he and his tongue

BTS Reaction To: Squirting.

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Jin was taken aback, completely shocked that he had managed to make you feel so good that you had actually managed to squirt. He was a little speechless, but nonetheless, he was still cocky.

“I didn’t know you could do that.. Did I make you feel that good?”

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Yoongi could not wipe the growing grin off his face, feeling almost proud of himself that he managed to make you orgasm so hard that you ended up squirting.

“Do you think you can do that again for me, baby girl?”

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You were hurtling towards your second orgasm, Namjoon sliding his fingers in and out from in between your folds. Namjoon was a little surprised when you came, realising that he made you squirt with just his fingers.

“Hmm, was that good, baby?”

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Hoseok was completely turned on by it, feeling extremely cocky with himself that he had made you squirt. Almost every time you both had sex, he would make it a challenge for himself to get you to squirt again, finding the sight of it extremely hot.

“Fuck, baby, did you just squirt?” “It was so fucking hot.”

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Taehyung had really wanted you to squirt. You never had, and Taehyung had wanted to see if he could manage to get you to. Every time he would finger you, he’d curl his fingers, thrusting them in and out of you as fast as he could. When Taehyung had finally managed to make you squirt, which you thought you couldn’t even do, he felt somewhat accomplished with himself.

“I’m the only one who can make you do that, right?” 

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Jimin practically praised you for squirting, telling you how much of a good girl you were for climaxing so hard that you had squirted. The fact that you had squirted boosted Jimin’s ego. 

“That was so fucking hot.. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you?”

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The first time you had squirted, Jungkook didn’t really find it much of an ego-booster, asking you “what was that?” after you came. But the next time you managed to squirt again because of the way Jungkook was working his tongue and fingers on you, he found it sexy.

“You’re always making a mess, aren’t you?”

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BTS Reaction - Anal play/sex

Warning: very mature themes below.


The two of you have done a lot of preparation to bring you up to this point.  Jin was keen on the idea from the moment you’d mentioned it, but although eager to give it a try he also wanted to make sure you did it right, to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for both of you.  That’d led up to him doing an awful lot of research - some of it slightly questionable - but you have to admit that it’s helped things go smoothly up until this point.  

He’s spent so much time preparing your body for what’s to come; trailing soft, loving kisses all over you, caressing you until you’re begging for his touch and only slipping his fingers inside your heat once you’re already soaking wet with anticipation.  He teases you into an orgasm with those fingers and thumb rubbing at your clitoris, smiling as he watches you come undone, and only once he’s satisfied that you’re totally ready and relaxed does he slip those slickened digits downward to graze over your other hole.  

You’re wet enough that lube probably isn’t even necessary, but Jin still takes out the tube he’d tucked under the pillow and coats his fingers in it generously before returning them between your buttocks.  

“Ready?” he asks softly, the hair that’s hanging down into his eyes obscuring some of the lust glinting in them.  You nod, biting your lip, holding your breath as you feel Jin’s pointer finger start to push inside.  “Relax, princess.”  He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee, waiting until he sees you exhale and sag before carrying on, pushing past that tight ring of muscle.  It burns a little as he does, a stilted moan falling from your lips, but once he stills, two knuckles deep, it just feels… kind of weird.  

“C-carry on,” you encourage breathlessly, realising how closely Jin’s watching your face for any signs of discomfort.  On hearing your words he starts to drag that finger back and forth, his own breaths starting to become ragged as you begin to moan, and soon enough he’s pressing in a second finger too, impatience finally starting to get the better of him.  It doesn’t feel weird anymore, it feels amazing.

“You’re doing so well, princess.”

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Is it possible to marry a particular part of someone’s body?  Because if it is then Yoongi’s tongue better get ready for a stunning, heartfelt proposal any day now.  You love that thing and the talented way in which he uses it.  Before Yoongi no one had ever made you cum with oral sex - the whole thing was always just a bit awkward, to be honest - but now?  It’s your most favourite thing ever.  You could happily forgo sex entirely just to live your life sat on Yoongi’s face, but as much as he seems to love doing it, it’d probably still be a little selfish of you to do so.

You’re just coming down from your second orgasm - or was it your third - and from the looks of it Yoongi has no intention of letting up, drawing delicate figures of eight against your clitoris despite the way your hips are twisting and squirming to get away.  

“Yoongi,” you whine, pushing gently at where his hands are fixed on your hips but to no avail, “I-ah-it’s too much…”

“Hmm?”  He continues to skim his tongue through your folds even as he lazily lifts his eyes, looking up at you past your pubic bone, “You want me to stop?”  You hesitate, biting your lip, and you can make out the very corners of his lips curling into a smirk.  “Or do you want something else?”   

You nod eagerly, expecting him to emerge from between your legs and climb on top of you, but apparently sex isn’t what Yoongi has in mind.  He sinks down further between your legs, trailing his tongue down your perineum and closing his eyes as his hands travel from your hips to grasp your buttocks, pulling them apart.  Your own eyes are wide and staring at the ceiling as he moves, your body frozen with anticipation, and although you’ve quickly figured out what it is that Yoongi’s intending to do, nothing can prepare you for the feel of his hot tongue pressing against your hole.  

“F-fuck!” you stutter as it starts to probe inside, instantly loving the way it feels.  You should have known he’d be as good at this as he is at everything else.  

“Want me to stop?” he checks again, obviously having mistaken the flexing of your hips off of the bed as an attempt to move away.

“God, no,” you gasp, reaching down to replace his hands with yours, spreading yourself open in invitation and freeing his up for much more important, pleasurable things.  He chuckles lowly, flicking his tongue against your hole again, loving the way it contracts at his touch.  

“That’s my girl.”  

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“Hobi, baby, I’m ready.”  There’s sweat beading down the side of your face that isn’t pressed into the pillow, the one that you’re holding onto as you arch your back, pushing Hobi’s long, delicate fingers inside even further.  He’s been fingering your ass for at least twenty minutes now, graduating slowly from one finger to two and then three, separating them whilst they’re inside you to stretch you open as much as he possibly can, and although initially it was a little uncomfortable it’s gotten to the point now where you just want more.  “Please,” you add, voice muffling as your turn your face into the pillow.  

He withdraws his fingers slowly, leaving you achingly empty and groaning until you feel him start to climb on top of you.  He kisses your shoulders sweetly as he places his elbows on either side of the pillow to take his weight, lying himself between your spread legs, his abs coming to rest on the swell of your buttocks as his leaking cock lies between them.  

“Are you sure?” he murmurs against your skin, lips trailing your throat now, nuzzling under your hair to nibble at your ear.  You turn your head so you can just about see his gorgeous face and just about kiss him too, soft and slow and tender, subtly moving your hips to rub his cock between the press of your bodies.  

“I’m sure,” you whisper against his mouth and you feel his length twitch with excitement, his breath quickening as he reaches down to line himself up with your soaking wet core.  He sinks in with a groan, his eyes slipping closed as he pumps himself back and forth just a handful of times before withdrawing pushing his now well-lubricated cock against your asshole.  

Inch by inch he slowly enters you, moving a little and then waiting for your breathy pleas to continue, doing this over and over again until finally he’s fully seated inside you, and you swear you hear him make a funny, broken sound as he bottoms out, his breathing even more ragged than it was before.  It’s killing him to hold back, you can tell by the way he’s clutching the pillow, his knuckles turning white, body shaking just as much as yours is too.  

“God,” he gasps as he starts to move a little, like he can’t trust himself to start thrusting properly in case he gets carried away, “It’s even tighter than your pussy.  Fuck.  You’re gonna kill me baby.”

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“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about this, babygirl.”  

Namjoon’s been prepping you for this moment for months.  He was the one that’d suggested bringing anal play into your already fairly adventurous sex life, but when he’d seen how nervous you’d looked he’d gone on to promise that you’d take things slow - and that’s exactly what he’d done.  

He’d brought home a very slim, delicate vibrator first, and once you were comfortable with that a beginner’s set of anal beads had joined your modest collection of sex toys.  Those beads gradually increased in size until you found yourself buying a small anal plug all of your own accord, and then a bigger one and a bigger one, until you’d finally graduated to the sizeable plug resting inside you now.  Although not as nearly as long as Namjoon’s cock it matches him for girth, so you know you’ll be able to take whatever he has to give you.  

You’re on all fours, legs spread wide open and hips swaying enticingly as Namjoon kneels behind you, palming your buttocks with both hands and squeezing hard.  

“I can’t wait to see this tight little hole stretching around my cock,” he muses, almost to himself, and at his words you feel your pussy drip, a string of arousal gradually lengthening towards the bed as you moan softly, longing for him to touch you.  

“Please daddy,” you sigh needily, arching your back and biting your lip to stop yourself mewling at the feel of the plug shifting inside of you.  You’ve been wearing it all day underneath your clothes, knowing that tonight was the night, and you’re wound up so tight that you really don’t think you can wait much longer.  

“Please what?” he asks, and you tell from just the tone of his voice that he’s smirking, even as he’s rising up on his knees and tapping on the end of the plug smartly.  Every time he does it it sends a shockwave of pleasure through you, everything clenching as you start to ache for him more and more.  “You want daddy’s cock in here instead, don’t you?”  You nod frantically, pushing yourself back against him until suddenly, without warning, he yanks the plug out.  

You don’t have time to feel empty because the moment the plug is gone Namjoon’s lining up the head of his cock with your gaping hole to replace it, stuffing himself inside in one sharp, hard thrust. However loudly you might have screamed when he removed the plug it’s nothing compared to the sounds you’re making now.  He slams into you over and over again, grabbing onto your hair and yanking your head back as he groans,

“Your ass is gonna be so full of daddy’s cum you’ll be leaking for a week, babygirl.”

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You’ve wanted to try anal sex for a while now, but unfortunately the first and only time you brought it up with Jimin didn’t end too well.  He just couldn’t get his head around why you would want to try something he was so convinced would hurt you, and no matter how much you disagreed or reassured, he just wouldn’t be swayed.  He wasn’t interested in that, thanks, and nothing you could say would change his mind.

You’ve been wondering to yourself lately though, whether there’s something you can do rather than say that might make him think twice, and today you’ve been presented with the perfect opportunity to give your little theory a try.  

Jimin loves mutual masturbation.  It’s a little kink of his, putting on a show for you to watch as he watches you too.  He’s so theatrical, throwing his head back, biting his pouty lips and making the lewdest of noises, lapping up every bit of praise you send his way, and today is no exception.  

“You like watching me, don’t you?” he groans, fisting his cock as he watches you sink your fingers inside yourself with dark, lustful eyes.  

“You know I do, baby,” you reply huskily, “You look so good, so gorgeous.”  He smiles, his head tilting backward with pleasure as he bites his lips and closes his eyes, giving you the perfect opportunity to-

“Jagi, what’re you doing?” Jimin’s breathless, his eyes widening when he finally picks up his head up long enough to notice that two of your hands are now occupied, not just one.  

“Taking matters into my own hands,” you purr back, lifting an eyebrow at him salaciously.  He visibly swallows,and you have to fight the urge to smirk back at him. This is going to work, you can already tell.

You start off slow, teasing both yourself and him by just rubbing at your hole, eventually using the wetness of your pussy to ease a finger inside, gasping at the foreign sensation.  

“Jimin,” you mewl, opening up your eyes to see him stroking himself even harder than before, his length twitching in his hand as he watches your finger disappear, “Don’t you wanna help me?”  He hesitates, swallowing again, his eyes flicking between your face and the movement below.  

“I-I don’t wanna hurt you…”

“Does it look like it hurts?” You start to add a second finger to the first, throwing your head back into the pillow and letting out an exaggerated moan.  “It feels so good, Jimin, please baby, I want you to feel this.”  

Mercifully Jimin caves, just like you knew he would, and seconds later you feel him crawl him way between your legs, his small fingers coming to rest against your own.  You let him take over, biting your lip to hold back a satisfied smile as he gingerly presses his finger inside, groaning at what he finds.

“Oh God, Jagi, it’s so tight.  Why didn’t we do this before?”

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“Tae, someone’s gonna see!”

“They won’t, not if you keep quiet,” he hisses into your ear before attacking your throat, kissing and biting at your tender skin as his hand slips under your skirt.  He pulls your knickers down do they hang round your ankles, your back pressed against the wall and as he smothers your body with his own, his hard erection digging into your stomach.  

You’re not sure what exactly got into him on stage to make him act this way, but whatever it was, you like it.  As soon as he’d come backstage you’d recognised the look in his eyes, the way he was tonguing the inside of his cheek as he looked you up and down before dragging you off to some secluded corner behind the scenes.  

The sound of voices only feet away makes you gasp in panic, and Tae chooses that exact moment to slip his fingers inside your pussy, groaning at the wetness he finds.  He starts to curl his fingers against your g-spot, biting on your bottom lip, and when you fail to contain a stilted moan he smirks dangerously, cocking his head to the side.  

“That’s not very quiet, is it?” He pulls his fingers from you and grabs hold of your hips. “Turn around.” He spins you, pressing your chest against the wall as he lifts up your skirt, exposing the bare globes of your buttocks to his hungry eyes, and once again he starts to finger you roughly.  

You’re just about managing to hold your sounds in despite the way he’s pressing himself into you with every thrust of his fingers, muffling yourself by putting your arm across your mouth, but when Taehyung’s hand suddenly moves elsewhere you yelp, your eyes widening as you look back at him over your shoulder in shock.  

“You wanted to try this, didn’t you?” he smirks, amused by your scandalised expression.

“Yes… b-but, not here, Tae, at home!”  He just continues to grin, licking his lips as he continues to press at your asshole with his slippery fingers.

“No time like the present.”  He shoves you against the wall again, covering your mouth with his free hand as he pushes a first finger inside.  “You like that, don’t you, dirty girl?”  he growls into your ear as he pistons that finger back and forth and all you can do is spills out muffled cries into his hand, arching your back to seek out more.  You’d never thought it would ever feel this good, not ever.  

A second finger joins the first and then he’s scissoring them, stretching you open roughly until he finally unzips his fly, satisfied that you’re ready.  A rustling of material tells you he’s pulled his cock out from his stage outfit, and when he gathers the wetness that’s practically dripping from you you know he’s using it to slicken up his length, ready to slip it inside you.

Tae pushes on your lower back, forcing you to bend and lift your ass up whilst his hand remains held tightly around your mouth, and then he’s pushing inside you with his throbbing length, slow and steady, until he’s all the way inside and panting hard.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me fuck you like this, right here.  You’re such a little slut.”  

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“Like this, babe?”

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s good.”  You’re on top of Jungkook, leant forward so your chest is on his chest, your hands stroking through his hair as you slowly slide yourself back and forth on his solid length.  He’s slipping his index fingers in and out of your ass in time with your movements, just like you asked him to, and it feels so, so good.  You’re so full, and as you start to quicken the pace of your hips it just starts to get better.  

He’s looking up at you worshipfully with those soft, doe eyes of his, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he watches you ride him, flexing his hips to push up into you at the same time.  When you crash your mouth against his he’s only too eager to kiss you back, moaning quietly as you tug gently on his hair.  

“More, Kookie baby, please,” you mumble against his lips, and although it’s a stretch for him somehow he manages to push in a second finger alongside the first, almost cumming on the spot when he realises he can feel his own cock inside you through your internal walls, can feel the ridge of the head slipping in and out as you move on the pads of his fingers.  

“B-babe?” he says stiltedly, calling your attention, “Can I… can I put it in your ass?”  Jungkook mostly looks wrecked, wet strands of hair clinging to his forehead, but when he makes that hesitant, stuttered request you see a flicker of embarrassment in his face.  You immediately kiss it away, using that little bit of time to decide, and when you pull away you’ve already come to the conclusion that there’s nothing you’d like more, even if the thought of it does make you a little nervous.  You and Jungkook have done all your other first together - you might as well do this one too.  

Smiling reassuring you slowly lift yourself off of his fingers and his cock, holding it at the base whilst you reposition your hips so that the swollen head is nudging at your other hole instead.  Slowly, ever so slowly, you start to let your weight go, sinking onto him at a pace that’s agonising.  It burns, you can’t pretend it doesn’t, but as much as it hurts you can’t help but love it at the same time, watching the way Jungkook’s face is screwed up in pleasure, his head tossed back on the pillow as he feels you clench around him.  Once he’s finally sheathed inside you you’re out of breath, panting, running your hands over his sweaty abs to keep yourself steady, and just as you’re about to start moving Jungkook grabs your hips to keep you still.

“Babe, don’t, not yet.  It feels too good; I’m gonna cum if you move.”  

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I wonder if Dark's neck is broken and his magic keeps it from getting worse. Maybe thats why Dark does the neck thing. Damien said did say that our body (now Dark's) is broken and we did fall from the stairs while looking up . . Now I'm just imagining Dr. Iplier doing a check up on Dark only to find his neck broken and maybe a few other things as well.

((Now, I have a few of my own wonderances for this that are different, but then you went and mentioned my doctor boy and damn it I like the way you think, mysterious configuration of being. Did you intend for this to become a thing? Because it is now. And sorry this took so long. It wasn’t quite turning out the way I wanted it to - in fact, I think it’s a god awful mess - but I hope you enjoy anyway!))

Warnings: Minor Graphic Detail, Mild Blood

It had started when Dark felt something move up into his lungs. It had been subtle, ignorable, and there had been no pain, not that something like him could feel any such physicalities anymore, so he had let it go in favor of getting on with his day. There had been much to do, idiots to manage, and the awareness had completely faded into the ether when there had been yet another kitchen fire that he personally had to see to.

And there the notion remained, until a cough brought it right back.

It was nothing; just something thoughtless, knee-jerk, and while he didn’t cough often if ever, it was still very ignorable. It twinged, like an itch from the inside, but a single, quiet cough was more than enough to alleviate the feeling once more. He didn’t have time for it. If King left one more peanut butter covered pinecone in the ceiling again, he was going to kick the pseudo monarch out for good. And Artiplier too for teaching that to him.    

But it as the day wore on, so too did the coughing become more common. He kept it subtle, having to mindfully push the feeling down now, because goddamn it Wilford had let Silver leap off another building again while he filmed it and, while the injuries this time were trivial, he was going to break something again, if he didn’t just outright kill himself next time and - are you even listening Wilford?

The pastel being had been giving him a strange look the entire time during his tirade and, at first he had chalked it up to the flippant man not listening as per usual, but it was only now in the irritated silence that he could hear exactly what was wrong.

Dark had been coughing the entire time.  

Suddenly, the itch was back with a vengeance, and he wasn’t sure when he had turned away with his mouth in his hands, racking coughs shaking his entire form, but there he was, hunched over with his back to Wilford as he desperately tried to get it under control. He felt a steadying hand on his back, heard his name called a few times in obvious concern, but his ears were filled with a high pitched ring that grew and cancelled all other noise until, with pop he felt more than heard, something within him finally gave. He choked suddenly, nearly gagging, as he felt something solid move up his throat to land sharply his tongue. It tasted sweet and smokey.

And metallic.

It took a short time and after a few seconds of aftershocks, his form stilled as the urge finally faded away. As the ringing died down, he could finally hear Wilford ask about his health again with a level of concern he hadn’t heard in ages from him, but, for the time being Dark could only ignore it, taking a handkerchief from his trouser pocket and spitting into it. He only saw for a moment before he pinched the cloth closed, hiding the object and everything that came with it from Wilford. But it had been more than enough for he himself to notice one very concerning detail.  

Everything had been red.

He straightened up, quickly pressing the kerchief into his breast pocket in a single subtle movement as he fixed his suit - giving his neck a quick readjust as well - before sparing Wilford a glance and a few words of comfort as he excused himself. He could see out the corner of his eye as Wilford looked like he wanted to persist, but Dark was out of sight before the pink ego could get out another word.

And it was here and now he found himself in the doctor’s office, perched upon the man’s own rolling stool instead of one of the many available beds - Wilford may have been content to let his legs dangle like a child, but Dark refused to be so undignified - waiting as the doctor looked over the proffered cloth with a scrutinizing eye. He was hemming and hawing and it was beginning to irk the already rather keyed-up demon, but before Dark could offer the physician a single chance to shut up or else, the doctor turned around to face him with an interesting level of curiosity in his eyes.

“Well?” Dark prompted, hands folded over his crossed knees, his posture stiff as it usually was, even if the reasons weren’t the same.

“I’d say this is part of a bullet,” The doctor offered in return, holding the now clean piece out to him in a pair of surgical tweezers. It was chalky grey in color. “This came out of you?”

“I don’t supposed I’d be here if it didn’t,” Dark quipped back flatly, but his interest had been piqued. A bullet fragment? When had he been…

Oh. Right.

“Fair enough. Who had the mettle to shoot you anyway? Was it Wilford?” The question was flippant, joking even, though with an undertone of implication because honestly the doctor had seen that particular instance more often than not, but it still hit Dark like an open palmed slap to the face. He could already feel the memories stirring, some of which did not even belong to him, and it took everything within him not to let his shell crack in that particular moment because if it did, he knew the consequences would be far more dire than with what had become the normal variety.

However, in a multitude of seconds that felt like an eternity, Dark managed to quell the feelings and disguise them as a single, solitary, disinterested sigh. At least, he hoped it came across that way.    

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I suppose not,” The doctor relented, either ignoring or oblivious to Dark’s pause as his attention returned to the lead fragment. Ignorance really was bliss. “But it obviously didn’t happen recently. See the flaky grey on the surface here? It’s started to corrode, which only happens after a long time exposure to types of alkali which doesn’t really - ”

“Correct,” Dark interrupted curtly, not at all interested in a chemistry lesson. “It wasn’t recent, but why is it happening now?”

Dr. Iplier shrugged, looking mildly put off for being interrupted, but true to his apathetic nature he let it go and pressed on. “Sometimes things just remain unmoved inside the body for years. I’d imagine it may have just been close by and, for whatever reason, just didn’t show itself until now. More to the concerning point, there are probably more in you that you aren’t aware of. Would you permit an x-ray?”

Now there was a question Dark hadn’t prepared himself for. It seemed absurd that he was thrown by such a simple request, and yet he couldn’t help balking about it all the same. What would be captured on that photo? What could be captured on that photo? He couldn’t afford to end the doctor if something more than what was currently happening turned up. The physician was quite the invaluable resource after all, especially for his blatant disregard of prying details. But all the same, it would be handy to know if this could potentially happen again, especially in front of others.

Especially in front of Will.

And it was with that argument that the demon finally begrudgingly agreed.

It was a surprisingly quick process and Dark was back in the stolen chair sans suit jacket and tie after just a few minutes. And it was only a few more before the doctor was shoving two freshly printed sheets of film into place on the light board before flicking the switch to illuminate them.

Now that was quite a sight. Seeing a set of bones and organs that he knew he himself had shaped was a curious thing, especially with the previous wonderance that, while his outward appearance may have taken appropriate form, his inward one may not have. And while he realized this was a silly contradiction, it had still held concern in his mind for a secret that nobody else could ever know about. Thankfully though, this didn’t seem to be the case.

But ever more curious were the lit up white spots speckled throughout his abdomen, and he couldn’t help but stare. He counted at least five, and none as big as the one that had so rudely extricated itself from him earlier. They didn’t even seem to be near anything necessarily vital either.

Not that that fact mattered anymore really.

So absorbed was he that he didn’t notice the doctor turn to him with a new level of concern, and Dark most probably would have continued to disregard him had he not made a rather urgent and out of place sounding request.

“Turn around,” The doctor demanded suddenly, his face taking on a panicky sort of grimness.

“Pardon?” Dark returned, surprised to find himself lost. That didn’t happen often.

“Turn around,” Dr. Iplier said more slowly, but with no less urgency than before. “I need to see your neck.”

“Whatever for?” Dark had an inkling exactly what for.    

“See this vertebra here?” The doctor impatiently poked his finger into the very top of the second x-ray, right next to his neck and that’s when Dark saw it. Damn. “That’s supposed to be nestled up to the bottom of your skull. Not to mention all these little white lines running everywhere else are microfractures.”

“And?” Dark asked with an air of disinterest.  

“Dark,” Dr. Iplier beseeched with exasperated concern. “Your neck’s broken.”

There was a beat before the demon responded with a simple and very dry, “Yes, I’m acutely aware.”

“And you’ve just been living this way?” That was a funny way to put it, but Dark refrained from commenting. “What the hell happened to you?”

The silence that followed was filled only with the hum of the x-ray display light.

Now that was a loaded question, and with the doctor looking down at him now with all the concern of a close friend, with almost the same face to match, it was reminding him too much of times he wanted to forget.

Times of when, during late nights at the office, a bespectacled face would just appear at the other end of his desk in the way only he could, wearing a knowing smile and bearing something to eat because he would often forget.

Times when that same face was sad for some unknown reason that just could not be spoken about, so he took it upon himself to cheer the man up with silly antics the same way he did for him.

Times where he would get so angry he would yell at the man just to come back later to apologize only to realize that no offense had been taken in the first place and their friendship was just the same as it had ever been.

… A single time where that face was on the verge of breaking entirely, and Dark could see him now, reaching out as he fell, the words echoing in his ears along with a hauntingly familiar, harsh ring.

Wait, that one wasn’t his.

“It was an accident! I swear!”  

He needed to leave.  

“Nothing that matters anymore,” Dark responded briskly, standing to pick up his coat and tie from the nearby bed and throwing them on with well-practiced grace. “Thank you for your time, doctor.”

“Now hold on a damn minute,” Dr. Iplier stepped forward as if he wanted to grab Dark’s shoulder, but then thought better of it at the last second. “I can’t just let you walk out of here knowing that you could keel over at any given moment.”

“I assure you that that’s no longer a problem.” Dark waved away impatiently, already turning toward the door.

“Your neck though! And all of that uncomfortable twisting I’ve seen you do. Those readjustments can’t be good for you. Aren’t you afraid of waking up one day and being completely paralyzed?”

“I defer to my previous statement.”

The doctor made a frustrated noise. “At least let me take care of the bullet fragments. How you haven’t suffered lead poisoning by now is a miracle.”

Dark sighed, turning back to the physician with a look of impassiveness. He knew the man wasn’t exactly heartless, but Dark honestly hadn’t expected him to be so insistent about his health. “Doctor, your concern is appreciated - truly - but going by that picture, I don’t see anymore near my lungs, so you have my word that it will be fine.”

“And what will happen when it isn’t?” Dr. Iplier fired back. He was implying more than just a health issue and the acknowledgment that Dark actually was a leader in all of this wasn’t missed. 

“Then I suppose I have you to deal with the aftermath,” Dark replied wryly.

Dr. Iplier made a face. Apparently he was the only one allowed to make apathetic jokes in the face of a potential crisis. “That’s not funny. I’m not an EMT, Dark.”

“I have faith in you, doctor. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I never finished forbidding Wilford from encouraging acts of tragedy ‘for the sake of the show’ and would like to get back to it before someone else unwittingly winds up in your care.”

Dr. Iplier looked like he wanted to argue his point, but even he knew when to stop pressing - or perhaps that was just the lethargy - and he sighed, the sound heavy and laden with a weariness that Dark was all too familiar with. “Very well. Just… don’t hesitate to come back if any of it bothers you, alright?”

“You have my word.” And with that, Dark strode out with much more on his mind than he had going in. Of course the bullet would still be in there, shattered as it was. He wasn’t sure why it had never occurred to him. Just because his appearance had changed, didn’t mean the body had. It was the same principle as his unhealing neck, even if neither experience had happened to him directly. He was cursed to a nearly broken body that didn’t belong to him, held together with whatever power Celine had used and that void had bestowed upon him, physicalities stuck in a permanent state of stasis.

But he had no time for self pity. He had a building to oversee, and a goal to maintain.  

And as Dark walked purposefully down and out of the hall, he didn’t see the man he was looking for, hiding just out of sight in a nook beside the door, frozen in place with eyes wide and an otherworldly flower clutched to his barely breathing chest.

Wilford had just wanted to check on his friend. To make sure he was okay because never before had Dark’s health ever come into question, and the coughing fit had scared him so much more deeply than anything else had in a very long time. But while he was on the way to barging in, he’d heard his name and then… He’d heard everything else.

His mind swam, memories stirring in the watery depths like ancient beasts, lashing out against him a tirade of blurry and out of order images.  

A gunshot, a choke, a scream that seemed to echo from the very depths of his soul. 

He couldn’t be. He wasn’t.

The flower fell from his trembling fingers.  

He wasn’t a killer… was he?

best friend’s brother - tom holland au ♦︎

Pairings: best friend’s brother! tom holland x reader

Warning(s)?: steamy forbidden make-out sesh ooh la la

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Tom’s your best friend’s older brother that you couldn’t help but to catch feelings for. Now you two are dating behind her back, but your secret can only stay hidden for so long..

A/N: hi ok i’ve never seen this idea with tom before so i thought it’d be cute? this idea popped into my head bc i deadass have a crush on my best friend’s brother whoops … but i can only pray what happens in this imagine happens to me lmao. but listen to best friend’s brother by victoria justice A BOP for added effect while reading okay bye enjoy!! also gif credits to kelly aka tomshollandss 


You walk into your best friend, Alisia’s room, slinging your book bag off your shoulders and onto the floor carelessly. “Thank God it’s Friday,” you exclaim, plopping into your friend’s furry bean bag chair beside her bed, feigning exhaustion.

Alisia giggles before rubbing her stomach. “I’m hungry. Let’s get some food.” You follow Alisia down the hall and into her kitchen where her mom, Nikki, was unloading groceries into the fridge.

“Hey, mom,” Alisia greets before grabbing two granola bars out of the pantry, one for you and one for her.

“Hey, love. It’s so nice to see you around here again, Y/N.” Nikki commented, even though you’d been over here more times this week then you’d like to admit. She didn’t know about those times though, because it was a secret.

As you take a bite out of the granola bar, you couldn’t help but ask the question swirling around in your mind. It was awfully too quiet for a place where Tom Holland resided. “Hey, where’s Tom?” You tried to sound genuinely curious rather than concerned, even though you were. You had a right to be though, he was your boyfriend.

The only problem was that Tom was your best friend’s brother. You were aware of how cliche it sounded, but it was hard to not fall for a guy like Tom. While you and Alisia were juniors, Tom was a senior, and a complete heart throb to say the least. He was popular, well liked, and charming. Every guy was friends with him, and every girl couldn’t help but turn their heads whenever he would pull up to school with the top down on his Audi TT and his best friend Harrison Osterfield in the passenger seat with him. He could’ve had any girl he chose, but he only wanted you.

When you and Alisia got close the summer before sophomore year, you couldn’t help but silently swoon every time you and Alisia would walk into the kitchen and Tom and Harrison happened to be watching TV in the living room. Or when Nikki would force Tom to take you and Alisia home from school. Soon enough, you, Alisia, Tom, and Harrison became close, almost like a band, and would hang out normally without having to be told.

And that’s where the feelings came in. You and Tom instantly clicked, both of you possessing the same sense of humor and sharing a lot of the same interests. The subtle flirting and the stolen glances weren’t enough for Tom; he wanted something more with you. So when he asked you out, it was quickly after Alisia had momentarily left the room. Immediately after you hurriedly kissed him, he said, “She cannot find out, okay?”

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title:   crinkles and dimples
rating: t
word count: 1k
summary: in honour of dnp’s 8th friendiversary, here’s my shamelessly soft, fluffy version of their first kiss

[read on ao3]

Phil’s mouth tastes like caramel and coffee and his heart is racing–has been since the moment he spotted Dan at the train station, tall and lean and shaggy-haired and beautiful. Has been since they locked eyes and walked a little faster and threw their arms around each other carelessly and squeezed.

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When you wait a little

Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: fingering, handjob

I gasped as his hand slid over the perfect spot. Tom kissed my neck, “it’s okay, I promise.” I nodded as his finger kept moving slowly. My heart beat faster and I held in a sound. Tom kept kissing my neck and down to my breasts. My hands were firmly planted on his shoulders, my fingers digging into his skin.

“Fuck.” I gasped when he brushed perfectly. My center was filled with heat and my brain was fogging. He sped up. His tongue was circling my nipple. My thighs were quaking, threatening to drop me into Tom’s lap.

My fingers grasped at his hair and neck as I panted. My body was on fire and as the feeling between my legs grew. His other hand was gripping my ass and he gently bit my other nipple. I gasped and wrenched Tom’s head away from my chest. He stopped moving his hand and looked at me.

My heart was beating too fast and all I could think about getting the good feeling back.

“Jesus, fuck, Tom,” I whimpered and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. One hand grabbed his forearm and slid down to his hand, “don’t stop,” I whispered.

Tom grinned and gave me a quick kiss and laughed, “of course.” His mouth was on mine in a second, his tongue prodding mine. I squeezed his wrist and his fingers gently pinched my bud. Pleasure shot through my body and I moaned into the kiss. My thighs finally gave out.

Tom parted his legs and wrapped his other arm around my waist to keep me against him.

“Don’t fucking stop,” I moaned. I slumped against him with my forehead on his shoulder as the pleasure increased. My skin was hot and my core was pulsing with desire. My hips were rutting against Tom’s fingers.

My fingers were digging into the skin on his arm and sliding down his chest.

“Damn babygirl,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “you look so good all fucked up on top of me.”

I moaned. The pleasure was increasing too fast, I felt like I was going to explode. I couldn’t help the ragged breaths and sounds that came out of my mouth. Soon the only thing leaving my mouth was a string of words sounding like, “don’t stop,” until I bit down on his shoulder.

I was almost there as Tom pulled his fingers away.

“What the fuck??” I groaned, I was up in an instant. He shushed me and gave me a quick kiss. “Feels better when you wait a little,” he said with a wink, brushing my hair out of my face. “For now….” I understood.

I sat up and quickly started undoing his belt. “That’s it…” he whispered and started kissing my neck. He pulled out his cock and my eyes widened a bit. He was bigger than I thought he would be. I spit in my hand and wrapped my hand around him, giving him a gentle tug.

His eyes closed and I could tell he was holding in a sound. I started pumping him slowly while the other ran up and down his chest. I kissed his neck, taking my time to let my nails rake over his skin. I gave him a squeeze and swiped the top of his head. He groaned.

I went to his ear, “you like that?” I whispered, tugging on his earlobe with my teeth. His hips started rocking and I immediately moved onto one of his thighs, dragging myself back and forth. He grabbed my hips pulled me down on his leg, causing my clit to rub deliciously against him.

I let out a choked moan and squeezed his length in response. My other hand moved to his shoulder, digging in hard. “Dammit, Tom,” I whimpered, “ make me cum.” My core ached for his hand again.

He let out a low chuckle and took my hand off his cock. He roughly dragged my hips up his thigh with a smirk. The low sound he made in the back of his throat made me gasp.

Suddenly his fingers were delicately yet quickly rubbing my clit. I gasped loudly at the feeling and my hips were immediately moving in motion with his fingers. He was going so fast my skin was so hot and my body felt like a fire, the hottest part at my core. I was whimpering and gasping curses as I clung desperately to Tom’s chest.

“C’mon baby,” Tom whispered in my ear, “you’re doing so well, fuck baby. You can get there.” The sounds from my throat grew louder and my panting breath was hot against Tom’s neck.

Everything was building and building, the hot pleasure moving through my body until it burst. My hips were moving like crazy against his fingers as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my veins. I bit down on Tom’s shoulder to quiet my borderline pornagraphic moan.

“That’s it baby,” he said as I started to come down from my high, “fuck that was hot, you look so fucking good.” He gave my lips a quick kiss and pulled my legs across his lap so I was situated sideways in his arms.

“You were right,” I said with a gulp of air, “about waiting a bit. Fuck, that felt amazing.”

Just for a Moment

((Drabble inspired by this beautiful piece of art https://ofratsandcrows.tumblr.com/post/166465123290/touch-starved-hanzo-asks-mccree-for-help-shaving ))

Hanzo looked in the mirror in the tiny half bath off his dormitory on the Gibraltar base. His hair was growing out on the sides and back and every day it drove him mad. The tiny hairs now scattered on his neck itched at his soul and he found himself scratching the new growth on the sides. He needed to clean himself up. It was disgusting, sweat cutting rivers into it when he trained.

The small mirror in his hand did not promise success. Even with the borrowed clipper set. It should have been easy. He had watched several YouTube videos on the process. The new recruit Sombra had offered to help him, her own head half shaved.

But it was not Olivia’s touch he craved like a man dying of hunger before a feast. His brother would warn about the dangers of giving into impulsive desires. The monk had already offered to lead him in meditations to smooth the sharp edges time alone had chipped away.

There was someone on base with steady hands, carved by the gods themselves who he could hear from his bathroom. A low steady drawl singing along to a vinyl record by the cowboy across the hall drew him like a cord around his chest. Tugged with each word, Hanzo found himself walking to the tackily decorated door.

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anonymous asked:

Can u please do a piece about teaching Penny how to kiss for the first time? Silly, cute, fluff, creepy doesn't matter. Thank u

  • So Pennywise kissing for the first time would not be the best thing since you’re going to end up with drool all over, and you’ll possibly choke
  • At first he’s gonna open his mouth and lets his tongue and teeth out while you’re like “Wtf, put it back”
  • When you teach him how to do so, you make sure to grab his face and gently peck him before letting go and you see that he’s pretty, amazed?
  • You giggle but stop when you feel his hand grab you face and he practically forces your lips onto his 
  • While you’re struggling, Pennywise keeps on pressing himself a bit too roughly and he’s not letting go which leads to you running out of air 
  • He doesn’t realize any of this and is drooling all over your face as his mouth open and that tongue comes out again and pries your lips open
  • We love when Pennywise kisses the hell out of us, but in this situation it’s a now because he’s literally shoving his tongue down your throat
  • Eventually you start smacking the side of his face and he immediately lets go before realizing that you’re pretty much wheezing at this point
  • Once you’re better, you explain things a bit more thoroughly and that he needs to chill, though he gets pretty hyped that there are times when kissing can get a little heated
  • He follows every one of your orders and you have his face in your hands again, but he pushes them away when he remembered that he’s watched TV a few times!
  • So, Penniboi grabs your waist and pulls you right into him while you freak out but….he’s not making you lose your breath and it feels really good???
  • The kiss is something you didn’t expect for Pennywise to do and it’s shortened when he pulls himself away and sees your face in a daze because come on, he may be pretty clueless but he’s seen enough couples throughout his years 
  • “Did I take your breath away?~”
Vampire!Au-- Stony

Hey guys! Lets do some more world building! Everyone loved my little “Once Bitten” Snippet, but its never going to be a full fic even though I have literally thousands of ideas for it. 

SO! Fill my ask box with scenarios/questions/ideas and starting tonight/tomorrow morning Ill start writing about them! 


The vampire licked his lips, then his fingers, cleaning every bit of red from them, dark eyes still burning bright with hunger. He hadn’t taken near enough, but he couldn’t take more. Not from this one.

“Take more.” The blond in the bed rasped. “More.” His words were slurring, his body lax, legs splayed welcomingly, jeans low across his hips.

The vamp had been extra careful with this one, pushing just enough compulsion through his touch to keep him calm, his saliva laced with enough aphrodisia to make the bite feel good. It had been just the first sting of teeth, then just….

The new blood rushing through him made his pale cheeks flush, remembering how the blond had gasped and shuddered, the way those fingers had clutched him close, the long leg that hooked around his waist, hips moving restlessly.

It had been hard to resist, hard to keep it to only a bite. This one, this blond one was gorgeous. Beautiful really, with dark blue eyes and muscles that rippled every time he moved. He was tan, nearly golden, and when he had smiled there in the bar, the vamp hadn’t been able to resist approaching him, hadn’t been able to resist reaching out to touch something so… alive.

He could have done this fully clothed, but the temptation of skin was too much, and he had insisted on taking their shirts off, insisted on their chests sliding together as he pressed close, breathing into and against the beautiful mans neck before he bit–oh that first bite. 


And the taste– heated and thick and something smoky and fresh all at the same time. Addicting. An aphrodisiac all on its own. Like being under thrall. Under compulsion.

The vampire licked at his lips again, and the blonde shifted on the bed.

“More.” The deep voice was nearly a moan, but the creature knew he couldn’t take more. He had already taken too much, unable to pull away from such beauty. And if he stayed, if he climbed back on the bed, he would stay all night biting and fucking and drinking and tasting until there was nothing left.

And it would be a shame to take such beauty from the world.

“Perhaps another time.” He said, his tongue sliding over his fangs. “You’re weak now, too weak.”

“But I want you.”

So much want roared through him, but the vamp swallowed around it, forced it away. He was approaching two hundred and sixty seven. It was time to learn some self control.

“Another time.” He slid his jacket on, sunglasses to hide his eyes. “Perhaps.”

“Find me, then.” The blond sat up now, breathing hard. “Will you find me? My name is–”

“I don’t need your name. I have tasted you, which means I can find you anywhere.”

“It’s Steve.” He said anyway. “Steve.”


A flush ran up that perfect body, settling in his cheeks, blue eyes darkening. “Will you say it again? Oh, say it again. Your voice is–”

“Another time.” The vamp said and pulled the door open. “The room is paid through the night, stay if you wish.”

He could feel the disappointment from the man on the bed.

“I’ll find you, Steve.” He finally said, and wanted to smile at the sharp intake of breath behind him. “I’ll find you.”


I realize with Vamps the questions can get fairly NSFW and a little kinky but thats fine, bring it on!

Follow the ideas and world at #vampire stony

[M] Moonlight | Three

Originally posted by jiminrolls

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for loving this fiction. I’m re-posting this fiction on my blog because soon there will be a new chapter!

PS: I’ve fixed this chapter. It contains new stuff.

Pairing: Hybrid Female Reader AU! x Yoongi

Genre: Hybrid AU!, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: None except it’s full of sin.

Words Count: 2k

Summary : As unwelcomed cat hybrid, you’ve lived in the streets since you were born. You never believed in love neither in humanity. But even though you didn’t want to be loved by someone, you wanted him to love you.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Finale

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still got it

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @bleebug! I hope you’ve been having a fantastic day! This was just supposed to be some fluffy Old Hook stuff, but then it ran away from me and got feelz-y and CS-y. So I hope you like it and that you have an absolutely wonderful birthday!

Summary: Elderly gentleman Killian Jones is not the devilishly handsome scoundrel he was as a young man. But he still seems to have caught the eye of a silver-haired beauty at the pub, though he’s not sure why. She plans on showing him. (Old CS fic; light M; 2.1 k; AO3)

There was some activity in the pub around him, but otherwise the bar was quiet—perfect for leaving an old man alone with his thoughts and memories. Granted, Killian Jones had probably had far too much of that in his life, but the solitude was fine company for another night.

So he sipped his ale while nestled in the corner of a booth, observing the other patrons and laughing at the young men’s attempts at wooing the fairer sex. Not that he was a particularly fine example of a man, but he had been in his youth: trim, handsome, and all too aware of it. He’d taken such pride in his appearance back then, but lately had found himself wondering—where had that scoundrel gone?

“Is this seat taken?” a woman asked, and he glanced around until realizing she was talking to him; it had been quite some time since that happened. Before him stood what was surely an angel: a gorgeous woman, about his age judging by the lines on her face and the silver of her braided hair, with soft curves and an ample bosom supported by what was clearly supposed to be a peasant’s costume of a maroon corset and patchwork skirt, but the materials were too fine to belong to anyone not of high standing. He didn’t mean to leer, but he was rendered speechless not only by her appearance, but by her attention as well.

“Please; be my guest,” he finally replied, gesturing to the open booth across from him. She slid in and he continued, “Apologies for my poor form, milady, but it’s not often a beauty such as yourself seeks company with the humble likes of me.”

“I find that very hard to believe,” she observed, her green eyes sparkling as she raked them over him. “Surely a devilishly handsome gentleman such as yourself has no lack of female companionship.”

He scoffed, but took a sip of his drink to hide the blush rising on his cheeks. He was fairly positive he was far from the eye candy he once was, but if she wanted to play, he could certainly take part in the game. “I can’t say ‘never,’ but it’s been some time. I’ve a question for you, though: what, pray tell, brings a woman of your standing to a disreputable dive such as this?”

“What makes you think I’m anything but a common bar wench?”

“You carry yourself as though you were royal. One might even say you bear a resemblance to the Queen.”

She shrugged and giggled, a girlish thing that was music to his ears. “I get that a lot.”

“As you should.” He hummed for a moment, thinking. “But that doesn’t answer my question: what are you doing here, and with a crusty old pirate like me?”

“I’m looking for some company.”

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Super Sickness part two

I’m not sorry for this, I’m really not.

Part one here- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/166454466013/super-sickness-part-one-more-super-pining-au-since


Lance woke up with a choked off scream, memories of that huge purple spider crushing him and clicking its fangs at his neck. He panicked, still feeling crushed under its heavy weight, and thrashed weakly.

“Lance? Lance! Calm down! Keith, your tail, move your tail, it’s pinning him down.”

The weight removed itself from his chest and he bolted upright, scrambling away and coughing. He could still taste the blood on his tongue, still hear the screaming-

“Lance? Lance, sweetheart, look at me. Please. Focus on my voice, okay? You’re safe. You’re at home, in your apartment, and nobody here can or will hurt you.”

Lance wheezed, throat raw and aching, blinking back tears until he was being pulled into someone’s arms, a comforting gesture that was doubled as a second person embraced him from the back too, squeezing lightly.

He shuddered, going limp with the scent of juniberry tea and black coffee calming him down. He rested his head on something soft, his brain finally taking stock of what his body was trying to tell him as the shock of adrenaline faded.

He whimpered as his ribs cried out in protest from the coughing, sides stinging and bruises pulsing to match his fluttering heartbeat. His hands stung, and so did his knees and feet. His throat was dry and felt like a desert, tongue heavy and papery. He didn’t dare speak a word for fear of further pain, and tried to focus on breathing.

“Shh… you might have pulled a stitch. You aren’t fully healed yet. Can I check your bandages?”

He tensed. What bandages? How badly was he hurt? But he was tired of hurting… So he nodded tiredly, allowing gentle hands to unbutton his shirt and lightly poke and prod along his back and sides, smoothing over his bruises and scrapes.

“Hmm… you seem okay. There isn’t any fresh bleeding, so you might just ache from moving so quickly. Shiro, could you grab an ice pack from the fridge? Pidge brought one yesterday.”

Lance was finally registering his surroundings again, and cracked his eyes open as he was maneuvered into lying down on someone’s lap. His eyes met the concerned gaze of Allura, her hair falling over him in a curtain as she rested her own forehead against his with a sigh.

“I was afraid we’d lost you. The poison- The doctor said they didn’t know if the antidote would work, the venom wasn’t like any he’d ever seen. They tried everything until they finally said we had to take you home and hope you sweat out the rest by yourself. I was terrified. You were so cold the first few days, and then you started overheating and yelling in your sleep…”

Wet droplets splattered onto Lance’s cheeks, and he blankly realized that Allura was crying. For him? Ridiculous. Allura shouldn’t cry, she was too strong to cry over someone as weak as him. He lifted his hand and brushed her tears away, startling Allura. She laughed quietly and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“Thank you for caring. You’re too good to us, Lance.” She murmured, pulling back as Shiro approached, an ice pack and a glass of water in his hands.

Lance was soon drinking the liquid down greedily, Shiro pulling the cup back so he didn’t upset his stomach from ingesting the liquid so quickly.

Keith growled and clicked his tail blades together, upset at Lance having been moved away from him. “Calm down, Keith. You’ve had him for five days straight, let us have a turn.” Allura shot back at the grumpy dragon.

Lance choked, coughing and spluttering as Shiro immediately began patting his back to help him. “Lance? What’s wrong?”

“F-five days? I’ve been out for five days?! I was supposed to work this week! Iverson’s going to dock my pay if I don’t show up, and I told Shay I’d take the morning shift the same week-” He fell into another fit of coughing, trying to get to his feet but collapsing into Shiro’s arms from the strain of moving too soon.

“Shh, Lance, you can’t get up. Shay and Iverson have been told about you getting poisoned and Shay understands. Hunk volunteered to work at the cafè while you were sick.” Allura soothed, Keith nuzzling his way into the group hug, mainly to stop Lance from trying to get up again.

“… what about Iverson…?” Lance stared at Shiro, eyes wide. “What did Iverson say…?”

Shiro flinched. “He… well, he didn’t take it all that well? He basically fired you on the spot.” He didn’t say what the asshole had actually said, since Keith was angry enough and hearing about how Iverson had belittled Lance over something he couldn’t control, would probably get the dragon out for blood.

He’d have to settle for learning that Allura decked him after he called Lance worthless.

Speaking of Lance, he practically deflated at the news. “That job had the bigger paycheck, though barely… how am I gonna afford the rent now?”

Keith, who had slowly shifted back to human form, wriggled his way under Shiro’s arm. “Easy. Just move in with one of us! We all make pretty good money from our civilian jobs, and we get paid by the Hero Agency too.”

Lance blinked slowly. “But, I don’t want to be a bum around the house…” He felt Allura scoff into his neck from where she was hugging him from behind.

“For one thing, you wouldn’t be a bum. Secondly, I’m sure we’d all benefit from having you in the same apartment room. And third, you still have that job with Shay at the Crystal Café, so you’d still be earning money for yourself.” She said kindly, counting off of her fingers for Lance to see.

“But you can’t go anywhere until you feel better. So just relax and let us take care of you, okay?” Shiro said, Lance humming an affirmative as he slumped back comfortably.

“Who am I going to stay with though…?”

The innocent question was enough to instigate a glaring contest between his three crushes, though Lance was oblivious as he fell back asleep.

It took him a good three more days to break the fever though.


Guess what.

There’s no third part.

There’s a third, entirely separate story after this.

And guess what it involves.

Pine tree chopping ;3

Hope you enjoyed! I dunno when the third story will be out, but hopefully you’ll get to read it soon! :3


This is the final chapter of a Sam x Reader mini-series I Found You (Masterlist).

A fic for my A/B/O Bingo Card, the Mating Bites square.  @spnabobingo

Summary: When he meets you at a bar after a weird hunt, Sam feels calm immediately.  Does that instant connection mean something deeper than just comfort?

warnings: A/B/O dynamics, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Reader, implied true mate, mating, Alpha/Omega sex, Omega in heat, mating bites

word count: ~1025

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A/N: Ceraunophile—a person who likes lightning and thunder. Guilty. Anyone else?

19th October: Thunderstorm. 🌩 | feat. Captain James Conrad

Words: 1353
Warnings: smut

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Day 4 - All Human: The Student and The Speech Therapist inspired by Shut Up and Kiss Me by Jessica Lemmon

Oral therapy, she says.

Can you blame a guy’s mind for going to the gutter?

“Not that kind of mouth exercise, Mikaelson.” Caroline is quick to admonish, her brows pinched and cheeks pink.

Klaus doesn’t reply. Not when he doesn’t trust his tongue and when his eyes can convey just as much.

You’re beautiful.

But the girl just shakes her head, composing herself before shooting him a glare. “Okay, well… Let’s start by popping our p’s like this–”

Puh, puh, puh, she demos with the pursing and puckering of her lips. Cute.

But with him, it would look ridiculous.

“No.”  He says without a stammer.

Perhaps in another universe where his mother had her way, he’d be with a quack psychiatrist who would pick his brain and get off on his trauma.

Not a chance in hell.

He had enough of his family thinking he’s messed up in the head because of the accident.

Thus, a compromise–

He is stuck with her.

Or, rather, she is stuck with him.

"Hey!” His speech therapist snaps a hand on his face. “Are you even listening to me?”

He grins.

“Come on, Klaus. Just use your tongue.” 

And so he did… If you know what that means.


Later Rebekah asks her how well Nik is doing and if he learned how to roll his Rs.

Well, Caroline thinks, he rolled his Rs alright.… In her mouth.

I’m Begging You to Love Me Too (Sequel to the “I’m in love with my best friend’s fiance” AU)

lots of people, including @wonderrful ,@sprousecest, @birdlovesafish ,@queenofbabble and @justustogether (thank you thank you thank you btw) wanted a continuation of this and I had a few ideas left over I didn’t get the chance to put down so here we go! Sequel time! Check out my other work on AO3!

If asked to put into words the afternoon Betty spent with Jughead, she would not be able to. Those hours together were nearly animalistic in their frenzy. Hands lighting each other on fire, years of pent-up desire escaping their bodies in heavy moans and strangled sighs.

The only name she could remember was his. The only feeling the rock of their bodies against one another.

No one called. No one rang the doorbell or sent a text. It was as if the world had allowed them a moment for goodbyes. To make up for lost time they would never have again.

Betty almost cried when they parted, but whispered against her lips was a promise he’d be back after he grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot. Now more than ever he needed something to keep him awake. She certainly had exhausted him.

She stayed in his bed, curled up with her face buried in the soft pillows. They were just like him, smelling of bitter chocolate. Gone for so few minutes and already she craved his presence again. What would they do? How could they live without each other now?

When he entered, their eyes met. It was a familiar electricity. For years they had been dancing around each other. Unspoken need and stifled feelings. Not long ago he had held her, felt every inch of his body and said the words she had waited for forever.

I love you, Betty Cooper.

At last, she felt her morality break through to the surface and scream. Her best friends fiance. When she was supposed to be gathering the flowers for their nuptials. Which were, of course, in one week. She remembered her phone sitting somewhere in Veronica’s apartment, how many times it had likely been called. No doubt her mailbox was practically full to the brim with angry messages from her mother, her sister, and her best friend.

“You’re getting married.”

Finally, Betty spoke, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. It was something she had to accept. What this moment was, all that it could be, was a fleeting glimpse of what could have been.

“Maybe,” he took a sip of his coffee, wincing when it burned his tongue, “But not to Veronica.”

For a moment, the world stopped.


“I don’t want to marry her. She doesn’t want to marry me. You said yourself it was doomed to end in failure. And after tonight…I don’t want to end up like my parents, in a loveless marriage where I drink too much and my kids can see that we hate each other. Besides, Hiram scares the shit out of me. Let that be Archie’s problem.”

It was like the world had shaken, knocked her off course. The world didn’t give Betty Cooper a happy ending. It gave her hope and then nothing. His words were almost too good to be true.

“She’s going to hate me,” Betty whispered, taking a shaky breath. She curled in on herself as the panic began to settle in.

Jughead sat beside her, taking her hand in his and kissing her out turned palm. It was comforting. It always had been.

“No, she won’t. She’ll thank you. Thank you for setting us both free of a doomed matrimony. We can go together. You need your phone and I have a few flannels over at her place that I really like.”

The way he spoke about it, so casually, perplexed her. To Betty, everything was a waking nightmare. Every day was a struggle to pull herself from bed, to walk to work, to clock in, to call the florists again. But with Jughead, maybe it didn’t have to be.

Hand in hand they walked to the Lodge residence. Veronica opened the door with a prideful grace. When they told her, she didn’t cry. She didn’t scream or throw Betty from the room. She didn’t obliterate their friendship. She simply smiled.

“Oh thank God,” Veronica let out a shaky breath. And then she was laughing. Laughing like a mad woman. Laughing like someone who at any moment might forget how to laugh again. When it finally settled, her grin was back, much more calm and dignified. “Kind of sucks that all this wedding stuff is going to waste though?”

“Well…it doesn’t have to,” Betty turned to Jughead who had spoken.

Her eyes went wide, watching as he sunk before her on one knee. He took her hands again. Blue met Green in a familiar tango.

Veronica gasped and pulled the engagement ring from her finger. She quickly ran to him, slipping it into his breast pocket. “You can’t just propose without a ring Jug! Have I taught you nothing about romance?”

He smiled and pulled the ring out. “Betty Cooper, will you marry me?”

It was at that moment she knew that everything would be okay.

“Yes, Jughead Jones. I will.”


Title: Squish

Fandom: Sander Sides

Pairing(s): Logicality

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Word Count: 2564

Warning(s): Weight Mention

Tag List: @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

Finally finished @lamp-calm-sanders fic, so sorry it took so long (I say knowing full well this is sadly the shortest amount of time it has ever taken me to write a fic, I am so sorry) (also spent like and hour trying to fix this because tumblr hates the copy paste option)  


Logan hadn’t always felt bad about his body. Logan hadn’t always looked at his chub with disdain or fantasized what it would be like to be skinny, he hadn’t always wondered what it would be like to not be fat. God, he hated that word, he hated it’s definition, the connotations it brought when he said it, he even hated the ugly way it seemed to roll off his tongue. But he hated that he hated his body even more. He knew he wasn’t unhealthy (He encouraged Thomas to eat healthily often and Logan was not much of a hypocrite) it was just how his body metabolized food and he understood that. He knew the other three loved him and his body but he still couldn’t stop the negativity he felt when he thought about it.

Like he said though, he hadn’t always hated his size, for most of his life the thoughts never dared cross his mind. He wasn’t really sure when they had started, when Thomas was younger he hadn’t minded his size, if anything he liked his body. And he knew the other sides had no problem. Roman didn’t really care, he could playfully quip with Logan no matter how skinny or fat he was. Virgil liked to act like it didn’t bother him but he secretly loved the comfort that came with Logan’s hugs that wouldn’t have felt the same if Logan were any skinnier (he had always taken pride in being the only one besides Patton who could calm the anxious trait down.) And Patton, of course, loved Logan’s size, when they were younger Patton would always gush about how adorable Logan was, calling Logan his favorite “squish.”

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy.

Logan pretended he thought it was annoying but he secretly loved the endearing nickname. A warm fuzzy feeling would erupt in his chest whenever Patton said it, his heart would swell and his cheeks would turn bright red (when he was older and could understand emotions better he defined this feeling as happiness.)

Happiness (n)- the state of feeling happy (showing or feeling pleasure/contentment)

But that all changed during Thomas’s teenage years. It had started off small, Thomas would watch a movie with his friends, the coined “fat kid” was always the butt of the jokes. Logan had brushed it off at the time, high school children were often harsh for the sake of it, there was nothing wrong with him, the cruelties of high school were to blame. Then Thomas’s chubbier friends would get picked on at school, Logan once again would brush it off as useless teenage bullying but now there was an inkling of doubt (what if they were right? What if he was the wrong one here, what if they were right) Then social media began to take off and everywhere Logan would people just like him endlessly picked on for no other reason than how big they were. They were accused of being lazy, fat, disgusting, unhygienic, unmotivated, wrong, bad, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

After careful data analysis and consideration Logan finally concluded that being fat was bad. If so many people hated it (hated him) then statistically it must be true. Fat was wrong, he was wrong.

If Logan was younger he would have talked to Patton or Virgil about it. He would have crawled in their beds and cried his feelings away until he felt better. He could’ve sobbed into Patton’s chest and laid his insecurities out as they cuddled in his bed. He could have leaned on Virgil’s shoulder as they watched rain trickle down the their windows, just enjoying the quiet content of it all. 

But it was too late for that, they had grown distant as Thomas had gotten older. Virgil was much more controlling during high school, he knew all the horrible things kids in school could do and he just wanted to protect Thomas from it all. But the other sides never thought that was the right way approach to high school and soon it became a constant war of Virgil vs. everyone else. So it hadn’t really surprised Logan when the other’s bickering had grown so tiresome for the anxious side that he had decided he was done with it all and retired to his room. Patton had been upset at first but Virgil could still do his job and he came out eat when he needed to so eventually Patton relented. By the time Thomas started making vines Logan had only seen Virgil a handful of times.

And Logan, too, had become more distant, Patton and Roman were too emotional most of the time (this was when he missed his left brain bro… the name was Virgil’s suggestion) and he did not have the time or energy to deal with them. He and Roman started disagreeing more often, Roman’s outlandish ideas sometimes overpowering any logical thought. Patton, of course, tried to bond with him every once in awhile but each time Logan would brush it off, so yeah, Logan was not in any position to ask any of them for help.

So he dealt on his own, and he was good at it. He learned to bottle his emotions up into this tiny spot in his chest and never touch them again. Using that method he could cope with all his issues without any negative connotations for Thomas. He was fine.

Until he wasn’t.


“This one’s for you Patton!” Thomas exclaimed, phone in hand. It was a late Tuesday night and they had yet again been subjected to Sides Q&A. “What’s your favorite cartoon?”

“Ooh! It’s so hard to choose,” Patton gushed. “But if I have to choose I’d saaaaaay, Steven Universe but Legend of Korra is always a close second.” Patton said with a grin. It’d been a bad day for Logan, nothing particular had happened it was just one of those really bad days where the mirrors seemed to distort his image until he felt like he was looking at an ugly monster. It was one of those day where he didn’t want anyone to see him, it made him feel open and vulnerable and he couldn’t deal with that right now.  It was just one of those days where he just wanted to lay in his bed and hide under the covers until the sun went away. But life was never exactly kind to Logan when exactly kind when he wanted it to be.

“Virgil, in your opinion, who gives the best hugs?” Thomas queried, breaking Logan from his train of thought.

“I don’t really have many options considering Patton’s the only one who hugs me but I guess I’d say Patton,” Virgil said, bitterness from his years of exclusion leaking through. Pain pierced through Logan’s heart, he used to be Virgil’s favorite hugger.

Longing (n)- a yearning desire for what once was or what could be

“I will make an effort in the future to engage in more comforting physical contact.” Logan managed to squeeze out of his chest, stoic as ever, determined to hide the swell of emotions threatening to break the surface.

“As will I!” Roman declared. “I shall become the best hugger you have ever seen Virgil dear.” Virgil rolled his eyes but everyone could see the light blush that dusted his cheeks.

“Ah! Here’s another one for Logan,” Thomas interrupted. “What’s your favorite vocabulary card?” The interests of the other three perked up. It seemed like Logan had hundreds of cards and they’d only seen a handful.

”There are many that I’ve grown fond of but at this time my favorite is Extra.” Logan replied, flipping the card out from his back pocket.

Extra (adj)- Someone who is over the top, flamboyant or dramatic when it is not necessary

“It was not only one of the easier ones to learn but it is also an adequate insult for Roman.” He said with a mischievous smirk. Roman feigned an affronted gasp.

“I’ll let you know,” He cried, hand over his heart “I take that as a compliment.” He said dramatically and sniffled.

“See, case in point. You are extra.” Logan said, pointing at him, earning a chuckle from Virgil and another gasp from Roman. Thomas chuckled but pulled up another ask.

“This one’s for all of you,” He said. “Who do you all think is the hottest?” Immediately, they all jumped in, putting in their thoughts.

“Noooo, I can’t choose we’re all beautiful.” Patton said in distress eyes bouncing to all of them wildly.

“Oh it’s me of course,” Roman said gallantly, striking a pose.

“Why are you forcing us to choose who is what society expects to be ‘hot?’”Virgil asked, shaking his head. 

“I hate to say it, but I do agree with Roman,” Logan spoke up and everyone paused to stare at him, even Thomas, Logan rarely agreed with Roman, much less on frivolous things such as this. “While you all are beautiful in your own way, Roman is the only one who fits the societal version of a hot version and actively tries to maintain this image.” No one spoke for a moment, the air tense and uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at Logan like he’d just grown two more heads, he looked away, not used to so much attention on him at once. Finally, Patton broke the silence.

“You mean, we are all beautiful, you forgot yourself.” He whispered and Logan tensed, Patton was the type of person who just sort of knew when someone wasn’t feeling like themselves and Logan didn’t want Patton to know right now.

Intuition (n)- the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

“Yes, yes, of course, merely a slip of the tongue,” Logan lied, his fingers tapping on his wrist to the beat of his nervous heart rate. “However, this question was shallow and I’d prefer not to take part in ones like these again, therefore I shall be going. Goodbye everyone.” He sunk out as quick as he could, he could hear the others saying their goodbyes and following behind him as he willed all his strength into not sprinting into his room and collapsing into his bed.

“Hey, Logan,” Virgil mumbled from behind, managing to catch him in the commons. “Umm.. sleep well.” He said, smiling softly, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. It may not have seemed like much but Logan knew it was so much more, when he was ready he would go to Virgil and finally talk about what was bothering him but he wasn’t ready yet and Virgil understood that.

With that comforting thought, he finally made it into his room and collapsed on the bed, the metaphorical damn breaking as his chest seemed to cleave in two, silent tears leaking out as he curled in on himself, bringing his knees to his chest. But he surprisingly didn’t feel particularly bad, there wasn’t any of the usual uncomfortable ball of sadness weighing on his chest, instead there was nothing. But he didn’t feel good either. It wasn’t like the weight had been lifted, it seemed more like a pleasant numbing. If he was being honest, he didn’t really feel anything at all.

He could deal with that, not feeling was fine, Logan was perfectly okay with not feeling. It probably wasn’t healthy but it was something different from the aches that usually plagued him everyday and Logan could use every break he could get. Patton, on the other hand, was not fine with that and chose a very poor time to barge into Logan’s room.

“Hey, kiddo, I noticed you were feeling down earlier and wanted to know if-” Patton paused, noticing the strange emptiness of the room. “Logan?” Logan didn’t move, laying still in his void of nothingness, he wanted Patton to go away and take all his feelings with him, Logan did not need them right now, he couldn’t breathe when they were there and needed them to leave.

“Oh honey,” Patton cooed and hurried over to the bed to sit next to Logan, his hand resting soothingly on Logan’s knee. “Is this about the Q&A question earlier?” Logan hesitantly nodded numbly, staring right past Patton. It was useless lying to Patton, he’d pester Logan until he confessed if he didn’t.

“I-I was not feeling my best.” He managed to mumble, the salty sensation of his tears shocking him closer to reality.

“Why?” Patton asked softly.

“It.. reminded me that I-I do not have a.. d-desirable body type.” He said slowly and Patton frowned.

“Is it because you’re chubbier than us?” Patton asked and Logan nodded again, more tears flowing as a silent sob wracked through him. Patton frowned and turned to face the crying boy. “You know that your size has nothing to do with your beauty right?” Logan paused.

“B-But it does,” Logan said earnestly. “I have looked over so much data, and the data shows that fat people are ugly. So I must be ugly… It’s only logical thinking.” He trailed off at the end, looking away from Patton and focusing on a tiny speck of dust in his covers.

“Can you sit up kiddo? I want to prove you wrong.” Patton said after a moment, an unidentifiable look in his eyes. Logan frowned but relented, sitting cross legged across from Patton, who smiled and poked his arm.

“See these arms? You may only see flab, but I see that these arms are the same arms that give the best hugs in the mindscape, even Virgil will agree with me on this one.” Patton lightly squeezed his arm and Logan rolled his eyes.

“And this tum?” Patton lightly pinched a bit of fat around his stomach. “This is the cutest tum I have ever seen. Even if you don’t think so.” He gave Logan a quick tickle as Logan giggled slightly and squirmed away.

“And you said your body isn’t hot? Well we must be talking about different people because Logan baby those hips do not lie.” Patton whistled, gaining a small chuckle from Logan. “You are perfect just the way you are Logan, your size is beautiful and just the right size for you. Your size is a part of who you are, you wouldn’t be my favorite squish without it.” The childhood nickname sent Logan over the edge as he launched himself into Patton’s arms, sobbing as Patton cupped Logan’s head against his shoulder. He let years of anguish and self loathing overflow as he clung to Patton like a frightened child. Patton calmingly shushed him and whispers words of kindness into his ears as they fell back against Logan’s bed, content in each other’s arms.

Logan knew he’d always have bad days. He knew there would be times where he couldn’t stand to look in a mirror. There would be days he’d want to hide away and never let anyone in but he knew Patton and the other sides would always be there for him and in that moment, for Logan, that was enough.

Also, Logan lied, extra was not his favorite vocabulary word.

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy. (i.e Logan)

Cable Porn? // Reddie Imagine

Hey guys! So this is like a bit smutty, but I got so many ideas in class today. Thanks for all the likes/comments/reblogs/follows! I seriously appreciate it. I have a couple requests, which I will get to asap! My requests and ships are open! Love y'all! -Ori ❤️

Richie and Eddie lay on Richie’s unmade bed.

“What do you want to watch?” Richie asks, flipping though channels.

“Cable porn?”

Richie turns to Eddie, appalled by his comment.

“Edward Kaspbrak, you did not just say what I think you said.” Richie says in a jersey mom voice.

Eddie cuts him off, kissing him roughly.

“God Eds, what’s gotten into you?” Richie says when Eddie takes a breath.

“Just shut up and kiss me.” Eddie pushes the larger boy onto the bed, straddling him. He attacks his mouth with passion, tongue licking Richie’s lips. Richie lets him in, their tongues intertwining. Eddie kisses down Richie’s neck, leaving purple marks along the way.

Richie moans, trying to flip himself on top of Eddie. Eddie looks down on him, and whispers.

“Don’t. I’m in control tonight.” Richie is shocked by the comment, but kind of turned on. Eddie’s fingers creep to the hem of Richie’s shirt. Richie willingly takes it off, and Eddie kisses down his chest.

“God, Eds” Richie says between moans. Eddie gives him a knowing smile. He continues kissing the boy, and pulls his hair, causing a loud moan. Eddie begins to unbutton his jeans.

The door swings open.

“God, we could hear you from outside, shut the window next time” Bev says, entering the room. The boys scramble away from each other, quickly putting clothes on. “Get dressed, we’re late for the movie.”

Tiny lil something...

It is only here in the slow dawn amid the trees he feels alive again. She is here, her blazing red hair in his fist, head pulled back to expose her throat to his greedy mouth. He latches onto it like a wolf onto prey, and he finds part of him stuck on the scent of her, the blood he knows is pulsing beneath. She does not say a word but his name, over and over between desperate little gasps that make him growl with dark, primal satisfaction. He loves this, he loves it, loves her. He bites, pulling a scream from between her lips. His tongue soothes and he sucks a mark there- his. They’ll all see, later. He smirks to think of it, stark against her pale flesh. Mine, he thinks. Mine.

anonymous asked:

could you post a picture of otis and milo? I love them :))

Haha okay, just because you asked so nicely! And because I’m a proud cat dad!

Here’s Otis sitting next to me right now, doing weird things with his tongue as he washes his face.

Here’s Milo on a pillow looking like an Elegant Princess.

And as a bonus, here’s me meeting Telltale writer Nicole Martinez’s new puppy Ahsoka!!