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I'll take a number 9 please ;) Because I'm here for Teenager!Claire&Jamie on their first date :D Making out. In the cinema. Awkwardly.

This is a part of a series of ficlets I’m writing in answer to THIS post. Enjoy!

Shout out to my home girl @outlandishchridhe for helping me make this awkward kiss as awkward as possible.

I’m nervous. So nervous. Way more nervous than when I’d tried out for the drama club. I’d only done that to try and win a date with Kevin O’Hara, but he’d asked Kitty MacNeal to the dance instead.

I’m in front of the cinema where Uncle Lamb had dropped me off. He’d given me a stern reminder that ‘no means no’ and ‘you tell him to keep his large Scottish hands off you’

That’s right. I forgot to mention. After Kevin had asked out Kitty and I dropped out of drama club, I’d been approached by the most beautiful and intimidating boys in my year. 

James. Fraser.

I don’t think I’ve stopped squeaking. But, here I am at the cinema waiting for him for our… date. I’m a little early, sort of on purpose. Uncle Lamb is notoriously late everywhere, so I gave him the wrong time so I’d get there at the right time.

“Hello, Sassenach.”

My whole body tingles at two words. Something about his deep, Scottish burr just… gets me. I turn around, already feeling my cheeks burn with a blush. That’s the downside of , what my Uncle calls, my glass face. I blush furiously at the drop of a hat and can’t lie for my life.

“H-hi, James.”

“God, please. Only my mam calls me James, and only when she’s verra cross wi’ me. Call me Jamie.”

“Alright, J-Jamie.”

Then he gives me that smirk that sends every girl in school into a swoon. I refuse to let him have that effect on me, but I still feel my legs wobble.

“If I’d kent ye’d got here early, I would have come sooner. My apologies.”

“Oh it’s no problem. You don’t know my uncle. It’s a small miracle I’m here.”

“Are ye ready then?”

Nodding, I follow him into the cinema. He insists that he pay for my ticket, so I spring for popcorn. We take our seats and I can feel the warmth of him. The film begins to roll and I stare studiously ahead. All I want to do is stare at him, at the red curling hair, the fathomless blue eyes. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was beautiful. 

I lean over to take a sip of my drink when suddenly Jamie is falling into me. I yelp, only to be hushed by other movie-goers. I’m staring at Jamie, mouth open in complete shock. Had he just fallen over in his seat? I couldn’t be sure, but I thought he might be blushing worse than I was.

The film continues on for a little while until I notice Jamie staring at me. I turn to ask him if there’s something on my face or in my hair, but I can’t. His mouth is on mine, warm and soft and sweet. 

Oh… My… God…


I do what any girl in my position would do. I turn more towards him and pull myself closer. An orphaned English girl like me doesn’t get the opportunity to kiss the most handsome boy in Scotland very often.

I’ve never actually kissed a boy before, but I’ve read books. That’s all Uncle Lamb has, really. Books. I remember one book where the woman, who’s secret lover had come to her under the cover of darkness, nibbled on the man’s lip. Not biting, as I understood it, but nibbling. That can’t be too difficult.

I open my mouth a little, trying to think just how I was supposed to get a hold of his lip. Right as I get his full bottom lip between my teeth, something else happens. His tongue is suddenly inside my mouth, unexpected and incredibly awkward. In my surprise, I bit down harder than I’d meant. 

Jamie yelps this time and pulls back, hand on his mouth. My hand is on my mouth too, staring up at him in shock and horror.

“Jamie, I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry!”

He doesn’t say anything and we finish the film in the most awkward of silences. When we leave, I pull my cell out to call Uncle Lamb to get picked up. Jamie’s hand catches mine and I stare up at him, desperately trying to resist the urge to cry.

“I’ve kissed a few lassies before,” he said slowly.

I hope his tongue doesn’t hurt too much…

“And this was the worst. Please, I don’t need you to say it.”

“I wouldna say that, Sassenach. It was certainly the most memorable. But… If ye wouldna mind it, perhaps we could practice.”

I frown at him, waiting for the punchline or hidden camera to be revealed. Surely James Fraser isn’t be interested in a girl like Claire Beauchamp. 


“The kissing, aye? I think ye’ve got the potential to be quite good.”

“You… want to kiss me? Again?!”

“Aye, I would. Come out wi’ me next Friday? We’ll see if we canna make a good kisser out of you.”

I’m blinking, his words finally starting to sink in. 



Uncle Lamb arrives just at the wrong time.

“Well?” Jamie asks, anxiously I thought.


Then he unlocks his full smile, the one that sends girls to see the nurse at school. He knows it’s a nuclear weapon and doesn’t let it out much. But he does right now, when I agree to see him again. And then he’s grabbing me, pulling me up to him. Our teeth clack together, sending shots of pain into my mouth. But his lips are soft and warm.

“Then I’ll see ye tomorrow, Sassenach.”

Before Uncle Lamb can get out of the car and beat him, Jamie turns and runs away. 

“But…” I begin. “Tomorrow’s Saturday…”

Forbidden Fruit - Part Seven

A/N: Last part you guys. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, reblogged and commented, you all rock. This has been my first attempt at SoA fanfiction, I loved writing this, so there will definitely be more. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93. She is amazing and i suggest you go check out her blog.

Characters: Reader x Jax, Opie, Chibs.

Warnings: Some language and some fluff.

Wordcount: 1337


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