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What did you think of Rhea, Caleo 's return and the new campers (and development of the old ones)?

Dude, nice question! 

Rhea I thought, was nicely done. Usually Rick portrays the big primordial beings (like Gaea and Tartarus) as completely overpowered and terrifyingly scary, but like it said in the book, Rhea reminded me a lot of Isis. I think she could become a bigger character throughout the series, and I would be nice to see an Immortal actively helping the heroes.

If I’m honest with you, I was dreading Caleo’s return, only because I thought Rick would hype it up, and make it overly dramatic. Again though, he has defied my expectations, instead providing the perfect amount of sass, sarcasm, and self-mockery to pull it off. I love the fact that most people in the fandom wanted Piper to punch Leo, but instead he was punch by the entire camp. I love the fact that Leo pointed out it took them all of 40 seconds to defeat Gaea. I love how awkward things were between Percy and Calypso. I LOVE that Harley was the one that brought Leo home (with Apollo’s help of course).

Oh, I could talk about the side characters in this book for hours. Rick has an unparalleled and unfailing way to make me completely fall in love with his characters. 

Harley, I think, is definitely my favorite side-character in the book. He was so adorable, and excitable, and just so gosh darn cute. He reminded me of a lil’ puppy and I’m really glad we got to see more of him in this book.

The other side characters like Chiara, Damien, Paolo I thought were great as well, and I love love LOVE the fact that Rick is starting to include demigods of other nationalities. I’d love to see a Brit at CHB one day!

Though we don’t see that much of them, I thought Kayla and Austin’s relationship with Apollo really developed in this story. I think I’d like to get to know their characters more.

Nico was really great as well. He was happy, but he was still the grumpy and dorky son of Hades we all know and love. I laughed out loud at the bit where he organised the whole Camp to punch Leo (or as I like to call it, ‘the punch-line’) and ‘I have a doctor’s note’ is now my new favorite thing.

I think what most excited me about the development of the old characters was how much more we learned about one William Solace. Southern!Will was one of my favorite headcanons, and now it’s been #confirmed, which made me so unbelievably happy. I love how we know about his mother’s name and profession. I love how Rick characterized him exactly like I do in my fics, I actually got him right, I was so happy. 

Meg. Meg Meg Meg. She was gooooood. She was done so well. I love that she’s a badass daughter of Demeter. I love that she’s only twelve. It reminds me of the fact that Percy was only twelve when he first started his quests. I love that she played such an important role in this book, and I have no doubt she’ll be pivotal in the whole series. 

And finally Apollo. The development we see Apollo go through throughout the book is really quite great. At first, he’s a whiny teenager that’s been cut off by his Dad, but then we see him grow and change. He makes mistakes, and learns from them. He starts to care about the lowly mortals he use to all but ignore. He starts to understand just how much these heroes really do for the Gods, and just how much they have to sacrifice. He starts to doubt himself, and then comes back fighting when it matters most. He starts taking responsibility for things, instead of having it thrust upon him. But I also think he’s got a long way to go yet. There will be more lessons for him to learn, and when (if) he becomes a God again, I think he’ll be all the more stronger for it, and may even change the other Olympians way of thinking as well.  

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Seven Minutes In Heaven with Caleo

  • Leo couldn’t believe it, he was in a closet with Calypso. He would thank every single god for letting them pick Calypso to be in the closet with him. She was the most beautiful he laid eyes on.
  • The low light in the closet was enough so he could see her face, not interested. 
  • “You don’t want to be here.” Leo noted. 
  • “Wow, some detective.” She replied. “Can we just sit here for seven minutes?”
  • “Yeah.” Leo replied. “Yeah.”
  • Calypso slid to the floor and pulled her knees to her chest. She didn’t look up at Leo as he sat next to her. 
  • He looked at her, wondering what to do with maybe six more minutes of them just sitting there. 
  • “So, were you enjoying the party before this happened?” Leo asked, trying to make some sort of conversation.
  • “Yeah. I can’t believe my friends convinced me to do this.” She replied. “Not that you aren’t cute, but I was hoping for someone else.”
  • Of course you were. Leo thought to himself. No girl actually wanted to be with him. She was forced with him by a stupid game.
  • “Well, I’m here now.” Leo told her. “And I would like to at least get to know you.”
  • “Like what?” She asked, looking up at him for the first time.
  • “Favorite color.” He said. “Mine’s red.”
  • “Silver.” She replied after a heart beat. “Well, actually gold.”
  • “Favorite food?” He asked, relaxing a bit since she was finally talking back to him.
  • Calypso bit her lip as she thought about it. The little light coming in, Leo could see her eyes were closed as she thought about it.
  • “Mine are tacos. I’m pretty good at making them. My friend, Piper, says I make the best tofu tacos for her.” He told her.
  • “Tofu?” She asked. “You can cook tofu?”
  • “Yeah. Chef Leo can cook a lot of things.” He smiled, proud of himself. “I can make you some if you like.”
  • “That would be great.” She smiled. “I finally figured out my favorite food. It’s shrimp scampi with linguine.”
  • “That sounds really good right about now.” Leo chuckled. “I haven’t eaten something that good in a while.”
  • She chuckled and Leo’s heart lifted a bit at the sound of that beautiful sound. 
  • “Well, I can make that for you, if you want.” Calypso told him. “It’s actually pretty easy.”
  • “Sounds like a deal to me.” He smiled. “I make you tacos and you make me shrimp scampi.”
  • “Deal.” She grinned. 
  • There was a bang on the door, making the two of them jump. They looked at the closed door. 
  • “I guess that’s a one minute warning?” Leo asked. 
  • “Maybe. We should get up.” Calypso replied.
  • Leo got up first and held out his hand for her to get up. She took his hand and pulled herself up. Tripping, she fell into him. 
  • “You okay?” Leo asked.
  • “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied, blushing as she looked up at him. 
  • Leo looked down at her. He leaned in closer until their lips were less than an inch apart. Wondering if she was going to fill the space, he waited for her.
  • Calypso leaned up until their lips met for the brief three seconds before she pulled away.
  • Leo was grinning as the door opened.
Solangelo Headcannon- Piercings

It was a surprise to Will when he discovered Nico had piercings.

He like everyone else discovered Nico’s piercings when Nico cut his hair.

Everyone was shocked because quiet Nico who was born in the 1930’s had piercings.

And it’s not like he had a few in his ears. On his right ear he had four Forward Helix, a Tragus, four Standard, and a double Helix . His left ear had an Industrial Bar, two Standard, another set of Double Helix and two Auricle piercings.

He had 18.

All of them were miss-matched with different types of skulls, Skeletons or black diamond studs.

When Nico started dating Will he changed a pair of earrings to Happy Sun earrings with a cute cartoon sun and his industrial to an Arrow.

Then when the seven (plus Reyna, Will, Nico, and Calypso) they discovered Nico’s belly button piercings.

So the total was 19 (unless Nico was planning to get more).

Will won’t admit it out loud but he likes Nico’s piercings, he felt that the piercings reflected Nico perfectly. Will even wanted a few himself.

They found Leo at the top of the city fortifications. He was sitting at an open-air cafe, overlooking the sea, drinking a cup of coffee (…) His hands were perfectly still on the table. Leo’s hand’s were never still. All the nervous energy had drained right out of him, replaced by a kind of wistful sadness. 

-House of Hades