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My Korrasami Headcanons

First time Korra sees Asami shirtless she is blown away because she didn’t know Asami was so buff but then she remembers Asami has been training ever since she was a kid

Their first kiss is a failure because both women just dive in eyes closed without looking literally

Asami is very spiritual and is perfectly able to deal with the spirits who know of her work in Republic City

The little plant spirit that helped Korra find Toph becomes attached to Asami and follows her home

Asami beats Iroh at Paisho

The lovebirds beat the hell out of Wong Shi Tong for handing Jinora over to Unalaq

They get back to Republic City a full fledged couple and Ikki asks an inappropriate question like “Asami why did you cut your nails?”

Asami stammers through an answer and runs off telling Ikki to ask Korra

Jinora laughs as Korra and Asami realize she knows from astral projecting into the spirit world and is the one who told Ikki until they realize Ikki ALWAYS knew

Kai is shocked because he thought they were always together from their behavior in Book 3

Meelo is blown away by it but accepts it

Tenzin doesn’t need time because he remembers Kya and her relationships 

Mako busts out his I told you so to the rest of the Krew and the expanded group

Tonraq and Senna are both happy and are happy that Korra is finally with Asami

Bumi laughs his ass off because he saw the way Asami was acting in Book 3

Kya laughs because she saw the signs in Book 2

Korra is definitely little spoon

Mako’s grandma is not suprised at all,remember her The Office like look at the camera when she asked Mako why he wasn’t dating either Korra or Asami

Varrick has to pay Zhu Li because she bet him that Asami had feelings for Korra just like she did for him and that Korra would be the last one to realize it

You didn’t tell us ? (Calum Hood imagine)

Me staying over at Calum’s place is a normal occurrence nowadays. Me slouching on the couch is also pretty normal. I was flipping through channels on the TV. Cal was in the kitchen making some horrid noise with the doors and packages. “Hey babe, do you mind if I run to the store real quick? I’m out of snacks and beer.” He says poking his head in to the room, looking at me with his beautiful dark soft eyes. Without taking my attention off the TV I made a confirming noise to let him know that he’s free to do whatever he wants. He softly giggles “I’ll be back soon babe.” He says stuffing he’s wallet in to his pocket and spinning the car keys around his pointer finger.

He walks behind me and gives me a soft kiss on the cheek and out of the door he goes, leaving the door unlocked. We always left the door open when one of us was home, I never really knew why, probably just for comfort.

I had watched the TV for quite some while, when I finally heard the door open and close again. When I looked at the door frame, I saw three equally as surprised boys looking at me, none of them being Calum. I was at a loss for words, so I just waved at them and turned the TV off. The thing was, that as creepy as this sounds, I knew all of them, but none of them knew me. Soon a slightly flustered Luke pipes up after a minute of silence “Hi, who are you? Where is Cal?” I nervously laughed and scratched the back of my hand “I’m y/n, Cal’s girlfriend. He went to the store to get some food, he’ll be back soon.”

After I finish my sentence they came in and sat all around me, eyes wide and facial expressions one of confusion.  “So you’re Calum’s lady?” Michael asks, trying to make sure I’m telling the truth. “Yes, we’ve been dating for a few months now.” I say blushing and smiling to myself. “He never told us that he had someone. Not very like him.” Ashton says. “Heh, I asked him not to, since I didn’t know what you guys would think.” After a brief moment of silence, Michael started talking about them all, and we started to get to know each other. Ashton talked about his siblings and drumming, Luke about his favorite movies and songs, Michael about tattoos, games, music and hair color. We had been talking for maybe fifteen minutes when the door slammed shut. “Babe, I’m back.” Calum says carrying two bags in to the living room, seeing the boys looking at him, he put his bags down. “I see ya’ll have met.”

“Why didn’t you tell us you were seeing someone?” Michael asked with hurt in his voice. “Yeah Calum, I can’t believe you didn’t tell us.” Ashton says. Calum softly looks at me and smiles walking towards me and sitting down next to me. “I’m sorry guys, Y/n didn’t feel comfortable with me telling you and I didn’t want to put her in a awkward position.” He says and immediately after kisses the back of my hand.

“Why didn’t the man report his stolen credit card?” Luke asked awkwardly.  “I don’t know.” Mike and I answered in unison. “The thief was spending less then his girlfriend.”

We all bust out laughing after the horrible joke. Calum stood up and went to empty the bags in the kitchen. When he came back we had an awesome evening of getting to know each other and Calum made sure that all of the guys knew I was his, hugging me, kissing me etc. He made sure that everyone knew he was being serious.

When it was time for all of the guys to leave, the only thing I remember being said was “You two lovebirds are adorable, I hope you make each other happy.” I’m not sure who said it, might have been Ashton, but it was something that will always stick out in my mind. It’s like the best compliment and words of encouragement in one.  

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Could you do a Nate imagine where y/n and him are fighting and he gets really angry and she gets scared because of her past relationship experiences

trigger warning: mentions of abuse

I don’t know how we got to this point. Everything was absolutely perfect the first few months: blissful, fun, and carefree. We were happy. Then we had our first big fight. Since then, it seems like it’s all we’ve done. It was scary, but every time we made up, that negativity flew from my mind. I never really knew if were going to be okay, yet I still find myself pining after this boy.

It’s been a while since our last fight, but I could feel some sort of tension coming from Nate. I didn’t know why, seeing as I’ve been busting my ass to make sure things were okay between us. I was trying my hardest to keep this relationship together.

I was now doing dishes whilst waiting for him to come home from the studio, listening to music when I heard the front door open.

“This place is a fuckin’ mess.” I heard, cringing. I was hoping to get all the chores done before he came home. A few moments passed before he finally entered the kitchen. “Sup, babe?”

“Hi, how was the session?” I questioned, not bothering to face him since I was washing the dishes.

“We went hard as fuck. Then Rupp took us to this guy’s house, and we talked about music videos and shit. Man, those video girls, too.” He gushed. I only sighed, because I knew if I said anything, we’d end up in a fight again. Unfortunately, he wasn’t having the same intentions. “What’s that sigh for?”

“Nothing.” I said as calmly as possible.

“Don’t give me that shit. What you sighin’ for, Y/N?”

“I’m just tired.” I brushed it off, but he wouldn’t have it. I heard the screech of the chair as he got up and stood beside me and leaned against the counter.

“Then why are you doing dishes? Go to bed or something.” I glanced at him for a quick second before shaking my head.

“If I don’t do the dishes, you’ll be complaining about the smell tomorrow or something. There’s always something wrong that I have to fix.”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” I gave him a look. Sometimes he was so oblivious whilst doing the absolute most. He rose his eyebrows as he waited for an answer, and I had to try not to roll my eyes.

“It means that I’ve been doing all the work around here lately, just to satisfy you.” The words came out a little more forceful than I intended, so I avoided eye contact with him until he spoke up.

“Well nobody’s asking you to do a goddamn thing, so it’s your fault.”

“Oh, it’s my fault? My fault that you get angry when something isn’t clean, or something isn’t organized? My fault that I’m just trying to keep you happy?” I was getting angrier by the second, surprisingly, whilst he stayed lighthearted, and it bothered me like no other. He just laughed it off.

“Yeah, it sort of is. Like I said, no one asked you to do that shit. You’re just busting your ass for no reason.”

“Nate!” I burst in utter frustration. “Why are you doing this? You’re being a fuckin’ dickhead.” And there’s the spark. So he’ll get angry over a dumb nickname but not anything else? Logical.

“I’m being a dickhead? I’m just trying to help you out! You look so goddamn tired all the time, and all I’m saying is that you don’t need to work around the house so much.” I had to focus on the dishes just to restrict myself from choking him. This wasn’t even the main point.

“I’m not even angry about this.” I muttered through my teeth.

“What was that?” I didn’t answer. Just kept doing the dishes. I was sure that he heard me, but apparently that wasn’t enough for him. “Speak up, Y/N.” He said sharply.

“I said I’m not even mad about this! Loud enough for you?”

“Then what the fuck is up your ass?”

“You just fucking gushed over video girls like it was nothing! Does me being your girlfriend mean anything to you anymore?” I don’t know what it was that I said, but at a quick glance, I saw anger flashing across his eyes. It didn’t make sense why he was mad. I’m the one being victimized here.

“Oh, stop overreacting. You know they’re just girls.”

“Are they?” I challenged, lifting an eyebrow. Now he was getting defensive.

“You know what, maybe they aren’t just girls. What are you gonna do about it, huh? It won’t mean a damn thing since you’re always staying home and doing unnecessary shit. Maybe I’m hooking up with one of them. Maybe I’m thinkin’ about bringing one of them home. Maybe–”

“Then why don’t you? Huh? I fucking dare you, Nathan.” I cut him off, not wanting to hear any more of those possibilities. Why was he saying all this?

“You’re so fucking difficult! Sometimes I just wanna–” I saw his fist ball up, and the moment he started to move his arm, I flinched and dropped a plate in the process. I stared at both Nate and the shattered plate in horror, my body shaking slightly.

“I-I’m sorry. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Pl–Please don’t hit me, I’m sorry.” I repeated as I frantically tried to scoop up the broken pieces.

“What?” His voice had gone significantly softer, but I didn’t dare to look up at him in fear of what I might see. I just continued to get the pieces together even through my blurred vision and shaking hands. “Y/N, what did you say?” He mumbled. He placed a light hand on my shoulder, and I lost it.

“I’m s-sorry!” I said on reflex, practically falling back onto the floor as I scrambled to get away from his touch. I curled up in a ball against the kitchen cabinets and sobbed, my head on my knees. It was all I could think to do. My mind was everywhere, flashbacks of past relationships and what just happened going back in forth in my head.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm, and my whole body froze. I didn’t flinch this time. I just stopped functioning. It was like my body went numb, and it took a couple minutes to feel anything again.

“Y/N…” Nate whispered. “I’m not gonna hurt you. Please look at me, baby girl.” Even when I didn’t move, he continued to lightly rub my arm until I shifted slightly to look up. Still, I withheld from looking at his face. “Did you really think I was gonna hit you?” He asked quietly. Well now I felt stupid for overreacting. He wouldn’t understand though. Every goddamn day, I have to live in fear of running into him again. Gulping, my eyes began to water again as I nodded in the slightest bit. “No baby, please don’t cry.” He said as he pulled me into his arms. I flinched again, but after a few moments my body gradually began to relax.

“I-I’m sorry.” I spoke in the tiniest voice. “I’ll– I’ll buy you a new plate.”

“Don’t you worry ‘bout no goddamn plate. I care more about you. Are you okay?” I stared blankly as the flashbacks continued to consume my thoughts. I didn’t want to look at Nate because I was afraid I would only be able to see my ex’s face.

“I’m– I’m still trying to recover,” I admitted, “from h-him.”

“Your ex?” I nodded slowly. “Babe, he’s locked up, ain’t he?” When I didn’t respond, he sighed and reached over to wipe my damp cheeks. “Look, I won’t tell you to get over it because that’d be the most ignorant thing to say. But what I will tell you is that you never have to worry about that happening ever again, alright? I will never, ever lay a finger on you like that. Swear on my grave.” I just wanted to cry some more because that’s what my ex told me after the first time he hit me. I didn’t want to distrust Nate, but it was hard after all that happened. “I love you, Y/N, and if I have to go to the ends of the earth to prove it, I will.”

“I don’t want to fight anymore, Nate.” I whispered as I wiped the rest of my tears.

“I don’t either, princess. I’m sorry for getting so worked up about my own messes. I’ll try to get better about that.” He promised. I was finally able to will myself to look at him then. I was scared shitless at first, but as soon as I looked into his big brown eyes, I felt comforted, like I was at home.

“I love you.” I said, pulling him into another hug. He didn’t hesitate to return it, rubbing my back in the process.

“I love you too, lil’ ma. Don’t you worry 'bout a thing. I’ll take care of you, always.”

Sort of cheesy as hell ending but I never know how to end these things anyway lol. I hope you liked it anon!

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"Comforts Of Home" - Will/Mia

Will’s bad day changes date night plans.  H/C and sexy times with Mia.

Poly!verse Masterpost

The kitchen looks like a fish market had exploded inside of it.

Will stands in the middle of the carnage, covered in flecks of rice and bits of flesh and strips of nori, apron-clad and gloves up to his elbows, and he’s forced to accept that after an hour and a half all he has to show for his efforts are a few rolls that look like a four year old had made them. He doesn’t have a back-up plan, Mia is on her way, his phone won’t stop buzzing, and he is about ten seconds away from having a meltdown. He’s been counting down to said meltdown all day, so he doesn’t even know why he’s surprised; how silly him to think that the day might have improved at some point.

And then Mia lets herself in, shouting, “Will?” because she has a key and he obviously hadn’t heard the bell go off because he’s drowning in his own ineptitude, duh.

She walks into the kitchen, stopping just past the threshold. She looks gorgeous—jeans splattered with color and sparkle, a layered tank top and off the shoulder sweatshirt combo wrapped around her torso, and her hair fluffed up and dyed neatly back to its original color, minus two streaks of magenta framing her neck. She has a brown bag in one hand and her purse in the other and a curious look on her face.

“Oh,” she says. “Shit, babe, what’s up?”

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