he always has her back


Aesthetic: Norma Bates visibly surprised because of Alex Romero + (✿◠‿◠)

It stings that

Lucifer has so little belief in himself that he find all these reasons that the Detective kissed him- but none of them are that she actually likes him for who he is. First he thinks his powers are finally working on her. Then he thinks she’s being manipulated by his mother. Now he thinks that his Dad has something to do with it.

I’m just sitting here like, Luci babe, no. Your Dad made her immune to your charms so she could fall for the real you. You sweet as hell deep down inside under all that self-loathing.

Also can we talk about Chloe being hella into him?

She’s full on staring at him with heart eyes and having sex dreams about him and Lucifer’s in the corner going ‘she’ll never love me I’m a monster’. Like he’s the best partner she’s ever had, always has her back, calls her beautiful, defends her to a fault, never lies to her and pretty much worships the ground she walks on… but you know. Why on earth would she ever like him ?

Luci, you damn fine. But you also dense as fuck.

its just hilarious to me how after 80 the pikelan ship is just like

Andre and Chloe have such a sweet relationship in their own way. It is disgusting that he’s currupted and willing threatens random adults along with their livelihood for Chloe. However he does love her so dearly and is always showering her with hugs and pet names and adoring looks.

Chloe uses the “daddy’s girl” card to get what she wants but I think she really does care for him. She’s spoiled but she knows he has her back. She always goes to him for comfort after being in danger, especially in Stoneheart where she almost dies and they just hold each other for awhile. When Chat is assuring Ladybug that she’s a great hero, you can even see this little moment where Chloe and her dad look at each other before she lightly rests her head back on his chest.

Andre is without a doubt the main reason Chloe is as the way she is but they really do get along. I even think it’s cute, in it’s own right, that she was business-minded enough to stop Andre from kicking Jagged Stone out of the hotel. She knew he didn’t actually want to drive away someone so valuable. And I think one day Chloe will be able to filter the lessons he’s taught her through a better perpective. I would LOVE to see her develop the drive and sincerity to become an honest politician or career woman.

I’ve gone about my life for the past few years thinking I was okay.

Then I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It’s back.

My shipping is back.



Joshifer Daily Reminder: Once again, Josh takes time from promoting one of his projects to support Jen and speak in length about her and her essay on pay inequality. “I’m really proud of her.” “I thought it was incredible.” “I love that about her.” Josh has no problem talking about someone that he loves and he takes the time to support her whenever he can. Josh always has Jen’s back and he consistently encourages her in all that she does. 

“I’m really proud of her.” - That’s something someone who loves you would say. 


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Photographs of War- Chapter 2

The inspiration for this fic has been really strong the past couple of days so you already get an update. 

Chapter 1

TW: There is some detailed gore in this chapter. 

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Dear Mother,

We are getting closer to the German boarder each and every day. I hope I can reach Danzig for you, one of the men here is carrying a camera around. I want to bring pictures back for you.

I think I’ve made a friend. His name is Edward Nygma. He’s quite talkative, a big fan of riddles. He told me quite a good one yesterday: What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

It’s a pillow.

I thought it was clever. It’s nice to have some mental stimulation beyond military tactics. He’s nice. I’m almost certain he has a girl back home, always keeps a photo of her on him. But I’ve never seen him write a letter. I’m sure there must be someone back home who misses him. 

I’ll write to you again as soon as we hit the next town. 


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“You don’t belong here”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eight - favorite kiss

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Two of your OCs. "Same time tomorrow?"

aaa thankie for sending-)

Using Itazura and Requail because why not-

I set the sword down, glancing at the one guard remaining, waiting for them to leave. Chills ran down my spine when he figuratively crossed a finger across his neck. Definitely a gesture only used in my area, normally as a joke, but with a guard of the royal family, it was rather scary…
“Oh, don’t worry about Aguald.” Requail’s words brought me to look back towards her, “He always has a…murderous type of humor. Likes scaring people.”. She gave a questioning look, “It meant somethin’ like ‘die’ right?”. “Um… Yes, Miss, at least, in my home..um…neighborhood, just worrying from-” Like a fool, I rambled on, until I was stopped, her finger pressed against my mouth in a “Shut up” manner. Speaking then, and, see, being cut off by her words here, especially after the previous, was terrifying. I frantically tried to hide my fearful expression and checking for her own look given to me.

“Same time tomorrow?” Such a simple question, but from someone like her, it seemed to require such a complex answer.

“Uh…P-Pardon?” I hesitated, trying to choose even more carefully on these words. One slip up and I could just be sent to the outer ring with no explanation. One thing gone wrong with something I said back and she could cause everything I know and love to collapse.

She rolled her eyes at me, a grin flashing, “You heard what I said. Same time tomorrow?”. She probably could tell from my expression what was going on, “To try and teach you more about battle and stuff…Not death threats anymore.”

With her laughter I tried to ease up as well, “O-Oh, all right.”. Oh jeez, the guard came back, glaring even more. 

“I-I mean-!!” I stumbled to correct myself, “Um…O-Of course, Miss.”.

Her cheery laughter came back, jokingly(?) patting my shoulder, “Just call me Requail, I don’t mind. Really only my family does about titles, Itazura.”

She leaned closer to me, whispering, “Besides, soon you might not even have to call me part of the Royals anymore…”.

With that, she chuckled again before tugging on my shirt to pull me down and make me trip onto the grass. “Anyways! Later, Itzii~kun~!” I could barely see her walk away back to the other, many guardsmen, pushing my hat back up as I got up. A light blush filled my cheeks as I weakly waved back.

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JACKSON WAS A DOUCHEBAG TO APRIL THIS EPISODE. Period. Unfair is how he treated her and how April always has their backs w/o question and they can't have hers just ONCE. Unfair is that this douchebag is STILL unwilling to fight for the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN. THAT IS UNFAIR.

He really was. He had right to be upset… but he never gave april a chance to defend herself. He overlooked the fact that she’s a skilled surgeon. That scene killed me because April realized the one person she could count on doesn’t have her back at all.


Why is Tom making tea so adorable?

my boy for the win

in alot of ways wang so has been picking up the broken pieces wang wook keeps leaving in his wake. This isnt on purpose but by chance and timing, or the heavens make sure wang so proves himself everytime wook fails. The rain scene when wang so stands by her side is a perfect example. He is hae soo’s rock, no matter what happens with wook wang so is there. 

even when wang so and her have that falling out, when his mother lays a hand on hae soo he makes it clear she shouldnt have (haesoo doesnt know this, wang so does it because of his own feelings). He always has her back no matter whats happening between them, or between her and wook or the king

even a year away, he knows whats happening with hae soo, he makes it clear with the king he’s done. he left and made sure he told the king to look after her. 

a black widow movie about natasha joining the KGB when she was young and then growing up in the red room where there were just whispers of an assassin called the winter soldier and we never see him except for flashes of a metal arm when natasha’s out on missions and doing recons but this assassin is like her guardian angel and she never sees him but he always has her back

I just wanna take a moment to appreciate that when Roxy called Michelle and told her to lock her child in a separate room and get rid of the key, Michelle did it because it’s what Eggsy told Roxy to ask. Michelle has never met Roxy, never spoken to her in her life. She’s barely seen any trace of Eggsy for months. But she trusts her son so much that she did this obscure thing because he asked her to. Because through all of the shit that has happened to her, Eggsy has always had her back, and not once has he failed her. Not once has she been disappointed in him or judged him or dismissed him. I just have a lot of feelings about Michelle and Eggsy Unwin.

Ladybug loves Chat Noir.

Do not question this. She loves him currently in the canon of the show. It’s not in the same way she loves Adrien, but the depth of her feelings for Chat Noir are just as intense. Ladybug changed the course of TIME AND SPACE to fix the world because NO WAY WAS CHAT STAYING DEAD. It’s only a matter of time before she sacrifices herself for him the way he’s being doing lately.
Chat’s her partner, and she trusts him with her life, as evidenced by his constant willingness to keep her safe. He’s flirty, goofy, and has a belt for a tail, but he always has her back, and for someone who has to rely on something as unreliable and random as luck, there’s no way Ladybug undervalues the one consistent aspect of her masked life.
When she finds out, because she will, there won’t be an issue of her realizing that these two guys who she has different levels of value and respect attached to are the same. It’ll be the challenge of understanding that two equally important relationships in her life are with the same amazing person.
There are many kinds of love, and two people can be friends, partners, confidants, lovers, and family all at once.