he and mac and dennis can all pilot it

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if you wrote that au out i would love it so much omg?

the pacmac au? thank you!! i’ve thought a lot about it before actually…………. everything from dennis and dee navigating the world of jaeger pilots (it goes about as well as you can imagine), to hermann feeling guilty in all his interactions with newt because technically he created newt?? he ruined charlie’s life by taking him away from his family????

and of course there would also be that Good macnewt slow burn where mac SWEARS newt is charlie (and is now comfortable enough in his sexuality to admit that he thinks he’s hot) but newt has no idea who mac is bc he doesn’t remember being charlie….. but damn if he doesn’t think mac is gorgeous anyways

also tendo and mac are best friends in this au once they meet each other because duh! two lgbt catholic guys? a friendship made in heaven

mako calls mac mac-o because their names are so similar and she thinks it’s funny