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  • Me: wow I can't believe Chalupa is definitely real & gay
  • Griffin: Lup is definitely real
  • Me: REALLY
  • Griffin: yep, she and Barry were a couple, Lup's the person Barry was talking about when he said his heart belonged to someone else & his love for her saved him
  • Me: wow I can't believe Chalupa is definitely real & bi

Rebel Leader Matt Holt headcanon post to go with this drawing

  • He still wears a Galaxy Garrison pin!
  • The necklace is a souvenir trinket that Shiro gave him during their Garrison days. It’s a vial of “moondust” from a museum gift shop. A piece of space while stuck on Earth, to hope for their dreams and aspirations. A piece of Earth while lost in space, to hope for safety and home. (I hc that they started dating on the Kerberos mission, so this was probably in their mutual pining days. Shiro pretended he got one for everyone, and Matt hid the fact that he was the only one who cared about it.)
  • How he kept these belongings in prison, no one knows. They took his glasses. The rebels got him new ones but they’re too small. They suit his new style though. 
  • The silver earring is a communicator, and a subtle indicator of his rank, since only the rebel leaders have them.
  • He knows his cargo shorts are tacky, but he has to keep survival supplies on him in case he gets stranded or captured. There’s a frying pan tied to the back of his waist sash, and he WILL use it as a weapon if needed.
  • He wears clothes that prominently show the scar on his knee. Shiro is constantly reminded of what he had to do to save him, and he apologizes every time he looks at it almost by reflex. Matt reassures him that he did the right thing, “and besides, it’s the only cool-looking scar I have. Not everyone gets instant respect from having a battle scar on their face, Shiro.
  • He’s always covered in bandages and grease smudges. The boy doesn’t bathe, only spot-cleans when he gets wounded. Shiro for some reason finds his greasy look ridiculously hot. 
  • Platform boots. He’s still not as tall as Shiro or Allura, but the first time Shiro hugs him, he notices the smaller height difference, and it just adds to the powerful aura Matt seems to have about him these days.

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Imagine that small bean bouncing around that big stage singing his song to a huge crowd at an event he loves (festivals) IM SO EXCITED

and the stage is a massive rainbow of colours 😍😍😍😍 right where he belong surrounded bu rainbows and in front of an adoring crowd showing them his talent, he deserves this a lot

Killian in the here and now

While I cannot say I love the “what from his past is going to bite Killian on the ass this episode?” thing the writers have going on, I do love watching him reconcile who he is becoming in this time and this world with the parts of him from another time and another world (and I’m not talking about the vengeful parts necessarily). 

I find that struggle of just the day-to-day changes and adjustments he has to make to fit a completely different lifestyle far more compelling than who he may have killed 50 years ago. The complexity I would love to see is that even though he generally adapts very well, there will be times he struggles, times he stumbles. Show how moving into a home, on land, makes him feel boxed in sometimes. Let us see him figuring out how to be a contributing member of this new society he belongs to outside of Emma. 

I don’t know. The closer we get to the end of the road for this series, the less I want to see flashbacks and the more I want to see of him working for his whole future—not just his and Emma’s together. He is an individual after all. Give me something new! 

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Alex gets into a fight at school because some kids were making fun of her baby brother because of his autism, so the school punishes Alex and Lextra goes ballistic

Alex honestly gets in trouble all the damn time but she loves Jake so much and can’t fucking stand to see him left out, bullied, made fun of…She just wants him to be able to enjoy himself and love himself and be comfortable, to feel like he belongs. 

The Reasons why Destiel would never work in canon

(If I miss or forget anything, feel free to add)

1) Dean Winchester is straight

2) Castiel is asexual and not even human

3) Cass is not Dean’s type, Dean’s type is the “frisky, flirty, experienced” type and Cass is the exact opposite of that, and no, not someone who just PRETENDS to be frisky and flirty, someone who actually HAS a frisky and flirty personality, and yes that matters with love based on romantic/sexual attraction

External image

4) Cass’ true form is the size of the Chrysler(?) building, and would be too much for Dean to even look at, much less anything else

5) the meat-suit he’s using belongs to Jimmy Novak, dead or alive it’s still Jimmy’s body, and was never originally Cass’ body to begin with, only ever a body to borrow, which is how Dean sees it too

External image

6) with Jimmy dead that technically makes it necrophilia, which i’m certain is where Dean draws a big, fat line

7) all of the PTB of Supernatural including writers and the Js have said that it isn’t canon, nor will it ever be, because they have confirmed that Dean is straight and that making the show about something it’s not (i.e. LGBTQ+ relationships/sex, bi dean) would ruin it

8) Seeing as Jensen IS Dean, being that he has portrayed him and brought him to life for 12 years now, and also I dare say the leading authority on Dean and most definitely the one who has the last say in Dean’s character, what he says about Dean goes, and if he says that something about Dean is canon fact, than it is canon fact like Dean being straight, and this lovely nugget 

External image

9) Sam is Dean’s everything, his entire world, and always ALWAYS comes first, no matter what, and that just would never work with Dean being in a long-term romantic relationship with ANYONE, because no one would want to be stuck in second place to their romantic partner all day every day while their partner’s sibling always took priority

10) Supernatural focuses on FRATERNAL love, specifically the fraternal love between Sam and Dean, not romantic love, and to throw in a long-term romantic relationship with one of the boys would never work, and would detract from what the show is about, which is why neither Sam nor Dean have ever stayed with any of their love interests, also because they both always choose each other


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Do you have any favorite videos of Seb? Interviews or fan interactions? Thanks

yeah seb’s a peach

i have a lot so this is just barely the surface

okay so i’m slightly biased but every time he comes to philly it’s magical and i love him he belongs here and it’s fate [link, link, link, link, link, link] also there’s always a chance to see @steverogersorbust do the Lord’s work

space boi seb on stephen colbert

space boi seb at the franklin institute

that time he did a full sprint into the audience to hug a fan and then not only hugged them but lifted the poor soul off the ground

omg omg i forgot this omg


I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:


bellamy & clarke; from script to screen (x) ;; aka that time when the writers underlined and capitalized the word ‘they’ in the script to show that, even if clarke might believe it, bellamy refuses to accept that she no longer belongs with him and their people