he breathes happiness


I mean, damn I can’t even right now. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw Jensen Ackles for the first time.

Jensen is 110% attractive all day everyday.

These are the single most attractive pictures of him I have ever laid my eyes on.

Those green eyes, that hair, that scruff, those arms, those shoulders, that body. Good Lord Almighty.

“You’re Such a Mess” (part 2)

Just like the Zelda franchise, I too wait forever before adding dialogue.

Part 1 here

shit this was supposed to only be two parts but i’ve never really done a comic before so i don’t know how many pages this is actually gonna be


  • Everyone: Regina, you used to be evil but you've stopped and become a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages, come join us!
  • Regina: :)
  • Everyone: Hook, you were a villain but you turned around and now you're a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages either, come join us!
  • Hook: :)
  • Everyone: Zelena, you were a villain and a bit annoying until very recently but you have no magic now and you've been pretty good lately so hey, come join us!
  • Zelena: :)
  • Everyone: Rumple, you... are still the Dark One and you almost got us all killed like two hours ago, AGAIN, and refused to help Henry fix things, AGAIN
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: come join us!
  • Regina:
  • Hook:
  • Zelena:
  • Everyone: well we're sure he won't try to screw us over a seventh time, that would just be silly
  • Rumple: :)
  • simon, answering the phone: hello
  • raphael:
  • simon: i know it's you raphael
  • raphael:
  • simon: i can hear you not breathing
  • raphael:
  • simon: i miss you
  • raphael: *hangs up in frustration*
  • simon: he misses me :)
Seeing the person who used to make your heart stop for the first time in a year breaks you, and then heals you.
Seeing him, I was overcome with the oddest sensation: I saw him and I broke. No, wait, I was healed. I was surprised my heart remembered to beat.
He looked at me and told myself, “Breathe in.”
He started coming my way so I reminded myself, “Breathe out.”
He was standing in front of me, “Breathe in.”
He said with a seemingly bright smile, “How have you been?”
Over a year was spent imagining what this moment would feel like.
I pictured it dark, gloomy. I pictured myself weeping in my car afterwards. I pictured him being just as sad that our friendship was crushed over the past year.
Instead, I was happy. That’s what I needed.
“Breathe out.”
He was happy, he wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t sad that our friendship ended. He was okay. That’s what I was craving; to see how completely unaffected he was.
“Breathe in.”
I replied. I held my breath until he was gone, afraid of what I might say if my lips weren’t otherwise occupied. I snuck one more glance at him, to see if I would see something other than disgust.
I did.
I saw our stories. I felt our laughter. I heard our hushed voices as secrets passed through our lips. I tasted my tears.
And then I saw disgust. Not in him, but in myself.
All of that, shared with the wrong person.
—  D.P

Haru Ishikawa.


Of course nonnie!  Zant is like my all time fav character so I’m super happy someone requested him ;u;

☆ Yunobo ☆ 

~ As soon as his s/o got down to propose he was already a mess. His s/o is on one knee what are they doing? Wait is that a ring? Were they proposing?! Oh gosh– oh gosh- what should he do? He had loved them for so long, so of course he would say yes! -But what does he do?!  This poor boy gets flustered so easily, so when they proposed to him he just froze.

~ His s/o would ask him if he was ok and he would say “I-I’m more than ok! I- I–” this poor boy was getting more and more flustered with every word. “Y-yes! I would love to marry you!”

~ ALL of Goron city will be at their wedding, plus Link and Zelda of course!

☆ Sidon ☆ 

~ When he saw that his s/o was proposing to him, he would already have his arms around them in a huge hug. He was so happy! He had loved his s/o since the day they met and had been planning on doing it himself! But here they were proposing to him!

~ “My dearest, y/n! I would love to!” he would say as he picked his s/o up to give them a kiss (he’s so tall how else would he be able to oTL)

~ He would tell his sister the news as soon as he saw her that day, Mipha would start making traditional Zora wedding outfits for the two of them

☆ Ghirahim ☆ 

~ He would be quite taken aback by this. Was his s/o proposing to him? He would have worn something different if he had known!

~ “Y/n, my love… of course I will marry you~.” He’d say as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ Ghira will start planning the wedding as soon as he gets home. He wants to make sure that he and his s/o have the most extravagant wedding Hyrule has ever seen.  

☆ Zant ☆

~ At first he would look at them, a bit confused. Wait, are they proposing? To him?!  His heart would be going a mile a minute. Was he getting this right? Maybe he was misinterpreting this??? Wait, no, they had a ring. They were definitely proposing. After a minute he would calm back down, letting it sink in. He was absolutely overjoyed!

~ “Of course my sweet one!” he exclaimed as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ He was so happy that he hadn’t realized that he had begun speaking in Twili, telling them how much they meant to him and how much that he loved them.

~ Zant will invite all of the villains to the wedding, plus skull kid. (Skull kid would totally be the ring bearer)

you can tell that harry just.. genuinely is in love with music, both making music and performing it. You could ask him to sing at random birthday parties for free and he’d probably do it.