he always had nice shoes

Jean Michel would go with me and smoke joints on a bench while I ran. He’d say, “I don’t know why you have to do that to be a regular person.” I’d get in to Interview around 10 a.m. Andy would come in later for lunch. We’d have Bianca Jagger or another socialite or celebrity over for lunch. Musicians, actors, all kinds of people came in. It would either be catered or we’d go out. We had a charge account at Le Cirque, and we had a charge account with a limousine company but we didn’t even have hot water in the office. It was very high-low. Once Andy came into the office, he was there for the rest of the day til dinner. He always wore white New Balance tennis shoes. If he had a nice dinner to go to after work, he’d just paint the tennis shoes black.
—  Paige Powell, on a typical day at the Interview Magazine office in the 80s.