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Shape Of You

Title: Shape Of You

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Dean walks in on the reader having a private moment and he decides to talk to her about it.

A/N: This is my fic for Sam’s 700 Follower Celebration ( @riversong-sam ). My prompt was: Song: Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran; Quote: “Don’t be like that!”; and the pic by the end of the fic. Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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To Yearn

|To Fall| |To Be Afraid| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Rediscover|

Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 851 

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: I would like to take this moment and formally apologize to all my readers because I tend to write more angst then fluff, causing all the heartache. I’m a terrible person, but angst is easier to write for some reason :) Please enjoy though Xx 

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If only I waited a little longer.

If only we had more talks at night about our feelings.

If only you gave me more time to open up.

If only I was more patient with you.

If only…

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All that matters (Peter Parker x Reader) (Part II)

Part 1: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/post/145750740393/you-deserved-it-peter-parker-x-reader

You had just made it home, ignoring your mother’s voice calling you for dinner, ignoring your little sister asking you what was wrong. Everything was wrong. Peter was stupid. He was going to get himself killed one day, and he didn’t even care. Did he not realize that you were scared for his safety? How would Aunt May react if she ever found out that her little boy was dead because he had been fighting crime?
You rushed into your bedroom, wanting to just lay on your bed and sleep all day. But when you got there, you saw Peter sitting there, still wearing his Spiderman suit.
‘Look, I’m sorry. What I said was wrong. I-I realize I haven’t been spending time with you anymore, and that makes me a horrible friend. I know. It’s just that I have been so busy lately. I know that’s no excuse -I wasn’t there when you needed me, and I regret it. I wish I had. I understand that you are worried, but you have to understand that I do it for a reason. I-I can’t risk having what happened to Uncle Ben happen to somebody else. I still feel guilty about knowing it was my fault. I could have stopped it, and I didn’t.’ Peter said. He sounded so genuinely hurt that it pained you to see him like that.
‘Peter, I understand. But you have to understand that I worry about you. I can’t help it. You are my best friend. You are everything I have. If I lost you… God, if I lost you, I would die. You… You are the reason I want to go on everyday. No matter if I have a rough day, you are always there to brighten it up with your smile and corny jokes. I can’t help but worry about you. Last year, you were just a scruffy little boy that didn’t know how to punch. And now you are fighting crime, swinging off of buildings and expecting me not to worry. It wasn’t your fault, Peter. The fact that bad people exist isn’t your fault. Yes, maybe you could have stopped it. But that doesn’t mean it was your fault. I could have stopped my dog from being run over by a car if I hadn’t let him out. But that doesn’t make it my fault. What happened to Uncle Ben was horrendous, but it was the man’s fault, not yours. You have to realize that. You are an amazing person, Peter, and that’s the reason-that’s the reason I love you.’ You said, tears in your eyes. Knowing your best friend still felt guilty hurt you.
You hadn’t even realized you had confessed your love to him until you felt his breath so close to your lips. His hand on your cheek, eyes looking directly at your lips. Looking up at your eyes, he softly said ‘can I?’, and didn’t even give you the chance to nod before softly kissing you, making the butterflies your stomach had been holding for so long fly free.
He was there, with you, and that was all that mattered.

Thunder - Vernon Fluff Scenario

Admin K: It’s a bit shorter than I expected, i hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: vernon x reader 

Genre: fluff

Word count: around 400

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It started raining earlier that day and you started to worry about thunder. You hated it, loathed it, feared it. It wasn’t exactly one of your favourite things in the world and you were mortified of it. You never told your boyfriend Vernon about it and luckily a thunderstorm hasn’t happen in a while.

You kept staring at the window constantly throughout the day. “Y/N.” Vernon called louder this time making you drop the dish you were washing onto the floor, making a huge crash noise as pieces flew everywhere on the floor.

“Y/N are you okay? Are you hurt? You should be more careful. What were you thinking about? You were frozen just staring into nowhere for a long time.” Vernon asked worried as he rush over to you. You were bending down to clean and pick up the pieces but he grabbed your wrist gently and stopped you, telling you that he’d do it.

He told you to go and rest so you nodded and did as you were told.

Sitting in your room, you tried to push the thoughts away and think of something else. You tried your best to keep yourself occupied as you went on your computer doing work.

Sudden the thunderstorm started and it made you screaming, freaking out as you jumped out of your seat from the rumbling noise outside.

Lighting kept striking and you ran to your bed, hiding yourself in your blanket and trying to block the noise and he image of thunder.

“Y/N what happened now?! Are you okay? Where are you?” You peeked out of your blanket to see the lights turn off due to the power outage the thunder had cause.

Vernon came into your room with a lit candle. He set it on your table and he came by to sit beside you on your bed.

“Hey…are you okay?” He said softly, rubbing your back as he pulled you gently into his chest.

You heard his heart beat and it calmed you down slowly as he comforted you. “Are you scared?” He whispered and you nodded.

You didn’t want to talk much and just wanted to be near Vernon and hear his soothing voice.

He kissed the top of your head before resting his chin on your head. You wrapped your arms around his waist. “I’m here okay? Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” You smiled loving him more for being there for you.

“Let’s just cuddle and be together and just not think about it alright?”

“Okay.” You said in a soft voice as the both of you decided to lay down and snuggled up to each other.

“Thank you for being here for me.” You whispered into his chest, looking up at him as he gives you a soft peck on the lips. “I’ll always be here for my girl.” He smiled so brightly that it made you forget the dark weather outside. He brightened up your day like everyday.

Be My Princess Headcanon: Bittersweet

How will the Princes react when MC has forgotten all about them due to an accident caused by somebody targeting the Royal Family?

Wilfred will be beyond consolation.He will blame himself for allowing his precious princess to suffer such injuries. Claude, at that time, will try to prove his point that to protect the MC, it is pertinent to send MC back to her home, especially now that she will be safer without her memories of being with Wilfred. Wilfred will be tormented, he doesn’t want to leave the MC yet he doesn’t want her to be hurt again. In the end, Wilfred agrees to Claude’s terms after her full recovery. Wilfred will stay by her side dutifully, as and when he can, under another alias. Claude will fill in the time when Wilfred isn’t there, showing his concern in the most subtle way, insisting on preparing all the food for the MC himself. When MC questions about Wilfred’s identity, he will always painfully answers, “Just a nobody.”

Joshua will be furious. He will demand to have the the offender rooted out, promising to dish out the most terrible punishments on the criminal. Joshua, meanwhile, will even overcome the differences with Leonardo, to seek for his help to find the criminal. He will conscientiously work hard everyday, together with Jan and Leo, to strengthen the defences of Dres Van and the security of the Manse. At night, Joshua will spend the time by the MC’s side, even attempting to make rice balls for her, to remind her of the times they have spent together. Joshua will recite, shyly with passion and love, of the times that the two of them share, in the hope of recovering her memories soon. “A weird girl appeared from nowhere, turning everything upside down… changing my life… in the most amazing way… She even taught me how to make these rice balls…I wish she will make it for me again… ”

Glenn will be at a loss. He will be both angry and miserable. He despises himself for being weak, for being unable to protect the person he loves. He will wait patiently, reminding himself that the MC has once forgotten about him but she had remembered him again. Glenn will do everything within his power to recover her memories. Glenn will patiently sit by her bedside, skilfully weaving sunflower crowns for her and he will tell stories of when they were playing together in the field during their childhood. Glenn will also be aggressively involved in the political affairs, determined to find the criminal. He will also be so protective to the extent of refusing Alan or Yu to visit the MC. In the end, when the MC really couldn’t remember him, Glenn will have that moment of doubt. That fleeting moment of uncertainty. ‘Maybe we are just not meant to be …Our time together in the past… perhaps… should simply stay just as it is… in the past…a beautiful memory… ’

Roberto will be despondent. He will deem the MC as his utmost priority, leaving most of his royal duties to Alberto despite the latter’s refusal. Eventually Alberto will be silenced by Roberto’s glare, surprised at the anger in his eyes. Roberto will stay by the MC’s side in the hospital day and night. Roberto will smile and pretend to be jovial and nonchalant, speaking of their times together and telling her stories of his past once more. He refuses to show a single shred of sadness, wanting to be strong for her sake, despite the initial question from MC, “Who are you?”. That quiet sentence has actually stabbed him very hard in the heart. But Roberto refuses to give up, he will accompany her until she remembers, until she becomes his again. There are moment of times, however, when he feels miserable at his inability to do anything. Alberto will cheer him up and Alberto has too, promised, to give the MC and Roberto the happiness that the two of them so deserved. “She will remember… one day… just as the King and the Queen are meant to be… the two of you will be together once more.”

Keith will be astonished. He will pretend to laugh and asks if the MC is joking with him and when he realizes that she has indeed completely forgotten about him, his heart aches terribly. He will be surprised, at how much the MC has mattered to him, and he will fall into a silent stupor. Keith will sit by her bedside everyday, speaking sparsely, his eyes filled with sadness when he gazes at her sleeping profile. Keith will command Luke to find all the cures and remedies of recovering memories, even to the extent of hiring all the prominent doctors from over the world. Even when the doctors tell him that there is actually nothing further that they can do, Keith refuses to lose hope. That is when Keith will begin to speak, slowly and softly, about their times together, savouring every moment as if afraid that those times might be the last time they would be together. But when MC smiles to him, the first smile in a long time, he knows. There is still hope. There is still love. “There is this annoying woman… who always bicker and argue with me… yet I can’t stand the thought of losing her… of her forgetting all about me….”

Edward will be bitter. He will put the blame on himself and step into recluse for a few days. He will reprimand himself a lot, reminiscing of all the times that he had spent together with the MC, her charming smile and in the end, about how he was unable to protect her. It is only when Louis reminded him that the Kingdom, and especially, the MC needed her, then is Edward determined to face the truth. He will visit the MC everyday, initially, simply staring at her quietly until Louis prompts him to speak. When MC brightened up at the bouquet of flowers Edward had brought for her one day, Edward finally smiles. He begins to bring different types of roses for her everyday, wanting to see that pure and naive smile once more, eventually finding the courage to speak to her. He will read their love story to her everyday, in the hope to regain her memories. “Once upon a time… there lives a dull and ordinary prince… who met a princess as beautiful as a rose… or even more beautiful… ”

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I'll Find You. My god, that story. I'm crying, I'm CRYING M WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME HOW DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?? I could literally feel newt's heartbreak and all his emotions and just as he smiled an avoidable smile at the end, so did I. You've made me fall more in love with newt, did you know? Thank you. For being an incredible writer. For sharing your incredible writings with us.

Ahh good! Haha I love these messages. I do my best to make people cry on a daily basis! I have so much angst in the request list so make sure you’re stocked up on Kleenexes ;) But seriously thank you for brightening my day today and everyday right from the start.

Thank you again :) You all so wonderful!

- M

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SteveTony: 39. secret admirer.

The first note is in the mansion mailbox one morning. It’s addressed to Tony, but there’s no postmark. 

“Should we be worried?” Happy Hogan asked, but Tony just shrugged.

“Everyone on the planet knows where Avengers Mansion is, Hap.” He read the note. “Nah, I think this one is harmless.”

Dear Tony, it said in perfect cursive, You are my favorite hero. Love, Your Secret Admirer

“All right, but if you get more, make sure you fill me in.”

Tony tucked the note into his briefcase and went back to work.


The second one came in the mail. It was a greeting card with a mournful looking puppy on the front. Without you, it read. On the inside the puppy was getting a hug from a cat and looked much happier about it. I always look forward to seeing you, Tony. You brighten up my days more than you could ever know. Love, Your Secret Admirer.

“That’s a little creepy,” Happy said and Pepper looked like she wanted to agree.

“Hundreds of people see me everyday. This is New York, you don’t even have to try to stalk someone here. Anyway, they probably just mean on TV or something.” Tony tucked the card away in his desk drawer. “Trust me guys, whoever this one is, they’re harmless.”


The third package included food - a box of quality chocolates that Tony had loved since he was a kid. Pepper took them away before he could even think about opening them and handed them straight to SI Security to be screened.

“Told you so,” Tony sulked when the tests came back negative for poison. “That was a waste of perfectly good chocolate.”


The fourth card was a Get Well Soon card and was delivered to the hospital along with a balloon bouquet. Happy and Pepper were dismayed that the Secret Admirer apparently knew which hospital Tony had been admitted to and stationed two extra bodyguards on his room. 

“What’s with the guards?” Steve asked when he came by for visiting hours. “Is anything wrong? I can have the team here in five-”

“They’re over-reacting,” Tony said and patted the bed beside him. “Come here, lookit what I got. Balloons shaped like all the Avengers! The Cap one even has the little head wings.”


The fifth card has an invitation for them to meet in person, and that’s the one that makes Happy flip his shit. It’s also the first one that arrives in front of Steve. 

“I’m doubling your security,” Happy said. He already had his phone out and there was really no point arguing with him about it, so Tony didn’t bother. He could ditch his bodyguards like a pro, anyway, and they all knew it. 

“What’s wrong?” Steve had been sprawled on the couch reading the paper when they came in, but now he was tense, eyes on Tony and examining him for any sign of injury. “Were you attacked?”

“it’s nothing,” Tony assured him.

“This is a little concerning, Tony.” Pepper held the card up and only Tony saw Steve’s eyes go wide. “ ’Dear Tony, I hope you’ll give me the chance to tell you how I feel in person. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me sometime? Love, Your Secret Admirer.’ Whoever this is, they’re clearly trying to get you alone, Tony.”

“Um,” Steve said, and his face was doing something adorable.

“Steve agrees with me,” Pepper said in the tone of voice none of them ever argued with. 

“I thought it would be romantic?” Steve offered, and Pepper and Happy paused to stare at him.

“You-” Pepper said just as Happy said “Wait a minute-” and then they both turned to stare at Tony.

Tony, for his part, was too busy watching Steve. “Yeah?” Tony asked.

Steve swallowed, then grinned. “Yeah,” he said. “I just - I don’t know. It seemed like a cute idea at the time.”

“Do you know how many stalkers Tony has had?” Pepper asked. “Steve, we’ve had his bodyguards on alert for weeks!”

“Sorry.” Steve winced a little. “I didn’t mean to-” he paused, then looked at Tony again. “Wait. Yeah?”

“You’re both idiots,” Pepper told them as she ushered Happy out of the room.

Tony laughed. He moved to stand in front of Steve, cupping Steve’s face in his hands. “I thought it might be you. The handwriting on the cards was familiar, but I never really see you write in cursive. And the chocolates - I remember when I told you about liking them. I don’t know, maybe I was just hoping it was you.”

Steve wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and pulled him down to sit in Steve’s lap. “Dear Tony,” Steve said, pressing soft kisses against Tony’s mouth. “You are my favorite hero. You brighten up my days and I always want to be near you. Love,” and if his voice wavered a little here, neither of them would ever tell, “Your Secret Admirer.”

My boyfriend and I adopted our boys in November 2014. We were college seniors and both had agreed to wait to adopt. One day when I was torturing myself on petfinder, I saw a cute little kitten with a white dot on his nose, named Nosie. I fell in love instantly and after a few weeks of convincing and pleading, my boyfriend finally agreed to let us adopt him. After bringing him home, we realized that he seemed to be lonely so we called the rescue and found out that he had a biological brother that he was brought in with. Being in rural East Tennessee, I found out that they were found on the side of the road with their dead mother who was presumably hit by a car. We soon went and picked up our little orange and white tabby named Stewie. They have been inseparable ever since. They love to cause mischief and drive their parents insane everyday but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They have been there for me during my last (very stressful) semester and have brightened my day no matter what. They are about to turn a year on the 30th and my boyfriend and I can’t wait to take them where ever we end up. 


oil on canvas ; 60x80

So, D-Day has arrived and I can finally post my painting.

It’s not beautiful, certainly not as much as the subject is, but I’m really satisfied with the result. Deep Breath is what I consider one of the most intense performances I’ve ever seen, even if only through a screen, and because of that I couldn’t keep my hands still and HAD to draw something about it - especially considering the fact that his birthday was near. Also, Mrdestiny’s fansite continuously takes amazing pictures of him and I’m really grateful for that too.

I once read something along the lines of “she never looked nice. she looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something”

I believe I found this somewhere on Tumblr, and I totally agree with it but man, Jongin really has the best of both worlds.

Many times I’ve seen and agreed with people saying that when he dances, he’s making art, that his performances are art. But I’ve come to a point where I can’t just limit the term to his making: I feel that Jongin himself can be considered living art. Of course he’s not a /thing/, but when I look at him, I just can’t stop staring like he’s the most precious piece of a museum. I need to watch, to inhale all the things that this amazing boy (man, actually) can give.

He’s handsome, unbelievably so; his charming smile is the thing I like the most about him. And he’s sweet, and very bubbly and generous. But he’s also beautiful, so beautiful that I sometimes can’t believe he’s /real/. I’ve never seen him in real life so the barrier between the fan that I am and the singer, /performer/ that he is, has grown more and more everyday. But still, at the end of the day, he’s a person, a human being.

I’m not saying he’s the best, I’m not saying he’s done things that no human had done before and I don’t even know him in person so I’m a bit limited on this part. Yet, I truly think that he has done great things and that his only existence had brighten up my days and brought alive the artist that I believe is in me.

He’s my muse, the core of my inspiration.

I don’t consider myself as an artist in the literal term of course (as, for example, Michelangelo or Klimt or whoever comes to your mind) but I do believe that art is a powerful thing and I’m a really sensitive and emotional person and on this special day I wanted to express things through this passion of mine.

I don’t really care if people think I’m exaggerating, I’ve felt these things for three years and they’re still growing, and even if they will come to an end one day (which I’m sure of because nothing really lasts forever), I’d still be happy to remember these days as the most intense when it comes to my drawing experience, and, obviously, my “fan” experience as well.

I mean, he’s still one of the members of EXO, the South Korean boyband that I’ve fallen for like a little girl and thanks to whom I’ve met great people, but I’m so glad that he can express much, much more, even just through a screen.

All of this super cheesy and embarassing crap just to say: Happy Birthday Kim Jongin, take care of yourself and keep leaving people breathless with your ridicuously handsome face and beautiful personality and magnificent performances.

I wish you to have an amazing day and that the year that comes will be just good for you as for the rest of the members.

I suck when it comes to using words to express things and feelings, so I hope that this painting is enough to show how much I admire you - even tho you’re never going to see it, it’s still a little accomplishment for myself.

i dont think i express enough how much i love justin and need him in my life. Like not a creepy obsessive kinda love and need, but a genuine kind. The kinda love you have for a best friend like I GENUINELY love him. I love who he is. I love the fact that he is someones son, brother, cousin and friend but most importantly hes human. I see him as no less. I genuinely care for his wellbeing and seeing him sad hurts me. His mere existence brings my heart peace, and thinking there was a time where he might have wanted to not exist really really hurts. He tries so hard to seek normalcy and simplicity in his life, and i feel like thats probably one of the most human things about him. I guess what im trying to say is that, i’m not “up his ass” or “obsessed”. I just genuinely love the boy and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. He honestly brightens my day just by doing something stupid like playing duck duck goose with his friends when hes about to turn 22. He just makes me very happy and i love him so much, he makes me proud everyday tbh


People haven’t always been there for me but Taylor Swift always has.

Dear Taylor I just want you to know you have impacted my life in making each and everyday brighter and worth living. You are one of the most important people in my life. You have pulled me through some of the most difficult times in life! You and your music brighten up even the darkest days. I lost my best friend and brother Spc Curtis in November 2010 to the war in Afghanistan. He saved the lives of six others that day along with another soldier. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and daughter. He was a amazing person and he also knew how much I love you. I listen to your music everyday as it makes me happy. You truly are my saving grace. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and others too! I will never take you for granted! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. I love you more than words can express for the person you are and your music. I am blessed to say I will be at the 1989 World Tour at both Ky and Nashville shows! I can’t wait to see you again! taylorswift

Love, Tiffany

I would love a follow swiftydoll9 and so would these amazing swifties sandrotaylor13blog ithinkimclean icouldshowyoouincrediblethings noitsswiftietumbler newm0ney maplelattes1989 twentytwoswift slayorishername megluvstswift starstoshame13 justjumpthenfall

Thank you,Jordan.

I just wanted to say how proud I am of Jordan. I know some youtubers have done a ton more things than Jordan,but I don’t care because Jordan is a amazingly talented and kind guy. Sometimes when he does videos with other people I like to giggle at his awkward-ness,I also like how he doesn’t get super mad when something is done to him when he plays games. The two main things are probably when he replies to his fans on Twitter,and seeing him smile at the things he enjoys. I honestly couldn’t help but smile during the vlog about his car because you could see the enjoyment in his eyes,and you could hear it in his voice. I love seeing Jordan smile and share what he likes. I would love more videos like that,but I understand some people wouldn’t. I haven’t been with Jordan from the start,but I’ve been around since the end of super modded survival season one. Jordan is the only youtuber that can brighten my day. I can watch Gassymexican, Pewdiepie, Syndicate, Skydoesminecraft,etc,but Jordan is the only one that makes me laugh and smile like a huge idiot. I watch his videos everyday,trying to not miss a single one. I may sound like another one of those obsessive fans,but honestly I don’t care because I’m Jordan trash. My dream is to meet him,but I’m super awkward so all he would hear is heavy breathing as I hold up a shirt for him to sign. His first thought would be “creep” and I wouldn’t blame him. I am not able to watch his streams live much,but I always watch them on his second channel. (Thank Goodness for that) But seriously,Jordan is the best and I’m very proud of the things he’s doing now. Keep it up Jordan! I love you and so does your other fans. <3 -Breanna

Louis appreciation

Hello, some time ago, I asked you guys to send me messages about what Louis means to you. Finally I managed to put them together. Thanks to everyone who participated, it is absolutely wonderful to see how happy Louis makes you and how loved he is. Thank you :)

Enjoy :)

(if anyone wants their message to be added, send me your appreciation here, i will add everyone of course :) )

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  • his amazing laugh
  • his adorable giggle
  • how lovable he is
  • his cuteness
  • his personality
  • his weird, yet perfect sense of humor
  • how happy he makes me
  • how happy he makes everyone else
  • “Do you love me today?” lol duh
  • nobody better dare hurt my robot, or make him sad
  • he brightens up our darkest days
  • the stupid little things that he does that make me fall more in love with him everyday
  • when he is off camera even though he’s still an adorable goof he cusses a lot
  • “My viewers are so lovely!!! I love my viewers!!!”
  • how cute is his factions intro is
  • in the beginning of every cube episode he tells us that he hopes we all had a good day :)
  • I love that idiot
  • I love when he called us lovelies on twitter
  • how he treats the girls on the cube
  • he always somehow makes things better
  • the way graser always says ‘I love you’ to everyone
  • um did you catch the end of julio’s 24 hour livestream? no?…well what you missed was everyone donating wanting to tell graser that they love him and his responses made me very emotional k
  • we have no idea what he looks like and it doesn’t matter because we fell in love with him for all these reasons and his appearance isn’t going to change any of that
  • and by we i mean the people who actually love and support him and just want him to be happy. People who wont judge him based off of his appearence

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Slight AU! Where Seirin lost the Winter Cup and had to confess to their crush in the nude?

KUROKO: His exterior was the same as ever except for the fact that he was completely naked. He kept his usual straight face even though on the inside he was slightly embarrassed because he was nude in front of everybody. “[Last Name]-san, from the day I met you I felt a sudden attraction because you noticed me despite of my lack of presence and you made me feel loved. Please consider my feelings.” The fact that he said all of these things while holding a bullhorn to amplify the sound of his voice didn’t help that he walked away with slightly pink tinted cheeks.

KAGAMI: This boy was fidgeting immensely. He was completely naked, his whole body was visible to the eyes of everyone that showed up to the naked confessions. He took a deep breath trying to think of how he was going to confess his feelings when his cheeks matched his hair color. “[Last Name]! I like you a lot and I think you’re very pretty! Please go out on a date with me!” He walked away from the railing only to see Riko laughing her ass off. Damn why did he have to lose that one match?

KIYOSHI: The gentle giant was slightly embarrassed and nervous as he was going to admit his true feelings towards his crush in the nude, all thanks to Riko. He inhaled and exhaled hoping to calm his nerves a bit. “[Last Name]-chan! I find you to be very nice and sweet, you’re very beautiful and I harbor feelings for you that break the line between friendship! I hope that you consider my feelings!” Behind him was a blushing Riko, wiping a tear from the corner of her brown eyes, “That was beautiful Teppei.” She mumbled these couple of words under breath.

HYŪGA: Currently Hyūga Junpei, second year at Seirin High School and captain of the basketball team wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Why did Riko have to be so cruel? Especially towards the boys’ love interest. Clearing his throat he spoke up, “[Last Name]! I like you a lot! More than just a friend! Please consider my feelings!” Behind him was an unamused Riko, “These boys seriously need to find out how to properly display their feelings towards someone. This was the worst one yet!”

KOGANEI: The cat-like teenager smiled brightly. Despite him being super embarrassed on the inside he feigned confidence, he wanted to look manly and confident in front of his crush. “[Last Name]! Ever since the day I laid eyes on you, I knew that I feel in love with you! Your smile lights up the room! Your eyes are like a galaxy full of infinite stars that I could just look at all day! When you look at me and call me I feel this fluttering in my chest and butterflies in my stomach! Please consider my feelings for you!” The short brunette female smiled, “You did a good job Koganei!”

MITOBE: As the onyx haired teenager wasn’t one to speak and usually just moved his hands around signaling things as his best friend Koganei translated his actions into words. Riko let it slide as Mitobe did stand nude in front of everyone, moving his hands as the feline looking boy next to him translated. “[Last Name] [Name]! You are the most beautiful being I have ever seen in my entire life! You brighten up my day with your smiles and kindness! Looking at you makes me want to blush and I start to feel fidgety! Just spending time with you makes me realize that I fall in love with you more and more everyday! Please consider my feelings of love towards you!” Riko looked at the quiet male’s back with a huge smile on her face, who knew that these two boys were so romantic?

FURIHATA: The incredibly shy and unconfident boy was fidgeting in his very spot. He knew he had to do this quickly and sweetly if he didn’t want Riko to nag at him for being a wimp about it. Raising the bullhorn to his lips he spoke, “[Last Name]. I-I have feelings f-for you! I-I care f-for y-you more than j-just a friend a-and want to be y-your boyfriend and b-be there every s-step of the way. Please consider my feelings for you.” Poor boy, he walked away from the railing with his cheeks flaming.

-Admin Lemon

Prince!Calum AU (part two)

word count: 1,185
part one


“Have you seen (Y/N)!?” Calum asked Linda, completely out of breath. He ran all over the castle trying to locate the beautiful maid, but he couldn’t seem to actually find her.

“Oh my Calum, why are you all out of breath? Wait what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Princess April?! Oh Calum, don’t tell me you rejected her already. You need to get to know her! You must get married before you can become king! Oh no this is a dis-”

“LINDA,” Calum interrupted,“ Princess April doesn’t want to get engaged either. She has a lover back home, everything is fine. You mustn’t panic over every small thing Linda.”

“Oh, I suppose you’re correct Prince Calum, I do need to calm down. I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately,” Linda explained.

“Look Lin, I would love to talk to you right now, but I am in a hurry. I really need to speak to (Y/N),” Calum said, he was getting antsy, he really needed to tell (Y/N) about his feelings for her. Hopefully, she would return those feelings as well.

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7 days until I see Taylor! Please help me get my story to her! Thanks so much ❤️

Dear Taylor, People haven’t always been there for me but your music always has. I am feeling pretty down with the Memorial Day holiday approaching as I lost my best friend and brother Spc Curtis on November 1 2010 to the war in Afghanistan. It’s not easy being a Gold Star family. He saved the lives of six soldiers that day along with another soldier. He was stationed out of Fort Campbell Ky! He leaves behind a beautiful wife and daughter. I miss him terribly especially around this time of the year. He knew my love for you. I want to thank you for everything you do. You and your music are my saving grace. You brighten up my each and everyday. You bring so much happiness in my life. I can’t thank you enough. You truly are one of the most important people in my life. You are beautiful inside and out with a heart of gold! I love you more than words can express! I can’t wait to see you in Louisville Ky! It will be my eleventh show! I will also be at your Nashville and Lexington shows this fall. Your concerts are the one place - I’m truly at peace and happy! taylorswift

Love you , Tiffany

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Ashton Irwin Observation

I’ve noticed this for a couple of months now, I’m very observant. Ashton used to laugh/giggle genuinely like he doesn’t have a care in the world in their keeks,insta vids like possibly anything…in almost every single one of them. Try and see if you don’t believe me.

Everyday I look forward to watching their vids cause I know that Ashton would be giggling like a grizzly bear and it would instantly brighten up my day but since that hashtag trend of those fathertruckers telling ashton to keep cutting I’ve noticed how much he had changed, I don’t know but I rarely hear him giggle like a little baby. And it makes me sad, I’m more than sure that he’s in pain but keeps masking it cause that genuine smile is kinda fading.

Just an honest observation from a concerned fan.


Michael Clifford Imagine.

You sat on the white puffy bed you shared with Michael, you were scrolling through the nasty comments you were receiving on Twitter. You threw your phone on the bed and ran to the bathroom, you placed both hands on either side of the sink and let out a sigh of frustration and anger. You looked at your reflection in the mirror, you barely recognised the girl staring back at you. You have had enough and there was only one thing that would help with the pain that was eating away at you. You started searching through all the cabinets in bathroom knowing Michael had hidden the razors from previous incidents. You searched and searched until you found the five sparkling razors. You took one out and placed it on the edge of the kitchen sink as you put the rest back where you found them. Were you really gonna do this again? Michael had been nothing but nice to you these past weeks, could you really make him live through the pain like the last time when he saw your scars? No. No you couldn’t do that to him not after the last time when he kept blaming himself for your cuts. You couldn’t handle this anymore, you threw the razor at the door where it shattered to pieces on the white tiled floor. You fell to the floor in tears as you felt all the emotions just wanting to burst out of you. You laid on the floor curled up in a ball for about five minutes when you heard a knock on the door followed by the beautiful sound of Michaels voice.

“Babe are you alright? I saw the tweets on your phone, please tell me you haven’t done anything stupid, please open the door”. You pulled yourself up and unlocked the door. As soon you unlocked the door it swung open almost knocking you over as Michael engulfed you in the biggest possible hug ever, you starting crying into his chest as you felt his heartbeat against your ear.

“Its okay baby, don’t listen to them, they don’t know you you like I do, they don’t know how perfect you look when you sleep, and how your smile brightens up a room in an instant, they might point out all your imperfections but all I see is perfection everyday all day and I will always love you and in the future I hope to love that little girl or boy running around in our home half as much as I love you, then my life will be complete”. You were speechless the only words to come out of your mouth were

“I love you Mikey” in which he replied

“I love you more”.

“perpetual ray of sunshine Morrissey” you may have written this sarcastically but he is actually a ray of sunshine that brightens up my day everyday so jokes on you, terrible journalist that needs to be fired asap