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The lightsaber sliced through the ice, and Luke kept the weapon activated as he tumbled to the cave’s floor. He sprang to his feet just as the wampa was about to pounce, and swung the lightsaber hard. In a single motion, he cut off the monster’s right arm. The severed limb landed on the snow with a muffled thud. Howling in pain, the wampa clutched at its open wound.
 Not wasting a precious second, Luke deactivated the lightsaber and scurried away from the wailing beast. He moved by instinct, pushing his way through snow and ice until he tumbled out through the mouth of the cave and into …
 A blizzard.
 When I wanted to leave Tatooine, I never bargained for this.
 Dazed and lost, Luke pressed on, leaving the cave far behind as he moved deeper into the storm.

- The Empire Strikes Back (junior novelisation)

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Could you tell me more about the netjeri that you said Set sends you?

Sure! :> Be prepared for UPG and woo, lol.

I’ve nicknamed this entity “Rick” for convenience; I have a theory that he could be the Sha beast because he’s canine about as often as he is humanoid, and when he accompanied me to HSA’s palace one time, they chained him outside until I demanded he be given a room, and then they locked him in said room. (Later some servants were kinda rude to me for “being Setian” and were all bitchy about bowing to “Lord Set” when he showed up, so make of that what you will.) He also imitates Set’s energy and personality professionally, but I’ll get to that later.

We met -officially- when Set told me a year or so ago that he had to take off and he knew I didn’t know any warding techniques and didn’t always have my bearings Over There, so I needed a bodyguard/babysitter. He was probably just being protective, but Rick turned out to be pretty cool. He greeted me as if we already knew each other, and when I asked about it he pointed out some times I’d thought I was talking to Set; turns out it was actually Rick. One memory that sticks out was during my “initiation” all those years ago when I was scared of everything, Rick curled up over me in wolf/sha beast form while I slept, and told me “there are no monsters around willing to take me on”, so I could relax and sleep.

Anyways, whoever Rick is, he’s worked for Set for a long, long time. He usually refers to him as “the Red Lord” or “our master” or “your paramour” if he’s teasing me. He’s practical and stoic with a dry sense of humor, but I definitely get the impression he has a lot of respect and love for Set (another reason I think he may be the Sha beast). He usually calls me “kid” and ruffles my hair or noogies me, like a big brother or something. If we’re just sitting around Over There he’ll sometimes drink or offer me a beer, but generally he just bitches about work or having to deal with other gods…and seeing how he was treated at one of the NTRW’s homes, I don’t blame him.

In the group of entities I work with under Set, Rick is basically Set’s lieutenant. He’s told me that in addition to “babysitting” or fighting people for Set, he’ll send messages to other entities, including corporeal devotees. He sort of wears a Set mask and says the things Set would say, so long as it’s not anything particularly important. He told me he generally calls Set if there’s anything personal, emotional, or urgent being said. For example, sometimes I’ve reached out for Set and gotten Rick instead, asking me if I need something in particular or if he should “pass the message” along to Big Red. Their energies are very, very similar -it took me several months to tell the difference- so I wouldn’t doubt that a lot of the time I think I’m talking to Set, it’s actually Rick passing messages between us.

I leave Rick offerings on occasion since I’m not sure how much Set can “pay” him, and that won him over real quick, lol. Rick’s told me a lot about how things work between the entities that serve the NTRW in the Duat, and it’s pretty interesting. Other devotees of Set, try giving “Rick” a shout-out, maybe he’ll answer! :P

The Adventures of Coyote and Dragonfly

new fic!! longest one i’ve ever worked on, hope you like! it’s a miraculous ladybug au and i’ve been super hyped about finishing this chapter all week!

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Chapter: 1/14
Word Count: 6k
Rating: T
Pairing(s): mchanzo

Summary: Hanzo’s life is in turmoil: his family’s crime dynasty is falling to pieces, he and his brother are trapped in a desolate American town while their father handles business, and a sudden crop of horrible magical monsters have appeared out of nowhere in their new home of Santa Fe. Suddenly, he’s offered a chance to take control of his supernatural problems: Between fighting with his brother, attending school in a foreign country, and saving the city from terrifying beasts, he definitely doesn’t need a stupid crush on his plate, too, but magic can’t fix everything…

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Beauty and the Beast 30-day challenge: Day 14

14. Did you have a favorite/least favorite part?

I think my favorite part of the musical that isn’t in the movie is in the middle of “Something There” when Belle reads the story of King Arthur to the Beast, and he’s so enraptured, and when they finish he’s like, “I didn’t know books could do that.” And you can tell she’s having so much fun reading it out loud and enjoying keeping him in suspense. It’s a sweet moment of the two of them sharing her passion, and it leads to some genuine bonding (she feels comfortable enough to confide that she’s an outcast in her village, so they have something in common).

I also love the way they tweaked the West Wing scene just a little bit: that after he scares her, she kind of falls back and trips down the stairs in her haste to get away, and the moment he sees that she’s hurt, his anger dies completely and he’s trying to make sure she’s okay but she does not want to hear it. It kind of breaks my heart that he’s instantly ready to apologize, but it doesn’t matter (and I’m not saying that I blame Belle for running away, just that it’s sad). 

It just emphasizes to me how very, very afraid the Beast is of Belle being hurt, and especially of it being his fault in any way (albeit indirectly). No wonder he almost always waits for her to reach out to him first.

I also love the part when she’s refusing to have dinner with him and they’re arguing and she goes, “you can’t just order someone to be hungry, it doesn’t work that way.” It always makes me laugh.

I don’t think I really have a least favorite part, per se, but I will say that, while I always crack up at the part where Gaston mispronounces “rendezvous,” because it’s supposed to emphasize how dumb he is, it makes no sense. They’re in France. Why would he mispronounce a French word when that’s presumably what they’re speaking the whole time???

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I feel your pain. I'm just over here tryna watch some boc but all I see is thirsty thirteen year olds defending a LITERAL DEMON


Thank you for the support. Honestly? I fear for humanity when I see people not realizing that Sebastian is not a hero. He’s one of the main characters, yes, but he’s not  a hero in the slightest, and what he did to Beast was horrible, and most of all, wrong. It was cold-blooded manipulation.

And wanna hear the worst of it? I read one comment saying that Seb was kind to her because he ‘seduced’ her instead of torturning her for the information.

Really? I want to crawl under my bed and hide from this stupidity.

newt scamander is me
  • believes the real monsters are humans 
  • loves animals far more than people and would die for them 
  • would happily destroy a shop to retrieve an animal and keep it safe 
  • accidental favouritism but loves all equally 
  • awkward but able 
  • proudly shows off hogwarts house 
  • defends hogwarts over other wizarding schools
  • wears the same outfit repeatedly
  • will curl up in bed and pout when upset

the women of ‘fantastic beasts and where to find them’ + their ilvermorny houses