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Headcannons about boys and their first dates? Please and thank you!

Sure thing!

- Darry -

• Super super gentlemanly.

• You can tell he’s nervous, but he’s kinda funny when he’s nervous.

• Some fleeting eye contact

• I think my dog just farted

• He smiles a lot at small things

• He wears that muscle tee

• the fart literally smells like rotten eggs omg

• After he gets home he goes straight to his room. Soda and Pony assume things went badly but really Darry’s smiling like a goof and is happier than he’s been in a while.

- Sodapop -

• Pays special attention to his hair before leaving

• Is quite suave, pretending to toss off sophisticated terms and big words he had Ponyboy teach him.

• I mean you’re both literally at a corner diner across the street from the Nightly Double but ok

• He’s very interested in getting to know you but wastes no opportunity to brag about himself tbh I mean c'mon it’s Soda

• Comes home and feels very high and mighty, blabs to Pony and Darry almost non stop about how he should be dating her in no time and how well he did.

- Ponyboy -

• Darry warns him about being appropriate and come home at this time and make sure you don’t do these things and asdfghjkl

• He’s hella nervous, he’s 14.

• Is constantly questioning himself on the walk to the Nightly Double.

• He’s a little early and is eager for you to arrive

• You come bearing Pepsi and popcorn. Pony likes you a lot already

• You’re still laughing about his first name, it’s only the first date after all

• His ears get all red a lot

• You jump into conversation and you can tell Pony is choosing his replies very carefully

• You end up hardly watching the movie, enamored in conversation.

- Steve -

• Soda gives him a lil pep talk beforehand

• Picks you up at your house. Takes you to a quiet little restaurant

• Well, “quiet” for Tulsa on the greaser side. Relatively speaking.

• He’s all grins

• He only mentions cars like once

• You talk about how close to your family you are, which fascinates him, because he isn’t so much

• Steve I think is more deep or thoughtful than portrayed. He’s got a very unique personality. He takes great interest in what the two of you converse about.

• He’s wearing a t shirt with sleeves !!!

• You think he looks real nice.

• And you like how his eyes have a gleam to them when he smiles genuinely

• It’s a gr8 night, he goes over to the Curtis house and tells Soda all about it

- Johnnycakes -

• Lemme repeat, Johnny is a greaser. Emotionally and physically kinda broken person.

• Honestly there’s an uncomfortable vibe

• You walk through town instead of stay in one place.

• Lots of intense, albeit short eye contact

• Gets mildly personal

• But based on what you hear you don’t mind, he needs to get it off his chest

• Not so much a romantic feel to the “date.”

• You get to talk about yourself a little when he gets real quiet

• He nods and doesn’t smile that much, but toward the end he does more than he did before

- Two-Bit -

• He’s dressed in his cleanest jeans, a plain gray t-shirt and his boots. No leather jacket.

• He takes to a lesser known club in town and doesn’t even have one drink. He figured since he did this morning with breakfast he didn’t need to now

• He pulls you into the dance floor

• Honestly he’s such a sweetheart

• He’s grinning the whole time and you practically fall in love right there. His smile is so pure

• After you get tired you plop down at a table and order a plate of fries to share, and…you guys never woulda guessed this one- a milkshake. Two cherries on top. Extra whipped cream

• You’re both greasers and he talks about his gang, their names and what they’re like

• Talk about how you can’t believe Ponyboy is actually his name, I mean seriously. And Sodapop. :P

• He laughs at something you said and that made your entire day.

• Cracks jokes, pulls little pranks on the small gang across the restaurant eyeing you, like ordering them ridiculous amounts of food or something. He winks at the waitress so he gets away with it.

• You instantly know he’s a keeper.

- Dallas -

• He had his first date before all the big shit happened in New York. He was 14. Still a looker, but not in the cold hard way he is now.

• Dallas has always looked older than he was

• He was nervous but didn’t show it that much

• He dressed as nice as he could, slacks and a hand me down button down. Shoes that had seen better days.

• You walked to a restaurant, all you could afford was a plate of chips to share.

• Dallas had a good sense of humor. Different than Two’s, but still funny.

• He studied you a whole lot

• He was overall pretty nice to you but could still use some manners. Blame it on his upbringing.

• “Dallas Winston, I can’t get over that name. Sounds like it’ll be in a newspaper or in lights somewhere one day.”

• “Don’t I wish, man.”

I hope you liked this!! :D

Pokemon Go fic: By the light of the Moon

“Well this is romance—”

“Jon” Sansa said warningly, her eyes never leaving her phone as she took a few steps to the left.

“Alone in the park, a beautiful summer night, the full moon reflecting off a still pond—”

“You could actually try and be helpful, you know.”  Another few steps to the left.

“All for the sake of a flipping Vaporeon.”

Sansa shot him a look. Jon assumed that it was annoyed, but he only had the glow of her phone to work with.

“Funny, I remember you dragging me out and around for the same reason yesterday afternoon.”

“For a Charizard, one of the rarest, not a pokemon you can get pretty easy, cause Eevees are a dime a dozen.”

“And yet I still don’t have one Jon, and she is one of the prettiest and I need her, ok?”

“It’s a girl?”

“Yes, I’ve decided that just now.” Sansa was walking more quickly. “And now she’s only two steps away now, we’re getting closer!”

Jon just huffed, catching up as he gave a whistle. Ghost and Lady bounded towards them, the reflective tape on their nighttime collars glinting in the moonlight. That was one the nicer things about the game; they were taking the dogs to new and interesting parks nowadays.

“Still don’t see why we had to haul out in the middle of the night for it,” he grumbled.

“Oh my gosh Jon, where is your sense of adventure?” Sansa said, exasperated. “Next time I’ll just leave you at home, ok?”

“What, no! You don’t go out pokemon hunting alone in the middle of the night.” That got Jon a bit alarmed. Sansa was definitely one of those people who didn’t always look were she was going while out catching pokemon. He could very well see her going out on her own after dark.

“Oh! She’s right here, she’s right here, we’re so close!” Sansa exclaimed, blithely ignoring Jon’s concern.

The little Vaporeon popped up on her screen and Sansa tapped on it giddily.

“She’s soooo cute!” Sansa cooed. “Alright, first things first, berries, she gets berries.”

Sansa always fed a new pokemon berries, even if they weren’t that strong, and didn’t need them to be caught.

“I want them to like me Jon,” she had said. “I like how you don’t have to battle to catch them, you just feed them and pet them and become friends!”

There was no way to pet pokemon in the game, but in Sansa’s mind, she was scratching under the chins of every Onyx and Psyduck, cuddling them into submission.

And Jon thought that was adorable, though he wasn’t gonna tell Sansa that anytime soon.

The Vaporeon had been sufficiently feed, when some other trainers come into view, by the light of their cell phones. Jon bent down to put the dogs back on their leashes, while Sansa waved her hands enthusiastically.

“She’e over here, the Vaporeon’s over here,” she called out, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, and a gaggle of fellow college students jogged over excitedly.

Sansa caught her beloved Vaporeon in one go, and immediately began to chat with the newcomers, humming in contentment. She was so very pleased with herself, that Jon felt his earlier ire melt away completely.

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Yay! Thanks for accepting things! Could I get some fluffy, romance hc for Shisui and Itachi? Like what are the different ways they'll show their s/o they love them and appreciate them so damn much? I guess assuming theyre married to their s/os. c: <33



•Shisui’s affections would be most prominent after a long day, or after he’s been away for a long time. If he just wants to let loose and relax, he’ll come over and take his s/o into a big, deep hug, and not let go. Probably try to coax them to the couch or something to lie back and relax with him. He’s just so weary that he won’t care how eager and silly it looks

•His s/o might catch him staring at them, like he’s studying them. It’s a very intense look, but he’s just caught up in adoring them and he’ll get this smile on his face when he’s looking at them and thinking about how special they are

•Inadvertently would play with his s/o’s hands and fingers. Really like he’d just start doing it on his own without thinking about it

•When he wants to do something special for them, he might try to cook a nice meal. Not that great of a cook though lmao, so he’s learned to just plan a picnic sort of thing where they grab some food and find a nice spot in/outside of the village where they can just sit back and enjoy each other’s company. A lot of the times these little dates will be at night, Shisui thinks it’s more romantic that way

•Always wants to squeeze them okay like you know when you wanna squeeze something because it’s so cute like a dog or something well that’s Shisui. It doesn’t happen too often, but in passing he’ll squeeze their arm or their thigh or something like that idk Shisui doesn’t even know why he does it, he’ll do it and then on the inside he’ll be like Why did I just do that. He can’t help it


•Itachi’s a very good listener. He could sit down and listen to his s/o vent for hours if need be, even if he thinks some of their problems are a little silly, but he’d still be attentive. You’d be able to tell in his eyes how concerned he was, and how he didn’t like that they were having these problems in the first place

•Going off of that, he really remembers the little things. Little little things. During their venting, his s/o could have mentioned something about being stressed about how messy the house is, how they need to go out and shop for groceries or something, even if it was just a little mutter under their breath, he’d catch it

•His s/o would show up at the house later to find the fridge stocked and the house spotless. Will really do a lot to make sure they have a good peace of mind whenever he can

•Itachi’s not too big on offering kisses at random or very frequently, but if he really just needs to go for it, he’d kiss the back of their hand. It’s just a thing he does? Nice and simple, but coming from Itachi, there’s something so intimate about it

•Little habit of playing with their hair, though it’s more like he’s always pushing their hair out of their face, putting a strand behind their ears

Tom Hiddleston: I Need to Dump Taylor Swift, But I'm TRAPPED in Fake Romance! [EXCLUSIVE]

A source close to Tom Hiddleston exclusively tells THG that he’s in over his head with his contrived relationship to pop star Taylor Swift.

Moreover, the actor wants to get out ASAP but can’t figure out how, feeling trapped and adrift in a sea of paparazzi and public scrutiny.

External image
External image

As we told you Monday, a friend of the British thespian told us, in no uncertain terms, that what we’ve long assumed to be true actually is:

The Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston relationship is fake.

Not just exaggerated for the sake of photographers, or flaunted on social media (though there is plenty of both), but full-on arranged.

“Tom is a very passionate actor, and he genuinely loves performing,” says our source, a friend who communicates with the star regularly.

However, he wanted more … stature, so to speak.

Not because he loves the spotlight. On the contrary, in fact. Merely so “wouldn’t have to do auditions everytime he wanted to be in something.”

Enter Taylor Swift and a run-in earlier this spring …

“After the video of Tom and Taylor dancing together at the MET was released, their respective PR teams decided to collaborate." 

External image

"Tom needed to improve his pulling power, and [her] PR team decided to take advantage of that in a way that would also benefit Taylor.”

“Tom is the ‘it’ man right now, so they thought that it would work. Taylor is an attractive girl with a big bank account and a lot of fame.”

“Tom decided that he would go along with it.”

Makes sense on some level, right? Of course.

But man alive, is he regretting that now.

“He, Taylor, and their respective PR teams thought that everybody would love seeing them in a relationship with each other.”

“However, his actual relationship with Taylor wasn’t as well received by the public as he was hoping it to be,” the friend laments.

External image

Not even after (or perhaps because of) images such as this one, which have been viewed tens of millions of times on social media?!

“He is well aware of what all of the media outlets, his coworkers, his fans, his friends, and even his own family are saying about him.”

“He hates that he has become a joke.”

Well, yeah, but couldn’t he have seen fiasco this coming? Yes and no, the insider tells us, because it’s Taylor who keeps upping the ante.

In that respect, this is all very real and true to form - a smitten, swooning Swift is running the show, and running roughshod over Tom:

“It’s hard for him to prove that to everybody because of how insistent Taylor is that everything that they do with each other is photographed.”

“He has worked very hard [at his] acting career, and he hates being referred to as Taylor’s boyfriend as if his acting career didn’t even exist.”

“She insisted on going to Australia with him, and because of how influential she is with everybody, he didn’t feel like he could say no.”

Having seen the interview he just gave after they landed Down Under, it does seem like he’s cracking a bit under the pressure 

External image
Tom Hiddleston Asked About Taylor Swift, Basically Hates His Life

“He wanted to work in peace and quiet,” our source continues. “People think that he’s whoring himself out for fame, and that isn’t true.”

“Taylor being with him has drawn all of the attention towards them. She’s already talking about moving in together, getting married, and having kids.”

“That is incredibly unsettling for him. He wants to settle down one day, but not now whilst he has such a busy schedule.”

Gotta be rough, having Taylor Swift throwing herself at you and talking happily ever after after you’ve been together for about 45 minutes.

In all seriousness, though, why go through with it any longer then? What’s to stop him from just walking away? Well, the friend reveals:

“He is feeling very under pressure, because if he bails after just one month with her, he thinks that it’ll prove everybody right.”

There’s also the legitimate concern, given who she is: “He’s just worried about a break up album and about people saying I told you so.”

“He knows that when they do break up, the media will try to make him look like the bad guy who broke Taylor’s heart.”

“He doesn’t want that, nor does he want to hurt Taylor … he does care about her, but it’s more platonic than it is romantic." 

External image
View Slideshow: 14 Famous Dudes Who Have Dated Taylor Swift

That being said, Hiddleston can no longer live the "low key” (sorry) life he wishes, and would exclaim “Ole” if he could break free.

“He doesn’t want to spend much more time with Taylor either because she doesn’t give him any breathing space,” the source added.

“Somebody saw them on the beach near Taylor’s home one day before the pictures of them kissing were released.”

“They didn’t recognize him at the time, and Taylor was berating him so much, they thought that he was her new assistant.”

An utter humiliation - not that Tay saw it that way:

“It embarrassed him, but Taylor is used to public scrutiny, so she doesn’t really understand how much it bothered him.”

“He’s in over his head. He wants out of the relationship, but it’s hard for him to pick the right moment to do that.”

Tom just wants to get back to normal, his friend says, and “forget about the time that he frolicked about in the ocean wearing a bad tee shirt.”

That’s just hilarious, but in fairness to Tom …

… the waterslide photo is even worse:

External image

from The Hollywood Gossip http://ift.tt/29OhGdm

Anon said:

“About the Chris’s drama. Why assume a relationship and them disappear? Now would be the moment to live his life and his “love” the way he wants. The media think they are cure and is erasing the fact that she’s still married and that looks (part1)

Like cheating happened. Many fans think they are cute too. Why disappear? In my opinion, it’s because they are not a couple. His body language doesn’t show romance. He’s more touchy and looks happier when his near Scarlet. Say that it was his (part 2

Saying that it was his anxiety is bullshit. We have photos of them on Gifted set, after the pod cast and on the premiere and on the restaurant, with their families. Where are the photos of the other dates that people are talking about? (Part 3)

Suddenly everybody is respecting a celebrities’s privacy? I really doubt that. There are no photos because there were no dates. For me, her words were taken put of proportion. (Part 4)

He’s not denying because he never denys when a woman is linked to him. He didn’t denied Bullock, Olsen, Lawrence. Why he would do it now? And who travels for Vegas in the beggining of a relationship? He went their a few weeks ago. (Part 5) “

I agree with you, i gotta say. It doesn’t look like they’re dating at all. 

Now, they don’t have to flaunt it. Maybe Tom H. could learn something from Chris tbh.

The whole “they cheated” thing is awkward. Chris was single at the time. 

If he came onto Jenny knowing that she was married, well shame on Chris but honestly… he was single at the time and she was the married one, she should’ve said no.

If she came onto him and he accepted, then shame on both.

But this just doesn’t seem organic to me at all. I honestly don’t think they’re dating and if they are, it’s good that they’re keeping it private. I don’t need another circus and them to pull shit like Tom and Taylor. Well, none of them have an arrangement with the paps like Swift… obviously.  They’re not attention whores.


During my time at school I’d hang around with this guy and everyone thought we had the hots for each other. One teacher (he was awesome by the way) even wrote a mini poem or song or something (I don’t remember) to this guy friend of mine. It was kinda annoying, but we laughed it off and stuff. Still, assuming such was so wrong, because he turned out to be gay. Funny how people of the opposite gender who are friends are looked upon as a romance thing, yet no one assumes the same when it comes to the same gender, assuming that they’re “great friends.” Weird…

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Ohoho this is gonna be good. Do a set for @countesscorvidia-- friendships, romances, and hateships go!




@skystoneseat (yes, hooking you up with other creepy people, Sky. Go have fun.)







@ralondstafford and her would be SCARY.

@veyka-sythan for sure.

Amon Swiftsteel would be an interesting match, though he left Tumblr a long time ago. :/

@ardan-holt would be very, VERY interesting…assuming one of them didn’t backstab the other.


"Let's Be Roommates"
External image

Gerard can no longer handle his bill overloads…he seeks a roommate assuming it’s a guy. But “He” turns up to be a “She”

“ Promise to tell me”

Gerard P.O.VToday we were heading to my mom’s and I’m nervous .Not for the visit though, Rylen and I walked in silence, ever since I kissed her she’s been acting strange. I hope I didn’t upset her. I…

Read more…


 The Winner’s Curse - Marie Rutkoski

“He knew the law of such things: people in brightly lit places cannot see into the dark.”

In a nutshell…

The Winner’s Curse is a book about rebellion. When Kestrel bids and wins an auction on a slave names Smith she doesn’t quite know the implications of her actions. However the slave does and is ready and waiting for the moment to take his revenge.  

I’ve got to admit I did judge this book by its cover. I assumed that it would be a book about romance and balls and a little shallow… however I am pleased to have been mistaken on this one. I really enjoyed the rebellious nature of both characters central to this story and I am now fully hooked on their story.

This is the type of book where you want both characters to end up happy as deep down they are both good people. However it is impossible for both to remain happy as they both strive for opposing goals. This makes the book very good at twists and action which upsets the natural balance of what you had assumed would happen. Its addictive and it is also rewarding paying off on the big promises it sets out in the beginning. 

My one fault with this book is that both characters can often be blinded by their emotions and this leads them to behave irrationally on times. In these instances certain actions are not as believable as others but they do make for a very interesting chemistry. 

I would rate this book as


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so the thing that bothers me is sharon carter’s name 

she’s peggy’s niece which means peggy’s sister is sharon’s mother 

now (assuming) sharon’s mother is married, then her last name would not be “carter”, it would be whatever her mother’s married name is 

and if she doesn’t want to use “carter” as her claim to fame, then she’s doing a very bad job of it 

that and as far as her kiss with steve 

she’s not in any of the movies (she’s in ca:tws, but steve doesn’t seem too pleased with her after he found out she was actually shield) and then all of a sudden she’s a huge part of ca:cw so.. this whole romance plotline is some real b.s bc it seems very forced 

Chapter 12 of The Companion is up

Levi turns his face into the water and closes his eyes, so that nothing exists but Erwin’s lips and his hands and the water’s heat, and Levi allows himself to imagine.

Levi’s never expected romance to be a part of his life. It had never seemed like the kind of thing that happened to people like him. Levi always assumed that he would end up alone, and he had always felt okay about that. But if he could have this … god, if he could have this …

Read the chapter!

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Ah yes, you've got to the bit in Homestuck where the vast bulk of the fandom think Karkat is a pushy jerk, and every one of the small handful of adul tfans with complex poly lives I have talked to think "Yeah, scheduling, of course, sensible Karkat " and then feel Hussie is being a bit of a jerk about it. it seems to depend a lot on whether people assume he's checked this with Terezi first, too. To my mind, with quadrants being a default thing in troll society, of course he has.

Aha, given the nuances of troll culture in terms of romance, yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if he attempted to do a schedule, and if he talked with Terezi before going to Dave then I can only suppose she agreed to it. Karkat doesn’t seem to me the type to go against her wishes, if she makes clear she doesn’t like it.

On the other hand, Karkat is…what, fourteen? And while he has a lot of theoretical knowledge about romance in books and movies, weeeeell…yeah, he’s still a kid and when one is a kid one doesn’t deal with this matter very well. In a way it was also a reminder to me that, despite everything that has happened, these are children trying to deal with their own lives despite being on a meteor, hah.

So I’m imagining the paladins talking about romance at some point and Lance is talking about how he used to wrangle dates from cute tourists and Hunk is shyly relating the best traits of a high school sweetheart (until he gets distracted and starts talking about Shay) and Keith is so not participating in this conversation and then like

Pidge starts listing every cute TA they’ve ever had n rhapsodizing about one’s dimples and another’s science puns and a third’s truly excellent butt, but alas. Pidge could only appreciate from afar. 

  • Me:Oh my god I just played through the fenris romance for the first time it's awesome.
  • My friend:But aren't you a lesbian?
  • Me:Yeah...
  • Friend:And fenris is a man.
  • Me:Yes he's a male elf yeah.
  • Friend:So you shouldn't like his romance, right?
  • Me:I don't have to be attracted to him in any way to like his romance, it's fucking romantic he talks about how he doesn't want to even want to I've without you that stuff is fucking romantic shit dude. You think Cassandra would stop reading a smut book just because it had a lesbian parring, no, if it was fucking romantic she'd love it so stop assuming!

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How do you know Tom isn't celebrate he has broken up with the girl that he loved and was most likely hurting over whatever it was that broke them up everyone assumes he is sleeping with every girl he meets on the rebound and that he has some secret romance maybe he has but to be honest I think he has been trying to rebuild his life and career he seems to be the happiest I have seen him in ages .

Please don’t be offended but it’s very difficult for me as a not native-speaker to understand what you want to say. You seem to ignore the punctuation marks at all…

I was asked a question and i replied to it. If you don’t agree with my opinion, that’s fine with me. I’m not going to persuade anyone that my point of view is the right one.  At this point I’m more interested in his career anyway.