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Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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Cute Things About Kim Taehyung We Seem To Forget

• He’s afraid of bees
• He facetimes with his family and asks them to show him Soonshim [his dog]
• He likes big lions
• He also likes big dogs
• He tagged his photo with #DoubleEyeLidLineCaught because it kept appearing in his pictures
• He takes pictures of his parents when they’re happy.
• He went “On a date” with his parents
• He let the members who didn’t have funny photos of him quickly take funny photos so that they could upload them on his birthday
• “Oppa is superman”
• He calls his fans “Our lovelies” “Lovelies” “My lovelies” and occasionally “My pretties”
• If you put Tangerine and V together it’s Bbyoul!
• He wanted a love like Titanic
• He asked his mom how his fashion was
• “Ostrich-hyungnim”
• He puts ramen packets on his McDonald’s
• Bighit said his weakness is Trot and that he gets increasingly excited
• He took a picture of the members and then drew leashes on all of them
• He played crossy roads and tried to get a score of 601 for his fans but could only get to 456
• He threatened to draw nipples on Jimin’s hiphop monster
• He called himself “The captain of 95z”
• He called Jungkook and J-hope his daughters
• His black T-shirt, the one he cut a hole strait down the back was requested by a fan, he replied with “Chosen”
• He cuddles things when he’s sleeping
• He’s always trying to improve his English
• He watches Anime
• TaeTae Magazine
• He said that fast food makes him happy
• He talks and kicks in his sleep
• His stage name could have been Six or Lex but he chose V for victory
• He cried watching Miracles in Cell No. 7
• He got spit at by a Simpanse monkey at the zoo when he was little and that’s why he went back to the zoo asking the monkey’s “was it you” on his one tweet.
• He wants to name his kids Taekwon and Taeguk
• He doesn’t like wearing shoes
• He read his first fan mail over and over and over

I could go on forever, all in all my sunshine is the cutest. ♡

17408 Fansign:

- Mark said he had the ahgabong constantly on for 2-3 days
MK: it was on constantly I changed the battery before i went but its gone now

-  Jinyoung said because he didn’t play the games well yesterday, Youngjae made fun of him

-  Yugyeom said he wasn’t able to go to the Arbor Day event cuz he was sick F: dont be sick i was worried 

-  Youngjae said that he thinks that he will go back to black hair soon

-  Jinyoung said there isnt any perfume he is using lately

-  F: Why did u wear sth inside ur shirt for Paradise on GOT the stage JY: cuz the studio was cold & I didnt want to satisfy u guys’ desire

-  F: what r u doing for ur solo vapp? I heard the concept is sth ur not good at YJ: yup I didn’t decide yet what should i do?  F: (as a joke) driving? YJ: oh (to the staff) can I get my driving license for my vapp?

-  JB said his fav song in this album is Paradise

-  Mark said he didn’t eat things like bugs but he ate sth like a chicken and it was tasty that he ate in the jungle was delicious

-  They said they filmed Real GOT7 today before they came to the fansign

-  Yugyeom said on the days he plays bowling well he scores around 100 and usually around 70s

-  Fan asked if the cats get along well JB: they get along well they don’t fight for ranking Nora is top and Kunta and Odd is around the same

-  Jinyoung said for Zepp there isn’t a solo stage and it’s undecided for Yoyogi and Korean concert is also undecided

-  Fan asked Mark what he ate at the jungle Mark said he didn’t eat and that he was bitten by a bug so he had a bump on his face

-  WOLO will be release in a different album not on a concert album but the time is undecided yet

-  Bambam said his cafe in Thailand will open this month

-  Fan told Jackson that lot of fans were surprised from the photo Mama Wang uploaded cuz Jackson looked like his brother but he said he doesnt

-  Mark said it was hard sleeping that he really slept outdoors F: what about food did u really eat insects? MK: i didn’t eat it but it was fun

-  F: if you get a chance do you have thoughts on doing a musical? YJ: i want to do it


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could you maybe tell me more about the predebut yoonmin flirting? always read that they were flirting so much in that phase but i don't really know anything about it. ^^'

so yoongi and jimin used to tease / mention each other a lot on twitter, e.g: 

[SUGA] While seeing Ppark Jjiminie’s washboard abs I think that I must do today’s laundry with Ppark Jjiminie’s abs 

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I’ve been doing my best to avoid posting in the tags lately because this place has attracted a lot of haters and negative Nancys! But things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few days. I especially did not want to make this post, but too many people keep pestering me with the same questions about Daniella Filler, so I’m just going to address this topic and hopefully people can stop freaking out.
For those of you who don’t know, Daniella Filler is a model who works for an agency called Richards Models. Last March, when Cole was in Vancouver filming the pilot, he and DF did a photoshoot together. If you check out Cole’s IG page, and go to his photos from March 2016, you’ll find them. He’s tagged both Daniella and her agency in these pictures, so it’s strictly a professional shoot. Do people honestly think that Cole would take advantage of a model he was assigned to work with by a company he works for? Cole stayed in Vancouver for less than a month when they did the pilot, so how the hell did he find the time to have a gf, which he clearly abandoned once filming was done and he went back to NY/LA! Please, people, start having some common sense.
Yes, Cole and Daniella are friends. She hung out with him and some of the cast last December when they all went roller skating. However, what you don’t know is that Daniella is also an aspiring photographer. Without disclosing too much personal information about her, because people seem to be going to her pages and sending her hate, which is just WRONG, Daniella has started up a photography portfolio, and Cole has been helping and teaching her photography. She even accompanied him to his photoshoot in February with adeezia_adhel: the one of them in the snow (again, you can find these pictures on his IG). DF also took photos of the model and uploaded them to her own personal photography account. So people seriously need to chill out and stop assuming that every girl Cole is seen out with is a girl he’s banging.
Also, if people look at the photos of DF and Cole hiking the other day, you’ll notice they both have their cameras with them. They were clearly there taking pictures. And if you want even further proof that there is nothing going on between them and nothing ever did, I’ve linked a screenshot of one of Cole’s photo captions where he discusses perverted photographers. Cole is very professional. He did not take up photographer to f*ck models. That would make him a creep! And we all know he’s not. Sorry if this was abrupt.

*Oh, and before I forget - that apparent “hand holding” picture people got worried about was not that at all. Cole went closer to DF because he was moving out of the way to let the other guy through.

Merry Christmas!! <3

brand new music as your boyfriend

further - 100% my personal thoughts and opinion. requested by anonymous.

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lim youngmin: he’s a sweet alpaca, who knows everything about you. he’ll notice every change of you. he also somehow has a power of reading minds, and will always open conversations first about what your worries are or what is making you so depressed. he likes being photos taken by you, and he uploads only pictures taken by you and of you only. caption will always be something like ‘photo by the best photographer’ some cringe, aesthetic(?), lovey quotes. calling you whenever he feels like, laughing every moment by just listening to your voice. i think he’s going to be good at talking sweet romantic stuff, and will whisper you ‘i love you’ before sleep. smiling when your eyes meet each other’s.

kim donghyun: with him it’s most likely to be a best friend to boyfriend relationship. you will never have a glimpse of boredom when you are around with him. since he’s that one funny friend of yours. so sometimes you will laugh even though it’s a serious moment of him giving advice to you, because you aren’t going to be used to him being like that. sending you tons of hearts: emoji, photos, or somehow else. he can be childish sometimes, giving you a hard time. he pouts quickly on small things like you not laughing at his jokes, but he comes back to his normal self quick too (especially when you do aegyos). would always ask questions like ‘you love me right? right?’. needs a lot of assurance to comfort him.

park woojin: done over here

lee daehwi: like donghyun, he’s also the best friend to boyfriend relationship, but he would sometime treat you more like a best friend. whatever you two do, he’d be more excited about the idea/plan, and he would be leading everything in the plan. competes with you with small stuff. for example competing for whose cuter. likes taking photos and saving memories everywhere, writes down childish stuff ‘daehwi ♥ y/n were here’ on post-its and put it where you two would most likely to remember. he knows everything happening between you two for instance how long you two have been dating or how many hours you two have separated. will stick to you, doing a lot of skin-ship and aegyos. he’d be jealous really quickly and for a long period.

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actual released solo songs ^_^

Yongguk did a bunch of songs back when he was an underground rapper, before he joined TS entertainment. You can find a masterlist here.

Yongguk featured in 2 songs while he was still a trainee:

After debuting with B.A.P, he’s released a few solo tracks on his Soundcloud. Some have been taken down but been uploaded by fans on YT.


(He’s got a solo song called “Blessing” which he performed on last year’s tour, but there’s been no official release for it. You can only watch fancams. He’s got a new one this year, so we’ll see if he’ll release that one…)


(He also got a new solo song for this tour. I pray for its release.)

Daehyun has released a song called “What About You?” on Soundcloud that I believe he made together with a friend.

Youngjae recently said he’s working on solo songs, so hopefully we’ll get to see one soon. I don’t know anything about Himchan.

Phew! Damn, I hope I didn’t forget anything, or got anything wrong :o

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does daehyun and himchan really hate each other? a lot of fans seems to say so.

I truly believe that they don’t. Daehyun and Himchan have one of the strongest bonds in B.A.P. There’s so many instances where they’ve proven that they love and care for each other so so much. I’ve seen the same type of rhetoric floating around and I don’t know how they’ve drawn that kind of conclusion. 

  • During his birthday stream Daehyun called Himchan because he wanted to hear his voice and they uploaded bad photos of each other x x
  • Himchan was also the only one to make it down to Busan to watch Daehyun perform during Hiatus, you can see how happy they both were to see each other and hang out x x
  • Himchan is happy Daehyun talks to him like a friend and they have rooftop talks x 
  • These cuties switched name tags x 
  • To Himchan, Daehyun is the existence of love and To Daehyun, Himchan is real x
  • Himchan bought Daehyun a birthday present x
  • This whole Grazia Interview
  • Constant cuddling x x x and a kiss x
  • Constant dinner dates, even on Christmas x x x 
  • Himdae practicing together x 
  • “I can be with this person for my whole life keke” x 

There’s so many more instances where Himchan and Daehyun just like to have fun and enjoy being around each other. No friendship is perfect but they definitely don’t hate each other. I don’t know how people can think that these two sweet beans hate each other. 

I was on a camping trip this past weekend with some mates;
I got away from the crowd then got chatting to one of my buddies, that I used to play with back before he got a Bf.

One thing lead to another & he mentioned that he knew I had this Tumblr page, apparently he recognised some of the uploaded photos.

Was hot to know that he gets off scrolling through my page. But even hotter was that mid conversation, his bf messaged him causing him to get so hard he had to tuck it up under the waistline of his pants, lifting his shirt to prove it. Shot me a cheeky grin & said “I know you miss it”
-> Hell yeah I do!
But I also know his bf is a very lucky man

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May i ask about the hit (tm). What team/ game was it??

of course!!! let’s talk about the hit that i mention in this post. so the legend goes, The Hit™ took place on nov. 16th, 2005. it was against the philadelphia flyers (contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t on the 5th and it actually wasn’t sid’s first game on philadelphia’s ice but his second).

basically what happened was this: sid’s taking the puck up the ice and flyers d-man derian hatcher twists around him, checks him into the boards and gets his stick up under sid’s helmet and hits him in the mouth

some have called it a “sher-wood root canal”; sher-wood is a brand of hockey sticks, so i’m thinking the term means a player takes their blade and fucks your mouth up with it, which i’d say that’s a fairly accurate description. here’s a video of the hit (fair warning, the title/description indicate the uploader is a big ol’ fly*rs fan) and here’s a photo of sid’s whole face situation after that happened (another warning, there is blood).

so anyway, sid’s spitting blood, and it clearly should have been a high sticking penalty and it also should’ve been doubled because blood was drawn. it would’ve been totally appropriate to make the call, and not just because this game had a shit ton of penalties (check out the box score; brutal). instead, you’ll notice that hatcher gets zero (0) minutes, and sid himself maaay have actually received an unsportsmanlike penalty for what he did next (tho i can’t tell if that’s from this hit or something else).

either way, the ref blatantly refused to give a penalty when it would’ve been appropriate. sid’s not gonna let that go, so he complains to the ref (still! spitting! blood! might i add). philadelphia took that and ran with it for miles. “sidney crosby is a whiner” “sidney crosby’s a little bitch” “sidney crosby’s a pussy” etc. etc.

now i have to give some context: sid was 18 years old at the time and about 5 weeks into his first nhl season. in addition to being expected to singlehandedly save the penguins franchise, he was being primed to be the new face of the league. that’s a lot of pressure, and if you ask me, he probably knew exactly how many eyes were on him at this point. he wasn’t being treated fairly because of how much the league had hyped him up and he knew it, and had to play through it anyway, but taking a hit like that that goes unpenalized and walking away is just too much to ask any player, much less a rookie with the weight of the league on his shoulders. 

the end result? sid continues playing and goes on to get the gwg in OT, which reeeally pisses of philly. to this day, whatever sexist/transphobic insult you can think of, some flyers fan probably will probably have it on a sign at any given pens/flyers matchup. they’re never gonna get over the fact that even though their player dropped a dirty fuckin hit on our boy, he still kicked their asses that day.

(anyway, daily reminder that fuck the flyers! xoxo)

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Bendy! Do you draw, or do you leave that up to the artists? (Also mun you're doing gr8!!!)

((thank you dear! o w o))

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What doesn’t kill me better fucking run

Hey guys! I’m not sure if I managed to capture that ‘your grandpa’s photos when he was younger’ feel in the first one so I decided to add the filtered version and also the original greyscale and minimal colour version below. So take your pick *wink* *wink*

I finally learnt how to properly paint zippers! YAAAY!

PS: if you wish to re - upload my works instead of reblogging it from it’s original source, please do tell me. Not that I’m mad or anything. As long you’re not secretly profiting from it then we’re cool.
A thing about the rumour regarding Hansol

Wow okay so I just woke up and read about Hansol leaving SM to be honest I’m not sure what to believe in because the events contradicts itself??

1. Because this would explain why he isn’t on the sm rookies ig activities (live,pictures or the exo concert) BUT STILL fingers cross that he would be included in the NCT 127 comeback.

2. Another thing is that SM trainees aren’t allowed to own an IG account if they do during their non-trainee years they are asked to either not post anything or delete it. I know about this because I used to follow a YouTuber who auditioned for SM and for some reason she deleted the contents (and she doesn’t upload anymore the last being 8 months ago) of her account and her IG was set into private.

3. The account could be fake and was created to troll around but still this contradicts itself because their was a tag photo of him and his friend and a never before seen photo of him which is also relatively fresh because it was posted 10 hrs ago.

4. Last, I really doubt that SM would let go of Hansol? Considering that he trained for years and of course SM made an investment in him (lets be honest here) and if you guys don’t know during trainee years the company would take out money from their account to pay for your trainee years this is why during debut, artist earns a minimum wage or nothing at all because their salaries goes to the company to pay for their trainee years. Hansol has a fanbase of his own not to mention sasaengs and basically everyone in the fandom is waiting for him to debut, the anticipation is their for Hansol one of the greatest dancers of NCT so I doubt that SM would let him go. But still I would understand if Hansol left the company, he trained for a long period of time and still couldn’t debut at all, in all those years I know he would either be depress, impatient or lose hope.

No matter what just trust Hansol, he knows what’s better for him. If he still with sm let’s rejoice our hip thrusting king would debut some day. If he’s not understand what Hansol would felt like, being ready and yet the next chapter is just a blur.


It has come to my attention that some of you guys might have interpreted the sasaeng line differently than what I initially mean. Here’s an explanation (trying to keep it clear and simple) sasaeng knows the ‘real tea’, they know informations that are not available to the public nor to the fans, now think of it this way; would they follow Hansol if he isn’t in SM anymore? Shouldn’t the sasaeng or an anonymous source post on SNS state that he left/planning to leave even before Hansol made this IG account (he’s a famous trainee I doubt news outlets will let this issue go if he did left or is planning too)? I’ll leave it to this, this is the simplest way I could explain my sasaeng statement.

Now, I DID NOT CLAIM THAT SASAENG ARE FANS OR ANYTHING BETWEEN THOSE LINES NOR DID I INTENDED TOO. I’ve been a kpop fan for 6 years I know what a sasaeng can do.

If I cause some kinda of misunderstanding I’m really sorry. I’ll try to keep things clear and simple next time. I’m sorry for causing confusion.

End note, just believe in Hansol no matter what. If he left, support him. If he stayed, support him. Hansol knows what’s best for him. Spread the love and positivity 🐶😊💜.

Okja was a really fascinating film to watch, especially from a linguistic/cultural perspective… especially as a Korean-American, seeing a distinctly Korean-American character on screen (more on that, btw). But also, there were so many little things here and there that I found super interesting? Incoming list that was typed up as I was watching, which also means spoilers ahead (sorry to my mobile friends).

Also side note, the choice for musical style was really interesting. If anything, it just furthered the absurdity of this film, ahaha.

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Sprace gaming youtube AU

(ik there’s already a sprace youtube au with ghost hunting and i love it with all my heart, but i was thinking about the fact that race would 100% say ‘what’s up gamers’ all the time and this was born) 

this got rly long lmao but enjoy

-they both start their channels about 6 months apart, but after about 2 years race has about 50k subs and spot has 65k, but they’ve never met, apart from a few of their fans liking both youtubers 

-they meet when they’re playing an online game (something like overwatch) and race accidentally gets spot killed while on the same team, and spot goes into a huge rant on voice chat and when he stops all he can hear is race pissing himself laughing

-race defends himself by saying spot ran in front of the bullet and race couldn’t stop him from dying but they argue for like. a full 10 minutes.

-they both upload the video and it quickly becomes popular because they’re so fucking stupid, spot even included a slow motion of race getting him killed, and the comments are all saying ‘omg!!!! thats racetrack!!!’ ‘you two should date omggggg’ ‘sprace!!!!’

-race is so confused but he watches all of spot’s videos and are like ‘oh shit this asshole is actually really funny and he has such a nice laugh he’d be a good collab’

-until he comes across spot’s facecam

-he tweets spot after watching all his videos ‘you’re still wrong even tho you have more subs than me’

-spot replies back ‘always nice to meet a fan :*’ and race pms him asking about a collab

-and the video is really good and fun but by the end of it race is Suffering because the way he rants about minor things is cute and the laugh he does whenever race says something after spot’s done is possibly the best thing race has ever heard

-they start talking more and more and they’ve even given each other their real names (spot teased him about being called Antonio for a solid 5 minutes) and race realizes that he’s got the biggest crush on this angry brooklyn youtuber 

-but he’s never posted anything about his sexuality so race is completely sure that he is straight and complains to jack (who has an art youtube obviously) without using spot’s name but when jack suggests to just ask him race is like !!!!!no!!!!

-spot on the other hand is desperately trying to convince himself he doesn’t have a crush on race bc he’s basically a work colleague and spot doesn’t wanna lose him because some of his most popular videos have race in them. and just because race is bi and hella open about it doesn’t mean he likes spot, he’s probably dating someone in his personal life anyways

-it all gets too much for him to deny is when they’re doing duel facecam and race sends him the unedited facecam of him and spot just. can’t stop watching it. because race edits so much of himself out, like his nose crinkling when he’s confused or the tiny cough when he chokes on a cigar (which spot edited to be the first thing in the video and race didn’t speak to him for a day) and he’s just gone

-it also comes at a good time bc he feels ready to admit that he’s gay to other people in his personal life and decides to do it in his youtube life aswell

- spot uploads a coming out video, the thumbnail him smiling while being wrapped in a gay pride flag and race is smiling so brightly when he clicks on it. 

-he tweets a photo of him wearing a pride tshirt in honour of spot and  saying how proud he is of him and spot replies with a bunch of hearts which he 100% means

-their channels have grown quite a bit and they’ve been invited to a convention and to have a panel, which will be the first time they’ll meet in person and they’re both so excited but so nevours

-one night when they’ve finished filming a video and they’re just chatting on video call, they’re both really tired but both want to keep talking to each other race kinda blurts out how pretty spot’s eyes are, and they both are shocked for like a full minute until race tries to backtrack but spot just lets out a kinda screeched thank you and ends the call

-the next day race is freaking out and texts spot saying how sorry he is and how out of line that was and how sorry he is that he made spot uncomfortable, that he gets if he doesn’t really wanna talk to him at the convention next week but spot is like no!!! it was really sweet!!!! i like ur eyes aswell!!!

-race screams in a pillow for like 5 minutes before replying ‘haha thanks no homo tho’ but spot is a lil shit who decides to say fuck it and writes ‘yes homo, wish i could say i thought about ur eyes in a friendly way’ but race doesn’t reply so spots worried he fucked up

-and they don’t speak til the convention because spot wants to give him some space and race is just. this ball of anixety because he thinks spot doesn’t actually mean it and they meet like 10 minutes before their panel for the first time

-its so awkward. spot puts out his hand for race to shake but race just rolls his eyes and hugs spot for about 10 seconds more than whats usually acceptable. spot doesn’t mind tho 

-during the panel they’re joking about with the other youtubers and then they ask for dares (within reason) and someone dares spot and race to kiss

-mush is another youtuber who’s on the panel and he fucking loves it. he starts the chant of ‘dont be a pussy’ until spot decides, yet again, fuck it and grabs race and kisses him

-its not soft or long or meaningful, its just a kiss for about 3 seconds but race was completely lost in those 3 seconds 

-the panel continues on but spot feels really bad about doing that to race, so at the afterparty he takes him into a small room and apologies, but manages to let slip that he really likes race and doesn’t wanna ruin it

-so race just rolls his eyes and kisses spot in the middle of his apology. once they’re done they giggle and go back to the party, and at the airport they have a really upsetting goodbye, tight hugs and quiet whispers 

- they video chat all the time afterwards, and finally decide to give long distance a shot, but they don’t want to really reveal it to their subs yet 

-but that lasts all of 3 months because they decide to stream together and race blurts out ‘im gonna kiss that smirk off of you when i see you again’ and they have to explain themselves but all their fans are really happy because they’ve watch them fall in love for 2 years now #sprace fucking trends

-the first video of spot’s to reach 1mil is the one where he first met race and this is when they’ve moved in together and he crys

-basically they’re cute n love each other but also want to fight each other


Mafumafu: There was a Hiki Fes rehearsal

Today I’m a penguin

It’s sudden but I’m going to upload a video at 6pm …\( *´ω`* )/

Luz: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau😎

I got UraShimaSakataSen’s CD! Congrats! 

Also you weren’t expecting this but at 6pm I’m going to upload a video! It’s the feeling of our 5 year long wish come true :) Please listen to it!

Mafumafu: UraSakaMafu    The 3 animal friends

To be honest it’s really hot and singing is tough

But meeting up after such a long time is so much fun \( *´ω`* )/

The goods are also completed to a high standard!! I’m thinking of tweeting the details later today

Amatsuki: Sakata and House Sakata* (aggrevated)

Sakata: RT He looks strong

nqrse: The Hiki Fes rehearsal was today~! Seeing everyone after such a long time, as expected it was the best… I went in an oversized jersy so I took a commemorative photo in the jersey. After that Araki-ojisan mixed a song at my house with Araki, just as long as the date doesn’t change… There’s still time so we’ll work out hardest! (I’m so happy that I have something to mumble about)

Araki: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau 🙌 Since it started to warm up yesterday I stopped wearing the knit cap and swapped it for a snapback

By the way my hair colour is completely different, it will be red for the event (planning to) so don’t worry🙄haha

I used angel pink-ish colour contacts❕Good colour🙋✨

Amatsuki: Today was another Hiki Fes rehearsal\⍩⃝/ !!

It was a rehearsal for collabs and the main song, so there were a lot of members for the first time in ages, wasn’t it just too fun ι(˙◁˙ )/ !!!

Oh oh what’s this what;s this?

Urata: It would be such a waste to eat this!

* 坂田家 , House Sakata is Sakata’s fanbase (i.e. the plush in his pouch)


8eomatom: 약속해쓰니까 생일선물 인증샷 먼저 올려드려욥
인증샷 예쁘게 찍어드리고 싶었는데 제가 이래
많은 선물 받아본건 처음이라 좀 더 예쁘게 못찍어드려서 죄송해요 흐앙 ㅠㅠ
너무 많은 사랑주셔서 감사하고 다 열심히 예쁘게 쓸게요
메시지북도 틈틈이 다 읽었어요 여러분이 깨알같이 적어주신 마음이 너무 감사했어요..♥
다른 사진들도 차차 올려드릴게요 댓글들도 다 읽어보고있는데 오늘은 시간이 늦었으니까 어서잤으면 좋겠어요 !!

[ENG TRANS] I promised to give you a birthday verification shot. I wanted to make sure that I took a good shot of it. I am sorry that I didn’t take a lot of pretty picture previously ㅠㅠ Thank you so much for you love and hard work. I am grateful that you wrote to me ..♥ I will also upload other photos later. I am reading all the comments, but it’s already late, so sleep well (cr: @lhoett)