he always has her back


Tom is your Tom problem.


Aesthetic: Norma Bates visibly surprised because of Alex Romero + (✿◠‿◠)

I wish we had a front shot of the sea creature in the shape of water trailer, I want to draw him 😭 


Boy will you ever.


It’s so freaking poignant and significant that Min Hyuk’s reaction to Bong Soon’s demure act  is exactly the same shocked, aghast and judgy expression people usually have when they see her super power. GD wants a girl gentle like a cosmos flower, MH freaks out when BS acts like one.

Putting the three of them together is brilliant because it shows everything that is wrong with BS’s relationship with GD. During the whole scene GD looks like a complete outsider and intruder in a couple’s home; he is completely oblivious to everything that is transpiring between BS and MH - from their silent communication to innuendos only they understand. When GD leaves it’s the atmosphere changes completely - is like one of those time you have a visitor you want to impress and you act all polite and then he leaves and you return to normalcy - AND FOR BONG SOON, NORMALCY MEANS BEING WITH MIN HYUK. Normalcy means comfort and security and it’s clear from BS’s body language and behaviour who is the man she is the most comfortable with; in front of whom she drops her sweet-girl act and reverts back to her real self. When she is waving to GD she is holding the back of MH’s chair, she good-naturally hits his arm and then she even sits next to him and eats breakfast with him while they bicker.

I love that while MH might tease BS about her act in front of GD  but when it comes to revealing her powers and feelings to GD, he has BS’s back and respects her choice to keep it a secret; a secret MH knows is not his to tell. He respects it the same way as he respects the fact that she now wants to fight the villlain. It would be so easy for MH to reveal that it was BS who thrusted that spike in there, but instead he has her back, as always. By the way, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT HE PUT ON IT THE NATIONAL FLAG AS IF BS WERE A NATIONAL HERO?! I think for MH she means even more than that.

On final note, my heart broke a little for MH because of that sad, wistful look he had while he was watching BS feeding GD chocolate and smiling at him.

Reasons to Be happy if your a DickBabs Shipper:

-I mean Technically They are married In The comic version of Batman Beyond (Not animated) and Have a son Names John
-They are married In Earth 2 and Also Have a son
-They Got married in Convergence.
-Batman Lowkey Ships them.
-In Grayson, the end of the series it is mentioned that the only women dick truly has loved is Barbara
-He will always come back to her.
-The adorable nicknames she has for him (Hunk-Wonder)
-They were announced they will have upcoming movies. UM HELLO? HIGH CHANCE THEY WILL BE IN EACH OTHERS MOVIES.
-They still manage to be friends without things being absolutely awkward
-Remember when dick got a boner when him and Babs were locked in a box together?
-That KISS in Batgirl year one
-Possible romance in Young Justice season 3.
-They unconditional Love for each other causing them to ask advice to each other, Still work in missions together and still one way or another, always, ALWAYS find the route back to each other

Dream (touken drabble)

Summary: A mini-Touken moment post whatever bullshit is going on in this arc. (878 words)

A/N: I kinda have like really shitty wifi and I am supposed to be studying in the short moments I have in what is supposed to be a vacation. I wrote this out half-asleep while multi-tasking and reading primary sources from the 1500s so really, just spare my soul. I don’t even know if this post will even be uploaded successfully. =w= Enjoy~ 


“Whatever Touka-chan decides, I will be here for you,” Kaneki says, reaching out to push her bangs out of her face. She takes a moment from her thoughts to muse at how he’s always pushing her hair back to stare at her face but she feels like it’s something she will never get used to, perhaps since she can never get used to the thought of him finding her beautiful even despite the number of times he’s said it to her.

“I… want to be with everyone,” she admits.

“Then let’s be with everyone.”

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Hi, love your fics! "kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap" for bellarke. (If you let me be specific....I'd like this in canon. I love Bellamy's scruff but I wouldn't be mad if there's a scene where clarke's sitting in his lap, shaving his beard off, and there's sexual tension)

gah thank you so much!! um, again, canon bellarke is my SHIT and writing this was truly an ethereal experience because like…bellamy blake and a beard has truly changed me. tbh i love it and think he looks amazing. but anyways, i hope this is everything you wanted and more, nonny! 

P.S: I was listening to the song Dearly Departed by DeVotchka while writing this. the title came from it. You can listen to it here

how i missed your heart (beating next to mine)


There is a strange sense of deja vu being back on Earth. You would think the second nuclear apocalypse would make everything different, but it stills seems eerily familiar. Perhaps it’s because six years later, Bellamy is standing in the same place he had been thousands of days ago. He’s standing on the balcony of the lab watching his friends drink and laugh together like nothing had changed. Like they didn’t carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Maybe it’s because they didn’t. Maybe he carried it all. Maybe he still does.

“You think it’s time we finally have that drink?” a familiar voice pulls him from his reverie. He turns to find her, still unsure if everything that’s happening is real. Clarke. She’s alive. She survived.

Their reunion hadn’t been glorious. In fact, it was a simple lock of the eyes and a half-smile before they had to disappear into the woods to escape their newest enemy. Of course. They always have fucking enemies. But now he gets to look at her, really look at her for the first time in 2,205 days. She looks healthy, her curves softer than they’ve ever been and her skin glows in the bright light. She’s cut her hair into a shorter bob and somehow managed to add color to it. She smiles like she hadn’t been left behind to die. Left behind to die by him. It makes his heart feel like it’s going to shatter into a million pieces – he knows because he’s felt it before. He felt it the day they left.

“I’m not much of a drinker anymore,” he says as lightly as he can despite thinking of the months he spent drinking away pain and loathing on the Ark. He’s not proud of himself, after all, they had chosen him to lead them. He did. He was a leader during the day, but at night he would numb himself to the responsibility. He would numb his heart so he could better listen to his head.

He feels warmth seep into his sleeve and freezes, his body unraveling at the smallest touch. She’s real. She’s real. She’s here.

“Bellamy,” she whispers his name and it’s a godsend. He always loved the way it fell from her lips and he spent so long believing he’d never hear it again. When he looks at her, whatever she had been about to say dies on her lips. They stare at each other, all their unspoken words hanging in the air. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I’m happy you’re here. I missed you. So much.

“Clarke!” Raven’s voice interrupts the moment, “Get your ass down here and drink with us!”

She steps back from him with a sad smile, like she wishes more than anything they could just have one fucking moment to themselves. But it’s just like old times. Just when they have a second to breathe together, someone always takes it away. He can’t really blame them this time. After all, they too are trying to comprehend the fact that their friend is alive.

He follows her over to the group, if only because he’s not quite ready to be away from her again even if it’s only for a moment. Not to mention he’s done six years of brooding on his own, he can’t take much more. His cup remains filled with water as they all laugh and tell stories of their years apart. They’ve lost so much but in this moment it feels like they’ve gained so much more. It’s late into the night before people begin to drift off, one by one. Eventually, he and Clarke are the only two left awake.

“I didn’t even know you could grow a beard,” she muses and he can’t help the chuckle that slips from his throat.

“Me either,” he admits, “It just kind of happened.”

And it did. Shaving became a tedious task by the end of their stay on the Ark. He was spending long days working on the rocket and using the rest of the time to sleep. Shaving wasn’t exactly a priority.  

“No razors on the ring?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “Didn’t really care to do it, honestly.”

She hums in response before standing and holding a hand out to him. He raises his eyebrow in question and she grins (fuck, when did her smile start lighting entire rooms?), “Let’s go take care of it.”

He feels that sense of  deja vu again. Clarke Griffin is standing in front of him, hating on his beard, and acting like no time had ever passed between them. She’s forgiven him, he realizes. Of course she would. Only she would brush off being left to die and chalk it up to, ‘you did what you had to do.’

“You don’t like my beard, Princess?” it comes out before he can really think about it and she looks just as surprised as he feels but she plays it off.

“Eh.” and with that, he finds himself following her up the stairs and into the bedroom. She pushes him on the bed and demands that he sit and he’s trying not to let his mind go there but it all feels extremely intimate.

He hears her fumbling around in the attached bathroom and she emerges a few moments later with a bottle and old scalpel. He eyes the tool warily and she laughs softly.

“Trust me, it works a lot better than a knife,” she tells him. She places the items on the table and puts a hand on his cheek to examine the patches of hair that have grown along his chin and neck. His heart slams against his chest at the contact and suddenly the air feels thick.

Seemingly unaffected by the closeness, she grabs the bottle from the table and pours some into her palm before rubbing into the overgrown areas, “It’s conditioner. Surprisingly hard to make. “

He grunts, unable to form coherent words in this exact moment. 48 hours ago, they had been preparing to come back to Earth and have to start from scratch. As far as any of them knew, Clarke had been dead for six years. 24 hours ago, she had found them in a flurry of blonde, complete with an adopted child (which nearly makes him laugh, because of course she would find someone to take care of in their absence). Now, she’s in front of him helping him shave. It’s all so fucking surreal.

“Turn your head,” she murmurs and he does as she says, closing his eyes while her fingers massage into his cheek. Her hands are steady as they sweep the hair from his cheek, his chin. He can feel her breath brushing each newly bare area and it sends goosebumps up his arms. She’s here. She’s so close. He has to close his eyes for a moment to keep himself grounded. It can’t be happening. It shouldn’t be happening. But it is.

“Clarke,” it’s the first time he says her name and her movements still. When he opens his eyes, she is staring right back at him, her blue irises piercing into his soul. He swallows the small lump beginning to form in his throat.

“Tilt your head back,” she directs quietly and threads her empty hand through his curls, gently tugging him back. He has to close his eyes again because, fuck, the close proximity, the way she’s touching and caressing his skin. He feels like he’s on fire.

She makes quick work of his cheeks and chin, but getting the patches on his neck seem to providing a lot more trouble for her. She pauses for a moment before setting the the scalpel on the bed.

She clears her throat, “I’m having trouble with this part…do you…can I?”

Her nervousness is full frontal now, wringing her hands in front of him and looking anywhere but into his eyes. He isn’t sure what she’s trying to ask, but he knows he doesn’t want her to stop.

“Go ahead,” he tells her. She lets out a small breath before she pushes his shoulder to help him lean back. He does, leaning back onto his forearms so she has full access to his neck. He’s fine. He’s under control. Until she climbs onto his lap, with her legs on either side of him. In all the time they’ve known each other, even in their most intimate moments, it’s the closest contact they’ve ever had. His breath hitches in his throat and she looks like she may change her mind, so he grabs her wrist and nods for her to continue. He wants her to keep going.

He tilts his head back and she leans in, her breath hot on his neck as she concentrates on the more sensitive parts of his throat. She works the blade slowly and gently, rubbing her thumb over the newly smooth skin. Before he’s ready, she scrapes the last of the hair and wipes at him gently with the cloth she had slung over her shoulder. She brushes it along his neck, his cheeks, his lips. His hands of begun to idly slide up her thighs, gripping her through her pants and rubbing circles into the flesh.

It’s funny how he could only know her for such a short amount of time, most of which they spent at odds, and yet still feel an unmistakable pull to her. Everything about her intrigues him, challenges him, moves him. His hands are on her waist now, digging into her hip bones and her eyes close at the touch. It’s too much, he thinks, it’s too soon to feel this way again. But she’s consuming him just like she always had and now that he has her back, now that she’s really here, he can’t find it in himself to pull away.

He leans up, bringing them closer together and leans his forehead against hers and they’re breathing each other in. They should talk, but talking almost seems inadequate. Her hands fall to his shoulders, they trace each plane of his arm like she’s trying to retrace every piece of him she could have forgotten in their time apart. As her hands fall, his rise, moving across her waist, her back, tangle in her hair. IT’s then he realizes he’s smiling, truly and genuinely smiling, and she’s smiling too. When her eyes open they’re full and he brushes a thumb along her cheek to wipe away the stray tear having fallen.

“You’re alive,” he whispers and it feels like the reunion they deserve. Uninterrupted. Personal. Intense.

“So are you,” she responds and suddenly the tension is too much. They aren’t close enough. She has to understand what it all means. What she means to him.

He brushes his lips against hers and it’s quick and soft. She stills and suddenly he thinks he may have misread her, may have gotten it all wrong. But then she chokes out a sob, one full of overwhelming joy and before he can react, she crushes her lips against his and her hands immediately tangle into his hair again holding him to her.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t ever dreamt about this moment. He had a million times, a million lifetimes ago. And he thought it would always remain a dream, that it would always be something he’d regret not doing before their time was up. But time has been forgiving. IT’s been a blessing. It’s been given back to them and he decides, right then as they pour everything into each other’s lips, that he won’t ever take it for granted.

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I’ve been thinking about it a lot??? About Jonah and Amy and their relationship and how the writers have been building it to be The Love Story™ because look

In pretty much every episode Jonah is always there for Amy: offering advice, lending an ear, taking care of her, helping her, standing by her side, cheering her on, cheering her up, actually listening to what she says, forcing her to take care of herself, to stand up for herself, to have fun, to sometimes stop and smell the roses because the world will keep on turning regardless

I wrote a post about him being her true partner in every aspect and that’s exactly what she needs; what she always needed but never expected to happen and I know that this must be scaring the shit out of her 

ON HIS VERY FIRST DAY he went out of his way to glue those glow in the dark stars for her, so she could feel even a smudge better

Even inadvertently he pushes her to be her better self

Even when she’s not around he always has her back/defends her/protects her

Dude never left her side and even held her hair when she was barfing from all the alcohol they drank when they were locked inside the store

Jonah went to help her parents when he didn’t need to??? She is married, why didn’t her own husband picked her up/rented a truck and went with her?? Jonah cares about her (and therefore her family) to do everything is his power to help

And the best part is that he’s not doing this for any kind of reward. He’s not expecting her to fall in love with him, leave her husband for him, kiss him or hug him or even thank him. He’s doing all he’s doing because he wants to, because he cares about her enough to put Amy first without getting anything in return.

Because that’s love; true love is its best form and I can’t wait for Amy to realize that – realize she’s so lucky to have found Jonah in this lifetime and being loved the way she deserves to be loved.  


DARK MATTER | 2.03 | Two & Three

They play us like puppets, and we play along, we always have.

I’ve gone about my life for the past few years thinking I was okay.

Then I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It’s back.

My shipping is back.


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OH AND!!!! Hyde/Jackie + 'Life As We Know It' to cry happily <333333333

*gross sobbing* I’m so sorry, Kelso and Brooke.

Warning: for this AU, Kelso and Brooke has to die for the rest of the plot to happen. But you all should know that if you have seen the movie, lol.

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Mike and Eleven

I love everything about Mike and Eleven’s relationship. They simply just love each other purely. They care for each other and protect each other. Mike is so patient with El and treats her exactly how she is supposed to be treated. He understands there are many things she doesn’t know and teaches her. If she’s scared, he always knows what to say to calm her down. He lets her know that she never has to go through anything alone, that they are in it together. One small but perfect example of this is when they are at the Snowball and Mike asks El to dance, to which she replies, “I don’t know how.” Mike instantly tells her, “Me neither. Do you want to figure it out together?” Seeing that just warmed my heart so much.

He always has her back. He doesn’t doubt her and his faith in her never falters. In season one, he defends her even against his best friends. When she disappears he calls her every day for 353 days, always believing she is still out there. And when he finds out she was so close and had heard him all this time, he doesn’t get angry with her at all. His response was of concern. “Why didn’t you show me a sign? Tell me that you were okay?” Then finds out it was Hopper who had kept her hidden all this time. His demeanor suddenly changes to anger and rage toward Hopper. “I BLAME YOU! LIAR LIAR LIAR!” In this short scene you can see how contrasted Mike and Eleven’s behavior towards others are vs. their behavior towards each other. He is so calm with El, but lashes out at Hopper. When El first arrives, she cries when she sees Mike, her voice is soft, and you can tell how torn she is about not telling him she was alive. When she turns to Hopper, she just asks, “Where have YOU been?” Hopper sees it too. After his conversation with Mike, he realizes how much of an impact Mike has had on El. Promises are sacred to them and lies are not tolerated. So it breaks El’s heart whenever Hopper breaks his promises. And after he confronts Mike, Mike calls him the worst name he could possibly think of in his eyes, a liar. And he realizes how much it hurt them to keep them apart.

After everything El has been through and everyone she’s been with, Mike was the only one who didn’t treat her like a slave or fugitive. Papa locked her up and exploited her talents. Hopper treated her better but still locked her up, forbidding her from seeing or contacting anyone. Her aunt called the authorities after she showed up. And her “sister” used her powers for her own purposes. Mike kept her hidden, yes, but only from the bad men who were trying to find her and other adults who would call authorities. With Mike, she was still able to go out and enjoy the world, hang out with friends, go on adventures together. It would come as no surprise why El would like Mike so much. He is her true savior. And it’s great to see the dynamic where physically, El always saves Mike and his friends, but emotionally, Mike saves El. They are both dependent on each other, and as you can see from season 2, they just aren’t the same when they are not together.

Lastly, I must applaud Mike for saying what he feels without embarrassment at such a young age. It is even more so in season 2. He loves El and he’s not afraid to show it. In the first season, when Nancy first asks him if he likes El, he says “Ew no. Gross.” But by the end, he builds up the courage to say he likes her, ask her to the Snowball, and kisses her. In season 2, he plainly tells her how much he has missed her over the past year, how he thinks about her every single day. He tells her, “I can’t lose you again.” and at the end, he tell her how beautiful she looks at the Snowball and means it. El of course smiles the brightest smile because that’s all she wants. To be with Mike. They wear their heart on their sleeves. They’re perfect together and I don’t want them to change!

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do u think niall is a really touchy boyfriend like he always has to have his hand on her back or holding hers or around her shoulders or holding her thigh ? just to reassure himself that she's actually there :')

Yeah I think he’s really touchy all the time if he knows it’s not going to get papped. And it’s not because he’s embarrassed or anything. He just doesn’t want the added pressure of people hounding you. In fact, as soon as you’re out of the eye he’s got you tucked under his arm, pressing kisses to your hair.

When you’re home and relaxing he’s got his feet tangled with yours on the couch. At night he’s got his arm slung around your waist until he gets too hot. It makes you giggle because you can feel his temperature start to rise until finally he rolls over with a huff mumbling “fuckin’ hot as balls, just wanna touch ya.”

There's A Rumor Being Spread About You

“Harry?” y/n whispered, wipping off the tears falling from her eyes.
Harry sat straight against the headboard, his body filling with worry. “Yes, darling? Everything alright?”
Y/n let out a silent cry, the thought of what happened earlier today killing her inside out. She knew she shouldn’t have came here, this always happened. There was no break, no place to breathe around here.
“Can you pick me up?”
After the words falling freely from her lips, Harry instantly shoved the songs that lay on his legs onto the bed.
“Of course. Do you want to talk about it? Where are you?” Harry asked softly as he slipped on proper shoes
He was so scared to talk to her with too much of a loud voice, scared that it was enough to break her. She sounded to vulnerable. She sounded like sadness was completely eating her alive; like she had given up.
“I’ll be at the entrance doors” she sobbed before hanging up.
She couldn’t speak anymore. Everything in her was completely breaking down, and she had no idea if she was able to hang on anymore. It was getting worse and worse by day, being accused of having a threesome with two basketball players at a party.
She didn’t even attend the party, she was with Harry for his birthday. It was just one big deal unfolding in school, and nobody had let it go.
Y/n slowly walked into the pouring rain, staring at the steps completely emotionless. Sliding her bag off her soulder, both her bag and her body fell onto the steps.
She had no feeling about anything anymore. She was completely numb at this point; not feeling anything at all anymore.
She knew if she kept coming here, this will completely kill her. She wanted to run away, run away from anything.
If only she had the strength.
She sat there, drowning in her thoughts until she saw a familiar car pull up to the school.
Picking up her bag from the steps, y/n slowly strided to her boyfriend’s car, not looking up from her feet yet. She was too ashamed to have Harry look at her while she was in a state like this.
Opening the car door, she quickly sat down on the seat, slamming the door shut. Even now, she refused to look at him. She didn’t want to talk about it. If she did, she would fall into a deep situation with herself.
Harry understood her silence, and drove slowly away from the school. Barely audible sniffles were made, and every single time he felt like she was going to break down, Harry made sure he checked on her.
Half way home, Harry noticed her breathing loudly. He knew she was over thinking everything, and he knew she was trying to make herself normal again. It wasn’t until a couple minutes later he noticed she was mumbling something under her breath, something so quiet he had to block out everything around him.
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep all of it in.”
He frowned, instantly pulling over on the side of the road. He turned to her, touching her shoulder gentley as he nearly cried at the sight of his girlfriend rocking back and forth in the seat.
“Baby. I’m here. I am right here.” Harry whispered, grazing his finger tips along her shoulder.
Y/n finally looked at him, and seeing him there was enough for her to start screaming.
Harry instantly wrapped his arms around her, undoing her seatbelt so that he was able to lift her onto his lap.
She screamed into his chest, soaking the fabric of his shirt as tears rapidly fell down her face.
“I want it all to end! I want it to end!” Y/n screeched, punching his chest in agony.
Harry didn’t mind.
“They all—they all think I’m—they all think I—”
“Hey hey, shh, breathe. Your throat will be burning if you keep screaming like this.”
Y/n slowed her breathing, gripping onto his shirt tighter everytime she felt like screaming.
Harry never loosened his grip on her, always rubbing her back. He has never seen her like this before. Screaming, sobbing, vulnerable. It was shocking to him to see what his girlfriend’s life was outside of what she’s told him.
He slowly grabbed her face, gentley lifting her head so that he can understand her pain; feel it.
“What’s got you like this?” Harry whispered, running the pads of his thumbs along her cheeks.
Y/n’s lip quivered, but she quickly blinked her tears away.
His caring side made her feel comfortable.
“When I was out for your birthday, there was a party at Maxs’ house. You know Max, I told you how fucked up he can be. But—but he told everybody that I had a threesome with him and his friends. He told everyone that I was seducing them purposely a—and that th—at I stripped for them. It’s awful. E—everyone believes it too. Everyone hates me now, Harry, everyone.” She sobbed, tucking her face in between his neck and shoulder.
Hiding into him was like hiding from the world.
Harry’s jaw clenched, staring straight into the world with rage in his eyes. How dare someone say that about her? How dare someone make her look like someone she isn’t? And the fact it was his girl made it worse.
Harry quickly planted a kiss on her neck, holding her tighter against him, as if it were possible.
“Nobody will fucking hurt you again, do you hear me? Never again.”