he became everything

john frusciante went through a lot of shit in his life and he loved life enough to survive and tell the story and cry about it and feel proud of the man he became with everything (good and bad) that implies, and if that doesn’t inspire you and teach you about strength and resilience  I don’t know what will

so the message it’s clear…. YOU WILL MAKE IT, and maybe you will cry about it too even after years of getting out of that dark period of your life, but you know what, IT’S OKAY, IT’S MORE THAN OKAY! because the fact that you can cry about it it’s the evidence that you are still alive and able to recognize that YOU WON. 

“hey, sorry.” ajax murmered, soft hazel eyes looking up from the food on his desk. “I must’ve lost track of the time..” he didn’t bother to clear his lunch away. rather, he nudged some of the uneaten food towards them. “i’m Mr. Whitteore, the new Psychologist, but you can call me Ajax. Would you like to spend this time being proactive or shall we pretend i’m helping you when actually we sit here in silence?” 

“If I was to get another moment with her, I would tell her I love her” (Murphy)

guess what, im writing murphy imagines again, yay

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Can you do an imagine with Murphy please? The one where he and reader were close friends at Ark, but then they had a serious argument and John got locked up. In skybox he realized he loves her and then they meet each other on Earth. (Sorry for my bad English) Thank you! x

When his mom passed, Murphy didn’t cope well. You could see why, with all that had been going on between them, and you stood by him.

He was your best friend, the only person who truly meant something to you, and you were willing to push away your feelings for him to keep him by your side.

Grief is a bastard, though, and the weight crushing Murphy’s heart only loosened when he drank. Without noticing, he became everything that he had despised in the previous months.

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“The less you have to hold on to, the easier it is to let go”
#justin who was 17 when he met him#justin who was supposed to be nothing but a one-night stand#justin the persistent little kid who somehow got in under the wire#justin who brian never expected to love so deeply#justin who slowly became one of the most important things in brians life#justin who impacted brian in a way no one or nothing else has#justin is one person but to brian he is absolutely everything#the way he touches his face and looks into his eyes one last time before he has to go#and the way he holds him in his arms and squeezes his hair tightly#letting justin go is the hardest thing brian has ever had to do

Things Change, Feelings Fade


Pairing: Liam x Reader

Prompt: “You faked it?”

Summary: You and Liam break up due to feeling like the relationship isn’t working anymore.

Side Note: Here you go @dogemikey, thank you for requesting! x

Sometimes in relationships things start to change, feelings fade and the spark dies out. That is what you were fearing has happened to you and Liam, ever since he became a werewolf everything felt different. You couldn’t put all of the blame on him considering it takes two to make a relationship to work, and well the sad truth it just wasn’t working anymore.

And that’s what you were doing in Liam’s house, you were going to be completely honest with him…as hard as it was going to be you had too. This is something that was bound to happen and it was for his sake and yours, knocking on his bedroom door his voice told you to come in.

Seeing him playing some video game, probably playing against Mason brought a genuine smile to your face. After all the crazy things happening right now, normal was hard to grab onto and that’s what people needed…they needed to feel normal anyway they knew how.

“Liam could we talk for a second?” you asked him hoping that this was all going to go down smoothly.

“Ah yeah sure. Hey Mason I’ll be back in a little bit okay Y/N is here.” He paused the game and came over to give you a kiss on the cheek. “Is everything okay, you don’t look well?”

Rubbing your eyes, you were seriously not sure how to approach this delicate subject. “There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you, and I’ve put it off because so many crazy things have been happening and I don’t want to add more stress”.

"I think you should sit down, you look like your about to pass out”. He lead you to the bed where you took a seat, he rolled a chair over so he could be directly in front of you.

Taking a huge breath you steadied your voice and said, “I think we need to take a break Liam”

The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with sad eyes. You couldn’t look at him and see the hurt he was displaying, “Break up…why?”

“Things aren’t working and they haven’t been for quite a while. Even you have to admit it Liam….things have changed”.

“So these past few months you what, faked it? You faked being happy?” he asked standing up and the force in which he stood made the chair roll behind in, and hit the desk.

“No Liam, I just….Our relationship isn’t what it used to be and I admit I wanted us to go back to simpler times. And when that wasn’t going to happen I didn’t want to break your heart, so I stayed”.

“Despite not loving me anymore?” he asked.

“I didn’t say I didn’t love you Liam”.

“Well you might as well have, I mean you weren’t happy so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you fell out of love too”.

The boy in front of you was truly breaking your heart, and it was ironic considering you were the one breaking his heart in the first place. Silence fell and you took that as a sign to leave, standing up you reached the door when Liam spoke, “Tell me is there someone else?” he asked with a shaky voice.

Fighting back the tears you looked at him one more time, “No there is no-one else”.

“Then why are you leaving me?” his voice shook even harder and tears were no longer holding themselves back for either of you.

“Because it’s not fair to either of us if we continue to be in a relationship that’s slowly falling apart”.

All he did was give you a simple nod, whether that was to show that he understood or whether he agreed didn’t matter much. Because it didn’t change the fact that this hurt like, and it didn’t change the fact that the pain in his eyes was because of something you had done….you knew when you walked out of his front door that this moment was going to haunt you, and the guilt wasn’t going to go away that easily.

Rant time!

I’m sorry but this is really pissing me off so I am going to rant about it. I honestly do not care how many on here I piss off.

I’m tired of people complaining about Iron Fist. People are saying Danny Rand should be Asian and it is racist and inconsiderate to cast a white guy for the role. People are also saying that they could have easily changed the character for the tv show.

People who are saying this obviously did not read the comics or missed the big point when they did read them. Danny Rand is a white kid who was thrown into the Asian culture. He just lost his parents and now he is with people he can’t even relate to or even understand when they speak. Danny Rand was an outsider. He was bullied by the other students and the teachers were harsher on him because he didn’t fit in. He didn’t belong. But he overcame everything! He became stronger. He proved he did belong there. That is why he became the Iron Fist!

So if the show casted an Asian man to play Danny Rand all of this would have been missed. Danny Rand is white for a reason.

“After one month, I arrived in Austria. The first day I was there, I walked into a bakery and met a man named Fritz Hummel. He told me that forty years ago he had visited Syria and he’d been treated well. So he gave me clothes, food, everything. He became like a father to me. He took me to the Rotary Club and introduced me to the entire group. He told them my story and asked: ‘How can we help him?’ I found a church, and they gave me a place to live. Right away I committed myself to learning the language. I practiced German for 17 hours a day. I read children’s stories all day long. I watched television. I tried to meet as many Austrians as possible. After seven months, it was time to meet with a judge to determine my status. I could speak so well at this point, that I asked the judge if we could conduct the interview in German. He couldn’t believe it. He was so impressed that I’d already learned German, that he interviewed me for only ten minutes. Then he pointed at my Syrian ID card and said: ‘Muhammad, you will never need this again. You are now an Austrian!’” (Kos, Greece) (6/6)

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"Dear dad,"

Dear father.

It has been so long since the day you finally went to sleep, and gifted the other world with an irreplaceable man. I have come such a long way, lived so long and experienced things that not even my wildest dreams as a child could have predicted. And still, I am so thankful for everything you did. Perhaps you were not praised every night in the middle of banquets, or had a statue built in your honour, but you are still a hero to me, and no amount of gold or titles could change that.

I remember my first steps trying to become a knight. So enthusiastic but so easily discouraged. I will admit that as much as I used to complain about them, much to your exasperation, your lessons were undoubtedly useful in my growth as a man. I have many fond memories about our countless sessions of sparring with swords, and how surprised you were to see me eventually utilize spears instead. Do not worry, I still have not forgotten your tips.

I am so glad that you got to see me become a knight, then ascend to the rank of captain. You were so happy for me, and knowing that you were there to watch me reach that level meant the world for me, even if you passed away a few years later. Still, even with the nostalgic feelings I get from these memories, I have nothing but gratitude for my past. None of this could have been possible without you.

No amount of words are enough to express my thoughts, and there is plenty I must do today, so I will not stretch this out any longer. Say hello to mother for me.

May you keep on resting as you deserve,

I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It - Calum Hood

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Word Count: 1901

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Smut?: No, but there is mentions of sexual things…

A/N: So I was feeling a little crappy about myself last night and I was listening to the 1975 (the title is the name of the song) and then this just happened.

Before you go, (please don’t go) turn the big light off

Calum laid beside your sleeping body, watching you.

He liked watching you sleep. It made him feel happy, somehow. Watching you sleep made him feel calm and disconnected from the rest of the world. He loved the how he became oblivious to everything else but you.

You were asleep on your stomach, one hand above your head, one next to your body and your face was turned towards him. You were completely exposed as you’d shoved the quilt off the bed at some point in the night due to it being too warm.

He loved to watch the way your upper body moved with each precious breath you took. He liked how your skin moved with each intake of air before it moved back when you exhaled slowly. If he listened close enough, he could hear each inhalation, exhalation. He would count how long an intake of air was and how long each exhale was.

Today, you were sleeping heavily, and each inhale lasted four seconds and you paused for half a second before you exhaled for six seconds. Counting your breaths soothed the anxiety that was brought on by the thought of you walking out of the door when you woke up.

A smile creeped onto his face when he examined your hair. He stroked the tangled strands, being careful as not to wake you up. There was no doubt about it that you would complain when you woke up. You’d probably blame him too. You always did. “God, Calum. Why do you have to run your fingers through my hair so much when we’re, you know, doing it?” You would say it in that whiny voice that made him laugh and he’d have to fight the urge to pull you into his lap and untangle each and every single one of the knots in your hair.

He looked at your nose. He loved your nose. He loved how the nostrils flared with each intake of air. He loved its shape and its size. You’d always complain to him about how it wasn’t in proportion with the rest of your face. How it didn’t fit you or suit you in any way. “Stoooooop,” you’d butt your head into his chest after he’d bopped your nose. “It’s the wrong size for that to be cute and it’s covered in blackheads.” You’d mumble, covering it with your hands. He’d shake his head and bop it again, insisting that it was the most perfect nose he’d ever seen.

Calum let out a breathy laugh when he looked at your mouth. Your lips were parted slightly and you were drooling onto his favourite pillow- not that he cared. It was only his favourite pillow on the days it smelt of you.

Your lips were intoxicating. They were perfect. His heart fluttered when they stretched as you laughed at something that he said. But he hated the way your hand would whip to cover your mouth. When he’d asked you why you did that, you’d told him that “I was told my mouth looks massive when I laugh.”

He’d lifted his hands and smoothed his fingertips over the soft lips, before murmuring “Y/N, your lips are so, so pretty.”

He definitely loved how they felt against his. Each kiss had him weak at the knees and he just couldn’t get enough. You could have him begging at your feet for a simple kiss if you wanted. He was addicted to the way you nibbled and sucked in his bottom lip when you kissed him deeply; it had him groaning and whimpering for more, more, more.

But he was saddened on the days you’d show up, lips bleeding from picking and biting them too much due to your anxiety.

Your eyes were different when you were asleep. The eyelids covered them delicately, they weren’t squeezed shut. And although he liked the way your mascara was smudged around your eyes and how beautiful the eyelashes were, he loved it when they were open, awake and wild.

Your eyes just seemed to pop! When you looked into his eyes, he became hypnotized by the colour of them. They were just so beautiful. So bright and full of youth and light.

He reveled in the beauty of them when you laughed. The way they glimmered with humour made him dizzy, and they way they looked darker and sexier when you were lusting for him made him breathless. He still remembered the first time he slept with you and how wide your eyes had gotten when he made you orgasm. He had asked you about that later and you’d shyly admitted that he was the only guy to ever make you come.

And although he hated to admit it, he loved how they looked when you cried. The puffiness and the blotchiness of the skin somehow made them stand out more- so much more that they were almost overpowering.

He’d told you all this before, but was pushed away when you rolled your eyes, “How can you say that? They’re the most dull colour ever.

Calum strongly disagreed with your statement.

He moved his hand to push your hair away from your ears, yet another thing you were uncomfortable with. He was mindful enough not to touch your ears; the smallest tickle sent you into fits of laughter. “Calum! Calum! Stop, they tickle.” You had giggled at him the first time he’d touched your ears.

“You have tickly ears!” He had laughed. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He loved tickling you. He tickled you to see you laugh, smile screech.

“I didn’t know until now!” You had held his wrists tightly, fending off his large hands.

Your ears were the cutest thing. He loved how they looked when you had all your hair pulled back. The way they curved round at the top just fitted you perfectly. Your ears just suited you. They weren’t too big or too small. They were perfect, which was, again, something that Calum believed and you didn’t.

Next, he looked at your cheeks. Currently, they were flushed red from the heat of the room. He relished in the look of your cheeks when they were flushed from either being too warm, too cold or because Calum had made you blush.

He found you adorable when you slapped the palms of your hands to your cheeks to hide your blush from him. Calum would giggle at your cuteness and playfully wrestle your hands away from your face so he could see their redness. Usually, you’d end up in an awkward position due your wrestling and you’d blush even more when Calum made a suggestive comment.  

He let his eyes trail down your face and to your neck. He blushed recalling last night’s activities. The proof you two had been together lots recently was all over your neck. Hickeys covered the majority of the skin there, some dark and visible, others paler and less visible as they’d faded.

You always complained that he left too many on your neck and you would encourage him to leave some elsewhere on you body. He did, but your neck was his favorite place to suck on, excluding other, more private parts, of course. The skin was just so delicate and slipped in between his lips so easily he just couldn’t resist leaving his claims.

His eyes moved down your shoulders and arms until they reached your hands. Calum adored your hands. They were just so elegant. His eyes were always drawn to them whenever you gripped the sheets as he made love to you. While you fucked him. He liked how your knuckles changed colour when you gripped something too hard. He loved how the numerous rings that you adorned your hands with never came off your fingers. Not even when you slept.

He especially loved your hands when they were wrapped around his thick shaft, pumping and twisting his most sensitive part.

He hated them when they moved to cover up something you saw as a flaw.

Calum didn’t think you had any flaws; to him, you were completely flawless

Calum lifted a hand and gently skimmed his fingers down the smooth skin of your back. He savoured the feel of the smooth skin against his rough, calloused fingertips. He grinned in delight when goosebumps arose at his touch. “So beautiful,” he murmured to himself.

He let his hand continue its path downwards, feeling the dip in your back before his hand began to travel up the curve of your, plump, fleshy arse. He pressed his fingertips into the skin, checking your face to make sure he hadn’t woken you up.

He rubbed his warm hand soothingly around the inflamed skin. You’d asked him to spank you last night and you’d loved it. He’d iced the area afterwards, but the skin was still hot and tinted red.

He closed his eyes, remembering the few times he’d took you from behind. The flesh of your bottom had smacked against his lower stomach as you shoved yourself forwards and backwards on his shaft. God, your moans had been so loud on those night.

He let his eyes drift to your thighs. Calum loved your thighs. He loved how he could sink his nails into the soft flesh and pin them down easily as he ate you out. Other times he loved to let your thighs do as they pleased as he ate you out. He couldn’t deny the fact that he loved how they closed around his head. Calum would die a happy man if you suffocated him with your thighs.

Yet, you hated your thighs. You had never liked your thighs. While they were one of your biggest insecurities, they were one of Calum’s favourite features. But lately, you’d started to believe Calum’s sweet words about them and you hated them a little less.

Calum sat back when you moved suddenly. “What are you doing?” You mumbled into the pillow.

“Just worshipping your body.” He smirked when you blushed.

“‘S’too early for that.”

“Y/N, it’s eleven o’clock.” He laughed as you groaned.

“Yeah, but Calum, one round with you is enough to knock out a professional marathon runner.” You whined loudly, shifting your position so that you could rest your head in his naked lap.

“You had three rounds with me last night.” He twirled a piece of hair around his finger.

“Stop,” you pulled your hair from his finger. “You already knotted it enough last night.” You grunted, making Calum smile.

After staying in bed and talking to Calum for an hour, you decided it was time to leave. You pushed yourself off the bed and rolled your shoulders as you retrieved your clothes from the floor.

“You want me to open the blinds?” You asked him as you turned to leave.

“No thanks,” he smiled sadly. He hated this part. You’d leave now and return a few nights later looking for another fuck. Only Calum made love to you while you simply fucked him.

He was in love with a girl who only used him for pleasure and comfort.

Calum’s voice stopped you just as you were about to open his bedroom door and leave.

Before you go,” he ignored the voice that begged him to say ‘please don’t go’. “Turn the big light off.”

~ Ellie xxx

Obi Wan : Torture

(In this universe Palpatine was killed by Anakin and he became a master and evERYTHING IS FINE. THE COUNCIL ACCEPTED ANAKIN EVEN THOUGH HE HAD KIDS EVERything is fine.)  

   You stood nervously, shifting your weight on your feet. The wind whipped at your hair, so you pulled the hood of your cloak up and over your head. It wasn’t too cold, but normally Coroscuent was warm with the sun shining through the clouds. So this weather was a somewhat brutal change from the norm. Against the cold, your whole body warmed at the sight of a small red cruiser landing on the pad. The top of it opened and a mess of cloaks climbed its way out.

       You smiled from underneath your hood, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “General Kenobi.” You said, walking towards your friend. “Y/N.” He said, his voice holding a quality that you would only use when addressing an old, yet loved friend. His cheerful blue eyes searched for yours under your hood. “I take it that you’re cold. Let us head inside.” He linked your arm with his and started to walk back towards the temple doors.

    Once inside, Obi Wan turned to face you, moving his hand carefully to the hem of your hood. He pulled it away from your head and smiled when he saw your face clearly. You smiled softly at him, as he took in the features of your face. He quickly shook his head, ridding himself of his thoughts. “How have things been since my departure?” He asked, walking further into the temple. You walked beside him, and caught him up.

      “Anakin was been doing very well, helping Master Yoda with the terrified Senate. He will make a great leader one day.” You informed him. He nodded at the mention of his friend, his old padawan. “Good.”

“You taught him well, Kenobi.” You said, touching his arm lightly. You felt a shock of nerves when you did. “Why are you nervous? Do you sense something?” You were concerned for your friend, Obi Wan normally wasn’t jumpy. “I’m…I’m okay. I must speak to you though, Y/N. In private.” You nodded, but suddenly felt his same nerves at the thought of being alone with him. You were normally near other Jedi’s and knew how to conduct yourself around them. But with just Obi Wan…

     You followed him into the empty training room, and once inside he closed the door behind you. “What do you wish to speak of?” You asked, trying not to stutter. When your eyes met with his, you saw his weak, wide eyes staring at you. He suddenly let himself look tired, and his lips formed a slight frown. “I’ve been trying to embrace what I have, not wanting more from anything, anyone; I feel like my heart’s mistaken.”

   His voice was lower, as if weighed down by his thoughts. “Obi Wan…has the Dark Side..” “No. I’m not seduced.” He said quickly. “Then what is wrong?” You asked walking towards him, his face was close, but he still had to look down at you slightly. “Promise me, that you’ll listen to the truth, and believe it.” He said softly. You nodded in response, wanting him to open up.

   “I hate pretending to give you the attention the Code dictates I am allowed to give you, Y/N. I’m trying to follow the rules given and set, but my heart tells me to do otherwise. Because of you.” He stopped speaking, his hands were holding yours because he had grabbed them when he started to talk. He studied how your hands locked together, thinking about whether he should say more or leave.   

      You bit your bottom lip, going over what he had said in your mind. You were piecing together an answer if sort when he spoke again.

“It’s torture not being able to love you how I wish. Lying about my happiness is eating me alive.”

“You no longer have to struggle, Obi Wan.”

  You met his gaze, and a small smile played on his lips. He moved his hand up your arm carefully, as if you would break under his touch. His finger tips made their way to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him. You could feel his heartbeat against your chest, and it was as quick as yours.

       He pulled you face closer to his, until you felt his chapped lips against yours. You both moved in sync, as if you were one person. You had never felt more connected to someone until now, in this very moment. His lips were suddenly gone, leaving you yearning for that warm feeling once again.

   “I love you, Y/N.” He said, his voice carrying a tone of loving seriousness. You leaned up to his lips, pressing yours to his again. “I love you too.” You said in response, after pulling away from the kiss. It didn’t feel rushed to you nor him; it felt relieving to finally act as you both pleased.

    It stayed quiet for a while, you being held tightly in his arms. It was only when his comlink went off did you part. “Hello Anakin! Master Yoda wishes to speak to me? I will be with him in a moment. Thank you my friend.” When he hung up, he turned to look back at you, his gaze instantly meeting with yours. You stepped forward and leaned upward once more to kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll be in my quarters, you can come by after speaking with master Yoda.” he nodded, and you turned around to leave the room.

*Obi Wan’s POV*

   I watched her leave, her cloaks billowing out from behind her. It made her seem elegant at best, but no word seemed fitting for her beauty. No word seemed fitting for the way she made me feel, all I knew was that it was painful to not embrace this feeling. Once a few minutes had passed, I headed out the door, and walked to the Council's’ meeting room.

   Anakin’s tone over the comlink seemed calm, unusual for him but none the less I has happy he was finally at peace with himself. Little Luke and Leia had been keeping him busy too, at from what I saw the last time I visited Anakin and Padmé.

     Luke looked like his father, and already seemed to hold a strong power with the Force. Anakin and Padmé seemed happy too, free from the threat of the Dark Side. My thoughts drifted to Y/N, and how happy we are right now, just at the very start.

   When I reached the Council’s door, I tried to quiet my thoughts of Y/N, although it’s basically impossible. I entered the room, and saw Master Yoda sitting in his small chair. I walked to the middle of the room, and stood before the green Jedi respectfully. “Greetings, Kenobi. Seen you not since young Skywalker’s journey to Master-hood I have.” I nodded, “It’s good to see you Master Yoda.”

     “Worried was the Council for you. Sensed grave heartache and pain if young Skywalker had failed for you, they had. Grateful we are for you training him.” He said, moving his short fingered hand to his chin. “Thank you, for letting him continue on his path in the Light even though he broke the Code.” I said, trying to express my own gratitude towards him and the Council. “Forgiving we were, for saved Galaxy he did.” He said, humor lacing his tone. I chuckled quietly, but then straightened. “A strong love between Anakin and Padme there is. Sensed a challenging love I have, equal of magnitude.” He had a small smile as he spoke. “Of one of your Jedis?” I asked, trying to hide my raising nerves.

“Hmm, Yes. But deserves this love he does, break he needs.”

“A Jedi’s work is never done, breaks are not had by your Knights.” I said, feeling a wave of sadness and realization washing over me.

“Beating himself up, this Jedi is doing. Awkward he is with his feelings.” He laughed when he finished speaking, looking at me with mischief in his eyes.


“Luck I wish to you and Y/N, Obi Wan. Worry not.” He finished. I took a deep breath before nodding to him in thanks. “Excused you are Obi Wan.”

I quickly walked out of the meeting room and headed to Y/N’s quarters. My thoughts were wild with the feeling of hope. I was also trying to figure out a way to tell Y/N what happened, but tell it in a way where I’m not embarrassed by Master Yoda’s teasing.   

My personal problem with “Uncle Rudy was Mycroft’s predecessor” headcanon

Many people (both fanfic writers and meta creators) seem to be convinced that Mycroft inherited his current position from Uncle Rudy. And although, it’s almost given that Rudy had a big influence in this circles and probably helped his nephew out, I personally think this headcanon is insulting to Mycroft’s character.

See, in Conan Doyle canon Mycroft basically created his own occupation (just like Sherlock Holmes did with consulting detective) and over the years he became “an expert in everything”, someone irreplacable. There was no other person in government who could do what Mycroft Holmes could do.

And sure, Sherlock isn’t exactly faithful adaptation, but this is one of the most awesome aspects of Mycroft Holmes as character. So insinuation that he merely took this position after someone else rather than building it up over the years and proving his usefulness is insulting.

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 5


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Word Count: 3.7k

Tagging: @supernaturallymarvellous @heismyhunter @quotemeow @feelmyroarrrr @andimadeitawkward @super-potter-4ever @its-hellohazel @ichabbster25 @wantedtobefree-notbefreed

The week following Sebastian’s return was a breath of fresh air in comparison the the previous weeks. After you had told him everything, he became angry – very angry. He was in a state of fury you had never imagined he was capable of, your warm, kind Sebastian. But discovering that your boyfriend had a temper wasn’t half as worrying than one singe ‘hi’ from your persecutor. Having a man raise his voice was always a sounding alarm in any woman’s head, but you knew Sebastian’s yells weren’t directed toward you, they were meant for Robert, and weren’t it for you standing between Seb and the door, he would have stormed right out and hunted him down. Thankfully a few gentle reminders that neither of you knew where he lived, added to the fact that you really needed him here right now was enough to calm him down.

“He-” Sebastian started but he bit his lip, obviously not finding anything harsh enough to say. “That hideous bastard, he’s-” Still not finding anything, he closed his mouth, his lips drawing a thin, straight line. He eventually settled on, “This is serious, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you said, rubbing your face with both hands. That hot shower’s soothing effects were slowly fading away. “I don’t know what to do, but please, please-” you started, “Just be with me right now, hold me and make me forget.”

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                                                  This is your life! 

Some would say that Allen Jones had the perfect life, he was smart, handsome, funny, and he had a great family. He came from nothing and he became everything, if that wasn’t the true underdog becoming something success story, he wasn’t sure what was. Yet, he lost it all. He was always a wholesome Christian man, he put his faith into God and that was that until he came to the WWE a little over a year ago, he was a married man, with his own issues and problems but upon meeting a blonde haired beauty his marriage problems only became worse. He had cheated on his wife, something he had never, ever done in his twenty-one year marriage and yet, it had finally happened. Allen couldn’t believe what he had done. He always prided himself on being a bigger and better person than that, yet, here he was struggling for the right words to say to his wife. What would she think? What would she do? It was all too much to bare, and then, just like that his marriage was over, his whole entire life as he knew it was over. One simple mistake, one simple mistake had cost him everything he had ever loved or ever known and it was all slipping through his hands like sand. 

                                            Are you who you wanna be??

 A year later and he was a newly single man, trying to figure out the world once again. It had been twenty-one years, give the guy a break. Upon, being newly single, he was also learning how to readjust to life with a heart condition. Something not even his ex wife or his own family members knew about, he had always struggled with asking for help and even though, his life was literally on the line he couldn’t stop himself now. So close to Wrestlemania? So close to all of his dreams and aspirations and yet, he could literally lose everything for himself, for his family. His family was the most important thing to him, his children especially. Growing up, he had a bit of a rough childhood. His father though when he was sober very supportive, when he was drunk, he got very violent. His dad would often beat up on him and his brothers but not only them but his wife, in front of them. It was a lot to handle and it did cause a bit of emotional damage to Allen but he always promised himself that he would never treat his wife that way and he didn’t. He knew his father had always meant well, he just had his own demons, his own battles, and at the moment Allen had quite a bit of those himself. He met his ex wife Wendy in high school, the two quickly fell in love and the rest was sort of history from there. They got married a month before graduation and had been together ever since. At first, it was just those two together conquering the world one step at a time, each by each others sides until May third two thousand five. That was the day their first born son, Ajay was born. Now, two thousand seventeen, he had four beautiful and blossoming children and he couldn’t wish for anything more than that. His children were his life, they were what had gotten him as far as he had that was for sure. 

                                        Is it everything you dreamed that it would be, when the world was younger and you had everything to lose??

Still, without Wendy his life had lost a bit of meaning behind it. He no longer believed in love, or the idea of it being real and the worst part of it all was that he created that for himself. Allen’s family, something he had worked so hard to build up and make so strong was now and probably forever would be ruined. Family? What really was family? Had he ever known what it actually was?? 


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As soon as Dean started developing feelings for you, he became insanely distant; trying everything he possibly could to keep you away from him. All he wants is for you to be safe and you knew that, but you were tired of hearing him tell you that it’s not safe with him. Of course it’s not safe; you’re a god dam hunter.

The two of you tried making a pact that during an argument, neither of you would storm out in a fit of rage. Of course there have been many times when all you wanted to do was take the impala and drive off to god knows where. This time was definitely one of those moments.

You try not to let it upset you, you really do. But his words can sometimes sting. The way he tries so hard to push you away as if he doesn’t love you makes you want to break.

You faced the wall, blocking out Dean’s words and he rambled on in anger. You were so sick of it. Sick of feeling painfully exhausted after screaming at the top of your lungs. Sick of trying to explain to Dean that you could take care of yourself. Sick of having to argue constantly. Sick of him trying to push you away.

“Why can’t you just quit hunting? Go live a normal life! Find yourself a house with a white picket fence and a god damn dog” you heard him say behind you. You sucked in a deep breath, trying your absolute best not to smack him across the head.

“I don’t want a normal life! I don’t want a picket fence! I want you…” those last words ending quietly while you faced him, eyes stinging as you stared into his.

His eyes dropped as he let out a long breath, unsure of what he wanted. He knew he needed you, he knew he loved you, but he also knew how much he needed you to be safe and he convinced himself that you weren’t if you were with him.

“I can’t do this Dean, I can’t have this same fight over and over” you spoke quietly, unsure of where you were going with this.

“Then why don’t you leave” he replied, his voice sounding almost as if he were pleading.

You held your jaw in your hand as you stared to the floor, wishing Sam were here to break up the fight. You began walking forward as your arm dropped to your side. You stopped as you stood right beside Dean, head facing the door.

“If that’s what you really want… then fine. You win” your voice cracked as your eyes began to fill with tears; your left over anger not allowing the tears to fall. He didn’t say a word as you slowly began walking to the door, realizing that this was it. You were done.

“Wait” you heard Dean’s soft voice behind you; your feet stopping as he spoke.

“Please, don’t leave…” he whispered, loud enough for you to hear. You could hear the pain in his voice and for a split moment you stood there, unsure of want you wanted.

You turned to face him as he walked over to you, a single tear rolling off his cheek. He leant down as you faced the floor, wrapping his arms gently around you as if you were a fragile piece of glass. You began to sob as his chin rested on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” was all he managed to say in that moment, knowing he was going to have to make it up to you in some way later.

i see a lot of people who get angry whenever anyone calls derek hale a hero because “scott is the hero” and???? there can be more than one hero? and people can be heroes in different ways?

i think derek is a hero because, despite everything, he kept going. if the shit that had happened to him had happened to me, i can guarantee i wouldn’t be okay. derek hale is a survivor, and that is so fucking important to me. 

Before you walk away from him, think about the first awkward “hi” and “hey”. Do you still remember how you felt when someone finally see your importance, that he liked to know everything about you, even the little things? Do you remember how he made you smile when he wrote your name on the sand by the beach? Do not forget those times when you fought your drowsiness so hard just to talk to him all night. You wanted him so bad. You fell for him hard. Remember those times when he became your comfort when everything seems so loud in your head. He listened patiently and hugged you. You felt secure. How about those times when you were so mad that you just could not stop yourself from nagging him, then he suddenly kissed you to shut you up? He really knows what to do. You shared a lot of good things to remember. Now that things are getting difficult, think a lot of times if you really can afford to lose him. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to help him be a better person. Please be patient. Please understand. He needs you now more than ever.