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BTS| They see you wake up from a nightmare

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Jin woke up because you spoke while sleeping. He first thought he could listen, but when you sounded more and more panicked he tried to wake you. First you didn’t reacted, but after he called you the fith time you finally opened your eyes wide and looked into his. He just holded you for some time before he asked what happened. He would be okay if you don’t want to tell him. Bcause he knew how frightening dreams could be, he made you a special “sleeping-tea à la Jin”. Hw would force you to drink all of it before he would pull you into his arms to be well rested for the next day.

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You were already asleep when he came home from the studio. He wanted to shower before going to bed too. When he already arrived at the bathroom, he tried to be as quiet as possible, he heard you crying. It was no normal crying, Suga never heard such noises from you. It was as if you fought against something. He immediately walked back into the bedroom. When he entered the large room, he tried to galvanize you. When you finally seemed to be back in reality he holded you a bit away from you to check if you were okay. You needed him now, so you suddenly hugged him while sobbing into his shoulder. He didn’t asked anything, he just held you. You sat there for minutes before he took you with him in the bathroom to run you a bath.

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Namjoon usually was a very heavy sleeper, but this night you woke him through your constant movements. When he were able to open his eyes, he saw you, a stressed expression on your face. Suddenly, you opened your eyes, which immediately filled with tears. Namjoon reacted directly. He hugged you tight and waited till you were ready to tell him whats wrong. When you told him that you had an nightmare, he would ask you to talk about it. When you finished, he would lay down while still hugging you and would tell you about his dreams, in a poetic way of course, till you would sleep again.

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When you jerked and talked while sleeping, you first scared Hoseok. He needed some seconds before he realised that there wasn’t something like a burglar. When his sight fell on you, his first thought was that you had aches, so he immediately awaked you. A faint  was your reaction when you came back from the dream world. You looked at him in shook, before you remembered your dream. You remembered how real it felt. And the tears started to fall. Hoseok couldn’t see you cry. He was worried to death and wanted you to tell him what was wrong. When you told him about your nightmare he held you in his arms while telling you that he would take the next day off to take care off you. You would stay in this position till one of you would fall to sleep, so that the other one could play the big spoon.

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You where tho one the one who woke him since you awakened silently, but not less frightened. At first, he was dazed with sleep, but after he realised how serious the situation was, he suddenly was wide awake. He barely needed a second to see your tears and wiped them away while holding you tight. He would ask you what happened and when you told him, he would hold you even tighter. He would hum you to sleep and probably wait even longer to make sure that your nightmares don’t return.

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Tae entangled you so tight, that he was able to feel the slightest move of you. But he probably would have felt you  lashing out even if he wouldn’t be so clingy. When you nearly hit him he held you on your wrists and forced you to wake up. You looked into his orbs, his expression mirrored yours. You were both shocked. You first wondered why he rubbed his thumb about your cheek, but when you saw that his finger was wet you realised that you cried. He suddenly pressed you in his chest, hugging you tight while rocking you like a baby. He would do this till you’ve fallen to sleep again and would talk to you about this the next day.

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Jungkook woke up while you cried into his chest. He talked to you why you would cry and was slightly confused when you didn’t answered, before he realised that you still slept. He wasn’t sure if he should wake you but you made this decision for him when you winced before you opened your eyes wide, tears still floating. He didn’t really knew how to react, so he just held you tight. When you calmed yourself in his warm hug he gave you a questioning look and finally asked you why you cried. Whether you told him or not, he would hug you and tell you that he would protect you from anything that tries to hurt you.

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YoonKook in a nutshell pt. 5
  • Yoongi: *says something sassy*
  • Members: ... o... k...
  • Jungkook: *snickers*
  • -
  • Jungkook: *teases the members*
  • Members: Could you not
  • Yoongi: *acts as if nothing had happened while trying to hide a smile*

briana on twitter tomorrow: @eleanor youll never be what me and lewis had.. NEVER,, what we had was so so special! he cherishes those moments.. we have a beautiful son together and what do YOU have? starbucks? BULLSHIT! louis bought ME starbucks back in july 2015 and he even bought me TWO sugars.. he let this baby SWELL inside of my for 9 months and he was SO HAPPY! so who are YOU ! eleanope !

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Can you please do an aesthetic post for dating Tom Holland and going on a trip to Hawaii with him? (I just keep having a dream about it lol) if it isn't too specific if you include a girl in the pics, can you make her black? Thanks! Love your blog! ❤

“Trip To Hawaii + Tom Holland” Aesthetic 

The trip was so last minute but my god it was worth every penny. Tom had finally finsihed filming and didn’t want to do anything else but be with you–but he wanted to do something special. So he suprised you with tickets to Hawaii. He knew how badly you wanted to go visit–so he booked a hotel and got a flight asap and before you knew it you were on your way there. 

The time you two spent there together would never be forgotten–it was the best trip you had ever taken and everyday you thanked him. The walks on the beach, all the wonderful photographs you two got to ‘snap’ while you were there. It was the perfect vacation and you would do anything to do it all over again.     

hope you like it!

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How would UF skelebros feel and an S/O who is a living embodiment of a precious cinnamon roll who is too good and precious for this world being attacked by a monster, but S/O just says "move aside please" and the attacking monster just obeys.

UF Sans: Jaw hanging open, takes a minute or two to process hOW THE FUCK YOU JUST DID THAT WHAT. He knew you were something special but…this is not what he was expecting. He’d be relieved that you can get yourself out of dangerous situations, but that won’t mean he’ll stop trying to keep you safe either.

UF Papyrus: TEACH HIM YOUR MYSTERIOUS WAYS OF MIND CONTROL!! He jumps right into this conclusion & you attempt to teach him…how to ask for things nicely?? You don’t wanna ruin it for him, so you attempt to teach him how to ask for things nicely.

I have officially fallen in the Mercy76 black hole. I literally had to look at one photo and BAAM here I am obsessing over it!

Personally what I love at the Mercy76 from my perspective is that I like to seem them as close comrades with Mercy always helping and saving Soldier, while 76 fights on and doesn’t want her to get hurt or have to see the horrors of the battle field. (he has a special spot for those who don’t want to fight in a combative role).

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sangwoo said it was their anniversary... do you think he meant 1 month or 1 year?

Tbh I don’t know what Sangwoo meant anniversary. Maybe a month since they’ve been together? But it feels longer… or when they killed the guy as a practice round, maybe when Sangwoo knew about Bum (the moment they had eye contact in Chapter 1 possibly) or he meant just a special gift?

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Im quite sorry Hamilton Anon but Mark doesn't need "someone better" he found that special someone who lights up his world, the one who makes him smile. He's surrounded by people he loves.

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Headcannon! Bum makes Sangwoo lunches for school and when his classmates/friends get jealous that he has such a tasty looking lunch he feels pride that Bum made this for him and that only he gets special lunches from him

YO SHIT THIS IS MY JAM. I don’t even know what else to say except thank you for sharing this with me???? A++++

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Hi Mandy! The liveshow -Sweaty Danny, at 39:50 when he talked about someone saying phil might be autistic than he went on about someone diagnosing him having a blood disease. What do you think his point was bringing that up? He went on a tangent there and i felt confused.

Okay I apologize for this taking a couple days to get to, I was waiting until I had a chance to rewatch and look at the notes that liveshow. 

“Phil was the worst person, anyone that has ever played this game— he’s okay, because you see that he was trying to draw something, he’s just a special person that thinks outside the box and doesn’t quite approach things the way you’d expect. I saw someone [say Phil was slightly autistic], oh my God, people diagnosing people with illnesses on the internet, I can’t. 

I kind of live for it and it makes me want to die. I remember once on 4chan someone was trying to diagnose me with some weird disease of the blood and I’m like, "Bruh, what is— no. If you’re not a doctor, you shouldn’t just diagnose people with stuff.”

He did the very Dan thing of interrupting himself mid-sentence with an entirely different tangent fairly unrelated to what he’d been talking about - except, obviously, in his mind it was related somehow, and I get how… the discussion being about Phil’s type of lateral thinking being a handicap in the kind of game where you’re supposed to guess the most popular answer. The autistic Phil thing is not something I’d heard of before so I don’t think it’s a recent fandom trend to speculate on. I guess whenever, wherever it was that Dan saw that it really stuck in his mind? 

It feels like he started talking about that in his unfiltered way then realized how defensive of Phil he was coming across and linked it with a similar story about himself. As far as the blood disease itself, I wonder if someone just saw him talking about having orthostatic hypotension (which he has done on twitter, and I think in tabinof?) and assumed because it had to do with blood that it was a blood disease? It seems like an entirely different kind of speculation than people thinking Phil might be autistic which is entirely behavior based and not based on something Phil actually said.

But either way: I think the speculation about Phil does bother Dan quite a lot, I think he was giving an honest reaction to it but it ends up being a bit for a confusing jumble. Dan obviously feels like he can make fun of Phil completely for being really bad at that game, but he didn’t like other people speculating on why Phil was bad at it or in general bad at things like that. 

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When did you first realize you loved Jimin more than anything?

I’d always been Jimin biased, he was the only one that caught my eye when I first discovered BTS predebut. Around 2015 I was having extreme Yoongi feels though, and at some moment I thought my bias had changed, so I had made a test for myself. I told myself that whichever member caught my eye when I saw them live again, that would be my bias. Absolutely no questions asked. So when I saw them for the second time in 2015 my eyes did not leave Jimin, not even for a second. He’s the only one that I saw, and that’s when I knew that he won’t ever stop being my bias and that I will always love him and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Even before then though, I loved Jimin so much ever since they debuted. Every era for me has always been a Jimin era, in 2015 that was the first and only time I ever had that problem.