he asks for help all the time


Disclaimer – I haven’t rewatched everything for this list (I put myself through quite a few scenes but… ick) so this is from memory with help from the ED Wiki, if anything is incorrect I’m sorry! :) All dates are episode air dates, stuff in brackets is my own thoughts.

October 11thShe arrives, after Robert asks her to come.
October 13th
Thinks Robert wanted her to come back to start again. ‘You’ve tried everything else and found none of it compares.’
October 14th
She tries multiple times to get Robert into bed, even when he says no. Offers him HF with her. Kiss #1, he tells her he feels nothing, she asks for one more kiss which he rejects.
October 17th
Visits Robert at the scrapyard, she wasn’t expecting him to be quite so spoken for
October 24thShe seems upset when she hears about the engagement, around the back of the pub afterwards she’s worried about him after the accident. Robert goes to walk away and give up their arrangement, begs him to help her and offers 20% of HF along with Andy’s freedom.
October 27th
She tells Chrissie that she was with Robert during their engagement party spitefully. Robert tells Chrissie he thinks Rebecca is still a bit in love with him.

November 7thGets the vase as evidence against Lachlan for Robert.
November 8th
Reveals all about shooting at bonfire night. Later, gives Robert video evidence against Lachlan.
November 10th
Robert is harsh in front of Lawrence, she’s upset. Later, she finds out it was just for Lawrence’s benefit.
November 14th
She persuades Lawrence not to throw Diane and Doug out of their house.
November 15th
Kiss #2. Robert stops it, she wants more and tries to persuade him.
November 17th
She persuades Lachlan to hand himself into the police to clear Andy’s name.
November 29th
She threatens to tell Aaron about the kiss unless Robert helps Lachlan escape jail. When he tells her he’s been leading her on, she would have kissed him again. Thinks he wants her and Aaron, upset when he tells her no. Crying later on at HF to Chrissie about being used, she still loves him.
November 30th
Reveals the kiss in front of all at Cain’s party. Pretends Robert wanted more, she’s humiliated when Aaron says he knew all along, tries to make out Robert wants her, that he’s all over her but it’s a lie.

December 14thFinds Liv trying to break into the Mill and tells Aaron. Wants Robert’s help with business again. Insensitive comment about Gordon’s money.
December 15th
Wants Robert’s help again with business meeting, begs him to go with her. Thinks Robert is keen to help her, but it’s really for Aaron. Threatens to phone police when Aaron steals money from HF, but is understanding when he explains and helps out. Thanks Robert later for his help, he’s thankful for her help with Aaron – she likes Aaron and wants Robert to be happy, accepts they’ll only be friends.
December 16th
Needs Robert’s help again with business meeting.

January 5thHelps Robert out with Aaron’s birthday present, as long as Robert helps her with HF stuff, and the overnight business meeting.
January 6th
Rebecca tells Robert the overnight business meeting was cancelled the other day and she forgot to tell him. (never mentioned again… did she forget?)
January 9th
She helps decorate for Charity’s birthday party
January 17th
Robert is helping Rebecca with a business plan.
January 18th
Rebecca begs Robert to help her with business meeting. Afterwards she persuades him to stay for a drink at HF, where Aaron finds them. (we all know what happened after this)

February 1stShe drives to the Woolpack, then the Mill to tell Robert in person that his money will be in his account soon. Offers to help with interior design at the Mill.
February 2nd
Robert goes to HF to meet her (does she text him?). She wants to leave the village, Robert talks her around. (is that what she wanted?)
February 20th
She leaves money behind the bar at Robert and Aaron’s wedding.

March 15thHelps Robert out with Liv looking after her while Robert goes to the prison. Talks to Liv about her school problems. Looks appropriately concerned when Robert is worried about Aaron.
March 16th
She tells Liv to tell Robert what the problem is. Later, she’s in the pub with Ross when Robert texts her. She runs straight around. Robert rants, tries it on and she rejects him. Instead of leaving or trying to sort him out, she takes her coat off and starts playing with the furniture. He tries it on again… we know what happens after that.
March 17th
Kicks Ross to the curb, leaving Robert a voicemail and going to find him. Offers to go into the Mill. When she realises he doesn’t want her she gets upset/angry, telling him she feels cheap and used, threatens to tell everyone what happened. Says the same to Chas when confronted by her. (they obviously didn’t spend the whole night together as Robert had not changed his clothes yet Rebecca had, and the voicemail seemed that way too)
March 21st
Robert texts her and she goes running straight to him. Robert wants her to keep quiet, she looks gleeful at him being worried. Puts all the blame onto Robert, then says she’ll keep quiet. Spends the whole afternoon with Ross then takes him to the pub, making sure everyone knows what they’ve been up to then kissing him, all in front of Robert.

Future Things we know from spoilers:

April 6thShe invites herself to Aaron’s welcome home party.
April 7th
She starts getting friendly with Victoria.

Someone pointed out on twitter earlier (don’t have the link anymore though, sorry maybe someone else has?) that there is a recurring theme of alcohol being involved whenever Robert does something with Rebecca, even in their encounters prior to him coming back to Emmerdale which is all true. From what I’ve looked at above though, she seems determined to worm her way in and be a part of his life any way she can and gets angry/upset when it doesn’t go the way she wants and tries a different way. Obsession, perhaps a bit more than what we’ve been paying attention to? Have they been playing the long game with us all along?

I, personally, think she’s in love with him and she’s obsessed with him, she wants to be in his life no matter what and I think she thinks as long as she stays there he’ll eventually come around. Now… after the ONS and rejection I think she’s out for revenge… we’ll see.

If anyone wants to analyse this some more, go right ahead.

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Vanya, how could you ever develop feelings for Nevo? Besides killing off your entire species, he's hurled the world into mass chaos, claimed himself the "new god" of it, and forced you to work for him- helping him raise childlike versions of those he slaughtered for his own gain. How could you stand the thought of being intimate with him? How could you ever grow to welcome that after all he's done to you, your kind, and your world?

“…I have asked myself this very question many, many times, and wrestled with all the disgust and conflict it brings within me.”

“Consider my position, a long-lived puppet whose strings are pulled by random chance and the people’s will, and the only adult of my kind left. All of us, the children included, are or will be beholden to such things. Nationkind are not entirely masters of their own feelings, or free will. They never have been, and they never will be. They are held sway to public opinion, and for better or for worse, are pushed in that direction. France, when he was still alive and the world still made sense, had once called it ‘the wind in our sails’.”

“My home city, my heart, is Novgorod. It is, and has always been my capital, and has been largely spared Nevol'nik’s ravages in part by my stubbornness. My people, in turn, have begun to enjoy the relatively light hands he lays upon my capital city. He spares its monuments, he makes no attempt to change its religion. The generations that knew life before have started to die away, and the public has started to, by and large, accept him and the kind autonomy he has given them. They know nothing of my begging and pleading on their behalf, but their opinion still sways mine. They only know how easy their life is, compared to others.”

“I have never been able to parcel out which is my own feelings, and which are those pushed and prodded by public opinion. …I have loved before, with every fiber of my being. I have loved others of my own accord. Those sensations, those feelings, they were mine alone.“

“…my feelings towards him, however, are muddled. I cannot clearly define what is mine, and what is not. Night after night, I am bedded by a murderer, and night after night, I am left with the conflict such actions bring me. I am tired of puzzling on them, and chasing away the disgust with excuses. What do I feel for him? I may never know. At the very least, I keep him calm, and the children benefit from his leveled mood.”

“Of course, I will never forget, nor forgive him for, what he did to the rest of my kind, but there is an inherent loneliness to nationhood, and being the only adult left only exasperates that feeling. A few hours of companionship is just barely enough to chase it away. …Whatever his feelings about me are, I am certain they are just as complicated as mine.”

Some Lloyd-centric headcanon/ideas because I started watching Ninjago again and I’m very passionate about this kid:

-He still loves candy even as an older teen but hates making a big deal about it. He never goes anywhere without half a dozen lollipops stuffed into his pockets. He gnaws on them when he’s stressed or thinking. He has a lot more in his room. He’ll share them if you ask, but don’t touch his stash without permission
-Lloyd idolizes the hell out of Nya. As much as he loves the other ninja, they all have traits that can drive him up the wall some days. Nya he just finds easy to talk to and he’ll go to her most for advice or for help. They train together a lot
-He and Kai most certainly at some point had a long, emotional, and somewhat awkward talk about their shared experience of losing parents. Kai was the one who approached Lloyd during a… stressful time to talk. No one knows exactly what they said but it was apparently good for both of them and they came to understand each other a lot better
-There was at some point probably maybe some calling out of Misako from the other ninja about abandoning her kid at a crappy boarding school without explanation. Because Lloyd was pretty fully one of them at that point and in what world would the ninja not stick up for each other like that
-Kai was Lloyd’s awkward first crush and Nya was probably a second or third. There was a phase when part of him just died with embarrassment when reminded, but he’s over it enough that he can actually occasionally talk about with tripping over himself
-He actually… has some anger issues that he tries to keep tightly controlled. Mostly because chosen one, green ninja responsibility, and he’s got pressure on him to keep it together up the wazoo. Lloyd is basically that one friend in the friend group who’s perpetually two sentences away from decking someone
-Okay but he actually does love dragons. They’re cool as hell and flying is cool as hell. Nothing brings out geeky joy in him like getting to serious riding an actual dragon!!

I also have some vague ideas swirling around in my head that are basically just a lot of Lloyd-Morro parallels and how Morro is basically Lloyd if he didn’t have the team. This will probably lead to fanfiction being written in the distant future (definitely maybe)

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Hey there amazing artist)) I love your AU and I wonder: what about Shimada angst?

Hello there amazing person! We are glad that you like our Au ;w; <3
Shimada angst you ask? Ooooh there will be plenty of it!
The story of Genji and Hanzo in our Au is pretty similar to the one that they have in game, with some adaptation to fit the shapeshifter world.
Sorry if it took us so much time to get to your ask, I actually wrote down for you a really long answer with all the details of the Shimada angst, but then we realized that they were the same info that we were planning to share along with Vany’s drawings xD
She’s working on them at the moment so they’ll be uploaded soon ahah

Anyway, consider that if Hanzo still have trust issues and difficulties to accept help/affection from others is because of his past. He still can’t see the perks of being an omega and would never confess it directly, unless someone point it out. Let’s just say that he went trough:

Blurbs: Your Special Day

Vik: Vik would be super nervous. He’d get ready with all the Sidemen and friends at the Sidemen house and he’d be running around to make sure everything goes perfectly. No matter how many times you told him everything would be fine anyway, he asked the boys to fix his tie on multiple occasions and ran through the entire house twice before leaving, just so he wouldn’t forget anything. When he sees you walking down the aisle, he can’t help but shed a tear. Looking down at the people sitting in front row, he sees his parents and all the Sidemen already crying, too.

Callux: Cal would be strangely confident about it all. He’d be cocky and before leaving to his own wedding, he’d sit down with his mates at home and scroll through pictures of you, telling everyone you’re the beautiful girl he’s marrying today. He’d have the photographer take lots of pictures of the both of you so he could post them everywhere later.

Chrismd: Chris would be nervous as heck too, and he’d constantly be asking his family for reassurance. His parents would be there of course, and he kept asking them how they dealt with their day in the hope of getting some tips on how to not panic. He’d throw some jokes here and there to try and make himself feel better but as soon as he sees you walking down the aisle he feels better straight away. There was something about you that made him feel relaxed.

JJ: JJ’s wedding would be small and luxurious. It would take place in a very nice hotel, where he invites only his close family and best of friends. You only announced you got married after the event, which is a huge shock to all his fans. He hired several videographers and photographers to capture every moment, framing the best pictures to hang up in your apartment and to create a video to post to YouTube.

Josh: Josh would need constant reassurance. He panicked, wondering how things were going with you right now, and he begged the boys to let him call you to see if you were okay. The two of you weren’t separated very often, so this was a little difficult for him. In fact, the boys stole his phone from him to make sure he wouldn’t contact you in any way, shape or form. Throughout the entire day leading up to the moment you walk down the aisle he’d be repeating his vows to himself in his head to make sure he hadn’t forgotten a thing. His vows were mostly about how beautiful he thinks you were and that he promised to take care of you forever.

Simon: ‘Hands sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti,’ Was Simon’s phrase for the day. Obviously he had never felt like this before and he didn’t really know what to expect. Other than the jokes about 'Hey! You always said you were forever lonely and now look at you!’, Simon felt pretty good about himself. Today was a day where he finally appreciated how good he looked, despite his insecurity about his looks. You didn’t forget to remind him about it throughout the entire day. Simon was the clingiest he’s ever been; always having an arm around you, holding your hand or trying to kiss you.

Calfreezy: Cal knew he was going to be awkward today. He was so much taller than you, and so when it came to your first dance as a married couple, he tried so hard not to step on your feet. The song you chose was beautiful, and for the rest of the evening, he had made a playlist especially for you that was playing the whole time. Fast forward a couple years later and your first born always listens to your wedding playlist in his/her free time.

Tobi: Tobi made the entire day as perfect as possible. He and Manny even designed your wedding cake because it had to be unique and like no other. He would never let you out of his sight, mainly because you looked even more beautiful than you usually did (if that was possible) and because he now felt responsible for you, being your husband. He didn’t want to let your father down after he allowed Tobi to propose to you. Tobi kept calling you his princess throughout the entire day , and it couldn’t have ended up more perfect.

Ethan: He and his mum organised the most of it, because his mum was beyond excited. He had the whole thing professionally filmed so he could post it on his YouTube and remember it forever. He had his best man be Simon, 'just for the Emon bants’, but the other boys weren’t offended by it luckily. You had your wedding in Essex, where you were soon going to be living in your first home together. Little did you know you wouldn’t be living there for a while yet though, as Ethan had organised a surprise honeymoon trip for the both of you.

Harry: Your wedding was a big deal because all the boys had to fly from London to Guernsey, where your wedding will be taking place. All the boys were talking about it and how excited they were for it in their videos, so everyone knew it was upcoming. Harry hadn’t posted in weeks, but he hoped your wedding video would make up for it. Your wedding was traditional and all your friends and family were invited. 'God, I’m married! Can you believe it? I can’t believe I’m married, I sound so old!’ Harry laughed as he walked out the building where you just got married. He couldn’t stop smiling all day.

Apologies if I forgot someone, and that this isn’t an imagine. I’ve just had such a busy week that an imagine just wasn’t possible. Let me know if I missed a boy,

gnight (I can barely keep my eyes open)

Mel xx

I went to this therapist back when I was finishing highschool, it help a little with my mood swings, tho sometimes it felt as if I was being treated like a little kid, and the therapy sometimes made me uncomfortable because it involved a lot of touch

This was one of the first times I confessed about being trans

He always asked to talk with my father alone after all our sessions, I didn’t though much about it at first, until one day my dad was yelling at me, telling me that the therapist said I was “immature and needy” and that I needed a strict hand on me (even tho family abuse was the reason i was seeing a therapist)

That make me lose trust in therapy

Six months later it turned out that the therapist was really homophobic and was against the lgtb community, I’m talking big time homophobic

Wish I could say I’m seeing someone better now, but I abandoned all therapy and medications after that, things had gone way worse for me and it made me lose confidence in trusting others, I feel everyone is going to use things against me now or tell all my secrets on my parents

Me: *asks for any sort of favor, usually little things like getting my blanket out of the dryer because i literally can’t keep my eyes open anymore*
Dad: *goes on and on about how it’s not all about me, and how i’m going to owe him big time because i want him to do this one little tiny thing for me*
Me: *learns not to ask for anything and has multiple mental breakdowns because i can’t even ask for help anymore*

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hello this is ur daily bird ask saying that i love you and here is your daily bird smorch *smorches u* thank u for having me and remember to hydrate

i love u!!! i am very hydrated bc i just spent like 2 hours lying on my bathtub trying to help my snake shed and i got soaked

I lost my father to Pokemon Go and I regret so many life decisions. I’m the one who told him about the game. I’m the one who initially encouraged him. What have I done?

Now he starts every phone call with a Pokemon update. He gets all the names wrong and asks me what a Dragonite is called every time he brings up the “fat fighting orange dragon”

It’s gotten so bad he’s started watching the anime on Netflix. Help.



This boy is precious. Not just when he’s in a romance, either. No matter how tsun-tsun he is about how he doesn’t really care it’s a stRAIGHT UP LIE.

He doles out paid bodyguards to every member of the RFA at the drop of a hat every time they’re in any kind of danger at all. He’ll send his drivers out for people if they need something and not even snark about it.

When Zen is self destructing and Jumin is hurt and angry with Zen’s behavior and insistence on a rivalry he’s not interested in, he still goes out of his way to protect and help Zen, shields his privacy, bends his rules, and even hunts Zen down to help him out of his funk.

He is protective of the MC even when he’s not in love with her, and asks her to call him at any time if she needs anything.

If you regularly call the characters because you have all the call cards… do you know who answers the most and at the most random times? It’s not your routemate. It’s not Zen who adores you regardless.

It’s Jumin.

Call him at 3 in the morning. He’ll answer while he’s doing paperwork. Call him in the middle of the day and he’ll complain to you about the work he’s stuck doing. Call him when he’s gone away to his quiet place to get away from everyone else and all the noise, and he’ll still talk to you. HIT ON HIM LIKE THE THIRSTIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD and he’ll just politely brush it off and keep chatting with you.

He never says “I’m too busy to talk to you stop calling”, he’ll just do his business while talking to you between it. You don’t have to pry into his heart to befriend him, he’ll cheerily suggest you join him in teasing Zen when he barely knows you. He’ll also offer to let you meet Elizabeth when you’re practically perfect strangers

This dude doesn’t know the MC on most routes. He has no reason to humor her about anything not to do with the RFA. He claims he doesn’t like chit-chat. He still answers her and entertains her.

He doesn’t approve of Yoosung’s behavior at all and is disappointed completely and yet he is earnestly willing to give Yoosung a job at his business as soon as Yoosung is out of college. Zen keeps rebuffing him coldly without explanation and yet he’s absolutely willing to prop Zen back up again and use all of his connections to help Zen reach stardom if Zen would just let him.


there’s almost no time he won’t answer the MC. Even when he won’t answer ANYONE he’ll almost always answer the MC’s calls. He’ll call just to hear her voice and admit to not knowing what to say. She practically only has to ask him to do something and he’ll relent immediately.

And while he’s paranoid in his route, keep in mind the MC is actually the safest of all routes. Because for all of his paranoia he’s literally actually protecting her from dangers all the other RFA fail to.



As dedicated as Zen is, as much as he professes endless love for the MC, as much as he says he cares more about his love than his career, there is no time in which he chooses the MC over his career. There is no timeline where he abandons acting so he can be with her. There’s not even a timeline where he refuses to hide her even though it will stall his acting career. Even in the good ending where he reveals her, he later signs a contract that says he needs to keep the MC on the downlow and not be seen with her in public. Again, even in the ending where the MC is emotionally and verbally abusive to him and he just bows his head and takes it because he needs to be with her, he is still acting. He hasn’t even quit acting with female leads that make her jealous!

Jumin, on the other hand, will literally just quit his ludicrously expensive job without the MC so much as whispering a suggestion of it. He just wants to be with the MC more, and he’s sick of his job interfering. And in the ending where he doesn’t do that, he announces her publicly, marries her publicly, and gets angry with his work when it forces him to be away from her too long.

He runs himself so ragged forcing and slamming through his work in time to get home for Valentines day that he practically collapses from exhaustion once he gets there.

Zen might make fun of him for being so sure that he’s dedicated to the MC more than anyone else…

but boy

that’s because

Jumin is.

He’ll give up Elizabeth for the MC if she asks. He’ll keep Elizabeth if the MC asks him to. When he’s out working, all he thinks about is the MC and everything he sees reminds him of the MC.

He will worry excessively over everyone in RFA, MC included, even when he’s not in love with her. He’ll tut and play father role for Yoosung and for MC (spamming the chat with “I don’t agree with two people living together unmarried” in Zen’s route), he’ll worry over Seven and support him even when he’s savagely smacking him down over Elizabeth.

He gives Yoosung a reward when Yoosung doesn’t expect one!!


He’ll just keep making jokes and stupid puns until someone (usually MC) laughs about it and have no shame




I’m sick of it!

The following is to everyone from the Eddsworld “paultryk fandom”.

Thanks for ruining this show for me…
If i knew how things would turn out i’d never donate - hell i’d rather spend this money on a whore or two.

I’m speaking for myself and Paul

It’s time to stop and end it.

For a while i have found this pretty funny and safe to be left alone - and soon after it started poping up in random places outside this closed tumblr space it became unbearable. We had to involve Tom in that where he called out people that were harrasing us, called them to stop and sadly… sarcastically stated that the ship was canon (unfortunately that did not help the case). I was waiting for it all to just slowly die out considering the show was over. After leaving it be for a plenty amount of time i received an unexpected email from famousbirthdays asking to clarify the info they got. That’s when i noticed that it’s still going and now when i’m writing this it’s probably too late to change anything…

Seeing how fed up with it I am, I will not try to be nice or politically correct, just so you know.

First of all… thanks!… (in case some of you did not catch it… it’s sarcasm!

For using my real name in those fanfics, arts and trivias! Thanks to some of you dumb assholes if you search me up you’ll end up finding eddsworld gay fanart! (Imagine explaining that to people, friends or even possible boss if he looks me up) 
Also who was the fucking genius that created my “famous birthdays” profile - where most of the info is eddsworld related? 

Some people may say - “But i don’t mix reality with fiction”… Well good for you since your fiction isn’t labeled with your own fucking name! 

Whoever is guilty of doing the above… Fuck you! 

Here’s a little thing you can notice when you search MY REAL NAME!

Here’s the same with google images

  • If you’ll decide to not respect this whole post and want to continue this shithole, at least stop using my and Paul’s names and last names ever again!
    Just shorten it to just “Pat and Pau” or whatever! And stop associating us with those characters!

Second of all…thanks again!… (that’s a sarcasm too… kinda the same one Tom used in his infamous tweet
Because of that I also had to cease all online public conversations with Paul just for our image safety. No matter what, people always needed to butt in those conversations adding nothing else than Eddsworld or comments suggesting we should make out. We talked about swimming - guess what kind of art showed up soon after!
I can’t interact with my friend (who has a wife) because some idiots will immediately gay us out even more - Even the spelled out reason sounds dumb!

Third of all…  Do some of you HONESTLY think that sending me the shipping fanart to my twitter etc. was a good idea!? (For a while i cared less if it was just the pilot character drawn more as a cartoon tribute rather than the fandom) Did you honestly think “Hey i’m sure he’ll love it!” ? I had few situations where i was guest at my friends streams and noticed sudden rise of “eddsworld” related messages on chat and of course  “Where’s Patryk / Paul?”  Same shit happened few times on my own streams.

(Note… I already started to block people sending me Paultryk stuff or having avatars from it without hesitation. To be honest i’m at the point now that if i see someone messaging me with Eddsworld avatar/mentioning Eddsworld etc, i want to block them too for good measures)

Am i unfair? Maybe… I mean i have to get mad at fans of the show that helped gather money for children cancer research! FUCK!
But i just want to end this chapter!
We tried to wait it out… nothing happened… 
We tried to calm you down via Tom… you people went batshit crazy…
We tried to wait it out again… yeah go figure

Neither me nor Paul have any more involvement in Eddsworld! 
Hell i never had any involvement other than donating money and receiving my rewards!

  • If Tord had at least part of the shit i’m seeing now (and i assume he was even more stalked) I can honestly say i fully understand why he left Eddsworld and disappeared.

So if you still follow me because of me being in eddsworld, please unfollow and forget about me! I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore! 

(Let me repeat myself! You have no idea how hard it is to say that stuff, knowing how much good things this series has done! I wanted to help close off a series that inspired me and help charity at the same time! I NEVER ASKED FOR MY NAME TO BE TARNISHED BY HOMOSEXUAL SHIP FANDOM!)

So here are my last words to people that took paultryk too far:
I seriously don’t give a damn anymore if that fandom cured your shyness, helped you find your lost parents or allowed you to improve your art or anything. 

In short and kinda more in my style, quoting my Narutoe video…


There’s a problem

Nobody is talking about Yurio and Yuko’s friendship????

Let me explain why this is important.

Look at Yurio’s face when he first meets Yuko.

And now look at Yuko’s face. She clearly knows who he is, and she’s smiling. He’s just a little angry 15yo after all, no matter how hostile he is towards her. So he’s like, ok, yeah. I’ll shut up now.

Then Victor goes all Victor and stuff. When she nosebleeds (we’ve all been there) Yurio doesn’t understand what’s wrong? and it’s adorable.

Then, when he needs help with the timing, he doesn’t ask Victor, the only person he knows from the group for help. He asks Yuko. And she helps.

At the showdown, it’s finally time and Yuko’s calling Yurio to the stage. Look at his face. So cute X_X

So, here she is, and

She fangirls and nosebleeds again and

…His reaction

She cheers on him, like a good friend would 

And he’s cute about it. Because she’s the kindest anyone in Japan has been towards him.

Look at her face during his performance. She’s proud. It’s really nice to see.

When he’s about to leave, she comes after him. She’s the only one to.

So they are about to part, when he says:

And after he says that, she responds with this face:

And then he leaves. He goes back to Russia.

Next episode, and they have each other’s numbers? They took a photo with her kids? She gives him reports? This is great..!

Yuko is officially team Yurio! I bet Yurio is an honorary Nishigori family member at this point.

In conclusion: This relationship is super important and pure!!! Continue on with your day!

ppl rly lost their shit over my andreil hc so here is neil w twitter

  • when allison, dan, and renee first makes neil a twitter he ? doesnt get ? it?
  • “why would i put stuff abt my life on the internet for strangers to read”
  • “ur friends can see it too neil”
  • “im w u guys all the time tho”
  • they ask what he wants his bio to say and he says idk smthg about exy
  • they make his bio “something about exy”
  • neil can’t figure out how to change it for a week and no one will help him
  • but allison follows a bunch of exy players for him and one day he goes on there when he’s bored in class
  • and bc he’s Neil Josten Human Trashcan he starts replying to ppl
  • like this girl might be court but she clearly does not know what she’s talking abt i better tell her
  • he already has a reputation and this just makes it worse
  • kevin puts him on google alert and reads the articles about his twitter fights every day w his daily vodka shot mug
  • “neil u cant just insult pro exy players”
  • so by the time neil makes his “Andrew is my boyfriend.” tweet he has tons of followers
    • a lot of them dont even like exy they are just here for the daily shade
  • the next day, this former Raven who’s now Court tweets about how exy should be a family sport and how the players needs to return to traditional values
  • neil doesnt follow this idiot but so many ppl @ him that he notices anyway
    • (allison has to give him a lesson on what subtweeting is)
  • and man neil josten is not abt to just leave this alone
  • pls
  • “idk i don’t like to take advice from strikers who havent managed to score in their last three games :/”
    • (neil is an emoticon purist he makes own from characters on the keyboard psh who needs emojis)
  • andrew hates it
  • he cant spend five minutes w neil w/out him replying to 40 ppl’s tweets
  • one day they’re on the roof and he. just. takes neil’s phone
  • and throws it off 
  • neil is so Offended
  • “andrew what r my enemies gonna think when i cant reply until i get a new phone tmrw?”
    • “r u trying to make me look weak andrew”
  • he literally leaves the roof
  • andrew takes six deep breaths and downloads twitter so neil can use his phone
  • dan and matt start printing out neil’s most epic clapbacks and taping them around the lounge
  • one of neil’s arguments is trending at least once a week

even’s favorite thing to draw on is not paper. it’s isak. the first time even draws on isak, he takes his hand, and he starts drawing a dog’s face on his palm (they’re watching lady and the tramp, even’s favorite disney movie) and isak asks him “what are you doing?” but he doesn’t resist. and then even gives isak his hand back, and there’s pride and a smile all over his face and isak can’t help but smile back. one other time, before isak wakes up, even draws a small heart on his left shoulder blade, and isak never ends up noticing that one. another time, before they go to school, even draws a large heart on isak’s forearm, and his face and isak’s inside of it. when isak sees the final result, he shakes his head and jokingly says “what are we, first years who’ve been together for a week or something?” and then he sighs and kisses even and even chuckles into the kiss. he has a class with sana that morning, they sit next to each other as usual. he’s wearing one of his jackets which hides the drawing, and then it gets a little warm and he takes it off. sana eyes the drawing and isak notices and he quickly mumbles “it’s, hm…you know”. the corner or sana’s mouth lifts into a little smile and she says “i know”

but most of the times, even actually draws on isak without using a pen. he draws and writes on isak with the tip of his fingers. and sometimes isak doesn’t know he’s doing it. sometimes even has a hard time falling asleep, sometimes he wakes up at night, and he has thoughts he’s not exactly sure how to express, so he tries by writing words and drawing things on isak’s back, gently, barely touching. isak’s a heavy sleeper, especially when he sleeps with even, and he never notices. the pace of even’s fingers matches the pace of isak’s breathing and it soothes him, it helps him fall asleep 

one night isak actually wakes up. even can’t see his face but he knows from the way his breathing changes. and then isak turns around and he blinks and his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room and he realizes that even is awake. his brows are furrowed and he sounds groggy when he says “hey” and even swallows audibly before replying “hey, sorry i woke you up”. isak’s eyes are only half-open and he asks “trouble sleeping?” and even sighs and nods. isak leans in and presses his forehead against his and he says “breathe with me”. so even does and after a minute his hand reaches isak’s cheek and he starts to write with his finger. “what was that?” even can hear the smile in isak’s voice and he says “i wrote ‘thank you’”

so they stay like this, foreheads and sometimes noses and lips touching and for about half an hour, even draws little things on isak’s cheek and his shoulder and his arm, writes i love you’s more than a dozen times. and then he’s just tracing lines until his hand stops moving and he falls asleep, and that’s the moment when isak closes his eyes and lets himself go back to sleep 

[Victuuri week - Day 1: Career AU// Dressage]

AU where Viktor is the five-time gold medalist in men’s dressage with is horse, an Oldenburg, Makkachin. Yuuri is also highly ranked, but after the sudden passing of his own horse he finds it hard to return to the sport let alone mount a new steed. He’s left in a very depressed state and often goes to local competitions, and on one of those day’s Viktor happens to be competing when notices the man who he once shared a ring with. Viktor asks why he’s not competing, Yuuri explains his situation and sees the sadness in Yuuri’s eyes when he decides to take it upon himself to help him find a new horse and get him back into the competitive scene.

*I had hoped to do a more fleshed out piece, but I was absolutely exhausted today with little time as well, so sketches were all I could manage. I’ll try harder tomorrow!

tsukishima “i don’t care about anything” kei

more like

  • tsukishima “attends every volleyball practice/event/game while simultaneously maintaining an incredible GPA” kei
  • tsukishima “somehow manages to find time in his already demanding practice schedule to study mad hard for college level classes and never complains or asks for help” kei
  • tsukishima “swallows his pride to ask upperclassmen from another team for help when he hates asking for help” kei
  • tsukishima “keeps up with all the current volleyball news and the up-and-coming players” kei
  • tsukishima “like half my fingers are no longer functional but this is fine i can still play” kei
  • tsukishima “literally has always been thinking about the emotional toll of volleyball” kei
  • tsukishima “refused to like volleyball because of how it hurt his brother” kei
  • tsukishima “has stuck by the same friend since elementary school” kei
  • tsukishima “has a running list of other people’s abilities” kei
  • tsukishima “paying attention to everything kuroo says about blocking even when it isn’t directed at him” kei
  • tsukishima “desperately absorbs information like a sponge” kei
  • tsukishima “definitely a perfectionist like calm down” kei
  • tsukishima “cares 100% way too much” kei
  • tsukishima “needs to find a chill place” kei
More Than Fuck Buddies

Request: Hey love, well I had a fabulous dream last night and I thought you might write something out of it? :) Me and bucky Barnes were having some kind of secret affair while living in the tower but also developed strong feelings for each other. One night after we had passionate sex I wanted to leave but he grabbed my hand pulling me back to him and finally admitting his feelings and asking me to stay? I told him the same and it got official? :) That would be great! Also some smut hihi ? 😘😘😘 Thanks


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You were currently cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner, telling everyone else you had it taken care of. Steve and Vision tried to stay behind to help, but you’ve always taken the cleaning roll in the tower. So, they all decided it was time to relax and go to bed.

You felt a pair of arms snake around your waist as you finished up and you smiled, drying off the last plate you washed. Bucky stuffed his face in the curve of your neck, inhaling your scent. Goosebumps rose onto your smooth skin.

“Mm, you smell good enough to eat. I just might let you sit on my face tonight.” Bucky chuckled darkly, nipping at your skin. Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head and you rested your hands against the edge of the sink. “Bucky, I am not doing that.” You giggled softly.

Bucky smirked against you. His hold tightened around you and he was about to say something else until you both heard footsteps approaching. Bucky quickly pulled away from you, standing off to the side.

“Hey, have you guys seen my tablet?” Tony asked with a heavy sigh as he walked in. You turned around, trying to keep your composure. Your heart was beating fast in your chest and your face felt hot. “N-no, maybe check the common room?” You said, hoping Tony couldn’t detect the nervousness in your voice.

Bucky walked to the fridge now, pretending to look for something. Tony nodded at you then looked at Bucky. “Didn’t you just eat?” Tony asked, knitting his eyebrows together. Bucky froze and cleared his throat.

Oh god, what if he figures it out? You thought as your heart started racing even faster. You turned back to the dishes, stacking the plates to distract yourself and hide your embarrassment.

You and Bucky have been having a secret affair for the past few months. You’d have secret sex all throughout the tower and nobody knew; at least you hope they didn’t. You both tried your best to keep quiet.

It’s not that you don’t want the team to know, it’s that you don’t want Bucky to know you have feelings for him. You fell in love with Bucky two months after you started this affair, and you knew that Bucky probably didn’t want anything more than friends with benefits.

You enjoyed the secret sex, of course. You just didn’t want to ruin anything with telling him how you feel.

Bucky shut the refrigerator and turned to Tony. You peeked over your shoulder. “A man’s gotta eat a lot to keep his muscles, Tony the tiger.” Bucky said with a smile as he flexed his muscles. You held in a moan and looked away. Tony rolled his eyes dramatically and left the room, searching for the tablet he so desperately wanted to find.

You sighed out, shaking your head lightly. You’ve almost been caught in the act dozens of times and nobody pieced it together. Not even when Bucky’s shirt was thrown on the floor in the common room and your hair was messed up as you sat on the couch.

Either the team was really dumb or they didn’t care.

You moved to the cabinets, putting the plates and other dishes up, thinking about what just happened. Tony would never let you guys live this down if he had found you two. Bucky had left the room for a moment and you knew he was making sure Tony would leave for good.

As you were putting the silverware away in their rightful drawers, those strong arms wrapped around you once again. “He found the tablet. Now, let me find your g-spot, baby doll.” Bucky whispered in your ear, letting one of his hands move down to your clit over your leggings.

You gasped and leaned back into him, closing your eyes. “No no, that’s not it. I need to keep looking.” Bucky said in a husky voice, slipping his hand down your leggings.

Bucky’s rough hand moved your panties aside and rubbed small circles around your opening. “Y/N, you’re so wet for me.” Bucky moaned into your ear, causing a small whimper to escape between your lips.

Bucky chuckled softly and slid his finger inside of your pussy, gently moving it back and forth. Your breathing became heavier and you felt Bucky curve his finger and hit that delicious spot. Your hips jerked and Bucky smirked. “There it is.” He said proudly, hitting it continuously.

Bucky’s palm was rubbing against your clit at the same time and you tried so hard not to moan loudly in fear that someone would hear you.

Much too soon for your liking, Bucky pulled his hand from your leggings. He lifted his hand to your mouth. “Open.” Bucky ordered. You opened your mouth and he stuck his finger inside, letting you lick your juices from his finger.

You moaned softly and sucked on it now, slowly bobbing your head back and forth. Bucky growled lowly, biting on your shoulder. He placed a kiss there and pulled his finger away from your mouth and you chased after it, wanting to suck some more.

“Doll, let’s take this to the bedroom.” Bucky said as he grabbed onto your wrist. You smiled and let him drag you along. You flicked off the light in the kitchen and hurried to the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed, Bucky picked you up and pinned you to the wall with force. A small grunt fell from your mouth and Bucky ground his hips into yours. He was already hard and you could moan at the thought of how delicious he looked.

You tangled one of your hands in Bucky’s hair and tugged on the roots. You heard a low growl in his throat and you smirked. Bucky had the biggest hair pulling kink and you used that to your advantage. The sounds he made were a bonus, only adding to your own arousal.

Bucky’s lips were attached to your neck and he sucked on it harshly. You whimpered and moved your hips against Bucky’s, getting impatient. Bucky pulled away from your neck and bit his lip, looking down at you.

You noticed something different in the way he looked at you but you couldn’t tell what it was or what he was feeling. “I want to try something new tonight.” Bucky said as the elevator came to a stop.

You wondered what he could be talking about as he set you down. Bucky’s hand wrapped around yours and he laced his fingers with yours, something he’s never done before. Your heart started to race again and you felt your feelings for him start to grow.

You both exited the elevator and quickly made your way to his room down the hallway. Bucky pulled you into his room and shut his door gently and turned back to you. Smirking, he slipped off his shirt and picked you up before lying you down on his soft bed.

You started to take your shirt off and Bucky held his smirk, unbuckling his belt and slipping off his pants. The chill in the air made you shiver and you both were down to your underwear now. Bucky hovered above you on the bed and kissed along your neck and your collarbones.

You moaned, feeling his tongue trace along your skin as he went. “Bucky, hurry.” You begged, wanting him inside of you already. You felt Bucky groan against you and he pulled your bra straps down. “What do you want, kitten?” Bucky asked, using your favorite nickname.

You let him take your bra off and you felt his cock twitch in his boxers against your thigh. “Your cock, please.” You whimpered breathlessly. Bucky breathed out and leaned back on his knees. He smirked and looked down at your clothed pussy.

Your cheeks turned red and he licked his lips as his hand moved down your torso. His fingers added the slightest bit of your pressure on your clit and your hips jerked. Bucky chuckled deeply. “Always so ready for me.” He said, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them down.

You inhaled a deep breath, watching him. “God, you’re so pretty, Y/N.” Bucky whispered, kissing your knee before hovering above you again after slipping off his boxers. You blushed more and looked up into Bucky’s eyes. “What did you want to try?” You asked nervously.

Bucky sighed softly and looked down at you. “Can we take our time?” He asked shyly, the same look in his eyes reappearing. You knitted your eyebrows together a little. “Yeah, that’s fine.” You breathed, feeling nervous.

You and Bucky always started and finished quickly. It was mostly rough and fast sex. You didn’t do too many risky things since you had to sneak around the tower most of the time. You would like to be more adventurous in the bedroom, but you didn’t want to push Bucky away with any of your ideas. 

Bucky’s flesh hand moved to your cheek and his thumb traced along your lips. He leaned down and captured your lips with his and you felt his hips sink closer to yours. Bucky’s cock started to slide into you and you whimpered, goosebumps rising on your skin again.

Bucky pushed in further and bit your bottom lip, causing you to moan his name. “Shit.” He muttered, finally filling you up. Bucky gave you a moment to adjust to his size and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

Bucky stared down at you and brushed your hair out of your face before thrusting in and out of you slowly. You gasped, never feeling how big he actually was like this before. Bucky would always go so fast, you never had him go slow. “God, Bucky.” You whimpered as his tip gently brushed against your g-spot.

You felt Bucky holding back and you desperately needed him to go a tad faster. “Bucky.” You whimpered his name, watching his hips meet yours. Bucky gripped the pillow beside your head with his metal hand and let his flesh hand rest on your side.

His thrusts sped up a little as you moved your hands to his hair and tugged on it. Bucky grunted and quickly leaned down to kiss you. You were surprised at first and you felt him start to fuck you harder. Bucky’s tongue swiped along your bottom lip, begging to play with yours.

Slightly opening your mouth, his tongue started to fight for dominance. You moaned into the kiss, moving your hips against his. “Fuck, that’s so good.” Bucky moaned, his voice strained. You knew he wanted to go crazy but something was different about this time.

Bucky looked into your eyes as he thrust into you and you noticed that look again. You didn’t know what it was but it made your heart beat faster. Bucky’s lips ghosted over your chin before placing a kiss there. His lips moved to your neck and down, then back up to your ear.

Your pussy clenched around his hard cock, making him moan into your ear. You smirked and did it yourself this time, earning a moan from your own mouth. “Play nice, naughty one.” Bucky chuckled, his flesh hand moving to your hand.

Bucky laced his fingers with yours again and held it beside your head on the pillow. “You’re so beautiful.” Bucky breathed, his chest rising and falling. You felt his thrusts become harder and your face contorted with pleasure. “Fuck.” Bucky grunted, snapping his hips against yours with more force.

Your breath caught in your throat when Bucky’s metal hand moved to grip onto your throat. “You like that?” Bucky asked with a small smile. You nodded, moaning your answer. “Can you go faster?” You asked, hearing Bucky’s arm whirring. His fingers tightened and he groaned.

Bucky did as you asked, sliding in and out of you with more speed. Skin slapped against skin and you gasped, only to have it cut off by Bucky applying more pressure around your throat. “So good for me. You’re so good. You like that, Sergeant’s little girl? God, you look amazing.” Bucky said, whispering as he fucked you.

You moaned out particularly loud but you didn’t care. Not when you could feel Bucky’s cock slamming into you harder now. His balls slapped against your ass and you couldn’t wait anymore. “I want-I want to ride you. Please.” You begged, looking at Bucky. His hair was sticking to his face from it being coated with sweat.

Bucky grunted and released your neck, flipping you two over. You’ve never been on top before and Bucky would always decline, but now you get to and you couldn’t be happier. “Fuck. Ride me, kitten.” Bucky said, watching you grip his shaft in your hand. You’ll never get over Bucky’s size.

He was thick and heavy, veins protruding from his cock and your mouth watered at the sight of his red tip. You moved your hips over Bucky’s cock, sliding his tip along your slit. Bucky’s breath hitched and you heard him growl as you sank down.

He filled you up even more it felt like and he was definitely deeper inside of you. “Y/N, you feel amazing.” Bucky rasped, gripping onto your hips. You started to ride Bucky, bouncing up and down on his large cock. Your tits were bouncing along and you gripped them, looking down at Bucky as you pinched your nipples.

Bucky bit his bottom lip, bending his knees so he could meet your thrusts. “Fuck, I’m getting close.” You squealed, feeling Bucky’s cock hit your g-spot repeatedly. You couldn’t hold yourself up anymore so you let your chest rest against Bucky’s. His arms wrapped protectively around your back and he picked up speed.

You kissed his chest, breathing heavily. You moaned as Bucky’s hand now tangled in your hair. He pulled your head up, making you look down at him. “Y/N, look at me when you cum.” Bucky said, his eyes hooded and mouth slack from pleasure. You moaned and watched his face, his eyes glazed over.

Bucky pounded into you now and you felt his thighs slap against yours. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You squealed out. You moaned and Bucky leaned up to kiss you quickly. You gasped and pulled away, feeling your pussy clenching around Bucky’s cock again. “Go slow. Oh god, go slow.” You begged.

Bucky slowed his movements and slid in and out of you like before, only much deeper. As Bucky stared into your eyes, your orgasm finally washed over you and you moaned, trying to keep your eyes open.

Bucky’s hand reached down to rub your clit, his movements faster than his thrusts. You held your breath and felt hot spurts of Bucky’s cum coat the inside of your pussy. He grunted, sliding his cock all the way in and keeping it there until you both finished.

Bucky let out a satisfied breath and looked at you. “Breathe, Y/N.” He said, rubbing your sweaty back. You let out a long exhale and felt lightheaded. “God, that was amazing.” You whimpered. Bucky slid out of you and you stayed on his chest, breathing rapidly.

Bucky caressed your hair and kissed your forehead. Sighing, you closed your eyes for a moment. As your breathing calmed, you rolled off of Bucky. Your pussy was sore and you groaned, feeling your thigh muscles twitching.

You sat beside Bucky and smiled down at him. “I’ll see you next time.” You said with a hint of sadness. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows and gripped onto your wrist before you could leave. “No, don’t go!” Bucky quickly pleaded. You looked down at him confused. “Why? I always leave afterwards.” You stated matter of factly.

Bucky sat up and sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I know, I just don’t want you to leave me.” He said quietly. Your eyes widened as you thought about it. The slow, thoughtful movements, the amount of eye contact and even the kissing. It was much different than the other times. You two just made love.

Bucky stood up and left to get a wet cloth to clean you both up with. He was silent and you weren’t sure what to say. You saw Bucky’s shirt lying on the floor and you moved to pick it up. Slipping it on, you sniffed it and it smelled like him.

“What are you doing?” Bucky asked after he slipped on a clean pair of boxers. You blushed and smiled. “Staying.” You whispered. Bucky threw the wet cloth in his dirty basket and walked back over to you. You sat at the edge of his bed, playing with the hem of his shirt.

Bucky’s hands held your cheeks, letting the pads of his thumbs caress your skin. “I think I love you.” Bucky whispered, watching you intently. Your eyebrows raised and your mouth fell open. He likes you back. Bucky actually feels the same way about you.

You were so surprised you couldn’t speak and Bucky’s hands fell from your face. “I understand if it’s not the same for you.” He said, sitting beside you. You blushed and turned to him. “Do you think or do you know?” You asked, feeling your heart start to race again.

Bucky looked at you, his hair falling in his eyes. You reached over and tucked it behind his ear. “I know.” He said, nodding to himself. You leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Good, because I love you, too.” You said.

You heard a gasp fall from Bucky’s mouth and he looked at you with the cutest surprised face you’ve ever seen. “You do?” He breathed, pulling you onto his lap. You giggled softly. “I do.” You said, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck. “God, you’re amazing.” He muttered, pulling you in for a kiss.

Note: I feel like this sucks, omg. I’m not sure about this, but I really hope you like it! thanks for the request! .c

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-innocent skinship at first _-_

-but  each touch becomes less and less innocent

- Movie impersonations aLL tHe tIMe p.s. Worship my baby ples

-Lengthy conversations about whether people live inside the moon or if its just rabbits

- ‘Tae PLEEAASSE. people are looking at us funny’

‘what?! don’t you also believe the planets are actually holograms??!?’

-He’d be sooo into couple wear !!

‘y/n! Lets wear the same colour underwear!!’ *exicited af*

‘Next you’ll be asking if we can wear the same face’

‘oh…. *puts down his 3D LIFELIKE face mask of you*


- This baby would love smelling you..it somehow helps him get to sleep

-Cuddleeesssss.and cuddleeeessss and more cuddlleeeesss

-Ever since you two started dating… practing with bangtan has become even harder than usual …. he honestly can’t be without for more than an 1 hour


- Your dating initiation ceremony included meeting his dog first because he uses his dog to smell ‘bAd pEoPle’ luckily you passed and almost ended stealing his dog because it was tOO daMn cUte

- Fort building competetions. You ended up winning which made him pouty because he wanted you to come and in live his fort but ended up coming to yours because it had wifi and he missed you~

-coming to dance practice= him taking up all the space and making his movement bigger than the whole bangtan +++bonus: Extra tongue. so much tongue infact it ends up falling out of his mouth

- Becoming best friends with jungkook and jimin.. Although jimin would be bit jealous because you stole his back up love interest (just in case it wouldn’t work out w/ kookie)

- This cutie would probably want you both to dress as old people on halloween because he feels that old people are underrated and should be appreaciated.


-You two would have each others backs when it came to webtoons. Whenever you needed a new one  all you needed to do was call *mating call*

- He’d show you off to rest of bangtan but not too much. He’d love to talk about how amazing you were and how much he loved you. which made bangtan puke… except for Jimin.. jimin was just crying at the loss of his back up lover T.T



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- This cutie would be shy shy shy(Forgive me Sana) at first and be fumbling around so much he might even end up falling of off the bed

- Since he would have initiated skinship much earlier, initmacy wouldn’t really be too much of problem for him




-tbh he’d probably do lap dances for you and take  pole dancing classes and LET THAT INNER HOE(SEOK) SHINE

☆ overall taetae would be sooooo adorable that you would probably suffer from heart failure but he would bring you back to life with his cUTE boXy sMILe.  FUNFACT: Almost all near death experience accounts are from you☆


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GOT7 ice skating

Mark - whilst filming the others, trips over Jackson who’s just fallen himself. Accidentally wacks Jinyoung in the face with his phone on the way down. Can’t stand back up because he’s laughing too much

Jaebum - swears solidly for the entire session. Refuses all offers of help and insists he’s getting the hang of it. Has to shuffle on his bum back to the rink exit at the end.

Jackson - can actually skate pretty well but still screams the entire time. Forces the others to participate in a conga line. Asks the manager of the rink to play Hard Carry over the speakers.

Jinyoung - spends the entire session alternating between trying to save the others from falling and kicking their feet out from under them. Gets his scarf caught on the rink handrail and nearly strangles himself.

Youngjae - can’t get the hang of pushing his feet on the ice to move forwards. Instead, gets Mark to skate backwards whilst pulling him along. Ends up falling and nearly nailing the other in the crotch with his skate. Is left to fend for himself after that.

Bambam - grips on to the edge of the rink for practically the entire session. Right at the end, feels brave enough to try and skate into the middle. Falls and nearly stabs himself in the face with the blade of his boot.

Yugyeom - immediately gets the hang of it. Skates past Jaebum singing ‘bitch better have my money’. Falls and splits his jeans. Has to wear his scarf as a skirt for the rest of the day.