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Request: “hello again!! its the ‘angst anon’!! i’m quite proud of that title to be honest, anyways, i requested the two angsty one shots which i am absolutely loving!! anyways i want to request another incredibly angsty newt x reader (yet again) where newt is married to a woman (any of your choosing, take your pick) and she’s cheating on him and the reader finds out but newt doesn’t believe her??? please and thanks 💗”

Word Count: 2,211

Pairing: Newt x Leta

Requested by my lovely Angst Anon

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

You see it when you don’t want to, when you’re just walking to your favorite book store five blocks away. Grey clouds cover the sun, threatening a storm. That’s the only reason you’re walking so close to the shop windows. If the sun were shining, you’d be closer to the street. With the gusts of bitter wind and the smell of rain hanging heavy in the air, though, you want to be able to duck into a shop should the sky follow through on its threat and break open, drenching anyone walking in cold rain.

You’re not even halfway to the store when the first drop of rain crashes onto the concrete. You pass another few shops before the rain begins to pour. You struggle forward, trying to cover your face, but give up and slip into the first door you see.

The first thing you notice is the heat of the room followed closely by the inviting smell of espresso and hazelnut coffee. People sitting at nearby tables don’t glance at you as you venture further into the shop. Some customers have quills in one hand, drinks in another, while others in animated conversations wave their hands, filling the room with a calming chatter. You start to think you like this spot and that the storm really was a bit of a blessing when you notice the couple in the corner. They hold hands over the middle of the table, talking and laughing like they don’t even know the rest of the shop exists. You wonder for a brief moment if you’ll ever find a relationship like that. The thought disappears when the woman flips her hair.

You freeze. You know her.

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Lord Montague is relieved when after a while after the tragedy Benvolio takes up a new hobby.

He is surprised, that it is painting of all things since his nephew never showed any interest in art before but he supports him nonetheless. Anything to keep the boy’s mind of his friends!

So from then onwards Benvolio is seen anew on Verona’s streets.Not hanging our with his friends, but avidly painting whatever he can spot. Slowly he makes progress not only artwise but also with his life. People start talking to him, the quiet boy who is always sitting on the market and he finds new friends. A marketwoman, some children who want to try painting as well, the old man playing the flute. Very different friends from what he used to have, but they make him feel better.

Eventually he accepts a position in tje city council, marries a nice girl, has a bunch of children, settles down. Still he spents every free minute painting, but only seldomly shares his work with others.
His wife sometimes teases him,what good art is if not shared and usually he just smiles at her words, except for the one time when he mumbles quietly; “ Not all art”

After his death many years later his kids for the first time enter their father’s office. They start sorting the papers and at last have a look on their father’s art work.
They are surprised that all of it are jst sketches for two paintings, two portraits.

Turning the paintings around they see two names. “So that’s why he started painting” mumbles Romeo,Benvolio’s first son, and shows the portraits of Romeo and Mercutio to his sister.

“He wanted to see his friends again.”

Date a girl who loves Jesus. Date a girl who would rather stay at home reading Scripture on a Friday night than be out partying with a group of friends. She has issues with space because her shelves are overflowing with the works of Lewis, Edwards, Spurgeon, Piper and more. Date a girl who spends her money on others instead of clothes and other frivolous things.

Find a girl who’s passionate about the Gospel. You’ll know that she is because she will always have her Bible in her bag and she’s always ready to help others. She’s the one lovingly giving up her spare time to spend it with those in need, the one who lets out a silent but compassion-filled cry for the state of the world and all of His people.You see that girl sitting and talking by herself, looking sort of out-of-place, and admiring her surroundings? That’s her. She can’t resist taking time out of her day to talk to God and thank Him for His blessings.

And boy, is she ever thankful.

She’s the one who’s got that look on her face when she’s in worship, that look that shows you can tell where her focus is in that moment. Eyes closed and hands raised, or perhaps she is sitting in stillness and silence. Either way, you can see a light in her that isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. She’s the one who isn’t afraid to fall to her knees or dance in the joy of the LORD.

She’s in it, she’s in love with Love Himself.

This girl has some serious self-respect; she doesn’t parade around announcing her flaws in hopes of reassurance or compliments. She knows that she was created in His image and no matter what society says; she is beautiful. She doesn’t need anyone to remind her. She knows how intricately created she is, placing her self-worth in Christ and Christ alone.

A girl who loves the LORD isn’t going to be caught up in pointless things. She doesn’t flip through the channels of the TV searching for the latest soap opera. She doesn’t mindlessly watch trashy movies, lusting over the lead actor. She isn’t flipping through the pages of an unrealistic romance novel, hoping and wishing that it comes to life. She’s studying and learning. She’s thinking and engaging with the world around her. She’s reading His Word and applying it to her life and how she interacts with others. This girl isn’t wasting her God-given gifts on the world and it’s pleasures, she’s using them toward the advancement of His Kingdom, all for the Glory of the LORD.

If you end up dating her, consider yourself blessed because you know God gave her to you. The LORD has selected her especially for you and prepared the both of you for each other. She’s not the kind of girl who pines for the next guy to come into her life. No, she is patient. She waits upon the LORD and His timing. She does not complain or become anxious, for she knows that Christ is her focus above all things.

Pray for her. Pray with her.

This is one of the greatest gifts you can offer her. Read the Bible with her. Tell her about the things God is doing in your life. She cares, and she loves to hear them. Teach her with the wisdom of Solomon, lead her like Moses with a faith like Abraham. She will search you to see if you have David’s heart for God. But most of all, you must love her with the Love of Christ Himself because a girl who loves Jesus is very special. She is bold like Esther, hospitable like Lydia, submissive like Mary and she consistently thrives to align her life with the very words found in Proverbs 31. Scripture is her daily bread, and she grows off of God’s consistent grace and compassion.

Date a girl who loves Jesus more than she will ever love you. Date a girl who acknowledges her God-given mission in life and the priority it has over all things. Know that God has placed you by her side for a reason; you’re in this together and God has plans for the both of you. You’re in good hands as long as you stay within the center of God’s will. This girl will keep you on the Holy path, and trusts you will be honest with you when you are struggling…because she always will. Date a girl who loves Jesus because He loves you, and He just wants the best for you.

Or better yet, marry a girl who loves Jesus.
—  Date a Girl who Loves Jesus by Ashley Mackenzie

Prompt: For your consideration: The Mellark Brothers - relationship with each other at home? merciless teasing of Peeta? of Katniss when she trades at the door? rivalry with Gale for school girls’ attention and affections? Thanks! [Anonymous]

Rating : T

Warning: Character’s death.


I remember a lot of things about Peeta. He was always the kindest of us all, the purest, and God knows Tom and I tried to protect him as much as we could. For as long as I can remember, he’s been in love with Katniss Everdeen, a girl from the other part of District 12. He came home from school one day, telling us he had found the girl he would marry. He already knew better than to say it in front of Mom, and chose to share his super-secret with us.

“When she sings, the birds stop to listen to her! I swear I’m not lying! I want to marry her! Then we can hold hands, and I will lend her my pencils!”

“Did you talk to her? What does she look like?”

“Not yet ! But I will. Alec, girls like flowers?”

“They usually do, why?” I wondered what Peeta had in mind.

“Because I’m going to give Katniss some!”

“Katpiss? You like a girl named Katpiss?”

“KatNiss, dummy!” He laughed at the swear word he wasn’t allowed to use, and each time Peeta laughed, it brought Tom and me comfort, a soothing balm on our wounds, both the physical ones and the ones in our heads. We tried to protect him as much as we could, for as long as we could.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t for a long enough time.

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A guy I work with says that women are lesser and that men are superior

and that married women do better as housewives.

and that he can boss the girls around at work.

and that the workplace has too much drama because of all the “estrogen”.

This particular guy is a douchebag and I’m constantly annoyed.

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Can we talk about how Ted Mosby is the prototypical Nice Guy?

The show was never about Robin–it was always about the things that Ted did for Robin. Ted’s actions are all centered around getting with Robin, not being a genuine friend. For example, the French horn. The Christmas lights. The locket. Lily even points out that he just found the locket to get her back, and Ted later admits it. Ted doesn’t do these nice things for anyone else–just for Robin. 

All Ted has to do is wait, and eventually his actions will be rewarded, despite all the signs that Ted and Robin do NOT work together. Robin repeatedly turns Ted down throughout the nine years of the series. But does he ever stop “loving” (coughobsessingcough) over her? Apparently not! Even after he is happily married with a girl who is a better fit with Ted than Robin ever could be, he is still just waiting for Robin. 

In a twist that cries of wish fulfillment, Robin’s feelings for Ted come out of nowhere. Robin never shows any regret over breaking up with Ted until the second-to-last episode, when all of a sudden, Robin gets cold feet and proclaims that she belongs with the guy who found her locket–in other words, the guy who did stuff for her. Can we say “out of character”?

...December 28th

I absolutely am tangled in love and I can’t do anything about it but, I can’t help it. Whenever I see his picture I just get all fluffy inside. I don’t see him as just a viner guy who never will know me anymore I see him as the person I want to chill and talk to about stupid stuff bc I love how he makes me feel not just attracted to him but warm and fuzzy and happy and it’s indescribable. I just can’t help but look at him and smile with delight. I’m so proud of him for making it so far. And I know I won’t be the person he marries but that girl better appreciate what she has because the amount of girls who also feel this way about would kill to be in her place. This is about one person and its Nash. Happy birthday babe, you mean so much to me, I would be no where without you. I love you.

deerjily  asked:

Could you do Marauders + Lily being friends (Jily already dating)?

  • ok so lily and remus get on really well. lily’s parents are both muggles and remus’s mother is also a muggle so they already have some things that they can talk about (i.e muggle stuff) that sirius and james wouldn’t understand or perhaps know about. 
  • lily appreciates those discussions with remus - it makes her feel a little more normal in a magic school - and it makes remus miss his mother a little less
  • they’re both also pretty serious about their studies so they have little study dates in the library and help each other with homework and just enjoy talking about academic stuff?
  • james gets a bit jealous about the study dates until lily wacks him on the head with one of her essays and calls him an idiot
  • the main way they bond though is through their favourite past time: watching judgmentally as james potter makes an idiot of himself whilst they sip tea and make sarcastic quips @each other (it’s truly beautiful)
  • lily is fond of peter and treats him like a younger brother
  • they never actually spend a lot of time together one on one since peter doesn’t tend to stray from the group? 
  • but she notices how the other marauders tend to shine so brightly that they just sort of cancel him out into the background
  • so she’s kind to him and always made an effort to ask how he was doing and discovers that he’s quietly smart in a way that’s different to her and remus and actually has a wickedly dry sense of humour? 
  • beyond that they’re not particularly close but peter always smiles (albiet slightly nervously) at her whenever they see each other around

  • to begin with lily doesn’t know entirely what to think of sirius. 
  • she’s sees the persona he’s rocking: self assured, arrogant pure blood with a penchant for mischief. she also thought of him as an asshole back when she disliked james too - the difference being now that she was dating james and knew he’d matured a bit. she didn’t really have any evidence to prove that sirius was any different from then at all despite james and remus’s assurances that sirius is a good guy. in light of this, she decides to tread warily.
  • sirius manages to weasel his way past her defenses though. not on purpose but in little actions that he doesn’t even notice that he’s doing:
       - the way he makes james light up with a simple comment or look or
       - the attention and love he gives to remus, a boy who so
         badly needs and deserves someone who cares for him like sirius
       - she finds about his family and realises how strong he actually is??
         how much courage he has to reject his families beliefs and stand up
         for himself and others??
  • she decides that anyone who james loves that much but be alright - he obviously had good taste in people: he picked her after all.
  • she also soon realises that dating james potter means she’s basically dating sirius black too bc prongs + padfoot are for life.
  • they bond over their mutual love of james potter and eating ice cream in the castle kitchens at night?? like sirius can’t sleep bc of stressing about his parents and neither can lily so they both sit on the cold floors of the kitchen, sharing a tub of mint choc chip icecream and sirius divulges his worries and concerns in the cover of darkness and lily listens with no judgement. when sirius is done, she holds his hand and tells him that it’s ok and no matter what, he’ll always have the marauders by his side
  • when lily gives some excellent advice on a prank they were planning sirius turns to james and tells him that he better marry that girl or he will.

  • bonus round:
    marauders + lily outing ideas:
       -  going to music concerts/festivals (sirius loves lily for introducing him 
           to these)
       -  chilling out at the three broomsticks (lily drinks them all under the
           table. james had never loved her more than then)
       -  one misadventure at the zoo that ends in a lifetime ban and them  
           nearly getting arrested (why?? who knows?? personally i like to
           believe that james and sirius tried to steal a stag deer and a wolf
           from their retrospective enclosures)

  • basically the marauders adore lily (though of course, no-one more than james) and adopt her into their mayhem and adventures and lily is more content and happy than she’s ever been in her life? and she just really loves her boys.