he bought her a really expensive bracelet

Valentines Day Gift Preferences

A/N: I kind of just picked whoever I felt like for this preference.

Golden Trio

Harry: Harry went old school and got you a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Ron: Ron got you the nicest chocolates he could find, because he knows how much you love chocolate.

Hermione: Hermione is a traditionalist when it comes to holidays, so she got you flowers and chocolate.

Neville: You are the light of his life so he got you as much as he could carry in his arms when shopping for you, everything from teddy bears to sweets.

Luna: You are her little Ladybug so she got you a ladybug plushy and some other treats.

Ginny: Ginny didn’t have much money to spend on a gift and she thinks candy hearts are freaking adorable, so she bought so many of them to give to you since they don’t cost much and she knows you’ll love them.

Draco: This boy is so extra, especially on holidays, so he got you a really high quality (and expensive) bracelet and dozens of roses.

Cedric: Cedric wanted to do something special so he went traditional with flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear. He also got a cake for the two of you to share.

Fred: He knows you’re allergic to roses so instead he got you a bouquet of sweets.

George: George enlisted the help of his mom because he knows you love her baking, so he asked her to bake you some sweets.

Marauders Era

James: He was just going to get you a box of chocolates because you don’t really like valentines day, but then he couldn’t choses which ones to get so he got them all and then some.

Sirius: He’s so extra and such a dork around you so he bought the biggest teddy bear he could find and he got a bunch of other presents with Lilys help and many, many sweets.

Remus: He’s still kind of shy and awkward in your relationship so he got you the trademark valentines day roses, but he also got you chocolate covered strawberries because he knows they’re your favorite.

Lily: Lily got you a really cute gift that had some thought put into it, because she wanted to be sure you’d like it.

Severus: He doesn’t see the point in valentines day, but he still got you a simple rose.

Merry Christmas - A Lydia Martin Imagine

 a/n I just wanted to make a Christmas theme imagine for the holidays, Merry Christmas!

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    “Yes Lyds?”

    "Can you please put the star on the tree?“ Lydia asked softly.

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Stay away from Thea.
– No, I… I can’t.
She’s not safe when she’s around you. I’m not sure anybody is when you lose yourself to this rage. You love her. And that’s why you’re going to do what I’m asking.

Queen - Dimon

This was inspired by a request I got but it’s just something the flew out of me.  It’s 2700 words long. 

She would squeal. She would truly squeal or squeak or start jumping up and down as he opened the little red box in front of her expectant eyes. Two more Cartier Love bracelets laid there with their keys, ready to find their way around her wrist, next to the other two he had given her too. She just smiled at him as he proudly gave her another unnecessary expensive gift because she wasn’t about to let him think it really did anything to her, nor that it gave their relationship a new kind of commitment or anything like that.

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#17: You Don't Like His Girlfriend (Part 1)

No hate to any of their girlfriends! :)


You had met Eleanor very many times, seeing as Louis was your best friend. She was really nice, that is when Louis is around. As soon as Louis was no longer in hearing range she turned into the devil’s child. She was constantly accusing you of trying to steal Louis away from her, but you always refused the accusation.

“Don’t you think if I wanted to date Louis I’d be dating him?” You ask.

She rolls her eyes, “I don’t know and I don’t care. Stay away from Louis. He’s mine, not yours.”

“You know, you’re just some stuck up, snobby, model who’s insecure about herself,” You snap. Talk about bad timing; as soon as the words left your mouth Louis walked in.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, “Why would you say that?!” He asks, walking over to Eleanor who looks like she’s about to cry, fake of course.

“Louis! You have to believe me! She’s sweet when you’re around, but as soon as you leave she turns into some sort of she-devil!”

“I was just trying to be nice,” Eleanor defends, “I actually wanted to be friends.”

You scoff, “Who are you going to believe Lou? Me, your best friend since birth, or her?” You ask, crossing your arms.

Louis looks at Eleanor, who was using puppy dog eyes on Louis, and then you, "Y/N please leave,“ He says quietly.

"Whatever,” You say, grabbing your purse and slipping on your shoes before leaving his flat.


You had invited Zayn over sense you hadn’t seen your best friend in so long, but he wanted Perrie to come. You hadn’t met her yet, so you were hesitant about his decision. You figured you had to me his future wife at some point.

“Hey Y/N,” Zayn said when you opened the door.

“Hey,” You replied as you stepped aside to let him and Perrie in. He gave you a quick, friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Y/N this is Perrie. Perrie this is Y/N,” Zayn said introducing the two of you, “I’m going to go your bathroom,” He continues as he makes his way through your apartment and getting to your bathroom.

“So Perrie how long have-”

“Oh! Cut it out,” She says.

“Excuse me?” You ask confused.

“I know you just want Zayn to yourself,” She replies.

“Uh…no, not really,” You say slowly, slightly confused as to what’s happening.

“I think it’s best if we just leave now.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean I could just tell Zayn you’ve been being rude to me, and he’ll believe it. We could leave and he’ll never want to speak to you again,” She shrugs.

“I don’t understand why-” She cut you off with a clapping sound just as Zayn walked out of the bathroom. She holds your cheek and you’re confused until Zayn speaks.

“What happened?!” Zayn asks, rushing over to the two of you, who were still standing near the door.

“She slapped me,” Perrie says. You stare at her in disbelief.

“Y/N why would you do that?!” He asks, clearly believing her lie. The ‘slap’ didn’t even sound real!

“Zayn she’s lying. Does that even seem like me?” You question.

It seems as if Zayn wasn’t even really listening. He just looks at Perrie, gently grabbing both of her cheeks, “Are you okay, babe?” He asks her.

She nods, “I think so.”

“Y/N we’re leaving and we’re not coming back!” He says as he begins to walk out the door.

“You’re kidding me right?” You ask as tears forming in your eyes. He doesn’t even respond, just closes the door after walking out.


“Y/N do you think Sophia will like this bracelet?” Liam asks. You lean over seeing the bracelet he’d been looking at. You look at it and you had to admit it was a nice bracelet, but it was very expensive.

“Uh…yeah, but don’t you think it’s a bit pricey?”

“No, why do you say that?” He asks as his eyebrows furrow together.

“Look at the price on it Liam,” You say pointing at the price of the silver charm bracelet on Liam’s laptop screen, “And it’s not the first expensive thing you’ve bought her,” You mumble the last part, which was only meant for you to be heard, but Liam hears it too.

“Well that’s not really any of your business," He snaps, closing his laptop.

"I’m just saying Liam. Are you sure Sophia isn’t just using you for your money?” You ask.

“I’m positive. Sophia is perfect and she is not just 'using me for my money’. She actually cares about me,” Liam defends, gathering his stuff and slipping his shoes back on.

“Why are you leaving? We’re supposed to be having movie night remember?” You say standing up as he puts his shoes on.

“You disrespecting my girlfriend is the same as disrespecting me,” He says as he puts his jacket on.

“Liam. I didn’t mean it like that,” You sigh.

“Well than how did you mean it?” He asks and right now, at this moment, is the maddest you’ve ever seen it. You wouldn’t be shocked if steam blew out of his ears, if that could ever happen. You don’t say anything and that gives Liam his answer before he storms out of your apartment.


You were out with Harry and Kendall because he wanted you to meet her. You were all going out to eat and on your way into the restaurant paparazzi started to show up. You hated being in the spotlight, while Kendall seemed to love it. It almost looked like Kendall was posing for the cameras.  Her and Harry walked hand in hand while you just walked next to Harry. When you entered the restaurant, Kendall didn’t even sit down at the table before she excused herself to the restroom.

“So what do you think of her so far?” Harry asks as the two of you sit at the table.

You hesitate for a moment, not wanting to tell your best friend you didn’t particularly like his new girlfriend. You were quick on judging anyways, so you figured you should give her another chance.

“She very,” You pause, “ Nice.”

Harry looks at you strangely, but before he can speak Kendall comes back and sits down next to him. You order your food and eat, like normal people do at restaurants, but as for Kendall and Harry? They didn’t do much eating. They tweeted selfies of themselves, not bothering to ask you to join, not that you wanted to. You were pretty much the third wheel of the night. You couldn’t help, but to be jealous of Kendall. I mean she’s gorgeous and she has the man of your dreams. Could her life get anymore perfect?

After dinner, Harry drops Kendall off at the hotel she’s staying in and heads over to your house to drop you off.

“So what did you think of her? Did you like her?” Harry asks. You can tell Harry wants the two of you to get along and be friends, but she didn’t make a very good first impression on you.

“She’s awesome!” You lie, but unfortunately you’re not a very good liar, a terrible one at that,  and Harry, being your best friend, sees right through it.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, “I know you’re lying.”

“Well Harry…” You trailed off, “She’s very…Well she kind of… ”

“Get on,” Harry rushes.

“I don’t like her.”

“Why not?” Harry asks as he shifts in the seat of his car.

“You made me feel like a third wheel and it’s like she craves the attention of the paparazzi. You guys spent the entire dinner taking photos and you didn’t even eat half of your meal.”

“She’s just photogenic,” Harry defends.

“I’m sorry Harry. I was just… I just wasn’t thinking. I thought maybe she was just using you for fame or-”

“Why would you think that?! Y/N she’s not just using for my fame. She’s actually interested in me,” Harry says as he pulls into your driveway.

“Okay Harry I get it. I just didn’t want her to hurt you,” You say, and with that you get out of his car and rush into your home.


“When are you going to meet Barbara?” Niall asks.

“I don’t know Niall,” You huff, slightly annoyed. Niall had recently gotten a girlfriend and when he told you about it, it broke your heart, but it hurt even more when you found out she was a Victoria Secret model, which meant she was beautiful and skinny.

“Why don’t you want to meet her? You always avoid the subject whenever it comes up,” He says.

“No I don’t,” You say quickly, “Let’s watch football (soccer),” You continue, grabbing the remote and turning the channel to a football game. It’s on for a few minutes, before it cuts to commercial. A Victoria Secret commercial comes on. You huff watching the many gorgeous-looking models flash across the screen. Then Barbara appears on the screen for a quick moment and you look at Niall who’s practically drooling. You quickly take the remote, completely turning the telly off. Niall looks at you confused before figuring out what’s wrong.

“Are you jealous?” Niall teases as he pokes your cheek. You don’t respond. “Are you? Are you?” His poking is non-stop, just like his words and finally you’ve had enough.

You jump off of the couch, infuriated, “Yes Niall I am jealous!” You scream, “I’m jealous because she’s beautiful and you’re literally drooling over her. That should be me! But you’re clearly too blind to see that I like you,” Niall’s eyes widen and a few seconds later your’s do too, realizing you had just confessed to your best friend that you like him. “Oh my God,” You mutter to yourself. You grab all your stuff and rush out of Niall’s flat before he can say anything more.