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How does mullet instructor feel when Lance is gone? Do they miss for each other?


The feedback about this ship is …. better than I expecting! Thanks

I hope I could make more of this ship. I want Lance to say “ I already have a boyfriend and he’s waiting for me back on earth” and then team Voltron just like “??? what? when???”

Protect my Honor- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by jamiebenntrash

Ok anon I wanted to do Auston, but he just doesn’t seem like the type… so you got Tom instead! Hope you guys like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: Fight, cusses

Anon Request: hi i love your stories💓 if requests are still open could you do a tyler seguin one where like another hockey player starts hitting on you and he gets jealous and during the game they get into a scuffle? maybe the other guy could be auston matthews? tom wilson? (:


              You were leaning against the wall, waiting for your boyfriend to come meet you before the game. It was part of his game day routine and one you were happy to partake in.

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According to @ariasune Bakura’s infamous “Kill [Pegasus]!” line from the manga was a Viz addition. The original line is closer to “Yugi-kun! Win for Mokuba-kun!” and while Tristan still catches on to Yami Bakura it’s more plausible that no one else notices, and it shows he’s better at acting like his host, like he generally is in the anime. (As for why Tristan didn’t say anything even afterwards, who knows. Maybe he thought no one would believe him?)

reverse au but better by eyebrow-lorde

-paul is tord, yuu is matt, patryk is tom, and tord is edd because its so much more Sense honestly.

-tord basically runs red army base and paul left for a shitload of years before coming back and harassing™ with his new enemy base buddies

-instead of the bandage tord has, its his scar bandage

-no paultryk allowed

-no hoodies. military gear only let the boys be sweaty and uncomfortable

-giant robot is now replaced with cdt-01 tank that paul named ‘fifi’ whom he loves

-in the montage scene of the end there is 3 main scenes: fucking around in storage areas, a silent 15 seconds of them eating meals ready to eat (yknow shitty military food), and going to the beach. all of the boys are shirtless for fanservice, and also to show off paul’s bullet wounds.

-pauls uniform has a bunch of patched up holes on it, but the patches are different colours. this man is slowly deteriorating.

guess whos have to fucken animate all of it.


this means im going to animate certain parts of the end. frame-by-frame. rgfregegrgrde

Johnny is actually at something of a philosophical crossroads. Many stories have the moral that you should just be yourself, and let others accept you as you truly are. 

The problem with this lesson, to put it bluntly, is that it assumes that you’re not an asshole.

It discounts the possibility that you can improve yourself and become a better person than who you are now. The truth of the matter is that if you act without caring what other people think, you’re bound to make more enemies than friends.

The other extreme is just inventing a personality from whole cloth, which is fraught with it’s own brand of unhappiness. The trick is to find some place in the middle where you can be happy with who you are without hurting other people.

Well, he tried. Let’s be honest, we’d all be disappointed if Johnny changed too much.

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Bodhi is so much better than gin. He has such a fleshed out background and hes so much more interesting. And his story in regards to rouge one is much more captivating than gyms. Smh. Who thought she was the better choice for main character

also riz ahmed is 200x the actor that felicity jangles is

Asking For It [4/?]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, arguing, sister trouble, and basically shit gets ugly.

A/N: Let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged?

Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

Banner hands you an ice pack, looking over your bruised eye.

“Nothing’s broken.” He assures you.

“Go figure, she hits like a five year old.” You snort, holding the ice pack to your face.

“Yeah, well your boyfriend stopped it before you got what you deserve.” Ava snaps at you.

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I haven't finished all of your one shots so if you've already written something like this please ignore me, but Peter finding out about Juno's fear of heights?

As a matter of fact, I haven’t. The closest we’ve got is this fic, which is more about Juno’s fear of heights manifesting in slightly different directions.

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First off: some Westallen parent headcanons!

1. Barry and the kiddos snuggling on the couch together, taking a mid afternoon nap. Iris shows up and definitely takes pics for posterity.

2. Iris carrying Don or Dar (my nickname for “Dawn”) until they’re too big to pick up. It’s a better workout than CrossFit! Once the year comes when they’re too big for her, Barry is still regularly recruited as honorary chauffeur. (Cisco’s kiddos figure out pretty quickly that Uncle Barry is like, really strong, so two or more are usually holding onto his back/shoulders/hip as well.)

3. The kiddos take after Iris in everything – they’re absolutely gorgeous as adults and adorable as kiddos – but in Speed, it’s all Barry. Barry literally doesn’t sleep for nine days the first time one of them accidentally Flashes for fear that they’ll run off. He needn’t worry: they can’t run any distance until they’re nine. (Then he worries continuously until they’re ten, when his worry reaches critical mass and he surrenders responsibility to the Speed Force.)

4. Going to work with Iris is more fun than Barry because Barry doesn’t let Don or Dar in on the action, just shows them the precinct, while Iris shows them self-defense and takes them for macchiatos with Linda. (Teaching them how to hogtie someone is unfortunate for Barry, who learns to sleep very lightly).

5. Hey, they’re not total hellions: they just mess with Dad because Dad messes with them. Barry makes a lot of regrettable choices by mentoring his kids. (Wally, who’s worked alongside Barry for years and knows his tricks, has zero qualms giving his brother-in-law hell by sharing Barry’s speed-related weaknesses with the Tornado Twins.)

6. Barry finds roller coasters kind of nauseating these days (know that suspended stomach feeling when you’re falling? Yeah that lasts like *five minutes* for him), but the kids have a high tolerance until their twenties. Iris is absolutely fearless and can and will ride any coaster. (“After running with you, it’s a breeze,” she teases Barry which, touché.)

7. Family dinner night might be at a reasonable hour, but occasionally they eat at three in the afternoon and just call it a *day,* or they stay up till midnight because “wow totally lost track of time but *Mom guess what*.” Mom does not want to guess what, but she’s willing to play along for pizza.

You knoww what I love about Inuyasha as a character? Is that he really puts his all into everything he does as if its the last thing he does. Yeah he’s hot headed and stubborn but I think the root of all that is just because of his determination and strong will. Example like when Kagome was sick he gathered all that food for her and even though she went home he followed her and still made sure she felt better by the end of the day. Another example is when they cleaned the monks temple, home boy went 100 dusting that place. Can we forget about when he broke Kagome’s bike?? Anyway I am sure theres more examples but I only woke up like ten minutes ago

A Book of Headcannons!

Ok, I have never really gotten a chance to make headcannons for Jacob so here goes nothing. These are all original so if you see something that you have written about, do let me know so I can remove it. These are all based on our 1800s Jacob, nothing modern, and purely out of spontaneous scenarios in my head so I could probably be wrong in around 80% of them. Either way, hope you like this!

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- Yes, Jacob has no patience. He can give you like 5 seconds of his patience, even if you mean the world to him, but nothing more. The man doesn’t have time to wait yet you better wait for him. Oh, yes.
- Beware if you try and sneak up to him playfully.
- Don’t lose your head over his way of talking to you. 
- You either love him or hate him. No in between.
- Loyalty should be like his middle name. Though perhaps never learning the whole “Don’t trust anyone” way of living, Jacob is unconditional to a person he deems good for him or that their cause if worthy of his time and his view of justice. The man means no harm when trusting even a rock, but half the time he has no idea what’s in store for him thanks to this small little flaw of his.
- Of course he’s self conscious of his good looks but he uses them only to get what he wants. Jacob, as usual, has no time to be thinking why do the ladies fall for his charm because he’s into business. And don’t confuse that seductive look on his eyes as flirting, though he surely is an expert.
- No, he can careless of your looks if you’re a person that represents something important to him. The last thing on his mind is finding perfection when he is so misunderstood and all he seeks is someone that can accept him as he is and love him dearly.
- Yes, he’s lazy.
- Scars? Well, as much as he could pretend he doesn’t mind the probable scars on him, it does bother him that he finds them everywhere and some will be permanent. 
- He was born to be understood, not to understand.
- Jacob loves a good laugh.
- He drinks, but not because he enjoys alcohol, but because it helps numb the pain in his poor little heart. The man has issues, y’all.
- The only reason why he doesn’t sleep on the ground is because he doesn’t have time to stop running all over the place.
- Jacob only desires good for the world, despite how terrible his attempts are at making it better.

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- His hobbies? Having a good time with his gang or sleeping.
- Give him hugs often, he loves those.
- Yes, he’s sensible to smells and he will let you know if something either will make him vomit or will drive him nuts with euphoria.
- The words ‘quiet’, ‘discreet’, ‘plan’, ‘logic’, and, ‘lose’ are among many out of his vocabulary.
- He can knock you out with a slap, if he feels like it.
- Yes, he eats like there’s no tomorrow.
- Ezio Auditore da Firenze? More like Ezio Aduditore da LA LA LA.
- Don’t annoy him with silly talk. He’s got better things to do.
- No, he isn’t intentionally funny but everyone is so blinded by him that anything he says could be turned funny but he won’t understand why. 
- He’s a devil, and he knows it!
- Play with him because he loves to compete and win! Hide-and-seek, tag, fishing, soccer, anything! He won’t say no!
- Yes, he could be crowned the best daddy in the whole universe. Like, actually dad. But…though he doesn’t know it, he’s also a daddy.

Originally posted by britishfryes

- No! Not the hair!
- He doesn’t mind the stares on his facial scars but don’t stare for too long. There’s too much beauty around to be staring at only that.
- Definitely has a sweet tooth.
- Yes, he loves to smile.
- And he cannot do the ice treatment. He has no practice in that nor will he ever.
- Don’t even bother test his limits. He will prove you wrong even if that means losing half of London in the process.
- Fear? Um, yes he actually does feel it a lot but does a good job at getting over it and turning it to courage in seconds.
- No time to ask questions! 
- He will forever love you if you manage to somehow get him a bed big enough that fits in the train just for him.
- He knows he can sweet-talk you into anything he wants and you will leave him in awe if you somehow manage to not fall under his spell. Still, he won’t give up. He always has it his way.
- He can observe your for a minute and know your strengths and weaknesses.
- Yes, he loves to be intimidating.
- He’s bad at jokes and he doesn’t get them anyways.
- He’s not as romantic as many imagine him. He’s too much of a kid and expects you to pamper him, not the other way around but if you do your job well, the reward will be delicious.
- Keep your distance. Jacob likes his space even if he invades yours.

Originally posted by assassinscreedstuff

- He’s smart, but just street smart.
- Don’t be surprised to see him getting chased. What’s work without a little fun?
- He won’t laugh at dark humor; that’s not up his alley.
- Politics? Could we get some ice-cream instead?
- Tell him you love him; the way he will tell you the same will send shivers down your spine.
- He’s eager for an adventure even if he’s beat and is dying to sleep.
- He hates complaining but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t think it.
- Good luck trying to catch him.
- He doesn’t do hand-holding. He’s more of a side hugger.
- He loves originality. Surprise him!
- Don’t pull a prank on him, though.
- No Jake, Jay, or Joseph. It’s Jacob!
- He rolls his eyes often. It’s his way of showing you how much he cares.
- He always pays. Always.
- Watch your words with him because he won’t forget any conversation he has with you.
- Don’t try and get sarcastic with him. That makes him mad.
- Jacob will not listen to anyone that put boundaries to him. He will rub it in your face he does what he wants…LIKE A BOSS.
- He will likely reborn a parrot.
- And lastly,
Jacob Frye, no matter what, will be a person that you will never, ever, be able to forget once you had the delight to lie your eyes on him.

If you liked these and want some more, let me know in your replies! I was trying to stay as real as possible but I mean, we all got different perspectives on him. Either way, leave a comment if you want another book! I had fun making this one! Thanks!


//// Nutting over these tidbits from Weeearghbobo. I’m glad I guessed right about Jhin - he’d fail Illaoi’s test horribly. He’s driven only by his compulsions, and too much of a coward to step over himself. He’s a miserable wretch of a man. Well dressed though. 😂

I also love the parts about Braum and Illaoi herself, she’s a well written character, I wanna get to know her better (I need to play her).

Taliyah would pass it with flying grades though, and that makes me happy! 🐦 (Btw I have a work in progress Taliyah blog at @i-weave-the-stone, but didn’t have the time/energy to flesh it out. I have to learn to draw her too! It would be more of an RP blog, since she’s much more suited for that than this murderous artist. Murderous artist gets more arts&stories.)


So yesterday @mysmoldarkfictionalsons wrote about an PORTUGUESE! Grantaire and I thought it would be cool and amazing if in this universe Courfeyrac was Brazilian.

- Courfeyrac moved to France when he was 16, because his parents found better job opportunities (plus he has this french heritage he always wanted to know more about, so it was already in his plans moving to France)
- Speaking portuguese with family, french with friends plus learning english in school, his life was a mess (poor babe wasnt that good with languages when younger)
- He wasnt aware Grantaire was Portuguese until Grantaire sighed “caralho” in the end of his first meeting and Courfeyrac just burst into a laughing fit because that was the last thing he was expecting to come out of the guys mouth
- Courfeyrac was a little bit embarrassed one time when he asked Grantaire to speak slower because he wasn’t understanding what the other was speaking. “Its the same language” they said “its not difficult” they said… (bitterfeyrac)
- When Grantaire speaks proudly about Portugal and how they kicked Napoleon’s ass, Courfeyrac laughs and just says “at least OUR king didnt RUN AWAY” you can hear joly and feuilly in a choir of “ooooooh"s in the background
- They actually have discussions like that all the time "I said, if Portugal hadnt fucking robbed Brazil we would have been AWESOME and rich ”, its their meme
- Grantaire and Courfeyrac have some moments where they exchange cultural differences, mostly language related, like “grama/relva”, “puto”, “bicha”…
- They have a thing called “author of the week” , where each week they go back and forwards with brazilian and portuguese authors. One week “Machado de Assis”, the other “Camões”, and so goes on. They learn so much…

Ok thats all I have.

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Had an idea for a BNHA character and I thought to would enjoy. A villain who based their decision to become such becasue of Midoriya. Someone who was a classmate at one point and saw how he was treat. How he was bullied for not having a quirk and how much of a blind eye the adults gave. 'It's better he learns now," one adult was heard to say. "No sense telling him he's just as good as everyone else. It would just hurt him more later." Excuses made to continue to allow those claiming to (cont)

(part 2) want to be heroes just to let them attack and belittle someone who, for all intents and purposes, can’t fight back. The classmate/former classmate was there the day the ooze villain attacked. They watched the so-called heroes stand back and say ‘help will be here soon’ until quirkless Midoriya, someone who had every reason to watch 'Kaachan’ go out with a grin, ran forward and helped. Fought off the monster till All Might arrived. And what did the 'heroes’ do afterwards? (cont)

(part 3) And what did the 'heroes’ do afterwards? Scolded the only person who tried to help. This classmate was dissillusioned with the hero system completely. Stain was like a godsend. Someone else who understood, it wasn’t just them! And the fact that stain recognized Midoriya as a true hero cemented it. Their mind was made up, they were joining the League of Villains. But they were no fool. Corrupt most of the heroes may be, they were powerful. So the newly declared villain commuted (cont)

their first act of Thievery (with a silent apology given to the target). And when they showed up to join the League of Villain, they brought with them Midoriya’s notebooks - and all the tactical information it contained on just about every major hero. (That got longer than I thought)

Oh man you wrote me a thing so in response I’m gonna write a thing too

“I have to thank you,” the young villain finished, pausing for breath. “What you went through… it taught me so much. It opened my eyes to how broken this world is. To how rotten these heroes are with hypocrisy and–”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Izuku broke in coldly.

The villain stopped short. “What?”

“I said who the hell do you think you are?” Izuku demanded. “Where do you get off calling them hypocrites?!”

“I–” For the first time, the villain’s bravado wavered. “I just–I saw your plight, I saw how you were treated, and–”

“And what!” Izuku burst out. “Where were you then? What were you even doing? Because I can tell you what you weren’t doing–anything helpful!”

“Th-that’s what I’m doing now!”

“What good is it now?!” Izuku spat. “What about then? If you knew it was wrong, then why did you just sit there and watch?! I never saw you try to stop it! I never heard you stand up for me, or defend me! All you bothered to do was watch, and then ride off on your high horse thinking about what a good person you were for noticing! Well, guess what–you’re not!”

“I was powerless then!” the villain interrupted. “There was nothing I could do–”

“You said so yourself! I ran into danger without a quirk even though I got scolded for it! There was plenty you could’ve done! You could have said something! You could have just– walked up to me afterward and said something kind! But you didn’t do anything!”


“At least most heroes are trying!” Izuku raged on. “They mess up, and they miss things, and sometimes they do the right things for the wrong reasons, but at least they’re doing something! All you’re doing is–is using me as an excuse to hurt people while pretending you’re better than everyone! All you’ve ever done to me is steal!”

“I’m sorry!” The villain seemed to shrink. “You’re the last person I ever wanted to hurt, but there wasn’t any other way to–”

“I don’t even care about that!” Izuku yelled. “Okay? I don’t care that you stole from me. But do you know what was in those notebooks?” His voice caught in his throat. “Do you know who was in those notebooks? M-my heroes. My teachers. My classmates. My friends.” His hands shook, curling into fists. Hot tears gathered behind his eyes, but did not fall. “You threw my friends to the wolves, and you have the balls to tell me you’re doing this for me? Bullshit. You’re in it for yourself. You’re in it to fuel your own stupid ego, and I’m going to stop you right here and now.”

“No, no, don’t you see?” the villain said desperately. “You–you shaped me! You made me who I am today!”

“Fine.” One For All crackled to life as Izuku activated Full Cowl. “If I was the one who put you in this world, then I hope you don’t mind if I’m the one that takes you out.”

What is this?

The first morning.

It wasn’t that Mike was expecting this; in fact he never did. He also didn’t question it, maybe the more honest answer was that he was too afraid to. Afraid that any change to the status quo would upset the laws of nature and bring it all to a crashing halt. If this was all he could have with Harvey, he would take it. Because hell, it was better than having nothing.

Harvey, was both man and myth; a shark in wolf’s clothing and as cut throat as they came at kicking ass and taking names. Yet somehow, he grew to be more than just Mike’s boss, more than a friend. And that was when Harvey became dangerous. Because it wasn’t long after that, that Mike’s “friend” started creeping into his dreams; settling in the folds of Mike’s desires behind his closed eyelids. Too many mornings Mike would awaken with Harvey’s name on his lips, a fading vision of hard lines and firm hands holding him, gripping him, thrusting wildly against his own body. Then, as his consciousness fully came online, felt the evidence of his dream drying on his skin.

And that was before Mike woke alone in Harvey’s bed, stunned and sore in more places than he could ever remember. Harvey, always on the go, had left him with a note reminding him to eat breakfast and to have the Murray files ready for him by ten. They never once talked about it.

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reassurance | alfie solomons

anon wanted alfie being looked after and also being a cute little shit

Alfie winced and leaned back in the chair.

“N’aww poor baby”

“Fuck off”

You chuckled at him and waved your fingers forward.

“Come here, let me finish”



“It’s hurts”

“So will me punching you in the face. Now come here, I wanna wipe this stuff off of my hands”

“Well you’re not wiping it on me”

You quirked an eyebrow and he huffed. You reached out to dab the rest of the cream onto the side of his face, him letting out little huffs and groans as you went. You shushed him as you finished off.

“There, all better”

“No, not really”

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Professor X and the Shadow King

Remember that bit of chapter seven when Farouk/Lenny is pacing around growling “what did he do with it” over and over while getting increasingly more agitated? The he in question is undoubtedly(in my opinion) Charles Xavier, because Lenny/yellow eyed demon guy proceed to interrogate Amy about the night David came to live with the Hallers, asking if she saw his dad, and then remarking “yeah that’s him,” and then yelling “what did he do with it” some more. I’m not sure how deep I got into this the other day, but I inferred from this interaction that for some reason Charles had planted something in baby David’s mind, and then sent baby David somewhere so Farouk couldn’t find it. Apparently Professor X did a better job hiding whatever it was then David himself. That’s an alright theory, but is there any other proof? I think so. We know from the chalkboard sequence that Charles and Farouk duked it out, with Professor X winning and the Shadow King being ingloriously disembodied. Xavier is a pretty intelligent dude(massive understatement) and is moreover an extremely accomplished and powerful telepath(we know all this) who has been in combat scenarios before. Pretty sure he can tell, especially with another psychic, if a person is dead or not. Let’s assume that at the very least he suspects, which he clearly does because he sends his own baby away, that Farouk is not as dead as he would have hoped(yes that’s an emperor’s new groove reference). Why send David away? He’s defeated Farouk once, his chances of doing it again are pretty high. Plus Farouk, as has been stated in the episode, was very weak and needed a power source to latch onto. Wouldn’t it have been easier to prevent your newborn but very powerful mutant baby from your equally powerful but currently weak disembodied enemy if you, I don’t know, kept him with you so you could monitor the situation? Presumably Charles would know the signs of psychic infestation, and at least have an idea about how to stop it. At the very least poor David could have skipped all those years of being misdiagnosed. Hank’s rather smart, at least as smart as Cary Loudermilk, I’m sure he’d have been able to make a device similar to the halo Cary crafted. So the question is, why not take this approach? I think Charles hid something, i have no idea what, in David’s mind, that he didn’t want the Shadow King to find. But maybe he did want the Shadow King to know about it. Let’s be realistic, the Shadow King found David almost instantly(in the episode we see that David was a baby, but it was AFTER being dropped off, otherwise Lenny/S.K wouldn’t need to ask Amy about that night). But after thirty years of shared brainspace he still hasn’t found this whatever it is. If keeping David away from Farouk was his goal, then he failed spectacularly. IF that was his goal. Maybe(I’m just hypothesizing) Charles WANTED Farouk to find David, to know(or at least believe) that David has some sort of WHATEVER that Farouk desperately wants. At the very least he’d be able to keep tabs on the Shadow King. I dunno. It’s just a theory. I’ll prolly post a “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE” blurb with whatever information I randomly remember that I left out.

Steven Universe S1E17 “Lion 2: The Movie” - Afterthoughts

This was super, super cute, holy shit.

Finally Connie reappeared, i was waiting for that since Bubble Buddies and this was even better than what i imagined the second time she appeared would be like. Connie definitely has some issues, she’s pretty insecure about herself and unconfident, but i think Steven is going to slowly help her work that out, i’m looking forward to her next appearence on the show! (And more Connverse shipping fuel, plz)

Lion’s origin is still really mysterious, but i think that will get cleared out, possibly. This episode pretty much proved Lion’s relation to Rose, which is giving me even more questions about him, was he Rose’s pet? Is he a gem? Did Rose create him so he can protect Steven? Can’t really tell for sure at this point.

I rate this episode an 8.5/10, until next time!