he believes in her so much

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Shit got real and too intense for Dany. I think the reality of them being in love hit her too hard and she's trying so hard to guard herself against it. She's so scared and vulnerable. That was one of the most tender scenes on GoT tbh.

It was anon, it definitely was. Major Spoilers of my thoughts on this whole scene under the cut.

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It was amazing to see that shot of Jon and Dany reaching for each other but not being able to grasp each other but then later on during boat talk, Jon reaches out to hold her hand then she reaches out to hold his hand and he holds on so tightly not wanting to let go. I never knew hand holding could be so poignant and hot at the same time. This scene was so much more than I could ever hope for.


No but in all seriousness this is the sweetest and purest romance the show has ever featured by far. I mean this is sweeter and more loving than Sam and Gilly even. I don’t know how to respond to it. I am overflowing with tingley feels. 

At the same time this is the most terrified I’ve ever been. If the writing takes this away from us I won’t be okay. I mean that. I will need like psychological help hahah I am TOO. INVESTED.

It’s interesting they are showing the North wanting to rally around Sansa…..while Jon is gonna be telling Dany that he will help the North see her for who she really is and accept her as their leader….cuz there is a high chance the North is gonna choose Sansa as their queen/leader……so you telling me Jon is gonna stroll his ass back to winterfel in season 8 and tell those Northern Lords to not follow his sister but follow a targaryen instead? He’s gonna actively work to undermine her power and authority on the North for Dany cuz he believes in her that much and is so in love?

Are we also supposed to believe that Jon is not smart enough to think that even if he surrenders the north, the north would more than likely rally around Sansa, or even Bran since they are both Ned Stark’s true born children verses Daenerys? That he’s bought into the dany hype so much he honestly believes that once Dany saves the day all the Lords will be in awe of her and see her good heart and happily bow at her feet and hand her their independence when the Long night is over? Keep in mind that According to Sansa she told Jon that his hold on the north was shaky and the Lords are proud and if he stayed gone too long they would start to rally around someone else, that someone logically being Sansa. So he has to know that what he’s doing will not at all guarantee Dany the north and if the north refuses to surrender and flocks to Sansa he puts his own family and all of his people at the mercy of a woman with 3* dragons that could destroy them all. So he would possibly put his own sister, who he’s spent the entire season being unusually aggressive over, at risk for being considered an enemy of Daenerys while knowing how she handles her enemies?

Or we supposed to just assume that Jon really thinks Sansa is just gonna yield the north because she fears Dany so he will conveniently get the love of his life (lmao) and dany gets her throne and Sansa and the north just become content with being ruled by the great Dany and her dragons and all is well that ends well.

Yeah I’m calling Bullshit

Addition: its even more interesting because the way they have handled the kneeling situation means that Jon can’t use the “I did it to save the north” excuse, because Dany pledges to fight with him before he decides to hand her the north. If Jon was gonna kneel to save his people from Dany’s wrath and secure her help with the WW, which would have been bullshit and still caused a riot but made some sense logically for Jon, he would have kneeled the 101 times she tried to get him to kneel to secure her help. So as it stands he doesn’t kneel for the sake of saving his people and his family, he kneels purely out of his sudden admiration and love for Dany. So he doesn’t risk Sansa’s life to potentially save it, he risks her and the north because of his own desires and “feelings”. How on earth does that gel with everything else we have witnessed this season and know about Jon and his devotion to the North? How

We know Brienne left for King’s Landing. Hopefully she will reach there in next episode. And also Nikolaj’s interview about how his last scene in the finale is his favorite one. It must be something life changing for Jaime and maybe it is inspired by Brienne. Brienne always inspired him to go out of his ways (us against the world mantra of Lannister family) to care for her.
We know how much he hates Jamie’s storyline and believes Jamie is poorly written in the show. And we also know he loves Brienne and Jaime’s relationship so much. I’m just hoping we get some nice Braime stuffs next episode.

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I would so love to see you write Bellamy and Clarke reacting to each other's new looks!!!

Guys I am 40000% here for scruffy!Bellamy and Bob’s terrible patchy facial hair you have no idea.  And I am already on the record as being Very Into Clarke’s new look so really this prompt hits allllll my s5 buttons.

It was so much to take in.

Clarke was alive, healthy, whole, and right there.  After six years of believing she was dead, after six years of mourning, he could reach out and touch her arm, feel the pulse pounding in her wrist, feel the warmth radiating from her.  Bellamy kept waiting to wake up, to find out it was a hallucination borne of grief or hunger or isolation, but then Clarke would smile at him and he’d remember all over again that this was real.

It was so overwhelming it took him longer than it should have to notice the changes.  He noticed the angles in her face first, the way six years of hard living had sharpened her jaw and melted away some of the softness in her cheeks.  There was the scar on her calf— long and pink and shiny— and gone were the long, flowing waves of blonde hair, replaced by a jagged bob and a shock of barely hidden red.

The latter he didn’t really notice until the sun was setting on the second day.  She was bent over the hood of the rover with a map spread out before them in an eerie echo of their last day together, frantically making calculations in Becca’s lab.  One of the sun’s last rays caught the tips of her hair and Bellamy blinked, realizing it wasn’t just a trick of the light— her hair really was gold and flame.  

Without thinking he reached out and curled a lock of red around his finger, rubbing it as if he could somehow feel its color.  Clarke stopped talking and looked up at him, a gentle smile on her face.  “You’re not paying attention,” she scolded, and Bellamy shrugged.

“You changed your hair,” he replied.

“I changed a lot of things,” she teased.  “And you grew a beard.”

Bellamy dropped her hair and rubbed at his cheek.  His stubble scraped across his palm, bristly-soft.  “I forgot about this.  Not a lot of mirrors on the Ark,” he said ruefully.

Clarke brushed his jaw with the back of her knuckles and then flipped her hand over, replacing his palm with her own.  “I like it,” she said, her eyes dropping to his lips and her own curving into a grin.  “It’s kind of a mess, but it suits you.”

Bellamy snorted and for the space of three heartbeats they simply looked at each other with wonder and awe and gentleness.  That after all this time they could be doing this, standing together, both of them alive— hardened and changed after six years apart, but still them.  She was still by his side and he was still by hers, even after everything.  Clarke’s thumb swept across his cheek and she pinned her lower lip between her teeth.

“Eligius is on the move,” the radio crackled from Clarke’s hip.  And just like that the moment melted away because the war wasn’t over and the peace was not yet won.

But for the first time in six years Bellamy had faith that someday, it would be.

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Yeah a lot of people are screaming about Jon betraying the North and the Starks

Mhm… I see that. I’ve unfollowed all of it. Jon respects Dany and believes in her as a ruler. She earned his support and respect. That’s all there is to it.

It’s really only Dany haters and Jonsa blogs. And I’ve seen Jonsa blogs now hating Jon because he’s a “traitor”. Lol what? They’re reaching so far with that one. (this coming from someone who loves Jonsa btw)

There was never even an actual battle for Northern Independence… the Northerners just scream “King in the North” and that’s it. Also the Northerners are not these ultra suppressed people. They pretty much do what they want. This really doesn’t change anything for them. The people that are making a big deal out of it are the people who hate Dany and Jonerys. 

Also, right now, Jonerys is paralleling the partnership that Ned and Robert had (but with more romance lol). That won’t last. We know who Jon is. And the foreshadowing for some kind of marriage and/or child is there. So… something is definitely going to change.

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What would happen if Padme lived, but the twins are stillborn How would she react?

Hi!  ♥  It would depend on why Padme lived.

Because so many of us have problems with the storyline of Padme’s death, I think we tend to forget that it wasn’t a death from childbirth that killed her, that it wasn’t Anakin’s physical assault on her that killed her.

It was her own broken heart after the loss of the Republic into the Empire (the loss of democracy) and the loss of Anakin (that she believed in him so much, then he murdered younglings and attacked her).

For Padme to live, she would have had to have a reason to keep living, and whatever that reason is would dictate how she would react.

Padme is someone who was incredibly passionate and idealistic.  She poured every bit of herself into her work for the people she was responsible for and into her marriage, she loved with every atom in her body.  And when all of that, ALL OF IT, burned to ash in front of her, she just couldn’t live through it and her body/heart/spirit gave out on her.  She was perfectly physically healthy otherwise, the medical staff specifically said so.  She died because of her feelings.

If the twins had been stillborn, it would have been one more thing adding to Padme’s crushed soul.  It would have been one more giant hill for her to climb and she already couldn’t climb over the two in front of her.  So whatever reason she had for living would have had to be really, really strong, something that she didn’t have in canon.

My guess is that either the Republic would have had to stay or else Anakin couldn’t have turned Dark Side.  And then that would depend on how much Anakin still wavered, because I think Padme would have needed a lot of emotional support and Anakin was… not great at that.  He was great at a comforting arm around the shoulder, he was great at being very emotionally invested, but Padme turning to him for comfort in ROTS was one of the things that piled too much responsibility and stress onto him that he couldn’t handle.

To have Padme live, I think would have required a very different story.  (I say this as someone who is never quite sure how I feel about the reasons for Padme’s death.  On a good day, I can see it being about her feelings and her story, but most days, it just feels like she died for symbolism, to be a rhyme to Vader’s birth.)

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i'm still disturbed thinking about what jon did//is going to do, espc after dany already agreed to fight with them!! they just made it seem like he's now so loyal and enamored to her and he doesn't need a reason to submit, he just believes in her that much *queue me spiraling into rage on behalf on sansa and the whole north***

Lady Lyanna Mormont would not approve of this.

It just feels like a slap to the face to all the people in the North. They’re already paranoid having their king gone and when he comes back and announces that he bent the knee (without consulting anyone) shit is gonna hit the fan

Here are all the Dragon Age companions in a nutshell: 


Alistair: Your senior officer who is so scared of taking charge that he pretends you’re the senior officer. You can make him king. 

Morrigan: Antisocial witch who totally turns into a spider just to fuck with Alistair. Will probably hold her nose and boink him later. 

Leliana: Ex-nun that murders people and tells you bedtime stories.

Sten: Murders a whole family. One of your more reliable companions.  

Shale: A fashion-conscious, bird-hating rock. 

Wynne: Magical possessed Grandma. <3

Zevran: Failed to kill you. Tries to seduce you instead. 

Oghren: Drinks so much that you forget he has other personality traits. You probably made him kill his wife. 

Dog: Who’s a good boy?! You are! Yes, you are!

Loghain: Doesn’t know why he’s here and frankly kind of wishing you just killed him.


Anders: All he wanted was to leave the giant tower he was trapped in and not be murdered. Jury’s out on how well that worked out. 

Oghren: Still drunk. He left his new wife so he could kill more things with you. 

Nathaniel: He’s forced into the club because ‘some of your best friends have tried to kill you,’ and frankly he’s concerned. 

Velanna: Fuck all you shem. She’s only here because she’s looking for her sister. Also her ears aren’t that big. 

Justice: He doesn’t know what he’s doing but you seem like a good sort so he’ll follow you like a confused and rotting spirit puppy. 

Sigrun: For a dead woman, she is the peppiest of the bunch. Will set Justice’s corpse spasms to music. 

Dragon Age 2:

Carver: Fuck you. Oh wait… maybe less fuck you. Or maybe he’s the fucker all along. 

Bethany: She loves you. Oh wait… no, she still loves you, even if you’re a prick. 

Aveline: Please follow the law. Please stop dragging her into your illegal messes. She just wants to be a good guard captain. 

Varric: He is writing all this shit down to tell embarrassing stories later. 

Anders: VIVE LA RÉSISTANCE! Also, Fenris can go fuck himself. 

Fenris: Murder ALL the mages. Also, Anders can go fuck himself. 

Merrill: The naive fish out of water from every romantic comedy, except she makes blood pacts with demons.

Isabela: FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT runs away with life-saving relic FLIRT SOME MORE. 

Sebastian: A priest who accidentally joined a gang. 


Cassandra: Best tank. Could probably have a faith spirit in her head and you couldn’t tell the difference. 

Blackwall: Liar liar beard on fire.

Solas: Liar liar egg on fire. Plus racism.

Iron Bull: Is literally called ‘liar’ and doesn’t lie to you for the whole main game.

Varric: He has finally reached a point where even if he tells this story honestly, no one will ever believe him. 

Vivienne: She will make you classy or so help her–

Dorian: Someone stop his country from embarrassing itself again please.

Sera: Down with the bourgeoisie, except not so far down that we can’t steal from them. 

Cole: Is even worse that this than Justice. You love your weirdo spirit puppy anyway.

Leliana: Someone said something mean? Cut out their tongue.

Josephine: Please just talk to people. Her life would be so much easier if you did.

Cullen: Can’t escape this franchise no matter how far he runs.


#Isaac: *literally recruits an entire band of evil villains to murder Regina and Henry* #Also Isaac: wHY do you hate me SO much?!

cute little sansa details i was in love with:

  • her hugging her knees when talking to bran under the weirwood
  • sansa being practical and having foresight about what winterfell will need for the coming winter
  • sansa jumping on bran and crying because she missed him so much and so did i sansa so did i
  • her looking beautiful in the snow
  • her readily telling bran that he is the rightful heir to winterfell
  • her trying to understand what bran has been through and not being dismissive of something that most would find hard to believe
  • just in general sansa caring about the north, about her siblings, and being the beautiful, caring, kind girl she always was, just with more wisdom this time
Feysand Growing up HC

-What if Rhys and Feyre were raised in Velaris together?

-Being economically successful, Feyre’s father is close friends with the High Lord. Both  their respective wife and mate have children around the same time. 

-The Merchant’s daughter and the High Lord’s son are practically raised in unison.

-They nap together. They take their first steps together. They’re potty-trained together. They share toys as toddlers. They finger paint together. They take naps together. They take lessons from Rhys’s mother. Basically, they live together. 

-When they’re 3 months old, they’re sharing a crib and boom the bond clicks. Though, not so boom because they’re babies and they don’t feel it.

- Their parents don’t know because the only thing they notice is that their kids are now sleeping right next to each other. 

-They become an iconic childhood duo.

-The one thing everyone wonders, though, as the two run down the Rainbow, is “When is their mate bond gonna snap?”

-Feyre and Rhys can’t tell, they just believe that this is what a best friend is supposed to be like, since Rhys’s parents are their only mate example.

-When Rhys starts to learn how to fly, Feyre is pissed. Her dialogue for two weeks is a relentless stream of “This is not fair.” “Why do you get to fly?” “You’re not even grateful, you prick.” “I want to fly.” “Why can’t you take me with you?”

-Rhys, being a child, sticks his tongue out at her.

-Momma Rhys watches from the kitchen. Once Feyre storms out, she calls to Rhys, “You are not my boy if you don’t go out of your way to take a female in your life flying.”

-Momma trains her son real quick in the art of carrying someone else while flying. 

-The dispute is solved.

-After years of the best childhood ever, Rhys’s mom declares that she’s raising her son as an Illyrian. 

-Feyre and Rhys say their goodbyes, and when he’s finally gone it hurts

-They both write it off as distance from their best friend. 

-For a few years, they remain pen pals. 

-”Remember that savage, Cassian? We are starting to get along.” 

-”My sister Nesta is becoming almost intolerable now. I miss your mom.”

-”My mother says hello. She misses you too. We have a new addition in our home. His name’s Azriel. He’s very quiet.”

-”I wish you could come and take me flying.”

 -Slowly, they piddle out until one of these letters becomes the last.

-Feyre’s family loses their status, not to the starving devastation of ACOTAR, but enough so that they fall out with the High Lord. 

-Rhys finds comfort in Cassian, Azriel, Mor, and Amren. Feyre becomes a recluse, until the tale of the Merchant’s daughter and the High Lord’s son becomes an obsolete story.

-Feyre and Rhys try romantic relationships with others, but they always fall short. 

-Years later, after the blood rite, Rhys returns from the camps.

-A large party is thrown in his honor, and neither looks for one another.  But, like a compass that always points North, somehow the two find each other. 

-It’s as if they were spinning in circles for years, stumbling, trying to recover, until they smile at each other. 

-The looks hits hard, only comparable to the instant when the world seems rightside-up again after all that turning. 

-It’s a night like no other. Years have passed, but they recognize each other. Conversion is easy. They don’t sleep, talking all night. 

-When he leaves again and the pain that faded all those years ago becomes incredibly strong once more, they know. 

-Rhys doesn’t even question his duties before he hauls ass back to Velaris letting the tug in his chest drag him through the city. 

-She sits alone at a café, slowly nursing a tea to ignore the ache growing in her chest. 

-No thoughts pass through his mind as he dives down and collides at full force with the street outside the little fence that surrounds the café patio. 

-A large cloud of dust forms. People scream and hide. Chaos ensues for fear of attack.

-Feyre stands calmly, throws a leg over the fence, and walks into the cloud. 

-Rhys looks around like a wildcat for her.

-She sees him. She loses her breath. A cataclysmic force runs through both of them as the bond snaps fully at their eye contact. 

-”There you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

-They’re in each other’s arms. They’re flying. They’re laughing. They’re kissing because oh gods it makes sense. All the years, the friendship, the pain. It makes sense. 

-”I can’t believe it,” Rhys says, breathless in-between kisses, “it was you. All this time it was you.”

-More kissing, sloppy kisses as they grin like fools. 

-”I’m glad it’s you,” Feyre whispers.

-He leans his forehead on hers. “Me, too. Darling. Me, too.”

Everything Has A Price // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Five [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Pool Sex, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Violence, Fist Fighting, Talks about Death and Bodies, and Swearing.

Word Count: 8,533

Song: Crazy In Love by The Eden Project Ft. Leah Kelly

“I betrayed her, Mitch.” I cried hysterically as he drove like a madman to Lee’s house. “I told her I was gonna be there with her. If something happened to Nia, it’s all my fault.”

“Nothing happened to her.” Mitch replied, looking over at me with determination in his eyes. “She’s alive. I’m sure of it.”

“I-I’m gonna have to live with the weight of this for the rest of my life, aren’t I?” I sobbed.

“No, you’re not because she is okay.” My boyfriend argued.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because this is Nia we’re talking about. She’s strong and intimidating as hell. No bomb is gonna bring that girl down.”

My doe eyes looked up at Mitch in complete awe. Here was this guy who just happened to stumble into my life and ended up becoming one of the most important people to me.

I gave him a smile and a nod just as we entered Lee’s street, the loud sounds and flashing lights of cop cars and ambulances stealing my attention. The whole road was full of police officers and paramedics hard at work, pulling bodies and a few survivors out of the completely destroyed house. Black smoke filled the air and you could practically taste the burning wood on your tongue. Firefighters held up hoses in front of the house as they put out its fire. The whole street was an open invitation to pure chaos. 

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