he brings the sass

The Shadowhunter Chronicles rated by Queerness
  • City of Bones: It is noticed that Alec is gay for Jace several times. Also, Magnus flirts with Alec. 6/10
  • City of Ashes: Alec starts to secretly date Magnus, but we don't see a lot of it. Also he's still kind of gay for Jace 6/10
  • City of Glass: Alec wants Magnus to call him. Magnus tells Alec he loves him. Alec realises he loves Magnus. ALEC KISSES HIM IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLAVE. But still not a lot is seen of them. Aline Penhallow realised that she's a lesbian. 7/10
  • Clockwork Angel: Magnus calls Will handsome. No other gay. Very disappointing. 2/10
  • City of Fallen Angels: Magnus and Alec are on a 'romantic vacation', But they do not come back until the end, and fight. Magnus makes it clear that he is bi. They make up and make out. 7/10
  • Clockwork Prince: Magnus kisses Will, but as a ploy to get away from Camille. He notices how handsome he is again. Disappointing, but better than CA. 4/10
  • City of Lost Souls: THERE ARE LESBIANS. THERE IS A LESBIAN COUPLE THAT EXCHANGE RINGS. ALINE THANKS ALEC FOR COMING OUT SO SPECTACULARLY. Magnus and Alec are featured once again, but fight a lot. Magnus refers to himself as a 'freewheeling bisexual'. Alec tells everyone what homophobia is like. Theybreakupintheendanditspainful. 7/10 (becauseofthebreakup.)
  • Clockwork Princess: Magnus makes it clear that Will is handsome. He seems be in a 'physical relationship' with Woolsey. That means he hooks up with Woolsey. 5/10
  • City of Heavenly Fire: THE QUEER IS STRONG IN THIS ONE. Alec and Magnus are broken up but are still in love. Magnus gets taken to hell dimension and Alec stops at nothing to get him back. A lot of kisses. Emotional scene with them and Magnuses dad. 'I don't want the world, I want you'. THE LESBIANS ARE BACK. BUT THEY GET EXILED. A FEW SCENES WITH ALINE AND HELEN. ALEC BRINGS OUT THE SASS AND COMPLAINS ABOUT STRAIGHT PEOPLE. HE WANTS A HOT SILENT BROTHERS CALENDAR AT THE END. IT IS REVEALED THAT MICHAEL WAYLAND WAS GAY AF. A LOT OF GAY SCENES 9/10
  • Lady Midnight: A LOT OF GOOD QUEER. KIT THINKS TY IS HOT. KIERAN AND MARK MAKE OUT AGGRESSIVELY TWO-THREE TIMES. Magnus is featured and talks about Alec and his baby. Mark and Kieran part at the end but Kit comes to live with Ty at the end. Kieran says he loves Mark. Mark loves Kieran. 8 and a half/10
  • Companion books:
  • Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy: a lot of gay. Magnus and Alec are featured in most stories. They ADOPT A KID AND KISS IN BtEN. Matthew and James seem pretty gay tbh. There is an entire chapter about Michael Wayland and his feelings for Robert. There is ENTIRE CHAPTER ABOUT HELEN AND SHE SAYS SHE LOVES ALINE A LOT OF TIMES. THEY GET MARRIED. 9/10
  • The Bane Chronicles: THERE ARE A LOT OF GAY/BI CHARACTERS. IMASU MORALES. MAGNUS CONSTANTLY SAYS HOW HES ATTRACTED TO BOTH GENDERS. MAGNUS AND ALEC HAVE A FIRST DATE AND AGGRESSIVELY MAKE OUT AND ALMOST BANG. MAGNUS SPENDS AN ENTIRE CHAPTER PINING FOR ALEC AND REALISING HES IN LOVE. We don't talk about The Voicemail of Magnus Bane but there's some I love you's in there. (Also 'you broke my brothers heart and I'm not going to stand for it') 9/10

Fandom: The 100

Character: John Murphy, reader

Rating: T

Warnings: none

Summary: Don’t touch Murphy’s neck.

“Zip up your jacket,” barks Clarke. “You’ll catch a cold, Murphy.”

He rolls his eyes, tossing her a vaguely annoyed glance as you try to figure out if you should laugh or make him listen to Clarke.  

“Let me think about it.”  Murphy pauses, rubbing thoughtfully at his chin.  “No.”

“Zip it up, John,” growls Clarke.  She’s been up to her neck in teenagers with the flu, and Clarke sure as hell doesn’t want to take care of Murphy.  You don’t blame her: Murphy in a bad mood isn’t fun.

He unzips his jacket completely and walks past her into the forest, smirking at Clarke as he passes her.  Bellamy immediately storms after him, shoving him around and grabbing the zipper of his jacket.   

“You listen to her when she talks to you,” he snarls, fighting to pull the zipper up when Murphy locks his hands around Bellamy’s wrists and begins to twist.  

Clarke immediately steps forward, mouth open, but you’re faster.  Wrapping your hands around Murphy’s forearms, you attempt to pry him off of Bellamy, the two guys’ eyes never leaving the other’s.  

“Jesus Christ, can you two grow up for like, two seconds?” you bark.  Neither of them move, so you must resort to desperate measures.  

Turning to Murphy, who continues to smirk at Bellamy, you take a deep breath and knee him in the family jewels, then whirl around and punt Bellamy’s crotch.  The two immediately let go of each other and bend over in pain, Bellamy collapsing into a kneeling position while Murphy falls on all fours.  Clarke snorts from behind you, looking anywhere but at the two fallen soldiers in an attempt to stem her laughter.  

“This is why we play nice and listen to the people in charge,” you retort, slightly pissed that they’d ignored you just a few seconds ago.  Turning to Clarke, you can’t help but grin.  “Ready to pick some plants?”  She nods, cheeks dimpling ever so slightly. 

“Whatever you say.”

Murphy was quiet.  

He was quieter than he normally was, not a single snarky remark falling from two tightly-pressed lips.  Everyone else had gone to bed, making the silence even louder.  You shifted against his side, looking away from the fire up at his face.  

“If you’re pissed that I destroyed your dick, I’m sorry.”  The corner of his lip twitched, but he didn’t move his gaze form the bonfire.  

“Kinkier than I thought you were.”

“Oh, you don’t even know.”

“Out of the two of us, I know you better than you know you,” he responds, sounding somewhat tired.

“Bull.”  Time to bring out his sass.  You’ve just set yourself up for a snark-filled ass kicking, but he ignores your bait.  

“God bless you,” he responds blandly.

“Murphy?”  He glances down at you, eyes half-closed like he’s about to fall asleep on you.  “I know why you didn’t want to zip up your jacket.”

“Yeah, because Clarke’s a control freak who needs to learn personal space.”

“Funny.  No, it’s because it feels like you’re being hanged again.  Not bull.”

He’s quiet again, but his eyes are wide open now and blankly stare at the flames.  The two of you sit in silence for a few minutes before you gently kiss the base of his neck, ignoring him as he jerks away from your touch, and make your way into your tent.  

Lying down, you close your eyes and roll onto your side.  Murphy’s always been a loner, and never really was one to share his feelings.  You’d kind of started a friends with benefits thing with him, but it had fizzled out into being friends again, which meant less talking between the two of you.  

Yawning, you jumped as you felt someone lie down next to you.  Turning around, you locked gazes with Murphy, who was wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you into his chest, mumbling something unintelligible.  

“Oh, what was that?” you asked innocently.  He glanced unamusedly at you.

“You’re more intelligent that you look.”

“Gee, thanks,” you snarked, rolling your eyes as you tucked your head into the crook of his neck.  Ignoring his sudden stiffening, you gently kissed the hollow of his throat, fingers tracing his collarbone.  

After a few minutes, his breathing slowed, so you curled your arm around his waist and pressed your face into the base of his neck,

“G’night, Murphy.”  His lips brushed over the top of your head as your eyes began to droop.

“Y/N?”  You open your eyes.  This was it.  This was the shining moment in which he’d confess a deep secret to you as the result of your kindness and empathy you’d continually expressed towards him.  Murphy would blossom into a beautiful flower, you could just see it as his eyes widened-

“I’ll eat you out if you want.”


EXO’s Reaction to you being as sassy as Sehun

GIFS: Credits go to the GIF creators and owners. I do not own the GIFS (unless stated), just the ideas.



*Confused as to where and how you got that attitude*

“You’ve either been hanging out with Chen or Sehun too much..”

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*Not even surprised that you’re turning into Sehun*

“I once took care of 10 children. I can handle you just fine.”

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*Surprised that you, someone he thought would be shy, would say something that Sehun would say*

“Wow…that took a turn..”


*Makes up bullshit in attempt to get you to drop the sass*

“No, you cannot do or say that. Why? Because I heard that if you act like that and don’t stop, you’d be trampled by a herd of buffaloes. Consequences.”


*Sasses you right back. Soon, him, Sehun and you became the Holy Trinity of sass.*

“Oh? You think you’re sassier than me? That’s a very interesting theory but keep dreaming.”


*Whenever you try to sass him, he brings out his height for defense. Sometimes, he goes on his tippy toes for extra effect*

“Say that again to my chest.”

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*Not having any of it.*

“Sehun can’t sass me, what makes you think you can?”


*Doesn’t know whether he’d be able to handle three sasses in the group and asks you why you would take after Sehun.*

“There are 8 other guys in this group…why did you choose to act like Sehun?”


*Proud yet offended*

“As much as I love your wonderful, fantastic, sassy attitude, it needs to stop. There is no way you’re surpassing me at sassing. You can surpass Chen but not me.”


Hooray! First Reaction post! I know it’s kind of suckish, hopefully they’ll get better. But in the meantime, leave a request for a scenario or another reaction. Next Saturday will be another reaction post.


EXO Reaction to: You Being Sassy

Xiumin: was kind of taken aback the first time you sass him. is proud that you have such a fiery spirit though. he never has to worry about having to protect you bc you’re well able to take care of yourself. his new hobby is sitting back and watching you put people in their place

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Luhan: gets you to defend him whenever people say he looks like a girl, cheering you on with a manly whoop. no one ever listens to him but you make damn sure they listen to you

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Kris: would go quite if you directed your sass at him, mainly because you made a good point and he had no argument against it. but other times, he would lowkey sass you back. he wasn’t trying to beat you at being sassy or anything like that but if he felt like you were being too much, he would voice that

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Suho: both likes and hates your sass. he hates it directed at him or if you go too far. but if you’re sassing the other members for something like not listening to him, then he’s a total fan of your attitude and so he’s just a whirlwind of mixed emotions

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Lay: is such a gentle guy. he’s the peacekeeper of the group. so he usually tries to calm you down. but whenever you make an excellent point, he sits back and claps, silently cheering you on

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Baekhyun: watching you sass the other members is pure gold. he’ll pretend they’ve done something to him so you’ll become sassy and defend his honour. but if you find out he’s lied, he runs and hides in chanyeol’s closet. sometimes, he joins in on the sassing, since he’s not a stranger to it himself

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Chen: beyond happy. he tends to set up situations to bring out your sass, so he can watch the scene unfold, wishing he had some popcorn right then

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Chanyeol: usually just laughs at your sassyness but every so often he’ll blurt out something sassy himself that leaves you in shock bc wtf where did this come from?? then he’s back to being a cute, toll elf

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D.O: externally, he’s quite and serious but inside, his mind has enough sass to make a grown man cry. you two spend most movie nights either bitching about exo’s stupidity (mainly baek or chanyeol) or about the actors and actresses in the movie. he’s a sassy mofo, no joke

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Tao: tries and fails to out-sass you so he might get annoyed over that. but if you’re defending him then he’s not so annoyed anymore and will probably run to you from then on to sort out anyone who’s bothering him

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Kai: felt that your sass was a reaction to you being upset or angry so he would do his best to make you happy again

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Sehun: has found his soulmate in you. you two unite into a sassy force to be reckoned with and exo hates it unless it’s not aimed at them. then it’s 100% free entertainment

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the start of celebrity!holster

ive been reminiscing on the good old days of american idol, and i have a WIP AU where holster is a celebrity singer-songwriter that needs an origin story so let’s imagine shall we…

  • a tiny (but also still huge) 16-year-old holster who has always loved singing and musicals and as soon as he’s old enough he goes to audition for season 6 of Idol
  • well obviously he’s a goddamn vocal powerhouse and he blows the judges off their feet with something BIG
  • i’ve decided his audition song would have been “toxic” by britney because let’s be real it’s not just KVP, pretty much all non-straight people cant get enough of that song
  • he does it Differently tho maybe something slowed down and soulful
  • so he moves on to Hollywood easily
  • i never liked watching the hollywood rounds/forget how they worked so let’s just skip to the live shows
  • speaking as someone who was a religious Idol watcher in those years, the show almost never had anyone under 18 (or even under 20 really) who got very far because most of the ones who appeared were pretty meh
  • which is why holster and his female counterpart jordin sparks made a hell of an impact (she was the actual winner that year)
  • he breezed through the semifinals/top 24 really easily because he had a big powerful voice that no one could believe coming from a 16-year-old, but honestly the kid is huge so what did you expect 
  • i wanna say he probably did a mixture of 90s and 2000s pop and rock hits mostly bc stuff earlier than 90s doesnt seem like his style and ofc this was before the 2010s
  • he was still a fan favorite going into the top 12 and he kept on hitting different genres and wowing everyone so he did well consistently
  • in the top 5 week he got sick and had a little bit of a faltering performance on a less than adventurous song so he was in the bottom 3 but he was the first person declared safe
  • he made it all the way to the top 2 and was up against jordin sparks and at this point everyone was WILD for it because it was a 16 and a 17 year old in the finale and that was UNHEARD of for idol
  • holster starts strong in the finale show with a rendition of “leave (get out)” by jojo which isn’t like, massively impactful or anything, but he obviously nails it vocally and it brings a bit of sass and a great stage presence so it’s well-received nonetheless
  • for his other song he does a slow and HEAVILY emotional “because of you” by kelly clarkson which is a big deal, partly because it was a kelly clarkson song on idol (which started kelly’s career), and partly because the boy breaks the fuck down while performing. tears and everything, it’s clearly a very personal song to him - but ok the amazing thing is even though he’s like, choking up and crying he’s still singing the FUCK out of the song. like he’s up there going the fuck through it on stage and yet he hits every note, every run, it’s spectacular. ultimately it goes down as one of the most iconic idol performances ever
  • and THAT is what ultimately makes adam birkholtz the winner of season 6 of american idol and, soon after, an international icon of pop music
A diva boo birthday
  • S.Coups: Hurry guys, hide!
  • DK: *trips over Hoshi*
  • Joshua: *facepalms*
  • Seventeen: *hides behind random shit*
  • Mingyu: *is too tall to hide behind anything and Jun hid behind the couch, so he just stands there like a lamp*
  • Seungkwan: *walks in*
  • Seventeen: HAPPY BI-
  • Seungkwan: It's my birthday losers so you all are my servants now.
  • Seventeen: ....
  • Seungkwan: *uses Mingyu as a chair and sips lemonade*
  • ~Nilla
Frederick Chilton Day

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Here is today’s post of all things Chilty. Thank you to everyone who has posted thus far. I will reblog this post in the morning. Just in case I miss anyone, so please keep posting!! If I did miss you, please let me know so I can add you onto the list. 


  1. Bloody Pasta by @mrsrafaelbarba
  2. Chilton makes an unexpected friend on vacation by @seekret-fanfic
  3. Frederick Chilton Story List by @yourtropegirl
  4. Enticing Dreams by @vintagemichelle91 NSFW
  5. Never Doubt, Part 2 by @locke-writes
  6. Platonic Relationship by @kjs-s
  7. Introductions by @locke-writes
  8. Moving Chilty’s things by @fanfictionforsvu
  9. Time to Think by @controllingkittens
  10. The Unexpected Guest by @rauliskafan
  11. Brightening Things Up by @xemopeachx
  12. Frederick Coming Home to You by @ghostofachancewithyou


  1. Collage by @larkistin
  2. Frederick Chilton Gifs by @do-me-carisi
  3. Frederick Chilton from @ciorane and @middle-sinclair​ Post created by @mrschiltoncat
  4. Frederick Chilton in “Aperitivo” by @justraulesparza
  5. The Phoenix and the Rose by @tommieglenn
  6. Frederick Chilton by @justraulesparza 
  7. Chilty inspired shawl by @blown-transistor

Mood Boards/Aesthetics 

  1. Dr. Frederick Chilton + minimalist architecture by @ghostofachancewithyou
  2. Frederick Chilton by @yourtropegirl
  3. Fredrick Chilton brings the sass by @fanfictionforsvu
  4. Poor baby Chilty!!! He just wants to be loved!!! by @fanfictionforsvu
  5. Collection from @vintagemichelle91 @xfleuriste and @quantifiably-adorable Post created by @mrschiltoncat
  6. Photoset by @dreila03

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Okay, so I shall put quite a lot of Urls in this ask because goddamn there are so many people I want to be soft to. Firstly @nightfallgoddess because Ash was the very first person to ever follow me in this fandom and she always makes and puts up high quality shit (plus her distrust of CC is amazing!!!! Hahahahahaha). Next @latinalightwood because Ana's my heart, my queen, my love, my reason for existing, and the constant bringer of heartaches my way (did you see her last gifset? Wicked!)...

[ @nightfallgoddess ; @latinalightwood ]

… Then @ladymatt for being one of the first few friends I made in this fandom (Ana was the other first friend. Hehehehehe). Thank you so much for all the messages love, for always being there and for all the gifs you send me (I live for them!). Next up is @f-f-f-fight. Seph you radiate warmth and sunshine and goodness and so much fucking compassion. I feel honoured and blessed to call you a friend. Also those gifsets. Goddamn! Still waiting on that prince of hell one you promised us…

… then there’s @mel-iorn. Mel brings joy & happiness everywhere she goes. And it comes so easily to her, I’m in awe of how much of herself she gives. I also love her for all the Rihanna gifsets she finds & sends my way (keep sending them love!) and her Jimon fics (oooh so soft), & let’s not forget the shotgun Malec fic she wrote for your birthday Leo (that was some high quality shit!). @banelewis is the sweetest, most precious bean alive and should be protected always. Nana’s a blessing…

… and Nana’s gifsets are always on point. I still can’t forget her Magnus walking gifset. Bless. Then there’s my big brother @abloodneed. His writing never fails to take my breath away. Every single damn time. And when he makes his gifsets, I’m in awe, wondering if there’s anything Izsak can’t do? He’s like wonder man (really he is) and we’re all too damn lucky that he exists! So fucking lucky! @thelushfiles keeps bringing us fashion and sass, beauty and so much goddamn life I live!!!!!!!!

@amorverus. How can I use words to capture the iconic Maia? Her gifs are legendary. Her metas are legendary. Her sass is legendary. Her gushing about Magnus (including about his tassels) is legendary. Her wisdom is legendary. Her patience (gods have you see the anons she gets? Smh), legendary. Every fucking thing about her is legendary. It is why I call her legendary! @ronaldkipling is my paddie of life. She’s so focused & driven & supportive & inspirational & amazing & I loooooooove her…

@highwarlockkareena is a goddess that walks amongst us. She’s talented at writing, talented at giffing, talented at taking no shit from anyone, talented at defending Raj, talented at calling out shit in the fandom. Every single inch of her is fucking talented. She’s amazing :). Shoutout to @lukemagnus! Yayra’s my West African sister, sassy & gorgeous & thirsty & talented & amazing & so fucking kind & I love her to bits!!! The loyal parabatri supporter, it’s why she’s gets shoutout from them!

And then there’s @alecmagnu and @princemagnusbane. These two together make magic happen (hello to all the theories they got right and the ones the show producers should have followed. Smh. There’s no accounting for bad taste), and separately they’re powerhouses! I love how much they stand up for Latinx rep, how outspoken they both are, and how they’re not afraid to call out shit. Allie also makes the best gifs in the fandom and I’m in awe of her every damn time!…

shoutout to @magnusgoatee. She keeps giving and being so kind, like she legit woke me up with the sweetest kindest message yesterday & I was teary eyed & I floated on sunshine all day long! (she’s that amazing!!!!). She deserves all the love and the attention and her gifs always have me ghjghjghjghjghjghjghjg. I might not speak a lick of Spanish but the emotions she conveys in her Spanish songs gifs? A+. Huge love to @softshadowmoon because Wrye is remarkable, soft & makes amazing gifs & fics.

@lukegarrowayisamaincharacter is a blessing for this fandom. Master shitposter (I wish I had her mind), ultimate Luke defender (she blows my fucking mind), taker of no prisoners (have you seen some of the anons she gets and her responses? Bless!), originator of the most amazing HCs I’ve seen around, & ultimately a good, pure (not that pure. Hehehehe) soul that deserves the world! @capstevierogers finds ways to make me laugh & cackle all day long & boy does she bring much needed fun and levity.

shoutout to the triple threats @harmonization @bane-magnus @malectric. They make the best gifsets around, deserve all the love and good things & are 100% kickass amazing friends. They have the softest hearts, are fucking amazing to geek out about the things we have in common & always make my day brighter. And finally there’s you baby brother. Your drive, your spirit, your grace, your focus, your thirst ;). You’re so fucking remarkable, you take my breath away. Congrats on the 1k!!!!!!

holy SHIT noria that was a wild ride and what a list too, a lot of incredible people in there

and thank you so much noria if im this soft its because youre one of the people that inspire me to stay kind like damn i love you so much i just have no words god

rip everyone on this list good luck on stopping the tears anytime soon

let’s be soft, not that anything can top that but let’s try

anonymous asked:

Zane sees all women as queens and treats them with as much respect as he can even if he doesn't really know how to be social or how to talk to people. (Unless the person is an ass then he will not hesitate to bring out the sass)

Zane, drinking respect woman juice out of his feminist mug: yes

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So I've noticed lately that I think Kenshin must have picked up "scaring" people from Hiko. I think Kenshin secretly enjoys scaring guys with his glare or using really intense threats lol. Thoughts?

You kidding? Kenshin fucking lives for it. 

See below:

Dude wouldn’t lay out this much sass unless he LOVED it XD.

(Though sometimes it leads to problems…)

anonymous asked:

Hi i was wondering if i could request some headcanons for Kakashi, Obito/tobi and tobirama on how they would react to meeting their GF super intimidating dad..your blog is really awesome i also like you theme its cute <3 thank you!

Aww thank you 

Kakashi - Oh my god he would be like, “Hello sir I am Kakashi and your daughter calls me daddy too.” He would be thinking it 100%. I think he would be really respectful obvi but he would bring that sass with him

Obito - He’d bring your dad a bouquet of flowers that he most likely picked from the side of the road. He’s just a sweating mess but he means well

Tobirama - The definition of politeness. He’ll shake his hand, compliment the yard and say it’s a pleasure meeting the father of his beautiful lady. Your dad loves him so much he invites him to dinner 

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graves having a cat or kneazle?

could you imagine that oh my god

Originally posted by annetudorwrites

  • Probably has the most white cat ever. 
    • Like, this cat is PURE WHITE with really big sort of brownish eyes.
      • And if you don’t think he found it while on his way home from MACUSA one cold night, shivering in a box then idk what to tell you.
        Probably looked into the box and locked eyes with this dirtied kitten, and didn’t have the heart to leave it alone and so, bending down, he picks them up and stuffs them into his jacket slowly and carries them the rest of the way home like that.
      • Probably gives them a nice bath when he gets there despite knowing they’ll claw at him. Which, they do but it’s okay because by the end of it there’s this sort of unspeakable bond between the two of them.
  • Names it something really cute and really silly because he doesn’t intend on keeping it, but still wants to call it something other than ‘kitten’. Goes with either ‘Mittens’ or ‘Snowball’.
    • I’m leaning more towards Mittens.
    • Tells himself that he’s going to drop it off before work the next morning.
      • Keeps telling himself that as he sits on his couch and watches Mittens cuddle next to him.
      • Keeps telling himself that as Mittens jumps on the counter while he’s drinking his nightly tea, mewing at him very gently while looking at him with wide, dark eyes.
      • Keeps telling himself that as he lays in bed, with Mittens laying on his chest, purring rather happily. 
        • He convinces himself to keep it unless he hears someone lost it.
        • Which he never hears.
        • Percival has adopted a kitty named Mittens.
    • Probably one of those people who takes them out on walks because his apartment is too small for them to wander around in.
      • Late at night when he gets home from work, takes them around the block. Mittens likes walking, probably makes friends with a few of the neighbors cats. Percival acts like it annoys him, but he lowkey finds it cute that his kitten is that friendly. Something he never really was.
    • Bought Mittens; A bed, toys, and food.
      • Really likes the food but Percival also takes guilty pleasure in feeding them human food. (Don’t worry, he probably did research to make sure what he’s feeding Mittens is okay.)
      • Doesn’t use the bed, either sleeps on Percival or on his pillow.
      • Sometimes plays with the toys, but alas, finds Percivals scarfs, shoes, and other goods better toys.
    • Mittens is clingy.
      • AKA, tries to follow him to work in the morning, but he has to tell them that they can’t go with him.
      • Probably sits outside the bathroom door waiting for him when he takes a shower. Sometimes sneaks in and sits on the bathroom sink.
      • Clings desperately to him on the rare occasions someone comes to the apartment.
    • Percival finds himself talking to Mittens a lot.
      • They sometimes meow back, just depends.
        • If he scolds them and they meow back he questions, “Did you just sass me?”
    • If he brings work home with him, Mittens sits in his lap while he’s doing it.
      • Meows at him for attention but he tells them that he needs to get work done.
        • Keeps meowing until they get attention.
          • Imagine Percival meowing back.
    • Percival is smitten for Mittens.
      • Probably gives in every time Mittens gives him the look.
        • groans quietly while giving in because he just can’t seem to deny them.
          • He loves them though.

    that was too pure for me i need to cry. I hope you enjoyed! Thank you :D

    anonymous asked:

    9... 15...18... yay!

    So, here’s the full ask now, along with the third prompt oneshot. These were … somewhat painful, especially 15, but still fun to write, so thank you for sending this! ❤️

    “I’ll be here as long as it takes.”

    His heart ached at how tense she still was. He’d been hoping that, with the war against the Saviors over, she would relax and become more of her old self again, more at ease, more at home in her own skin, bringing back the sass and the teasing that he had enjoyed so much while they had been living at the prison.

    But a week had gone by, and she was still morose and quiet and withdrawn, and Daryl didn’t know what to do about it. In part, it was because he was half afraid that it might be something he had said or done without thinking, something that had opened some old wound that was troubling her.

    Carol, knowing him as intimately as she did, came up to him one morning early into the second week after they’d won the war and he had returned to her cabin in the woods with her after informing Rick that he was going to stay with her for the time being to make sure she would be okay - not necessarily with regard to any physical threats but mentally and emotionally.

    Daryl had just come back from checking his traps and was dressing a rabbit for lunch. His boots and the legs of his pants were wet with dew and his fingers were cold. It was late in the year, and there was a nip in the air in the morning now that would remain until spring came around again.

    Carol stepped up to him where he stood at the scarred old table that took up most of the space in the small shed behind the house. She watched his hands at work, his sure, unhurried movements, the sinews standing out on the inside of his wrist as he started pulling again after placing a careful cut with his hunting knife. Dust motes were dancing in the beam of pale light falling across him from the open door. The shadows highlighted the small round burn scar on his left hand, at the base of his thumb.

    She looked up into his face. He was at peace, calm, aware of her standing next to him, close enough to …

    Reaching out, she lightly placed her hand on top of his, all but wrapping it around his hand when he remained loose and relaxed. He stilled, standing motionless in the beam of light, taking in her touch, the feel of her hand on his, around his, warming and protecting him. She could hear him exhaling slowly as the cold of his hand seeped into her fingers - his trap round took almost an hour to complete and he’d left before sunrise. A shiver ran down both her arms. He felt frozen to her touch.

    She remembered him sitting next to her in the night, wordlessly, a myriad unspoken questions forming a barrier between them - until she had punched through it with one sentence.

    Now, with some of this same discomfort still nestling in the more obscure corners of their … friendship? Relationship? … she once more took that bold step.

    “I’m still not ready to talk about it.”

    Warm, dark, quiet, her voice settled around him like a blanket. Both her words and the voice in which they had been spoken conveyed so much more than the sentence’s superficial meaning.

    I am working on it. I will be ready one day, just … not yet. It’s you I will talk to once I get there. Just give me time, a little more time.

    Daryl grunted softly, and for a moment she thought this would be the extent of his reaction - until he turned his head, giving up any pretense of still looking at the rabbit on the table. In the early morning light, the blue of his eyes looked sharp and surprisingly bright, suitable for a fall morning. He had to squint against the light, but the look on his face was still soft as he nodded, accepting her statement and all of its hidden meanings - for of course he would understand her completely, the way he always had.

    Out of all of them, he was the only one who would always understand her, all of her.

    Tears pricked her eyes, and she closed them for a moment and felt a single tear paint a trail down her cheek. Bowing her head, she leaned against his arm with a sigh, weary from the fighting inside her mind, longing for closure and rest.

    She felt his breath on the crown of her head, and then he was burying his face in her hair, his breath soft and warm against her skin, and she felt his chapped lips as he kissed her, gently, carefully, like something precious and fragile that he cherished and loved.

    “‘s okay, love,” he whispered roughly. “Take your time. I’ll be here when you get there. I’ll be here as long as it takes.”

    The sun felt warm on her back, and she was home.


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    #Caryl fanfiction

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    Seventeen Playing Neko Atsume

    Because there’s a new update and I’m rEadY I loVe cAtS

    Seungcheol: Had the game before it was cool. Basically completed the entire game in less than a week. Refuses to tell other members which items bring rare cats in fear of being dethroned from his position as top animal lover he’s beginning to worry about how invested Jun has become in his cats 

    Jeonghan: Has a set schedule for when he needs to check on the cats and a specific rotation for the items he puts out. Gives Seungcheol sass when he won’t tell which items bring the rare cats.

    Joshua: Enjoys talking to the cats that visit him. Asks them how they’re enjoying the food he’s putting out and if they like the toys. Cried once when he set out a new item before a cat was finished playing with the replaced item.

    Jun: Immediately wanted all the cats. Became impatient. Spent $32 on gold fish. Is confused as to why Seungcheol gives him dirty looks when he talks about the game.

    Hoshi: Enjoys singing the theme music as loudly as possible at the most inconvenient times possible, i.e. 3 AM. Is considering choreographing a number to said song.

    Wonwoo: Is very emotionally attached to his cats. Cares very deeply about their well-being and is concerned if one of them doesn’t visit him for a while. Hopes they are doing okay. 

    Woozi: Doesn’t particularly care about the game too much but enjoys observing crying Joshua, broke Jun and jealous Mingyu.

    Seokmin: Checks on his cats every 4 minutes. Is disappointed when nothing has changed since the last time he opened the app. Always takes too many pictures of cats.

    Mingyu: Is extremely irritable when the game is mentioned. Watches in disappointment as Wonwoo showers his cats with attention. Wonders why Wonwoo doesn’t smile at him the way he smiles at cat games.

    Minghao: Loves the game like Wonwoo. Named all his cats cute things like Buttercup, Kiwi, and Cupcake. Gets very excited when new cats show up. Asks Jun for a real cat, but Jun doesn’t have any money left.

    Seungkwan: Gets offended when cats leave him small amounts of fish. Relates to Xerxes IX on an interdimensional level. Is extremely offended Vernon thinks the game is boring.

    Vernon: Tells Seungkwan and other members the game is lame. Secretly stays up all night playing. Names his cats things like Swagmaster Snowball and Turnt Tubbs.

    Dino: Likes to watch his hyungs play. Asks questions about the game but doesn’t feel a compulsion to play. Knows Vernon’s secret. Plans on utilizing information as potential blackmail material should the situation arise.

    I can’t believe I just wrote this omg

    Request A Headcanon!!

    Silent Treatment.

    Scott - Scott doesn’t like it when you give him the silent treatment because he loves to be cuddled up with you & be by your side 24/7. He’ll most likely kiss every inch of your face missing your lips until you give in. His kisses are your weaknesses

    Stiles - When you give stiles the silent treatment he paces around the room nervously & tries to figure out what he did wrong. He goes out and buys your favorite snacks & calls you over for a movie night. That always makes it better.

    Derek - Now derek gets alittle hostile when you give him the silent treatment. He pretends he doesn’t care until he has enough of not talking to you for a couple of hours. He doesn’t say anything to you, he just grabs you without a word & brings you to the bed to cuddle. He knows how much you love to cuddle seeming as if you & him always fuss over him not wanting to cuddle with you.

    Liam - He’ll cautiously ask if you & him could talk about why your not talking to him. & he listens intensely to see what he did wrong and how he could make it up to you. He might bring a little sass here and there which always makes you crack a smile.

    Brett - He would pin you down to any surface your near until you talk to him, it always turns out to him & you running to the bedroom with the door closed. & lets just say there was no sleeping going on in that room between you two.

    Theo- Theo would intently watch you from across the room just so you could look at him & as creepy as it seems, you secretly like when you can feel his gaze upon you running over your body. You can feel desire & hunger just thinking about the way theo is looking at you right now. Theo loves when you give him the silent treatment because all he has to do is have his eyes roam your body, he knows it gets you flustered. You always give in the never ending thoughts get you worked up.

    12/50 caps of Our Lady of Cheekbones: Beverly Crusher

    Cronus ==> Explain howv you fucked up.

    Cro: Okay, so it started pretty tame! I vwas hanging out with @askseahorsecaptain on the couch, drinkin’ all the wine in the place. ( much to Sugar’s dismay ) And I sorta got shit faced pretty quick, vwas shit talkin’ and laughin’ vwith Captain for a vwhile before he vwent to get some air and I decided to…

    Cro: …uh…fuck vwith Furii. @biifuriiou22a22ma2ter I vwas bein’ pretty loud and rude as fuck to him before I finally vwalked up to him so by that time, he was pretty peevwed vwith me. But that didn’t stop me, unfortunately. ( and yes, he did in fact bring a 7/11 cup to a food party ) he decides to sass it up before vwalkin’ to the kitchen vwith some alt Eridan. But I followved him and then…

    Cro: I got heated really fast…there vwas no easing into it. I pulled my punches early and started to talk really harsh at him. I guess I’m an emotional drunk. Evwerything I’d been holdin’ back for the past vweek had just poured out of me and soon the vwhole party found us arguing. I didn’t evwen get to chat anyone else up before the fight. So I looked like the biggest douche in the vworld at that point. 

    Cro: My head started to get real hazy after that. All I remember is I got cake, Captain vwent to bed early (like an old man, pfft ), Furii’s friend shovwed up and tried to fight me, Furii broke a ton of glass cups and he cried after that. I smoked outside then vwent home. So, clearly, it vwasn’t a good night. I really crashed Sugar’s party and I feel real bad about it. but I don’t feel bad about Furii crying, he sorta fucking deserves it tbh