he breaks the 4th wall

Humans are weird: 4th wall break

Okay so the aliens finally know the concept of fictional characters and a human convinces his best alien buddy to watch deadpool with him. In the movie are a lot of 4th wall breaks. Now imagine this:
Deadpool:it’s like the studio doesn’t have enough budget for more x-men
Alien:did he just. Did he just talk to us?
Human:jup it’s a 4th wall break
Human: it basically means the character knows he’s fictional.
Alien: so they have self awareness?!?
Human: no it’s just…
Alien: they know!?! OMG will they break this 4th wall and come to our world?!? Will they attack us?!? How can we kill deadpool he’s basically immortal?!? Does this mean we could just be fictional characters too that some sick mind invented?!?
The next 5 hours are used to calm the alien down.
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OKAY OKAY BACK TF UP LISTEN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I JUST GOT THE NORMAL FUCKING ENDING AND IM SO SHOOK CUZ WTF. I am here crying my eyes out because this dude, did not just break the 4th wall but he veosejoehdodbe HE CONFESSED HIS LOVE THROUGH MY SCREEN. I don’t want to spoil BUT IM SPOILING. Let’s give a round of applauses for Cheritz. Good job on making wonderful characters and….okay okay…I really can’t right now… I’m going to cry on the corner

AU Where Soundwave Can Break the 4th Wall

It’s part of the reason he seems so rigid– he’s constantly in a state of “ACT NATURAL!!!” because he doesn’t want others to know he can experience/interact with a dimension they cannot see… ‘cuz then they would think he was too mad to be a high-ranking Decepticon officer.

He does however catch himself almost looking at everyone in like a “you SEEING this?!? What I’m DEALING WITH here?!?” sort of way.

He also says “goodnight” out loud when he can before he goes offline for recharge.


Something quick before I sleep (was working all night >.> but a few days off now so yay)

I thought of this at work because I am agonizingly waiting for my RFA vip package and Seven cushion to arrive ;u;

Being the 4th wall breaking goof he is, I figured why not lol xD

Besides, the ticket– THE TICKET!!!


I spent a lot of time trying to recreate it to a similar appearance and it was worth it lololol (Gonna try to learn to imitate that handwriting ._. maybe)

I’m very bad at making dialogue if you can’t tell. Sorry I suck. orz

Btw, is it better if I answer asks like this from now on? (By making a separate post rather than answer directly)


As a kind anon rightfully pointed out, Jack wrote “What if the doctor died?” and acted like that was just a random sentence just blurted out there for no reason. BUT, what if it’s not? And then we have Jack talking about Anti like he’s not real, like we’re just breaking the 4th wall again, as it already happened before.

So.. what if Jack isn’t aware of what has happened so far? What if he doesn’t know what happened to Schneeplestein and Chase? What if he’s low-key mocking Anti because he has no fear of him (that being because he isn’t aware of what Anti did)?



My friends i can finally present to you Gaster official design for the Playertale AU from the wonderfull game of Undertale !

I havent (just as to every character from the AU) gaved Gaster his own name, and i am still hard working on his character in itself. I just had to give this picture out and make you aware, that Playertale is alive and kicking ! Also i had and awesome idea of an design and i just had to share.

*Added Information concerning Gaster*
- There will be a additional reference picture - just like with all the characters - containing information and some specific personal information, hints and the current status of Gaster in the Playertale AU. Thank you all, sorry for me being stupid and forgetting to ADD THIS !

- Also Gaster in this AU does exist not in the Void, but in the empty space between universes, A.K.A. in the dark space of the Multiverse.
- He IS the father of Sans and Papyrus from his own universe
- He IS/WAS a being of the Void
- Gaster breaks the 4th wall speaking with the reader directly, existing as a provider (for better understanding, i add some picture)
- For the readers mind isnt using his secret language of Wing-Ding, but he does use it for anyone else

Featured AU´s.

Nightmaretale!Chara belonging to my dear @xxmileikaivanaxx
Lycoris and Rose from @blinddetermination (art sempai, go check them out NOW)
Cross!Sans belonging to @jakei95
Epic!Sans belonging to @yugogeer12
Traveller!Chara and Traveller!Sans belonging to @neofox67
Burst!Chara and Papyrus belonging to @keru-the-green and @amachi-blaze
Frisk from the awesome RP blog @askreset-frisk
Core!Frisk belonging to @corefrisk
Error Sans belonging to @loverofpiggies
Applefell AU belongs to my dear, small, lovely @kiacii

and lastly.

ReaperTale!Sans belonging to @renrink

I hope no one is angry for me using theyre characters, if you are please tell me and i will take down the picture immediaetly. Thank you all for your amazing support !

Is Jacksepticeye Dead?

Im saying yes.  Because im tuning this back to my post about the 4 egos:

This video is not recorded by Jack. but by Sean.
Sean is still alive.
Jack is very much probably already dead. And we never had a chance of saving him.
I’m gonna keep saying it. We are Anti, We are part of him. We are part of the same mind.

Sean mentioned Anti a lot, and that might seem like he is breaking the 4th wall here.
Sean however is not afraid to mention Anti.
Because this is going back to the entire thing with the strings.
Sean is Anti’s puppet. Sean is the cover up when Jack is not in a state of recording. But because Anti can use Sean, who is identical to Jack, as cover and make it seem like Jack is alive.
Sean is treating Anti and Schneeple like they are just, simple things he once did,  like they have no backstory. All because Anti wants us to give us a sense of false security.
This is why we hear sometimes “ Jack “ talk in 3rd person.

We are not infected, we are part of the virus itself. Resisting is useless.

Jack is very likely already dead. and you all can stop saying “ oh no we need to save him “
From the very beginning of October, from the moment you made the wish for him to become reality. It was already too late.

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Ok honestly?  It was at this moment that my heart shattered into a million pieces.  I know he’s obviously always breaking the 4th wall but he never really lets the others know about that, he tends to just brush it off when it happens.  But seeing this killed me.  He programed that door.  He used the “broken door” to let you, the player, know that he loves you.  Not just the avatar representing you, but the real you on the other side of the screen.

I’m also convinced that the screen went black like that to show your reflection and reinforce that they are in fact talking about the real you.

I’m gonna go drown in feels now.

would ppl even be interested if I like… made riddles/lil easter eggs/games & if u solved/found/etc them u’d get a graphic or smth?

zreiser  asked:

When you get this published PLEASE KEEP THE 4TH WALL BREAKING DOCTOR! He's hilarious!

Oh I assure you he is not going anywhere, in fact I might write him in a bit more places…much to his annoyance lol