he breaks the 4th wall


OKAY OKAY BACK TF UP LISTEN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I JUST GOT THE NORMAL FUCKING ENDING AND IM SO SHOOK CUZ WTF. I am here crying my eyes out because this dude, did not just break the 4th wall but he veosejoehdodbe HE CONFESSED HIS LOVE THROUGH MY SCREEN. I don’t want to spoil BUT IM SPOILING. Let’s give a round of applauses for Cheritz. Good job on making wonderful characters and….okay okay…I really can’t right now… I’m going to cry on the corner


Something quick before I sleep (was working all night >.> but a few days off now so yay)

I thought of this at work because I am agonizingly waiting for my RFA vip package and Seven cushion to arrive ;u;

Being the 4th wall breaking goof he is, I figured why not lol xD

Besides, the ticket– THE TICKET!!!


I spent a lot of time trying to recreate it to a similar appearance and it was worth it lololol (Gonna try to learn to imitate that handwriting ._. maybe)

I’m very bad at making dialogue if you can’t tell. Sorry I suck. orz

Btw, is it better if I answer asks like this from now on? (By making a separate post rather than answer directly)


Ok honestly?  It was at this moment that my heart shattered into a million pieces.  I know he’s obviously always breaking the 4th wall but he never really lets the others know about that, he tends to just brush it off when it happens.  But seeing this killed me.  He programed that door.  He used the “broken door” to let you, the player, know that he loves you.  Not just the avatar representing you, but the real you on the other side of the screen.

I’m also convinced that the screen went black like that to show your reflection and reinforce that they are in fact talking about the real you.

I’m gonna go drown in feels now.

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hey, so, twitterlock, two important-or-maybe-not things happened: someone addressing the show, complaining about Johnlock and receiving Anderson treatment in ASiP, and Sherlock replaying someone else who suggested his and John account are by the same person, saying he's not payed enough, while he should not be payed at all.. these are 4th wall breaking, right? it count like that? I'm taking it very easy, but still *emoji eyes*

eye emoijis all day son

So, Gwenpool meeting Deadpool finally happened in Gwenpool #13. And as expected, all hell broke loose (sort of).

It’s one thing that Gwen can break the 4th wall, but this is Deadpool we’re talking about. He is the master of breaking the 4th wall. Case in point:

Is it bad that I read this with Ryan Reynolds’ voice in my head? However…

Gwenpool uses logic. It’s amazing that the world didn’t blow up because of all of the breaking the 4th wall between the two. Also, I don’t read Deadpool either. Does that make me a bad person?

Dark and Anti Parallel

Remember right after Anti ‘killed’ Jack?

We got this screen (and is something you can hear faintly)?

Now think waaay back on Mark’s channel (when he used to do creepy videos/ 4th wall breaks more often) to Mr. Kitty Saves The World.

Yep. That one.

After the game glitches out and the video restarts itself, what does Mark beg his viewers in a quick scene?

“Help me.”

Nothing big. Just a fun similarity. ‘Help me’ is not that uncommon of a phrase (esp. in these… Er, ‘situations’), aaaand the fact that these videos were made 3 years apart from each other- there’s obviously no direct connection.

So… Just fun trivia? Yeah- let’s go with that!

Now presenting the hottest doctor in video game history, GABRIEL CUNNINGHAM FROM TRAUMA TEAM.

this man. this man is perfection. he breaks the 4th wall, talks to a robot named roni, HES HAS A PONYTAIL, he’s voiced by the guy  that did Roy mustang, his son is fucken adorable, he says sheesh 90% of the time and hes a fucken doctor.

what more can i say but PLAY THE GAME.

I’m playing the April Fools update for MM and I don’t remember how long the chats were in the xmas dlc but god damn they’re long here!! my mouth is gonna start hurting from smiling so much!! 

also *spoiler* at the beginning of the first chat Zen was happy I remembered it was his birthday and was like ‘Seven must have sent the perfect package’ or something like that and I was like !! woah!! nice 4th wall break!! he did!! that’s really the only reason I knew his birthday! from the VIP package!!

ilsoyuiory replied to your photo: “I CANT BELIEVE IM BEING DRAGGED LIKE THIS”:

Doesn’t stuff like this break the immersion for you? I mean, Styx says this in the “you died” screen, yes, but it’s more about breaking the 4th wall, not making it feel like he tells someone a story (like in Prince of Persia). Also, doesn’t he say smth about Tarzan when he jumps sometimes? Though I guess there could be a similar book in that world lol.

Tarzan line was a bit of immersion breaker, yes. There’s also an “i’ll be back” reference when Styx drowns. I dunno maybe it’s a part of a plot, like, in the end we will find out that Styx is telling this story somewhere during modern setting aka our world lmao. Ehhh, i hope it won’t actually happen.

As for mocking thing - it’s not break of immersion that gets me but rather…i really, REALLY HATE when games/developers mock player for their skill. Be it commenting how playing one on lower difficulty makes them a weak baby, notifications for failing challenges, or this kind of thing :/ It’s discouraging and disrespectful. And jokes aside, it’s a personal issue for me because i have this really bad obsession with trying to get all game achievements + one for hardest difficulty, while being a person with mediocre skill/reaction at max. So when i actually try to enjoy a game on difficulty that meets my real skill rather than making it a chore, a message like this raises my anxiety levels real quick..

The teaser for Saiki Kusuo live action…hahaha! I really like it, especially the “Amaziiing~!” and “Yabaiiiii” line hahahaha! (shout out to yamazaki kento in this trailer for breaking the 4th wall by acknowledging that he’s been starring in a lot of live actions lately (ᗒᗨᗕ))

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s here: