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Cute Things About Kim Taehyung We Seem To Forget

• He’s afraid of bees
• He facetimes with his family and asks them to show him Soonshim [his dog]
• He likes big lions
• He also likes big dogs
• He tagged his photo with #DoubleEyeLidLineCaught because it kept appearing in his pictures
• He takes pictures of his parents when they’re happy.
• He went “On a date” with his parents
• He let the members who didn’t have funny photos of him quickly take funny photos so that they could upload them on his birthday
• “Oppa is superman”
• He calls his fans “Our lovelies” “Lovelies” “My lovelies” and occasionally “My pretties”
• If you put Tangerine and V together it’s Bbyoul!
• He wanted a love like Titanic
• He asked his mom how his fashion was
• “Ostrich-hyungnim”
• He puts ramen packets on his McDonald’s
• Bighit said his weakness is Trot and that he gets increasingly excited
• He took a picture of the members and then drew leashes on all of them
• He played crossy roads and tried to get a score of 601 for his fans but could only get to 456
• He threatened to draw nipples on Jimin’s hiphop monster
• He called himself “The captain of 95z”
• He called Jungkook and J-hope his daughters
• His black T-shirt, the one he cut a hole strait down the back was requested by a fan, he replied with “Chosen”
• He cuddles things when he’s sleeping
• He’s always trying to improve his English
• He watches Anime
• TaeTae Magazine
• He said that fast food makes him happy
• He talks and kicks in his sleep
• His stage name could have been Six or Lex but he chose V for victory
• He cried watching Miracles in Cell No. 7
• He got spit at by a Simpanse monkey at the zoo when he was little and that’s why he went back to the zoo asking the monkey’s “was it you” on his one tweet.
• He wants to name his kids Taekwon and Taeguk
• He doesn’t like wearing shoes
• He read his first fan mail over and over and over

I could go on forever, all in all my sunshine is the cutest. ♡

Merry Christmas!! <3


Hey @megsiplier I hope you see this bc desktop tumblr doesn’t let you submit more than one photo apparently…

Monty was feeling as photogenic as ever today aka not at all so I dug up some older pics of him too

Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: Photo (below)

He kicks his feet up with is phone in his palms as he watches a video on youtube. He chuckles. Amateurs. The short videos online are filled with overly exaggerated motions and expressions, and Kyungsoo knows he could do better. The short film he’s currently watching was uploaded moments ago by the aspiring actor Baekhyun who is also his rival within their university. He couldn’t stand the guy but always finds himself watching the new releases on Baekhyun’s channel.

He sneers, lips quirking into an expression of disgust. Ugh. This movie makes him feel as though he’s losing brain cells, so he switches to something else. As he does so, the door to his dorm room swings open with a loud bang, and he startles.

“Chanyeol, what the fuck dude?!” He swings his feet onto the ground.

“Yea yea, it’s not like you were doing anything,” Chanyeol strolls further inside and sits on Kyungsoo’s bed.

“It’s common courtesy to knock you ass. Next time, I’m locking my door,”

“Why isn’t it already locked?” Chanyeol asks with an eyebrow raised.

“Because most people around here know how to knock.”

The other chuckles, “I just think you forgot. Your mind is everywhere…How’s the filming coming along? Did you get the part you wanted?”

Kyungsoo’s face turns grave as he thinks back to the day of his audition.

He entered the facility with high hopes and a smile. The preparation needed for such a role took him weeks upon weeks until he felt satisfied with the results. He knew every line, even the parts for the other roles. There was no way he wouldn’t succeed in gaining the part as the lead protagonist of an upcoming film. However, there was competition. Not only did Baekhyun show up with his overly cocky grin, but so did Jongin.

Now Jongin, Kyungsoo would attest, had more talent than the blabber mouth youtuber. But Kyungsoo would never admit that. Jongin sprouted from nowhere and took the film industry by surprise. Kyungsoo surely hadn’t heard of him before, but the young man knew how to work a room. As they entered the interviewing process, he noticed Jongin’s charming smile and easy going nature. Wherever Jongin walked it felt like light followed behind and his steps blossomed flowers underneath his feet. He was a pretty boy with all the right social skills and body language. The women were smitten instantly, and so were a few men, including himself.

Kyungsoo was certain that the role was his, but when Jongin showed, his confidence began to waver. Rightfully so, as Jongin stole his aspiring role.

“No, Chanyeol. I didn’t get it.” Kyungsoo flops back into his chair with a sigh. Chanyeol frowns.

“Hey, you’ll get it the next time…” he thinks for a moment before a smile stretches his cheeks, “I know they’re showing your favorite movie in the university theater. Should we go?” he suggests, and Kyungsoo turns his head slightly. The actor’s eyes examine the ceiling as an amused smile creeps onto his face.

“Alright, fine.” Kyungsoo says as he shakes his head.

While walking out of his dorm, Kyungsoo abruptly collides into someone who sends him staggering back into Chanyeol behind him.

“The fuck man? Watch whe-” His voice trails off when he sees that Jongin is standing in front of him, “Jongin?” the name leaves his lips without his knowledge.

“I’m so sorry,” Jongin bows, his cheeks flaring a brilliant shade of pink, “I-I was actually looking for you…” he brushes his nape.

“Me?” Kyungsoo asks.

At this point, Chanyeol walks around his figure to leave the actor behind. He shoots Kyungsoo a ‘call me’ with a wiggle of his fingers in a phone like gesture near his ear. Kyungsoo darts knives with his eyes at Chanyeol for leaving him alone with the very person who stole his shine, his everything, his pride and joy, his role.

Yet, the way Jongin appears is different. Almost seemingly shy, and this is quite surprising.

“Yes, you,” Jongin chuckles a bit, cheeks glowing even more now, “I was wondering if… if…” he tapers off, rubbing his palms together with uncertainty in his gaze.

“If?” Kyungsoo says, he really doesn’t want to speak with this guy.

“If maybe…you would like to go out sometime?…I mean if you want…” Kyungsoo doesn’t think he’s heard correctly and blinks, flabbergasted….

Tumblr dont let me upload the video, but I’m at a John Barrowman panel when its the best. He’s so adorable I love him, but he’s also so concerned about answering sex related questions from 14-16 year-olds.

He also says his favorite ice cream is Bitos (?) Because “it doesn’t melt as quick and you can do more with it” John why-

“Captains Jack can find a way even with his pants up.”

Of all the Doctor Who characters, he’d want to date the 10th Doctor.

“I saw a photo of Matt Smith kissing you on the cheek, is there a deep connection between you two?”
“No, cause David Tennant is my Doctor”
I live you-

“Call me when you’re 21.”

“Malcolm Merlyn would beat the crap out of Captain Jack, and then Jack would turn him over and make love to him.”

Apparently John’s farts don’t smell, either, and Stephen Amell wants him to prove it, by farting in his mouth and- why-

“I was like ‘oh my God I’m dead’ and then I turned the turned the page and and I alive again!”

“If you were on Supernatural, who would you want to play?”
“The human Impala. Cause I want them riding me all day.”

Mortal AU. His friends are crazy but maybe he’s crazier for being friends with them. So when Will Solace was dared by them to steal someone’s piece of clothing, put it on and take photos of it and uploading before giving the item back, he was unable to say no.

Well, it’s easy enough if he does it carefully.

Thing is that, he actually got caught. And the hot Italian who own the clothes is not amused.

NCT Dream as K-POP Bloggers
  • Mark: has multiple blogs each dedicated to one fandom. Always tags correctly and makes sure photos are linked to the source. Probably your number one source on information, always the first to upload photoshoot pictures and updates.
  • Renjun: he translates things for fandoms he's really into. His translations are always really quick and he subs a lot of interviews. He loves chinese version of songs and encourages people to listen to them.
  • Jeno: popular gif maker. his gifs are always really high quality and sometimes he releases psd's and makes tutorials (rarely). Multi-fandom but nonetheless really popular. Also sometimes makes edits.
  • Haechan: makes memes of his faves. will be the first one to roast them like no tomorrow. always arguing with his mutuals and prob has receipts on everybody. his tags r filled with commentary; will roast anyone. always tagging his mutuals
  • Jaemin: doesn't make content, just reblogs but is still relevant. has a neat tagging system and likes tagging jeno in things.
  • Chenle: likes to add little blurbs in posts. Uploads covers and stuff of songs he likes and also the guy to compile audio and make 3d version of songs. The first to upload leaked audio always.
  • Jisung: quiet blogger. Writes fluff sometimes, everyone is surprised when they find out he is so young.

170326 <Flight Log: Arrival> Sinchon Fansign

Youngjae asked how can they (fans) upload photos (so fast, like now)? Did you guys connect it your computer? But then Jinyoung explained there’s a thing called preview, dates and also the logos (watermark) for it, he said you can check it on twitter. Jinyoung even said they (fans) took a pic with their phone of the pic they took (from camera) then there you go the preview. Then Jackson said “as expected Jinyoung knows fans so well”. After Jinyoung said they will put their name as the logo then Youngjae said “Jinyoung i love you” (for a logo’s name) lol

Source: youngg0404 | I do not own this video
Translation: bluebaby28

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TWITTER NAME : @redarse


WHAT DO THEY POST ABOUT?: It’s mostly things Lian says to him and replies/retweets to things his friends posts



WHAT DO THEY POST ABOUT?: Life events with Lian, a lot about his domestic life and lowkey shitposts



WHAT KIND OF PICTURES DO THEY UPLOAD?: Selfies by himself, with friends and family and lots of photos of things he’s building/cars/motorcycles and such. Not so lowkey shitposts

SNAPCHAT : Archerdad

TYPE OF PICTURES THEY UPLOAD ON MY STORY : Progress photos of things he builds/cars he restores. Lian doing dumb things

TYPE OF PICTURES THEY UPLOAD DIRECTLY AT PEOPLE : Dumb selfies, like mirror selfies with dumb filters. He also so uses bitmoji



5 LATEST PEOPLE THEY CALLED : Jason, Dinah, Harper, Dick, Donna

WHO WERE THEIR LAST 5 MISSED CALLS FROM : Oliver, Jason, Wally, Oliver, Unknown

LATEST TEXT AND WHO FROM : Jason Todd : If you send me one more car picture, your head is going to be in a duffel bag too

LATEST PICTURE THEY TEXTED : A photo of the engine to his car

LATEST VIDEO THEY TEXTED: Said engine revving 

TYPE OF PICTURES ON THEIR PHONES : Lots of photos of cars, he’s also the kind of guy who saves a lot of the photos he sends on snapchat

TYPE OF VIDEOS ON THEIR PHONE : Cars, also Lian doing dumbass shit

ANYTHING ON THEIR PHONE THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO SEE : Probably has some nudes/risque photos

5 MOST USED APPS: Snapchat, Reddit, Google Chrome, Spotify, Gmail

WHO THEY CALL MOST OFTEN: Dinah, Jason, Harper


LATEST VOICE MESSAGE AND WHO IT’S FROM: Oliver - “Hey, I’m in town. Can we talk?”

WEBSITES THEY VISIT MOST OFTEN: Reddit, The Chive, news sites, craigslists 

BACKGROUND PICTURE ON THEIR PHONE: His lockscreen is a photo of him and the Titans and his phone screen is a photo of Lian

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I haven’t shared any pics of Yuuki in forever (and apparently I only ever posted two posts of pictures of him–I thought I’d uploaded more, whoops). Most of these are from the past month, but a few are from autumn. He is my son and I love him.

Also, his birthday is in 2 days! 


Touching its cover the enchanted book suddenly flew open with a rapid whirl!

Philippe quickly reached for my hand with a gentle firmness as pages from the books started rushing past us. The book then started to omit a gentle light that then flowed and filled the room. It’s contents revealed a world that only the two of us could behold.

Philippe’s eyes then met mine and with a sad smile he then proclaimed, “No matter the place you go or the danger we may face, I will always follow and protect you… My beloved princess.”

Wow well this uploading process was fun. *sighs sarcastically* My computer is so done… Scanning art now is becoming tiring for my computer… So I can’t even fathom digital works. Oh well more traditional ones I guess. I’ll also have to stick to photos as well to show them.

I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading my romantic friends! ;D

Hot Fashion Star 2 | Obikin

Finally sharing part 2! I’ve also uploaded both part 1 on Ao3!


Obi-Wan’s phone buzzed, drawing his attention away from his book. It was a little after 11am the day after the show and he’d been making the most of his day off so far by burying himself in a good story on his sofa. He frowned a little at the unknown number on the screen before opening the message cautiously.

Unknown: Here’s the photo. Are you still interested in coffee? Anakin

The photo loaded beneath the message, making Obi-Wan smile and relax. It was the guy from last night. It hadn’t even been a full 24 hours and he’d already text him. You certainly couldn’t say Anakin wasn’t enthusiastic. Obi-Wan didn’t mind at all. Anakin looked just as good and his smile just as sweet as Obi-Wan remembered. He was fairly confident it wasn’t the lighting and that Anakin had a light blush on his cheeks too. It was a nice photo.  

Obi-Wan: A lovely name to match the face.

Read the rest on Ao3

Eunhae in 2014 - To every Eunhae fans ♥

1. Hyukjae started an IG account, and immediately followed Donghae. But Donghae didn’t follow him back, and finally he did, and he said :“He has begged me for total 4 hours!!!”

2. Donghae’s IG was hacked twice. The first time was when they were in Japan, and right after hae’s IG was hacked, there was a new account dongdonglee. Even though Donghae said the name was chosen himself, it matched so well with haohaohyuk! Hyukjae not only helped his little pabo to promote his new account, but also proudly said,“ Should I follow this account? I always told you to be nicer to me your little pabo!” And of course Hyukjae finally followed the new account of his little pabo!! The second time was during Christmas, Hyukjae uploaded the photo which the hacker dm him and said in a direct and blunt way : WHO ARE YOU!“

3. 2012 Donghae during Oppa Oppa FM said he wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, and wanted to kiss on the top of the Tower, Hyukjae replied then go. 2014 after recording a show, they went together to the Tower, and made it happen, makes us wonder if they kissed on the top of the Tower!!!

4. London Film Festival, a fan asked why Hyukjae came with hae, why can’t Donghae came himself? Donghae replied:” He looks so miserable so I took him along, without me he can’t do anything!“

5. Eunhae went to London together and spent the night before Hyukjae joined his family for his family trip in Paris. The next few days they simultaneously IG like telling each other they were fine. The last one Donghae IG : See You, and not long after, Hyukjae IG a video with his lips saying: Donghae, see…you!”

6. KTR, Hyukjae called Donghae, and during the conversation, Donghae asked for a song, but there was not enough time, Hyukjae said he would bring it back for Donghae to listen at home. Hyukjae then IG a kkt photo of his conversation with Donghae, with Donghae saying : I LOVE YOU MAN and a kissy dog face!

7. The next day, Hyukjae went to TLJ as part-time worker, fans asked Hyukjae where his necklace had gone, Hyukjae kept saying that he threw it away. He was asked twice and he said twice he still gave the same answer. Until a fan showed him the photo Donghae IG that morning, Hyukjae then said I threw it to Donghae….

8. Hyukjae called Donghae during the time he was in TLJ, at the end Donghae bobo fans, but Hyukjae bobo to the screen of his phone to Donghae!! Donghae was so cute with a pony-tail on his head! 

To be continued..

INSTAGRAM:  @itsabby uploaded a new photo

Meet Boo-Boo, my night-time cuddle buddy. 

Don’t tell Luna though. She might get jealous. XD

Also, credits to @jspencer for holding the camera and taking this photo – after I offered him free snacks. Because he is a food whore, and would not have done this if I hadn’t offered some incentive. Next time he asks me a favor, I’ll make sure I’ll have my revenge by emptying his wallet to buy cat food. :P


Inktober Day: ?????

So, I wasn’t kidding when I said that I really tried to keep up with Inktober last month. Sadly, life had other plans for me but boy- did I try.

I forgot to upload these here but I really liked how they turned out and I also really enjoyed experimenting with Sharpies and Markers. So much fun~! 🖊💕

You Love Me Again

Summery: You and Robbie got into a fight and he gives you the silent treatment

“Come on Robbie, you can’t seriously be mad at me about this?” I said as I was walking behind him.

Last night I went out with a few friends and we had some drinks. A fan of Robbie’s also was in the club and so happen to have a update/gossip blog. She had uploaded, on every social media she owned, a photo of me and my friend Sean. Sean and I had been friends since my junior/his sophomore year in high school, now we’re both college students and still great friends. I will admit, I did have a crush on him when we first met, but that was 7 years ago. Seven. I’m with Robbie now, might I add, and I’m incredibly lucky to him and I wouldn’t trade him for anything because I’m deeply in love with him. Stupid update accounts, always starting unnecessary drama. Messing up my vibe. So now here I stand, a few days later trying to convince Robbie there is nothing going on between me and Sean.

“Robbie, baby, please. You know I’d never cheat on you! I’m the one who should be hurt since you’re accusing me of these accusations.” I told him.
“How? How do I know you’re not cheating me? You told me yourself you use to like him-” Robbie said but I cut him off.
“Aha! See those key words, use to. I used to like him, now I don’t. You know why? Because I have you and I love you. Only you no one else.” I said.
“Really? You love me? Stop talking to Sean.” Robbie said crossing his arms.
“What! Robbie!” I said in disbelief.
“See! You do have feelings for him! You can’t even give up seeing him or even having the chance to say his name.” Robbie said.
“Robbie, you’re being overdramatic about this whole situation. Why do you even read those gossip blogs, all they want to do is put tension in our lives that we don’t need. Why can’t you see that?” I said.
“I’m not overdramatic! You’re the one who always wants to be with Sean!” Robbie raised his voice.
“Oi, don’t raise your voice at me Robert. And now you’re just blowing this out of proportion, you’re actually losing the plot of this conversation.” I said.
“No I’m not! Listen, if you want to be with Sean so badly, then go have him!” Robbie yelled before storming off into our shared bedroom.

Did he just break up with me? Out of frustration I threw the nearest object to me and smashed it against the wall. Ugh! This is what I get for dating an actor, a drama queen (or king under the circumstances).
I sighed and laid down on our guest bedroom bed. I screamed into the pillow. Why? Why why why why WHY?! Every time I have something going good for me, people have to fuck it up! I’m not taking the blame for this, it’s actually social media’s fault. They took something innocent and made it into this huge scandal. In frustrating situations like these, I would go to Robbie because he would hold me and tell me everything was going to be alright. But now I have no one. I decided to call my best friend and see what she can make of this.

“Hey girly! What’s up?” She said cheerily.
I groaned into my pillow.
“What happened?” She asked.
“What about Robbie? Did he do something? Or someone..?”
“No, a fan of his posted a photo of me and Sean at the club from the other night and made it into a huge deal. Now Robbie’s accusing me of cheating and I think he broke up with me..” I said mumbling the last part.
“What do you mean you think he broke up with you?” She asked.
“He told me to go be with Sean and then left into our bedroom.” I said.
“Okay, do you think he means it?”
“I don’t know, he was yelling at me and his face was all red. What do I do? I don’t want him to break up with me.” I said and my voice broke at the end. “I don’t want to lose him, I love him so fucking much. I don’t want this to be the end of us.”
“Okay okay, shh, calm down. It’ll be okay. Maybe wait until he cools off, then you can talk to him civilly about it, yeah?” She advised.
“Yeah okay, I’ll do that.” I said wiping my tears away.
“You good now? Hey, if you two actually broke up we can take his prized possessions and burn them all.” She joked.
“Haha yeah, that’d be fun.” I smiled even though she can’t see me.
“I gotta go now, but text me if anything else goes wrong.” She said.
“I will, bye.”

I sighed and decided to take a nap. Maybe this is all a dream and I’ll wake up next to Robbie.


When I woke up the sun was gone and was replaced by the moon. How long have I been asleep. I looked down and saw I was under the bed sheets and my phone was now on the nightstand. I smiled thinking about Robbie doing this.

I got out of bed and went to the living room. Robbie was sat on the coach watching some football(soccer). I sat next to him and laid my head on his chest.

“Who’s playing?” I asked, but got no answer.

Instead Robbie got up and went to the kitchen without a single word to me and I fell flat on my face on the coach. He’s still mad, but now giving me the silent treatment. I sighed and followed him to the kitchen.

“Robbie, don’t be mad. This is seriously one big nothing. You know I’m friends with Sean, just friends nothing more. Before this you never had a problem with him, now all of a sudden a gossip fan post one collage photo of us, with everyone else might I add, onto social media and you blow your top off on me.” I said and almost broke but I didn’t.

No reply. No glance. No nothing.

“Robert Andrew Kay, look at me when I’m talking to you.” I said.

Nothing, he took his food he was preparing and walked passed me without a glance.
He is really doing this, well fine.

“Fine Robbie, you want me gone? You want me to be with him? I will, if this is your way of telling me you don’t love me anymore and you want to break up, consider message received.” I said marched my way upstairs.

I grabbed my bag and started putting clothes I would need for the next day and tonight. Dickhead thinks he can treat me this way, well think again laddy because I won’t stand for it. Robbie and I’s shared cat, Pan, jumped onto the bed and looked at me.

“Hey Pan, how ya doin buddy?” I smiled petting him.
He purred at my touched.
“Daddy’s being a right foulgib right now, but don’t worry it’ll be over soon.” I said to him.

I picked up my bag after putting on my shoes and made my way back to the living room with Pan right behind me. Robbie’s eyes were still glued to the tv and not once giving me a glance.

“I’m leaving now Robbie, just like you wanted. This is a low, even for you.” I said and picked up my keys heading to the door.

I walk out now, things are over. I don’t want to leave, but it’s clear he’s made his choice.

I was opening the door, but then it shut again. I turned around and Robbie was inches from me.

“Don’t you dare walk out of that door.” He said to me.
“I thought-”

But I was cut off by Robbie’s lips on mine. He doesn’t deserve for me to kiss him back, but it was a second nature for me too.

“You love me again.” I said with a small smile.
“Don’t you dare ever doubt my love for you. Because I love you. I love you more than you know, I’m hopelessly and endlessly in love with you and if you walk out that door I’ll never be able to forgive myself. Baby, I am so sorry I doubted you. Truth is, I was scared. Scared of him. Scared that you’d leave me. But I know now the truth, I always knew the truth but I let fear take over me and I said the things I said. I didn’t mean it, any of it. I’d never want you to leave me, almost seeing you walk out that door gave me a heart attack. I love you and I shouldn’t have flipped out on you the way I did. I shouldn’t have flipped out in general. I’m sorry baby, so incredibly sorry. Forgive me?” Robbie said finishing his speech.

(A/N: I was bored and wrote this half asleep.)

Tao Hangs Out With Paris Hilton and Kendall Jenner at Shanghai Fashion Week

Former EXO member Tao recently attended Shanghai Fashion Week, where he hung out with Paris Hilton and Kendall Jenner!

Tao has uploaded some photos to his Instagram of himself with the two celebrities. On the shot of himself with Paris Hilton that he shared on October 14, he writes as the caption, “#ShanghaiFashionWeek turnt up last night with beautiful DJ @parishilton.”

A couple of hours later, he uploaded a photo with Kendall Jenner and added the caption, “Great Show Last Night. Nice Hanging With Kendall.”

Paris Hilton has also shared two snapshots of herself with Tao to her own Instagram. She writes, “#GoodTimes in #Shanghai with @HZTTTAO. Such a nice guy & talented singer.”

She then shared a second photo of the two taking their picture together, and includes the caption “#SelfieTime with @HZTTTAO #FrontRow at the @Ports1961WomensWear Fashion Show. ✌️#ShanghaiFashionWeek.”

Actor Jung Il Woo was attending the Ports fashion show as well, and he also posted a own photo with Paris Hilton to his Instagram.

Tao is currently pursuing a solo career in China, and is embroiled in a legal battle with SM Entertainment. It was recently announced that he has been cast in an upcoming Jackie Chan film.

source: koreaboo

More Soraru Brothers Talk (032915)

@soraruru: 面白すぎか RT @seven_leafclove: @soraruru そらるさんの弟がトレンド入りしてますよ!

Fan: “Soraru’s younger brother has entered the trending list, you know”

Soraru: “He is too interesting huh”

luz: “Soraru’s younger brother is ikemen”

Madotsuki@: “Soraru’s younger brother is ikemen”

Fan: “The images that Soraru uploaded on LINE are being reproduced on Twitter but is that alright?”

Soraru: “Every time I tweet and send (things) on LINE, I am prepared for it to spread in a variety of ways, so it’s ok you know( ^ω^)”

Soraru: “My younger brother also said he’d put (the photo) up so” 

Soraru: “I’ll also let the gorilla younger brother appear when least expected”

Soraru: “If said negatively he’s a gorilla, if said positively he’s an ikemen with finely chiseled features (The brother’s own words)”

Giga-P: (in reply to last tweet) “What is that I want to smooch him”

Soraru: “Chan-Giga, you might like him…”

Giga-P: “Please give me your younger brother”

Soraru: “My grandma who wants to see the face of her great-grandchild will cry so no”

Giga-P: “That’s the type of thing that would torment me with feelings of guilt so I’ll stop”

Soraru: “Chan-Giga should also show a great-grandchild to your grandma”

Giga-P: “I must go cure my homo…,,.,.,,,,.,”