he barely wants to let go of her


Killian has always waited for Emma, for her to make the first move, for her to kiss him. He was always so cautious not to push her, not to invade her privacy, not to scare her or make her uncomfortable around him. He can’t risk messing this up.

But now Emma has let him in, she is telling him how important he is to her. How she CAN’T bare the thought of losing him. And now he knows. He knows her heart has accepted him. He knows she wants him just as he wants her.  He feels safe to make a move now.

She’s so beautiful, and every second he is around her he wants to hold her, kiss her, feel her, and now he knows she’s his. Now he can let go, now he can grab her, pull her in, kiss her passionately because she WANTS him.

This is huge for both of them. Because now he feels comfortable and secure with her, he knows he isn’t going to scare her away because she WANTS to be there with him. And you can see it written ALL over this kiss. Like he’s waited a thousand years to kiss this woman, the woman he loves with every ounce of his being. With every bit of his soul.  

Character Development: Nick

Sometimes I wonder about reviewers who complained about Nick’s “lack of character development”.

Were they watching the movie?

I mean, look at this sequence:

You know why Nick did that? Because, at this point, not only was he being blackmailed to do things he was not eager to do, but also because of “that little item”:

Now, if Nick can go from that guy who “wanted to see Judy fail” to this guy, who dared to stood up for her when no one else would:

I daresay that is a great character development.

He changed enough, so despite of his own principle:

He nearly let Judy “get to him”, by baring his past, his reason for him to be so apathetic. His wall was crumbling:

And his wall kept crumbling until he was wide open and vulnerable to the bunny:

His childhood dream finally coming true:

So imagine how crushed he would be seconds later. At this point when his defenses were all down, the wall had been torn down by Judy, the bunny revealed her own baggage of prejudice:


I’d say this is amazing character development. Moreso if you remember that all these were compressed into a period of 3 days.

Reviewers should learn to analyze movies deeply, with open mind and desire to analyze. And not expect everything to be handed on a silver platter.

IOW: They should learn to use their brains.


Headcanon that after they bring Killian back, Emma develops a habit of holding onto him in her sleep like her life depends on it because she’s too terrified to let go of him after losing him so many times.

And one morning she wakes up and realizes she’s still clutching him so tightly he can barely breathe. And she tries to apologize and move away to give him space but he stops her and pulls her back over to him and kisses her forehead and says something along the lines of he never wants them to let go of each other again

A Hard Love Part 2/10

Originally posted by toomuchmuchness

Warnings: Swearing, SMUT

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name. Y/L/N - Your last name. Y/E/C - Your eye color.

A/N: Reader has telepathy and telekenisis which she uses to help Bucky through his nightmares.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10

After the incident in the training room Steve decided to take Bucky on a small drive to their old neighborhood to clear his head. Bucky wasn’t sure why Steve insisted on doing this, he barely remembered the places Steve was pointing out, and even if he had they had all changed beyond recognition. Bucky was tired and frustrated. He had stupidly lost control of his emotions.
“So you want to talk about it?” Steve looked over at Bucky who shook his head. “Well then I am going to.” Steve huffed “I know what happened today. I’m not stupid. Why don’t you just accept the fact that you have feelings for her, and let yourself be happy for the first time in a long time?” Bucky continued looking out the window, not responding to Steve. Steve continued despite “I feel like if you don’t, you are going to drive yourself crazy with jealousy and do something stupid.”
“I won’t” Bucky responded gruffly. 

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A sunny day

Dani had woken up with intense pains in her side, calling Mrs Lopez right away. She was staying at the hotel luckily, so she picked her up right away. Everything went so fast, but when the doctors said she was in labor she texted Santana that it was time. Only 8 hours and a lot of pain, screaming and anger, before their little boy was out in the world, Dani gasping when she saw his beautiful face. Laying with him on her chest, she totally forgot about anything else in the room, crying softly. She barely let him go when they wanted to clean him and check everything, but she hesitantly did. It felt like forever though it was only 30 minutes before she had him back in her arms, feeling his little naked body against her naked chest as she held and just looked at him “he’s so gorgeous.” She whispered, smiling at the soft grunts from the baby


we’ll show the fire how to burn » the soulmates AU in which they are not soulmates

And somehow, in between window shopping in city squares and teaching her how to fire a gun, going out for drinks and sneaking into her hotel room late at night to pick her up and press her back up against the wall and press promises against her bare skin, somehow Illya starts thinking of her as his and him as hers, even though he has no right to at all […] he finds himself thinking that if he could just have this for the rest of his life, it’d be everything he’s never let himself want. 

It’s all-consuming and terrifying, and sometimes he catches her eye across the room when they’re supposed to be listening to Waverly brief them about some important something and Illya feels something warm trickle down his spine all the way down to his toes. It’s not like the fairytales; Gaby isn’t heart-racing or gut-wrenching. Instead, she’s the peace and quiet at the back of his head and she’s the eye of his hurricane, and it’s better. It’s so much better.

Faking It Drabble #12 (Even More, Even Merrier from Dean’s POV)

“Don’t move, or I’ll stop.”

He was about one more stroke away from coming all over her, and he wanted this to last. He knew she thought he was just being bossy and taking control, and that was fine. But the truth of it was that he was barely hanging on. He had watched her lips stretch around Cas’ cock as she closed her eyes and let the angel fuck her mouth. He had heard the sounds she made, seen the arch of her back as she curled her body in pleasure. And now he was buried in her, tight and wet and clenching around him, and he was going to lose it.

So he needed her to hold still.

“Cas?” He knew Cas would understand his request without having to speak. Within seconds, she was crying out, limp against him, completely under the spell of his own cock inside her and Cas’ grace teasing her. Holy shit, she was the most amazing thing he had ever seen when she let go like this.

He made her beg. He slowed down his pace every time she got close, tortured her in the best way possible, the whole thing hotter by the taboo of Cas watching them, teasing her in his own way. Finally, when she was clawing and screaming, shouts of “please” and “I need it” falling from her lips in a chant, he let her come.

And Jesus Christ did she come.

And then her mouth was on him. Her wetness was still all over him, and she sucked him down like he was candy, pulling a mind blowing orgasm out of him in seconds. He let go the way she did, letting his body bow up off the bed as his muscles shook, spilling over her tongue.

She was fucking Cas for him. She used the angel to show Dean everything, to put on a show for him. Even when another cock was inside of her, it was all for him. It was Dean’s eyes she stared into, Dean that she was saying deliciously filthy things to.

He lost the ability to form sentences.

But when she gave herself over to Cas, told Cas to fuck her hard, however he wanted to, his words came back to him. He couldn’t resist leaning down and telling her just how hot she was, just how much he loved the way she looked. He wanted to see the effect his words had on her, the way they made her eyes roll back in her head and her toes curl. Wanted to see her come one more time.

Because he would never get enough of watching her come.

The words “Welcome home, I missed you” echoed in his head the rest of the night, created a happy swelling in his chest that quickly dissolved into a small fear.

She was his home now.

“Ichigo just sees Orihime as a little sister! There’s no way he could have any feelings for her! Just look at this scene where Yuzu wants Ichigo to notice her new school uniform-”

“-He barely even reacts to it! I mean Yuzu’s his little sister after all, that’d be pretty weird if he blushed about it or something! Now let’s take a look at this scene where Chad is curious about Ichigo’s opinion on Orihime’s new outfit. Since Ichigo so obviously sees her as a younger sister, he totally shouldn’t have that huge of a reaction to it! It’s not like he’s going to blush furiously and not be able to look at her while he tells Chad his opinion on it-”

“-Or continue to blush while Yoruichi makes a somewhat provocative entrance by shoving her hand in between Orihime’s breasts-”

“-And it’s not like Yoruichi’s gonna slap him because she’s mad that Ichigo didn’t flirt with Orihime or something-”

just once

They agree it’s a one time thing. She has barely touched her lips to his before his phone had started ringing. Ginny didn’t have time to gasp or tilt her head and open her mouth to him. None of the things that 16-year old Ginny Baker had promised herself she’d do if she ever found herself pressed against Mike Lawson. 

It was only meant to happen if he was going to Chicago.

But he’s not anymore.

So, it’s a one time thing. They’re teammates. Friends. No need to mess up a good thing with the unknown.

So, one fleeting, barely there, electric as hell kiss.


Except it’s not. Because Ginny Baker doesn’t let anyone or anything deny her what she wants. And she wants Mike Lawson (who has never cared about rule following, anyway. He tried chivalry, tried to save Ginny from himself and what they could be and the Fates decided his ass belonged firmly with Baker).

So that one time kiss turns into Ginny following him into the showers, long after everyone had cleared out (they’re horny, not dumb). Shower visits turns into Ginny pressed against the wall–hot and soapy and wet–with Mike Lawson sucking kisses into her neck.

They figure that once they’ve christened the shower, a kiss or two in her changing room wouldn’t mean much anyway. The thrill of someone entering, someone catching them, heightens their urgency, makes her soft cry of, “Fuck,” throatier.

Lawson’s got shitty knees, but it doesn’t stop him from kneeling in front of her and using his tongue, fingers, and lips on her. She comes with his name on her lips and her hands in his hair.

She knows they should talk about this–address what the fuck they’re actually doing. How it seems to not just be once at all and how Mike has begun crowding her space when men approach, how he asked her once in the quiet of their bedroom (dammit, her bedroom, not theirs) to please stop seeing Noah. She wants to fire back that they’re just fucking, that he has no hold on her. But she knows better. She knows she will meet him at every dive bar, answer every call, and have his back, no matter what. 

She kisses his mouth softly, once, twice, three times and presses her body to his, her head on his chest and sighs softly. “Only you.”

Mike knows they should talk to. He thinks about doing this whole thing the right way–flowers and chocolate and shit but then he thinks, Ginny Baker isn’t a normal girl. She’s everything. He knows he’s in deep. He knows she’s not there yet. So he waits.

So he pleads with her after every kiss, fuck, shared pizza and beer, and every game, “Just once more…”

Faint: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Can I have a Draco x Reader romance imagine where Draco finds the reader passed out after a match against Hufflepuff and after bringing her to the hospital wing he confesses his love to the unconscious reader but when he isn’t looking she smiles a bit.

Warnings: malnutrition, (when you can’t find any gifs you like so you make your own)


I had barely sat down at the table for breakfast before I feel myself being yanked back up and out of my chair.

“Pansy, wait I haven’t eaten anything yet!” I call to her.

“Well, grab an apple and let’s go! We’ve got to hurry if we want good seats,” she yells, still tugging my arm. I quickly stuff an apple into my pocket and follow her outside. Today was Slytherin’s first match of the season, and they were playing Hufflepuff. Pansy always liked to sit in the front row, to make sure Draco could see her cheering for him while he played. 

We make our way down to the pitch and I feel the cold of the winter setting in with the snow falling around me. I tighten my green and silver scarf around my neck and pull my gloves out of my pockets and onto my stiffening fingers, rubbing the blood flow back into them. 

Pansy and I get to our usual seats in the middle of the front row in Slytherin’s section and sit down, cuddling close for warmth, and I completely forget about my hunger, too distracted by the cold. The match is about to begin, and the Slytherin team makes their way out onto the field. My eyes search their faces until it finds the one I’m looking for. His white-blonde head turns in my direction and we make eye contact, and I see the beginnings of a smile play on his lips. He winks at me and I feel a warmth rush to my cheeks.

The match begins, and Pansy is standing and screaming her head off next to me, cheering for our team (but mostly Draco). I watch the match intently, studying the quickness of each player as they intercept and pass the quaffle between them. There’s so much activity on the field, and it’s starting to make me a little dizzy from watching so closely.

“MALFOY HAS SEEN THE SNITCH, AND HE’S OFF, SUMMERBY CLOSE ON HIS TAIL!” I hear Lee Jordan announce, and my eyes immediately lock on Draco as he flies after the little golden ball. Summerby is close behind him, but Draco’s hand is only inches from the snitch.

“Come on, Draco, you’ve got this,” I mutter under my breath, clenching my fists on the railing in front of me. He gives a final spurt of power and his fist closes around the wings of the ball.


I jump to my feet cheering, too fast and feel my knees buckle. I look up and see Draco staring at me as my vision goes black.

An enormous grin spreads on his face as his hand closes around the wings of the little golden ball. He immediately looks back toward the Slytherin section, eyes searching for (Y/N), wanting to know if she was watching. He sees her get to her feet cheering… but she begins to sway and the look on her face changes from one of exhilaration to one of immense fatigue. Suddenly she’s not standing anymore. He is by her side in an instant.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) are you okay?” Pansy asks, holding her unconscious best friend. Draco swoops in and lands right next to her.

“What happened?!” He asks, fear in his voice.

“I don’t know, she just passed out, and she hit her head on the bench when she fell.”

“Did she eat anything this morning?” Draco yells in Pansy’s face.

“I–I don’t think she did.”

“Take this,” he growls, holding his broom out to her. She takes it from him, as he lifts (Y/N) into his arms. “I’m taking her to the Hospital Wing. MOVE!” He yells at the smaller students around him, and they clear a path for him immediately. Draco carries her all the way to the room and lays her down on the white bed, as he explains what happened to Madam Pomfrey as she tended to her wounds.

“Is it alright if I stay with her?” he asks.

“You have five minutes, Mr. Malfoy. But she needs rest, so if you become a disturbance, I will not hesitate to throw you out,” she explains with a warning look on her face.

“I’ll be quiet,” he promises, as he takes a seat next to (Y/N)’s bed. After a few moments, he slowly reaches towards her delicate hand, picking it up and holding it between his two slightly larger ones.

“For the love of Merlin, (Y/N), please be alright,” he says under his breath, his voice cracking slightly. “I need for you to be alright. I can’t bare this world without you in it… I need you here. I love you, (Y/N).”

“It’s time for you to go now, Mr. Malfoy,” he hears Madam Pomfrey say. He gently places (Y/N)’s hand back on the bed, but before going, he leaves a gentle kiss on her forehead.

And as he turns away, a small, peaceful smile appears on her lips

Sean Maguire Meet

Okay so I know I promised this so here we go. 

Obviously I was aware that Sean’s character would potentially be killed off back in February, when these tickets went on sale. I live in Washington, D.C. and most Cons are too far away for me to afford it. The OUATCon in NJ was announced and I immediately bought tickets. I wanted to see Sean specifically, even more so after the way he was killed off and his treatment by the writers.

My boyfriend and I go to Disney ALOT, and a big part of Disney is the pin trading that they have. I wanted to give Sean something to let him know that we love him and he is appreciated. So I found this:

The photo-ops are not too great an opportunity to speak. They were playing very loud music and barely spent more than 7 seconds with them. My bf and I opted for the Sean and Lana op together. He really likes her (so do I), but I really love Robin Hood anything so I gravitate more towards Sean.

LET ME TELL YOU that pictures and tv do not even do him justice. He is absolutely gorgeous and his eyes are this deep cerulean blue that you can just get lost in. His energy and smile are infectious. He immediately noticed my By Hook or By Crook shirt and smiled SO BIG and said “I like your shirt! Come here!” I kind of feel weird about just running up and hugging/touching celebrities (this isn’t a jab to anyone that does or whatever I just personally like to make it their decision if that happens.) He put his arm around me, we took the picture. I honestly don’t even remember taking the picture because his little jacket was super fuzzy and I was like….ooooo fuzzzzzzyy….anyways,  I lightly touched Lana’s hand as we walked away and said, “HI!!!!! Thank you!!!!!” She smiled so big, it could have lit up am entire city. Her smile is just…..honestly it’s breathtaking. Anyways here’s the picture! Not the best quality, I didn’t get a JPEG of it.

I really didn’t have time to talk to him, so I waited for the autograph session. Here’s how that went:

I walked up to him and said “Hi!”, he was like “Hello again!!!” He recognized my shirt from before. Only 3 other people that I saw had a By Hook or By Crook shirt. I told him I got up that morning at 4am to drive to come see him specifically. His eyes widened, and he said “From where?” I said, “Maryland, outside of D.C.”. He smiled, looked at my boyfriend, winked and said “Sorry mate”. Then he looked back at me. I said that I’m going to miss his presence on the show and that I was sorry for what happened (I didn’t want to bring a lot of negativity to him). He stood up immediately and reached for me across the table and we hugged. He said he was so touched. Then I handed him the pin and said that I got it for him from Disney, they are collectible and you can trade for them and I got this one hoping I could give it to him. His eyes got really big and my boyfriend said he looked like he was tearing up, I didn’t notice because I was super nervous. I told him I wanted him to know that he was appreciated, and that we love him, and that he does so many great things for people. He was quiet for a moment and said “Thank you so much, I will truly cherish this”.Then he looked at my shirt again and told me that it made him so happy that I had that because it meant so much to him and Colin, as the proceeds go to a Vancouver women’s shelter. I told him I bought like 5 things. He stood up and hugged me again super tight, for a longer moment. Then he sat down and continued to thank me about By Hook or by Crook, the making of the beer, and how lovely all this was. I could tell the people behind me were getting annoyed so I said, “we appreciate you so much Sean. We will always be following you. Bye!” He waved and I waved and then I moved it along.

Takeaways from this:

He is the sweetest, gentlest soul I have ever met. You don’t find many celebrities/actors/entertainers as down to earth as this.

His wife is GORGEOUS (she was hovering around the actors).

HE SMELLS AMAZING. It’s like a really really light cologne, paired with the smell of fall, and a touch of a nice sharp champagne. (honestly he kind of does smell like forest…..)

His accent is perfection

He genuinely CARES about us.

Anyways this was just more than I could have asked for. I hope this post helps people feel better about our Fallen Archer <3

Accomplice Theory

Okay so this is a very long theory regarding both Audrey and Kieran and their involvements with Piper. It also includes what I think happened with Rachel and her death. But I think it’s worth it.

Kieran killed Rachel
If Audrey was with Piper the night Rachel was murdered, that means that someone else must have killed her. I think that person was Kieran.

I’ve thought that Kieran was the real accomplice since day one. Think about it. He was new to town. He showed up around the same time as Piper did. He’s barely ever there. He has never been targeted or attacked by the killer aside from at the carnival, but he could have very easily gotten out of that if he wanted to. There have been several occasions where the killer runs away and then Kieran shows up. And he’s just sketchy.

Let’s go over the victims.

Nina and Tyler were killed at Nina’s house, where Kieran had ben to the night before. No alibi. And there had to be two killers at this point because while one was texting and harassing Nina, the other was cutting off Tyler’s head. And while Audrey and Piper are strong, I don’t know if they could behead Tyler…. Kieran on the other hand.

*Rachel filmed Kieran and Nina.  Audrey and Piper didn’t do it.

Riley. It was up against her and Brooke. Leading us to believe that there were two killers. One after each girl. Kieran has no alibi. And Audrey was seen soon after arriving at the crime scene with Noah.

Will. He was attacked when he was with Piper. This means that it was either Audrey or the other accomplice(Kieran) that took Will. Then the killer calls Emma when they are with Will. This rules out Piper as she was outside with Jake and Brooke, and also Audrey because she was at school making up her midterms. (This call was during school hours, because Emma, Brooke, and Jake ditched so Piper could tell them about Will.) This means that it was someone else. Cut to later at the bowling alley where the killer attacked Noah, Brooke, Emma, Will, and stabbed Jake. Many believe that this was Audrey, however that is very unlikely. Audrey went to Maggie and the Sheriff and told them Emma and the others were at the bowling alley and they rushed over. I highly doubt that Audrey would have been able to get in the bowling alley, let alone dress up like the killer, if the Sheriff and Maggie were with her along with the cops. Kieran however would have been fully capable as he was alone at the time, and also the killer ran off and Kieran came from the same direction moments later. How did Kieran get in if the place was surrounded by cops… unless he was already there?  And finally later on Will is still murderer. Kieran hated Will and again, no alibi.

The guard protecting Branson’s cell. Could have been anybody. Including Kieran.

Sheriff Clark Hudson. Kieran’s dad, harsh but possible. Could have been Piper or Kieran. Both were missing at that point.

Greyson. It wasn’t Audrey. Could have been Piper or Kieran. Kieran was missing at that point.

Jake. That boy interrupted comment makes it sound like one of the Lakewood sixers. The night Jake was murdered, Emma was staying at his place, giving him an alibi. However, he was sleeping on the couch when Emma woke up. That could mean he got out of bed, went to kill (or at least kidnap) Jake, and then went to sleep on the couch so as not to wake Emma.

Eddie. Kieran has no alibi. Again.

Seth. Again I say, NO ALIBI. Not one for when he got his hand chopped off (which if it is Kieran, this wasn’t the first body part he’s sawed off… Tyler’s head anyone?) Not one for the attack at the school. And not one for burning down the house. (I don’t think he set the house on fire though. I believe that was Tina.) The point is, he could have done any one of those things. Also the killer had to be strong to throw Lang around like that, and when they visted her in the hospital, she screamed. They wanted us to think it was because of Emma, but….

Deputy Dwayne.  Dwayne was attacked (and probably killed) in the funhouse, when Kieran was dressed as the killer. However, because of a small strip of duct tape on his mouth and some taping a knife to his hand (Just one. He could have easily gotten it off.)

Haley. Haley was killed by her “special friend”, a guy she had just started seeing. When talking to Emma about it, she sounded happy and a little smug, almost as if this person was Emma’s boyfriend, Kieran. And Kieran again mysteriously disappeared when Haley was being killed… and then showed up again afterwards.

Zoe. Kieran was absent the entire episode. Could that be because he was burying Noah and forcing Zoe to wear her Lady of the Lake dress he could drown her? Possibly.

Now I’m not saying that Kieran killed everybody, I’m saying that he could have killed literally any of them (correct me if I am wrong, but he doesn’t have an alibi for any of them, and has motive for a few.)
Now I have a few different ideas as to why he was working with Piper, but I do believe that he was.

As for Audrey, I think she is relatively innocent. Audrey was upset. Emma was her best friend, who she started developing feelings for. Audrey was young and like many LGBT youth she probably felt scared because of these emotions so she started to act out and kind of push Emma away. Emma, instead of asking her what was wrong, befriend Nina, Audrey’s tormenter. Audrey became even more upset because, not only did Emma, her best friend, her crush, abandon her, but it was for her worst enemy. Audrey felt hurt and rejected. She became friends with Noah, which was great, but she couldn’t trust it. After Emma, Audrey refused to trust anyone like that. She didn’t want to get her heart broken again. Not when her mother was sick, and her father believed in this God, who as far as she probably knew hated her because of her feelings, and allowed these awful things to happen. So while she enjoyed having Noah, she didn’t let herself get comfortable. And Noah talked to her all about Brandon James, and this got Audrey interested when Noah started talking about how Brandon was in love with a girl and was treated like a monster, Audrey understood. She was in love. She was treated like a monster. And the more Noah talked about him the more Audrey identified with him, and also, the more Noah talked the more she remembered. Noah mentions how Kevin was the only survivor and because Noah did his research, he knew that Daisy, was Kevin’s girlfriend. Her old best friend Emma’s father was one of his victims, Audrey has known him. Audrey was smart, she remembered how Kevin was. She warned Emma herself that he could hurt her. Audrey probably remembers nights where she slept over at Emma’s and the two of them were huddled in bed. Emma with a pillow over her head and tears streaming down her face, because of the fights. And Audrey had heard stories about Maggie and Kevin in high school… Audrey found out Maggie was Daisy, and that the reason Kevin left was because Maggie had a baby with Brandon…Audrey was still angry about Emma, so she wrote to Piper, and Piper was angry too. They bonded over their shared anger, and Piper manipulated Audrey into trusting her. Audrey told her everything, and the two hatched a plan. Piper was going to come to town and they were going to do a documentary, but also a little horror movie. Audrey wanted revenge on Emma and her new friends so they planned to scare her, maybe a few creepy calls and texts, put on the mask and wave around a knife. Except Piper wasn’t playing around. Piper wanted blood, so she enlisted Kieran. Together Piper and Kieran killed Tyler and Nina. After that, Audrey went to Piper and asked if she was involved. When Piper saw that Audrey wasn’t on her side, Piper told her no, of course not. And Audrey needed her, so she believed her.
This is where it gets a little confusing. While I don’t think Audrey killed anybody or knew that Piper was the killer, (because s1 Audrey didn’t act like s2 Audrey) I personally think that she was the one who called Rachel the night she died. The reason being that the phone call to Rachel was different than the others. It wasn’t an unknown number, it came from Audrey and it sounded like Audrey at the beginning. Whoever called Rachel acted as if they cared about her. When Rachel tried to say that the reason she was thinking about her was a crap tv night, they immediately asked her why she always put herself down, told her to ignore the mean comments, and that she had to deal with bullies too. Remember that Audrey said she was with Piper the night Rachel died, so what if Piper was angry Audrey wouldn’t go along with killing people and decided to kill Rachel. Maybe Piper called Kieran and told him what to do. She pressured Audrey into continuing with their plan, despite the Nina being murdered. Because Audrey didn’t want to lose Piper as her friend she agreed, thus the call to Rachel. What Audrey didn’t know was that Kieran was waiting on the balcony to kill her. This is why Audrey was so upset and determined to prove that Rachel didn’t kill herself, she knew the truth.  This doesn’t mean she knew it was piper though. After that she needed Piper more than ever so she just convinced herself it was a coincidence, and told Piper never again.

So basically Audrey brought Piper to Lakewood for a documentary and also to scare Emma, Piper came to kill and enlisted Kieran (few theories on why), Audrey did call Rachel, but she didn’t know it would lead to her death, and Kieran was the accomplice S1 and the main killer in s2. I’m not sure who his accomplice is however.

In smtnyu’s video you see Val hold on to Z’s hand after their bow and beat it across his chest. Now I know Val and Z have both had comments, looks, etc. that made us all go “no way is that how a a brother/sister behave” but this took the cake for me. It showed adoration…it showed him wanting her close…wanting to protect. He could not bare to let her go.

I’m going to say this and I know some will disagree but Val not only loves Zendaya but he is in love with her. I don’t know what happens in their private life or what type of relationship they truly have, but what I do know is the look of a man in love. All you have to do is look at Val looking at Z to see that.


“We both know you do.” There were tears of rage in her eyes. That was the exact reason she was so mad at him. Her wouldn’t admit how he felt, even though Lara already had. He refused to let her get close, despite how much both knew the other wanted it.
“I hate you.” She said, barely able to get the words out before she turned away, going as quickly as she could without running.

Trick stayed there not knowing what to say. He as speechless and clueless about everything. Expressing his feelings wasn’t something he knew how to do. After a moment he went after the girl. “You hate me? Then leave, fucking leave. Get killed. I don’t care anymore.” He snapped.

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so i have a bellarke prompt if you ever feel like you might want to write it! i really just want to read a scene where self loathing/scared bellamy overhears pregnant!clarke telling someone how lucky this baby is to have him as a dad and how incredible he's going to be

When Octavia returns to Arkadia, the last thing she expects to see if Clarke Griffin sporting a rounded stomach. After helping shut down the rest of the nuclear reactors, she and Indra had taken off, traveling to various clans. Over the last year and a half, she had returned to Arkadia three times, each visit lasting barely a day. Just enough time to check in, let her brother know that she’s still alive, and that she is getting better.

Now she’s back. It might not be for good, but she’s done with her travels for now.


Clarke spots her immediately and starts to waddle over. Her belly isn’t that big yet, but she’s already walking with one hand pressed to her lower back.

“Hi, Clarke,” Octavia says, managing a small smile. Her eyes are glued to the bump, and she marvels in the strangeness of it against her own flat stomach when Clarke pulls her in for a hug. Her mind wanders to thoughts of herself with her own swollen stomach, with big, warm hands caressing it at night, and- no. She won’t allow herself to get upset over this now.

“Bellamy’s out hunting for the day. I’ll have him radioed back immediately. How long do you have before you have to leave?” Clarke rambles, already digging her radio from her back pocket. Octavia grabs her wrist.

“Relax, Clarke, it’s fine. I’m staying. For now, at least.”

At this, Clarke’s eyes water, and she throws her arms around the girl again. [AO3]

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Felicity’s woken from an already disturbed dream by a hand clamping over her mouth. Her eyes fly open, panic filling her chest for the brief second before she feels a stubbled cheek against her own and recognizes the smell of Oliver’s aftershave.

His voice is rough and low, and despite the situation and her knowledge that he wouldn’t wake her up like that if he didn’t have a very good reason, it makes her stomach swoop.

“Be very quiet. Don’t speak. When I let go I want you to get up and put your coat and shoes on as quickly as you can. Do you understand?”

She nods against his hand, eyes wide, the thundering of her own heart loud in her ears.

He quickly steps back, releasing her from his hold and moving across the room to grab her coat from the peg by the door.

She can barely see in the murky darkness but she gets the feeling turning on the lights would be a bad move. Trying to control the shaking of her hands, she feels around for her shoes, silently thanking every deity she knows that she thought to pack a pair of flats along with her heels. She finds the little lace ups, and quickly pulls them on, fumbling with the laces before Oliver bats her hands away and kneels before her. He’s done in two seconds, and then he’s standing and pulling her coat over her shoulders.

She wants to ask him what’s going on, but she keeps her mouth shut, trusting his judgment. Instead she grabs her purse and shoves her scarf and hat inside, reaching for her phone and tablet only to have Oliver stop her.

“Leave them.”

She opens her mouth to object because trusting him is one thing, but she is not leaving her tablet and her phone behind before running off into the night.


It’s the desperation in his voice that stops her. He sounds almost scared, and that scares her enough not to argue. When his hand finds hers and he tugs her towards the door she doesn’t object, falling into step beside him, trying to steady her breathing.

She can’t hear any noise or movement in the hotel, but knows her senses aren’t as sharp as his.

He unlocks the door and she finds herself holding her breath as he pushes it open. But nothing happens, nothing jumps out at them, and a second later he’s tugging her behind him into the dimly lit hallway. He walks slowly, cautiously, she can feel how tense he is, how on edge. Every single muscle coiled, ready to fight, every single sense working at full capacity.

He always amazes her when he’s like this. The focus he has, the control. It’s strangely beautiful.

They make it halfway to the elevators before they’re attacked. She’s not really sure how it happens, doesn’t even see where they appear from, but suddenly there are two men with guns in front of them and Oliver’s pushing her against the wall. She holds her breath and digs her nails into the palms of her hands.

But it doesn’t take him long to incapacitate them, they barely even make a sound before they’re out cold on the floor. Oliver strips them of their guns, tucking one into his belt and holding the other out in front of them as they start walking again.

She feels sick when she sees the silencers attached to the already austere weapons, and tries to bite back her rising panic. She hates not knowing what’s happening, who’s after them, what they’re running from, where they’re going, what the plan is. That’s usually the stuff she’s sure of.  

Now she has to operate on blind faith.

But with the feeling of her hand held tightly in Oliver’s larger one, she is sure of one thing. If there’s one person she would trust to catch her in the dark, it would be him.

- Excerpt from a fic I’ll (probably) never finish.

A/N : So, it’s been a while and I couldn’t get this out of my head. Enjoy. CS drabble 

“You forgot something.” 

Emma turned back around at the sound of Killian’s voice. Standing in the doorway to their house - it still felt surreal, even after all these weeks - he was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. 

“Damn, is it my phone again ?” About to pat her pockets to make sure she had indeed forgotten the bloody talking phone, she stopped and glanced up as his arms slid around her waist. 

“You forgot this,” he replied, pulling her in for a kiss that left her wanting more - much more. 

“Killian,” she whispered, barely putting any space between the two of them. “The neighbors might see us.” 

“Then let’s go back inside,” he offered, his smile blazing as he showered her cheeks and neck in light kisses. 

“My dad will have a stroke if I’m late again. You should’ve seen his face yesterday. And the day before that.”

“And the one before that. Well, it would only be justice. He did stab me in the back after all.” Laughing, he took a step back as Emma playfully punched him in the arm. 

“I’m leaving now,” she said in a serious voice, her smile betraying her. 

“Wait.” Catching her arm, he placed her phone in her hand. “You did forget this.” 

“Thank you.” Standing on her toes to reach his lips, she changed course at the last second and kissed his cheek instead. “But let’s not start this again.” 

Laughing, she drew away as he groaned, wishing him a good day as she got into her car and drove to the station. 

It really was a good day. Once again, she rejoiced in the fact that an accumulation of those did not scare her in the least. Not anymore. 

You can't sit with us.

It’s Aria’s college graduation. Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have already arrived and are sitting in the venue. Ezra shows up a little later than he wanted to because Aria forgot one of her tassels in their apartment and he had to rush home to get it. He tries to find Aria’s friends, who said they’d save him a seat. Thankfully, he spots them and is about to sit down when Hanna puts her hand on his chair.

“You can’t sit with us,” she says.

“What? I thought you saved me a seat?”

Spencer glares at Hanna. “Han, Ezra’s not going to get Mean Girls quotes. I barely get Mean Girls quotes.”

Hanna moves her hand and lets Ezra sit down. “Right,” she says, “They just watch those boring black and white movies all night.”

Ezra sits down and focuses on the empty stage. “That’s why Aria’s my wife and you’re not.”

“Touche,” Hanna says.

Happy 10th Mean Girls Anniversary!