he always knows how to get you t t

“This is going to be the one thing I will always regret.” He tells her. Regret hanging deep in his eyes.

“I don’t get you. There were so many opportunities to be together and you refused to take them. You would go out with every other girl and then come to me when it fell apart.” She says as her eyes water. “Do you know how painful that was?” She demands.

“I know.” He says looking at the ground. Shame pouring off of him.

“No you don’t. You are selfish. I’m the one who’s always been there, always. No matter how much of an asshole you were to me.” She lets out a frustrated breath. “God, am I that scary?”

“Yes.” He says, voice cracking as she turns to him . “You are the real deal and I knew it. And I was scared and not ready. Because I knew that you were it and I didn’t want to fuck it up. But I managed to do just that anyway.” He says as he lets out a humorless laugh. “I kick myself all the damn time. I see how happy you are now and that could have been me.” Hurt flashing in his eyes. “That’s something I’ll always have to live with. That I let my best friend, the one girl who knows me better than anyone slip away because of my insecurities and selfishness.”

—  melindacarolinee

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Do you prefer dark-haired Tom, or light? Curly- or straight-haired? Long hair or short? Clean-shaven, stubble, or full beard? I have such a hard time choosing which is my favorite, and he looks so different each way!

I definitely know what you mean, anon! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure either but i think i prefer him clean shaven.. that’s just me tho. I mean lookit him

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Okay after looking at more pictures of him I can’t decide XD maybe i like him with a little stubble ????

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He’s honestly just so beautiful no matter what and I’ll love him always! But secretly i have a soft spot for him as Thomas Sharpe… ;3 

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I just can’t get over that smile!!! !!!! How adorable is that smile!!!! Like lookit that smile!!!!!!

Sorry for totally not answering your question but I’m as confused as you are, ehehehe! He will always be beautiful regardless of whatever he does-that just seems to be the hiddles way~ 

Okay so I know people have speculated for years about Dan and Phil being a couple but one things that’s always bothered me is….if they’re actually couple, how do you explain the vlogs phil made when he can’t sleep at night? He’s very obviously alone in all of them. I imagine they’d share a bedroom if they were really a couple. So what’s the theory on that?

(I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to challenge anyone or invade dan and phils personal life. i’m just genuinely curious and have always wondered how people explained that.)

where adrien flirts
  • so adrien has a little problem: he likes marinette. like he really, honest-to-god likes her, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. his track record with girls isn’t so stellar. after he confessed his feelings to ladybug as chat noir, she calmly turned him down and admitted she liked someone else. so as nino would say, without a lady to tie him down, adrien agreste is single and ready to mingle
  • but he’s always been single?? and what does mingle even mean?? like, nino, what the hell, dude?? help a man out. 
  • so nino sits him down and explains how to get his crush. with his previous crush, nino tells him, adrien obviously didn’t do it right, and that’s why she turned him down (nino doesn’t know it was ladybug, and he just likes to think adrien was crushing on a supermodel who was totally out of even his league). 
  • nino: “you gotta flirt, man. the ladies love a dude who’s chill and cool and confident. you gotta rock it and own it. you got this.”
    adrien: “but how? every time I go to her, she looks at me, and I can’t… make my words work.”
    nino: “….you two are perfect for each other.”
    adrien: “what?”
    nino: “what?”
  • nino gives him an article with a few tips for flirting. this shouldn’t be too bad, and hey, it worked on alya, nino swears by it. so with 10 Flirting Techniques That Are Garunteed to Work on Women on his mind, adrien is determined to woo the ladies.
  • 1. set the stage with the “soft stare”: so all he had to do was stare at marinette as deeply as possible whenever they had a conversation while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression. marinette likes to stutter and stammer her ways through her words, and he couldn’t blame her, because he lost control when he tried to talk to her as well, and usually her antics made him smile and laugh. but according to the tips, he wasn’t allowed to.
  • it’s all good for a week or so, until nino pulls him aside and asks why he looks like he’s plotting how to murder marinette in her sleep like some type of serial killer every time he talks to her. 
  • he stops talking to her after that. alya tracks him down a few days later and whacks him upside the head for making her best friend cry by ignoring her. adrien goes back to talking to marinette as normally as possible after that because it’s better to talk to her as friends than invoke his “killer smile” while trying to flirt.
  • 2. be vague and leave her wanting more: adrien has this in the bag. he knows how to skirt around a topic, but that’s just because he has to make sure he kept his secret identity as a superhero of Paris a… secret. being vague is one of his best talents, it also helps with those stupid paparazzi who always follow him. the article offers some suggests: tell her you know a secret about her, tell her there’s something interesting about her and you can’t put your finger on it, tell her that’s she exactly your type but don’t tell her what you type actually is, etc. he spends most of the night plotting his exact words, and the next day, when he sees marinette, it just comes spilling out…
  • adrien: “i know your secret, marinette.”
    marinette: “…what?”
    well shit, adrien thought, the article didn’t tell him what happened after this.
    adrien: “…i know it. your secret… i knew there was something about you that i couldn’t put my finger on.”
    marinette: “…wait, so you know? ohmygodthiscan’tbehappening,ohmygod, how did you figure it out???”
  • adrien wasn’t sure what to do after this point, so like the article said, he leaves her wanting more and nopes the fuck outta there, cha-cha sliding out of the classroom and bolting down the hallway before she could catch him.
  • 3. the sensual look: once a girl is comfortable around you, give her a mischievous look that makes her think. the article (and nino) never really explain what the girl will think about, but adrien totally supports girl empowerment and helping those smart cookies get the best grades and brilliance recognition they deserve. if a mischievous smile is all it takes, then he’s more than happy to help.
  • he flashes her a quirky smirk in Madame Bustier’s lecture, marinette notices and freezes up. he thinks he did it wrong when nino just leans closer and says, “you broke marinette.”
  • adrien apologizes after class and swears he’ll never break her again. marinette just mumbles, “you can break me anytime.”
  • adrien thinks it’s counterproductive. 
  • 4. the surprise wink: whenever you pass her, just wink after you lock eyes, nino says, she won’t expect it and it’ll surprise her but give her the clear and distinct message that you are flirting with her. adrien wants marinette to know he likes her and wants to flirt with he rand wants to date her and just be with her, so he winks every time he gets. 
  • they see each other in class? wink he catches her eyes while they study for physics? wink they talk about madame bustier’s homework? wink she asks him for his opinion on her designs? wink 
  • at first, she giggles. after two weeks, she presents him with a bottle of over-the-counter artificial tears for his “eye twitch.” he stops winking after that and doesn’t talk to nino for the rest of the day.
  • 5. the playful bump: playful actions, like bumping, will definitely make a girl smile. 
  • adrien: “but nino, i could hurt her.”
    nino: “no, my dude, she knows you’re teasing.”
    adrien: “i don’t care if she knows. what if i knock her over?”
    nino: “no, you don’t do it hard, you just–”
    adrien: “what if she falls over and breaks her nose? i don’t wanna break her nose, nino. she has a cute nose.”
    nino: “adrien, you’re not gonna break her–”
    adrien: “niNO
  • 6. the understatement: understate the compliments you give her, okay, okay, adrien can do this. it’s simple.
  • adrien: “marinette, your eyes are blue… like avatar’s skin. just blue.. all over.. it’s great. not the brightest blue, but not the darkest. just blue. you have blue eyes, marinette.”
    marinette: *is speechless*
    nino: “…you nailed that, adrien.”
    adrien: “oh thanks, nino.”
  • 7. the double negative, “i don’t think you’re not beautiful”: 
    adrien: “but i do think she’s beautiful.”
    nino: “i know, you’re telling her that.”
    adrien: “but you just said i don’t think she’s beautiful?”
    nino: “no, no, you said you don’t think she’s not beautiful, so ergo you think she is beautiful.”
    adrien: “…grammar hurts my head, nino.”
    nino: “i know, my dude, i understand.”
  • 8. the sensual tease, tease her for liking you: okay, but adrien doesn’t know if marinette likes him like that? nino swears she does, and alya says so too, but it still makes him feel bad for teasing her. so he doesn’t tease her and just keeps doing stuff like he normally does, like walking her home from school and helping her study physics and giving her advice for her designs and keeping a stash of food for her on the mornings she runs late and he knows she didn’t have breakfast yet.
  • nino rolls his eyes, but adrien doesn’t care. his momma didn’t raise no hooligan. no, if he was going to flirt with marinette, at least he can be a gentleman about it.
  • 9. the moniker: giving her a cute nickname will let her know how special she is. adrien spends a week thinking about it, and nino gives him a few suggestions, but he doesn’t listen. if he’s giving marinette a nickname, it has to be something he does because it’ll let her know she’s special to him.
  • a few days later, he slips up and calls her “princess” because she’s pretty, sweet, smart, likes pink, and is a natural born leader just like a royal. marinette freezes when he calls her that, but she smiles and laughs eventually. she seems to like it, and he keeps doing it. it’s fitting, he supposes, for someone like her. marinette, his princess.
  • does that mean he gets to be her knight?
  • nino calls him a nerd.
  • 10. tell her how you feel: it’s the last step, and adrien agonizes over it for days. it can’t really be as simple as nino makes it out to be, but then again, his best friend has been dating a pretty sweet gal for months, so it obviously worked for him. adrien broods over it for a while, and alya warns him not to ignore marinette for days again, and he swears he isn’t. he’s just trying to find his courage. why oh why is it so much easier to face an akuma with certain death hanging over his head than tell a girl how he really feels?
  • marinette decides to take matters into her own hands, which he isn’t really surprised by because she usually is a head-strong, independent female. what he is surprised by is when ladybug swings into his bedroom window and transforms into marinette right before his very eyes.
  • marinette: “why are you ignoring me? did i do something wrong?”
    adrien: *adrien.exe has stopped working*
    marinette: “…adrien?”
    adrien: “…you’re… ladybug?!”
    marinette: “yeah, i know. you know. we’ve been over this–”
    adrien: “nononoNO, we most certainly haven’t.”
    marinette: *marinette.exe has stopped working*
    adrien: “…marinette?”
    marinette: “I… but you said you knew my secret.”
    adrien: “I WAS BEING VAGUE.”
    marinette: “WHY?!”
    marinette: “…you have?”
    adrien: “well, i was trying–”
  • plagg: *pops out of adrien’s pocket* “oh, are we trading secrets?”
    tikki: *pops out of marinette’s bag* “I think so?”
    plagg: *holds out paw to marinette* “fine. im plagg, i turn him into chat noir. nice to finally meet you. i’m glad you guys are finally telling each other, it’s been so tiring listening to him mooning over you. do you have any cheese?”
    marinette: “…you’re chat noir?”
    adrien: *dies*

so marinette and adrien are dating now, so in a way he thinks his plan worked? that doesn’t stop marinette from asking him how he thought he’d been flirting, so he tells her nino’s tips. she laughs for a week straight. that’s the last time he ever listens to nino.

an adrien version of this post. some people asked for an adrien version, it’s not directly a sequel, but still another au. just two nerds trying to flirt and failing spectacularly. 

BTS REACTION: being short (maknae line)

JIMIN: This boy would completely love how short you are since he’s always getting teased by the guys, it would make a nice change, for him. Jimin would probably end up teasing you quite a lot, but he’d know when it was getting too much for you and apologize if he hurt your feelings as he could understand how it’d make you feel. However, when you and Jimin learned not to take it too seriously teasing each other would become a fun game between the two of you.

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TAEHYUNG: Taehyung wouldn’t really mind the height difference between the two of you, if anything he’d think it was really adorable. He wouldn’t tease you as much as the others but would still join in every now and then - he’d figure it was only playful teasing and wouldn’t cause much harm since he’d make sure that you were aware of this too. Kissing Taehyung would be a bit of a struggle but he’d usually just pick you up to make things a lot more easier and comfortable.

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JUNGKOOK: Jungkook would be the type to know no limit when it came to your height and teasing you for it. I feel like he’d be the type to play ‘pranks’ just because he can and because he knew that you wouldn’t be able to do much about it. If you were cooking on a particular day, Jungkook would place all the ingredients you need on the highest shelves just to watch you struggle for a while before asking for help - which he would happily give you after hearing you whine and complain for a while. He’d be such a tease but only because he’d think your height was cute. 

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SEND ME REQUESTS FOR FUTURE BTS REACTIONS (my ask is always open) - hope you enjoy!! 

gross+cute klance hc’s

bc they’re teenage boys so you know how that goes

  • so when they start dating they and they get comfortable with each other, they’re not trying so hard to keep the gross shit away from the other as much as before (altho they didn’t really try that hard before they started dating anyway)
  • lance doesn’t really like it when keith picks at his own face because it always looks like keith’s in pain whenever he does (acne + dry skin= bad combo for keith)
    • he will however pop pimples for keith’s bacne, bc he’s a good boyfriend
    • he also makes a lil soothing lotion for him for keith’s dry face and hands
  • lance burps in his face sometimes, or he burps and blows it at keith just to fuck with him
    • keith: i swear if you burp one more time i’m kicking you out
      lance: you’re just mad because you weren’t fast enough to outrun it, babe ;)
  • he also gives keith dutch ovens, rip keith
    • they both laugh about it after tho 
    • keith gets him back for it later in a sneak attack dutch oven
      • lance died
  • they play wrestle all cute and shit, but when they get a little more into it keith sometimes has an arm around lance’s neck and lance’s face is pretty much up in his armpit
    • keith’s really sweaty 
    • you probably know how it goes
  • they hug each other all sweaty post a mission and honestly it doesn’t even matter to either of them, they’re just happy to see the other in one piece
  • when keith throws up occasionally bc of his lactose intolerance, lance will stay with him in the bathroom to comfort him
    • he rubs his back and ties keith’s hair up in a little bun for him so it’s out of his face
    • he also brings keith lots of water 
    • they cuddle afterwards when keith is still kinda shaky but starting to feel a little better
      • (keith’s the little spoon here and lance is the big spoon)
  • morning breath kisses :/
    • lance: keith wait, i haven’t brushed my teeth yet 
      keith: so?
      lance: my breath stinks, dude
      keith: it’s okay, mine does too. i just wanted to kiss you good morning
      lance: :’) okay
Dating George Weasley Would Include...
  • always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don’t expect it, all just to say hi or something
  • while he’s always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he’d be ever so slightly more awkward around you
  • Like he’d still be stupid don’t get me wrong, but he’d be more careful what to say
  • admiring you from afar before he grew the balls to actually talk to you
  • Fred fucking notices
  • Ginny being your biggest shippers
  • he’d try to play it cool that he’s dating you but is actually super giddy about it
  • “I told her to wear that shirt today how good does she look”
  • “Did I tell you this thing about Y/N…”
  • “Y/n got a 90% on her Transfig exam can you believe it”
  • “I don’t even talk about her that much shut up”
  • stealing each other’s food
  • like even if you were in other houses
  • you’d make up such elaborate and insane strategies to steal like a single potato wedge
  • him trying to make you laugh 24/7
  • him helping you with homework
  • because he’s secretly so smart but keeps it under wraps
  • “George when did you even get smart”
  • excuse me
  • not gross PDA but the occasional hand holding
  • him telling Fred how much he likes you
  • “omg Fred she looked at me did you see that”
  • “god her hair looks pretty, like it always does but it needs saying”
  • *ears prick up* “that was so Y/n’s laugh I know her laugh and that was it”
  • “ah, Fred, she looked at me again”
  • “Fred I think she might have a crush on me”
  • “George you’re DATING
  • saying comments for the soul purpose to get you to blush
  • o v e r   p r o t e c t i v e
  • “George did you do the potions homework?”
  • “What potions— FUCK”
  • natural lounging position: his arm around you lazily
  • Fred would 100% say things about you to get him jealous
  • like Fred would say something like “Looking good Y/n” with a wink
  • George would just go quiet and have the iconic Weasley response of annoyance: red ears
  • having to reassure him that you’re only his
  • of course he believes you because he loves you
  • this was super long I apologise if you made it this far I congratulate you

Request: Could you make a ’_____ with George Weasley would include’ post because I’ve seen a bunch with Fred but I can’t find any with George. Thanks a million!!

I HAVE WANTED TO DO ONE OF THESE FOR AGES! Also turns out I read it wrong so I did the standard ‘Dating whoever would include’ sorry! I never had any inspiration to do one of these but here was my loooong attempt

Steve Rogers’ flirting headcanon

You know how Steve is either a blushing virgin - despite his insisting that he isn’t - that bursts into soundless gaping or blushing bright red; or a flirty mc flirt that will always get Tony surprised and all twisted around in unexpected pleasure.

Well I might suggest a little bit of both? Because I kind of see Steve almost as impulsive as Tony might be with his words - it’s just that most times, these impulsive words are really nice and good, and I think people don’t think it wasn’t well thought out. But I’m also thinking, Steve didn’t have a lot of chance to figure that whole flirting shit out until the serum. And he’s still not very good with ladies - which I think is from his 40′s thinking that he should be more careful about what he says to ladies that might prevent him from flexing his flirt muscles fully.

Imagine Steve doing the flirt, pretty expertly even - like it’s something one would imagine that Pre-Hydra Bucky might say - and then while people are reeling from encountering flirty!Steve, he’s just sitting there grinning, cheeks and ears bright red because he did it!! He did the thing!! He’s so proud of his flirting and that he’s good at it, that smug lil apple. Oh he gets flushed, and he also sometimes fumbles in his delivery (hey, he hasn’t had much practice) but when he successfully makes Tony speechless, that’s his best moment of the day. Maybe the week. Basically what I’m saying Steve Rogers is a mouthy dork who’s not used to being liked or appreciated for being a mouthy dork.

I always give more chances
than I should
And he knew it

So I shouldn’t have been surprised
That right when I felt like
I was moving on

He would appear out of thin air
Telling me how much he missed me

It made my heart race
More than it should’ve
But everyone should get second chances right?

Or three
Or four

That’s what I kept telling myself
Until I kept getting let down

I don’t know when I’m going to learn
That some people
No matter how much you love them
Just don’t deserve it

Healing Hands

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 1 of 2. 7,419 words (Yeah, I know. This was supposed to be a short, smutty one-shot. For shame.)
Warnings: Smut glorious smut. Little bit of angst.
This is the first fanfic I’ve posted online in about six years so I’m super nervous and sorry that my writing is rusty. I will improve with practice! For me, Ivar’s relationship with his mother plays a huge role in how he interacts with potential female lovers so my depiction is probably a little softer than the norm. I hope this fic isn’t too terrible!

You didn’t know Ivar Lothbrook well growing up but your mother did.

As an experienced healer living in Kattegat, your mother tended to Ivar whenever the pain from his condition was too much. Your mother’s reputation was so great that Queen Aslaug herself frequently requested her assistance with Ivar. With the right combination of natural remedies, your mother always managed to get Ivar’s pain under control. He liked her and strangely enough, she liked him too. You could never understood why though, at least not as a child. You and Ivar were two years apart with him being two years younger and he just seemed outright volatile every time you met him. He was an angry child whose frustrations were only occasionally successfully hidden by his angel smile. He grew up to be an angry teenager too and you disliked tending to him whenever you trained with your mother. He was rude and unpleasant, always hissing at you under his breath when you touched him. Only his mother and yours could calm him back then but now both of them were dead and you had to tend to Ivar alone.

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Dating Baekhyun Would Include...

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  • Turning everything into a competition.
  • Taking turns to see who can annoy Kyungsoo and Sehun the fastest.
  • Pillow talk and cuddle sessions.
  • Him holding you close and softly singing in your ear whenever you have a bad day.
  • Frequently pretending you’ve had a bad day just so that he’ll hold you close and softly sing in your ear. 
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun are a package deal. Learn to deal with it. 
  • “Oh…Chanyeol. Nice to see you in my living room…..again.
  • Forcing him to watch your favorite movies.
  • Showing him music that you know he’ll most likely hate just because its hilarious.
  • “What even is this?”
  • “It’s Sleeping With Sirens.”
  • “How could they be sleeping with all this damn screaming?”
  • His eyeliner will always look better than yours. Period. 
  • Karaoke dates.
  • Him constantly bragging about you to the other members.
  • Writing diss tracks for each other.
  • The sweetest kisses in the world.
  • The hottest kisses in the world.
  • Video game dates.
  • Him getting jealous of how close you are with the other members.
  • Him constantly smirking at you just because he knows it’s your weakness.
  • Making each other T-Shirts with funny or random catch phrases.
  • “You seriously made me a T-Shirt that says ‘Keep Calm and Kkaepsong On?’ That doesn’t even make sense!”
  • “Yeah, well you made me one that said ‘All I want For Christmas is Chogiwa.’ You know that’s a sensitive subject, Y/N. Jongin cried for an hour after he seen that and Kyungsoo was actually going to murder me, and I don’t mean the playful type of murder that everyone jokes about.”
  • Catching him watching his fancams and talking to himself about how great he looks.
  • Not being able to deny that he looks pretty damn great. 
  • Lots of skinship. He’s very touchy.
  • No matter the situation, you are always able to put a smile on each others faces.
Dating Nico di Angelo Would Include...

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*Forehead kisses
* Him attempting to teach to you how to play mythomagic and getting frustrated when you don’t get it
* “No Athena doesn’t have extra points for talking to olives.”
* “whY NOT?”
* Late night pillow talks
* Frequent and “totally coincidental” visits
* “Oh… I didn’t know you’d be here today.”
* “Nico, I’m always here.”
* Forcing him to slow dance to old-timey music
* constantly teasing him about eVERYTHING
* Him taking your cologne/perfume and spraying it on everything he owns when he misses you
* Pissing everyone off when you both play rock music as loud as you can blast it
* Using pick-up lines on him constantly just to see a blush on his pale face.
* Hey, did you sit in some sugar? ‘Cause you got a sweet ass.“
* "Okay but cAN YOU NOT???”
* Constantly stealing t-shirts
* Him begging for you to go to McDonald’s with him for fries and a Mcflurry around 2 am
* and you not being able to resist his sweet brownish black eyes
* annnnd ending up buying at least 4
* Putting him in his place when he smarts off or starts to whine
* Like literally. One glare will shut him up
* Hearing him mumble to himself in Italian when he’s concentrating on something.
* Asking him to teach you some phrases
* “Repeat after me, 'Sono uno stronzo’”
*“Okay, 'Sono uno stronzo,’ What’s that mean?
* ”….It means I appreciate you.“
.((Fyi Sono uno stronzo in english is "I’m an asshole.”)))


My boyfriend has lived in a lot of different countries and he’s mostly lived in areas where trans ideology isn’t a thing, and when we’ve talked about it he says he doesn’t really get it. He can’t wrap his head around the idea that people believe that putting on a dress can mean a guy is “female brained” or how someone could actually believe that they can change their sex. And he’s very “feminine” in terms of gendered stereotypes, way more than me. So there you have it.

I just thought that was interesting. A lot of trans activists keep saying  “trans people have always existed and always will uwu” but that’s utter bull and everyone knows it.

EnChoi Your Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Here’s another EnChoi your Friday! Hope you like it.

  • Saeyoung had been swamped with his new job and trying to keep everything in the house upright
  • Saeran felt bad for him
  • So, he told him that he would take care of dinner that night
  • He pushed Saeyoung out of the house to do whatever he wanted for the next few hours
  • Saeran headed to the kitchen and texted Yoosung, asking for a recipe
  • Yoosung suggested omurice because it was easy
  • Saeran didn’t think it could be that hard
  • He doesn’t even know how he burned it…he literally looked away for one second
  • Feeling pressured for time, he quickly calls you  
  • You try to talk him through some recipes, but he’s so confused by everything
  • You give up and declare that you’re coming over
  • When you get there and see the poor stash of food in their house, and you’re so exasperated
  • “You both are always telling me to eat well and yet look at you hypocrites!”
  • Saeran is only half listening to your scolding and empties any ingredients they have on the counter
  • Thankfully, they had enough to make breakfast for dinner
  • You work on the pancakes first
  • You pour two circles of batter in the pan and Saeran chuckles and points at the bigger one
  • “That one is Saeyoung…he has the bigger head.”
  • He thought you were making pancakes shaped like them how precious
  • He wants it to be super sweet so he brings out whipped cream and fruit
  • He absentmindedly started using blueberries and strawberries to decorate the pancake plate
  • While it was cute, time was running out
  • You tell him to chop some vegetables while you fry the bacon
  • For a little while, everything is really calm….NOT
  • You guys bicker like an old married couple
  • “MC, that’s way too much salt!”
  • “No, it’s not–” 
  • “Yes it is! You complain your hands feel swollen. No wonder.”
  • “Who’s the one who burned the omurice!” 
  • At this point, Saeyoung had slipped back into the house and all he hears is yelling
  • He sighs and stands in the doorway and watches for awhile
  • “Are…you two in a couples’  fight or something?”
  • You and Saeran turn to him and stare like he has three heads
  • You shake your head, “No, why would you think that?”
  • Saeran agrees. “Yeah…babe, can you pass the potatoes?”
  • Saeyoung gives up on you both and silently backs away into the living room
  • After twenty minutes, he makes his way back into the kitchen
  • He’s pretty sure it doesn’t take that long to finish the eggs
  • He walks into you two kissing
  • “Oh my–Guys! Make dinner! Not make out!”
  • Finally, the three of you settle down to have a nice dinner
  • You guys eat up the meal in minutes
  • To everyone’s surprise, Saeran suggests you all do this once a week
  • He even said he had fun 

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You know who’s reaction to Hiccstrid we haven’t gotten yet? (That doesn’t include any Berkians). 

Dagur’s reaction to Hiccstrid.

Like. Do you think he’d call Astrid “sister” or something…? And then try to hug her (and nearly get killed for trying that).

Maybe he always assumed they were together, but then again, considering he didn’t know that there were 2 women in the Riders until Savage pointed it out that one time… probably not.

So yeah, S5, give me Dagur’s reaction to Hiccstrid.

Snapping out. [Mark x reader]

this was a request by inyournightmares97, thank you and keep them coming in :)

summary: you and your boyfriend go out for a walk by the river and decide to drink a little. You get a bit tipsy and blurt out that you don’t like how he always wears snapbacks because they cover his beautiful face.

genre: fluff/angst

word count: 701

photo not mine

Your night had started off how it always did. Mark and you both sitting snuggled on the couch going through Instagram and reading articles. Then Mark turns to you and says “you know this doesn’t happen often, but I want to go out.” The two of you decide to buy beers at the convenience store and go for a walk by the river.  The evening breeze is a cool as your drinks and both of you walk in comfortable silence. 

After two cans you have become pretty tipsy, and Mark has yet to show any signs of the same. You reach a spot where both of you can sit and watch the sunset. “Darling~~” You say almost slurring. He just laughs. “Yes~~” He sings back, imitating you. “Is there anything you wou-would change about me?~” He doesn’t even pause before you hear “Of course not. Why do you have one for me?” You laugh and say “Let me see…”

You motion for him to stand up you twirl your finger around, and just for your amusement, he does a spin.You examine everything his perfect feet, and skinny long legs, his toned torso that you could still imagine under his layers of clothes; his arms that had held you a thousand times; his sculpted collar bones and soft kissable neck. But as you scanned upward his face was masked by the front of his snapback. A signature piece for Mark, but an inconvenience to you. 

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Pink Tea

Summary: Levi actually doesn`t like black tea very much. [Canonverse}

AO3 Version: Pink Tea

It was a known fact that Captain Levi enjoyed tea, some even thought his entire diet consisted of it. Because he liked tea, everyone who liked the Captain made it for him, in order to impress him and gain his praises, but they never did, it was always `thanks` in that flat tone of his that always insinuated `it`s not very good, try again`. Little did they know it wasn`t because they`d steeped it too long or used the wrong blend, or even the wrong tea cup, but because they all assumed Levi liked his tea black and bitter.

Levi loathed straight black tea, despite popular belief, and whenever someone made him a cup he`d make sure add about a hundred spoonfuls of sugar to it. It`s why no one ever saw him preparing his own tea, or drinking it after they`d served it to him, what would they think if they saw their war hardened Captain pouring all that sugar into his tea because he couldn`t have it black?

Drinking black tea in a plain white mug was manlier than sweet tea with lots of cream in his favorite baby blue tea cup, and he had an image to uphold. It was like if he asked for strawberry milk instead of a beer, like choosing a unicorn over a horse, you just didn`t do it. So Levi kept his little sweet tooth secret, never would anyone see him pouring half the bag of sugar into his tea, or the fact that the tea in the black tea tin was actually his favorite rose blend.

He`d sit up in his office, choose one of his favorite tea sets and drink his feminine choice in drink in peace, it`s where he thought he was completely safe from prying eyes and mocking gazes. He liked having his fluffy quilt of cotton and floral fabric, an old one he`d found, but was able to mend himself, and a good book, particularly romance novels where one couldn`t be with the other due to their age difference but somehow they would love one another anyway and live happily ever after.

No one ever dared disturb him during this time, everyone around knew they were his designated relaxation hours. Everyone who`d been with him for long enough knew that, everyone except Eren. Eren who looked up to him the most, Eren who would lose all respect for him if he knew how soft his Captain really was, Eren who never fucking knocked before coming in.

“Captain! I was looking all over for… you.” Eren shouted coming in, only to pause at the scene before him. Captain Levi curled up in his way too big desk chair bundled up in a rose patterned blanket that seemed to swallow him whole, a book with a romantic title, “To Love Him Is Wrong, But I Cannot Bring Myself To Be Right”, and was that two guys on the cover? But most of all he had a well made, pearly pink, china tea set with cherry blossoms and rosy branches painted all over it and a tea cup full of creamy looking peach colored tea, definitely not the dark black he usually drank.

“Captain what are you…?”

Levi looked like a cross between furious, embarrassed and ready to cry.

“You`re so…”

Here it comes, he`s going to cut into his ass and never respect him again. Levi would have to beat him harder than he had at the tribunal to get him to take him seriously ever again.



“Wow, seriously sir, you`re just adorable if you don`t mind me saying so!” Eren squealed, holding his own face in his hands. Levi blinked, technically, this was what he`d been dreading, to be seen in a soft, weak light, but… it didn`t feel so bad with Eren doing it.

“Is that so?” Levi had to be sure, Eren nodded eagerly at the question.

“Mh! It`s awesome you can be cute like this but still kick ass!” The boy praised. Levi hadn`t ever thought of it that way, but still…

“Ahem, thank you Eren. But you can`t say anything about this okay?” Levi said, Eren looked confused for a moment, like he wanted to ask questions, but then understanding filled his green orbs instead.

It looked like Eren was going to give him some lecture about pride or something so Levi shut him up quick, “It`s our special secret.” He whispered, immediately Eren`s face lit up like a Christmas tree, not just anyone got to know about the Captain`s special secrets so he must have really trusted Eren in particular! Aa, he wanted to brag about it but, if Levi trusted him to keep it a secret then he wouldn`t say a word.

“Yes sir! My lips are sealed!” Eren promised,

Levi had never been more relieved it was Eren who`d barged into his office.

Once Eren had found out about his little secret the boy had pestered him until he`d given him the recipe for his ideal tea, five spoons of sugar, three splashes of cream and use the rose blend on the top shelf of the pantry, and the shifter took it as his duty to prepare Levi`s tea from then on, because he knew Captain`s secret now so he could prepare what he liked, and Levi let him. Only because somehow the brat`s tea was a hundred times better than his own. When he made it, it was just sweet enough, always steeped to perfection, always had a creamy texture and was never gritty, sometimes he`d even put actual rose petals in for extra flavor.

No longer did Levi have to tiptoe about just to get a cup of tea, because Eren always seemed to know when he was craving it and would be at his door with a steaming pot ready for him. But it became more than tea too, he brought him warm sweaters, Captain always looks so cold in that blanket, new books, I didn`t know what you liked to read but this one has guys on the cover too, and kept him company.

Levi didn`t know how close they were becoming, how he would let Eren share his quilt because it was big enough for both of them, let Eren blush himself silly trying to read his romance books aloud, let the cadet lay his head on his lap when he got sleepy. And when he finally did notice, he didn`t mind as much as he should, at all really. He could admit it, if only to himself, he really liked Eren. In the kind of way his novels described, his heart would beat fast, his hands would sweat - disgusting - and he would feel light whenever he was near. Geez he really was turning into a girl wasn`t he?

Still, he should have guessed such bliss couldn`t last.

It had been another day, pretty slow in terms of training and such since there wasn`t anything urgent to learn so Eren had come to his office earlier than normal, baring his usual gifts of a large blanket and tea and cookies to share. Levi had looked up from his blasted paperwork to find the boy smiling down at him and he allowed himself a small one in return. He pushed his work aside, Eyebrows would get it when he finished dammit, and opened his arms to invite Eren over into the large chair like always. Eren had happily squeezed in next to him, draping the big blanket over their heads and shoulders and poured the two some of his delicious tea.

Right as they were settling in, Eren laying his head on Levi`s to read over his shoulder, they`d switched out romance novels for action/adventures, the door was flung open in a flurry of `I`m sorry for intruding` and bad undercuts. Oluo stood in the doorway bowing until he was almost in half and holding out more paperwork, seriously, more Erwin? Do your own damn paperwork! Straight out in front of him. Instead of jumping up Eren had pulled him closer protectively, not knowing who had been coming in at first and Levi sat completely still.

“F-forgive me sir! You weren`t answering your door so I…” Oluo had started up with his rambling apology and raised his head to do so properly, but he was met with the sight of Captain Levi looking terribly small wrapped in a giant fluffy blanket with… with the newbie! And what was with that tea? It was pink! Just what exactly was he seeing here!?

“What is all of this?” Oluo yelled, of course he bit his tongue in the process.

Eren`s eyes shot over to look at Levi who was still frozen with shock and looked ready to cry again, he had to do something to keep the Captain`s secret, as painful as this would be for him, he couldn`t let his Captain take this, it was time for him to repay all his kindness these past days.

“Ahem, this is all me.” Eren said seriously, his voice was really out of place in the fluffy scene. Levi shot him a look of disbelief but he didn`t stop, let me do this for you sir, he thought. “I… I like all this kind of stuff, and I dragged Captain into with me, and because he was kind he stayed, even though he doesn`t like this kind of thing at all!”

Oluo sneered at him, “Hah, should have known you were a weirdo, what are you some kind of girl? Hah! You`re lucky the Captain`s such a good man, I wouldn`t have let a rookie like you get away with it though, I`d-”

As Oluo continued to lecture Eren, Levi couldn`t tear his eyes away from him. This boy, with so little already, had taken such a hard blow to his pride, saved Levi from humiliation, without even being asked to. He was sitting through the harsh words hewas supposed to be getting, he was the one who liked all this, in fact, Eren was the one who liked his tea black without anything else between them. Eren had taken the bullet for him like it was nothing, he would have never imagined he cared that much.

“Enough Oluo.” Levi ordered, he couldn`t let this continue.

“But sir! He`s the one who dragged you into-”

“Hoh? Did I stutter? That was an order soldier.” He told the man darkly, and with a not manly at all squeak he scurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him so Levi wouldn`t give chase.

After he`d left Eren let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, that was close wasn`t it sir?”

“Why did you do it Eren?” Levi cut in, why would anyone, no matter how close, take that kind of pain for another?

Eren`s eyes darted around uneasily as he let out another laugh.

“W-well I promised to keep your secret didn`t I? And I-”

“Eren. Don`t lie, what`s the real reason? Even if you were keeping my secret you didn`t have to take the blame.”

Eren sighed.

“I-I guess there`s no hiding it then huh?” … “I-I like you Captain.” The boy admitted, ah, Levi`s heart was skipping every other beat again.

“And because I like you, I had to protect you sir. Please forgive me for having these weird feelings for you!” Eren pleaded, he pulled the blanket they`d been sharing over his head further to hide himself completely from view.

Eren liked him. Eren liked him. He could feel not only a burning blush covering his cheeks, but a big - big for him that was - smile spreading on his face as he let out a breathy laugh, there was nothing really funny about it, but it was more of a relief kind of laugh. If Eren was weird, Levi supposed he was too right?

He wiggled his way under the blanket with Eren, even as he tried to shift away and hide more, and pulled him into a soft kiss that stopped his struggling instantly. Levi wasn`t very experienced, he just sort of, held their lips together, but Eren hummed contently and it felt good, really good, even if they weren`t doing anything. When he could bring himself to pull back a minute or so later he whispered to the boy,

“I like you too, Eren.”

Eren gaped when his lip fell away from his, his eyes growing impossibly larger - because they were already so big - at his superior`s confession. Levi was a bit nervous, maybe he had read his words wrong and Eren didn`t like him that way. Maybe Levi had made a comeplete fool of himself and really made Eren lose respect for him that no beating would restore.

But then Eren`s dropped jaw formed a smile, a happy, joyful smile, like Levi had promised him the world in just one confession.

The grin on Eren`s face made his own small smile grow just that much more as the kid pulled him into a bear hug and laughed like he`d heard the funniest thing in the world. His laughter was deep and contagious and Levi started laughing too, his lighter, quieter giggles mixing with Eren`s well.

What were they even doing? Giggling like two teenagers - technically one of them was - underneath a blanket like it was their own little world. But Levi didn`t care, for once in a long, long time, he was just happy. The two eventually calmed down enough to form words, Eren`s first ones were thanking him for accepting his feelings. Speaking of thanks, now that they were technically together he could…

“Eren, I want to thank you for saving me before.” Levi said lowly, shifting himself closer to Eren`s lap. Eren looked at him strangely, reminding him he`d already said that. Sigh, this brat had no idea how to take hints did he? Figures he would fall for someone like that.

“No, I want to… repay your kindness Eren.” Levi purred, taking the boy`s face in his hands as it finally clicked for him, you could practically hear it.


“Mmhm, would you like that Eren?”

Eren nodded.

Taking that as the approval he needed, Levi pulled the blanket away from their heads and let it fall to the floor. Eren laid back on the plushy chair when Levi`s hands pushed him against it, using his shoulders as leverage to crawl over him and straddle his waist.

They looked at each other for a moment, breath quickening at what was to come, Eren made the first move with a noisy `gulp` and pulled Levi close by the small of his back with one hand and tilted his head forwards with the other, closing the gap between them second time. Eren was more forceful than Levi had been as he worked his lips against Levi own, loving the sound of his stuttering gasp when he dared dart his tongue out to slide across his plump bottom lip to coax them to part.

He let his hands wander down this body he`d admired for so long, caution slowly slipping from his mind, running along Levi`s back, his arms, his hips, before settling on his ass to give it a timid squeeze, causing Levi to let out a scandalized squeak, making the mistake of opening his mouth to let Eren enter it easily. Levi didn`t seem to understand at first, why his mouth was suddenly so hot, but he still moaned at the feeling of Eren tongue inside his mouth, against his own, rubbing against it and exploring every part it could reach.

Eren pulled back, Levi`s lips chasing after his as he did so, to tug at the Captain`s shirt, his implications clear. Levi blushed harder but lifted his arms so Eren could pull the cloth away. Eren`s hands instantly stroked his sides and grabbed at his hips, muttering to himself `so smooth` and `pretty, you`re very pretty sir` as he was captivated by the newly exposed skin. Levi felt flatter but, also cheated. Eren was still fully clothed…

“N-now you.” He insisted, trying to sound firm. Eren held back a smile, he was being shy again. Either way Eren obeyed, taking his shirt from the bottom hem and slipping it over his head confidently, though he did feel a bit exposed now since Levi was no longer the only one like this and was staring at him so intensely. Silver eyes roamed his chest and abs shamelessly, but his hands were a different story, hiding themselves deeper into his brown locks, too frightened to venture down.

“Hey, it`s okay, go ahead.” Eren encouraged, wanting Levi to feel free to touch him as he pleased, and to feel those hands on his body. Levi nodded a bit, mostly to himself and placed both hands on his chest, biting his lip in concentration. He stayed in that position, unsure of what to do next, Eren couldn`t help himself as he reached out to cup his face with his hands.

“You`re so cute Captain, please do as you wish with me.” He cooed, Levi looked up at him through his black lashes, flushing at the compliment, before letting his own hands wander as Eren`s had been, carving out all the harsh edges and dips in his muscles, getting startled whenever Eren couldn`t hold back a shudder. Levi let his fingers trail back up over Eren`s body, tickling the back of his neck and… oh.

“Ah! Levi!” Eren gasped, Levi forced himself not to jump right off his lap in fright, he was nervous after all, but that passed all too quickly when Levi realized he was the one to make such a sound spill from Eren`s mouth so forcefully, it gave him quite the boost in his confidence and he boldly brushed the spot on the back of the brunet`s neck again, earning another loud pant.

It was something like a titan wasn`t it? The weak spot at the nape, and Eren was a titan too so… it made sense didn`t it? Idly Levi thought of Hanji having an out right fit at the information, but she wouldn`t be getting it, Levi decided this would be his own secret as he kept rubbing Eren`s nape, he was the only one who was going to know exactly what Eren liked. He felt like he had some kind of special position by knowing it, and he was selfish so he wouldn`t be letting anyone else find out.

“You like it, Eren?” The raven mumbled softly to the shifter, who had gone limp against his shoulder, shuddering every other second. He could feel him nod vigorously from where his head lied. To his surprise though, Eren pulled his head, and neck, away from Levi`s grasp suddenly. He shook his head, like he was trying yo convince himself, and told him,

“S-sir, I want to be gentle with you, but if you continue to do things like that… I don`t think I`ll be able to hold back.”

Levi blinked, then a blush took over his face when he realized what the cadet was implying.

“W-who said anything about that you idiot! Don`t get so ahead of yourself.” He hissed, Eren opened his mouth to apologize then, his eyes wide at the realization of his own statement and face looking a bit disappointed but Levi stopped him before he could say anything.

“B-but since, since I`m repaying you…”

Eren immediately perked up like some puppy. Tch. That was annoying.

“Don`t be so eager.”

Now he was a kicked puppy and Levi felt bad.

“Ahem, since I`m repaying you, please… do what you wish with me.” The captain forced out, repeating Eren`s own offer from earlier, looking away from Eren`s intense gaze as he took in what he was saying. But that`s all he was doing, just looking and damn it all if Levi wasn`t embarrassed enough already.

“Well? Say something you- AH!”

The moment he was fed up with the silence was the moment Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the desk in front of them - behind him? - and staring down at Levi with an animalistic glint in his vibrant green eyes. Levi`s silver slivers widened at the sudden, but slight, pain in his back from being slammed against hard wood.


“I really tried holding back sir, but when you talk like that… Please forgive me for this.”

With that Eren dove forwards, pressing their bodies together as tightly as he could, almost crushing Levi in the process with his weight, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing their arousals together. Levi covered his mouth to muffled the girly noises that were spilling from him, his other gripping Eren`s back for dear life as the boy grinded onto him.

Eren wouldn`t slow down, going full force the moment he was upon him, panting harshly like a dog into his ear, mumbling things like `captain`s skin is so soft` and `your voice is so sweet sir, let me hear it more`. The desk protested at the constant rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, creaking it`s complaint loudly beneath them.

“Ah! Eren, Eren slow down,” Levi panted, becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of contact. Eren growled lowly, like it was the worst thing to pull away from Levi even for a second.

“No.” He told him.

At any other moment Levi would have been furious, but right then he couldn`t possibly think of anything other than Eren caging him against the desk as he grinded his back against the smooth wood. It felt like hours Levi lied there, just taking whatever Eren had left, he didn`t notice his own moans rising in pitch, coming at a faster frequency, didn`t feel Eren`s thrusts becoming erratic as his own hips bucked with a mind of their own.

“Mmh, mn, I-I`m- ah!” For the love of Maria he couldn`t even warn Eren he was about to-


White spots danced across Levi`s tightly shut eyelids as he reached his high, Eren still frantically rubbing against him, before finding his own relief with a long groan, then plopping down onto Levi`s heaving form in exhaustion. They lay there, panting as they calmed down. Eren lifted his head from Levi chest to smile a dopey smile up at him, and Levi couldn`t do more than ruffle his brown locks lovingly in return.

He could chew him out for ruining two perfectly good pairs of uniform pants later.

so it’s the night of the rehearsal dinner and they’re running through the vows and the priest says “do you, dennis reynolds, take ronald mcdonald…” and dennis has an uncontrollable laughing fit up at the altar much to mac’s chagrin, etc. etc., and a little later on they’re back at the apartment getting ready for bed brushing their teeth and dennis says, “hey, you know, i realized something tonight - and i know we’ve never really talked about this - but you could take my name if you wanted to” and mac mulls it over for a second and goes “ronald reynolds?” and dennis’s heart glitches out of his chest and he goes “yeah… and then you wouldn’t be ronald mcdonald anymore… i mean… i know how much you’ve always hated it” and mac hesitates for a second and he goes, “well, yeah, but i wouldn’t be mac anymore” and dennis just looks at him and nods and goes, “yeah. yeah, fair point. let’s get some sleep”

so then the next day the wedding goes off with several hitches but they at last say their vows and kiss and they sit down to sign the marriage certificate and mac writes “ronald mcdonald” and then he hands the pen to dennis, who sits down and signs “dennis mcdonald” with a flourish, and looks up at mac, and smiles, and, 

anonymous asked:

could you do a chubby MC who dances and does musicals? people like to believe chubby people aren't active and i would love to see that mc interact with the rfa


  • he’s one of those people who firmly believes they can’t dance for what they’re worth and he’s sorta right
  • but when he sees MC dancing and having so much fun he always feels like he’s missing out
  • constantly trying to explain why he feels MC is amazing but he has trouble putting it into words
    • “It’s- I don’t know how to say it- like, the rhythm? Like if you felt it? No, like… Like if you were a wave and the rhythm was the… wind?”
  • also he makes sure to be able to go to MC’s musicals, and if he can’t go he’ll make sure to make some amazing omurice for when MC gets back home after the hard work at the musicals
  • he says he’ll fight anyone who is rude to MC. he’ll try his best. he doesn’t know if he’ll succeed but damn he’ll surely try


  • when she hears MC dances, she treats it pretty much like any other hobby and doesn’t care much
  • but listen… after she moves in with MC and gets to see them practice and dance
  • her mind just changes
  • it’s amazing?
  • sure maybe MC isn’t doing choreographed dances 100% of the time; sometimes it’s just a warmup, sometimes it’s just for fun, but Jaehee swears it looks a thousand times much better than actual professional idol dance-music videos
  • and as a good fan of MC in any way, she’ll make sure to buy tickets to their musicals beforehand 
  • one time a middle aged mom in the audience was whispering rude things about the people working in the musicals- including MC- and Jaehee just turned around and loudly asked her to please be quiet and respectful
  • that woman? shut up faster than light
  • and also she always gets the best spot to watch the musical and bring a bouquet to greet them as soon as they’re finished


  • dance buddies?? dance buddies!!
  • at first he’s just doing all the “tell me if you get tired” thing because he has been dancing for a hella long time and he has a great stamina
  • but lo and behold, after what seems like an eternity to Zen, he turns and sees MC is still happily dancing and filled with joy
  • meanwhile mr “tell me if you get tired” is about to keel over and die on the floor
  • also, since MC has experience in the zones of musicals and dancing, he likes to practice his choreographies near them so they can point out when he makes a mistake
  • also he freaking decks any asshole who says something like “aren’t they too chubby to be dancing haha” and permanently shuts their trap


  • did you mean: personal dance studio in the house for MC
  • MC just wakes up one day and he leads them
  • and there it is
  • a dance studio
  • how did he get it in there?? how did MC not notice?? when did it happen??
  • MC has no time for questions- holy crap are those bluetooth speakers all around the room those are a famous brand of speakers why are there so many how much did this cost-
  • Jumin is always seen in MC’s musicals and whenever someone tries to criticize him taking time off work to go he always says that MC is more important than work
  • and when gossip magazines try to make mocking articles saying rude stuff about MC (which Jumin feared would happen, seeing those magazines already had their eye clawed on his personal life) Jumin destroys the magazine. there’s never a new issue of that magazine printed out. 


  • he’d never admit it, but when MC was still stuck in Rika’s apartment, he sometimes watched over them in the security cameras and always found everything so… adorable..
  • MC dancing all over the small living room, doing a little dance while the food was heating up, practicing for their musicals…
  • he could never hear the lines or the music, but he liked to imagine them dancing to his favorite music
  • after MC moves in, one day he’s surprised to find MC dancing to a song he adores
  • and when MC notices him, they drag him in to dance with them
  • whenever Seven hears as much of an inkling of mockery to MC, he’ll quickly just freakin throw a dictionary worthy explanation of how weight isn’t a parallel to health and MC is one of the most active persons he knows and also whoever said that MC isn’t a beautiful talented and amazing human is an asshole

anonymous asked:

prompt : elias is suspicious of sana and yousef’s relationship/feelings for each other

“Hey! 😊 I’m so happy that you decided to write Yousana prompts… could you maybe write something about Elias finding out that Yousef likes Sana?”

Sometimes it bothered Elias how Yousef and Sana gravitated around each other everytime they were in a room. Not everyone seemed to notice, but seeing his best friend getting way too embarassed about little things when his sister was in the room or smiling for five minutes straight everytime she adressed him were things Elias couldn’t help but notice.

He didn’t quite know what to think of all this. Sana was an observer, and she’d always been really quiet. She always kept everything to herself. Of course he insisted sometimes, because he could almost always instantly notice when she wasn’t feeling good, but they never really talked. So asking her to tell him, her big brother, if she had some kind of crush on Yousef was just inconceivable. The only thing he could see was how smiley she was whenever his best friend was around.

A few months ago, he had noticed she paid more attention to her physical appearence whenever she knew Yousef would come to their house. He didn’t make fun of her. First, it wouldn’t be funny. Second, it meant making her even more shy than she already was around her own family. So he just watched it happen. Noticing the little things. How her lipstick seemed perfect. How her hijab was right in place. How her outfit matched perfectly. He smiled to himself, because he thought it was kind of cute.

Him, too, had had a crush on one of her big sister’s friends. He knew how Sana felt, even though he felt like there was more between Sana and Yousef than there ever was between that girl he barely and him.

He also knew Yousef was too respectful to even intentionnally flirt with her. And if he had done it, then he had been very discreet. Elias wasn’t watching them, he trusted both of them enough to know. If something had to happen, then it would. And he would be supportive. Until then, he trusted them.

One day, as the boys and him were going to the cinema, he saw Yousef staring at someone waiting in line in fron of them. The room was big and filled with people waiting for their movies to begin. He took a look in front of him and noticed Sana laughing with two of her girlfriends. He could only guess it was Eva and Noora as they weren’t facing them, but Sana was recognizable. A blue hijab covering her head, she seemed relaxed.

Elias, his hands in his jacket pockets, softly bumped his friend’s shoulder. Yousef startled and finally faced him, looking a little dazzled.

-Stop staring, man, Elias said.

He saw Yousef’s cheeks reddening. He took a sip of his drink, probably trying to hide his embarassment. He quickly answered :

-I wasn’t staring.

-Okay, you weren’t staring…, he said, a knowing smile lingering on his face.

-I wasn’t staring, Elias.

Elias heard in his friend’s tone that he wasn’t only trying to convince him, he was also trying to convince himself. Sana’s brother didn’t know why that was, but in that moment he realized that Yousef didn’t want to believe the possibility that he could’ve fallen for his friend’s sister.

-Yousef. You can’t help it. It’s alright… I think she can’t either anyway.

His friend frowned, confused, and Elias raised his head to look right at Sana whom was staring at Yousef. She immediatly turned her head back as she realized the boys had spotted her, but Elias saw a subtle smile appearing onYousef’s face as they entered the theatre.

He gently pushed Elias on the side before opening the door, probably trying to tell him that he was wrong again, but still. The smile remained on Yousef’s face for two hours.

I mixed the two prompts, i hope you won’t hate me for it, anons ! I’m not really satisfied with i wrote, but let me know what you think :) (i think elias is a little ooc but i wanted to write something really soft so…….) 

also: send me prompts people ! i’m way more satisfied when i know i’m gonna please someone by writing his/her idea than when i write for myself atm