he called her sweetheart once ok

Interview - Jensen Ackles x Reader (Singing at a Supernatural Con - Part 4)

Title: Twitter

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 2,277

Warnings: Second hand embarrassment (yes, I think I should warn about this)

Summary: After your first time talking through camera with Jensen, after months of talking with him through twitter, it was near impossible to avoid getting embarrassed in front of him. And of course you didn’t avoid it. Jensen has to end the call though and go to an interview. And maybe it is just time for him to get second hand embarrassment like you did.

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A/N: I had this up today and will do a J2 + other actors imagine/manip/twitter kind of thing tomorrow along with a Jensen/Brendon fourth part! Enjoy!

“I uh-” was the only thing you said at that moment.

You literally felt your heart stop beating and all color drain from you face - sort of. It felt as if all your blood came rushing to your cheeks that were burning hot right now. You were sure you looked more red than a tomato would.

“I’ll uh- C-can we t-talk l-later Jensen I just- I have t-to do s-something ” you stuttered out, daring to glance at Dean on the screen of your computer.

“Aw ok. Just promise you’ll read some smut for me ok?” he winked at you and your eyes all but widened .

“Jensen” you groaned lightly, looking down at your hands with a small pout and frown.

“Ok ok sorry. I’ll better go. The interview’s starting soon anyway. Make sure to watch it, alright? Let’s do this some other time again” he winked at you with a big smirk and you bit your lip harder “Bye sweetheart. Bye (Y/f/n).” he said the last part louder for (Y/f/n) to hear.

“Bye” you murmured and closed your computer once he ended the call.

“(Y/n) wait-!” (Y/f/n) started speaking hands raised in front of her as she watched you with almost wide eyes.

You slowly and calmly - too calmly for her liking - set down your computer and got up from your bed, making your way slowly and dangerously towards her.

“No, no (Y/n) please no. I’m sorry, ok? I’m really sorry. I’m really really sorry.” she said in a pleading tone.

“We were talking through camera.” you said, voice dangerously low “And he heard you. He. Heard. You.”

“I know, I know and I’m really sorry (Y/n). Sorry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for this. Come on (Y/n) how should I know?! You had never talked before through camera and considering how much of coward you are I never thought you would have the guts to do so!” she said desperately backing slightly away as you walked towards her.

“He heard you (Y/f/n)” you said through gritted teeth.

“I know and I’m sorry (Y/n). Come on please, don’t- don’t do anything I-I promise I won’t tease you ever again. Never again. I won’t say anything about you and him ever again I promise. I promise!” she said frantically and you stopped before you could do anything more, your eyes were narrowed at her.

“I’m going to kill you. Make a deal to bring you back to life and then kill you again!” you said sharply.

“No (Y/n) please I know that you’re mad but please forgive me. I didn’t mean for it” she pleaded with you.

You abruptly pointed a finger at her and she scooted slightly away, like a child being scolded by its mother “You- you are going to pay for this. Mind my words (Y/f/f/n). I am going to make you pay for this- and in the meantime you- you owe me a huge favor.”

“Anything. Anything!” she said desperately trying to make up for it.

You looked at her with narrowed eyes before speaking “You’re going to be paying for my pie for the rest of the next two- no, three months”

“Yes yes!” she nodded frantically and with narrowed eyes you turned away from her to make your way to your bed.

“I’m sorry. I know, I know I screwed up but hey think of the positive side of things-” she started but you cut her off.

“He heard you (Y/f/n)! He heard all of the things you said and I don’t think I need to remind you what those were. And he- And I- and-” you let out a frustrated groaned and fell down on your bed, face first on your pillow “My life is over” you mumbled, your face buried in your pillow.

“No (Y/n)” she said, actually feeling sorry.

“Yes (Y/f/n). I’m dead. I’m worse than dead” you groaned turning side and burying your face in your hands.

“No (Y/n) come on please, don’t make feel bad now. Come on, I’ll make something for us to eat and we’ll watch some TV ok?” she said and you gave her a small nod.

You wanted to be mad at her but your embarrassment far surpassed that.

She did as said and after a while walked back with a tray with food. You got up in a sitting position on your bed and she came to sit next to you. You took your plate in front of you but didn’t really eat. You just played with your food while (Y/f/n) skipped through channels. She obviously found the one she wanted because you saw her put the remote down. You didn’t look up from your food to see what she was watching but a voice caught your attention.

“…Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!” said a female voice excitedly.

You looked on the TV to see Jensen and Jared walk into view. A huge grin was on Jensen’s face and you didn’t have to guess to know why.

It just made you blush more in embarrassment than you previously were- if possible.

“Hello hello!” the woman said with a big smile as they all took a seat.

“Hi” - “Hey” Jensen and Jared replied quickly with smiles on their faces as they took a seat.

“Well, finally. What took you so long?” she asked playfully and they laughed.

“Well, don’t look at me. This guy here is responsible for all of it. If it wasn’t for him we’d be here on time” Jared said honestly.

“Really? How come? Not that it is something I wouldn’t expect from him but still…” she trailed off with a small shrug and Jensen faked hurt, earning a laugh from her and Jared.

“Well it is certainly is something I expect from him these days!” Jared didn’t miss a beat to say “Every time he is late or not paying attention I know- like 100% know that he will be on twitter talking with (Y/n)”

You chocked on a fry as soon as you heard your name being mentioned.

“It’s like he never stops!” Jared added a little bit over-dramatically, raising his hands in the air.

“(Y/n) huh? Is she a friend or something?” the interviewer asked with a smirk.

“Yeah yeah a really good friend of ours and certainly a really good friend of Jensen’s. If you know what I mean” Jared said with a smirk and a wiggle of his eyebrows “Not yet anyway” he added with a chuckle and Jensen laughed slightly hiding his face behind his hand.

“Oh is that so?” the interviewer asked again with a smirk and Jared nodded frantically.

“Totally!” he exclaimed “It’s like, when’s he’s not being Dean in front of the cameras he’s texting with her. And when he’s not texting with her, he’s talking about her. And I’m not going to say about when he’s sleeping because even in his sleep he talks about her!” Jared described and you felt your own eyes widen, along with Jensen’s.

“Dude!” Jensen slightly hissed at Jared after elbowing him in the ribs.

“What?!” Jared asked him with a perplexed look.

“So you’re basically saying that things haven’t been easy for you huh?” she asked Jared again and he turning his head to look at the interviewer he nodded.

“Definitely. Especially these past few weeks. Hardest of my life for sure. I’m telling you, fanboys are ten times worse than fangirls! I live with one” Jared said with a nod of his head.

“But you’ve been living with me for the past few weeks…?” Jensen looked at him with a perplexed look.

“My point!” Jared exclaimed “It’s insane I’m telling you!” he turned to look at the interviewer “It’s not enough that he talks about her nonstop during day but he won’t stop even at night! I clearly remember once, he was texting with her till really late at night. It wasn’t unusual let me tell you, not a first either for sure. Luckily I had managed to fall asleep but of course he was not going to make it easy on me. At some point I felt a slight shake on my shoulder. I paid no attention but then the shaking got even more rough.” Jared licked his lips and continued talking.

“And then I heard Jensen’s voice whispering me like ‘Jared? Hey psit are you asleep? Jared? Jared are you asleep man? Jar?’ but I kept ignoring him because I knew that nothing bad had happened and it was just Jensen being… Jensen. But no he had to keep insisting 'Hey Jared? Man are you sleeping? Jared? Jar? Jarhead?-’ yeah he started using petnames as well 'Jared? Are you asleep dude? Jared? Jar-’ and of course I’ve had enough of him shaking me and I snapped, turning to look at him and shouting 'WHAT?!’ for a moment he looked at me, just looked at me like a kicked puppy, before he spoke 'Are you asleep?’ he asked. Yes he asked me just that! And I just stared at him with a 'What-do-you-think look’ that soon turned into a bitch-face.” Jared let out a soft chuckle, shaking his head.

And he spoke again “And then he looked down at the phone in his hands and said 'Sorry I was just talking with (Y/n) and I just need some advice’ he referred to the fact that he once again was nervous as far as what to say to her was concerned. But I was like 'Seriously man? Like what time is it anyway?!’ and he just shrugged saying 'Dunno. Eleven? Twelve in the night?’ and of course I looked at the clock on my nightstand to see that it was 3:35 in the fucking morning!” he shook his head “I had a hard time not killing him at that moment!” he laughed and so did everybody.

Jensen included. He was laughing and looking down, shaking his head “I’m going to kill him. I’m so going to kill him!” he said laughing, running hand down his face.

“Whatever. You love me too much to do so” Jared said with a chuckle.

The interviewer chuckled and looked at Jensen “Well that is really interesting to know. What do you have to say about that Jensen?”

He looked at her “Oh so I exist now? Because I thought this was an interview with Jared and not Jared and Jensen.” he said mockingly.

Jared laughed and spoke “He’s just being like this because I wasn’t supposed to have told all of that. I just basically ruined his image”

“Dude it’s live!” Jensen said to him with almost wide eyes.

“So?” Jared frowned slightly until of course realization downed on him “Oh she’s watching? Isn’t she?” he said with a smile like the one of Cherish cat’s.

“Perfect! That’s perfect!” he said and then turned to look straight in the camera “(Y/n) if you’re watching this - and by the look on Jensen’s face you are - please, just please ask him out already! He’s such a coward that he won’t have the guts to do so! Just because he’ll be a stuttering and blushing mess. Please (Y/n) I’m begging you. Ask him out! I can’t stand him talking non-stop about you!” he said and both Jensen’s and yours eyes widened.

“Won’t he talk more about her if they start dating?” the interviewer asked and Jared shrugged.

“Probably. But he’ll be her problem then. I’m just going to send him to her.” he said nonchalantly.

Jensen laughing nervously next to him and shaking his head with a blush catching your attention as you watched with wide eyes.

“I’m going to kill him. I’m definitely going to kill him” he said with a shake of his head and Jared merely scoffed at him with a wide grin. Not missing a beat to wink at the camera.

Meanwhile, your heart hammered in your chest and your cheeks were burning hot. All you could do was breath in deeply and stare with wide eyes at the TV screen. Your gaze locked on Jensen, studying his every reaction. It was impossible for you to believe what you had just heard much less believe that it was actually true. It could not be true. You found it impossible to be true.

More so when you got to think of the fact that you were not the only one that got excited over your messages with each other but also that you were not the only one that got nervous over what to say. Every time you talked with him you thought that it was only you that found it hard to think of something good enough to tell to him but the interview proved to the fact that Jensen as well got nervous over what to tell you.

And that could only mean that Jensen, even in the least bit… felt something about you. The thought itself made the butterflies dance like crazy in your stomach and your heart flutter like mad. But what was even more important was the fact that you had gained some courage after Jared’s words. And, even though you could never be sure when it came to Jared because you knew he always wanted to tease Jensen, you actually thought you should take a chance.

Not to mention that you would get to tease him and hopefully make him blush- just like he had done today. Your hopes and courage immediately lifting up.

Jared’s goal was successfully accomplished.

Hand Me Down

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Hand Me Down

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hey love ur writing! Can u do a Dean x reader based off of the song ‘Hand me Down’ by Matchbox Twenty. I imagined it as them dancing to the song, and maybe add in some jealous!Dean. Whatever u wanna do! Thanks(:


          Dean watched as Y/N sat joking with the man at the bar, he felt his grip on the beer he was holding growing tighter as he watched the two head out to the dance floor. He struggled to keep it together as she moved with him watching as the guy’s hands wandered down her body. He watched as she smiled at the sleeze who was touching her. He knew what would happen, same thing that has happened in the past. She would go hook up and never hear from the guy again. He knew it would get to her. He knew he would find her in a few days trying to hide her sadness.
           It was her only down fall she was so trusting. She came from a small town, moved to the big city. Things weren’t the same, it wasn’t a matter of knowing everyone. People here didn’t care who they screwed over as long as they got what they wanted. Y/N was too trusting, too innocent, too sweet, too her.
           Then the self-hatred would start, it always did. Nothing he said changed it. Tonight would be no exception, Dean knew this guys type, what he wanted, all he wanted. Hell Dean was one of them, well, maybe not so much now. Not since Y/N walked into his life. Literally, there had been a mix up with motel rooms and he had stumbled into hers when she had just come out the shower in nothing more than a small towel.  He smiled at the memory. How awkward it had been, how red her face was. They hit it off though, after all the awkwardness left. She had not long started hunting and ended up tagging along with the boys. She wasn’t half bad.      

She had an amazing ability to assess situations and read the play so much better than anyone they met. She could figure out if a plan would work within seconds, and to think on her feet and change things. It amazed him constantly. And yet no matter how well she read the hunts she couldn’t read a person.
           Dean caved not willing to watch her go through it again, he walked over and tried to interrupt the dance,
           ‘Hey sweetheart, can I have this dance?’ He asked. She smiled at him that gorgeous smile that made him melt. God let her say yes. Her date had other plans
           ‘Sorry buddy, she’s got a partner.’ The guy she was with pulled her in tighter, Y/N gave Dean an apologetic smile missing the tension in his jaw. She knew he cared for her. But she never figured it was anything more than a friend. When they first met, she thought there might be but as time wore on she realised it was friends and hunting partners only. So she decided to distract herself looking for someone else to keep her mind occupied. Dean struggled not to hit the guy in front of him. He struggled not to yank Y/N from his arms. But he kept his fists tight by his sides.
           ‘Sorry Y/N/N,’ Dean tried so hard to be polite, but from the look on her face he knew it wasn’t sounding that way. ‘I’m heading off soon, might pay to wrap things up. So I can take you home.’ He glared at the other man.
           ‘You came with him?’ The guy asked, surprised.
           Y/N nodded, ‘He’s my housemate.’
           ‘Well babe, I can drop you home later if you like?’ The jerkoff offered, Dean felt his chest tighten, his jaw tense.
            ‘A late night probably isn’t the best idea.’ Dean spoke through gritted teeth. ‘We have that work thing tomorrow.’ Y/N looked at him funny, there was no work thing. They had just finished a hunt. She was confused, really confused.
            ‘Work thing? What work thing?’ Dean watched as her eyebrows knitted together, as she tried thinking about what they were meant to do. The mild panic that she had forgotten something important. It was a cute look. He watched as she bit her lip, as her hand went searching in her jean pocket for her phone to check her calendar and email.
             ‘It’s not in there Y/N/N, Sam messaged me about it earlier. Research mostly.’
            ‘Oh well that’s no big deal. I mean it is but I can handle a late night and to let off steam.’ She smiled at him as she let out a sigh of relief and ran her hand through her hair. Dean watched as it fell straight back down in her face. He smiled softly as he pushed it aside. And tried again.
           ‘You sure? I’m happy to stay a bit longer if you want, but not all night.’ He glared at the other man standing there, who was looking between the two. Whose look had changed, Dean saw it and struggled to contain himself. The jerk off knew he was interested in Y/N and now she was part of some game she didn’t know about.
            ‘It’s ok. You go, I’ll catch up later.’ Y/N’s night continued as expected, they went back to the guy’s house, fooled around and then things turned. He kicked her out.
            ‘Nothing personal, that was great. But the misses will be home soon.’ Was all he said as he pushed her out the door. Y/N couldn’t believe it. Once again, what seemed like a decent bloke turned out to be an arse. She struggled to fight back the tears, what was wrong with her? Did she come across as that sort of person? The one who you use to cheat on your girlfriend? The one who is only after a one-night stand? Did she dress like a hooker? A slut? She looked down at her jeans and tank top she didn’t think she did. Was she just a horrible person? She wiped her mascara stained cheeks and started walking back towards the bunker.
             Dean was siting at home waiting for her. It was 1am, she should have been home by now, unless that arsehole really was looking after her? Dean shook his head at that thought there was no way he had mistaken him for a crappy bloke. By 1:15 he was pacing the passageway. He picked up his phone for the thousandth time since midnight to call her but put it back down. He just needed to know she was ok.
             Y/N had gotten lost on her way back to the bunker and his really didn’t help matters. She caved and messaged Dean, hoping that it wouldn’t wake him if he were asleep. She knew once he was asleep he slept soundly, but some nights he didn’t sleep at all. You awake? It was barely 30 seconds form her message being sent and her phone rang.
            ‘Sweetheart what’s wrong?’ With that Y/N burst into tears. ‘Where are you?’ he tried again, trying to disguise his panic. He knew how the night would end but this was new.
             ‘I really have no idea.’ She sobbed. ‘I walked and wasn’t paying attention. God, I’m such an idiot.’ She spoke more to herself than him.
             ‘It’s ok, I’ll come find you. Just tell me the name of the street. I’ll be there soon. I promise.’ True to his word, Dean showed up 20 minutes later. He barely put the car into park when he flew out and wrapped his arms around her.
             ‘I’m sorry.’ He mumbled into her hair.
             This made her laugh, ‘Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything.’ Dean wiped tears from her cheeks and kissed her forehead.
            ‘I knew he was a jerk and I didn’t stop you.’
            ‘I’m a big girl Dean I don’t need you to chaperone or sort through the men in my life. Although some days I think I may need it.’
            They drove home in silences, Y/N cleaning up her face before getting ready for bed. Dean knocked on her door and came in sliding into her bed next to her. She told him about her night, what had happened. He was pissed, once again she was used and abused.
           ‘You should have called.’ He growled, annoyed at how long she had been walking the streets.
            ‘I am sure you had better things to do; besides you don’t need to be running around after me. I feel bad I got lost. I should have paid more attention.’
           ‘Sweetheart it’s why I am here, if you need me call. I don’t care what time it is, if I am asleep, awake, in the middle of something or bored. If you need me call, you are my priority. You take precedence over everything else.’ He wrapped his arm around her, running a hand through her hair.
          ‘Maybe I just need to give up on the whole dating thing.’ Y/N yawned. ‘They all seem crappy anyway. It’s not like I will miss out on much.’
          ‘Or maybe you just need the right guy.’ Dean answered, knowing she was only half listening. ‘One that will treat you right, like you deserve.’ He listened as her breathing changed. Smiling to himself, tomorrow was going to be hell for her. But he will be here to listen as he always was. Tonight though, he got to lay with her in his arms.

This feels like falling in love (1/?)

Words : 3452

Summary : 6 years ago, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak struck up an unlikely friendship. This friendship has only strengthen with time, through good and bad moments, such as Oliver losing his mother and Felicity facing an unexpected pregnancy. Now that Oliver’s antics has gotten him cut off and thrown out by his father, he seeks refuge with Felicity and her daughter, and realizes it is time for him to re-evaluate his life, find a job he loves and discover happiness was right in front of him this whole time.

A big shout out to Sam @awriterincowboyboots who did an amazing beta job. Honestly, if this is good, a lot of the credits goes to her.

I hope you all have as much fun reading this as I have writing it :)

The vibration of her phone against her thigh startled her awake and Felicity realized she had fallen asleep with the lights on and her tablet in her lap.

Again. Good thing she was at least already in her bed.

A brief look at the clock on her phone told her it was 1 am and any phone call at this hour couldn’t be good, especially once she saw the caller’s ID.


“Hey. I’m sorry to call you so late, I probably woke you up, but…I’m at the precinct.”

She sat up, not really surprised.“What happened?”

“Tommy and I got involved in some scuffle and it didn’t end well. The thing is, I don’t really want to go home right now. Can I crash at your place?” He sounded weary.

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5sos Preference #03 Broken

Our third 5sos preference, you can find the others here. Hope you like it.


You knocked and pulled your sleeves over your hands as you waited. Moments later, the door opened and Ashton’s smile quickly faded. “What did he do?” Ashton growled, jumping to conclusions. You shook your head and wiped your red eyes. “Y/N, what’s going on?” he asked confused as you walked inside. “He dumped me,” you snapped, “he said he never loved me.” Ashton’s heart dropped; his best friend was standing in front of him heart broken. “I’m gonna kill him,” he mumbled under his breath and grabbed his keys. “No Ash,” you whimpered, “he’s not worth it and neither am I.” Ashton frowned, his sad eyes locking with yours. He quickly hugged you, letting you cry into his shirt. “Why Ash? What did I do wrong? I loved him,” you cried. Ashton rubbed your back and rested his cheek on the top of your head. “You didn’t do anything Y/N. You’re were always to good for him,” he pulled away slightly, “I’m sorry that I let him hurt you. I won’t let anyone make you cry again. You will find someone who treats you like a princess,” he added, eyes getting glossy. “Can I stay here tonight?” you whispered. He nodded and let you go, watching you walk into the living room and sit down. He didn’t realise how upset he was, until a tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and ran a hand through his hair. ‘Gonna kill him for breaking her heart,’ he whispered to himself, before joining you on the couch.


“Here baby, let me help,” Calum said, rushing to your side. You sniffed and readjusted the sling on your broken arm, biting your lip to stop yourself from whining. Calum frowned; he hated seeing you sad or hurt, especially when he couldn’t do anything to fix it. “Hey Y/N. Hey hey sweetheart, it’s ok,” he said softly, stepping closer to you. You looked up at him and he smiled sweetly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “Let’s go home, yeah?” he paused, “we can cuddle and watch movies, I’ll even let you pick dinner and we can order in,” he added, wanting to see you smile, but you didn’t. Calum placed his hand on your lower back and lend you towards the main hospital doors. When you didn’t move, Calum knew something else was wrong. He dropped your bag and wrapped his arms around your waist, careful of your arm cast. “I won’t let everything hurt you, you’re safe,” he whispered and kissed your head. You nodded and snuggled into his warm chest, loving the smell of his hoodie. “I’ll bring the car around,” he rubbed your back, “you’re so brave Y/N, I’m proud of you.” He pulled away and smiled when you gave him a weak smile. He kissed your forehead and gently fixed your sling on your shoulder. “I’m going to take care of you,” he added. “Thank you Cal,” you whispered, “what would I do without you.” “Well, you wouldn’t here in the first place,” he chuckled, “but you heard the doctor, I’m taking care of you.”


“I miss you,” you said, blushing. Luke smiled happily at his laptop. “I miss you too baby,” he giggled, “the boys don’t-,” suddenly, the Skype call ended. You clicked on Luke’s name, hoping to reconnect, but it failed. Meanwhile, across the world, Luke was panicking. “Come on, come on,” he whispered, trying to turn on his laptop. “Why won’t you turn on?” he groaned, getting frustrated, “arrghhh.” He shut the lid angrily and walked out his hotel room. “Boys,” he called out, “I need a laptop.” When no one answered, he hit his head on the wall. “I need to talk to her,” he whimpered, “please, you don’t understand.” Luke missed you so much; he hadn’t been away from you for this long before. “Yes, ok. I’ll get-,” Ashton stepped out of his room and stopped when he saw his bandmate leaning against the wall. “Hang on a second,” he said, pulling the phone away from his ear. “Hey Luke, buddy. What’s wrong?” Ashton asked calmly. Luke slowly looked at his older friend. “Skype Y/N. Laptop broke,” he whispered. Ashton watched him slide down the wall and sit on the floor. “She probably thinks I hanged up on her, but I didn’t,” Luke brought his knees to his chest, “I miss her Ash, a lot.” Ashton smiled cheekily and picked up the phone. “I found him Y/N,” he said and handed Luke the phone. Luke gasped and quickly took it. “Y/N, sweetheart,” he said relived, “I didn’t end the call, I swear. My laptop-,” you cut him off, “it’s ok baby. We are talking now.” Luke sighed; you always made him feel better.


You smiled proudly as you watched your boyfriend  practice with his bandmates. As Luke sung, Michael and Calum stepped up onto the box. They both smiled and nodded once, before jumping off backwards. You held your breath; it always amazed you how high they jumped. But this time, it went wrong. When Michael landed, his ankle twisted. He fell on the ground with a loud thud. “Oh my god,” you gasped, “Mikey!” You quickly ran towards him, kneeling down. Michael squeezed his eyes closed and grabbed his ankle, trying not to swear or cry. “Hey, it’s ok,” you started to panic, “Mikey, are you ok?” Michael slowly looked up at you and shook his head. “Can you get help?” you snapped at the boys. They nodded and quickly rushed off to find someone. You looked back at Michael and gently cupped his cheek in your hand. “I’m here Mikey. I’m not going anywhere,” you whispered, “can you sit up? Help should be here soon.” “I think it’s broken,” he whimpered, sitting up. They returned with their tour manager. They helped Michael stand up, letting him lean on them. “You coming Y/N?” Michael pouted. You nodded and stood up quickly. “Of course,” you leaned up and kissed him softly, “guess I’m staying on tour to look after you, because these guys won’t.” Michael giggled, then whined as he lent on his foot. “No jumping for a while,” their manager said and pointed to the door where the ambulance was waiting.

- Holly

A/N: Sorry we haven’t written in ages. An anon suggested this a while ago and it gave me some ideas last night. Would love to hear feedback on what you think. Or any ideas for the series, let us know.

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