taking Uraraka seriously. That she either had to win effortlessly, or that he had to go easy on her for some reasons.

Besides, this is still a battle that was put in place to show off their hero skills to the world. Granted, Bakugou’s powers are more violent, it is destructive, and it’s horrible that everyone immediatly called him a villain for that. But - the thing is that, one day, it’s likely they’ll get out there facing other villains. Maybe they’ll meet a villains who will look like a frail girl. And if it happens, this fake gentlemanery of taking care of not going hard on said girl could be dangerous.

Bakugou took the threat seriously, where others didn’t because Uraraka looked like a frail girl, and by doing so his fight against her was grantifying for her. It means her almost winning was done in a fair, serious fight between those two, in a fight with real stakes.

Bakugou vs Uraraka was a wonderful fight, and they both showed their strength and development. I come out of it proud of the two of them. Because Uraraka did her best and it worked quite well, and it’s even more impressive that it was against someone who was just as serious.

I’m proud of them.

kenji’s arc in hero is so interesting to me like

he wants to impress (and can possibly date) the person he’s going to butt heads with as talos

and his own mother (the person who’s only ever been disappointed in him, when all he wanted was to make her proud) is calling him a criminal for risking his life to save lives

there is just so much potential conflict & so much riding on him keeping his secret identity

(meanwhile you have the mc who deadass just blurts out that they have powers to people they’ve only known for 30 seconds)

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused
Things I absoulty love about the relationship of Moon and River Butterfly

1) He calls her “moon-pie”

2) River married into HER family, and not the traditional way around.

3) Moon knows, and doesn’t really care that her family doesn’t like River and vise-versa

4)They are are actually a super strong power couple who could beat you down in the blink an eye. She’s called “Moon the Undaunted” for a reason and River wrestles wild animals with his bare hands.

5) He calls her “MOON-PIE”

6) They come from different worlds but still love each other. River was a warrior Prince and Moon’s family are posh magic users.

7) Young River was an adorable mess.

8) “I cant believe I just called the queen "pal” “

9) Moon kept the apology meat

10) River was the only one who didnt baby her and insisted that she had a voice in the whole "peace treaty or war” matter

9) Moon probably likes River better than the other dude because he doesn’t treat her like a frail damsel.


11) Moon doesnt mind her husband being so dependent on her.

12) River automatically reaches over for moon in the morning.

13) River tries to party away his sadness because he misses Moon

14) Moon is worried about River, but is trying to focus on protecting Star.

15) “Of course I love my husband!
And Im worried sick!”

16) As soon River sees Star is okay after being reunited, he asks for his wife.

17) He CaLls HeR “MoOn-PiE”!!!!!

Descendants 2

Harry Hook might be high key in love with Uma, but I’m pretty sure he was just flirting with literally everyone he pointed his hook at.

My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.