he blinks!

67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

A/N: This one was kind of fun to write. Also, if anyone has any requests, I’d be happy to give them a shot! Enjoy.

Word count: 731

Warnings: mentions of oral sex, but otherwise pretty clean


“Hey, get your hands off me,” he slurs, pushing at her arms when she helped him so that he wouldn’t fall. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you do?” she murmurs, raising an eyebrow at him as she tried to make him sit on his bed so she could get him changed.

“Yeah, she’s really beautiful,” he mumbles, blinking tiredly at her form after plopping onto his bed. He looks up at her much like a child would, with wonder-filled eyes as though he’s never seen her before.

“Tell me about her,” she states, pulling his shirt over his head and taking it to the laundry basket. She can’t look at him, now with how he’s watching her like the most perfect thing in the world.

“She kicks ass at hunting. She’s saved my life so many times,” he begins, grinning happily. “And she’s really smart, too. And her eyes are like stars in the sky when she’s happy and her hands are always so soft and she’s so nice to me, even after we fight.”

“She sounds good for you,” she half smiles as she returns to him. She considers recording his sweet words spoken with an unhindered tongue, then decides against it.

“She’s great, she really is,” he agrees, leaning back as she presses his shoulders to the bed. “She looks just like you, you know. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

“That must be a very odd coincidence,” she tells him as she sets to work unbuttoning his jeans. He doesn’t offer much help to her since he was too busy daydreaming, but finally she manages to undo them and pull the zipper down. “Do you think she’ll forgive you for getting drunk like this?”

“Maybe. She gets drunk with me sometimes and we dance and act weird together. You know she likes to dance when she thinks I’m not paying attention?” he rambles, and she pauses for a moment, looking up to his green eyes and cheesy smile. “She thinks that I don’t see, but I like to watch her. She dances really good.”

“That’s… good to know,” she murmurs, kneeling down by the bed to start on untying his boots.

“She goes down on me really good too,” he says with a flushed smirk. “She kneels down like you’re doing right now and just-”

“Dean, I’m not going down on you,” she tells him firmly. “I’m taking off your boots and then I’m going to take off your pants and get you to sleep, okay?”

“Are you my girlfriend?” he sits up on his elbows, his muscles crunching together as his eyes widened. “You’re really pretty like her.”

“Dean, you’ve told me that a few times now. Yes, I’m your girlfriend,” she tells him, pressing a quick kiss to his chest. “And you’re very drunk and need to stop talking.”

He watches her silently, finally cooperating by lifting his hips and letting her pull his jeans off those glorious thighs of his.

“How did I get so lucky?” he finally asks, cocking his head to the side.

She has to smile some at his words, even as she tries to tuck him into bed.

“I have such a great girlfriend,” he babbles, nodding.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she runs a hand through his hair and kisses his temple. “Now you need to sleep this off.”

“Will you sleep with me?” he asks quietly, reaching up to hold her wrist.

“I still need to shower, and then I’ll come to bed,” she tells him with a small smile. “But only sleeping.”

“Only sleeping,” he agrees with a nod. “After your shower.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” she tells him, and he nods.

“You’re my It Girl,” he says as she walks away, making her pause in her tracks and look back at him in confusion. “If you really are my girlfriend. You’re my It Girl.”

“What do you mean?” she asks him, leaning against the threshold to the door.

“My That’s It girl,” he explains, giving her an honest expression. “Like “That’s it” and I’m done with girls. There’s no one else for me anymore.”

Her chest flutters with his honesty once more, and she smiles at him.

“I’ll be right back,” she says. “And Dean?”

“Yeah?” he returns eagerly, and she can’t believe she’s found someone so excited to call her his.

“You’re my It Man, too.”

Boobear (Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a scenario with Nam Joohyuk where his s/o is jealous because he has to make out a few times in his drama?

You stared off as Joohyuk’s lips were pressed against your neck. His hand made its way up your shirt as the other turned your head towards him. He smiled as he leaned over to kiss your lips as you pictured one of the kissing scenes from when you were watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Your head turned at you stood up pulling away from him completely. He glanced up at you “you hungry?” you asked as he blinked “we just ate an hour ago” he told you as you went to the kitchen. 

You grabbed a glass from one of the cabinets and he wrapped his arms around your waist “what’s wrong?” he asked as he stroked your hipbones lightly. You walked over to the fridge as he waddled behind you making sure to keep his arms around you. “Baby” he whined. You sipped your drink as took your glass putting it on the counter before he spun you around. 

He pinned you between himself and the fridge “what’s wrong?” he asked as you looked away from him. His hand grabbed your chin “come on” you hear as he looked you in the eyes. “All I see is you kissing her” you tell him as he chuckled lightly. “You’re jealous because I kissed a girl for a role?” he asked “well it was more than a kiss” you tell him as he stroked your chin. 

“Boobear I love you” he cooed as you felt your body warm up as you whined trying to shove him off. He brought you closer as he leaned in and kissed you. You sighed as your arms went around his shoulder as he picked you up placing you on the counter. He pulled your legs apart and kissed you again. Pulling back he gave you an Eskimo kiss “you’re my favorite person” he told you “I like kissing you more than anyone else” he whispered. 

“You’re stupid” you tell him as you pushed his cheeks together “just in love” he said as his words mushed from your hold on his face. Joohyuk smiled at you as you let him go “I really love you” he tells you “yeah I know” you tell him. “Do you love me?” he asks in a playful tone “of course I do. I wouldn’t be jealous if I wasn’t” you told him as he kissed you again.

Pale Wings, Blue Eyes

Keith couldn’t breathe.

There he was, scratched and bruised, but beautiful. His pale blue wings cushioned his body. The plush, soft wings were tempting to touch. He wanted to reach out and touch this ethereal beings sun-kissed skin. Keith stretched his hand out in the direction of the boy when suddenly he stirred, looking towards him. When he opened his eyes, Keith drowned.

His eyes were the light blue of an afternoon sky and the dark blue of the deepest part of the ocean. His eyes were the sea, and Keith was willing to dive in.

“H-Hunk?” The being muttered. Keith blinked as he was broken from the spell he was under. “Sorry? I’m not … Hunk,” he said, completely confused.

“Hunk’s cooking is best, don’t you think so mi príncipe?” Now Keith was confused. This beautiful person was talking about someone else. “You must’ve hit your head, let me help you.” The boy seemed to hesitate, his eyes darting around Keith’s face as if looking for proof that he would help. “You can trust me,” Keith said as he held out his hand. “Do you trust me?”

The boy reached out and gripped Keith’s hand lightly. “I trust you”

Let Me Teach Yuu - Kind_Criostail, Vixenfur - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End [Archive of Our Own]
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The collaboration fic between @vixenfur and @kind-criostail is finally completed!!


“He’s failing.” Mikaela blinked at his teacher, Mr. Ichinose- or just ‘Guren,’ as he preferred to be called- who was standing in front of Mikaela, cross armed, eyebrows scrunched.

Yuuichirou is failing particular studies in school, and Guren calls in the help of the smart but younger student Mikaela. Yuuichirou isn’t too pleased at the time, but when he meets Mikaela, everything changes.

Length: 69693 words, 13/13 chapters

Rating: Explicit

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"My head hurts and my stomach," Nico replied. He blinked a few times. "Will you turn the lights off? It's really bright," he mumbled. Will frowned but went to turn the light off anyway, leaving just a lamp that gave off some soft light so he could still see and work. He wondered briefly when it had gotten so dark outside. Will went back to examining Nico's head. At this point, Will knew for sure that Nico had a concussion, but he wanted to check out that bump to see if it hurt.

He pressed on it gently and Nico hissed, flinching away from Will’s hands. Not the reaction Will had wanted, but it was what he had been expecting. He was going to need to treat Nico for a concussion all over again. Pushing his rolly chair away from Nico’s bed, Will went to the cabinet to find some antiemetics so Nico wouldn’t get sick again. It would only make his head worse. He probably hadn’t hit his head too hard when he fell, but his panic attack and getting sick had probably escalated it and caused it to be worse. He was going to have to keep Nico calm and quiet while he healed. Rolling himself back to Nico’s bed when he found the pills, he spoke softly. “You have a concussion again. Do you remember when you had the first one?”

The Dark Lady
March 3rd, 2017 // 23:02:40

Raucous laughter. Chatter. Paddles raised and the auctioneer’s suit almost glittering on the lit stage. Hector had fled before the Paper of Infinite Mouth Decadence could come onto the scene.

So here he is now, hiding in the washroom.

Turning the tap, he splashes cold water over his face; trying to get rid of the dizziness, the faint migraine he can feel coming on. Water trickles down his chin. He blinks at himself in the mirror again. There are bags under his eyes, they’re a little deeper than usual.

He checks his phone with wet fingers. Unhelpfully, the lock screen reads 23:02.

Drying his face with the side of his sleeve- unhygienic, his mind reminds him unhelpfully- he tries to comb his fingers through his hair, make himself vaguely more presentable as he realizes he’d forgotten to comb his hair that morning. Again. Though if he’s survived the entire day with bedraggled bedhair, he supposes he can survive several hours more. A pause. He drags his sleeve over his eyes. A little predictably the dark circles are still there afterwards.

An inhale. An exhale. He can do this. There’s not much longer left of the auction. He hopes.

And then he’s outside again, breathing out slower than he breathes in- jarringly stopped short from returning to his chair when he blinks and sees it’s already been taken. Apparently the others at his table hadn’t been kind enough to keep it for him. He supposes he doesn’t mind. He just needs to find another one.

“Hi, uh- is this seat free?”

Because @getmcfucked​ told me to write a fic involving a shoe and a toaster, and I’m not one to back down from a challenge. So have this incredibly silly Steve/Bucky/Tony/Sam drabble that I was coerced into posting:

If pressed, Tony wouldn’t be able to explain exactly why there was a single men’s size 11 shoe on his kitchen counter.

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“What does this—,” have to do with anything, you finish inwardly but swallow the actual words. “He didn’t have parents?” Daxon blinks like he’s realizing something, before turning back to the fight.

Decimus is patient, it is in the way she tips her helmed head and turns her entire body away—blade dragging through the dust until Carpophorus grows bored and rushes. One blade pulled free to sing through the air in an over headed arch toward the wolf headed fighter. Blades meet with a spark, throwing their weight outward and away until they’re a few steps out of arms reach.

“A father,” he sounds far away, maybe it’s because you’re both watching the exchange—slash, slash, stab, pivot. You’re no sword master, you wouldn’t even know what to do with a blade if asked, but even you know this is impressive. “He called Alexander his apprentice, not his child.” Carpophorus slams an elbow into Decimus’ collarbone, but she grabs the exposed limb and twists bringing them both to the ground. “Well, apprentice and a wolf.” There’s that same secret in his voice, in his eyes—they seem brighter than they truly are with the reflection of flames in the copper of his irises.

fall three times as hard, if it’s for nothing at all, sneak peek.



Isak’s startled little huff in reaction to Even surprising him.