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Tom is your Tom problem.


Aesthetic: Norma Bates visibly surprised because of Alex Romero + (✿◠‿◠)


It’s so freaking poignant and significant that Min Hyuk’s reaction to Bong Soon’s demure act  is exactly the same shocked, aghast and judgy expression people usually have when they see her super power. GD wants a girl gentle like a cosmos flower, MH freaks out when BS acts like one.

Putting the three of them together is brilliant because it shows everything that is wrong with BS’s relationship with GD. During the whole scene GD looks like a complete outsider and intruder in a couple’s home; he is completely oblivious to everything that is transpiring between BS and MH - from their silent communication to innuendos only they understand. When GD leaves it’s the atmosphere changes completely - is like one of those time you have a visitor you want to impress and you act all polite and then he leaves and you return to normalcy - AND FOR BONG SOON, NORMALCY MEANS BEING WITH MIN HYUK. Normalcy means comfort and security and it’s clear from BS’s body language and behaviour who is the man she is the most comfortable with; in front of whom she drops her sweet-girl act and reverts back to her real self. When she is waving to GD she is holding the back of MH’s chair, she good-naturally hits his arm and then she even sits next to him and eats breakfast with him while they bicker.

I love that while MH might tease BS about her act in front of GD  but when it comes to revealing her powers and feelings to GD, he has BS’s back and respects her choice to keep it a secret; a secret MH knows is not his to tell. He respects it the same way as he respects the fact that she now wants to fight the villlain. It would be so easy for MH to reveal that it was BS who thrusted that spike in there, but instead he has her back, as always. By the way, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT HE PUT ON IT THE NATIONAL FLAG AS IF BS WERE A NATIONAL HERO?! I think for MH she means even more than that.

On final note, my heart broke a little for MH because of that sad, wistful look he had while he was watching BS feeding GD chocolate and smiling at him.

Reasons to Be happy if your a DickBabs Shipper:

-I mean Technically They are married In The comic version of Batman Beyond (Not animated) and Have a son Names John
-They are married In Earth 2 and Also Have a son
-They Got married in Convergence.
-Batman Lowkey Ships them.
-In Grayson, the end of the series it is mentioned that the only women dick truly has loved is Barbara
-He will always come back to her.
-The adorable nicknames she has for him (Hunk-Wonder)
-They were announced they will have upcoming movies. UM HELLO? HIGH CHANCE THEY WILL BE IN EACH OTHERS MOVIES.
-They still manage to be friends without things being absolutely awkward
-Remember when dick got a boner when him and Babs were locked in a box together?
-That KISS in Batgirl year one
-Possible romance in Young Justice season 3.
-They unconditional Love for each other causing them to ask advice to each other, Still work in missions together and still one way or another, always, ALWAYS find the route back to each other

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I’ve been thinking about it a lot??? About Jonah and Amy and their relationship and how the writers have been building it to be The Love Story™ because look

In pretty much every episode Jonah is always there for Amy: offering advice, lending an ear, taking care of her, helping her, standing by her side, cheering her on, cheering her up, actually listening to what she says, forcing her to take care of herself, to stand up for herself, to have fun, to sometimes stop and smell the roses because the world will keep on turning regardless

I wrote a post about him being her true partner in every aspect and that’s exactly what she needs; what she always needed but never expected to happen and I know that this must be scaring the shit out of her 

ON HIS VERY FIRST DAY he went out of his way to glue those glow in the dark stars for her, so she could feel even a smudge better

Even inadvertently he pushes her to be her better self

Even when she’s not around he always has her back/defends her/protects her

Dude never left her side and even held her hair when she was barfing from all the alcohol they drank when they were locked inside the store

Jonah went to help her parents when he didn’t need to??? She is married, why didn’t her own husband picked her up/rented a truck and went with her?? Jonah cares about her (and therefore her family) to do everything is his power to help

And the best part is that he’s not doing this for any kind of reward. He’s not expecting her to fall in love with him, leave her husband for him, kiss him or hug him or even thank him. He’s doing all he’s doing because he wants to, because he cares about her enough to put Amy first without getting anything in return.

Because that’s love; true love is its best form and I can’t wait for Amy to realize that – realize she’s so lucky to have found Jonah in this lifetime and being loved the way she deserves to be loved.  

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do u think niall is a really touchy boyfriend like he always has to have his hand on her back or holding hers or around her shoulders or holding her thigh ? just to reassure himself that she's actually there :')

Yeah I think he’s really touchy all the time if he knows it’s not going to get papped. And it’s not because he’s embarrassed or anything. He just doesn’t want the added pressure of people hounding you. In fact, as soon as you’re out of the eye he’s got you tucked under his arm, pressing kisses to your hair.

When you’re home and relaxing he’s got his feet tangled with yours on the couch. At night he’s got his arm slung around your waist until he gets too hot. It makes you giggle because you can feel his temperature start to rise until finally he rolls over with a huff mumbling “fuckin’ hot as balls, just wanna touch ya.”


DARK MATTER | 2.03 | Two & Three

They play us like puppets, and we play along, we always have.

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Liz helping Alan to walk after his knee fracture!

I feel like you’re just trying to get them into close proximity, haha. Liz offering herself up as a clutch, guiding Alan’s arm around her shoulders and pressing her body close to his side, hips touching, his head so close to hers that if he’d just turn the slightest bit he’d be able to press a kiss to the crown of her head.

Romione 20 Day Challenge - Day 16

16. Favourite Ron defending Hermione moment.

A/N Honestly, any time Ron defends her is a good time, especially Malfoy Manor, but I’ve written that too many times. I think this moment is a particularly important one, for reasons explained: 

Harry’s in one of his moods again, and no one, whether they’ve said anything to him or not, is safe, for Hermione only has to look at him for him to snap:

“Don’t look at me like that!”

“Don’t you start on her!” Ron growls back without thinking, and even he is surprised at how instinctively he responded. But his reaction was anything but common.

He’s never sided with Hermione over Harry before. It was always the two of them against her, really. And even when Harry treated her like dung over the years, Ron never let himself say anything. He’d always feel horrible about it, but he’d never confront Harry about it - not when he’s in his Harry-mood. No, all he could ever manage to do was look at Hermione worriedly, almost apologising and mentally checking that she was alright. That soon grew into actually asking her if she was, but later, away from Harry, when it was just the two of them.

But now, he’s not asking. He doesn’t need to know whether she’s okay or not for him to know that the point is Harry’s actions definitely aren’t. And he loves him, of course he does, but he also loves Hermione enough to know that he can defend her all he wants from the Malfoys and Snapes and Death Eaters of the world, but it means nothing if he can’t protect her from the Harrys too.

So he finally speaks up.

And after, panting, out of breath because standing up to your best mate takes a lot out of you, he glances over, instinctively, like he always has, at Hermione. She’s looking back at him. Her expression is passive, and she swallows thickly, but he’s not quite sure why.

Her eyes, however, are shining - not with tears, but pride and gratitude. 

And that says to him all he needs to hear.

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I like to imagine Kraglin's s/o being the "small and terrifying" type that constantly starts fights that Kraglin helps finish, so he's wary to let them be alone in public, especially in bars when the Ravagers land for an evening. Like he looses track of her for fifteen minutes and then hears her shout "oh yeah?? Ya wanna go?!" And all he can do is go "ah, man, again...I'm coming honey! I got your back!"


I’ve gone about my life for the past few years thinking I was okay.

Then I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It’s back.

My shipping is back.


As much as I’m all for Vex meaning Percy when she told Saundor that her heart belonged to someone else… I’m even more enamored with her referring to her entire family.

Vex’s heart belongs to Grog who has always stood between her and danger. Who sees her get absolutely thrashed in this fight, and steps up to defend her. To shield her. To roast Saundor for being the arrogant manipulative whining bastard that he is. Grog who returns to Vex and says ‘It’s okay’, who pats her on the shoulder and reassures her ‘You did good’.

Vex’s heart belongs to Scanlan who is always there to pick her up and help her when she needs it. Scanlan who, while restrained by vines, in dire straits himself, chose to heal Vex rather than assure his own safety. Scanlan who helped her unlock the secrets of the flying broom and being obviously delighted at her joy in being able to fly. 

Vex’s heart belongs to Keyleth. Soft and gentle Keyleth who loves her so much it hurts. Keyleth who Vex trusted to tell her the whole truth about what happened in the Tomb of the Raven Queen’s Champion. Keyleth bristling in the background during the entire Saundor exchange. Keyleth, awkward and uncertain, and not good with words, but so desperate to make sure Vex knows how much she is worth, that she pushes past her own discomfort to reassure her. ‘You don’t need anyone to make you great, you already are’

Vex’s heart belongs to Pike. (Let’s be honest, everyone’s heart belongs to Pike) Pike so small and so good, who always has her back. Pike in a beautiful gown gussying up with Vex and talking about love. Pike who can related to Vex so much because they both try so hard to live up to facades that they present. Pike is constantly trying to live up to the shining beacon of hope VM sees her as. Vex constantly trying to be ‘the strong one’ of the twin set, the one who doesn’t care what others think and is always okay. Pike understands.

Vex’s heart belongs to her brother. Her brother who’s always there, always looking out for her. Her brother who believes in her so much and unquestioningly. Vax who, without hesitation, signed his life over to the Raven Queen to save his sister. And he would do it again. Vax who always has her back, who recognizes she’s scared and faltering, who calls her name gently when Saundor tempts her. ‘Vex’ahlia’ he says when Saundor is so gently and so relentlessly trying to tear her down so that she’ll surrender to him. ‘Vex’ahlia’ Vax says, to remind her how much he believes in her. That she doesn’t need Saundor’s power.

Vex’s heart belongs to Trinket. This massive creature of fur and teeth and claws. This wild beast that will follow her to the ends of the earth without hesitation or regret. Soft and gentle to her, and ferocious and unstoppable to any who threaten her (much like Vex’ahlia’s relationship with her family). Trinket who will fight and defend and love Vex to his last breath because She Is Everything.

And yeah, Vex’s heart belongs to Percy too. To this man with terrible, wonderful ideas and inventions. Who struggles constantly with himself, with guilt and fear and cowardice, but still lends her his kindness. Percy who lost almost everything, but still gives Vex anything that he has (money, explosive arrows… titles). Percy who, like everyone else in VM, knows Vex’s worth and is determined to make her realize it too. ‘I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you’.


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Once again, Josh takes time from promoting one of his projects to support Jen and speak in length about her and her essay on pay inequality. “I’m really proud of her.” “I thought it was incredible.” “I love that about her.” Josh has no problem talking about someone that he loves and he takes the time to support her whenever he can. Josh always has Jen’s back and he consistently encourages her in all that she does. 

“I’m really proud of her.” - That’s something someone who loves you would say. 


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There's A Rumor Being Spread About You

“Harry?” y/n whispered, wipping off the tears falling from her eyes.
Harry sat straight against the headboard, his body filling with worry. “Yes, darling? Everything alright?”
Y/n let out a silent cry, the thought of what happened earlier today killing her inside out. She knew she shouldn’t have came here, this always happened. There was no break, no place to breathe around here.
“Can you pick me up?”
After the words falling freely from her lips, Harry instantly shoved the songs that lay on his legs onto the bed.
“Of course. Do you want to talk about it? Where are you?” Harry asked softly as he slipped on proper shoes
He was so scared to talk to her with too much of a loud voice, scared that it was enough to break her. She sounded to vulnerable. She sounded like sadness was completely eating her alive; like she had given up.
“I’ll be at the entrance doors” she sobbed before hanging up.
She couldn’t speak anymore. Everything in her was completely breaking down, and she had no idea if she was able to hang on anymore. It was getting worse and worse by day, being accused of having a threesome with two basketball players at a party.
She didn’t even attend the party, she was with Harry for his birthday. It was just one big deal unfolding in school, and nobody had let it go.
Y/n slowly walked into the pouring rain, staring at the steps completely emotionless. Sliding her bag off her soulder, both her bag and her body fell onto the steps.
She had no feeling about anything anymore. She was completely numb at this point; not feeling anything at all anymore.
She knew if she kept coming here, this will completely kill her. She wanted to run away, run away from anything.
If only she had the strength.
She sat there, drowning in her thoughts until she saw a familiar car pull up to the school.
Picking up her bag from the steps, y/n slowly strided to her boyfriend’s car, not looking up from her feet yet. She was too ashamed to have Harry look at her while she was in a state like this.
Opening the car door, she quickly sat down on the seat, slamming the door shut. Even now, she refused to look at him. She didn’t want to talk about it. If she did, she would fall into a deep situation with herself.
Harry understood her silence, and drove slowly away from the school. Barely audible sniffles were made, and every single time he felt like she was going to break down, Harry made sure he checked on her.
Half way home, Harry noticed her breathing loudly. He knew she was over thinking everything, and he knew she was trying to make herself normal again. It wasn’t until a couple minutes later he noticed she was mumbling something under her breath, something so quiet he had to block out everything around him.
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep all of it in.”
He frowned, instantly pulling over on the side of the road. He turned to her, touching her shoulder gentley as he nearly cried at the sight of his girlfriend rocking back and forth in the seat.
“Baby. I’m here. I am right here.” Harry whispered, grazing his finger tips along her shoulder.
Y/n finally looked at him, and seeing him there was enough for her to start screaming.
Harry instantly wrapped his arms around her, undoing her seatbelt so that he was able to lift her onto his lap.
She screamed into his chest, soaking the fabric of his shirt as tears rapidly fell down her face.
“I want it all to end! I want it to end!” Y/n screeched, punching his chest in agony.
Harry didn’t mind.
“They all—they all think I’m—they all think I—”
“Hey hey, shh, breathe. Your throat will be burning if you keep screaming like this.”
Y/n slowed her breathing, gripping onto his shirt tighter everytime she felt like screaming.
Harry never loosened his grip on her, always rubbing her back. He has never seen her like this before. Screaming, sobbing, vulnerable. It was shocking to him to see what his girlfriend’s life was outside of what she’s told him.
He slowly grabbed her face, gentley lifting her head so that he can understand her pain; feel it.
“What’s got you like this?” Harry whispered, running the pads of his thumbs along her cheeks.
Y/n’s lip quivered, but she quickly blinked her tears away.
His caring side made her feel comfortable.
“When I was out for your birthday, there was a party at Maxs’ house. You know Max, I told you how fucked up he can be. But—but he told everybody that I had a threesome with him and his friends. He told everyone that I was seducing them purposely a—and that th—at I stripped for them. It’s awful. E—everyone believes it too. Everyone hates me now, Harry, everyone.” She sobbed, tucking her face in between his neck and shoulder.
Hiding into him was like hiding from the world.
Harry’s jaw clenched, staring straight into the world with rage in his eyes. How dare someone say that about her? How dare someone make her look like someone she isn’t? And the fact it was his girl made it worse.
Harry quickly planted a kiss on her neck, holding her tighter against him, as if it were possible.
“Nobody will fucking hurt you again, do you hear me? Never again.”

its just hilarious to me how after 80 the pikelan ship is just like

a black widow movie about natasha joining the KGB when she was young and then growing up in the red room where there were just whispers of an assassin called the winter soldier and we never see him except for flashes of a metal arm when natasha’s out on missions and doing recons but this assassin is like her guardian angel and she never sees him but he always has her back