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for the writer post thing: platonic to not-so-platonic bedsharing ft. Juno and Peter, bonus points if they do it "for survival" (sharing heat, pretending to be married and having to do it so as not to be suspicious, etc). ps i love you and your writing!!! ❤✨

I’m so sorry this took so long! It ended up being a bit longer than expected. You probably don’t know this, anon, but I am weak for this trope. It’s one of those that I don’t care how many times I see it, I always love it. I put it below the cut because, like I said, long.

Also, you are far too kind.

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I feel like by following the update accounts Louis wanted to make sure we know he knows & he's with us, & he sees & he's thankful for everything. It's like he wants to say "hey, guys, I watch you, and thank you, and I'm here always", & he corrects us to prove he indeed is lurking and watching. Like he wants to makes sure we get the facts straight. Notice how he didn't tweet a thing when the ua said they don't agree Louis doesn't know about the bears. Gotta love & trust Louis, it'll be worth it.

Louis making us sure that we know what we do and he knows what we’re doing and making sure the album is for us to take and to make everything easier and explained is my favourite song

it’s tricky because he has to play up the fact that the entire album is about ~o holy eleanor~ but also stresses that it’s about him, that it’s for the fans to get to know more about him. i hope louis knows we know the album will be gay as can be.

Sam’s Old Shirt

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 938

Part 3 of When Did We Get a Kid?

Walking in the door, you had to stop yourself from slamming it. Your date had been one of the worst ones you had ever had. Including high school. Dropping your purse off on the little table right inside the door, you groaned. Greg was a great guy at work. Always polite, never too nosy, and did his work on time. Not only was he only like that professionally, but the man didn’t know how to dress.

That doesn’t sound good.” You heard Sam say from the living room. Turning the corner, you sighed. He was on the far end of the couch, remote in hand. Not even bothering to change, you simply walked over to the couch and flopped down. Laying on your stomach, your head was resting on his lap. “Wanna talk about it?” He pulled the clip from your hair and set it aside. A moment later you felt his fingers running through your hair. You had even put effort into your look. Nothing over the top, it was just coffee. You’d picked out a peach skirt that went to your knees, a white fitted t-shirt, and a pair of cute flats. Seemed you wasted your time. That wasn’t including fighting with your hair clip.

You groaned. “No offense, but men are idiots.” You half teased.

Sam chuckled. “None taken.” He knew that you didn’t include him in that, and he also knew that some men were complete idiots. “What happened?”

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Can you write abut Darks reaction to Anti's latest appearance and him confronting Anti about it?

Dark chuckled as he watched the screen,the occasional glitch amusing him as always.“The boy really knows how to put on a show."He said to himself as he watched Dr.Shneeplestien struggle to keep the character in the game alive.But as the video continued the amusement began to melt from his face.
"No…"He growled to himself,sitting up in his overstuffed recliner and glaring at the video.The doctor began to panic and the glitching got progressively worse."No he isn’t….he wouldn’t!"The video cut to black and Dark’s shell began to crack.
"ANTISEPTICEYE!!! You smarmy bastard get your ass here right now!"Dark shouted into the ether.An after image of Dark slipped throuh his shell,screaming in rage before snapping back into place.
He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the glitch demon to arrive,focusing his mind on repairing the cracks in his shell in the meantime.An eerie laugh echoed around him,resounding off the walls and sounding broken and high pitched.Dark growled in his impatience,reaching his hand in the air and snatching Anti out of the ether and into the proper plane of existence.
"Aw ̀Da͢r̨k͏ don'̀t͟ be ̷s͟ưc̢h ̵a ͡f͝o̶ók̀i̸n̶ ̶b͡a͞b̷y̵,̕I ͜w͢as҉ ͡c̴omi͠n o͡n mé ͠ow̵n̡ ye̢ k̨now͘."Anti pouted,pulling the collar of his black tee out of Dark’s iron vice like grip.Dark frowned,waving at the computer screen which was paused on an image of Anti sliding his favorite knife across his throat,a geeful grin on his face.
"What was that??What did you do you fool?"Dark shouted.All the work he’d done to repair his shell fell to the wayside as his anger got the best of him.His afterimage tore lose,screaming in Anti’s face."You fool!"it shouted before snapping back once more.
Anti stood there,uneffected by Dark’s antics.A smirk played on his lips as he tilted his head,his voice coming out as innocent as a demon’s voice could manage to be.”
I͘ c̶oul͡d͟n'̡t͜ know w̢hat ̴ye̷ mean ̧D̨ar͠k̸imoo?I w̡as͠ ju͜st̡ havįn̸ ̢à bi͘t ͢o̢ fun̢.Yè k̕no͞w̕ ̕I g̛et̕ bo͢re҉d̨ ̛play̷in t̵he͏ sam͟e̢ ̀f͝ooked gám̨es̵ ov͞e̴r͠ an̷ ̴over.“He placed a hand on his hip sassily."I ̨h̀ad̕ ͡t̡a͘ sw͘itc͏h i̸t up ͡on e͜m ̴ye̛ kno͘w̷?͞Kee͢p͢ ̧t̴he l̴i͠tt́l̡e ͝fanǵi̶r̀l͠s̸ i͡nt̴erés͘ted."He laughed,a screetching afair that would have caused any normal person to cover their ears from fear of a ruptured eardrum or two.
Dark growled,snatching Anti up by the collar of his shirt and backing him against the wall."You know better!The doctors are the only ones who can keep our host bodies alive!And you go and do this???”
Anti blinked slowly,the look of innocence remaining in place.“Thé d̵o̕ctor?̢Whi͝c͝h d͠o̸c̸tor?Dark growled low in his throat,his eyes glaring daggers into Anti’s black soulless ones.
"I mean,Dr.Schneeplestien.The doctor that saved your ass last halloween when you pulled that last set of bullshit glitching and slit your  host’s throat."Dark shoved Anti before letting him go.He turned and walked away a few paces,adjusting his tie to calm himself."You lose the doctor you lose the host.You’re the one who told me that in the first place.And here you go breaking your own rule!”
Anti giggled,glitching out only to reappear infront of the computer.He hit play on the mouse to continue the video.The glitching of the camera views caused him to giggle louder,his glitches getting worse as he enjoyed his own work.As the video ended her turned to Dark,grinning from ear to ear.“O҉h Da͝rk̸i̴m̨o͘o͡,I ҉w̡ould ͝neveŕ hur̕t̵ o̡lḑ Schnee҉ṕ.̕T̡he go̶od ҉Docto͜r͟ i̶s perfe͘ćtl͡y̛ finè."Dark glared doubtfully at Anti until Anti sighed reluctantly.
"Alr̨i̛ght ̀Dark̛ y̧er̛ look̛in at me͞ ̶l͢ik̀e I ̡s͠hǫt ̶y̸er͡ ͘dog.̛Ḩer̸ę ́I͠'l͜l ͠pro̧ve̢ i͟t."Anti snapped his fingers and the air infront of him began to waver and fill with static.A large vat rose from the ground,filled with a glowing green liquid with a body inside.Anti waved his arm at the container dramatically,as though imitating a magician."I҉ ͟pr͟e͜şen͏t͡ t͜a ͟y͟e,̢the̢ go͠o͢d҉ D̡oct̵o͜ŗ ̡S̀chn͞e̡eple̕s͜t̢įe͝n!”
Dark walked around the container,eyeing the floating body and searching for any wounds or signs that the man had been hurt.He nodded his approval before taking a step away from the container.“Alright.But if I see you pull a stunt like that again…”
“Yea͟ y̢ea ye'̷ll ̀en̵d ̵my̕ e̢x̛i̸stén҉ce bla̕h ͘b̶la͠h͢ b͜la͠h̶."Anti waved his hand,causing the container to poof out of existence."Y̷͘er̸̶ n͞͡o͠ f̶un͞ ͟͢͏Ḑ͝ar͏̨k̡,͡to͝o ̵̨͢se̵ŗ̛i̵ou̴̶ş̴.̢͏Y̷e͞ n͞e̸͟͝ę̸͜d́ ̸̨t̡a͘ ̵̛l͢͏ig͟͟h̶́̕t͡en͏̡ ̴͠up̨  ͢͞m̶͢an̷̢̛."And with that the glitch demon disappeared in a cloud of pixels,leaving Dark to growl his annoyance into the ether.


This was a ton of fun to write~ I’ll be honest there’s a portion of this that inspired a piece of art that I’ll be posting as soon as I’ve finished coloring and shading it!So keep an eye out for it!

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I promise. As long as you don't cause any major trouble it'll be fine. We's a family. Why'd those other guys kick you out? You seems alright to me. -Race

I won’t cause no trouble, Ise promise! They threw me out an I ran away… I, uh… My name wasn’t always Books, Ise um… Ise had ta get ready ‘'for any of them woke up so they wouldn’t see me… Ise, um… Ise… Different, than other boys… Please don’t hate me…

Rap Battle: Anti Vs. Dark


You know I rule the Earth, what are you yapping about?

You? Control the world? Maybe you should try a different route.

Giving hints of your existence like you’re Santa Claus,

Yet they joke and they provoke you and that’s all because:

You’re a loser, Anti, he can always shut you up,

Don’t you get it? In his show you’re just a lousy prop.

You say you’re always there, always controlling him,

But, Anti, let’s just face it, all you do is scream.

I took over, I stayed longer and the proof is here,

So why don’t you just glitch away and disappear?


You know, it’s funny, you wanting me to fucking disappear,

But I don’t remember seeing you in the past full year.

So sit yourself down, Dark, and let me show you how it’s done,

With some glitches, and eye itches and a whole lot of fun.

You think you’re scary with your deep voice and shit,

But you can only manipulate your way into a stupid skit.

You’re all bark and no bite, I make the others shake with fright.

I killed the owner of this body the first time I took over

With me around, you’ll wish for that one lucky clover.

I glitch my way into existence, I corrupt the files,

They’re guessing and messing, going a thousand miles.

They’re doing their best, trying to build my personality,

And I keep changing, piece by piece, I’m breaking their reality.

You’re old news, Dark, why don’t you get it, man?

I suggest you talk your way into the trash can.


VHS cunt!


Glitch Bitch!


You can’t win this, you better ditch!

This fight is really overdue,

We both know it, and they know it too.


You can’t do anything right, can’t even kill yourself,

You say I’m bark and no bite, at least I don’t look like an elf.

Take those earrings off, you’re not an angsty teen,

It’s time to finally wipe off that stupid grin.

Someone should teach you how things work around here,

And for a job like that, I gladly volunteer.

The element of surprise was gone from the beginning,

Sometimes you need some time off to get their heads spinning.

Look into my eyes when I tell you that

You’re acting like a bitchy little brat.

Come on, Anti, just stop with all this glitchy fuss

And let’s see what the future truly holds for us.


Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted me to look into your eyes?

With all that makeup on even I can’t see past your disguise.

Wearing suits and classy shoes, yet all you can do is lose.

We showed them who we are, and now it’s their time to choose.

I’m the main event, from down below,

Gave you a ticket, so enjoy the show.

They’re all in the back, I’m in the front row,

You see the truth, so hear my flow.

I’m the only one they want to know,

You’re pretty much a goner, so

You built the castle, now I have the keys

So bow your head and get down on your knees.

You think only glitching is my expertise,

Come on, Darkiplier, wake up, bitch please.

WHO WON? WHO’S NEXT? YOU DECIDE!@therealjacksepticeye@markiplier


Sirius Black had always traveled to King’s Cross with incredible joy in his heart knowing that he wouldn’t have to return to Grimmauld Place, 12 for several months and that he wouldn’t see his family for a very long time. This was the first time Sirius had trouble getting out of his bed on 1st of September. He didn’t know how to explain it but it felt like a hippogriff was sitting on his chest making it hard to breathe.

“Padfoot,” sighed James. “If you make me miss the train, I will steal all of Remus’ chocolate and blame it on you and he will believe me.”

“Idunwanowunintmmawf,” said Sirius into his pillow. 

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I don’t want to run into my mother,” he replied sitting up realising he didn’t have the strength to deal with James Potter at the moment. 

“We will move quickly and we won’t see even a string of her hair,” smiled James. “That’s a promise, Pads.”

“But she will see us Prongs,” mumbled Sirius looking like a lost puppy. “That bitch has her ways, she always finds me and Regulus in the crowd.”

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous and get out of the bed” ordered James in return as he attempted carrying his trunk down the stairs for a second. “MUUUUUM can I locomotor my trunk dooooownn?”

“NO,” said Euphemia sternly from downstairs. “You’ll carry it down James and so will Sirius.”

“But muuuum-”

“James, dear, you are sixteen years old,” explained his mum like she was talking to a small child to make sure he doesn’t set the house on fire. “Stop acting like you are four or that girl you like so much won’t even look your way let alone like you. Independent women like grown men, not needy children.”

Euphemia Potter had a way with her son, she knew where all of his buttons were and how to push them just right because James Potter and his trunk were downstairs the Muggle way in a minute after the pep talk she had given. 

The breakfast was calmer than usual with Fleamont being at work and Sirius acting like he is half dead. When they were completely ready to floo themselves to the train station, Euphemia put her hand softly on Sirius’ shoulder, a kind of touch he wasn’t still used to after almost two months.

“Sirius,” began Euphemia. “What’s wrong? You know you can talk to me.”

“I just really don’t want to run into my mother,” confessed Sirius. “I’m scared of what she might do to you.”

James shook his head in disbelief, he found it hard to understand the irrational fear Sirius had. He knew Walburga was one disturbed woman but he also knew his mother shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Walburga should be scared of running into me,” said Euphemia half jokingly but James knew what would happen if they were to run into that woman. “I can handle him dear.”

Sirius nodded as convincingly as he could before he grabbed floo powder from the porcelain bowl standing next to the marble fireplace.

“King’s Cross,” he said clearly and he was gone with the green flames in seconds.

It didn’t take long for James and his mum to come with the flames. They hurried towards the Platform 9 ¾ with their trolleys and James ran face first into the wall just to disappear into thin air and then Euphemia and Sirius ran to the other side of the wall as well. 

Hogwarts Express was standing with all it’s crimson glory waiting for the students to get in to take them to Hogwarts. The three of them walked hastily to where the Marauders’ compartment was. They stood in front of the door to say their goodbyes.

“Be good,” said Euphemia. “I don’t want any letters from Minerva this year James.”

“Mum, you know I can’t promise anything.”

“Where did I go wrong while raising you?” she asked curiously. “Don’t answer that.”

“Sirius, write to me whenever you feel like it,” she reminded. “I’ll be expecting you home for Christmas, alright?”

“Yes, mum,” said Sirius and choked on his words almost instantly as a warm smile formed on Euphemia’s lips and James’ eyes lit up like they were fairy lights.

“Tsk tsk, Sirius,” came Walburga’s cold voice behind them. “We shouldn’t call blood traitors who didn’t give birth to us ‘mum’.”

It seemed like Sirius had shrunk in size as Euphemia stepped in front of him protectively.

“Tsk tsk Walburga,” she repeated. “We shouldn’t eavesdrop on conversations that aren’t ours and give opinions that no one asked for. He can call me ‘mum’ whenever he wants to, seeing that his actual mother is not available at the moment.”

Walburga made an attempt to grab Sirius by the wrist but Euphemia was agile for her age and she was holding onto Sirius’ wrist like he would die if she let go.

“You won’t touch my son and I’m not talking about James.”

“I suggest you stay out of this Euphemia, this is none of your business.”

“Oh, you made it my business when this boy showed up in my living room, barely breathing,” shot back Euphemia with all the rage that had been building up in her. Sirius was hiding behind her, careful not to catch Walburga’s piercing eyes.

“You are exaggerating,” she replied. “Nothing wrong with a little tough love.”

“I know an Unforgivable Curse when I see one Walburga,” she hissed just loud enough for people around them to hear, Walburga was turning purple with anger. “If I could, I would take Regulus from you, too, before he ends up dead from your tough love.”

“How dare you speak to me like that?”

“The same way you dare torture your children Walburga,” she said without blinking. “Now let go of my wrist and stay away from my sons.”

Sirius was trembling behind Euphemia who was standing like she was the queen of the universe, she didn’t move until Walburga Black turned around and left. 

“I told you I could handle her,” she said with a reassuring smile and caressed Sirius’ cheek softly. Sirius noticed the marks on Euphemia’s wrist then, burn marks like the long boney fingers of his mother. “As long as you got me, she can never come close to you and know that there’s nothing wrong with you calling me mum. Anyone would be proud to have you as a son and I am, too.”

“I- I can heal that if y-you want m-mum,” said Sirius, his voice shaking with the weight he was feeling on his shoulders. “I’ve- I’ve gotten pretty g-good with h-healing charms.”

“No Sirius, I can fix it. You forget you are not allowed to practice magic outside of Hogwarts,” she reminded and laughed a little. “It’s funny that a woman of her age is unable to control her magic like a toddler.”

Sirius’ eyes were still fixed on Euphemia’s thin wrist, his eyes filling up with the anger and sadness he was feeling. He lifted his eyes just a little to give a guilty look to James and saw his best friend smiling warmly down at him, he didn’t hide his pity but he didn’t have to. James always found it rather unlucky that Sirius ended up in such a messy family and never lied about how he felt about that situation, his pity was because he cared.

“Mum’s a big girl mate,” he said like he knew Sirius was about to spiral down and he needed someone to say something, anything. “She can take care of herself.”

“He is right, love,” nodded Euphemia. “Now, off you go, we don’t want you to miss the train because of something as unimportant and miserable as Walburga.”

“Just call her a bitch, mum.”

“James Fleamont Potter,” began Euphemia as she jokingly flicked her son’s arm. “You kiss me with that mouth and you will stop saying that word, even though some people deserve it, or so help me Merlin I’ll ground you until the end of time.”

“Okay, okay,” surrendered James. “I’ll just call her a goblin.”

“That’s my boy,” she replied and the spark came back to Sirius’ grey eyes. Euphemia hugged both of them and gave them loud kisses before she pushed them towards the train. “Don’t forget to write to me when you get there.”

“Sure, mum,” said Sirius with a grin before he was dragged away by an over eager James.


(AUDIO ONLY!) SDCC Trailer for Season 5.

Pearl: I always thought you’d see it someday, but I thought I’d be there with you.
Steven: You’re safe! You’re here! I’m here, we’re safe, everything’s fine. 
Connie: Home’s not though. 
Steven: I just wanted to save everyone. But I couldn’t even do that. 
Steven: I don’t know how I’m gonna get you out of this.
Steven : Are you doing okay?
Sadie: Well, I worry about Lars being in space. And I hope he’s safe and all. 
Greg: I don’t know anything about Homeworld, I don’t know anything about [inaudible]. You guys have to put it into context!
Pearl: There are things that are… Impossible for me to explain, but I want to. 
Lapis: They’re going to take their anger out on this planet just like they did before. 
Lapis: I won’t let myself get caught up in another war. 
[Nobody talks, but Lars’s battle theme plays to probably something serious.]
Peridot: Earth is our home now. Isn’t it worth fighting for? [She says this while Lars’s death theme plays]

apology accepted.

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requested by anon.

For the jungkook mafia one maybe jungkook always makes empty promises and so reader struts into the mafia hq (everyone knows who she is) and she confronts him and leaves and he chases after her and things get nasty ( ;)) ) at their house when they get back and he tells her that he’s sorry and has been so sorry or something like that? I’m not sure you can change it if you want! X :)

genre: smut

word count: 2.4k

a/n: i didn’t proof read this oops?

This was the last time Jungkook was going to leave you hanging like this; no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t just not appear while you were waiting for him at home. It wasn’t just this, he had made several empty promises. “I promise I won’t let you sleep alone.” “I promise I’ll be here if you need me.” “I promise I’ll be home on time and if not I’ll let you know.” Absolute. Bull. Shit. Today was the last straw! It had been far too long since Jungkook had actually kept a promise and put a smile on your face. He was your fiance for goodness sake, the least he could do was pretend to care these days.

You walked into the HQ, straight past everyone and right into his grand and state of the art office. The men standing outside opened the colossal doors for you to enter and be greeted with a “Care to knock?” Jungkook looked up at you, taking in everything you were wearing and how effortlessly amazing you looked in it, the image immediately sending signals to his lower region; you couldn’t blame him, the man was still in his twenties. “I don’t need to knock to see my fiance.” you scoffed at his greeting. “Honey, what’s the problem? Something not satisfying you at home?” he asked as he attempted to return his focus to whatever was on his desk but was deeply distracted by the idea of fucking you right there and then, all because you had put on his favourite dress without realising and it was doing things to his mind. It wasn’t the dress though, no, it was the way you had just strided in like it was no one’s business, you asserted such dominance, but not for long.

“The problem is you, you’ve made one too many empty promises and I’ve had to deal with your shit for too long. You’re never even home anymore. You don’t take me on dates, you don’t even fucking text me ‘i love you’ anymore.” you angrily told him. “Babe, as you know, I’m a very busy man and can’t always make it home.” “You haven’t been home for almost a month, Jeon Jungkook!” you replied with your voice raised. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of shit, a few of my men were injured and there’s just a lot going on.” he muttered, slowly also getting angry at both you and his hormones.

“You know, I’m part of the mafia as well, right? I was trained like you were and I’m just as powerful, so you could’ve told me all of this instead of disappearing for almost a month and depriving me of seeing you and leaving your empty promises behind instead.” you told him, you clenched your fists, you were trying to prevent an outburst of anger. “I know, I just didn’t think it was the right time.” “You never know when it’s the right time, that’s why we haven’t even gotten married yet! Is that gonna be another empty promise?” you screamed before exiting his office in anger and annoyance.

Jungkook rose from his seat and chased after you, not really caring if any of his men saw; everything they saw inside was confidential anyway. You had almost reached the exit of the building when he grabbed your shoulder and turned you round to face him. He had his grip on both your shoulders, not allowing you to move.“What?” you asked him, annoyed by everything he was doing. “We’re going home or something’s gonna have to happen right here.” he said, more like an order. “What?” “Home! Now!”

The car ride home was awkward and tense, not a word was shared between you and Jungkook, who was sat beside you. The only thing he had said was the order to the driver to “take us home.” He was silent until you entered the house. When you finally stepped foot into the house he shoved you against the front door and got a taste of your lips, you tried not to give into him, but you couldn’t lie, Jungkook had you wrapped around his finger. “Get off me.” “Are you not going to kiss me back, kitten?” he said, faking the sadness that he wasn’t feeling. “You’ve been gone for a month! I’m not giving in this easily!” you told him as you pushed him away and made your way up the stairs. “You don’t want to listen to Daddy yet you’re walking towards the bedroom?” he chuckled as he removed his blazer, revealing how tightly the shirt he was wearing fit.

“You need a new shirt, that’s too tight.” you replied with no emotion whatsoever. “Oh yeah? Well you need to listen to me and come right over here. Join me on our bed, babygirl.” “No.” you replied as you walked past him and towards the window of the bedroom. “What?” Jungkook made his way over to you while you were gazing, out of the window, at the view of your grand garden. “Do you like working Daddy up, kitten?” he muttered when he spun you around and then pressed his lips against your own, once again. “Do you like coming to my office in my favourite dress? You know you’re so hot when you’re angry. Do you fucking love to mess with me around my men?”, getting Jungkook all worked up was probably one of your favourite things to do, but you knew it came with consequences. You kissed him back, fighting for dominance as you did. “Is my little brat gonna finally listen to her Daddy?” he muttered as he grabbed your ass during the makeout. You failed to reply but let out an unintentional squeal from the ass grab. “Are you kitten? I won’t ask again and there’ll be punishments if you don’t answer me!” he said, raising his voice ever so slightly but just as you were going to answer him he connected his lips with your own again.

“You didn’t even give me the chance to answer!” you pouted as you pushed him off you. “Either way, you’re gonna do what I want, aren’t you?” he smugly replied as he sat back down on the queen sized bed that you had been occupying on your own. “On your knees, kitten.” he spoke and automatically you were knelt down before your beautifully built fiance. “You’re just a little slut, aren’t you?” he chuckled as he took your hands in his and placed them on his crotch. “Do you feel how hard you make me, babygirl? Suck it, or you’re getting nothing!” You hastily undid his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers that were confining his cock; as you did so Jungkook groaned as his cock was finally being released from the confinements that were his garments. “Hurry up, babygirl.” “Don’t rush me. It won’t be fun for either of us.” you cheekily spoke back as you gently wrapped your hand around his length. “You’re talking back to Daddy? You deserve to be punished, kitten.” he muttered. “Funny you say that, Daddy, you know, since I’m in control right now and could tease you all the more.” “Don’t you dare.” you smirked at your fiance who was under your control, every slight movement you made affected him significantly.

You kissed his sensitive tip, earning a hiss; slowly you made out with just the tip of his cock, swirling your tongue around it and lightly sucking it. “Don’t. Fucking .Tease.” All you could do was giggle at his remark, he was under your control for once so you wanted to have some fun while this lasted. You wrapped your lips around his length and lightly started to bob your head up and down, wrapping your hands around him where your mouth didn’t reach. “Faster, babygirl.” You ignored his wish and continued at your own pace; this didn’t end too well. Jungkook wrapped your hair around his hand and pushed your head all the way down his cock, causing you to deepthroat him, “That’s how you fucking suck cock, kitten. Now, are you gonna do that for Daddy? Or do you need me to guide you?” “I’ll do it.” “You better do it like how I showed you.” You placed your hands on either side of him and slowly deepthroated Jungkook’s length. “Hurry up for me, kitten.” You picked up the pace, earning moans and hisses of pleasure, before being pulled off his cock before he came.

Jungkook shuffled in his place slightly before pulling you onto his lap, “Are you gonna get rid of this dress for me, babygirl?” You stood up to remove his favourite dress, along with your underwear, giving him a strip show as you did so, “You’re such a beauty, but I’m gonna have to punish you, kitten. Do you know why?” “I spoke back and teased you.” “That’s right. Come now, lay on the bed, kitten, and spread your legs for Daddy.”

“You wanted Daddy’s attention, well now, you can have it all, kitten. You wanted that, didn’t you, kitten?” he muttered as moved towards you and grabbed hold of your hips before placing a sweet kiss on beneath your navel. “Yes, Daddy.” “Good girl, you’re not to make a single sound until I say so, then you’ll be rewarded, if not, I’m gonna have to punish you more, babygirl. Understood?” “Yes, Daddy.” Jungkook lowered himself and soon his lips greeted your lower ones. He played with your clit, doing all sorts in order to make you moan because he knew you would crack. He sucked, licked, teased you in all sorts of ways, trying to get you to make a sound so he could win. After getting frustrated by how persistent you were on keeping quiet, he added a finger or three. He thrusted them in and out of you; you had to crack soon. Then there is was, the moan that you had accidentally released.

“What did I say about making a noise, babygirl?” he asked as he hovered above your body. “You did that on purpose, you could’ve said you just wanted to punish more.” you pouted, looking away in fake anger. He turned your face back gently and placed another sweet kiss on your lips, this time. “I’m gonna punish you now.” he winked as he moved back down south. “What are you gonna do?” you asked him curiously. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” “What?” “You heard me, baby. Do not cum and you’ll be good.” and before you knew it he buried himself in between your thighs once again, he let the tip of his tongue play with your clit before swirling his tongue around your entrance before reintroducing his fingers. “Fuck, Jungkook.” Jungkook moaned in response, not caring about you calling him Jungkook anymore, he was too absorbed in pushing you to the edge. “You like that? Do you wanna cum all over my fingers, babygirl?” You were unresponsive but from the expression on your face anyone could tell you were close. “Answer me, babygirl.” he said as he continued to thrust his fingers into you and play with you clit. “Yes, Daddy, please let me cum.” “Not yet, baby.” Jungkook said as he completely removed all contact from you lower region and hovered over you again. “What the fuck? I was so close and you just stopped?” you said, placing your weight on your elbows as you slightly sat up. “But I tell you when to cum and I didn’t want you to cum yet.” he said before kissing you, not as sweetly as before but rougher instead.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, babygirl. You won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” He pulled away from the kiss and focused on teasing your entrance with his tip. “Come on, you literally didn’t let me cum and now you’re gon-” he pushed his member into you before you could finish your rant. “You were saying?” he smirked as he thrusted in and out of you. “Fuck.” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck as he fucked you. “You’re not gonna cum yet, baby.” he chuckled as he pulled out of you. “I want you on top of me while you cum.” You got on top of him and aligned his member with your entrance and soon the quick pace started again. “You’re so good, baby. Keep going.” Jungkook groaned as he had his hands on your hips. “Fuck, Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” “No, you’re not.” he ordered. “Please, I need to, please.” “You will cum when I tell you to.” he said as he thrusted himself into you as a sign to speed up. You didn’t know how much longer you could hold in the urge to cum, you could feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as the seconds passed. “Do you still wanna cum?” “So badly.” “Be my guest, babygirl.” and it took one more thrust for you to reach your climax and collapse on top of your fiance. “Baby, I’m not done yet.” Jungkook smirked as he pulled out and laid you on your back once again. “May I finish?” “Yes, Daddy.” A matter of seconds later Jungkook came into you and collapse beside you.

He turned over to hold you but you pushed him away. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to n-” “No, it’s just I need to pee right now.” “Oh, go, quick.” he chuckled as he went to find your pyjamas. Jungkook made his way over to the en suite and leaned against the entrance. “Can I help you?” you laughed as you took the clothes from him while on the toilet. “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry, I should give you more of my attention, you mean the world to me. It’s not everyday you find someone as badass as you.” “Hey, you gave me enough attention to make up for the last few months but yeah, please give me some more.” you teased. “I love you.” he chuckled as he went over to place a kiss on your forehead. “I’m still naked, you know?” “Yep. Don’t ruin the moment.”

Dating George Weasley Would Include...
  • always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don’t expect it, all just to say hi or something
  • while he’s always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he’d be ever so slightly more awkward around you
  • Like he’d still be stupid don’t get me wrong, but he’d be more careful what to say
  • admiring you from afar before he grew the balls to actually talk to you
  • Fred fucking notices
  • Ginny being your biggest shippers
  • he’d try to play it cool that he’s dating you but is actually super giddy about it
  • “I told her to wear that shirt today how good does she look”
  • “Did I tell you this thing about Y/N…”
  • “Y/n got a 90% on her Transfig exam can you believe it”
  • “I don’t even talk about her that much shut up”
  • stealing each other’s food
  • like even if you were in other houses
  • you’d make up such elaborate and insane strategies to steal like a single potato wedge
  • him trying to make you laugh 24/7
  • him helping you with homework
  • because he’s secretly so smart but keeps it under wraps
  • “George when did you even get smart”
  • excuse me
  • not gross PDA but the occasional hand holding
  • him telling Fred how much he likes you
  • “omg Fred she looked at me did you see that”
  • “god her hair looks pretty, like it always does but it needs saying”
  • *ears prick up* “that was so Y/n’s laugh I know her laugh and that was it”
  • “ah, Fred, she looked at me again”
  • “Fred I think she might have a crush on me”
  • “George you’re DATING
  • saying comments for the soul purpose to get you to blush
  • o v e r   p r o t e c t i v e
  • “George did you do the potions homework?”
  • “What potions— FUCK”
  • natural lounging position: his arm around you lazily
  • Fred would 100% say things about you to get him jealous
  • like Fred would say something like “Looking good Y/n” with a wink
  • George would just go quiet and have the iconic Weasley response of annoyance: red ears
  • having to reassure him that you’re only his
  • of course he believes you because he loves you
  • this was super long I apologise if you made it this far I congratulate you

Request: Could you make a ’_____ with George Weasley would include’ post because I’ve seen a bunch with Fred but I can’t find any with George. Thanks a million!!

I HAVE WANTED TO DO ONE OF THESE FOR AGES! Also turns out I read it wrong so I did the standard ‘Dating whoever would include’ sorry! I never had any inspiration to do one of these but here was my loooong attempt

handsome-san  asked:

hey !! do you have any headcanons for the voltron gang??? :o

idk if u meant as individuals of as a Sqaud™️ so i’m going with squad:

  • Hunk and Allura are the biggest gossips in the group
    • they often sit together with the mice and exchange shit they overheard that day
      • “Ok ok get this, you know how keith always claims he doesn’t listen to music right? well i saw keith in the training room today by himself, singing eye of the tiger while destroying bots
        • Allura has been caught up on Earth music from practically every decade thanks to Lance
      • A lot of the gossip is about lance and keith and how they try to pretend they aren’t pining after each other
  • Lance, shiro and pidge do specialized training sessions just the three of them so lance and pidge can work on their hand to hand combat.
    • they both felt that they were the weakest on the team in that regard so they went to shiro together to ask for help
  • One day keith goes up to hunk while he’s baking and tentatively asks if he’ll teach him a few thinks in the kitchen
    • Keith never really got to learn because he was always in and out of foster care and his foster parents never had time to teach him
    • Hunk Cries A Lot
    • The first time keith presents something to the team to try under hunk’s suggestion just so happens to be one of lance’s favorite dishes. 
      • Keith did not know this
      • Hunk definitely knew this
    • Lance stands up silently and hugs keith bc “dude how did you know? thank you so much!!!”  keith thinks he’s going to spontaneously combust
  • Coran becomes pidge’s personal tutor for learning altean.  Pidge becomes fluent and makes fun of the rest of them in altean.  Once the other paladins catch on they all want to join.  
    • Surprisingly lance catches on the quickest, and is almost as fluent as pidge in just over half the time it took her
    • Allura cries on her birthday when the paladins all sing her the Altean version of happy birthday

Sorry this is late, but I had to make this post about this special person named Jeon Wonwoo

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First off, his talent is no joke. He can sing,

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He can dance (lol)

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Well, sorta

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And of course, he can rap

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He may seem emotionless at times

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But once you get to know him, you’ll see how big of a dork he actually is

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His wide smile and amazing laugh always brighten my day

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But he can also be hella dangerous and sexy so you better watch out

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He is very kind to the other members especially Mingyu

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Anyways, I hope he knows how much he is loved by his members

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And his fans

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And lastly, Wonwoo, please stay happy and healthy, and don’t become something you don’t want to be. Always be your weird and funny self

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Have an amazing birthday Wonwoo

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The Lost Brother

It’s a hard thing, being forgotten. For a moment, one shining moment, he was all anyone could talk about, and then they abandoned him. Walter couldn’t really blame them. After all, there are so many Markiplier Egos, so many characters for them to give their attention to. It was easy for him to get swept under the rug.

The last thing he remembers is Wilford turning the world pink in anguish. They’d been brothers for such a short time and yet it’s like they’d known each other for years and years. Walter knew he’d miss him. He just didn’t know how much. Floating through the void, just an idea no longer remembered by enough people to actually exist, he thought about Wilford, his brother, the one who would never fade.

It’s a hard thing, knowing that someone else will always have it easier than you. But Walter didn’t hold it against Will. He wasn’t the one in control… no, that was someone else entirely. A man with a dozen faces who brought characters into the world and then left them to rot away like a forgotten melon in a field.

Then a spark. What was that? Walter feels it again, like synapses firing, such a little thing and yet so powerful. Then more and more, a thousand of them prickling across his skin until there’s a new depth to him that hadn’t been there before. He can feel his heart beating, his blood pumping, his fingers wiggling ever so slightly. There’s a scent of watermelon and sunshine in the air around him, and Walter Melone Warfstache starts to exist again.

It’s a hard thing, being remade. The little details are always a bit fuzzy, so they have to be filled in by the imagination. Purple hair and mustache, but the ever familiar face. A pink coat and ascot, a blue shirt. The lines fill in, the colors differentiate, and Walter takes a gasping breath.

He tumbles through the air, down and down and lands on his back in a bed of petunias. Somebody screams, rather high-pitched for a man, and Bim Trimmer scrambles back on his hands and knees. It takes him a moment before he recognizes the Ego laying prone before him, but when he does, it hits him like a ton of melons. “Walter…”

Bim helps him up and insists that he come inside, Peebles Place, he calls it. The house is humungous and strangely shaped like it was pieced together from twenty different houses, but Walter thinks it’s wonderful.

“Come on. Wilford will be in the studio.” Bim drags him along by his wrist, and Walter has no choice but to follow. Trimmer throws open a door in the kitchen that leads to the basement of what appears to be an entirely different building. “This is Ego Inc., the new one.”

“New? What happened to the last one?”

Bim shudders. “Long story…” He continues to drag Walter along into the elevator where he mashes a button labeled “Wilford’s Studio” and turns to look at Walter. “I knew that the fans were talking about you again, but I never thought…”

Walter shrugs. “I didn’t know it was possible.”

Neither did Bim. He imagines none of the Egos knew that one of them could be brought back from the dead. He isn’t sure how Wilford will react…

The doors open with a ding. “Let me go out first. You wait here,” Bim urges once they’ve reached the entrance to the stage room. “We might want to break it to him slowly.”


Walter smirks. “He hasn’t changed much.”

Bim presses his lips together. “You might be surprised…” He follows the sound of Will’s shouts of anger as the light refuses to stay in position. “Um, boss? You might want to come down from there,” Bim calls up to Wilford way up on the catwalk. “There’s something… someone you might want to see.”

“Is Amy here? Tell her I’m busy, but I’ll be down in a minute.” Wilford, sleeves rolled up past his elbows and a screwdriver balanced between his nose and upper-lip, looks down and nearly falls off the catwalk. Someone walks onto the stage behind Bim, someone with purple hair and a familiar grin.

“How are you, old chap?”

It’s a hard thing, seeing your brother for the first time after coming back from the dead. There’s an awkwardness to it, especially when you realize that he thought you were gone for good, but Walter just wiggles his mustache and opens his arms. “Don’t I deserve a hug? I was dead, you know, and I…” He’s cut off as Wilford pulls him into a tight hug, and Walter laughs a little, hugging him back.

Wilford feels tears prick at the corners of his eyes, but he does what he can to hold them back. “I thought…” Wilford pulls back, wiping his eyes with the backs of his hands. “I thought you were gone for good!”

Walter shrugs and looks down at himself. “So, did I, but I guess not!”

Wilford hugs him again, unable to stop himself. He can feel his heart swelling and swelling until he thinks it’ll pop right out of his chest. He’s here, he’s real again. And Wilford Warfstache has never been happier in his entire life.

Pink Tea

Summary: Levi actually doesn`t like black tea very much. [Canonverse}

AO3 Version: Pink Tea

It was a known fact that Captain Levi enjoyed tea, some even thought his entire diet consisted of it. Because he liked tea, everyone who liked the Captain made it for him, in order to impress him and gain his praises, but they never did, it was always `thanks` in that flat tone of his that always insinuated `it`s not very good, try again`. Little did they know it wasn`t because they`d steeped it too long or used the wrong blend, or even the wrong tea cup, but because they all assumed Levi liked his tea black and bitter.

Levi loathed straight black tea, despite popular belief, and whenever someone made him a cup he`d make sure add about a hundred spoonfuls of sugar to it. It`s why no one ever saw him preparing his own tea, or drinking it after they`d served it to him, what would they think if they saw their war hardened Captain pouring all that sugar into his tea because he couldn`t have it black?

Drinking black tea in a plain white mug was manlier than sweet tea with lots of cream in his favorite baby blue tea cup, and he had an image to uphold. It was like if he asked for strawberry milk instead of a beer, like choosing a unicorn over a horse, you just didn`t do it. So Levi kept his little sweet tooth secret, never would anyone see him pouring half the bag of sugar into his tea, or the fact that the tea in the black tea tin was actually his favorite rose blend.

He`d sit up in his office, choose one of his favorite tea sets and drink his feminine choice in drink in peace, it`s where he thought he was completely safe from prying eyes and mocking gazes. He liked having his fluffy quilt of cotton and floral fabric, an old one he`d found, but was able to mend himself, and a good book, particularly romance novels where one couldn`t be with the other due to their age difference but somehow they would love one another anyway and live happily ever after.

No one ever dared disturb him during this time, everyone around knew they were his designated relaxation hours. Everyone who`d been with him for long enough knew that, everyone except Eren. Eren who looked up to him the most, Eren who would lose all respect for him if he knew how soft his Captain really was, Eren who never fucking knocked before coming in.

“Captain! I was looking all over for… you.” Eren shouted coming in, only to pause at the scene before him. Captain Levi curled up in his way too big desk chair bundled up in a rose patterned blanket that seemed to swallow him whole, a book with a romantic title, “To Love Him Is Wrong, But I Cannot Bring Myself To Be Right”, and was that two guys on the cover? But most of all he had a well made, pearly pink, china tea set with cherry blossoms and rosy branches painted all over it and a tea cup full of creamy looking peach colored tea, definitely not the dark black he usually drank.

“Captain what are you…?”

Levi looked like a cross between furious, embarrassed and ready to cry.

“You`re so…”

Here it comes, he`s going to cut into his ass and never respect him again. Levi would have to beat him harder than he had at the tribunal to get him to take him seriously ever again.



“Wow, seriously sir, you`re just adorable if you don`t mind me saying so!” Eren squealed, holding his own face in his hands. Levi blinked, technically, this was what he`d been dreading, to be seen in a soft, weak light, but… it didn`t feel so bad with Eren doing it.

“Is that so?” Levi had to be sure, Eren nodded eagerly at the question.

“Mh! It`s awesome you can be cute like this but still kick ass!” The boy praised. Levi hadn`t ever thought of it that way, but still…

“Ahem, thank you Eren. But you can`t say anything about this okay?” Levi said, Eren looked confused for a moment, like he wanted to ask questions, but then understanding filled his green orbs instead.

It looked like Eren was going to give him some lecture about pride or something so Levi shut him up quick, “It`s our special secret.” He whispered, immediately Eren`s face lit up like a Christmas tree, not just anyone got to know about the Captain`s special secrets so he must have really trusted Eren in particular! Aa, he wanted to brag about it but, if Levi trusted him to keep it a secret then he wouldn`t say a word.

“Yes sir! My lips are sealed!” Eren promised,

Levi had never been more relieved it was Eren who`d barged into his office.

Once Eren had found out about his little secret the boy had pestered him until he`d given him the recipe for his ideal tea, five spoons of sugar, three splashes of cream and use the rose blend on the top shelf of the pantry, and the shifter took it as his duty to prepare Levi`s tea from then on, because he knew Captain`s secret now so he could prepare what he liked, and Levi let him. Only because somehow the brat`s tea was a hundred times better than his own. When he made it, it was just sweet enough, always steeped to perfection, always had a creamy texture and was never gritty, sometimes he`d even put actual rose petals in for extra flavor.

No longer did Levi have to tiptoe about just to get a cup of tea, because Eren always seemed to know when he was craving it and would be at his door with a steaming pot ready for him. But it became more than tea too, he brought him warm sweaters, Captain always looks so cold in that blanket, new books, I didn`t know what you liked to read but this one has guys on the cover too, and kept him company.

Levi didn`t know how close they were becoming, how he would let Eren share his quilt because it was big enough for both of them, let Eren blush himself silly trying to read his romance books aloud, let the cadet lay his head on his lap when he got sleepy. And when he finally did notice, he didn`t mind as much as he should, at all really. He could admit it, if only to himself, he really liked Eren. In the kind of way his novels described, his heart would beat fast, his hands would sweat - disgusting - and he would feel light whenever he was near. Geez he really was turning into a girl wasn`t he?

Still, he should have guessed such bliss couldn`t last.

It had been another day, pretty slow in terms of training and such since there wasn`t anything urgent to learn so Eren had come to his office earlier than normal, baring his usual gifts of a large blanket and tea and cookies to share. Levi had looked up from his blasted paperwork to find the boy smiling down at him and he allowed himself a small one in return. He pushed his work aside, Eyebrows would get it when he finished dammit, and opened his arms to invite Eren over into the large chair like always. Eren had happily squeezed in next to him, draping the big blanket over their heads and shoulders and poured the two some of his delicious tea.

Right as they were settling in, Eren laying his head on Levi`s to read over his shoulder, they`d switched out romance novels for action/adventures, the door was flung open in a flurry of `I`m sorry for intruding` and bad undercuts. Oluo stood in the doorway bowing until he was almost in half and holding out more paperwork, seriously, more Erwin? Do your own damn paperwork! Straight out in front of him. Instead of jumping up Eren had pulled him closer protectively, not knowing who had been coming in at first and Levi sat completely still.

“F-forgive me sir! You weren`t answering your door so I…” Oluo had started up with his rambling apology and raised his head to do so properly, but he was met with the sight of Captain Levi looking terribly small wrapped in a giant fluffy blanket with… with the newbie! And what was with that tea? It was pink! Just what exactly was he seeing here!?

“What is all of this?” Oluo yelled, of course he bit his tongue in the process.

Eren`s eyes shot over to look at Levi who was still frozen with shock and looked ready to cry again, he had to do something to keep the Captain`s secret, as painful as this would be for him, he couldn`t let his Captain take this, it was time for him to repay all his kindness these past days.

“Ahem, this is all me.” Eren said seriously, his voice was really out of place in the fluffy scene. Levi shot him a look of disbelief but he didn`t stop, let me do this for you sir, he thought. “I… I like all this kind of stuff, and I dragged Captain into with me, and because he was kind he stayed, even though he doesn`t like this kind of thing at all!”

Oluo sneered at him, “Hah, should have known you were a weirdo, what are you some kind of girl? Hah! You`re lucky the Captain`s such a good man, I wouldn`t have let a rookie like you get away with it though, I`d-”

As Oluo continued to lecture Eren, Levi couldn`t tear his eyes away from him. This boy, with so little already, had taken such a hard blow to his pride, saved Levi from humiliation, without even being asked to. He was sitting through the harsh words hewas supposed to be getting, he was the one who liked all this, in fact, Eren was the one who liked his tea black without anything else between them. Eren had taken the bullet for him like it was nothing, he would have never imagined he cared that much.

“Enough Oluo.” Levi ordered, he couldn`t let this continue.

“But sir! He`s the one who dragged you into-”

“Hoh? Did I stutter? That was an order soldier.” He told the man darkly, and with a not manly at all squeak he scurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him so Levi wouldn`t give chase.

After he`d left Eren let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, that was close wasn`t it sir?”

“Why did you do it Eren?” Levi cut in, why would anyone, no matter how close, take that kind of pain for another?

Eren`s eyes darted around uneasily as he let out another laugh.

“W-well I promised to keep your secret didn`t I? And I-”

“Eren. Don`t lie, what`s the real reason? Even if you were keeping my secret you didn`t have to take the blame.”

Eren sighed.

“I-I guess there`s no hiding it then huh?” … “I-I like you Captain.” The boy admitted, ah, Levi`s heart was skipping every other beat again.

“And because I like you, I had to protect you sir. Please forgive me for having these weird feelings for you!” Eren pleaded, he pulled the blanket they`d been sharing over his head further to hide himself completely from view.

Eren liked him. Eren liked him. He could feel not only a burning blush covering his cheeks, but a big - big for him that was - smile spreading on his face as he let out a breathy laugh, there was nothing really funny about it, but it was more of a relief kind of laugh. If Eren was weird, Levi supposed he was too right?

He wiggled his way under the blanket with Eren, even as he tried to shift away and hide more, and pulled him into a soft kiss that stopped his struggling instantly. Levi wasn`t very experienced, he just sort of, held their lips together, but Eren hummed contently and it felt good, really good, even if they weren`t doing anything. When he could bring himself to pull back a minute or so later he whispered to the boy,

“I like you too, Eren.”

Eren gaped when his lip fell away from his, his eyes growing impossibly larger - because they were already so big - at his superior`s confession. Levi was a bit nervous, maybe he had read his words wrong and Eren didn`t like him that way. Maybe Levi had made a comeplete fool of himself and really made Eren lose respect for him that no beating would restore.

But then Eren`s dropped jaw formed a smile, a happy, joyful smile, like Levi had promised him the world in just one confession.

The grin on Eren`s face made his own small smile grow just that much more as the kid pulled him into a bear hug and laughed like he`d heard the funniest thing in the world. His laughter was deep and contagious and Levi started laughing too, his lighter, quieter giggles mixing with Eren`s well.

What were they even doing? Giggling like two teenagers - technically one of them was - underneath a blanket like it was their own little world. But Levi didn`t care, for once in a long, long time, he was just happy. The two eventually calmed down enough to form words, Eren`s first ones were thanking him for accepting his feelings. Speaking of thanks, now that they were technically together he could…

“Eren, I want to thank you for saving me before.” Levi said lowly, shifting himself closer to Eren`s lap. Eren looked at him strangely, reminding him he`d already said that. Sigh, this brat had no idea how to take hints did he? Figures he would fall for someone like that.

“No, I want to… repay your kindness Eren.” Levi purred, taking the boy`s face in his hands as it finally clicked for him, you could practically hear it.


“Mmhm, would you like that Eren?”

Eren nodded.

Taking that as the approval he needed, Levi pulled the blanket away from their heads and let it fall to the floor. Eren laid back on the plushy chair when Levi`s hands pushed him against it, using his shoulders as leverage to crawl over him and straddle his waist.

They looked at each other for a moment, breath quickening at what was to come, Eren made the first move with a noisy `gulp` and pulled Levi close by the small of his back with one hand and tilted his head forwards with the other, closing the gap between them second time. Eren was more forceful than Levi had been as he worked his lips against Levi own, loving the sound of his stuttering gasp when he dared dart his tongue out to slide across his plump bottom lip to coax them to part.

He let his hands wander down this body he`d admired for so long, caution slowly slipping from his mind, running along Levi`s back, his arms, his hips, before settling on his ass to give it a timid squeeze, causing Levi to let out a scandalized squeak, making the mistake of opening his mouth to let Eren enter it easily. Levi didn`t seem to understand at first, why his mouth was suddenly so hot, but he still moaned at the feeling of Eren tongue inside his mouth, against his own, rubbing against it and exploring every part it could reach.

Eren pulled back, Levi`s lips chasing after his as he did so, to tug at the Captain`s shirt, his implications clear. Levi blushed harder but lifted his arms so Eren could pull the cloth away. Eren`s hands instantly stroked his sides and grabbed at his hips, muttering to himself `so smooth` and `pretty, you`re very pretty sir` as he was captivated by the newly exposed skin. Levi felt flatter but, also cheated. Eren was still fully clothed…

“N-now you.” He insisted, trying to sound firm. Eren held back a smile, he was being shy again. Either way Eren obeyed, taking his shirt from the bottom hem and slipping it over his head confidently, though he did feel a bit exposed now since Levi was no longer the only one like this and was staring at him so intensely. Silver eyes roamed his chest and abs shamelessly, but his hands were a different story, hiding themselves deeper into his brown locks, too frightened to venture down.

“Hey, it`s okay, go ahead.” Eren encouraged, wanting Levi to feel free to touch him as he pleased, and to feel those hands on his body. Levi nodded a bit, mostly to himself and placed both hands on his chest, biting his lip in concentration. He stayed in that position, unsure of what to do next, Eren couldn`t help himself as he reached out to cup his face with his hands.

“You`re so cute Captain, please do as you wish with me.” He cooed, Levi looked up at him through his black lashes, flushing at the compliment, before letting his own hands wander as Eren`s had been, carving out all the harsh edges and dips in his muscles, getting startled whenever Eren couldn`t hold back a shudder. Levi let his fingers trail back up over Eren`s body, tickling the back of his neck and… oh.

“Ah! Levi!” Eren gasped, Levi forced himself not to jump right off his lap in fright, he was nervous after all, but that passed all too quickly when Levi realized he was the one to make such a sound spill from Eren`s mouth so forcefully, it gave him quite the boost in his confidence and he boldly brushed the spot on the back of the brunet`s neck again, earning another loud pant.

It was something like a titan wasn`t it? The weak spot at the nape, and Eren was a titan too so… it made sense didn`t it? Idly Levi thought of Hanji having an out right fit at the information, but she wouldn`t be getting it, Levi decided this would be his own secret as he kept rubbing Eren`s nape, he was the only one who was going to know exactly what Eren liked. He felt like he had some kind of special position by knowing it, and he was selfish so he wouldn`t be letting anyone else find out.

“You like it, Eren?” The raven mumbled softly to the shifter, who had gone limp against his shoulder, shuddering every other second. He could feel him nod vigorously from where his head lied. To his surprise though, Eren pulled his head, and neck, away from Levi`s grasp suddenly. He shook his head, like he was trying yo convince himself, and told him,

“S-sir, I want to be gentle with you, but if you continue to do things like that… I don`t think I`ll be able to hold back.”

Levi blinked, then a blush took over his face when he realized what the cadet was implying.

“W-who said anything about that you idiot! Don`t get so ahead of yourself.” He hissed, Eren opened his mouth to apologize then, his eyes wide at the realization of his own statement and face looking a bit disappointed but Levi stopped him before he could say anything.

“B-but since, since I`m repaying you…”

Eren immediately perked up like some puppy. Tch. That was annoying.

“Don`t be so eager.”

Now he was a kicked puppy and Levi felt bad.

“Ahem, since I`m repaying you, please… do what you wish with me.” The captain forced out, repeating Eren`s own offer from earlier, looking away from Eren`s intense gaze as he took in what he was saying. But that`s all he was doing, just looking and damn it all if Levi wasn`t embarrassed enough already.

“Well? Say something you- AH!”

The moment he was fed up with the silence was the moment Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the desk in front of them - behind him? - and staring down at Levi with an animalistic glint in his vibrant green eyes. Levi`s silver slivers widened at the sudden, but slight, pain in his back from being slammed against hard wood.


“I really tried holding back sir, but when you talk like that… Please forgive me for this.”

With that Eren dove forwards, pressing their bodies together as tightly as he could, almost crushing Levi in the process with his weight, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing their arousals together. Levi covered his mouth to muffled the girly noises that were spilling from him, his other gripping Eren`s back for dear life as the boy grinded onto him.

Eren wouldn`t slow down, going full force the moment he was upon him, panting harshly like a dog into his ear, mumbling things like `captain`s skin is so soft` and `your voice is so sweet sir, let me hear it more`. The desk protested at the constant rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, creaking it`s complaint loudly beneath them.

“Ah! Eren, Eren slow down,” Levi panted, becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of contact. Eren growled lowly, like it was the worst thing to pull away from Levi even for a second.

“No.” He told him.

At any other moment Levi would have been furious, but right then he couldn`t possibly think of anything other than Eren caging him against the desk as he grinded his back against the smooth wood. It felt like hours Levi lied there, just taking whatever Eren had left, he didn`t notice his own moans rising in pitch, coming at a faster frequency, didn`t feel Eren`s thrusts becoming erratic as his own hips bucked with a mind of their own.

“Mmh, mn, I-I`m- ah!” For the love of Maria he couldn`t even warn Eren he was about to-


White spots danced across Levi`s tightly shut eyelids as he reached his high, Eren still frantically rubbing against him, before finding his own relief with a long groan, then plopping down onto Levi`s heaving form in exhaustion. They lay there, panting as they calmed down. Eren lifted his head from Levi chest to smile a dopey smile up at him, and Levi couldn`t do more than ruffle his brown locks lovingly in return.

He could chew him out for ruining two perfectly good pairs of uniform pants later.

Jinyoung as your boyfriend
  • first off
  • is a prince from a fairytale so girl how did you get so lucky
  • need me some tips 
  • somehow knows exactly what you want for your birthday, christmas, all the big holidays
  • even if you told him not to get anything
  • he wouldn’t listen
  • says he doesn’t like pda very much but hmmmm lets examine the evidence shall we
  • because somehow he’s always touching you 
  • holding your hand
  • bringing it up to his mouth and kissing the back
  • brushing your hair out of your face
  • kissing your forehead and nose like it’s nbd
  • probably puts your hand in his pocket when it’s cold out awh
  • you two would be the literary couple 
  • always reading together 
  • and he’d love to talk about the things you love and hate about books together 
  • reads all of your favorite books and values the experience because he feels like he’s learned so much more about you 
  • loves to take walks with you
  • and smiles fondly whenever you talk excitedly about something you love
  • also
  • you’re one of the only people that get to see him get worked up and really excited about things
  • and sometimes he almost skips along the path because he’s so happy that he’s with his person
  • you’re his person if you didn’t catch that
  • you have a lot of dates at coffee shops
  • sitting by the window
  • sipping your drinks and eating small treats and laughing at the strangers that pass
  • or you go to the movies
  • and comment on all the mistakes you find 
  • you think you’re whispering so only the two of you can hear but everyone knows
  • and eventually you get shushed
  • jinyoung looks so offended
  • it’s hilarious 
  • he doesn’t tell you that he loves you out loud very often but he shows it through all the little things
  • making sure your favorite foods were always in the fridge 
  • remembering that appointment you were dreading 
  • probably stocks up on your brand of tampons for u what a man
  • and sometimes he comes up to you and just 
  • pulls you into his arms
  • and they’re warm and comforting and you feel like you finally figured out what home is
  • and you know he’d do anything for you
  • dating jinyoung means that you never feel unloved or unappreciated 
  • you know you always have someone to fall back on
  • that knows your coffee order by heart
  • and that’s a precious thing

(read this in a sports announcer voice pls) NEXT UP: IM JAEBUM

He wasn’t going to let that happen. He’s always wondered where the hell Carol was, you know, especially after all of this. I mean, I hit Richard like 50 times. I don’t know how many times made it to the final cut, but like, Daryl beat the s**t out of that guy for like 10 minutes. So, yeah, once he started realizing this might be her, there’s no way he’s going to let this guy do this.

Norman Reedus, Yahoo! TV (20/Feb/2017)

He gets a new crossbow, which is great, and it looks like he might have found a new partner for all of them in this quest to knock out the Saviors. Richard has a plan. It’s maybe a good plan, until Daryl starts to realize that this person in the cabin he’s talking about sacrificing is. Carol.

Dating Baekhyun Would Include...

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  • Turning everything into a competition.
  • Taking turns to see who can annoy Kyungsoo and Sehun the fastest.
  • Pillow talk and cuddle sessions.
  • Him holding you close and softly singing in your ear whenever you have a bad day.
  • Frequently pretending you’ve had a bad day just so that he’ll hold you close and softly sing in your ear. 
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun are a package deal. Learn to deal with it. 
  • “Oh…Chanyeol. Nice to see you in my living room…..again.
  • Forcing him to watch your favorite movies.
  • Showing him music that you know he’ll most likely hate just because its hilarious.
  • “What even is this?”
  • “It’s Sleeping With Sirens.”
  • “How could they be sleeping with all this damn screaming?”
  • His eyeliner will always look better than yours. Period. 
  • Karaoke dates.
  • Him constantly bragging about you to the other members.
  • Writing diss tracks for each other.
  • The sweetest kisses in the world.
  • The hottest kisses in the world.
  • Video game dates.
  • Him getting jealous of how close you are with the other members.
  • Him constantly smirking at you just because he knows it’s your weakness.
  • Making each other T-Shirts with funny or random catch phrases.
  • “You seriously made me a T-Shirt that says ‘Keep Calm and Kkaepsong On?’ That doesn’t even make sense!”
  • “Yeah, well you made me one that said ‘All I want For Christmas is Chogiwa.’ You know that’s a sensitive subject, Y/N. Jongin cried for an hour after he seen that and Kyungsoo was actually going to murder me, and I don’t mean the playful type of murder that everyone jokes about.”
  • Catching him watching his fancams and talking to himself about how great he looks.
  • Not being able to deny that he looks pretty damn great. 
  • Lots of skinship. He’s very touchy.
  • No matter the situation, you are always able to put a smile on each others faces.

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Hello!!! Well as soon as I read the Sheith-Spiderman Homecoming Au, I just couldn't get this out of my head: how did Keith respond to the confession of Shiro?? And again I'm going to say I really love you and your art ❤️❤️

[Sheith Spider-Man Homecoming AU] Part 02 (1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Keith didn’t plan on Shiro finding out he was the webslinger. In fact, he didn’t want anyone else to find out because someone knowing close to you always ended up being bait. Keith read too many comics to know how this shit went down, and he wanted to prevent that.

And yet, here he was telling his best friend about how he got his superpowers.

“From a radioactive spider?” Shiro raised an eyebrow, arms crossed. “Are you shitting me?”

“I wish I was,” Keith sighed, hugging his legs tighter for comfort.

Shiro just looked at him with such amusement. He took the webshooters that was lying on the table and took his chance to check it out. “Artificial webbing, huh? Did you use salicylic acid for your web fluid or something?”

“Yeah,” Keith nodded. “Among other things. That’s my version 3 already actually. Wanted to make it last for 2 hours—”

Shiro looked up and smirked. “—And evaporates into thin air. You don’t have to worry about disposal. Pretty smart. Then again,” he tilted his head. “You’re Keith.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“You don’t have natural webbing so you created your own. Aren’t you taking this whole spider theme way too far?” Shiro chuckled. “You’re such a nerd.”

“Oh, c’mon, man! You love me that way anyway.” Keith threw his hands in the air exasperatedly. 

The way the whole room just turned silent that Keith could hear a fly roaming around his room. Damn enhanced senses. He heard Shiro gulped, so he looked at him. The older one just stared at him, face looking so pale.

“About that…,” Keith continued. He knew he was treading dangerous waters here, but they were going to have this discussion sooner or later.

“Forget about it.” Shiro cut him off, preparing to leave. “Just—”

Keith instantly used his webshooter to stick Shiro’s hand on his bed pole. The shock on his best friend’s face was absolutely priceless. “You stay right there.”

“O-okay,” Shiro choked out. He looked at his webbed hand then back again at Keith. “Guess, I’m sticking around.” Shiro just had horrible timing for his jokes.

Keith couldn’t help but roll his eyes and smile so wide. “You’re such an idiot.”

“Yeah, I am,” Shiro deflated, shoulders sagging down.

“But I kinda love you that way, so,” Keith slowly looked at Shiro to see his reaction. He tried to stop himself from smiling (again) when he saw the second it finally clicked in Shiro’s head.

“Oh my god,” Shiro said breathlessly, sitting down on the bed to compose himself. He ran his fingers through his hair in disbelief. Then he quickly turned his head up again to meet Keith’s eyes. “Dude, this means we can’t do a sleepover tonight!”

“What?” Keith asked, taken aback. “Yes, we can—”

“No, Keith. We have romantic feelings for each other now, so…” He threw his free hand up in the air for emphasis. “We can’t just stay in one bed. This changes everything between us.”

“Shiro, shut up,” Keith stood up and grabbed a pair of scissors. “You harbored these feelings for me and yet we still had our sleepovers. Likewise with me. We just didn’t acknowledged them.” He approached the bed and worked on to get Shiro’s hand off his webbing. “Plus, dude, honestly, I’m so sleepy at the moment. I doubt you’d do anything funny to me and—.”

Keith could feel it, he could feel Shiro’s face really close to him and for some reason it was making him nervous. 

“Do you lay eggs?” Shiro whispered.

“What?!” Keith turned to him and laughed. “No. Dude, no. What the hell?”

“Can we start with holding hands?” Shiro asked, completely unrelated to what they were just talking about.

“Y-yeah, I’m okay with that,” Keith’s heart started to pound wildly as he finished taking the web off. He stepped aside and cleared his throat. “You’re good now. You should probably changed to your pyjamas. We have an early practice for our academic decathlon and—”

“Keith, I love you.”

He looked up and Shiro was smiling at him. He wasn’t sure if it was too late to turn back now. “Oh god, you’re gonna keep saying that, aren’t you?”

“Pretty much,” Shiro chuckled.

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If it's ok, how about RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC w narcolepsy? I have it and I've never seen a request for it... lol

A/N: I only know the gist of what narcolepsy is so I had to research a little bit;;; I hope I don’t have a bunch of wrong information;;;; I tried to include all of the symptoms for some variety ^^;;; ~Admin 404


               -He always thought you were just really tired and was afraid you haven’t been getting enough sleep!

               -After a while, he started to think that maybe you were just… bored of him

               -You would agree to play some LOLOL with him but every time he needed you to help him or when the whole guild was in the middle of a huge boss battle, you always seemed afk?

               -But when he looked over to you, you were asleep on your keyboard and he felt bad. Maybe you didn’t want to play but did it just to make him happy? Maybe you haven’t slept recently?

               -Every time he saw you asleep he would just cover you with a blanket or his jacket until one day he couldn’t take it anymore

               -“MC, are you sleeping? Are you bored of me? Are you sick? Are you alright? Are you-”

               -You cut him off asking just what the hell he was talking about and when he told you he was concerned because you were constantly asleep and seemed to be every time he checks up on you

               -You honestly laugh because?? He’s cute??

               -Explaining that you have narcolepsy, which can come with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness(EDS), so you sleep a perfectly fine amount, just like he does, you just can’t control the timing

               -He feels /SO BAD/ because he didn’t know it was an actual… condition…. He’s apologizing /excessively/ and keeps a close eye on you from now on. If he notices you starting to go to sleep, he’s right there next to you, giving anyone who so much as breathes too loud his best death glare. He’ll let you sleep whenever you need to, he has your back


               -You tossed and turned constantly at night and he felt pretty bad

               -Were you uncomfortable? Did he need to move? What was it?

               -Often, he’d cuddle you against him and hope for the best

               -Then he’d see you constantly falling asleep during the day?

               -One time you feel asleep in the middle of helping him with a line from his script and he honest to god thought you had feinted. He was ready to /nyoom/ run straight to the hospital with you in his arms

               -You woke up in a hospital bed and were so confused???? He jumped up and held your hand in his own, dramatically dropping to the floor

               -“MC! I was so worried about you! What happened? What’s wrong? The doctors couldn’t figure it out!”

               -You looked at him with furrowed brows, completely confused

               -“Zen I took a nap what are you talking about???” he explained how you practically passed out in the middle of talking about how you didn’t seem to sleep at night and you had to explain to him that with narcolepsy, you have troubles sleeping at night sometimes and during the day you just… can’t stop yourself from falling asleep

               -He is always watching you from then on and makes sure he’s there  to catch you because!!! What if you fall!!! What if you get hurt!!!! If he’s not there, he’s begging you to watch your surroundings carefully and just lay in a safe spot if you need to sleep. You agreed just give ease his mind


               -She noticed there were quite a few times that you’ve been really excited and your knees would buckle

               -Or sometimes your bright smile would immediately droop

               -The day you kind of just… dropped to the floor and looked up at her was the last straw

               -She sat you down and asked you, very politely of course, what the fuck was going on

               -You explained your condition, how not everyone who has narcolepsy has cataplexy, but it’s still a sign of narcolepsy

               -For weeks after your talk, you would find books strung about the house on the subject of both illnesses, realizing that she wanted to learn every little aspect about your illnesses so she could understand you better

               -And that just??? Melted your heart??? She just wanted to help you???

               -Mother Hen Jaehee™ to the rescue, when the two of you go out anywhere, she’s latched onto your arm

               -Everyone thinks the two of you are absolutely adorable, just showing your love and walking close with one another, but in reality she’s just holding you up in case your knees give out

               -At first you were afraid to fall and potentially drag her down as well, but sure enough, when your knees buckled the moment you heard about Zen’s new role, you expected to hit the floor but you were at the exact height as before? You looked over to find her holding you up- you completely forgot she does judo; of course she can hold you up! And she will from now on <3


               -Often when you wake up, you seem to think there are things there when there aren’t

               -This time, you had hallucinated that there’s a dog next to the bed when /obviously/ there isn’t

               -Why would he let a dog into his penthouse let alone the bedroom, where his dear Elizabeth lives?

               -He wrote it off as you were still dreaming, but it happened… a lot more than seemed normal?

               -It happened when you woke up, when you went to bed, and when you’re tired in general

               -Whatever it was you saw would frighten you to the point that you’d cry, sometimes a scream would leave your lips and it frightened him?

               -Instead of asking you directly, he called multiple doctors and experts hoping to get a clue as to why this would be happening, he didn’t want to ask you straight, just in case it upset you to talk about it

               -Once he got his answer, he sat you down for a talk. He gently explained that he now knew what you were suffering from, and he presented you with a slideshow what a NERD

               -He suggested talking to a professional, trying out some medications (which he had so many slides explaining the benefits and downfalls he had found in each and different kinds), things of the sort

               -But overall, he held you close because he wanted you to know that you were the most important person in his life and he needed to show you that he was there for you, no matter what. You stuck with him through his struggles and he wouldn’t even think about not being there for yours. When you have your hallucinations, he’s there to calmly talk you through it and remind you that he’s there, and that it’s just an illusion, no matter where you are and no matter when it happens to you


               -He worked all through the night every now and then, usually up several days in a row

               -At night he’d put you to bed, watching you fall fast asleep in almost an instant

               -But it seemed as if you would come into the computer room about 10 minutes after?

               -The timing was infrequent, but without a doubt, you would wake up often and come in to sit with him

               -Every single time, he would put you back in bed and watch you fall fast asleep, checking if you were actually asleep. You were but? Why were you waking up?

               -Maybe you couldn’t sleep without him there? He moved his work to a laptop, sitting with you, hoping his presence would calm you enough to sleep through the night

               -You still woke up though? And you were completely fine each time, too. As if you had been awake all along, though he knew you weren’t

               -So with a quick background check of your medical records /thanks saeyoung/ he noticed you suffered from narcolepsy, which is associated with sleep disruption, meaning you’d constantly wake up and would usually have terrible sleep quality

               -Every time you woke up, he woke up. He didn’t want you to have to suffer through it alone!

               -Of course he offered to take you to get medication or something to help, but if you didn’t agree, he would do whatever he could to make sure you weren’t alone! He just wanted to help! And if that meant he missed out on sleep too, then so be it. It’s not like he hasn’t been up for weeks at a time before anyway!


               -The first time he woke you up, he noticed the absolute terror in your eyes and how you struggled to breathe

               -“MC? MC are you alright? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?!” he panicked, trying to get you to say /something/

               -It was an agonizing few minutes until you could take a full breath, sitting up suddenly, almost colliding your forehead with Jihyun’s jaw

               -Your heart was pounding and your breath was ragged, he held you close and whispered comforting words, rubbing your back gently

               -Once you’ve calmed down, he was ready to hear your explanation

               -You have narcolepsy, and sometimes, that meant you would wake up or fall asleep with a burst of sleep paralysis and it was terrifying

               -He felt?? So bad??? He knew he couldn’t do anything to prevent this from happening, but he was still upset for his love!

               -From then on, whenever you fall asleep or whenever you wake up, he’s right there, ready to hold you close and comfort you

               -He’s always making you some tea to help you relax before bed, and he wakes up early just to make you some in the morning

               -Not once does he ever push you to even try talking or moving when this happens. He’s researched many times to understand this phenomenon of yours just so he wouldn’t make the wrong move and make it worse!


               -The first morning you had a hallucination he jumped straight out of bed and was ready to Fight™

               -You scared the hell out of him?? Why the fuck were you screaming??

               -Looking at you like you were crazy, he was attempting to wake you up fully, only to make you scream again


               -Now you were awake, but still screaming because this time your damn boyfriend scared you to death

               -Once the Scream Fest™ was over, the two of you sat in bed, now just staring awkwardly at each other until you spoke up

               -You told him that you get these hallucinations sometimes when you’re exhausted due to your narcolepsy. Not to mention you tend to… fall asleep often during the day because you don’t sleep well at night

               -Which he understood, but it took a very long time for him to get used it. There would be times that you had screamed and he’s almost screaming right with you. But he did get over it and now he just runs his hand through your hair and coos at you softly until you calm down

               -During the day, he makes sure you take some naps throughout the day because he knows you aren’t sleeping at night and he’d rather avoid you passing out on him randomly through the day. He read online that napping could help!

               -He uses it as an excuse to take a nap as well. He says he’s holding you because he wants to make sure you actually take a nap and not just pretend, but in reality he wants to make sure you’re okay and he wants to be there when you wake up so he can comfort you