he burns off her hair at the end

I’m going to apologize in advance for 1. Spoilers! and 2. Crushing your soul.

Also, @fo4deaconreacts >:3

Okay, so as Glory lays broken in the Catacombs of the Old North Church, drawing in her final breaths, she desperately asks Sole, “Isn’t there supposed to be a light?”

So… what if synths don’t have an afterlife because they’re man-made,

but humans do?

Now Barbara was a synth. She was a synth, and, more importantly, she was Deacon’s Barbara: his life and soul, his reason for living. 

So when Deacon reaches the end of his life, he finds himself searching for his sweet Barbara in a field. He sees her in the distance, with heaven’s ever-burning sun glinting off of her hair. She has a halo, he thinks. Grinning wider than he ever had on earth, he runs, with tears in his eyes, and grabs his Barbara by the shoulders, facing her. His eyes drink in every detail with giddiness; he remembers it all: those eyes, that smile: just like the one’s in those Old World magazines. 

“Barbara!” He cries, “I- It, oh God, it’s really you!” His breathing shakes.

Frowning, cocking her head to one side, she’s confused. “Who- who are you?” She asks delicately. 

It hits Deacon in waves.

Glory. The light. Barbara. Both synths. 

He crumples at this woman’s feet, this stranger’s feet. With rippling devastation he realizes that his Barbara, his Barbara, is lost to the abyss. That’s it. There was never a reunion in store for him. The moment the life drained from her broken body was the last bit of Barbara he would ever get to experience. He could have vomited.

He sobs, gripping at the grass with clenched fists. His forehead presses into the ground. “Ahahah, Ahahahah, Argh!” His tears wet the ground as his nails claw into the dirt. Why? Why why why? Why his Barbara? Where did she go? Why can’t he see her again?

Please.” He begs the woman. “Please tell me you can die twice. I can’t-” Deacon sobs again before he can finish.

Distraught, the woman, the other Barbara, the real Barbara, kneels beside him. “Don’t cry!” She pleads. “You’re supposed to be happy here.”

He finally looks up at her, blue irises punctuated by the red rings around his eyes. He has no more words, so he waits for her, the way he had waited for her all his life.

“I’m Barbara.” She introduces herself finally and with a shy smile. “Come with me. I know somewhere that’ll make you happy. It’s my favorite spot.”

Deacon swallows. Their smiles were the same. The kindness in their eyes, also the same. With shallow breaths he gently takes her offered hand. 

“That sounds nice.” He chokes out. “I’m D- … John by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too John. I look forward to spending time with you.” 

Me too, he thinks, me too.