he burns off her hair at the end


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                                                  What are you?

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Tea at Three -2-

Rating: Teen and up for blood and bodily injury

Tags: auror!Harry, potionmaker!Draco, oblivious!Draco

This is Part 2 of a four five-part series. Links at the bottom of the page.

“I think you should ask him out,” Donna said.

Draco stifled a sigh and drawled, “Amazing, and here I was just thinking you ought to mind your own business.”

“I’m pretty certain he fancies you,” Donna went on.

Draco looked up from his inventory sheet, found Donna smirking and glared at her. “What’s the count on the calming draughts?”

Donna pouted briefly and then looked over the neat rows of pale pink potions, all in unbreakable beakers, capped in a pale white waxy substance. “Twenty-nine.”

Draco frowned at the untidy number but wrote it down. Some wizard brought in for questioning just had to have a breakdown and actually use one of his potions. If things were quiet he could arrange to brew just enough for one vial. It was fussy and unnecessary with his stock levels but he had a fondness for brewing reduced potions, if for no other reason than seeing if he could.

Dona finger moved as she carefully began counting the next and last potion on their inventory. “Fifty wound-cleanse,” she said.

“Perfect,” Draco said absently, finishing the form and duplicating it before sending one down to admin and beginning to write out a schedule for the next weeks brewing based on their current inventory.

“He goes out of his way to have tea with you every day an’ that’s not easy for those auror types,” Donna said, dropping down into the chair beside him.

Draco made a noise of acknowledgement, hoping she would drop it.

She did not.

“I know you fancy the tits off him,” Donna went on.

Draco felt himself flush and cursed internally. He said stiffly, “I most certainly do not. I appreciate his friendship.”

“And his arse,” Donna grinned.

Draco felt the flush go red hot, “That is highly inappropriate and I-”

The door slammed open, “Raid’s gone bad! You’re needed on the ground now!” An auror shouted, only pausing long enough to throw them a cloth sack containing an emergency portkey.

Draco rushed to the cabinets, pulling out two bandoleers covered in cloth loops that perfectly fit vials he was already charming into them, antidotes, calming draughts, wound cleanse, burn heal, bone repair, deep sleep, and a great deal of blood replenishing potion. He pulled his bandoleer on, pushing the other in Donna’s unresisting hands as he snatched up the portkey sack.

Donna’s was shaking as she fumbled the potions over her chest, “I don’t- I’ve never-!”

Draco acciod another calming draught, “Take a sip, follow my instructions. The worst of it will be over once we arrive.

Donna nodded, tapping the top of the vial with her wand, making the waxy substance disappear, and took rather more than a sip.

Draco gave her a disproving look and took the vial and a very small sip to calm his own nerves before opening the sack. He grabbed Donna’s hand, “Lace your fingers with mine,” he ordered. Once she had, he grabbed hold of the empty tin inside and they were pulled away and-

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I Would Have Done Anything For You - Harry Hook x Reader

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Request: Can you do a prompt where Harry Hook and the daughter of Dr. Facilier dated until he cheated and she left the isle and he goes through a bunch of stuff to get her back? Bunches of angst and fluff for relief pretty please????

Warning:Cursing, cheating

A/n THERE IS GOING TO BE TWO ENDINGS!!!!!! Also, I am changing the story a little.

I felt the wind rushing through my hair as I ran through the streets of the isle, tears streaming down my face.

“Y/n, please wait,” He yelled at me, his footsteps close behind me. My vision blurry and lungs burning, I came to a halt. Suddenly feeling weak I collapsed on the floor. Harry wrapped his arms around me but I pushed him off.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” I growled out. He gave me a hurt look which caused me to laugh bitterly.

“Don’t you dare give me that look, you’re the bastard who cheated on me.”

“Y/n please-”He started but I cut him off.

“Don’t, save it for someone who cares,”I stated coldly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my shadow friends moving closer to us. I gave them all a look that could kill causing them to back off. 

“Please let me explain,” He pleaded.

“Leave. Me. Alone,” I said in between gritted teeth as I stood up to walk away. He grabbed my hand but I ripped it out of his grip. I walked a few feet before stopping.

“You know, the sad thing is I actually thought you were different,” I told him before making my way to the core fours hangout.

“Hey y/n,” Evie greeted with a smile.

“I’m in.”

“Are you sure you want to do this,” Jay asked as we got out of the limo. 

“I have to do this, it is for Ben,” I replied, avoiding eye contact. Jay put his arms around me and brought me into a side hug.

“Y/n, if it feels to much to tell me. Alright?”

“Yep,” I gave him a fake smile, feeling my nerves rise. We walked onto the ship with guns blazing and warrior faces on. Even though I wanted to avoid all interactions with Harry, I was in the front with Mal. Focusing on only what Uma said, I didn’t realize Harry was walking forward. He looked over at me for a split second but turned his attention on Mal. He had his little moment, that was until I interrupted him.

“Harry, we get it. Chill,” I told him rolling his eyes. He tensed at this but recovered sending me a wink and blowing me a kiss. Jay pulled me back and gave Harry a dirty look.

“You okay,” Jay whispered in my ear. I shook my head yes and gave him a small smile. Mal was about to give Uma the fake wand when Ben spoke up.

“Hey, we don’t have to choose we don’t have to light the fuse. Mal, whatever you do, it’s gonna be a lose-lose there’s gotta be a better way. Uma, I promise I’ll give you your chance you’ll have your say,” Ben pleaded desperately.

Then there was a pause.

“If I go with you, will me whole crew be able to come with me,” Uma asked taking a few steps over to where Harry had Ben.

“Yes, of course,” Ben replied with a nood.


Two months.

It had been two months since Harry came to Auradon. Try as I may I couldn’t avoid him. He followed me around like a lost puppy. Leaving me gifts in my locker, under my door, heck I even found one in my underwear drawer. Sure it was nice and every time he did it I had to stop myself from jumping into his arms or kissing him. 

Today was a weird day though. Harry hadn’t bugged me today.

Not. Once.

I didn’t really mind but at the same time it was very fishy. Just as I finished putting all my books in my locker someone closed it.

“Hiya,” Harry said with a nerves smile.

“Harry,” I responded.

“C-can we talk,” He asked me, fiddling with his hands.


Harry lead me over to a lake where he sat me down. He paced a back a forth a few times before stopping and looked me in the eyes.

~Bad Ending~

“What I did was wrong and I am so sorry. I know that you were and still are hurting but so am I. It was a stupid mistake and we all make them. Sure mine was really bad but don’t we all deserve a second chance? You have screwed up some in our relationship and I never left you. I have been there for you through so much and you have been there for me. Do you really want to throw that away? Y/n, I love you and I want, no, I need you to take me back,” Harry told me. I stood there with a look of disbelief on my face.

“Harry you know that I love you but I can’t be with you. I trusted you and you betrayed me. Do you know how bad it hurts? How horrible it feels when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted and unloved today? I can’t keep playing games with you Harry. My heart isn’t something that when you screw up you get to restart and act like nothing happened. You made the choice to cheat on me. You are the reason this relationship ended. Now you have the audacity to say that you were hurting to? That you’re still hurting? I truly feel sorry for you Harry. You have this idea in your mind that you can never do anything wrong. You think that you are some god walking on earth. Well guess what, you’re not. You think that just because you say you’re sorry everything can just go back to the way things were? Oh wow, you leave me a gift here and there. I so should take you back right? That is not how it works. You screwed up and now you have to deal with that. You don’t get to get me back,” I hissed out. 

Harry just stood there shocked and motionless.

“Goodbye Harry.”

~Good Ending~

“Listen y/n, I can’t live without you. What I did was wrong and I am so sorry. Never in a million years would I have thought of doing that to anyone. Especially you. I was drunk and stupid. I know that that is no excuse and I am such a weak, pathetic person. Do I regret what I did? Yes. It kills me inside to know that I hurt you. I was the one who was suppose to protect you from sadness, not be the cause of it. Y/n, I really need you. I-I love you,” Harry cried out. He walked over to me and sat down. He took my hands in his and brought them up to his lips. Kissing everyone of my knuckles and repeating “I’m sorry” over and over again. Feeling tears drop on my hand, I pulled one of them out of his I lifted his head. Brushing his tears away.

“I know you’re sorry. Harry, these past months have been hell without you. I love you and I need you,” I bawled out as tears streamed down my face.

“So are you saying,” Harry trailed off with hope in his voice.

“Yes, I am saying I will take you back. If you screw up again, don’t ever think I will take you back,” I told him sternly. He smiled and threw himself on top on me, kissing all over my face.

“I won’t, I promise,” He told me as he kissed me on the lips.

I like the bad ending better but that is just me. I didn’t read it over so hopefully it is good XD

altitude sickness

A/N: s11 speculation fic! yay! this is inspired by the most recent couch pic (sorry i turned brick into daggoo) & @thexfiles very fucked up s11 theory. and also me hating myself. sorry. also i wrote it in 45 minutes. double sorry. 

Old bones ache. Her knees had felt stiff and locked as she mindlessly cruise-controlled her way off the interstate and into their no man’s land. It had been raining when they left work in her war car, but it isn’t anymore. The house always gave away the storm before it could really get going. From their bedroom, the eaves had always echoed the rain like tin.

In the living room, she curls her legs up on the couch and the dog noses against her thigh. She can hear Mulder puttering around the kitchen, the telltale sound of tea-making. The song of the pot and Mulder’s hiss as some of it makes its way onto his uncareful hand. They used to do this over coffee and Chinese take out. There is lo mein getting sticky in black plastic on the kitchen table, but Mulder sets down a mug of chamomile and she narrows her eyes.

“If you don’t want me to fall asleep here, you can’t keep making tea for old, tired people.” She scratches behind Daggoo’s ears.

Mulder says, “There’s a shot of espresso in that.”

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Based off @asktheboywholived‘s Redemption which is amazing. Gelsey is their OC and a total adorable pumpkin.

Didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things?
Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me?
Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?

Taylor Swift, Wonderland.

It happened for the first time when Salazar was fifteen. His green eyes were drawn to her, the red hair like a protective ring of fire ready to burn anyone who came close, her eyes so full of a never-ending anger which he was convinced would be the end of her. The idea drove him insane with anger and something… Something else. The time he remembered so clearly was the moment he had felt his heart speed up so quickly that for a second Salazar thought he was truely dying. The perfect, short amount of time he had when Gelsey had touched his hand as if it was the first time she’d touched him, pulling him off the ground with her beautiful, slightly crooked smile. The hand which was rough and course, the smile which made his heart skip a beat, his mind spin with wild thoughts of the girl.

She’s perfect.

The second time was when he was seventeen. She’d cut off her entire head of hair after Salazar had been complaining about how unladylike she had become with the constant mud in her tawny locks, and although she missed her long curls, the look on Salazar’s face when she’d come home was worth every strand which had been butchered. Helga actually cried that day, sobbing about how Salazar had ruined Gelsey’s beautiful flames, leaving Godric with a right mess to clean up. Salazar’s hand had gently slid against Gelsey’s hair that evening, as she slept in the lounging area of the small house. It felt like a rough feather, tough and brittle but light and… Just right for him. It made his heart race with the hope that one day, this feeling would be his and his alone.

She’s perfect.

The third time was three months before her death. They’d been at each other’s neck over Salazar’s warped ideas about muggles, Gelsey had shoved him and Salazar had pulled her down to the cold ground. If he was going down, she was sure as Merlin coming with him. As she landed on top of him with an “Oomph!” the ice-like floor suddenly felt like boiling hot water. He had stared at her before slowly touching her cheek, her warm exhales of breath tickling the tips of his fingers as those eyes stared at him. Salazar then clenched his fist, in an attempt to capture the feeling, got up and quickly excused himself.

She’s perfect.

Now she was gone, and he was alone with his memories. All of those precious, perfect memories in which he memorised the touch of her hand, her hair, the feeling of her breath. Her rage. The hair that had matched the flames which has consumed her. The breath that had the exact same temperature as the embers which held her body. Now she was gone and the only feelings she’d had towards him were hatred.

She’s dead.
She’s not coming back.

Gelsey is gone.

Monster / Mythic being AU

The fox have another au in her head.

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This Au takes place in the dark ages… don’t know if or when i’m gonna write this thing…

Pidge (Katie Holt):

Half Witch.
Her mother was a full blooded witch. When Pidge’s father and brother vanishes (along with Shiro) without any explanation Colleen Holt is blamed for their “deaths” and burned at the stake, Pidge cuts off her hair and runs away from the small town, in order to not get burned at the stake either, chased by the towns people who knew she’s a witch, she runs into a old forest where the turned werewolf wanders.

Can’t control her powers very well, since her mother never got the chance to teach her properly.


He ran away from an abusive foster home at age 10, he got lost in the big old forest during the night of the full moon and when it rose he found himself hunted by a dark beast and ended up scratched before he managed to escape up in a high tree. when the sun rose up he climbed down in a feverish haze he returned to be treated by the villages doctor, it was called a miracle that he was still alive and healing so good, the next full moon turned him and he ended up killing all the other children there, the owner of the orphanage and the towns people too, in a wild panic he runs away to find an abandoned cabin in the middle of the dark woods and took it as his home, living alone not wanting to kill anyone again.

Lives alone. Terrified of the full moon so he walks as deep as he can into a tunnelsystem of old mines and spends the full moon down there to not harm anyone, ever again.



can turn to almost every animal with more or less thought, his favourite form is a bear. He can’t remember who his family was, if they were human or not since he often wandered the woods as a bear or flew the skies for as a hawk as long as he can remember.


a child of a water nymph and human

Can control and breath under water like his mother, he had a strong bond with his mother even after her bodys death by a hunter, she still lives in the water and helps Lance from time to time if he’s in trouble near water 


retired Hunter.

Lost his hand in a hunt gone wrong and was lost for a year, with no memories, has an enchanted prosthetic limb, he’s not sure how he got it, but it moves like it’s his own hand despite the phantom pain that flares up in it from time to time, plagued by Nightmares, and PTSD

He knew Keith back at the orphanage and thought the worst when he found everyone mauled to death, he took up the hunt, to avenge the boy he kind of adopted as his brother.

Allura and Coran:

Allura is a full blooded Vampire from the Altean Clan that’s been around for 10 000 years, while Coran was bitten by Alfor when Allura was young.

The Galra:

The Galra are Full-blooded Werewolves


She’s a witch who uses the evil arts

The Blade of Marmora (They’re bad in this one):

Is a group of hunters, Shiro was part of their group and some don’t take kindly to him surrounding himself with monsters

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Can i have a fic where sasuke has to deal with sakura having her period


he’s first clued in to it being that time of the month when she doesn’t really answer his questions clearly and most of her answers revolve around him going to fuck himself. when he asks her what she wants for dinner, he expects a similar curse. 

“i don’t care,” she snaps as predicted. “you just choose. like why do i always have to choose?”

he wisely keeps his mouth shut at that, even though the reality is that she always chooses because she literally has never given him the chance to choose.

“so…okonomiyaki?” he suggests.

“what? no, i don’t want that.” sakura looks down the street, assessing their food choices while rubbing her abdomen. she’s not hungry, she’s in pain. “you know what? i don’t care.”


“no, i don’t want that either.”

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Secret Love Song ii

Originally posted by baekheeyeol

Paring: Baekhyun/Reader

Warning(s): Angst, Mentions of cheating, generally a lot of tears

So you guys wanted a sequel to Secret Love Song and I got some feedback on what kind of ending to go for so for all intensive purposes this the good ending. If anyone wants a bad ending I could so that too.  Sorry this isn’t very good, I’m not good with fluff, I’m better with angst.

You did your part but would Baekhyun?

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elfsplaining  asked:

For DWC! Dom!Solas "roleplaying" as Fen'harel with Lavellan in front of a Dread Wolf statue. Give me hair pulling, choking, spanking, diiiiirrrrrtttyyyy talk, ALL OF IT. Fuckin go wild with it. I need it

Glimpses: Or the Wolf’s Gonna Blow it Down


Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Solavellan

Warnings: Rough sex, Dom!Solas, choking, spanking, etc. 

Reader discretion advised.

Ellian knew exactly how to test him. She was cunning and quick-witted and always teasing. She’d invite him out on excursions in the field only to spend the entire time flirting and tempting him before pulling back. He wasn’t sure whether she was purposefully taunting him or not, but he was at his limit. What that meant, he wasn’t sure. They’d been physical before, in ways that pushed both of their limits, but somehow he still never had enough.

That morning he’d woken up to her straddling him, one brow raised, and though they’d rolled in the blankets for over an hour the actual sex had to be quick and easy to hide. They weren’t alone, after all.

But they were now. She’d brought him deeper into the forest on a mission to gather rare herbs, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off that perfect round of her ass shifting with every step. When she addressed him, turning slightly over her shoulder, he raised an eyebrow and forced his gaze away from her rear. She’d said something, probably. “Hm?”

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hi so i had kind of a #day today could you tell me ur fav fluffy domestic anidala headcanons pls i need some fluff in my life

SORRY I TOOK SO LONG ON THIS i just really wanted to do it justice :))) idk whether these are canon universe or modern AUs or both but whatever let’s jump right in askdf

  • anakin does all the cooking and he’s excellent. he’s a Human Disaster in many ways but domestic duties is not one of them. i imagine shmi taught him how to cook from a young age and they had to learn how to make a good meal out of nothing, so give anakin actual high quality food and a high-tech kitchen and he’s a freaking master chef
  • padme, meanwhile, burns water. her parents tried to teach her when she was young but she was more interested in reading and doing schoolwork so they soon gave up. then she spent most of her teenage years in a palace where people cooked for her, and even once she became senator she still had all her handmaidens who could cook and do housework while she was busy with work.
  • (in a modern or canon divergent au, the only time padme ever cooks dinner for them is the evening she tells anakin she’s pregnant because she wants to make the moment extra special. he suspects something’s afoot as soon as he walks through the door and smells something cooking, and even more suspicious when he sees that padme has cooked a meal all by herself and it doesn’t even look toxic)
  • anakin’s very handy and does all the repairs and stuff
  • but padme does all the cleaning because she’s extremely organized and also gets annoyed when things are messy, whereas anakin doesn’t particularly care or even notice
  • she also does the laundry because she knows the exact settings she needs to use for every single article of clothing she has and she is NOT going to risk allowing anakin to do laundry and wreck her clothes, thank you very much

and now here is a domestic ship meme i found to help me out YAY

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: i mean size-wise it makes sense for anakin to be the big spoon but imagining it the other way around is ridiculously pure plus you KNOW anakin loves being cuddled so i’m gonna say they switch off depending on who wants what
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: they love having date nights, whether that be getting all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant or snuggling on the couch in front of the tv with takeout from dex’s diner. padme teaches anakin to dance so he won’t embarrass himself at the next political function the jedi get invited to. anakin TRIES to teach her how to cook, but it usually ends in them throwing cake batter at each other while the smoke alarm goes off because padme burned their dinner. they like stargazing on the balcony and trying to figure out what all the different stars and planets are. when anakin’s away fighting he always looks up at the sky at night and tries to pinpoint where coruscant is if the planet he’s on is close enough, and padme’s back on coruscant doing the same thing
  • who uses all the hot water in the morning: padme because her showers are like 2938 hours long (her hair is really long and thick and it takes a long time to wash, okay, anakin)
  • what they order from take out: greasy food and blue milkshakes from dex’s
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over: omg i literally CAN’T think of anything right now but there’s a bunch of other petty domestic squabbles mentioned elsewhere in here so all of that stuff i guess lmao
  • who does most of the cleaning: padme for reasons already stated
  • what has a season pass in their DVR: the 27 different corny romantic holodramas anakin’s obsessed with. padme is most certainly not into them at all, she only watches them to humor anakin, okay, and no, anakin, she definitely was NOT crying during the season finale last week she just had allergies, for the last time
  • who controls the netflix queue: they quickly realize they need to make separate profiles because their queue was getting way too long between padme’s political thrillers and home decorating shows and anakin’s corny romantic holodramas and inspirational sports movies (about podracing of course)
  • who calls up the landlord when the heat’s not working: padme because anakin, being from a desert planet, gets cold VERY easily and she knows it’s better to call the landlord asap than listen to anakin be a giant baby about how cold he is and have to sleep with no blankets because he stole them all
  • who leaves their stuff around: anakin’s always leaving droid parts everywhere, to padme’s eternal annoyance
  • who remembers to buy the milk: anakin since padme neither drinks milk nor needs it to cook things
  • who remembers anniversaries: both. these two are so hopelessly romantic and sappy, they would NEVER forget any anniversary. they keep track of every conceivable type of anniversary (first kiss, first time they said i love you, first time anakin cooked dinner for them, first time they danced together, literally everything) but their wedding anniversary’s the big one obviously and they always try to outdo each other on who can perform the biggest romantic gestures that day
Maas University: Part Seven


Dex pulled his duffle from off his shoulders and threw it in the back of his pickup as he looked at Adrien over the hood. “So let me get this straight, you’ve been getting rides from me every day for the past week so you can walk her home and you haven’t slept with her?”

Adrien shook his head and got into the passenger side of the vehicle. “You sound like my brothers. You all give a bad rep to men, you know that?”

Dex snorted and climbed into the driver’s seat. With a click he fastened his seatbelt and pulled out of the parking lot, grinning over at him. “Your hand has got to get boring, Ade. You’ve been meeting up with each other for nearly two weeks to ‘practice’ hockey for hours. Have you at least kissed her?”

Adrien slid him an unamused look as he lit the cigarette between his teeth. “Nope.”

He shook his head and turned the corner. “You’re hopeless.”

The captain just shrugged fluidly, pulling his hair back into a ponytail, the end of his cigarette burning bright. “I just want to do it right.”

Dex snorted and eyed his cigarette. “You drop that and it ruin my seats I’m going to kick your fucking ass.”

Adrien took the cigarette from his mouth and flipped him off. “Fuck off. I’m not going to ruin anything. Except maybe my lungs.”

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@bungledramblingsofalesbianmind asked “ For Director Sanvers… what about something angsty… like Alex going against an order from Lucy and Maggie trying not to take sides?”

Read on AO3

It was going so well. So well, Maggie thinks as she hangs up on Vasquez and strides across the bullpen. She’d given Alex a key to her apartment maybe a month before she met Lucy. Lucy’d charmed one out of her within weeks of them becoming ‘official’. Maggie ignores the lift, just opened on her partner with the coffee she’d asked him for perched on a fresh case file, and takes the stairs down two at a time.

It’s barely evening, the sky still streaked with blues and purples like a bruise as the setting sun burns the gathering clouds copper. Their third date Lucy drove them out to the desert in an old pickup Maggie hasn’t seen since, loaded up with blankets and beer and a Stevie Nicks CD blasting from the speakers as they rolled towards the setting sun. They sat up half the night in each other’s laps, watching the stars, wishing silently on a comet they didn’t have to go back to the city.

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Given — Chapter 12 Summary

This is for @things-all-love and the lovely anon who asked.

I’ve never done summaries, so bear with me. My comments are in brackets like that: [my comment]. The direct thoughts of the characters are in italic like that: the character’s thought. My translation is sometimes very litteral, I hope it’s not too unpleasant to read.

First scene at the bar

The two strangers praise the group’s live performance, saying things like: “I got goose bumps down to my feet” “Wasn’t the song really awesome?” “The vocalist was really bad at the guitar, but is he a beginner?” “If he’s an amateur, I think he will for sure improve a lot.”

Kaji-san and Haruki are sulking because they aren’t being praised.

Take-chan, the bartender, was extremely impressed by Mafuyu as a vocalist and asks where they found him. But Haruki and Kaji-san just want to toast again and again. Since it’s getting serious, Take-chan asks if they have created social media accounts for their band. But before he can fully answer, Haruki burns himself with his lighter. He worries that he’s burnt his bangs. Kaji-san looks at it and says: “It’s because it has slowly gotten long”. Haruki is flustered so he backs off, and says that he will have to trim the ends later.

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(( Short little drabble to hopefully brighten your day! ))

It was a simple solution, really. Sure, it made her appear even more addled than before, and maybe it might deter her lovely crush from ever giving her a second glance (NO, there is NO pun intended). Marinette, though, only considered it another victory when she spouted out her fifteenth complete sentence in front of Adrien without even a semblance of a stutter.

All she had to do was literally cover her eyes whenever he spoke to her.

Simple, effective, and, perhaps, decidedly weird. But at least Adrien couldn’t accuse her of not being able to hold a conversation with him anymore. Surprisingly, he never seemed annoyed or put off by her strange behavior. But, then again, it was always strange around him to begin with. Now it sort of just…morphed?

Marinette mused over her onslaught on personal victories one morning while rummaging in her locker before class. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a tall mass of blond hair turn down her row of lockers. It was purely instinct now to slap a hand over her eyes when Adrien appeared in the near vicinity. This time, however, her spaz-tastic side of her settled for something more subtle… Marinette promptly stuck her head inside her locker without a second thought.

The footsteps she had waited for (and mildly hoped would just pass by) came to a shuffling halt dangerously close to her. The locker suddenly felt a whole lot wamer…especially when the weight of someone leaned against them so close she could feel their body heat radiating onto her own skin.

‘And this,’ she monologued to herself, 'is where Marinette Dupain-Cheng meets her untimely doom. May she be remembered as good friend, class president extraordinaire, and, most of all, a big, fat scaredy - ’

“Princess?” a soft, sure, smug voice purred from next to her. Every hair on her body stood up on end.


“Is there danger?” the voice continued in a whisper, and Marinette could FEEL the sarcastic lilt to his “worrying” tone. “An Akuma? Should I get my claws ready for action?”

There was an unheard laugh at the end of his speach, and Marinette felt her skin burn with embarassment. When she answered, her voice reverberated off the walls of the locker she refused to remove her head from.

“Chat Noir,” she said with false politeness. A snort burst from him as if he was holding back more than just a little chuckle. Her grip on her books tightened, her teeth grinding together ever so slightly. “Why are you here?”

“I was on my way to music class, but I sensed 'treble’.”

No…he could not be here to pun her to death…

“I sensed something while in physics, but I just wasn’t able to put two and two together. I tried to think about it while in chemistry, but that class is so 'boron’ it had me snorin’.”

It was too much.

Marinette snapped.

Yanking her head out of her locker, she yanked a fistful of t-shirt and pulled Chat away from the locker he was leaning on before “gently” slamming him back into it.

“Shut UP, you pun-loving, golden-haired flea bag! It’s bad enough I have to hear this crap while trying to flippin’ fight AKUMAS, I will NOT have you bursting into my SCHOOL just to annoy the crap out of me - oh.”

It was only this far into chewing out Chat Noir that Marinette realized she had not pinned some unrecognizable-without-the-mask face with blond hair against the lcokers. Rather, a slightly starlted-looking Adrien Agreste was being shoved into the metal surface, hands up in futile defense, crap-eating grin plastered on his flushed face.

Marinette couldn’t move.

Everything that had just happened in the last two minutes was, in essence, completely crap-tastic.

Admitted to being Ladybug? Check.

Shoved Adrien Agreste into the lockers? Double check.

Scolded said male model? Triple check.

Oooohh how she wished she had her eyes covered now.

“I think you mean me-OW,” grinned the blond across from her. With no resistance at all - given that Marinette had turned into a floppy-limbed statue - Adrien pulled Marinette’s hands from his shirt and down in front of her. In another moment, Marinette could only weakly note that Adrien - ADRIEN - was pulling something out of his back pocket and around Marinette’s head. With a small snap, Marinette’s eyes were mercifully covered once more. A breath she had been holding in since recognizing her crush’s face with the voice of her partner pushed out harshly from her lungs.

What? WHAT. WHAT!!??

Marinette opened her mouth slightly to reply (what words would have come out she didn’t know) but was stopped again when suddenly a pair of lips were ghosting across her own. When she didn’t back away, the oh-so-soft-yes-please lips pressed against hers a little more fervently.

A snap sounded when they broke apart. The feeling of terrified weightlessness still hung with asphyxiating force in lungs.

“Sorry, Bug…” Adrien whispered one of Chat’s nicknames for her in her ear, hands coming up to her shoulders to keep her steady and upright. “I didn’t mean to completely 'blind’-side you.”

And with that he was gone.

And Marinette was left to wonder WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED. She started by pulling off whatever was currently covering her eyes.

“Adrien!!” she yelled into the locker room, throwing down the item he had given to her and stomping after her giggling cat companion.

Alya didn’t understand a lot of the things about what just went down. But she did know one thing: she was definitely taking the sleep mask Adrien had given to Marinette.

I mean, come on! It was an exact replica of Ladybug’s real mask, with accompanying blue eyes drawn in a steady wink.

Who could ever say 'no’ to those eyes?

Somewhere in the distance, Chat Noir took turns between laughing and yelping in fear as Ladybug chased him through the streets of Paris.

She was determined to make sure he never “blindsided” her EVER. AGAIN.


((Speed write. Hope there’s not too many errors. 8) ))

Accidents Cause Accidents Pt 2

Word Count: 3234

A/N: so I am making this into a series, even though I have two other series going on but whatever lmao. I hope you enjoy the second part to Accidents cause Accidents, I made this part somewhat low-key but next one is going to be crazy. If you think I should make this a separate book let me know, and also just give me all around feedback! Much love! ️


Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

  Y/Ns eyes fluttered open, her head pounding and making it hard to even think. She looked around and saw the beanie boy sitting in the chair next to her hospital bed. He seemed to be asleep, but he had a laptop open in his lap. Slowly, she tried to sit up, her head feeling light and the room spinning, but she was determined.

    “Ugh.” she groaned, waking the beanie boy from his sleep.

    “Y/N, what are you doing? Lay back down!” he said, quickly placing his laptop on the chair next to him and rushing over to her side.

    “No, I want to sit up. Laying here makes me feel vulnerable.” she complained.

    “That doesn’t matter, you aren’t. But you’re going to hurt yourself even more if you sit up.” he said sternly, trying to direct her back down into a laying down position.

    “Listen here Beanie, just because we are apparently together doesn’t mean I need you to tell me what I need to do. I am my own independent person and I can take care of myself.” she shot in pure frustration and vulnerability. He slowly backed up, a look of hurt crossing his face.

    “Sorry…” he mumbled, staring down at the ground. Y/N softened up as she watched him sit back down and start to type on his laptop, and she felt her chest hurt.

    “You don’t need to be sorry, I was a bitch. I don’t mean to be, okay? I’m just terrified because I don’t know whats going on or who I am or where I am… I’m scared.” she said, watching the beanie boy. He continued to type on his laptop and he swallowed hard, his face still conveyed hurt.

    “I shouldn’t of snapped at you! You’re the only person who has been here constantly and I appreciate it. As of the moment, you’re the only one who makes me feel anything, and that scares me a little bit too. It feels good though, my heart stops beating for a second when you say my name, and when you’re near it speeds up. I don’t know what I’m feeling, you tell me its love but I don’t even remember what that is or what its supposed to feel like… all I know is that when I look at you, it feels like I know you, and I know who I am and where I am. I feel… safe.” she whispered the last part and started messing with her hands, scared to look at the raven haired boy sitting in a seat across the room. Just then she felt hands on her face and lips on hers, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling which was gone way too soon.

    “I love you.” he said and she smiled up at him.

    “I… I love you too Beanie Boy.” he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

    “I have a name you know, baby girl.” he teased and she giggled.

    “I know, Jughead Jones the Third, I have one too. Y/N….” she trailed off, trying to remember her last name. she furrowed her eyes in concentration.

    “Y/L/N. My beautiful girlfriends beautiful name is Y/N  Y/L/N.” he reminded her, and she nodded her head.

    “Y/N  Y/L/N.” she whispered to herself.

    “You should of had that memorized before you had mine down.” he teased, and she shrugged.

    “Your name was more important to me to learn than my own I guess.” she said and he smiled.

    “Miss Y/L/N, how are you feeling?” Dr. Smith asked, walking into the room. Y/N tensed up, and Jughead noticed, giving her a worried look.

    “I’m tired, and I want to get out of this stupid bed.” she grumbled.

    “I understand. Do you think you’re well enough to talk to Sheriff Keller?” he asked. She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her hands.

    “I guess.” she mumbled.

    “Maybe we should let her rest for a little while longer, she’s been having a tough time, or at least let her go for a walk.” Jughead suggested, and Y/N looked gratefully up at him.

    “I don’t think that’s much of a good idea. Its a miracle she is only suffering from amnesia, a concussion and a few broken ribs from her fall, I would hate to see her fall and hurt herself even more.” Dr. Smith said. “I think it would be better if she stayed here and talked to the sheriff, see if she can remember anything. I don’t know if you remember, but you woke up last night yelling about that day. We had nurses come in to help you and you started to explain things that happened when you fell off the balcony-”

    “I didn’t fall, asshat. I was thrown off.” she growled and Dr. Smith jotted something down.

    “Right, thrown.”

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean? She was thrown, we have witnesses that said it themselves too.”

    “Son, I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you seem to be upsetting my patient and she’s already having a tough time as it is.” Dr. Smith said, looking up from his clipboard.

    “He isn’t the one upsetting me!” Y/N cried, holding onto Jugheads arm.

    “I refuse to leave, she needs me.” Jughead said.  Dr. Smith placed the clipboard on Y/Ns end table and walked towards the beanie clad boy.

    “I really don’t want to have to call security on you. I understand that you want to be here for her, but right now she has things that she needs to do. You can come backtomorrow at opening visiting hour.” he calmly said, and Jugheads face fell.

    “Why tomorrow, its only 10 in the morning now!” he said, and Y/N held onto him tighter.

    “She has a long day ahead of her and you are making her quite rebellious. She doesnt need that right now, she has just lost her memory and doesnt realize how much danger she is in. The last thing i need is one of our star witnesses disappearing, or even worse trying to and getting killed in the process. Now i am not going to ask you again, leave or else i’ll have to call an escort to remove you from the area.” Dr. Smith shot, and Jughead reluctantly nodded his head. He turned to face Y/N and leaned down, kissing her. Y/N felt tears stinging at her eyes and fear settling in her stomach and she watched as anger and sadness washed over Jugheads face.

     "Don’t go!“ Y/N called as Jughead backed up, turning towards the door.

    "Have a good day, Mr. Jones.” Dr. Smith said as he passed.    

    “You too.” Jughead gritted through his teeth




    Jughead opened his eyes slowly, staring off into the darkness. He could of sworn he heard something downstairs, but it stopped so he wasn’t really worried.




    Okay, he couldn’t of imagined that, there was definitely someone at the door downstairs, but who the hell could it be. He slowly got up off his mattress on the ground and stood, stretching. He quietly opened the door, and crept downstairs, looking out of the peephole.    

    “Oh my god!” he yelled, quickly unlocking the door and swinging it open.      

          “Hey there Beanie Boy.” Y/N smiled, and Jughead pulled her into the house.       

        “What the hell are you doing here!” Jughead exclaimed, and Y/Ns face fell.         

     "I hated that place, so I came here.“ she said bluntly. Jughead placed a hand over her forehead and pulled it back quickly.

    "You’re hot!” he said, running his hand through his hair, trying to think of something that would help.

    “You’re not so bad yourself.” Y/N said cheekily, and Jughead rolled his eyes and shook his head.

    “No I mean you’re burning up! How’d you even know I was here?” he asked, rushing off towards the medicine cabinet to grab some ibuprofen.    

    “Its just a little fever Beanie, I’ll be fine. And I’m not quite sure how I found you, I just kind of walked and ended up at this door.” she said shrugging, following him. He rummaged around the medicine cabinet, looking at bottle after bottle.    

    “And you decided to knock?” he asked worriedly. “You could have ended up at the wrong persons house and then you would have gotten hurt. What if there is still people out there after you? You aren’t exactly liked by the serpents at the moment, and night time is when they go out and cause problems. What if they had found you? You would have been killed on the spot!”    

    “Okay! Okay! I get it! I’m sorry, I just figured that you’d be willing to help me. I hated it in there, I’m a sitting duck!’ she yelled, and Fred and Archie ran into the kitchen.    

    "Y/N? What… why are you here?” Fred asked, walking up to the girl, but she slowly backed away.    

    “Don’t worry, that’s my dad.” Archie said, pushing past his dad and slowly walking up to Y/N. “Can I… can I give you a hug?” Archie asked quietly, and Y/N slowly nodded her head.    

    “Well, you don’t make me feel scared so sure.” she said, and Archie wrapped his arms around her.    

    “I was so worried about you!” he said, and Y/N wrapped her arms around him as well.    

    “I’m sorry.” she whispered and Archie pulled back.    

    “Don’t be sorry, its not your fault. You did a good thing and the town is really appreciating of your sacrifice. I’m the one who should be sorry, I should have taken you straight to Sheriff Keller, if I did then maybe this wouldn’t of happened.” he said, hanging his head.    

    “I don’t quite remember what happened or what I did, but I can assure you one thing, you are totally fine. You did nothing wrong, I’m sure you had important stuff to do.” she said, grabbing Archies shoulder. He smiled up at her and nodded.    

    “Well if you ever need anything again, just tell me, okay?” Y/N nodded her head. “Do you remember anything about me?” he asked.    

     "No, not exactly. I don’t remember much about anything, I’m not even sure how I knew to come here.“ she said.    

    "You come here all the time, you have ever since you were little.” Fred said, and Y/N nodded her head. “Archie, Betty, Jughead and you were constantly here, playing outside, causing havoc throughout the house.” Fred laughed to himself. “You four were quite the group, still are.”    

    “Oh. And you are Archie?” she asked, looking towards the red headed boy.    

    “Yup, thats me. Archie Andrews.” he said, a tinge of sadness in his voice, and Y/N caught on.    

    “Whats wrong?” she asked, leaning against the counter.    

    “You still know me so well.” he teased. Jughead handed Y/N a few pills and a glass of water, and she took the medicine.    

    “Stop avoiding the questions Archie, just tell us whats wrong.” he said, wrapping his arm around Y/Ns waist. She quickly tensed up and pulled away slightly, but relaxed after she realized it was Jughead.    

    “Its just weird, having to reintroduce myself to one of my oldest friends. Its kind of sad.” he admitted, and Jughead slowly nodded his head.    

    “I know, its weird having to reintroduce myself to my girlfriend.” he said, and Y/N felt tears sting at her eyes.    

    “I’m sorry.” she whimpered, not handling her two friends looking so sad very well.    

    “Woah, its alright!” Archie said, pulling Y/N into another hug. “This isn’t your fault, im sure you will remember soon enough.” he said, trying to comfort the sad and confused girl. Archie released the girl and yawned. “I’m going to head back to bed. Goodnight guys.” Archie waved and turned for his bedroom, exiting the room.

    “You are welcome to stay here if you would like.” Fred said, giving a small smile. “I’m going to head to bed too, now i already woke up once to a girl in my house, i dont want to wake up again to any strange wrestling, do you understand me?” Fred teased and Jughead rolled his eyes, giving a small smirk.

    “What do you mean strange wrestling?” Y/N asked.

    “Wow, your amnesia made you innocent did it?” Fred joked and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “No I’m just confused, thats all.” she argued.

    “No ruining your girlfriends innocence, is that understood? I want this to last as long as possible.” Fred said, giving a small laugh.

    “Yeah whatever.” Jughead huffed, and Fred turned to go to bed. Y/N crossed her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes. “What?” He asked.

    “No one ever tells me anything.” she mumbled and Jughead laughed.

    “How would you know?” he joked. “You forgot pretty much everything.” Y/Ns jaw dropped and she glared at him.

    “Oh my god.” she said, turning for the door.

    “Wait, I’m sorry, that was a bit insensitive, I didn’t mean to offend you.” he said, catching the girl in his arms and snuggling his head in the crook of her neck. She tensed up quickly but relaxed again. “You okay?” He asked, his hot breath tickling Y/Ns neck and making her stomach feel warm. She turned and Jughead stood straight, looking worryingly down at his girlfriend. She returned his stare and leaned up, pressing her lips to his.

    “I’m just adjusting to having someone around and touching me.” she said, pulling away slightly and looking into his blue eyes.

    “Do you want me to stop being so handsy?” he asked quietly.

    “Not a chance.” she smirked, placing her hand at the back of his neck, pulling him back down. Their lips melded together, seeming to be perfect puzzle pieces. Jughead lifted Y/N up onto the counter and deepened the kiss. Y/Ns hands went from his neck to his chest, slowly inching their way down his abdomen and pulling him impossibly close. Jughead breathlessly and reluctantly pulled back, earning a whimper from her.

    “If I keep this going, we’re going to start that strange wrestling Fred was talking about, and we’ll both be in trouble.” he said, chuckling. Y/N looked down at him confused, and he laughed. “Don’t worry about it.” he said. Y/N jumped off the counter but right as her feet hit the ground she stumbled, suddenly feeling very dizzy. Jughead caught her quickly and pulled her into his chest.

    “I’m sorry.” she whispered and Jughead shook his head.

    “Don’t be, let’s go lay down, maybe you’ll be better in the morning.” he said. Y/N stood up, trying her best to stand straight and walk but her head was pounding and she stumbled again. Jughead caught her and picked her up bridal style, making his way to the living room.

    “I’m sorry.” she mumbled and Jughead chuckled.

    “You’ve got to stop saying that, you have no faults to be sorry for.” he said, placing her on the couch.

    “Yes I do, you shouldn’t have to take care of me. I should be able to walk and do shit on my own but instead I’m here dizzy and confused.” she rambled.

    “I don’t mind taking care of you baby girl, I’d much rather it was me looking after you than that asshole doctor.” he said, earning a giggle from Y/N.

    “You mean Doctor ShitHead Smith?” she said and Jughead laughed.

    “Yeah, him.”

    “That’s what I’ve been calling him in my head anytime he comes around.” she explained, and he sat down beside her.

    “Did he come in often?” Jughead asked.

    “Well yeah, he was my doctor.” she said, earning a chuckle from Jughead.

    “I’m trying to be serious. What did he do when he came in?” He asked, and she shrugged.

    “Just constantly asked how much I remembered. He got really mad one time because I answered with ‘Well most of what I remember is a jackass doctor asking me the same question every three seconds.’”

    “Wow, I love you so damn much.” Jughead said, laughing.

    “Well I love you too. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Beanie. You’ve helped me so much during this, thank you.” she said, and pulled her into him.

    “You shouldn’t be thanking me,  I can’t help but feel like this is my fault.” he mumbled, intertwining his fingers with hers.

    “What do you mean?” she asked. Jugheads gaze went to their hands, and he felt his words catch in his throat.

    “I couldn’t protect you. I pushed you into a closet at the first sign of danger and I stood in front of you, ready to make sure nothing was to happen to you. I wasn’t scared, I was ready to do whatever it took to make sure no one would hurt you, but I failed. He threw me aside like it was nothing, knocking me out cold for a good 5 minutes and he threw you over the edge. If only I could have…” Jugheads voice cracked and he choked back the tears that were threatening to spill. Y/Ns heart broke at the sight of him like this, and she lifted his jaw so he’d look at her.

    “You tried to protect me Juggie, which is more than anyone else can say. Thank you for that.” she whispered, smiling sweetly and hoping for a smile in return. But instead he shook his head.

    “Exactly, I tried and I failed. I failed at convincing my mom and sister to stay, I failed at getting my dad on track… they-I just fail at helping those I love the most.” he said, his head falling back onto the couch.

    “That’s not true. Look I don’t remember what’s going on with your dad, or why your sister and mother are gone, but there’s one thing I do know;

you have not failed me Jughead. You were knocked unconscious, there was nothing you could do. It’s not your fault that you got thrown, you tried to protect me and for that I am forever grateful. And not only that, but you stayed at the hospital watching over me to make sure nothing else happened. You have been so kind and patient and you’ve helped me so much… you are the farthest thing from a failure in my eyes.” This time when she smiled, Jughead smiled back. She pecked him on the cheek and leaned down, resting her head on his chest.

    “Thank you.” he whispered, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms tightly around her.

    “And thank you. I love you.” Y/N murmured, sleep slowly washing over her body.

    “And I love you.” Jughead felt as sleep took the beautiful (Y/H/C) haired girl laying on him and he cherished this moment. He knew for sure that in the morning the police and hospital were going to be pissed that she was here, but he didn’t want to worry about that. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with the one person in his life who had never betrayed him, promising to himself that this time if danger would show its ugly face again, which it most undoubtedly would, he’d do whatever it took to protect her.

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Secrets II - Jack/Reader

Gif by @dailyjacklowden

Back by popular demand. | Part 1

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol/intoxication

A/N: So I binged Stranger Things 2 this weekend, celebrated Halloween and still managed to write this. Let me know what you think. I’m pretty proud of this.

Y/N had remained heartbroken for months. Michael and her had gotten so serious, she had really thought he was the one. So it took some time for her to move on and start to live normally again. There’d been a tense meeting at a coffee shop between the two of them to exchange some personal items, but there wasn’t much else that could be said.

Shortly after the breakup, Jack had left to work on a new project for a few months, and her plans to spend time with him had fallen through. Y/N was excited for him, as his career was really taking off, but him being gone made her heartbreak worse. He knew her better than anyone, knew how to keep her mind off things. But, she had to be grateful they had reconciled. It wasn’t his job to make her feel better. For the first time ever, she had to face this on her own. It was a challenge, but she got through it a day at a time.

Jack had returned from filming just a day before, and their friends all had plans to get together for the first time in months. She wished she could have seen him sooner, but she didn’t want to be rude and interrupt while he was still settling back in. Still, she was more excited than usual to see him this evening.

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New Trainer

Joe’s eyes darted around the gym, taking in the various equipment and people, the movement quick and mixing with the bass of the music playing.

“Can I help you?” His focus snapped to the pretty looking lady sitting at the front counter, smiling kindly up at him.

“Uhm, yeah.” He shuffled forward, offering a shy smile in return, “I’m here to meet my new trainer.”

“Your name?”

“Joe. Joe Sugg.”

“Alright Joe…” He waited as she typed a few things into the computer, his fingers tapping lightly against the counter, “Ah, yes. You’re meeting with Y/N. She’s just finishing with her last appointment, but it should only be another minute or two. Why don’t you just take a seat?”

“Thanks,” He nodded, pushing off the counter and heading to the small cluster of chairs, sitting down in one, his gym bag falling at his feet.

Letting his eyes drift across the gym once again, they fell on a woman around his age, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, a laughing smile on her lips as she patted someone on the shoulder. The two were talking, and the defeated look on the clients face changed to one of determination as the woman spoke, and when they parted, there was a smile on the persons face as well, while the woman walked towards reception, lifting a water bottle to her lips.

“Y/N, your next client is here!” The chirpy receptionist called over to the woman when she came into ear shot, gesturing over to Joe, who fumbled with his bag as he stood.

“Hello,” Y/N walked over to him, “Joe, right?”

“Yup, that’s me.” He stuck his hand out, suddenly feeling awkward.

How was she supposed to become his trainer? She looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly.

“Well,” Her hand fit into his, “Let’s whip you into shape, shall we?” She winked over at him.

By the time their first session had ended, Joe was laying on the floor, his hair sticking to his face with sweat while his chest rose and fell rapidly, his lungs burning for oxygen.

It seemed like every single muscle in his body was protesting, and he actually wasn’t sure if he’d be able to pull himself up and off of the floor to leave the gym.

“How’re you doing?” Y/N asked casually, sitting cross legged beside him, handing over a bottle of water.

“What the hell did you to me?” He wheezed out, propping himself up on his elbows to take a long swig of water.

“Exactly what you signed up for,” She laughed, and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his own face at the sound. “I did warn you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, barely,” He scoffed, remembering the small warning she gave at the beginning of their time.

“I try to warn people,” She cocked her head, her ponytail falling to one side, “But everyone is still surprised by time we finish.”

“Because you don’t look like you’re going to kick someone’s ass, that’s why!”

Her head fell back as she let out another laugh, and Joe couldn’t help but join in, falling onto the floor as his body shook, laughter spilling from his lips.

“Okay,” She said once their laughter had faded into the occasional giggle, “I may be slightly misleading. But not my fault people judge me by how I look.”

“I think it works in your favour,” He turned his head to look up at Y/N, “You start off all innocent, and next thing you know, we’re laying on the floor unable to move.”

“You’ll be fine. Just give it a few sessions. Unless you’d rather switch to another trainer…”

“No,” He finally managed to sit up fully, shaking his head, “I’ll stick with you. I think you’ll be able to get me to actually work out.”

“Damn right I will.” She winked once again. “Now come on, get up, you need to stretch.”

“Do I have to?” He whined, following her in standing.

“Yes, or you’re going to be incredibly sore tomorrow.”

“I already am going to be.”

“Suck it up, buttercup.”

Letting out another small laugh, Joe began to follow her in stretching, suddenly looking forward to his future training sessions. Because his new trainer was quite intriguing, and he couldn’t wait to work out again already.

One Last Time

So, @blazerina asked me for an angsty fic with Drake and Jo, inspired by the song of the same name.  This is what popped to mind!  Of course, it would end happily… Jo definitely chooses to stay with Drake, despite what Liam can offer her.  But, that’s not such a sure thing in his line of thinking.  Hope you enjoy this, my partner in crime!

Summary: If this is the last time he’s ever alone with Jo, Drake plans to make it count.

Word Count: 944

Rating: PG-13?  Ish?

Originally posted by lovershub

He was sitting in his favorite chair when Jo knocked on the door, not waiting for him to call out before she twisted the knob and bounded into the room. Her smile mirrored the joy in her eyes as she quickly closed the door behind her and rushed over to him, jumping into his arms just as he stood.  Not ready for her embrace, he shouted and fell back into the chair, taking her with him.

The feel of her in his lap, the scent of her vanilla perfume, and way she was looking down at him was intoxicating.  He almost wrapped his arms and pulled her close, burying his face in her neck and giving into the feeling of having her near.  But the moment he started to pull at her, he remembered the truth of their situation.

This wasn’t over.

It didn’t matter that their long, strange journey was nearing its end, or that all of them could finally move on with their lives.  Until everything was settled and he knew for absolute certain that she was going to be his, he wasn’t going to get his hopes up.  He’d been burned too many times before.

               “You know,” she grinned down at him, biting her lip. “I never could have done this without you.”

               He shifted uncomfortably under her.  “Don’t be silly.  It was all you, Tate.”

               “Hardly,” she said, reaching out to brush a lock of hair off his forehead.  Her touch burned, but he didn’t move; he’d rather burn than not feel her.  

               “Do you remember you told me that night we over s’mores?”

               “That you don’t know how to toast marshmallows?”

Oh, he remembered alright.  Refusing to make her his and forcing her to wait even though she swore she felt the same way had been the most painful thing he’d ever done.  Many a night had passed where he’d lain awake for hours, cursing himself before he’d finally fallen asleep and suffered through fitful dreams that left him drained and frustrated.

               But deep down, he’d known it was the right thing to do. He knew Jo was headstrong and sure of herself, but he also knew that ever since she’d stepped foot in Cordonia, nothing had been familiar to her and she’d been one step behind everyone else. He believed her when she said that she wanted him, and it thrilled him to the bone.  But he couldn’t quite believe that her feelings for him would last, especially when everything was over and Liam was free to make her his wife. What sort of woman would choose a life with him over the life Liam could offer her?  And more importantly, what woman would choose his sarcasm and bouts of melancholy over Liam’s effervescence and charm?

               He cleared his throat and grabbed her hand as it started to train down his chest.  “Have you spoken to Liam?”

               A shadow of sadness passed through her eyes as she shook her head.  “Not yet.”

               Sighing, Drake helped her off his lap and stood, his hand lingering on hers.  He needed to give her one last chance, to truly hear what Liam was willing to offer her. And, if he had any idea, it was the entire world on a platter.  Since am had quite literally stopped at nothing to clear Jo’s name and make her free to become his wife, Drake had no doubt that he’d do anything to have her. If he had even the slightest inclination that Jo was hesitating, he’d throw the world at her feet.  She didn’t want to be queen?  Fine, he’d abdicate.  She wanted to live in the US?  Name the city and he’d let her buy the house she wanted tomorrow.  She wanted a half-dozen children?  He’d more than happily take her to his room and—

               Drake stop, squeezing his eyes shut.  

               “You okay?” Jo asked, squeezing his hand.

               Drake opened his eyes and looked down at her. He was struck with the memory of how she’d looked at the coronation ball, how hopeful and beautiful she’d been in that ivory gown.  She looked different now, stronger and wiser, more like a thorny rose than a delicate lily. But now, just as then, he knew he’d be a damn fool if he didn’t take her in his arms and kiss her one last time.

               He bent his head to hers, capturing her lips in a kiss that he’d never wanted to give her.  Some of their kisses had been desperate, others sad or passionate.  But this… he wanted this to be the way he said goodbye.  He poured every drop of his feeling into it as he grabbed her close and put a hand in her hair, twisting her curls around his fingers.  He wanted her to know how much he loved her, how he wanted to spend every day of the rest of his life waking up to her smile and falling sleep to the feel of her heartbeat under his arm.  But he also wanted her to know that if she chose to walk away, he wouldn’t hold it against her.  He would never fault her for following her heart, even if it led her away from him and into the arms of someone else.

               When he finally pulled away, she let out a deep sigh and leaned in to kiss him again.  He shook his head, gently squeezing her hand as he stepped back from her. “Go talk to Liam.”

               “And afterward?” she asked breathlessly.

               “Ill see you, Tate.”

               With a smile, she turned and walked across the room, slipping out the door, and, he was certain, out of his life.

If He Hadn’t

A 300ish word drabble for @thetruthofyourdespair​ and her stunning piece of Riza’s back tattoo. I noticed she had long hair and it got me thinking of how things could have gone differently. SLAY ME MORE WITH YOUR ART, SKY. <3

Early sunshine illuminated the highlights of her blonde hair and the tiny hints of golden brown on her long lashes. She had grown out her hair from when they first met, and it strangely suited her – the way it framed her face, accentuating her cheekbones. Roy looked upon her sleeping form, deep breaths in rhythm with the rise and fall of her bare back. The most dangerous back in Amestris due to the markings on her back, a beautifully intricate array that was the brainchild of her father.

He wanted to trace his fingers over the tattoo, not in reverence of the alchemical secrets her back harbored.  It was the beauty of her skin that called to him.
The markings didn’t define her, even when she begged him to burn array beyond recognition.

He almost went through with it too.

Riza stood in front of him with much shorter hair, a cloth in her mouth for the pain that would have followed. In the end, he couldn’t. When his master asked him to look after her, he failed when he found her in Ishval. Again, when his fingers aimed towards her, a snap away from burning the skin off her back.

He lowered his hand. “I can’t.”

She wept thinking of the burden she’d have to carry, the burden she never asked for.

Roy found himself in a predicament that would forever bind him to her. “I can’t burn your back. Not after everything. Be patient with me, let me find a way to erase it.” He put his coat over her exposed back. “You can watch my back and I’ll protect you from yours.”

Their relationship escalated with their climb in rank, and now he watched her sleep, looking up on her unscarred back and wondering how much she would have put herself through if he hadn’t stopped himself.


Under the Green Willow - a Steggy AU Scene

War raging, Margaret struggles to evacuate a nearby village caught in the cross hairs of Red Skull and Aleksandr.  Her band of soldiers struggles to fight off their opponents.  They’re woefully unmatched and caught off guard.  That’s not difficult with Aleksandr; he’d burn cities to the ground and everyone with them if he had his way.  Her lover, Steven, does his best to fight off Red Skull, the sadistic scientist and lackey of Aleksandr.  He doesn’t want him taking any more prisoners to experiment on, burnt bodies left lying in fields for mothers and wives to find. 

Margaret sees Steven fighting at the opposite end of the seemingly endless field.  She knows Red Skull is a manic fighter.  Steven is only human.  She sees him growing tired while the flames seem to be igniting in Red Skull’s eyes.  She fears for his life as she notices crows beginning to circle.  She wastes no time jumping into the fray as the rain starts to fall. 

Fist, knives, swords - Steven struggles to hold off Red Skull as long as he can.  He’s an excellent soldier but fatigue has worn down his muscles.  Margaret notices and sees that most of their soldiers are dead on the ground around them.  She refuses to give up hope, though, as she cuts down another man.  That’s when she sees him.

Steven falls to his knees after a kick to his leg.  She watches him struggle to get up and screams when she sees the weapon aimed at his head.  She barely notices when Yakob, another lackey, moves in front of her with a weapon of his own.  He had orders to take her back to Red Skull but past humiliation has made him seek revenge.  The sound of a shot echoes across the field as a pair of hawks land near the edge of the battle, gazing over the devastation with watchful eyes. 

A man on horseback races to the village to deliver the news to Steven’s mother, hoping to get to word to the village in time but he’s too late.  Returning to the field, ravens watch the villagers scour for signs of Steven and Margaret to no avail.  They fear Red Skull took them to experiment on.  They hope the ravens, a symbol of the after life, signify their friends are at peace in death.

Preparing the village for an attack they know will come sooner or later, Steven’s mom notices a dove constantly flitting around her.  She can’t make anything of it.  She feels it mocking her.  First her husband and now her son and daughter-in-law.  She’s lost faith in hope and peace and prophecies.

Until she sees her baby standing hand in hand with his wife under the archway of their broken down village.  She wouldn’t believe it’s him except he holds the sword of his father, a sword that only those worthy are able to carry. 

Happy birthday @beautifulwhensarcastic!!!!!!!!!  May you get all the ice cream you want, may no one ask you to dance, and may inspiration cease to be a fleeting thing :D  You’re the best!