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Yeaaaaah so I disneybounded as Belle today and, after a HECKUVA LONG ORDEAL, got to meet Gaston! Which was amazing and slightly nerve-wracking and got an awesome selfie.

He demanded to know if I dressed as a secondary character deliberately, then I said I identify with Belle on a deep spiritual level, and I tried to add that I found him attractive, unlike her, but somehow it came out wrong and he got SUPER INSULTED because how DARE I not think he’s gorgeous (he then asked the rest of the line if they thought he was the most handsome man there and that was why they wanted to meet him), and asked if I would take pictures with him. I sighed and was all, “I guess I have to, don’t I?” And he made me stand really close, then he wrapped an arm around me and kept making smolder faces while I kept making annoyed faces. Before I left, I asked if I could take a selfie, and he said, “As long as MY face is in it!” which ended up producing my new favorite Disney picture.

That’s literally all I wanted to do. That was my goal for the trip. I have achieved it. I met Gaston while Bounding as Belle. Tomorrow I shall attempt to meet Belle at Epcot, but if I don’t, I met Gaston, and that’s all that matters.

(Which begs the question…what would happen if you took the 2017 Gaston to DisneyWorld? Like if you woke up one day and he was there in your house and you took him to Disney? And then he met the face character of himself? I need to know!)

Okay but imagine: Auguste Lives AU with Belle!Laurent and Reformed!Gaston!Damen

cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 

Just got back from Beauty and the Beast

and guys, all that stuff about lefou being bad representation? its wrong. throughout the movie, he gets more and more uncomfortable with what gaston is doing, and then, at the end, in the final dance member, they show him dancing with another guy. also, despite the name, hes not at all as foolish as his animated counterpart. hes shown to be more intelligent than a lot of the villagers who follow gaston around, and even switches sides in the big battle, saving the life of a beloved member of the castle servants. hes a good guy, and, honestly, sure, the representation isnt perfect, but i went into that movie expecting him to be the comic relief character bumbling after gaston, and mooning after him. he wasnt. there was definitely something unrequited there, yes, and he did do some things that were questionable, but hes not portrayed as foolish, or evil. hes one of the most developed characters among the villagers, and he even gets at least a hint of a happy ending when he dances in the final dance number. he makes up for all of his ‘evil’ actions, recognizes them as wrong, and gets his happy ending. please, dont boycott this film. its really good.

also, a bonus: the relationship between belle and the beast is actually really well developed and realistic. theyre both very well developed characters, with touching stories and realistic emotions.

tl:dr: lefou isnt portrayed as an idiot and he gets a happy ending with a random background dude, and also the romance between beast and belle is good

15 reasons why Gaston is kinda awesome...

1. He doesn’t make fun of Belle for reading, like the other villagers do.

2. He’s polite. “Pardon.” “Excuse me.” “Please let me through!”

3. He’s strong and can handle himself in a fight.

4. He has amazing hair! (So grabbable)

5. He’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something.

6. His self-confidence is through the roof!

7. He’ll bring you flowers!

8. He knows how to have a good time!

9. He has great aim; with a knife, with a quiver and with a gun!

10. He’s not afraid of public speaking.

11. He’s gorgeous! (Can’t ignore the obvious)

12. He’s a nice dresser and has very well-tailored pants (very important IMHO).

13. He just wants a quiet family life where he can stay home with his wife and adorable children! Awwwww

14. He can SING!

15. He’s played by Luke Evans! ;)


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