he always says this omg

“ill cut ya”
“oooh not from over there. let me help”
god…….john….hes just…..does not give a Fuck

You know what I find so interesting on this second read through? How Andrew has this established pecking order and the others just…. Automatically know it??

Like I’m only on chapter 4 of t*k and Neil is pointing out how strange it is that he has become A Part Of Them. How he tries to NOT let them drag him into their little make shift family.

And it’s always the same order: Andrew, Kevin, Neil, Nicky and Aaron. Like why does Neil get such a high rank? Is it because he has a deal with Andrew? But if it’s based on deals would Aaron be at least second place?

Like it’s just so interesting that once Neil is accepts Andrew’s offer they all just rework the order. Like when they moved the furniture at the court so they stayed together. When Neil tried to sit alone, Aaron was like?? Ha no. You sit next to Andrew. Or how they leave a space empty for him on the bus in their exact order.

And I’m just thinking about how it SHIFTS in the next book because of blatant favoritism. Or more like increase in loyalty. The point being Kevin gets bumped to third place and I find it endlessly hilarious and also think it’s sweet that Andrew is so gone on this kid.

Falsettos thoughts act 1

January 7th  8pm Falsettos Act 1:
So Peyton was Jason this night as Anthony was still sick. Peyton killed it by the way! His Jason seems much more affected by his fear of how he’ll turn out as an adult and is less than enthused by all the adults trying to sort their shot out while he just tries to have a normal life. Much more subdued than Anthony’s portrayal and it worked well! Four Jews is forever perfect and I didn’t know who to focus on but ofc I just stared at Andrew bc I couldn’t help myself😂 his hair is so!!!!! Andrew Rannels moaned when Marvin walked over to him and tugged on his hair during Love is blind

The kiss was everything

Thrill of first love was hot and I’m still not over Whizzer getting really close to Marvin with bedroom eyes as he says “breeding shows Marvin”

Whizzer and Marvin were always touching omg even when they had there backs turned during the beginning of Everyone tells Jason to see a psychiatrist and they were always whispering to each other and they look so happy

This had better come to a stop is such a upbeat song about their dysfunctional lives. I loved Christian Borle’s delivery of “that’s what pretty boys should do”

Give SJB a tony rn! I’m breaking down was brilliant!!!! And I live for the cast laughing off to the side and sitting in awe of this goddess! 

 Mendel and Jason have the cutest relationship and I love any song they sing in together! Just Jason being this awkward and confused child and Mendel being like chill I too am awkward and confused, then they proceed with the funniest and most adorable dances! 

 Okay Brandon Uranowitz is flawless! Every song he sang I was in awe! Like I knew he was perfect but being in his presence as he proceeded with his perfection was a lot…and then I met him! 

 March of the Falsettos was as weird as I expected but the choreography was really cool and yeah…still weird😂 also the way SJB said “no, I’ll laugh” in Trina’s song was everything 

 The cHESS GAME!!!! I loved it so much and also almost started tearing up like wow. I love Whizzer just being silly and trying to have fun and just be happy then Marvin has to fuck shit up and ugh. Whizzer kicker the suitcase was just…

💔 Making a home was sad. All I could focus on was Whizzer folding and packing his suitcase and I was v sad. 

 The games I play!!!!! Can I give this whole cast Tonys??? He was phenomenal and wow. I was just sitting like😍😍😍 but still so emotional and wow. His little heartbroken half smile when he sings the line “I am sure his divorce was…a tribute to me” like he’s remembering all the fond memories he had with Marvin for that brief second before he’s back to reality😭 

 Marvin hitting Trina even though he doesn’t really hit he rob stage is so!!!!!!!! And SJB CRIED THEN I CRIED AND MENDEL BEING ALL PROTECTIVE OF HIS FAMILY UGH KILL ME NOW! Marvin why!!!!????!!!!! 

 Trina grabbing Jason as she says “he’s mine” and like I never paid a lot of attention to that line but it makes sense that she’s like claiming custody of Jason and leads well into Falsettoland where Marvin only sees Jason on the weekends. Mendel and Trina are so adorable 

 God, father to son fucked me up! I was already a mess but seeing the growth of Marvin and trying to be a better dad and just all the feels.

Look at these two

Mika and his arm around Yuu is downright adorable

Extra :

Kimizuki feels the gay too


Happy Birthday Chinen Yuri! ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Cloti Church Scene Picspam Pt. 1

I wanna make this super duper clear to people: if you call mark out on his behaviour and how it affects others, you are still 100% valid in this community. What is the right thing to do is far more important than defending your idol and just because someone doesn’t like the way they act does not mean that they hate them. I 100 per cent stand by anyone who is open enough to say that they don’t like the way he’s behaved recently. And I don’t wanna hear anyone say ‘omg he’s always like this get over it!!’ Seriously?? Mark hardly ever uses Tumblr and there are a lot of people new to the community who aren’t used to it. And like one of my previous posts said, different people handle those kind of comments in different, and they don’t need an excuse to do so. They don’t need to have a mental illness or past experience which could be upsetting to them. They can get upset without any of that because they’re human beings and they deserve to be treated that way, not like some anomaly in the fandom. But, as the point in the beginning says, they can still love Mark even if he’s upset them. They’re still in the fandom and have every right to be.

-fandom momma out

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