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you're jungkook's twin and taehyung is into you:-))))

ngl i laughed when i got this it’s so cute!!! thanks anonnie!!!!!!! B)
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pure fluff, idol!verse
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in which it trills against your taste buds as short and sweet as a rose dancing in the wind.

{flowers in the night} –taehyung

Taehyung chokes on tapioca balls when he sees you come in with Jungkook in tow, laughing at whatever fruitful joke he said. Mango milk tea is a wrong sweet for spring, Taehyung thinks, but Jimin owed him the boba after losing their Mario Kart tournament last night. (Don’t just pass up free boba, even if they’re not in season.)

He should really learn the Heimlich. You never know if you need to save someone suffocating from tiny, hazardous snacks when seeing hot people walk by.

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