he always makes her let out a little giggle

confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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New Beginnings

Originally posted by sheexhalesvanillalace

Summary: Dance Practice for the Yule Ball and Y/n and George are paired up to practice. Just flufffff! Also need to tag @notgreengrass for being the editor over my posts, and helping me with the ending. I have no idea what I would do without you, tysm for making my writing that much better!

Word Count: 1578

Pairings: George Weasley x Reader

The Yule Ball, as McGonagall described it, was a tradition that only happened during the Triwizard Tournament in which boys and girls — third year and up — attend a formal dance. The partying was what George was fine with, but the aspect he was had trouble with was the dance class.
Sure, on the outside he joked around about the ordeal with his twin brother, but on the inside, George was terrified. It wasn’t because McGonagall was forcing everyone to learn how to do the Waltz correctly, no. It was because of the person he longed to dance with.

Y/n stood just across the room with all the other girls. It was a sunny day, and so her y/h/c hair looked glossy from the diamond-like reflections of the large window. Her smile was captivating, radiant even, as she laughed at the sight of McGonagall and Ron dancing together. Her hips were swaying ever so slightly to the soft music bouncing off the stone walls of the room.

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Too Independent Pt. 1

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader 

Length: 2129+ words [I didn’t think it was this long tbh…] 

TW: Nothing in this chapter!

A/N: Do you guys remember that video of the dad who calmed their crying baby by sleeping in their crib, and they tried leaving, but their kid wasn’t having any of it? Well… this was very much inspired by that video! And of course, because it’s me, I had to put a bit of angst here and there- moreso in the next part! 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Part 1       Part 2

Dean groaned, throwing his head back in frustration. Not only did the witch get away, but she left some annoying consequences for the brothers to deal with. Their youngest sister sat on the floor. Her would be adult body was now a toddler- not even a toddler, a baby. The witch had freaking turned his baby sister into a baby. She tilted her head to the side, looking up at her older brother, hazel eyes wide with confusion.

“Dean! Where’s-” Sam stopped in his track just behind his older brother, looking down at the baby in front of them. “Is that-”

“Yea.” Dean threw his arms up in frustration, stomping away. “Damn it!”

Y/N watched her older brother for a few seconds, her bottom lip quivering. Soon enough, a wail erupted from her small figure. Fear and confusion bubbling inside of her.

“Damn it, Dean,” Sam cursed under his breath. “You scared her.” The youngest brother picked his sister up, adjusting her clothes that are now too big on her, and placing her against his side. “Hey, now. You’re okay.” He gently bounced her while cooing.

“C’mon. Let’s just get back to the bunker,” Dean said roughly, walking back to the Impala without a second glance to his younger siblings.

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BTS - Reaction to Coming Home After A Long Day of Practice to Their Sleeping Newborn

As requested. I hope you like it, this one really pulled at my heart strings. 

Thinking of the boys as parents makes me so soft. :’)

You had just put your newborn to sleep about twenty minutes before Jin got home. As he walked through the door you held up a finger over your lips to let him know to be quiet. He nodded and placed a kiss on your lips before making his way through the house. He stopped into the nursery before getting a shower so he could see his little girl. You were in the kitchen preparing dinner when you heard his voice over the monitor. “Hello my angel. Daddy will see you when you wake up. I hope you are dreaming good things.” A small smile formed on your face as you continued on with your task.

Since your son hasn’t been sleeping routinely yet, Yoongi was not sure if he would be awake when he got home. A small pang of disappointment came over him when he noticed you in the living room without the little one. He greeted you happily asking how everything went today. You told him that it went well but that your son had been a bit fussy. He walked into the nursery to find your son sleeping peacefully with a little smile on his face. “Papa heard that you didn’t feel well today. I’m sorry. I will give you all of my cuddles when you wake up.”

Hoseok had learned quickly to be quieter when coming home from work. The first few days he was so excited to be back home with you and your daughter that he let out some noises of joy which were a little too loud for your newborn. After giving you a hug and a kiss he made his way to the baby’s room. He was filled with happiness just by looking at her, his own little bundle of joy. Taking in the little cheekbones that he had passed on to her. “Aren’t you beautiful. Daddy promises that he will never make you cry. Please wake up soon, daddy wants to see those gorgeous eyes of yours.”

You were sitting down in the rocking chair by the crib in the nursery when you heard Namjoon come through the front door. A few moments later his smiling face walked into the room. He walked over and placed a kiss on your lips. Then he turned to look at the sleeping figure in the crib. “I like watching her sleep too.” You smiled as he gave you a quick glance. Parenthood was new for both of you but at least you had each other. Your son twitched in his sleep and Joon looked into the crib, leaning in a bit. A frown formed over the infants face so Namjoon started softly rubbing his belly, a trick he figured out not too long ago. “There, there, daddy will always be here to comfort you.” You sat there admiring the two most important men in your life.

You ended up falling asleep waiting for Jimin to come home after dealing with your daughter all day. She had finally stayed asleep for a good amount of time so you decided to watch TV on the couch. Jimin smirked as he found you curled up and kissed your forehead softly. He then went to check on his other lady. She was fast asleep, making little snoring noises. Just like the time he first saw her, his heart melted in his chest. “We made mommy awfully tired today huh? That is alright, daddy wants some time with you when you wake up anyways.” He let out a soft giggle as she made some small noises.

Ever since his first day back to work, he couldn’t wait to get back to home to his girls. He greeted you with the same energy as always when he walked in the door. You spent a few moments talking while wrapped in his arms. “And what is our princess up to?” You could see the disappointment on his face when you told him that she was sleeping. Nevertheless, he still wanted to go see her. He leaned over the crib to stare down at her, her binky jutting in and out as she sucked on it in her sleep. “You have no idea how much dada missed you today. I just can’t wait to scoop you up later.”

You nuzzled your face into Kookie’s chest as soon as he put down his bags. “Was he that much of a handful today?” You looked up and he kissed your brow as you nodded. “I love him, but today he was a little difficult. He is sleeping now though.” He hummed in acknowledgement and you released him so he could clean up before dinner. Jungkook visited the nursery before going to your bedroom. Your son who had been a bit gassy and fussy all day had finally passed out a little while ago. Kookie smiled widely as he placed a loving hand on your baby’s forehead. “How could someone love another person so much already? I love you little guy, never forget that. Daddy loves you.”

Really though, all the feels.


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Hii, I'd love to see the RFA + V and Saeran that have a baby with MC, and the baby is around 6 months old (so they can play with him/her) Thank you! <33

This is such a cute request that I had fun writing! I honestly love babies so much- especially playing with them and looking after them so this was great to imagine. I hope you enjoy it!~ H x

RFA and MC with a 6-month-old baby:


-He was really scared about harming their child at first
-So for the first few months, he thought it would be safer to leave her with you
-But you want your little girl to know her dad more now that she’s older
-Yoosung realises he’s making you suffer all on your own
-So he does help out
-Only he turns out to be a really good dad
-Never mind LOLOL, Yoosung has a child to play with now
-You can’t help but smile when you walk into a room and see your husband building towers out of bricks with your little girl
-Until she knocks it over and Yoosung nearly cries
-He’s sensitive, ok?
-Yoosung is the only one who can make her giggle
-Because he pulls funny faces at her
-You’ve made a mental note to record it next time and send it to Seven
-You’re pretty sure the hacker boi will be able to use it for some kind of blackmail
-Leaving your daughter alone with Yoosung in the house is a bad idea
-Because he forgets that she eats baby food
-And tries to feed her Lais chips
-Please, Yoosung, don’t
-Other than the feeding issue, Yoosung is a really good dad
-And he loves his two girls very much


-Zen is the most overprotective dad™ that there ever was
-From the age of four months old, he was drumming it into his daughter that all men are wolves
-Zen, please chill she can’t even speak yet
-But you can honestly tell how sincere he is
-And how much he longs to be a good, supportive parent
-He grew up with parents that expected way too much from him so he’s definitely going to be the most encouraging person ever
-However, he does get nervous when playing with her
-What if he hurts the precious child??
-He usually lets you play with her toys with her but he’ll do other things
-Like teaching her the piano
-Zen, she is six months old
-He’s determined to make her a prodigy, though
-And she loves listening to him play
-He uses his acting skills to play silly games with her
-And she always giggles
-He’s just so protective over her, constantly pointing out danger
-Sings her to sleep every night
-It makes you shed a tear
-He just loves the two most important girls in his life so much


-It took a little while to talk Jaehee into adopting
-But you knew she’d be excellent with kids despite her protests
-“MC, what if children just don’t like me? I’ve never really been around them before”
-Shut up, Baehee, we all know you’d make an amazing mum
-You adopt a little girl that’s six months old in the end
-Because she’s so young, it doesn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home
-And Jaehee is the best mum ever
-She’s bumped her head? Jaehee’s there with a cold compress and paracetamol
-She’s upset? Jaehee’s got her favourite toy and a blanket already there
-She’s sick? Jaehee’s handled it
-There’s a spider? Ok, Jaehee can’t do spiders so that one’s down to you
-But honestly, she’s so prepared and is so good with children
-Teaches her to write her own name ridiculously young
-Jaehee’s favourite is the tea parties
-You can bet she’s got matching plates and cups for every single teddy your daughter owns
-And she plays along perfectly
-You can’t get over how cute it is when she does voices for all the animals
-Honestly, why was she ever worried about kids? She’s an amazing mum
-You can always count on Baehee


-This poor man was so scared
-Like, how do you look after a child?
-What do you mean I can’t hire a nanny to be here 24/7, MC?
-You’re pretty sure that you’re just gonna raise this baby by yourself
-I mean, you do get to just stay at home all the time
-But no
-Because when he realises that you’re excluding him
-He is upset
-“MC, this is my child too. Please let me raise him.”
-So you slowly start teaching him how to look after a child
-He is so gentle
-But you can bet your son is being introduced to Elizabeth the 3rd immediately
-Jumin cries when their son gets scared of her
-He gets loads of really expensive toys
-All cat related
-And actually loves to play with him
-But the crying stresses him out
-“Why is he crying? What did I do? MC, help I think he’s going to die!”
-Jumin, chill. He just needs his nappy changing
-Is actually very willing to help out when it comes to nappy changing
-Which is a relief to you
-He finally relaxes when your son goes to sleep and he can spend time cuddling his lovely wife
-And then the crying starts again


-Do you really want to trust this guy with a kid?
-Or more, two kids
-Yup, that’s right, the twin gene runs in the family
-And you’re now stuck with two red-headed, mischievous, crying babies crawling around the house
-Did I say two? I meant three
-You have to force Seven to baby-proof the house because we all know that bunker is not safe for children
-But he’s actually so good with the twins
-He always knows exactly what they need when they cry
-And he wants to get them a cat
-You quickly shut down that idea
-Will always take them for rides in his baby cars
-Despite your fervent protests
-Is the dad that’s always like, “Calm down, it’s not like they’re going to injure-” BANG *crying sounds*
-But he does really care about them and constantly shows them love and affection
-He’s the silly, fun dad
-Ain’t those kids ever going to know about how dangerous he can be
-He will only ever be 707 for them
-They love Uncle Saeran too
-Meanwhile Saeran is like, “What are these two small humans trying to climb my body?”
-Saeran honestly can’t stand his brother mocking him because of his nephews
-But he secretly loves them
-You actually can’t trust Seven with the twins by himself
-But you know that he loves them so much
-Just like he loves you


-Haha nope
-That was his reaction to kids at first
-But you got through to him and now you have a really quiet, gentle daughter
-And Saeran loves her
-Of course, he still pretended to be edgy when anyone else is around
-But when it’s just him and your girl
-He becomes the most precious, soft bean ever
-You can bet he’ll be coo-ing and playing with teddies etc.
-But she isn’t very outgoing just like her dad
-Saeran actually loves that about her because it means he can just quietly sit with her
-Uses your daughter as an excuse to get out of social interaction
-She’ll always cling to her dad whenever she’s upset
-And he loves to carry her around, clinging to his side
-You’re pretty sure Saeran acts the exact same way as her
-Because they both cling onto you
-And they’re both small, introverted babies
-Good luck trying to take these two anywhere outside of the safety of your home


-The second you even suggested children he agreed
-Because he will do literally anything to make you happy
-He’s just so happy that you want to form a family with him
-Especially since Rika had never wanted children
-It had always been a dream of his to start a family
-Naturally, he loves your little boy so much
-Thousands of photos of him
-V is such a good dad
-He’ll always help to feed him, change his nappies, go shopping for clothes and everything else you could even want help with
-Raising a child is a breeze with V by your side
-He’ll happily let your son play with pretty much anything
-Even a cactus once which you hurriedly sorted out
-Your once tidy, aesthetic house gets coated in toys and other baby related items
-You’re worried V will be disappointed that it isn’t picture perfect anymore
-But he loves it
-The toys and mess around the house just remind him of how incredible his life is
-He’s constantly asking if you’re stressed from looking after a child or if there’s anything he can help with
-Why is he so kind and gentle?
-If your child’s crying, V will have him calm again in an instant
-All it takes is a few gentle words and a cuddle and he’s happy again
-That method also works with you, too
-V’s honestly just so happy to have a family that he would do anything for his son

modern au where morgana suspects merlin is gay and so when she realizes she’s gay and hints at him about that they end up coming out to each other

and merlin! is the first and only person morgana’s ever told! or who knows! even though she’s maybe known for a long time! and morgana! is the only person merlin’s age that knows about merlin! and the only person he’s ever told instead of them figuring it out (because gauis found out when he found merlin’s gay porn lol and he thinks hunith knows but he hasn’t Officially Told her and will knew he had a crush on this boy when they were little but he was straight so it Wasn’t The Same) and morgana! who merlin’s always thought of as kind of cold and standoffish, hugs him and won’t let go and cries after they tell each other and chokes out “i’ve never known anyone else who was gay, thank you thank you”

they’re both so high off the fact that Someone Knows and they’re always giggly at each other and make silly gay jokes (gwen: hey look a rainbow’s out! merlin: you know, i don’t see many rainbows. morgana, smirking: really? *giggle giggle* merlin: well, not many actual rainbows *giggle giggle* maybe other types *giggle giggle* arthur: what?)

they don’t know each that well outside of this one thing, but they’re constantly talking to each other about it and they’re the friends who shop together and text each other constantly while they’re with their friends together and complain about the Straights and Judge People (honestly 80% of their conversations that aren’t directly gay jokes are them Judging People Together) and they can’t go to pride events where they live because Uther, so they road trip together other places, and they’re so physically affectionate too, particularly morgana

and! everyone! starts to think! they’re together! and they keep giggling about this which only serves to make everyone more sure, like arthur gwen merlin and morgana go on a trip together and arthur and gwen are dating so they’re going to share a hotel bed, and morgana’s like “merlin can share with me *giggle giggle* we don’t mind heehee”

and arthur and gwen! get all jealous! but don’t quite understand why because they haven’t both quite worked out that they’re not in love with each other but in love with merlin and morgana respectively, and arthur’s just sitting around that whole trip like “i’m not sure whether to fight my sister or merlin for this and i’m not sure what’s up with any of it but i Don’t Like It”

because you know merlin and morgana would only encourage people thinking they’re together once they found out people thought so, because if they didn’t think they could come out anyway they’d be like “how many of our friends’ heads can we screw with heehehe” so morgana’s texting merlin like “elena just asked me if we were together and arthur was there so i said i wouldn’t tell her that but that i did know youre well hung af and arthur turned an alarming shade of purple and excused himself, you can thank me later” meanwhile merlin’s texting morgana like “how! can percy not realize! i’m gay! we’re sharing a room and i only wore tommy hilfinger black briefs to bed last night THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN!!!! and yet he just asked me if i like freya oh my god”

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OH SWEET REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Can I see some IDW Starscream, Windblade, Ironhide, and Chromia if a random sparkling was suddenly put into their care without warning?

Here, let’s assume this is before *ahem* all that. (You’ll know what i mean when you read it)


  • Honestly he’d hate this. He doesn’t have TIME for this- he’s a busy mech! Here Bumblebee, you take- oh. “Slag!”
  • “Slag!” the sparkling repeats joyfully. Primus, this is going to be a day. The sparkling tries to grab his face and climb on his wings. They maneuver themselves so they’re dangling on his back, and Starscream decides they can stay there for a while. He goes about a good deal of his day with a lil monkey hanging on him. He acts as though this is normal.
  • Back at his office he sets them on the floor with a ring of keys to play with. This works well until he starts to cry and Starscream can’t figure out what’s wrong. They won’t tell him! They just keep screaming! “WINDBLADE!”


  • Starscream dumps the sparkling unceremoniously into Windblade’s arms. He grumbles and rubs his temples as he trudges away, and she’s left with only her confusion and a screaming youngling. Did- did Starscream not feed them yet? Looks like she’s off to get some energon.
  • She hushes them tenderly and holds the cube to their lips. “My, you were hungry, weren’t you little one? Yes you were! Was grumpy ol’ Starscream a big meanie? I bet he was.”
  • The baby takes to her instantly. They don’t let her put them down for long, always wanting to be held, cuddled, and played with. She doesn’t mind; what a precious little darling! She makes funny faces at them until they’re all giggled out and fall asleep against her chest. Suddenly, she gets a comm. from Rattrap. Ugh, and she was having such a good time!


  • “Can you watch them for me?” There’s no time for Ironhide to answer before Windblade is gone. Well, he has a sleeping sparkling now.  He’s not sure what he’s going to do with them, but gosh, aren’t they cute? All swaddled up like that… Okay, he loves them.
  • When the baby wakes up they are stinky. That’s significantly less cute, but hey, it’s nothing he can’t handle- Primus that’s gross! They’re in desperate need of a bath, so Ironhide gently washes them with one servo, holding them in the other. They kick and squeal at the bubbles tickling their frame, and Ironhide is terrified he’ll drop them. Once the tub is drained the sparkling is dry he can finally relax.
  • Then he realizes. This is a newspark. The rebuilt Cybertron doesn’t have a place for sparklings- there haven’t been sparklings for Primus knows how long. He’ll have to talk to Starscream about this. He throws the door open to see Chromia- oh good, a babysitter!


  • A pair of innocent optics gaze up at Chromia. “Slag!” the sparkling giggles. Chromia frowns. Her sentiments exactly. Where’s Windblade when you need her?
  • The youngling is restless but she doesn’t know where to take them. Where can she take them? Cybertron is still such a dangerous place, and there’s no one here she really trusts to take care of a newspark… Well, there is one place that’s pretty friendly…
  • “You can’t bring a baby to a bar!” shouts Blurr. Waspinator coos and snuggles the youngling, and Chromia watches him with something between wariness and relief. Mechs had crowded her as soon as she came in. They don’t bother her now- she’d made damn sure of it- but Waspinator is okay enough, plus she feels pity for him.
  • Later she gets comms. from Windblade, Starscream, and Ironhide, all at once. They say the same thing: ‘You took the sparkling where???’

[[Ehhh i’m not too hot about the ending, but let’s just say that eventually they got someone to take care of the baby and got started on an adoption process/sparkling center or whatever…]]

Stranger Things Tickle Headcanons

An anon asked if I had any Stranger Things headcanons, and boy do I :) Gonna be a long list so stay tuned.

Mike: This kid’s strong-willed and knows what he wants and works hard. He’s more subdued than the rest but they all love him just the same. And since he’s more reserved, the group find it hilarious to tickle him and hear him laugh. And let me tell you, Mike is very ticklish. At first, he only let Will tickle him since they were the closest, but once Dustin found out, as well, it was game over. Mike’s laugh is squeaky and he becomes breathless very quickly. Probably most ticklish on his knees, sides, and the back of his neck.

Will: Ohhh my precious baby who suffers too damn much. He’s got the sweetest smile and since he’s been through so much, it’s been hard for him to rejoin the group and be as happy with them as he once was. But Mike is always there to help him out. It was Mike who started to lightly tickle Will when he saw that his friend needed it. Will’s one to plead with his attackers when they tickle him, but he doesn’t exactly hate it. He knows how ticklish he is and how much he can handle, so he’s so relieved when his friends tickle him to the point of passing out because they don’t see him as some fragile boy. Will dreads tickle attacks from his mom and/or Jonathan because the two of them know all of his spots. His spots are definitely all over his neck and his ribs.

Lucas: He fights the tickles to the death. Like he will hurt anyone who tries to get him, so he needs to be pinned down. Once the guys use all their strength to get Lucas pinned, it’s usually Dustin who does the honors and wrecks him. The guys take great pleasure in hearing Lucas’s shrieking laughter. He’s the kind of kid who when tickled can’t form words properly and winds up just laughing. His spots are his lower ribs, thighs, kneecaps, and armpits.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Summary- Uncle Sam helps MJ plan for Dean’s birthday.

A/N- I know Dean’s birthday was like two months ago, but the cake bit was inspired by something that happened while I was babysitting recently. Another part of my Uncle Sam and MJ series; this fic will make sense if you haven’t read the others.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my works*

Uncle Sam and MJ Masterlist


January 24, otherwise known as Dean Winchester’s birthday, was fast approaching. Growing up birthdays had never been a big deal in the Winchester family, but Dean tried to change that for MJ and Sam thought he deserved the same.

“Hey MJ,” Sam entered MJ’s room where she was coloring her latest creation. “Guess what Friday is?”

MJ looked up, puzzled and deep in thought, “I don’t know.”

“It’s your Dad’s birthday.”

“Really?” MJ excitedly bounced up from her seat already planning. “Yay, what are we going to do Uncle Sammy? We have to make Daddy’s birthday special; he always makes mine special.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Is there anything you had in mind for his birthday? A present or something you’d like to do for him?”

“Well first we’ll need to make a cake,” Sam shot his niece a confused look, cake? “And we need to make it ourselves, with love. We can’t buy it Uncle Sam.”

“MJ, why cake? Don’t you think we should stick to pie? That is your Dad’s favorite. I think we should make him that instead.”

“Uncle Sam,” MJ sat her crayon down and gave the larger man an exasperated look. “You don’t eat pie on birthdays, you eat cake. You stick candles in it and then the birthday person gets to blow them out and make a wish.”

Sam started to object, but decided it wasn’t worth it. If MJ wanted to make her dad a cake, then they would. “Okay sweetie, I’ll go to the store later and get supplies, in the meantime why don’t you make a card for your dad? He loves your pictures.”

Baking the cake together turned out to be an interesting experiment. The two of them made quite a mess in the kitchen, and the cake was a little lopsided and smothered in icing, but MJ was proud of her final result and to Sam that was all that mattered.

MJ woke up on Friday very excited. She was looking forward to giving her dad a great day, just like he always did for her. The five-year-old ran into her uncle’s room, and jumped on the bed, “Uncle Sammy, Uncle Sammy! Wake up, it’s my Daddy’s birthday!”

Sam rolled over, sweeping her little legs out from under her and she flopped back onto the bed besides him. Sam tickled her sides and her giggles filled the room, “Stop Uncle Sam, we need to go make breakfast for Daddy.”

The pair had planned to get up early so that they could surprise Dean with breakfast, but the key was getting to the kitchen before Dean. Sam let MJ crack the eggs, but kept her away from the stove as they cooked together. Sam also hung up the giant Happy Birthday sign they’d made. Eventually the smell drew Dean into the kitchen, “You two are up early.”

MJ turned around with the biggest smile on her face and ran at Dean, throwing herself into his arms, “Happy birthday Daddy.”

“Happy Birthday Dean!”

Dean hugged his daughter back, a little caught off guard. He hadn’t really been expecting anything for his birthday, he’d honestly almost forgotten about it, so he certainly wasn’t expecting Sam to plan anything.

“Thanks sweetheart, this is wonderful.”

MJ’s eyes lit up at his words, “So you really like it?”

“I love it! Thank you so much,” Dean smiled at her. MJ smiled and lead him to the table where his breakfast awaited and presented him with his card. Dean dutifully studied the drawings, “Wow. These are so good, thank you. I love your pictures. I can’t wait to hang this up.”

“Eat up everyone,” Sam announced, placing the last plate on the table. “We’ve got a big day at the park planned.” The trio dug in and in no time were out at the park, running and laughing together. It was a simple celebration, but it was everything Dean could have hoped for. There was no way he’d rather be celebrating than with his little brother and daughter.

Since it was Dean’s birthday, they obviously eat burgers for dinner. “We’ve got one more surprise Daddy. Wait here.”

Sam and MJ retreated to the kitchen. MJ placed the candles in the cake and Sam lit them. He nodded at MJ and the pair headed back to the library, singing happy birthday as they went. Sam placed the cake in front of his brother who closed his eyes, made a wish and asked MJ to help him blow out the candles.

“Thanks guys, it looks great.” MJ smiled up proudly at her father. “You couldn’t have made a pie though?”

MJ’s face dropped. Sam kicked his brother under the table and hissed under his breath, “Your daughter insisted.”

“Oh, no cakes are great. Everybody want a piece?” Dean served everyone a piece and made a big show of enjoying it for his daughter’s sake.

Later that night, after MJ was in bed and the brothers were enjoying a beer in the library, Sam slipped a pie onto the table in front of Dean. Dean’s smile grew and rubbed his hands together, “Thanks Sammy.”

“Happy Birthday Dean.”

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I’m having serious feels about Dean and Donna’s first date.

You know they’d do something foodie.  I think Dean would print out a list of local restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they would debate their options in the front seat of the Impala.  They’d settle on one that deep fries everything.  They’d giggle over the silly names in the menu, and decide to share the two things they both can’t decide over.

Dean would watch Donna steal from his plate with a fond smile, and she’d laugh when he’d accuse her of hogging the nachos with the most jalapeños, even as he fends off her attempts to reach the last of his cheese fries.  They’d both groan and sit back after cleaning their plates, their feet tangled together under the table.  And when the waiter asks if they have room for dessert, they give each other a knowing look and order the most over the top chocolately thing on the menu to share.

Afterwards they’d pile in his car with no solid destination in mind, and he’d drive around randomly while their bellies settle, talking about work and not work and everything in between.  Eventually he’d pull in to one of those cheesy make-out spots, and they’d kiss and giggle, and Donna wouldn’t feel even a little bit shy when he slips his hands under her shirt because he’s always made her feel pretty in her own skin, unlike her ex-jerk.

They wouldn’t go much further than kissing and groping on that first date, but when he finally drops her off at home, she starts making plans to jump his bones on the second date.

After dinner.  And dessert.  Which she might just see if he’ll let her eat off his belly.

Dean would totally say yes.

voice // eisuke x mc

“Hmm~” Mc’s hums filled throughout the kitchen. She appeared to be humming a song unfamiliar to him. While he has done research on singing groups for profit before, he wasn’t that familiar with newer songs. Not that mattered to him, however. What he cared about most was hearing her and only her.

While she wasn’t particularly loud, there wasn’t anything else that was loud in the room. There were the occasional sounds of the pan, the spoon hitting the bowl as she mixed, and her placing plates down, her voice was most the most dominant out of all them.

Eisuke may have been in the same room as her, but he had no intentions of speaking. All he wanted to do was listen to the sweet sound of her voice. It was surprisingly pleasant for him, being able to just sit there and watch her. Everyone knew he loved the sound of his own voice, so to anyone else, this must’ve seemed unreal.

“Eisuke~” Mc called out, glancing back. “Is there anything you want on your pancakes specifically? Or should I just go with syrup?”

“I want fruit and whipped cream.” Eisuke responded quickly, confident in his answer. Mc let out a small giggle in response to his choice, quickly going back to her cooking.

Eisuke went back to gazing at her. He couldn’t help but wonder how a few sounds could make him this happy. Had her voice always made him feel this way? Eisuke couldn’t help but react to every little thing she would say.

Though, if he had to pick a favorite, he especially enjoyed it when she called out his name. Something about it made him feel safe, at home.

“Here, Eisuke.” Mc walked over to where Eisuke was sitting, bringing their plates . She quickly put hers over to her side before walking over to Eisuke.
As Mc put down his plate in front of him, Eisuke pressed a quick kiss against her cheek.

“Eisuke?” Mc smiled happily, a faint blush forming on her cheeks.
Mhm. It was definitely his favorite.

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What about a friends with benefits blurb? Like in the movie friends with benefits which I happen to be watching right now lol. Harry and or her realize they actually do have feelings for each other

Friends with benefits anon here again…I feel like a harry is a little emotionally repressed so I can totally see him taking on a situation like that. Also with his work he might feel like it’s too hard to keep a proper relationship up so that’s a good alternative.

Enjoy, sweetness. ;)

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How would the boys be with the first time they and their girl make love? Bonus points if their lady is a virgin too!


Okay, so we all know Leo is a kink master, but for the first time, he’d want to keep it comfortable with her. He’d hate to scare her off. He’d take it slow, and gentle. He knew she was a virgin and he made sure everything was right, and everything she wanted she got.


Mikey would as well make sure she was comfortable. He kept it that was for as long as he could. He was so anxious to go further with this, it was driving him insane. He’d end up letting out a whine and asking if he could go on. And once he was given permission, they both would just go at it.


Raph. He’s a little rough. But he’d try to remain delicate. Of course he’d end up slapping her bum and making her squeak giggle. He loved that. He’d playfully growl at her, to make this enjoyable and entertaining. He always tried to get at least a giggle out of her. Nipping at her neck and ear, before trailing rough kisses to her mouth.


Donnie would be nervous too. Even if he watched and studied many videos on this. He’d take deep breaths and done whatever he was told. He’d keep it slow too, so he didn’t hurt her. kissing her neck, and playing with her hair. He’d keep this up until she asked him to pick up the pace. And gladly, he did. He would swallow hard and nip at her lip. Deep throught moans would escape him as well. Boy o boy, was he waiting for this moment.

When it comes to you, don’t be blind. (Part I)

Hi, well I am very excited for this week thoug I don’t have almost anything ready bc I procastinate so much, that’s why this is kinda short, but it will have anotehr part so, hope you like it :) 

“You’re an exchange student and my family is hosting you, we might become just a little too close during your stay”

She was late, she was so late and didn’t know when she lost track of time while looking some cute tops at the free duty store and now she was running toward the international arrives door trying to not bump into anyone, but like always her luck betrayed her and before she could do anything to avoid him she was on top of one guy while both were lying on the floor with all his stuff lying around.

When she opened her eyes she found the most perfect brown eyes she has ever seen before, so she got caught on them for a few seconds before the guy took her out of her trance.

-There are less painful ways to get on top of me -He said with a smirk and she couldn’t avoid roll her eyes  "great, he is a dick" she thought for herself, so she got up fast

-Sorry, I was in a hurry -She said collecting his stuff

-I can forgive you if you tell me your name and your phone number -He winked and if other guy would told her that she would leave him at that moment, but she was feeling flattered and was starting to blush so she hurried to hand him his stuff and leave as fast ass she could, she was there for another reason

-Maybe another time I have to go, bye -She said almost running away

-I’m Matteo by the way -He shouted and she stopped in that second closing her eyes praying that he wasn’t THE MATTEO, so she turned to face him again

-Are you Matteo Balsano? -She asked swallowing hard

-Yeah, how… do you… -He was asking confused then realization hit him too -Oh don’t tell me, you are here to pick me up? -He said grinning

-Hi, I am Luna, my family is going to be your host -She said extending her hand to shake his

-Well Luna, I am going to thank my agency for get me such good hosts -He took her hand and kissed her instead, she took it apart fast, the contact of his lips on her skin felt like burning

-Can you not do that? -She asked clearly frustrated

-What? Being nice with my pretty host? -He said taking a step toward her and she instinctively took another one apart -Am I making you nervous? -He asked with a smirk on his face

-No, you are making me uncomfortable -She said trying to not look at him, because he was indeed making her nervous and she didn’t even know why, or maybe she knew, but she didn’t want to even thinking

-Sorry, I know, having someone so good looking in front of you can be a lot to handle -He said smirking and Luna couldn’t help but let a little giggle out -Hey a smile, finally -Matteo said victious

-You are always so full of yourself -She said between laughts

-Always, is a full time job

-You are going to give me migraine, aren’t you? -Luna said joking while shaking her head

-Or maybe I am going to give you the best nights of your life -He said lifting one brow provokative

-You know what, I was going to help you with your luggage, but for beings such a pain in the ass you are carrying it all by yourself, I’ll wait for you in the car outside -She said pointing him accusatory, but without stop smiling, he followed her all the way to the car and knew that his stay in Argentina will be more interesting that he thought.

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Omg can we please talk about telling Harry you're expecting baby number 2 😭 maybe while he's snuggling with your first baby right after he's home from tour. I just saw Chrissy teigen and John legend are having another baby and it put me in the feels lol. Such a FLUFFY ass concept (ps I hope you feel better!!! I just got over having a cold and it was not fun! hope you feel better in time for the holiday :) )


So maybe you’ve had family photos planned for the week after Harry gets back from tour. And the whole morning getting ready for the pictures is a bit chaotic of course, just because you want everything to be absolutely perfect. And you’re nervous because you have a huge announcement planned.

You’re all dressed in your cute matching family clothes, and your daughter is being IMPOSSIBLY adorable the whole time. The photographer captures so many beautiful moments— the three of you smiling together, you and Harry sharing a kiss, the candid moment after Harry told a joke that made your daughter let out the loudest belly laugh you’d ever heard. There are a few pictures of just you and your daughter smiling and making silly faces, and Harry watches his girls fondly.

After the bit with just you and your daughter is over, she giggles and runs over to him. “We take pictures now!” She says, tugging him out towards the designated picture spot. “Come on daddy!”

Harry looks at you and you beam. The love he and your little princess share is beyond words. You’d always known he’d be the perfect daddy to her, even since before she was born. Which is what makes you so excited to share this news that you’re about to share with him.

The photographer gets a few adorable shots of Harry and your daughter, some sweet, some silly, all beautiful. And this is when your plan goes into action.

“Okay,” You say from your spot beside the photographer. “Snuggle up real close. Baby, give daddy a big smooch on his cheek.”

She does what she’s told and the picture is adorable. You’re getting nervous.

“Say cheese!”

Harry and your daughter both beam at the camera and do what you say. “Cheeeeeeese!”

“Now saaayyyyy stinky cheese!”

Your daughter giggles loudly. “Mooooommmyyyy,” she groans. “That’s not what you say!”

“It’s not?” Harry asks. “I think it is!” He turns to the camera and smiles. “Stinky cheese!” Your daughter giggles her head off at that, and the photographer snaps the most beautiful photo.

“Okay,” You say, “now lets do one more of you and daddy, okay? Stand however you want.”

Of course your daughter strikes a princess pose that makes Harry chuckle, before mocking the pose. You laugh at how silly he looks, but you’d honestly expected nothing less. “Okay guys!” You take a deep breath, trying to appear as calm as possible. “Now saaaay.. ‘Mommy’s having another baby!’”

It takes Harry a minute to register the words he’s saying, but he stops mid sentence. “She’s WHAT?!”

Click. The photographer gets the moment on camera and continues to take a few more photos of the following moments— you with tears in your eyes walking up to Harry. Your daughter gasping and shouting “WHAAAAAT?!” while jumping up and down. Harry covering his eyes with his hand because he’s sobbing. You and Harry hugging and sharing a kiss while your little girl jumps around you.

And of course the pictures are all lovely. That night when you’re home looking at the previews online, Harry cries once again.

“Can’t believe it,” he says, shaking his head. “Really can’t.”

“Are you happy?” You ask, biting at your lip.

He leans in to kiss you. “Beyond happy.”

“Daddyyyy,” your little girl pipes up from her spot on his other side. “Don’t cry!”

“Can’t help it!” he says, reaching over to scoop her up and plop her in his lap. “Daddy’s very excited.”

“I’m essited too!” She says. “Gonna be a big sister!”

He grins, poking at her tummy. “The best big sister ever. Baby is gonna be very lucky to have you!”

Her little face turns serious then. “But… *I’m* still gonna be your princess, right daddy?”

He kisses all over her face until she squeals. “Of COURSE, my little big. Nothing is going to change that.”

She giggles. “And me and mommy…. still your girls?”

He grins, turning to you and kissing your lips. “Always my girls.”

Over the Years

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairings: Baby Rutherford/Baby Theirin, Sophie Rutherford/Bryce Theirin, Cullen/Inquisitor, Cullen/Tessa, Alistair/Warden, Alistair/Eryn

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sophie Rutherford is the daughter of the Inquisitor and the Commander of the Inquisition. She grew up learning everything from sword fighting and spell casting from her parents. Nothing they have taught her could have possibly prepared her for the Crown Prince of Ferelden, who had a bright smile and blue eyes to match.

(I love the idea of Cullen’s daughter and Alistair’s son falling in love so I finally wrote something)

Bryce hated it when important people visited.

It meant he had to wear a stiff, itchy coat and boots that were too nice to go outside and play in. Oh no, these boots had to stay inside or on the castle grounds so they wouldn’t be ruined.

The thing Bryce hated the most was seeing his parents act all different. They weren’t their laughing, smiling selves when important people were around. The smiles were fake and their words were forced.

Luckily, he was able to have his trusty mabari puppy, Midnight. Which was unusual, since she usually wasn’t allowed to be around important people.

Midnight was his best friend and he was so happy to see her on his 10th name day celebration.

Her black fur gleamed in the sunlight and he patted her head happily. Maybe today won’t be as bad because she was there.

The sound of the gates opening had him looking up and narrowing his eyes as four riders came galloping in. That was a really small number for important people. One was a woman with long, orange hair. His eyes widened when he realized who exactly was visiting. He couldn’t remember much about this lady, but she was super important, he remembered that.

And he remembered that she was very nice.

Bryce instantly knew this wasn’t going to be like the normal visit from important people. He glanced up at his parents and was surprised to see them smiling like they normally did. There was no pretending.

Another rider was behind the important lady and Bryce was curious when he saw a blond, tall man and a little girl. Wait, she looked around his age, did this mean they could play?

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Shape of You

Anonymous asked: tyler x reader inspired by “shape of you- ed sheeran” you two meet in a club and start talking and then you guys drive away (hotel or tylers house) annnnd the smut begins:) thanks


Originally posted by itsonlymetina

Tyler Joseph Imagine
Words: 2,130
Rating: E
Warnings: Sex, Drinking

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Puppy Love

(OFC <Ashley> X Wesley Tucker)
Rating : NSFW +18
Warning(s) : Foul Language, Choking, Sexual Explicit/Graphic Scenes

  At exactly 8AM my alarm clock begin to blare and I got out of bed, taking out my grey and black yoga capris and the matching, exercising bra, removing all of my pajamas before slipping into my morning jog attire.

Slipping out of my room, the silence of the house continued against my ears, telling me Gianni and Jef, my roommate and her ‘guy friend’, were still quietly asleep. 

I took my usual wrist band with the house key attached and then slipped my phone into the skinny pocket inside of my pants before heading into the cool late morning air.

I begin at a slow walk, taking in the small houses nearly all identical to each other, and the few pine trees sprouting between houses and backyards.
Not too far from here would be Long Beach, sprawling with people trying to sunbathe and enjoy the endless sun of California.

Before long, I find my legs pumping and feet hitting the sidewalk, the cool morning breeze flowing past me softly.

I use to run when I was younger and in high school, one of the best on our track team, but then I got into a bad accident and lost my dad and never felt the push to run again until I moved out to California. Since then, I’ve ran about every morning when I didn’t have to work.

Feeling my heart pick up speed, I did too, pushing harder as my breath hiked up, tightening my fist as my arms moved back and  forth by my sides.

But suddenly, I noticed a bush move two houses down from where I was running and it was a bit too much noise and movement to be a small animal so I slowed down a bit, approaching the bush slowly.

Before soon, a noticed a pair of white eyes with light blue hues playing in them around a black pupil staring from the bush.

What the hell, I thought, reaching for the bush to separate it to see the animal or whatever it was.

Suddenly, a low growl broke from the bustling leaves and I knew instantly what it was– a dog– or one of some sort, especially with coyotes being known for inhabiting California.

But looking back at the eyes that continued to watch me with intent and calmness, I could only identity one type of animal with these eyes.

A husky!

Being as calm as possibly, I lowered myself to one knee and let my hand out to the dog.

“It’s okay lil fella,” I said softly, waving my hand toward the dog to let them know it was okay, I wasn’t going to hurt them.

The dog poked his nose out, now letting me see majority of his head– a snow white face and black ears.

“Oh you’re such a cutie,” I smiled at the dog softly, waving again.

The dog poked his head out farther, pushing his head against my hand and I ran my hand over their head, putting them behind the ears.

Almost instantly, he hopped into my lap, making me fall backwards at his heavy weight.

“Oh crap, you’re a big one aren’t you!” I laughed, rubbing his back and neck.

They licked at my face and neck, tongue pink and healthy telling me they must have just got out and being from around here.

I sat up, pushing them back off my lap to see a black leather collar around his neck with and dog tags attached.

“Now who are you and where are you from?” I said, taking the tags into my hand and reading them to my best ability as the dog jump and licked at me.

4 7 L B S. H U S K Y , M A L E
5 1 7 O C E AN B L V , L O N G B E A C H
C A L L 5 6 2 - 1 3 2 - 5 6 7 I F L O S T

“So, you’re a boy?” I smiled, petting his head again and he barked, as if answering my question.

“I’m sure your owner is missing you! I’m sure you’re from around here too, we’ll take you home, alright Riley?” I stood to my feet and Riley barked again.

Starting off, I took a look at the house we stood in front of with the address reading 320 Elephant drive.

“Well, I know where Ocean boulevard is, let’s take you home buddy.” I smiled down at him before grabbing his leash to bring him with me without running off.

✱ ✱ ✱

The house, of course, looked no different from mine other than it having mint green panelling, and a Chevy truck sitting in front of the garage.

Relieved, after looking for and hour,I walked to the door and knocked, looking down at Riley ad I ran my fingers over his head again.

“You’re a good boy aren’t you?” I smiled at Riley as he looked up at me, panting.

“Well, I’d hope you’d think so,” a sudden voice startled me, looking up and see a guy with dark hair and blue eyes with a sharp jaw and cheekbones.

“Oh crap, I’m sorry! I didn’t hear you open the door, um, I’m just returning your dog?” I blinked at him, rubbing my hand across my bare stomach awkward.

I should have changed before I showed up at some strangers house half naked, I thought to myself, wanting to face-palm my forehead.

Looking down, not having noticed the dog before, his eyes grew wide and he groaned.

“Riley? How the hell did you get out?!” the guy sighed. Of course, Riley just sat down and stared at the guy, not feeling very moved by whatever he was saying to him.

“He didn’t bite you or anything?” the guy looked back to me with question.

“Uh no, he was incredibly friends and jumped on me,” I laughed as I explained myself.

“Cutest and nicest dog I’ve ever encountered,” I nodded.

“That’s….surprising. He hates jut about everyone, and me too.” He shrugged.

“But isn’t he your dog?” I frowned. Last time I had checked, I came to the right address.

“No, not mine, my roommate’s, Wes. Oh by the way, I’m Cody Ryle, you are?” He explained.

“Ash, Ashley Deton.” I nodded.

“Speaking of, that’s Wesley coming in the driveway now!” Cody smiled and I turned to see the grey Mustang pulling in beside the truck.

Watching the car turnoff and park, my eyes followed the dark haired boy with a forest green tee with the Green Lantern logo on the front, black Adidas shorts, and a pair of white Freeruns, his arms etched with a couple tattoos on each one.

Once he spotted us, his face twisted into confusion when seeing his dog sitting next to a stranger.
But when Riley noticed where we were looking, he spotted his owner and went into a rant of barking and jumping as I held onto his leash.

“What’s Riley doing out here?” he asked, approaching us and getting between me and the dog, kneeling down and petting him as he hopping in his lap and licked at his face just as he had done with me.

“I found him while I was jogging and don’t live too far from here so just brought him over.” I smiled down at the guy.

Looking back up, Wesley looked to Cody with an raised eyebrow and Cody shrugged, saying “Guess he got out.”

“And who are you?” Wesley stood now, looking at me with a tight lipped look.

“Ash.” I blinked.

“And he didn’t bite you or anything?” Wesley asked.

“No, he jumped and licked on me and everything. Sweetest little dog.” I smiled at Riley again and he jumped onto my thighs, standing on his hind legs as he barked at me happily.

Wesley watched on with wide eyes full of surprise.

“That’s how I reacted when she said he was friendly when she found him!” Cody exclaimed, nudging Wesley as I looked back to him.

Wesley was actually gorgeous– his dark brown hair long and messily pushed upward in a quiff, with perfect tan skin that wrapped around his toned arms and legs, rosy plump pink lips, and striking, strong, green eyes– I almost speechless when he approached and I saw him closer.

“Well, thanks for getting him, he’s practically the love of my life.” Wesley smiled down at Riley, breaking the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

“Of course, no problem. I should probably be on my way then?” I started to step back from their door, throwing my thumb up behind me.

“Hey, you should come to our place tonight! We’re having a movie night, watching horrors and stuff, and I’m actually about to go get my girlfriend, Nessi, for it tonight now, and it could be our thank you?” Cody quickly shot out of his mouth with a huge grin and Wesley almost snapped his neck when he looked at his roommate with wide eyes.

“Uh, maybe. I’ll have to see.” I laughed awkwardly, taking a few more steps back, really not sure about coming to some strangers house.

“Oh, come on! I’m sure Wes would love your company, right Wes?” Cody looked to his roommate.

Rolling his eyes, Wesley looked to me and shrugged.

“It’d be cool if you came, yeah– for finding Riley.” Wesley said.
I still, after that, wasn’t sure because Wesley was cute and I hadn’t been with anyone like that in a couple of months, so I was considering it, but didn’t want to look dumb if I ended up hitting on him and he totally shuts me down.

“What time?” I asked, giving thought to possibly later.

“8:30 tonight! Come!” Cody point to me, now heading past Wesley to his truck as he unlocked it.

“Okay, maybe!” I laughed and turned to start jogging again.

✱ ✱ ✱

After getting back home after finishing my jog and returning Riley that ended with me meeting Cody and Wesley, I took a hot shower and slid into a pair of grey sweat pants and a burgundy cut off, tying my brown blonde ombré coloured hair up and adding a bit of make up to my face to go snack and eat on the couch watching MTV.

“You’re home later than usual after your jog?” Gianni slid out of her room with her hair messy around her shoulders in slight crinkles as it always looked naturally and after a little hanky panky.

“What we should be discussing is your hair right now?” I laughed, watching Gianni walk over to the couch and me moving my feet to let her sit.

“Oh my god, be quiet!” Gianni giggled, running her hand through her long sandy hair.

“Is he still here?!” I leaned into her.

“Yes, obviously. We’re together now.” Gianni shrugged as she blushed and I pushed her playfully.

“What?! EXPLAIN!” I practically screamed.

“Oh god, shush! Well, you know I’ve been saying ‘guy friend’ for awhile because he’s been wanting to be with me and I just wasn’t ready–”
“ 'Cause of Eric,” I added in, scowling at the name of Gianni’s ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. Nothing is worse than a cheater.

“Yeah, exactly, so you know we hung out a lot but he took me on the most romantic date last night and I just kissed him! I couldn’t help myself and I felt like my heart was one hundred percent there and so I invited him here because, I don’t know, I really wanted to–”

“Okay okay, I got it!” I stopped Gianni with wild laughter.

“I’ll stop if you tell me about your detour this morning, huh? Did someone get someone get some cutie’s booty?” Gianni wiggled her eyebrows.

“Nooo, OMG!” I burst out.

“Then tell me! You never show up an whole two hours after you start your jog!” Gianni nudged me softly.

“Okay…well I found this adorable husky and read his tag to see that he was from around here so I took a little detour to take him home, where I ended up at these guy’s and the guy that owns the dog was cute as fuck–”

“What was his name?!” Gianni cut me off, gasping with wide eyes.

“His name was Wesley and his roommate Cody– anyway, he was cute and then as I was leaving, Cody invited me to a movie night back at their place with his girlfriend and Wesley but I said maybe…” I shrugged with a large smile.

“MAYBE?! You need to go!” Gianni hooted.

“Well, I mean I don’t know?” I giggled softly.

“Go! Or I will invite Jef over again tonight, and I promise you’ll have one sleepless night,” Gianni winked.

“Ew, stop! Okay, I’ll go!” I whined.

“Where’s Ash going?” Jef interrupted, coming into the living room where me and Gianni looked over at him to see him shirtless in boxers, and his bed hair wild.

“To a movie night with boys,” Gianni wiggled her nose with a smile up at Jef as he walked over and leaned on the arm rest behind her.

“Oh wow, with boys,” Jef laughed, jokingly mocking me as Gianni did.

“Yes, you two, no need to attack me.” I rolled my eyes at them with a smile.

“No ones attacking you! But what time is the party?” Gianni asked.

“8:30 tonight.” I replied.

“And it’s 10:00? Shouldn’t you be thinking about to wear and make up? What are you doing lounging on this couch!?” Gianni exclaimed.

“Unlike you Gianni, I don’t take five years to get ready!” I shook my head, laughing.

“Hey, but that’s what makes her so lovable!” Jef defended with a smile, stretching his arm down in front of Gianni and her grabbing his arm laughing.

At 8:37PM I pulled my Charger into the half empty driveway of Wesley and Cody’s house, not seeing Cody’s truck where it had been when I came that morning.

Maybe it’s in the garage, I thought as I got of the car, looking over my tight light wash skinny jeans as I pulled the creases from the knees, my white oversized shirt with half slits in the sides, and my hair in a tight bun up straight on my head.

I padded to the door, knocking promptly as I took in the night air, almost identical to the morning air I enjoyed so much.

After a few minutes, the door swung open with Wesley shirtless in the shirts from that morning and his eyes wide.

“Shit, I was hoping you wouldn’t show,” He blinked.

“Huh?” I stared at him confused– he was hoping I wouldn’t show?

“I mean, Cody ended up staying at Nessi’s house and decided to do the movie thing another night but neither of us had your number to let you know so…” Wesley quickly explained, scratching his head nervously.

My cheeks burning red of embarrassment, I coughed and stuck my hands into my back jean pockets.

“Should I go then?” I said slowly, looking at my feet as I rocked on my heels, biting the inside of my cheek.

“If you want to…” Wesley slowly shrugged.

“Right, okay. I guess bye then, nice meeting you and Riley today.” I quickly turned and sped walked back to my car unlocking it and jumping into the drivers seat without starting the engine but sticking the key in the ignition.

After staring at the darkness ahead of me in silence for a moment, I then threw my head onto the edge of the staring wheel, squeezing my thighs in my sweaty palms.

“Fuck, how could I look so stupid? Show up like this!” I yelled at myself in the safety of my car.

“Stupid, stupid, stu-” I begin to torture myself before I heard two knocks at my door window, startling me into looking up and seeing Wesley waiting outside of it, still shirtless.

Rolling down the window, I looked at him confused.

“I figured I owe you one for bringing Riley back and as soon as I saw you walk away, I felt bad. Plus, it’s got to be a good sign because Riley actually liked you.” Wesley explained.

“What are you saying?” I furrowed my eyebrow.

“I’ve got some good movies, come watch them inside with me.” Wesley grinned.

So, obviously, I got out and did.

✱ ✱ ✱

“So, Scream it is.” Wesley fell into the couch, next to me, arm falling onto the back if the chair behind my shoulders as the movie began.

“I like horrors and thrillers, I like the surprise.” I looked to Wesley with a small smile.

“Really? So do I.” Wes smiled back.

Looking back to the TV, the movie started with the girl picking up the phone and saying 'Hello?’ into the receiver.

As the movie went on, I had found myself curled up next to Wesley, having pulled my feet up and head slightly against his chest and he didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, and before long the movie ended as quickly as it began.

Standing to my feet, I stretched and looked to the still sitting Wesley.

“I should go..” I slowly said. Looking up with a blank look, he shook his head and ran his hand over his face as he stood.

“Right, right, of course.” he nodded.

“Sorry, I’m tired, let me walk you to the door.” Wesley begin past me.

I can’t just leave, I told myself, thinking of a subtle way to make a move on him.

“Uh, can I use your bathroom really quick?” I blinked at him when he turned around, registering my words.

“Yeah, it’s down the hall.” he pointed rubbing his eyes.

Rushing to the bathroom, I shut the door behind me quickly, then walking to his sink to look at myself.

“You can do this,” I breathed.

“Just kiss him, he’s a total hottie and you don’t want to miss a chance at… whatever.” I nodded my head.

Turning back, I swung the door open, running into a wide eyes Wesley.

“Did you, uh-” I blinked, terrified.

“If hearing you say 'just kiss him’ and 'total hottie’, yes, yes I did.” Wesley smirked.

“Shit, I’ve embarrassed myself so much I should just g-” I tried to start back down the hall but Wesley slammed his arm on the wall, blacking my path and running my back into the wall in surprise.

Wesley still held this smirk on his face and slowly began leaning into my ear.

“How about that kiss?” His breath hot against my ear, my heart slamming in my chest and cheeks hot.

Leaning back, Wesley eyed over my face as my jaw hanged slightly ajar as my breath was catching, but the he moved in slowly again, taking my lips into a perfect form with his as he tilted his head slightly.

Instantly, it was like something went off in me as the kiss got deeper, my hands found their way around his neck, pulling him into my chest as a leg wrapped around one side of him.

Pulling away, Wesley grabbed my waist and pulled it into him before coming in to kiss again, bringing his tongue to clash with mine immediately. 

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” he breathed against my lips.

“Then fuck me then,” I hissed back.

“As you wish,” he chuckled, picking me up and walking down the hall and into what I assumed to be his bedroom as he dropped me onto his bed, instantly tugging at my tight pants before jumping back between my legs to kiss again.

In the inside of my bare thigh, I could feel his length through his shorts.

Sliding my hand down his chest, I slid my hand into his shorts and feeling at him over his underwear, basically giving him the most accurate hand job a girl could give over underwear.

Feeling him slightly gasp into my mouth, I grinned before pulling from the kiss.

“You like that, baby?” I whispered, stroking my hand more around him and down as far as I could with his underwear in the way.

“You keep talking like that and I’ll come now.” Wesley breathed against my neck as he kissed down it and slid his hand under my shirt, groping at my breast.

“Imagine what my mouth feels like,” I smiled, removing my hand and pulling myself from underneath him before crawling to the floor and waiting for him to come to the edge of the bed as I took out my hair.

Once at the end, I pulled his shorts and underwear down, grinning at his fully erect length as it bounced upward like a spring once released from his pants. I wasn’t even surprised when it came out to be bigger than what I was use too.

Stretching my hand out and wrapping it around him, I slowly pumped my hand up and down, watching him as he watched my hand.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Wesley breathed, looking to me for a second to respond before looking down again.

After a few pumps, I pushed myself forward, licking up the bottom of his shaft as I looked up at him. At this his breath hiked and I couldn’t help but feel elated at his excitement.

“Now, don’t cum for me quite yet, okay Wes?” I looked up at him, spitting on him as my hand continued to pump again, the lubricant making it easier for my hand to move.

Instead of words, Wesley nodded and I wanted to giggle almost but instead leaned down and took his tip into my mouth, pressing my tongue against the small open slit in the top and feeling him throb as I took more of his length into my mouth and pumping at the base of his length where my mouth couldn’t reach as I went as far as my limit.

“Fuck, your mouth,” Wesley cursed as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head as I sped up my mouth and hand movement around him.

Looking up at him, Wesley threw his head back and I stopped a few moments after, wanting to feel him inside me before he came.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” I got up, climbing into his lap, straddling him as I rubbed my core against him with my panties still on.

“I bet your pussy feels even better than that angelic mouth of yours,” Wesley smiled at me, taking a fistful of my hair into his hand and pulling it, making me gasp.

“Yeah, I like the way you sound on my cock, now I wanna make you scream,” Wesley breathed against my neck, his word making my core ache for him as they begin to get even wetter.

“Fuck me Wes,” I gasped out.

Letting go of my hair, he reached into his night stand beside his bed and took out a condom packet, holding it to me between his index and middle finger.

“Do the honours, Ash?” he grinned as I took it from him, ripping the very edge open with my teeth before taking the condom out and rising myself up a little to slide it onto him.

“Now fuck me like the worlds ending baby,” I whispered to him.

Picking me up from his lap, Wesley threw me onto my back onto the middle of the bed, taking off my panties before shoving my legs apart and crawling between them.

“You ready babe?” he said.

“Don’t take your time,” I growled.

Before I could blink, Wesley shoved himself completely into me and I gasped at how much he filled my insides completely.

“Wes,” I panted, grabbing his back.

Then he begin to thrust quickly, each one quick and powerful, hitting my sweet spot instantly, every time.

“Wesley!” I screamed, digging my nails into his back as he bit into my shoulders and kneaded at my breast again, enhancing the euphoria I was feeling.

In seconds, my walls constricted around him and I came, my body twitching slightly as I came down and I held onto him as tightly as I could.

“I came,” I panted as he pulled his mouth and hands away from me stayed between my legs.

“Shit, that was fast.” he smiled at me.

“You didn’t come?” I questioned.

“Uh, not yet, I’m still inside of you actually.” He chuckled and I looked down, realizing he was right.

“Fuck me til’ you come then.” I said.

“What?” be said, surprised.

“You heard me,” I growled.

“I wanna feel you throbbing.” I added.

Without words, Wesley kissed me roughly, hand going back to my chest and he began to pump inside of me again as I moaned into his mouth his own name, feeling another high coming on.

After coming two more times, Wesley begin to get quicker than before, telling he was getting close.

“I’m gonna come,” he huffed against my cheek.

“Do it on me baby,” I bit lightly into his earlobe.

“Shit!” he yelled, pulling out and yanking the condom off, and pumping his length before cum came onto my stomach in spurts.

Wesley fell to my side afterwards, still breathing heavily.

“I didn’t know I could cum so many times,” I looked over, breathing heavily, as I smiled at him.

“Best I’ve ever had.” Wesley panted.

“Round two in the morning?” I nudged him playfully.

“Only if you put on those jogging clothes from this morning again.” Wesley joked before rolling over and kissing me.

Meet my family

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smutish (very short), a bit of sex talk, fluff, it’s kinda funny.

Word count: 2.152

Summary: Reader finally takes Dean to meet her family, but things get really out of control.

Other people: Cas, your mom, dad, sister and brother. :))

A/N: This is the longest imagine I have ever wrote. xx Fun fact: I tried posting this yesterday, but Tumblr said I hit the daily limit on my main blog, I reblogged 250 posts in 3 hours because I was bored… yeah. :))))))

Y/F/N = Your father’s name 


You entered your parents house yard and all of your childhood memories suddenly came back to life. You could see you and your bigger brother playing around and a few years later your little sister joined you as she grew up. You were smiling as you were picturing all the great moments playing in front of you like a movie. Dean was watching you as he was slowly driving the Impala to the packing spot. You could see the anxiety overcoming him as your parents opened the door waiting for you two to park the car and enter the house.

“It is going to be okay, Dean, they are not that bad.” you said grabbing his hand trying to calm him down.

After one last final hard breath, Dean got out of the car and opened your door, helping you to get out like a princess. That was a great first impression. You placed your hand into his because it was always calming him and headed to your parents.

You hugged your mom and Dean introduced himself to your father, shaking his hand. You switched places and hugged your dad while Dean introduced himself to your mom, kissing her hand. This wasn’t the real Dean and the whole situation was making you laugh and you actually let out a little giggle, but at the same time you were happy because Dean was trying to please your parents, showing you how much he loved you.

“Come on inside! We have a surprise for you.” your mom said as she opened the door.

When you entered the living room you saw a table well arranged. There were some candles in the middle and plates of aperitifs were placed at every seat. There were drinks of any kind in your father’s collection and one of the finest bottles of wine was placed on the table. You knew that your parents were always more on the idea of always doing something big, and you were the first child to bring someone home, but this was too much. Anyway, you haven’t said anything about it. You saw that there were two more seats, and then, your older brother and younger sister ran down the stairs.

As soon as you saw them, you jumped on them with a big hug. Your brother was two years older than you, he was living alone in the other part of the city and he was  the leader of a rock band, and your sister was still in high school, a reckless spirit that was always going on road trips with her friends and staying out late, so she moved with two of her friends in an apartment in a strange neighborhood of the city, but she liked it. You were somehow the normal and good child in the family… until you started dating a hunter and started hunting too. Seeing your brother and sister together at your parents house was surprising you and making you happy, because they were there to meet your future. You introduced them to Dean and the family was complete.

Your mother put on some relaxing music as you were talking to your mother, sister and brother on the couch, and Dean was staring at your dad’s big collection of all kind of drinks. Your father joined him and you pointed your attention to their discussion.

“So, Dean, do you drink?” your father asked,

“Not often, sir.” Dean lied. “Just beer sometimes.”

“Beer is for the poor, boy.” your dad said and placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder. You could feel Dean shiver and you saw him looking for you into the room. You went straight to them to save him.

“You are scaring him, dad.” you said and grabbing Dean’s hand, getting him out of there. “Maybe the rest of my family will be kinder.”

“Yeah… maybe.” Dean harshly swallowed.

You placed Dean on the couch next to your mother and she started asking him stuff.

“So, Dean, do you have a job?” your mom smiled.

“Umm, yeah, I hu-”

“Dean!” you said.

“I mean… umm, I am a sport teacher.” Dean said and you started laughing your heart off. The whole room pointed their looks at you and you barely stopped.

“I’m sorry. I remembered something funny.”

“So, do you like rock music, Dean?” your brother asked.

“Yeah, man, Metallica rocks!” Dean answered and gave your brother who was smiling a high five.

“Sis, please, keep him. He’s awesome.” your brother said and left the couch along with your mother.

“So, guys, my question is… How often do you guys have sex?” your sister asked chewing some gum.”

“Dean, don’t an-“ you tried to say.

“Three to five times a day, sometimes six.” Dean sarcastically responded.

“Damn, Y/N, you’re so lucky.” your sister smirked.

“Shall we eat?” your father asked and all of you took a seat at the table. Your mother was sitting on one of the heads of the table and your father in the other one. You were sitting next to Dean that was sitting next to your father. In front of you was your sister and in front of Dean was your brother.

The aperitifs were amazing, and Dean was enjoying them too, but he was struggling to eat nicely.

“Dean, please, eat however you want!” your father said noticing Dean’s struggles.

“Thank you, sir!”

After the aperitifs were done, your mom went to the kitchen to bring the soup.

“How’s your sex life?” your father asked out of nowhere. This was the second question on this topic and you felt like you were going crazy. Suddenly, you remembered last night and how much pleasure you and Dean drowned in. Your sister chocked with some water and started laughing like crazy until your brother hit her foot with his, making her stop.

“Y/F/N, you don’t ask people these type of questions!” your mother said as she was placing the soup bowl on the table.

Dean was smirking at you, letting you know that he was thinking about last night as well. When you smirked back, you felt his big hand applying pressure against your hip, squeezing it and going closer to your sweet spot. Your reaction wasn’t subtle at all as you chocked on wine and jumped up from the shiver that ran through your whole body. You hardly swallowed the wine that was in your mouth and said:

“Excuse me; I have to use the bathroom.”

You climbed the stairs and went to the bathroom at the first floor. It was right next to your old room and you were most used to it than any other in the house. After you finished correcting your make up, you washed your hands. Suddenly, the door of the bathroom opened and Dean entered.

“Dean, what are you doing?!”

“Y/N, your family is killing me; I can’t stay alone with them.” Dean said getting closer to you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and you placed your hands on the back of his neck.

“Mhmm.” you hummed as he started kissing you.

“And also… Your reaction turned me on.” Dean smirked.

“You’re the one who turned me on in the first place!” you grinned.

Dean lifted you up and placed you on the edge of the sink. He took his shirt off and threw it in a corner of the bathroom. He started kissing your neck and took off your panties from underneath your dress. You knew what you were doing wasn’t right at all, but now that you started, you couldn’t stop. You rushed to take his pants off, but in that second the door of the bathroom opened again. It was your mother.

“Oh my God!” she said turning around. “Please get dressed and come downstairs, the soup is getting cold.”

Dean put his shirt on and ran downstairs; you remained with your mother, because it would’ve been too obvious if you would’ve gone down at the same time.

“Mom, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want you to see that.” you said.

“Well, don’t be. God, I think it runs in the family.” your mom said smiling at the ground.

“What? What runs in the family?” you asked.

“We were young and reckless. Your father and I. I know it is hard to believe, but your dad was the most rebellious person in his youth. I took him to meet your grandparents and we just… You know, we did what you’ve done, but your grandpa run into us, so it was worse.” Your mother laughed. “But still, not a word to your father!”

As you went downstairs, your soup was already cold, so you didn’t eat it anymore. Your mom brought the steak. It had an amazing smell, you never doubted your mom’s cooking skills.

“Dean, why is your shirt backwards?” your dad asked. Dean looked down at his shirt and jumped up from the table.

“Oh, I… I’ll just… You know.” Dean mumbled as he headed towards the kitchen.

“I think he confused the kitchen with the bathroom, I’ll go lighten him up.” you said going after Dean. “Deano, this is the kitchen, honey.” you said as you entered.


“Nothing, just… a normal person would go to the bathroom to do what you are doing.”

“Well, I’m not normal, so…” Dean laughed.

Dean put his shirt back on, this time right and you headed out of the kitchen. When you were about to leave the room, you heard Castiel’s voice coming from the back.

“Dean, Y/N.” he said and you rushed to put your hand on his mouth so he can’t say another word.

“Cas, you can’t just do that.” you said taking your hand from his mouth.

“There’s something wrong with my phone.” Cas said and you put your hand on his mouth again.

“Shhhh!” you and Dean said at the same time.

“Is everything okay in there?” your mom shouted from the table.

“Yes, mom, everything is fine.” you responded.

You opened the door of the larder and pushed Cas in there.

“You know what, stay here and don’t make any sound.” you said.

“Yeah, and don’t zap anywhere.” Dean completed.

“It’s dark in here, guys.” Cas said with a disappointed voice. You turned on the lights of the larder and said:

“Is it okay, now?!”

“Yeah. Thank you.” Cas responded.

“Now, be quiet.” Dean said.

You went back to the table and pretended everything was fine. The steak was amazing and everybody was having a great time. Your family started was getting to know Dean better, of course, half of his life was a lie, but still. You and your brother and sister started telling stories about your childhood and your mom and dad as well. Dean was laughing and it seemed like he was enjoying the conversation. Your parents stopped being so rough on him and your father actually started talking with him about the car. After you ate the steak and the desert, a great pie that Dean adored, you made sure that nobody will enter the kitchen so you and Dean can talk to Cas.

You opened the larder and Cas was still in there. As he turned around, you could see his that he was all dirty around his mouth and on his right hand. In his left hand he was holding a jar of strawberry jam, made by your mother.

“This is so good!” Cas said.

“Yeah, and not yours.” you said knowing that your mother counts all of her jam jars. “And you eat this with a tablespoon, for God’s sake, Cas, you are so dirty.”

“Wait, can you even feel the taste of that?” Dean said.

“Nope, but I guess it’s good. I was bored.” Cas explained.

“So what was it you wanted to say?” Dean asked.

“Umm, I broke my phone… I need another.” Cas said taking another ‘hand’ of the strawberry jam.

“And that was so important?!” Dean said.


“We’ll fix it or get you another, now go before anyone sees you.”


“To Sam.” Dean said giving him the exact address of the motel that you, Dean and Sam were staying at.

“I’m taking the jar with me.” Cas said and disappeared.

You stayed at your parents one more hour, just chatting about how great the food was and about your dad’s collection of drinks. Dean stared at it one more time and your father joined again. You watched their conversation one more time.

“Choose one.” your dad said.

“Sir, they are way too expensive for me.” Dean said.

“Choose one.”, your dad repeated.

“Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 1941.” Dean said.

 “You can have it.” your father said giving it to him

. “Thank you, sir!” Dean said shaking your father’s hand, and for everyone’s surprise, your father pulled Dean into a hug. 

“Take care of her!” your dad said.

 “I will.” Dean responded. 

Ninjago Headcanons about day to day life without villains


-Is a social butterfly with everybody, and always tries to pick up a girl when not near Chen’s Noodle House

-Is often caught dabbing when around any of the ninja

-Like one time Jay and Cole were outside the airjitsu temple eating ramen because they didn’t know what to do and Kai actually does a front flip from behind them, lands, turns around and frantically dabs

-He is on his phone a good bit, making sure he sends out enough chirps for his followers (If you are confused, it’s Ninjago’s twitter, check out season 6 episode 1 if you want to see it in the show)

-He always uses Snapchat a good bit (let’s say it exists in Ninjago for the sake of this hc)

-Woke up around the same time as the other ninja besides Jay since he was always up first in the morning

-Vaguely and secretly motivated Cole to hit on Jay since he thought for sure Cole liked Jay and didn’t want to Jay to date his sister

-Always liked to randomly show up behind people and start to talk literally behind their backs

-He often just talked with the other ninja and went along with them to the city and occasionally special events or festivals

-When the ninja weren’t around though, he usually just trained and consulted with Wu

-He also liked to stop by Chen’s Noodle House whenever he could really since he didn’t see Skylor outside of it much.


-Always loved to motivate the ninja to do whatever they wanted to do and do it well

-Made sure everyone was happy and well, almost like a parental figure

-Last to wake up always but not by too much

-Usually only uses his phone to text the other ninja and call them, doesn’t care about sending out chirps for his followers to much

-Wanted to cook for the ninja more often but Zane often took this role

-When alone he would often sketch or meditate

-Likes making little structures using his power

-Sometimes likes to box one of the ninja in using his powers just for a little giggle and then let them go, this happens quite randomly

-Like one time Nya was just organizing her tools and just out of the blue when she thought she was alone she was boxed in, of course Nya got Cole wet head to toe for this

-He always goes to the city with the fellow ninja, and everyone has to make sure he cannot see or smell the bakery

-When he does see the bakery, he has to have every. single. sample. And since the ninja know they are going to be their for a while, when Cole is taste testing the ninja usually just get something for themselves while waiting

-Always leaves with AT LEAST one cake when he goes to the bakery


-Always up first in the morning, his jumpy and ecstatic (pun intended) personality makes him always energized

-Is usually on his phone managing his follower’s needs and that there are enough chirps for them to live with

-Is often on his phone for Snapchat as well, similar to Kai

-He also texts the ninja A LOT

-In fact recently, since he gets up so early he gets lonely and usually ends up waking up another ninja, usually Nya or Cole

-When he is alone, he tries to not to think about it and work on something, usually a blueprint or invention

-Occasionally likes to tinker Zane with Nya to see if they can upgrade him in any way

-Has been visiting his adoptive parents recently more and more mainly to invent with his dad. Usually on the supersonic raider jet

-He has completely forgot about his real parents and doesn’t want to think about them again

-He also always loves to train with the fellow ninja

-Always cracking jokes around the ninja

-Just in general being around another ninja makes him feel safe and sure of himself

-Whenever he goes to the city he always loves to participate in community activities, he loves feeling part of a community

-Sometimes it can be hard to get him out of Borg Industries but nothing too bad

-Loves to talk to fans in the city and often gets the ninja talking to fans in the process

- Whenever he finds a younger fan or a fan that wants to get a picture with him  he makes their name using his power and gets a couple of pictures with them

-Occasionally makes small pieces of art using his power


-Cooks for the ninja most days and they love it

-While Cole loves his cooking he wants to cook himself some days which he does but usually ends up displeasing the ninja

-Likes to look through Cole’s sketch pad

-He usually ends up doing the chores since his robotic body gives him a lot of tools at his disposal

-Only uses his phone for calling people, never texts unless asked for a photo, doesn’t have any social media

-Often makes miniature ice sculptures to give to the ninja or fans

-Whenever in the city he never gets distracted by anything unless it is dire (like theft)

-Even though in public he seems to be a bit shy but at the temple he is full of personality

-He has a very comical personality when around the ninja

-He also plays music like a radio for all the other ninja while training with them

-He is always taking pictures for a giant scrapbook he is making

-He is occasionally cracking ice puns

-Usually ends up freezing the remotes in the house so nobody can control him and make him do whatever they wanted (If you don’t know what i’m talking about, watch Wu’s Tea’s on YouTube! It’s amazing!)

-Wakes up around the same time as the other ninja besides Jay, but is always up and running quicker before any of them (besides Jay, again)


-Wakes up around the same time as the rest of the ninja, again, besides Jay

-Only uses his phone for texting or calling

-Often trains with the other ninja, but also wants to go leave and find a safe place to test the full potential of his powers

-Whenever he goes to the city with the ninja there isn’t anything to distract him since he is very content with what he has

-Always is interested in what Nya and Jay are usually doing to the different technologies around the base, usually caring about the Bounty most of all

-Is often making sure that the team is motivated and not slacking

-Is very similar to Cole when it comes to acting as a parental figure

-Is always talking with fans while in the city

-Usually spends time meditating

-Loves to spend time with the fellow ninja and go out to place with them

-Finds himself occupied talking with the ninja a lot usually about everyday life and just general and quite random things

-Lloyd also loves to play small party games with the ninja

-Like once they were playing ‘Would You Rather?’ and Lloyd got the whole group into a 30 minute discussion about why he would rather be burned by Jay’s powers than Kai’s

-Occasionally he can go on a bit of a tangent and it is hard to get him to stop


-Wakes up around the same time as the other ninja (BESIDES JAY AGAIN)

-Always loves to go to the city with the ninja and can usually get distracted by clothes, jewelry, and makeup stores

-Usually drags Jay by the wrist into stores, especially clothes ones

-Will spend about an hour or three in a clothes store and will also help Jay find new clothes that will work for certain occasions

-Loves to take the ninja to festivals and special events and ALWAYS makes sure that everybody’s clothes is appropriate for the occasion

-Loves to spend time with fans, especially the younger ones

-Usually uses her phone to text and sometimes call, but also pretty frequently social media

-Enjoys tinkering with different technologies around the bases

-Loves to play different games with the ninja and just in general spend time with them

-Often is occasionally throwing small water balls at the ninja while they are training to push their buttons a little bit

-When she is alone she is often tinkering on something or using her powers and trying to find out all of it’s uses

-She can get really mad if something provokes her too much, although it can take a good amount of effort to get to this stage

-Kai hugely disapproves of her relationship with Jay but she often just ignores him

-Usually spends a lot of time with Jay in the city

-Doesn’t talk about her relationship with Jay much

-Enjoys writing, literature, and reading in her free time