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So I've noticed lately that I think Kenshin must have picked up "scaring" people from Hiko. I think Kenshin secretly enjoys scaring guys with his glare or using really intense threats lol. Thoughts?

You kidding? Kenshin fucking lives for it. 

See below:

Dude wouldn’t lay out this much sass unless he LOVED it XD.

(Though sometimes it leads to problems…)

A diva boo birthday
  • S.Coups: Hurry guys, hide!
  • DK: *trips over Hoshi*
  • Joshua: *facepalms*
  • Seventeen: *hides behind random shit*
  • Mingyu: *is too tall to hide behind anything and Jun hid behind the couch, so he just stands there like a lamp*
  • Seungkwan: *walks in*
  • Seventeen: HAPPY BI-
  • Seungkwan: It's my birthday losers so you all are my servants now.
  • Seventeen: ....
  • Seungkwan: *uses Mingyu as a chair and sips lemonade*
  • ~Nilla
Cronus ==> Explain howv you fucked up.

Cro: Okay, so it started pretty tame! I vwas hanging out with @askseahorsecaptain on the couch, drinkin’ all the wine in the place. ( much to Sugar’s dismay ) And I sorta got shit faced pretty quick, vwas shit talkin’ and laughin’ vwith Captain for a vwhile before he vwent to get some air and I decided to…

Cro: …uh…fuck vwith Furii. @biifuriiou22a22ma2ter I vwas bein’ pretty loud and rude as fuck to him before I finally vwalked up to him so by that time, he was pretty peevwed vwith me. But that didn’t stop me, unfortunately. ( and yes, he did in fact bring a 7/11 cup to a food party ) he decides to sass it up before vwalkin’ to the kitchen vwith some alt Eridan. But I followved him and then…

Cro: I got heated really fast…there vwas no easing into it. I pulled my punches early and started to talk really harsh at him. I guess I’m an emotional drunk. Evwerything I’d been holdin’ back for the past vweek had just poured out of me and soon the vwhole party found us arguing. I didn’t evwen get to chat anyone else up before the fight. So I looked like the biggest douche in the vworld at that point. 

Cro: My head started to get real hazy after that. All I remember is I got cake, Captain vwent to bed early (like an old man, pfft ), Furii’s friend shovwed up and tried to fight me, Furii broke a ton of glass cups and he cried after that. I smoked outside then vwent home. So, clearly, it vwasn’t a good night. I really crashed Sugar’s party and I feel real bad about it. but I don’t feel bad about Furii crying, he sorta fucking deserves it tbh

Seventeen Playing Neko Atsume

Because there’s a new update and I’m rEadY I loVe cAtS

Seungcheol: Had the game before it was cool. Basically completed the entire game in less than a week. Refuses to tell other members which items bring rare cats in fear of being dethroned from his position as top animal lover he’s beginning to worry about how invested Jun has become in his cats 

Jeonghan: Has a set schedule for when he needs to check on the cats and a specific rotation for the items he puts out. Gives Seungcheol sass when he won’t tell which items bring the rare cats.

Joshua: Enjoys talking to the cats that visit him. Asks them how they’re enjoying the food he’s putting out and if they like the toys. Cried once when he set out a new item before a cat was finished playing with the replaced item.

Jun: Immediately wanted all the cats. Became impatient. Spent $32 on gold fish. Is confused as to why Seungcheol gives him dirty looks when he talks about the game.

Hoshi: Enjoys singing the theme music as loudly as possible at the most inconvenient times possible, i.e. 3 AM. Is considering choreographing a number to said song.

Wonwoo: Is very emotionally attached to his cats. Cares very deeply about their well-being and is concerned if one of them doesn’t visit him for a while. Hopes they are doing okay. 

Woozi: Doesn’t particularly care about the game too much but enjoys observing crying Joshua, broke Jun and jealous Mingyu.

Seokmin: Checks on his cats every 4 minutes. Is disappointed when nothing has changed since the last time he opened the app. Always takes too many pictures of cats.

Mingyu: Is extremely irritable when the game is mentioned. Watches in disappointment as Wonwoo showers his cats with attention. Wonders why Wonwoo doesn’t smile at him the way he smiles at cat games.

Minghao: Loves the game like Wonwoo. Named all his cats cute things like Buttercup, Kiwi, and Cupcake. Gets very excited when new cats show up. Asks Jun for a real cat, but Jun doesn’t have any money left.

Seungkwan: Gets offended when cats leave him small amounts of fish. Relates to Xerxes IX on an interdimensional level. Is extremely offended Vernon thinks the game is boring.

Vernon: Tells Seungkwan and other members the game is lame. Secretly stays up all night playing. Names his cats things like Swagmaster Snowball and Turnt Tubbs.

Dino: Likes to watch his hyungs play. Asks questions about the game but doesn’t feel a compulsion to play. Knows Vernon’s secret. Plans on utilizing information as potential blackmail material should the situation arise.

I can’t believe I just wrote this omg

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