he became a father now

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

All Might gets temporarily de-aged to a teenager by some weird op quirk, and Izuku becomes his babysitter, because 16-year-old All Might is basically a hyperactive child in a teenager’s body.

He doesn’t have any of his older self’s memories, so he spends the whole time pestering Izuku with questions about himself.

“Do I become a famous hero?” he asks, eyes shining with hope.

Izuku smiles brightly back, saying, “You become the number one hero in the world.”

“That’s so COOL!” shouts Toshinori, pumping his fist in the air in victory. “Who’s number two?”

“Endeavor,” replies Izuku, his expression souring.

“Who?” asks Toshinori, looking confused. He thinks back, trying to remember if any of his classmates had chosen that as their hero name.

“Oh, uh…” Izuku has to think for a moment to remember his real name. “Todoroki Enji.”

“Oh!” exclaims Toshinori, eyes going a little wide. “huh, I guess I’m not all that surprised. So, do I have a family?”

This gets an interesting reaction out of his new friend.

Izuku looks away, his face going an interesting shade of red.

“You don’t have a wife,” he says slowly, and droops a little, disappointed. “But…you did adopt a son.”

“Oh yeah?” asks Toshinori, leaning forward, a smile tugging at his lips as he realizes where Izuku is going with this.

Izuku won’t look at him.

“Y-yeah,” he stutters. “Somehow you saw potential in a quirkless boy, and made him your successor.”

Toshinori can’t help the little gasp that escapes him at this.

“You helped him train until he could become a proper vessel for One for All, and somewhere along the way, you became the father he never had.”

There are tears falling from Izuku’s eyes now, and his fingers are trembling.

Suddenly, a pair of powerful arms wrap him up in a hug, and he looks up to see an adult All Might smiling down at him, his eyes glassy with unshed tears.

“And you are the son I never dared to hope for.”

the father of the pride.

bleach || isshin-centric, ichigo/orihime || 1400 words || pg—13

of men and boys, because there are fewer bonds stronger than the one between father and son, even in the Kurosaki family.

how do you know.

What is it like to be in love?

Isshin looks up from his newspaper. The question startles him and he’d almost believe he’d imagined the question except that Ichigo is determinedly avoiding his gaze, studying his fingernails with such focus, that he knows he hasn’t.


Ichigo clears his throat. Y’know, how do you know when you’re in love? How can you tell?

Are you in love, Ichigo? Isshin asks slowly. He hesitates, does not want to scare his son away from this conversation because it is important, obviously important because Ichigo is asking him and he never asks him anything if he can help it.

I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.

Isshin puts down his newspaper and rests his chin on his hands. When I met your mother, I just… knew.

But how? Ichigo’s tone is almost impatient, but Isshin knows he is not so much impatient as he is uncomfortable, because he is the loony dad who never says anything serious because he never takes anything seriously. Except he does, because his kids are Masaki’s kids and if there is anything he is going to look after in this life, it is their kids.

He casts his mind back to a show on television the night before and decides that their explanation makes sense. All the songs make sense.

… What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Love songs. All the love songs you’ve heard your whole life, you finally understand what they’re talking about. The good times, the bad times, even the phrase, ‘I love you’ means something different once you’ve been in love.

Ichigo scratches his nose. That, he starts, is the type of stupidly vague thing I expected you to say, and he stands, ready to leave and Isshin knows he cannot let him because if he fails here, Ichigo will never come to him for anything again and Masaki will never forgive him.

Ichigo. Wait. His son pauses so he continues. Look, love is different for everybody but the love song thing? To me, I think that makes sense almost universally, but if you want to know how I felt about your mother, I’ll tell you, but it’s all the clichés you’ve heard because love is a bit cliché. Ichigo turns his head slightly in his direction and Isshin smiles. You think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, and even though people will tell you someone else is better looking, you can’t see it…

What if you’re already with the most beautiful woman? Ichigo interrupts and Isshin smirks at how telling this one statement is.

Well, then you are a lucky man.



Her reputation might have preceded her but it still didn’t do her justice because Ichigo might’ve been right in thinking he was in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. A small part of him (alright, maybe not that small) is reminded of Masaki, and maybe that is why he sees so much sparkle in her eyes and colour in her cheeks and brightness in her smile. But he keeps this to himself.

He doesn’t want his son to realise he might have a bit of an Oedipus complex.


unwritten law.

We have to work together, son, Isshin whispers to Ichigo one night.

Dad, too close! Get away! Ichigo pushes him away forcefully but Isshin resists, determined to get his son on his side for this one project, perhaps the only one they will work on together in their entire lives.

Ichigo! One day, Yuzu and Karin are going to bring home… boys. Ichigo stops pushing him.



So? We will only get one opportunity to scare away their suitors!


… Aaaaand we want to do this why?

Isshin punches some sense into Ichigo, both literally and figuratively. It is a rule, Ichigo, that the men of the house intimidate potential mates to ensure they are suitable for the precious female offspring. I didn’t realise you were so stupid that you didn’t know this!

Did you have to say it like that? And it is so not a rule.


Please! Just because Orihime didn’t have anyone to defend her doesn’t mean that it’s not a rule! It doesn’t mean that Yuzu and Karin should suffer! Isshin stops at the expression on Ichigo’s face. What?

Actually, Ichigo says thoughtfully, Orihime’s brother turned into a Hollow and tried to kill me…

See? Isshin gloats. Now, my son, what are we going to do?


the only possible answer.

So, Ichigo says out of the blue and then stops just as suddenly.

So? Isshin counters.

I, uh, I asked Orihime to marry me last night, Ichigo murmurs, looking down at his fingernails in a nervous habit and Isshin smiles.

That’s nice. Isshin says, looking away for the sake of his son’s modesty. What did she say? Isshin watches Ichigo from under hooded eyes as the corners of Ichigo’s mouth twitch upwards.

She said yes.

Isshin smirks. Of course she did.


she walks in beauty.

She doesn’t have a male relative to walk her down the aisle so Isshin volunteers.

She’s part of the family, his family, after all.


extra, extra.

It is a few weeks after they come back from their honeymoon that Ichigo visits his father, the first time they’ve met up since the wedding.

How was the honeymoon, Ichigo? Isshin asks around his mouthful of steak. Did you both have lots of sex? It is a sign of how much Ichigo has really grown up that he doesn’t stammer or blush or spit out his food at the question. Instead, he smirks and shrugs, as if to say, well, that is point of the honeymoon.

That’s not really what I came here to talk to you about. I have some news and I wanted you to be one of the first people to hear it. Isshin swallows his mouthful and leans forward eagerly.

Orihime’s pregnant, Ichigo says and he cannot keep the wide grin from splitting his face or spilling into his voice and his enthusiasm is infectious because Isshin’s grin soon mirrors his son’s and he is hugging him in congratulations.

Sometimes he thinks that things can’t get any better and then life throws him an amazing curveball.


i do not love you except because i love you.

He tiptoes softly into the hospital room, not wanting to wake the new parents or the baby. His newborn grandson.

I’m a grandpa, he thinks, feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The sensation does not diminish as he leans over the crib to see his grandson for the first time. If anything, it grows and grows until it feels like he is being punched in the gut and someone is squeezing his heart, all at the same time.

It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

He remembers feeling a similar sensation when Ichigo was born, when he first became a father, but that was years ago now, many years ago, and the memory of the emotion had dulled. He glances over to his now-grown son and his gorgeous wife, slumbering peacefully on the tiny hospital bed. He cannot hold back his smile at the thought of this beautiful new family. Ichigo was going to be a brilliant father, Orihime a perfect mother, and he would happily take on the role of the eccentric grandparent.

The only grandparent.

The baby continues to sleep. Isshin brushes his thumb tenderly over his forehead. His grandson opens his eyes, eyes a deep brown like his father’s, and Isshin falls in love all over again.

Don’t worry, he whispers, the women will fall over themselves for you. It worked for me and it worked for your father. Trust in the power of Kurosaki charm.

His grandson watches him, he doesn’t cry or even frown, and Isshin relishes this silence, rejoices in the forming of this bond between two generations of Kurosaki men.

He continues to gently play with his grandson’s orange hair while his parents sleep.


because i don’t know.

How do you know when you’re in love?

Isshin looks up from his newspaper. The question startles him and he’d almost believe he’d imagined the question except that Shinichi is determinedly avoiding his gaze, studying his fingernails with such focus, that he knows he hasn’t.


Shinichi clears his throat. Y’know, how do you know when you’re in love? How can you tell?

Isn’t this something you should be talking to your father about, Shin? Isshin puts down his newspaper as Shinichi awkwardly shifts in his seat.

I did, but he told me to ask you.

And Isshin smiles.

The President’s Son

Summary: Dan Howell is the President’s son, and Phil Lester is a member of the secret service who is hired to look after Dan. Dan isn’t happy about being followed around by some random guy, and Phil isn’t happy about wasting his life following a spoiled teenage brat like Dan. Things quickly change whenthey both start crushing on each other, and they spend time together.

Genre: AU, Angst (v slight), Fluff

Word Count: 3,434

Beta: thanks soo much to the ever so wonderful constipatedhowell for betaing!

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Closed RP | fellthroughtheice

Hiccup had been nervous to say the least as this was his first day back home in years. He’d been sent away for a long time by his father to hone his skills, as Stoick thought it would be best for his son to be away to learn. Being a Dragon hybrid, inheriting it from his mother, the human guardsman didn’t know how to properly train his boy, and henceforth had taken him to someone who did know about how to raise the hatchling and teach him how to control himself as the Dragon within became stronger.

Now he was back though, and recruited by his father- who was now the chief of the guard- to protect the outer areas of the royal castle. He didn’t much care for any of that though. He didn’t even want the job, there was only one reason he wound up taking it and that was the old friend he’d had to leave when he was shipped off to far end of the kingdom.

Jack Frost was his name, the prince of the Elvhen kingdom, and he and Hiccup had been the best of friends even if technically they shouldn’t have known each other all that well. They were from very different classes, and with Hiccup also being a hybrid many saw him as something akin to a beast more than a person that is capable of being kind and friendly.

Despite it all though he was excited to see his friend again, even if he was a bit on edge. He had to wonder if the prince would even remember him or acknowledge him, unknowing if these years had changed the reckless boy he once knew into something else. Granted, it wouldn’t be easy for him to find the prince what with his guard schedule having him currently patrolling the gardens but he had his hope that Jack may see him or walk by. He had to have that hope. It was the only thing truly tying him to this place.


The two pics were colored by @kinzaibatsu91 uwu

  • Name: Dien
  • Age: 25 (i know she doesnt look 25 i just cant draw older women well ;w;)
  • Occupation: Waitress
  • Positive traits:  charismatic, punctual, coordinated
  • Negative traits: hides her feelings under a smiling exterior, deceiving, manipulative
  • Sexual orientation: Homosexual. i think she’s the gayest oc ive made haha

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BREAKING: The Borussia Dortmund player Christian Pulisic (17) became father. There were rumours before he went to Asia, but now we got finally the picture of him and his son Puliballsic. We took this picture after he hold his little son. We showed him the picture and asked him “How was your reaction?” He responed with a smile and said “IT’S A BALL.”