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Cute Things About Kim Taehyung We Seem To Forget

• He’s afraid of bees
• He facetimes with his family and asks them to show him Soonshim [his dog]
• He likes big lions
• He also likes big dogs
• He tagged his photo with #DoubleEyeLidLineCaught because it kept appearing in his pictures
• He takes pictures of his parents when they’re happy.
• He went “On a date” with his parents
• He let the members who didn’t have funny photos of him quickly take funny photos so that they could upload them on his birthday
• “Oppa is superman”
• He calls his fans “Our lovelies” “Lovelies” “My lovelies” and occasionally “My pretties”
• If you put Tangerine and V together it’s Bbyoul!
• He wanted a love like Titanic
• He asked his mom how his fashion was
• “Ostrich-hyungnim”
• He puts ramen packets on his McDonald’s
• Bighit said his weakness is Trot and that he gets increasingly excited
• He took a picture of the members and then drew leashes on all of them
• He played crossy roads and tried to get a score of 601 for his fans but could only get to 456
• He threatened to draw nipples on Jimin’s hiphop monster
• He called himself “The captain of 95z”
• He called Jungkook and J-hope his daughters
• His black T-shirt, the one he cut a hole strait down the back was requested by a fan, he replied with “Chosen”
• He cuddles things when he’s sleeping
• He’s always trying to improve his English
• He watches Anime
• TaeTae Magazine
• He said that fast food makes him happy
• He talks and kicks in his sleep
• His stage name could have been Six or Lex but he chose V for victory
• He cried watching Miracles in Cell No. 7
• He got spit at by a Simpanse monkey at the zoo when he was little and that’s why he went back to the zoo asking the monkey’s “was it you” on his one tweet.
• He wants to name his kids Taekwon and Taeguk
• He doesn’t like wearing shoes
• He read his first fan mail over and over and over

I could go on forever, all in all my sunshine is the cutest. ♡


based on:

and a conversation that I had with @vlukai and @kimyko14 where Shiro shows up in season 5 with the space dog from this headcanon, and confuses the Alteans with this creature the others call a “dog”. 


please forgive the terrible photo quality and inconsistent drawing styles

Merry Christmas!! <3


You’ve been waiting for the Tsubasa Camera right?
Tsubasa has uploaded all of the photos he has taken at the Saitama Super Arena final domestic performances! (本当にかわいい過ぎる、つばささんは! ❤) And we have another photo of the Sanjou team once again! I can’t believe we had to wait until the final domestic performace to get one, but it was worth the wait >////< He says that this will be his second time in China this year. So he is wondering if the place has changed since he was last there for the Mihotose performances!

And also, Tsubasa named his blog post as ‘輝石/kiseki’ which translates to Pyroxene. Which is a group of important rock-forming inosilicate minerals found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks. Literally meaning that when the minerals connect together it forms a rock. Which actually relates to the Sanjou Team photo he posted!! That’s because (in theory and as a total guess in it’s meaning) in Tsubasa’s eyes, he sees the Sanjou team as the minerals that have formed together into a rock. A metamorphic rock that’s unbreakable bond in it’s own kind that has created an even bigger rock today. And even if the rock changes in form, there will always be the rock that started it all that still remains unchanged. (Tsubasa~ ❤)

  • Sakiyama Tsubasa as Ishikirimaru
  • Kuroba Mario as Mikazuki Munechika
  • Kitazono Ryo as Kogitsunemaru
  • Saeki Daichi as Iwatooshi
  • Ohira Shunya as Imanotsurugi
  • Sato Ryuji as Kashuu Kiyomistu
  • Takahashi Kensuke as Hachisuka Kotetsu
  • Miura Hiroki as Higekiri
  • Takano Akira as Hizamaru
  • Arisawa Shoutarou as Izuminokami Kanesada
  • Zaiki Takuma as Ookurikara

Source: HERE

When life gives you lemon...

Yuuri: *bowing and thanks life for the lemon then doubting whether he’s worth to receive the lemons or not*

Also Yuuri: “I heard we got a lot of benefits from consuming a lemon, maybe it could be useful for a diet menu wait let me find the recipe–”

Victor: gives them all to yuuri without hesitation

Phichit: take a bunch of photos and uploads it on every social media with caption ‘I got lemons!!!! looks how cute it is besides my hamsters they totally love it!!’

Yuri: “squeeze them in the eyes of enemies”

Seung-gil: not even bother to receive it

Otabek: “hm.. share it with a friend?”


Christophe: make… a… ‘lemon’…. scene…… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Minami: “make a lemon juice!! fresh for a day!!”

Leo & Guang Hong: talks over the phone while watching the same youtube video of 100 ways to use lemon*

Georgi: “my ex.. once gave me a lemon..” *starts being emo*

Emil: calling michele just to say he got some lemons and explaining how they totally should have a lemon party

Michele: sighing in distress.jpeg but still accept the invitation and bring some lemons he got

JJ: didn’t receive any lemon

Not so good at hiding - Jongin Scenario

Written for: @gobble-gobble-jongin

Summary: After a brutal break-up, Jongin realizes he may never see the girl he loves again.

Originally posted by luderella

Living with Jongin was easy. Actually I think it’s always easy when you love someone. I thought it would be like that forever. Me and Jongin - an international idol. Forever hiding from the outside world in our little apartment, being happy with each other’s presence. It was always enough and I wanted to stay like that forever. 

I didn’t care that he couldn’t take me out dates where people could see. I didn’t care that he almost never had time to spend with me. Those few hours together were always enough for us. I thought nothing could go wrong, because the biggest of our problems had always been the outsiders. We didn’t fight because we didn’t have problems with each other. What I didn’t know was that life always finds a way to surprise you, to make something you thought was impossible happen.

It was just a regular day. I got off late from work, thinking that Jongin would be busy with his rehearsals for an upcoming comeback. But when I exited my office, I saw a familiar black car parked in front of the building. The windows were blurred, but I couldn’t miss it. It was a car I sneaked into almost every day.

A smile spread on my face as I hurried to him. I had barely jumped in his car when his arms hugged me tight. He was holding me as if it was the last time he would ever see me. As always.

“What are you doing here?! Why didn’t you text me you were coming I would finish earlier.” I told him, when he finally released me.

“You know I love surprises.” He smiled. “Now let’s go home, I’m so hungry!”

“You’re always hungry.” I laughed.

“And you’re always ready to feed me, that’s why I love you.” I chuckled at his response and kissed his cheek, as he turned on the engine and drove to our apartment.

We quickly ran to the building as always, trying not to draw too much attention. It had already started raining and we got completely wet, even though we didn’t have to walk much. 

In no time, we were already in our small home, laughing at our own misery, but I thought it was still the best moments of our life. If Jongin was ready to hide, it meant that I was important to him. Just like this relationship.

“I made dinner, come on!” I laughed at him and messed his wet hair.

“No, no, no! First a shower or we’re going to catch a cold!” he said and dragged me to the bathroom.

“Since when are you so thoughtful Kim Jongin?” I asked with suspicious eyes.

“I just want to see you in shower, don’t get wrong thoughts.” he laughed as I smacked his head, but we were still warming up under the hot water in less than two minutes.

“Little drops stay on your eyelashes, it’s so cute!” he beamed and wrapped his arms around me.

“You think everything’s cute!” I laughed as I hugged his body closer to mine.

“Because I love you.” he said and hid his face in my neck. I smiled to myself, because I couldn’t think of anything I had done in my life to deserve him. To deserve this puppy of a boy who could be happy because of some water drops.

“But seriously, I really, really, really love you, you know that right?” he asked as he pulled away and turned off the water. He was looking at me with such unbearably adorable eyes that I wouldn’t say anything else than a big positive “Yes”

I quickly jumped out of the shower, before he could get any more ideas and threw a big fluffy towel around my body. I ignored his groans as I entered our bedroom to change into some shorts and Jongin’s T-shirt. He followed me pulling on some underwear and comfortable looking sweatpants. I made a mental note to try those pants out once. Maybe they would go to the collection of clothes Jongin would never get wear again, because they looked better on me.

“Are you ready for dinner?” I asked him.

“As always.” he laughed and followed me to the kitchen, still lacking a shirt.

I was about to open the fridge, when we heard the doorbell ring. We exchanged glances, neither of us expecting any visitors as I shrugged and went to get the door. It was probably one of his members, so I didn’t mind to check, before opening. I was sure Jongin was still in the kitchen.

I was shocked to see a teenage girl standing on the other side. I was about to ask who she was, when her eyes widened as she looked behind me. Suddenly she took out a phone and took a picture in the speed of light. I couldn’t even realize what had happened before she was running away and disappearing into the hall. I turned back and faced Jongin who was frozen in place, still not wearing a shirt. His eyes had anger, panic and confusion mixed in them as he shouted. “Close the door, now!”

“Wha-what happened, Jongin?” I asked as he paced around the room.

“You don’t know what happened do you? I saw her when you got in my car at your office building, she must have seen me and followed us here.” he hadn’t looked at me once, while talking.

“She-she took a picture of us, didn’t she?” I said also avoiding his eyes.

“Y/N, stop acting like you have no idea what just happened!” he yelled suddenly. Never in my life had I heard him raise his voice.

“Why are you screaming at me? Did I ask her to come and take a photo of us?”

“It’s because you didn’t close the car door in time, Y/N! What am I going to do now, huh? She’s going to upload that photo to every single website she has access to!” 

“Jongin, just relax and sit down for a minute, I can’t look at you like this!” I also raised my voice, because he was being unreasonable. I was also in that photo. Everyone would know it was me with Jongin.

“How can you stand there and tell me to relax? Y/N, she even knows where we live do you even understand what has happened? What am I going to do now?” he was already getting on my nerves.

“Jongin, you making it sound like you don’t want people to know you’re in a relationship with me. Is it about me, or about your career, I can’t understand anymore.” my words made him stop as he looked at me dead in the eye.

“You’re happy aren’t you?” he asked.


“You’re happy that you won’t have to hide anymore. You wanted people to know you’re dating famous Kai didn’t you?!” his eyes were angry.

“What the heck are you talking about, Kai?” I said his stage name with a sneer. “Don’t make me doubt this relationship, because of a stupid photo!”

“A stupid photo?! That stupid photo is going to be the end of my life!” he yelled again.

“Well, I’m glad to know that people realizing who you really love is the end of your life! Or do you love me, Kai?”

“Since when do you call me Kai”

“Since you’re not acting like a Jongin I fell in love with.” 

“Maybe you fell in love with the wrong person.”

“Maybe I don’t feel that anymore so that’s okay.” I said without thinking.

“Then what are you doing here? Why are you still talking to me. If I don’t mean anything to you, just go! Is that what you want?”

“I want nothing more than to go and never return right now!”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go and look forward to seeing your face on the blogs tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll be happy then!”

“I don’t care about your words anymore, Jongin. But you’re doing a great job, right now! I’m going to protect you forever or what did you promise? You’re telling me to go away even though a crazy sasaeng is probably waiting at the entrance of this building. Goodbye, Jongin, I’m sure you’ll make up a great lie about why you were with me half naked. Or maybe it won’t be a lie, because it definitely wasn’t because you love me.” I said as i stormed off. I didn’t know where I was going, but I ran and ran as the tears started streaming down my face. I regretted almost everything I had said there, but I wasn’t going to return. I wasn’t going to return just to have him scream and blame me for everything. I was thinking of how perfect our lives had been just an hour ago as the bright light blinded me.

I realized that I was still running. I hadn’t stopped since I left our house but now I was too slow. I wouldn’t be able to outrun it and the car was driving to fast to stop. I knew what it meant. “Jongin…” Was the only word that came after me after the crash.

“Miss Y/N, here’s your lunch.” a young nurse walked in my room. It was my fourth day in this hospital and I couldn’t endure it anymore. The nurse was always very kind and gentle with me. She completely understood, why I didn’t want to inform anyone about my accident. 

You’re lucky that you’re alive, the doctors always said. People told me that coming out of this accident only with a broken arm is a definite luck. 

“You know you can go home today, right? The doctor will check on you once more and then you can leave in the evening.” she said as she set the tray on my thighs. 

“Yes, I know, I can’t wait to go home.” I said and picked up the spoon to enjoy my soup.

“Y/N, are you sure you’ll be okay alone? Don’t you want someone to pick you up?” she said with a worried look on her face. I thought for a second before answering. Maybe I should have called Jongin.

“No, I’ll be fine.” I said and smiled at her, even though I knew she was right. I needed Jongin’s help.

“Okay then, the doctor will come in twenty minutes so finish your lunch. Good luck, Y/N.” she said finally and left my room.

After I exchanged my last goodbyes with my doctor, I walked outside for the first time in four days. It was raining. The fresh air and cold raindrops on my face were somehow new to me and suddenly memories from the night the accident happened washed over me. Inside the hospital, I spent most of my time talking to my doctors, worrying about my broken hand and sleeping. I couldn’t afford to think about the reason I had to be in that overly white place in the first place.

But now, when I returned to the life that still existed outside of those white walls, the feelings came back. I remembered that horrible night. I remembered the words I had exchanged with the person I love with all my heart. 

I wanted to go home, but then I realized - I wasn’t wanted there anymore. Or so he had said. 

I was getting completely soaked and I tried to keep my broken arm from the rain. I was tired and I wanted to be safe and dry, under my roof, covered in blankets with his warm arms holding me tight.

I checked my phone, which now had a few cracks on the screen, to see that it was 8:30 pm. It was Monday and Jongin should have still be in SM, practicing, so the house should have been empty. I stopped a taxi and told the driver the address to our apartment. I was still thinking of what to do. What to do if Jongin was still home. Where to go if he wasn’t. Would he care where I would continue living? 

When the driver stopped the car, I paid him and ran to the building. Getting more wet, just like the last time I went here. I quickly ran up the stairs and stopped in front of our front door. 

If Jongin was inside, then he could definitely hear my deep breaths. My heart started pounding hard, as I opened the door slowly, only to see the darkness. I was alone and I didn’t know if that left me relieved or depressed.

I walked inside and carefully turned the lights on. 

The sight was definitely what I hadn’t expected.

The couch was lying upside down as if someone had thrown it in anger. The pieces of furniture were scattered on the floor broken in pieces. The curtains were ripped apart. Our small, cozy living room looked like a crime scene. 

I walked around the room, picking up shattered vases, decorations and souvenirs that I had bought together with Jongin. Every single one of them had meant something through our life and now everything was gone. Those symbols were broken just like our relationship.

I was crouching on the floor, when I saw few photo frames on my left. Our pictures. Our memories from our happy past. The broken pieces of glass were painted with blood. Jongin’s blood. Where was he? What had he done after I left? 

I walked around the room for some more as tears started filling my eyes. All I wanted to do was to get some money and clothes to go away from him, because he wanted me gone. But seeing the mess Jongin had made, made it hard for me to breathe, so I walked to the balcony, slowly opening the door and breathing in the fresh air. It had started to rain even harder.

“Who are you and why are you walking around my house.” A quiet voice startled me. I looked to my right and saw him. 

Jongin was sitting on the floor. Actually I can’t say that he was sitting, because it takes some energy to sit. He looked as if all life was sucked out of him. His head was leaning on the wall and he didn’t even look up to check who was standing next to him. The rain was pouring onto him and he didn’t even twitch once. One of his hands was clutching his heart, as the other one lay on the floor lifelessly. 

“You knew someone was walking in your house and you didn’t even check who it was?” I said with all the energy that I had. “What if I was a killer?” 

His eyes seemed in pain for a minute when he heard my voice. I walked out on the balcony and felt cold raindrops falling on me. 

“So what?” he asked and I noticed that he was holding something in the hand which was clutching his heart. 

The sight of him made me sad. It made me want to hold him tight and tell him everything’s alright, but nothing was. Nothing was alright with us.

“How long have you been sitting here?” I asked quietly.

“How long have you been gone?” 

“You wanted me to go.”

“You wanted to go.” he said. He hadn’t looked up as his eyes stared into nothing.

“What did you do to the house?” I ignored his question.

“It’s not like you want to live here anymore.” he said and I could feel tears in his strained voice.

“Stop making decisions for me.”

“I’m not. You decided when you ignored me for days.”

“If you only looked up, you’d see the reason for that.” I told him. 

He slowly turned his head toward me as his eyes laid on my broken arm. Shock and panic set on his face,

“Wh-what happened?” 

“A car crashed into me when I ran away. I had been in the hospital since so I’m sorry if I didn’t call you.”

To my surprise, he curled up into a smaller ball, his knees up to his chest. His hold on something he was clutching at his heart, became tighter as his body started shaking slightly. He was sobbing.

“Okay, that’s enough.” I said and crouched in front of him. “Get up, or you’re going to die here.” I held his arms and tried to get him to stand, but he had no strength. “Jongin, help me! I can’t carry you inside, my hand still hurts you know.” As I said these words, some sort of light appeared in his eyes and he straightened up. I supported him with my hand that wasn’t plastered and we returned to the living room. He immediately fell in an armchair nearby and I crouched in front of him. His hold loosened and something fell out of his hand. He had been clutching our photo all along. It was smeared with his blood, because he’d probably cut his hands when he picked it up from the broken glass.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I asked a little too loudly. His eyes darted to meet mine, but soon went back to stare into space.

“Why would you care?” he asked back in a voice so quiet it was almost a whisper.

“Why would I care that you are basically killing yourself? Or are you talking about destroying our house? I mean why would I care about that right?” 

“You don’t care about me.” he said suddenly. “You made it clear days ago when you said those mean words and ran away. And then you didn’t even bother to let me know that you almost died! Does that seem like a person who cares?” his eyes were boring into mine now and it was hard to keep his gaze.

“May I remind you, that you practically screamed at me because a sasaeng found our house?” I couldn’t keep my emotions in. He had started all of this. “You know what Jongin? I was scared! I was actually scared of you! Of course I didn’t call you from the hospital after everything you said. You don’t get to blame me for anything because it’s your fault that our relationship is shattered to pieces.” I said at last ,stood up and hurried to the door. “I almost died and all you’re doing is complaining about how I didn’t call. If that’s what you call caring, then I really have to go.” 

I opened the door and stepped outside when he suddenly yelled and stopped me.

“Don’t do that again!” 

“What?” I turned around.

“Why are you leaving me again?” tears were rolling down his face now.


“No!” he cut me off. “You left once and look what happened. Your hand is broken and I’m basically dying because I haven’t eaten in days. Why are you leaving, why can’t you just stay with me?!”

I looked down at my feet, because it was hard to see him like this - broken.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” I asked finally.

“Because I don’t want anything if your not here. I don’t want this house, I’d rather sleep in the streets! I don’t even want to eat. I don’t want to live without you, so why are you leaving me?!” He was crying hard now and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. “Please come here. Please. I’m going to die if you leave now.”

I did the only thing that was possible for me to do. 

I ran to him. I ran into his arms and they were as open for me as always. I was stupid for thinking that his feeling for me had changed. Our love was as still as strong as ever. 

I gently sat in between his thighs and threw my legs on my left, over the armchair. He was soaked wet but I didn’t care. My healthy hand cupped his face, as his own arms found their familiar way around my waist and held me closer to him. I started leaving small kisses on his face, as if filling him with energy he lacked so much.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” he chanted and it seemed like he would never get tired of saying it. 

“I know Jongin. I know.” I said in his ear.

“No, you don’t”

“I would have gone already if I didn’t know.” 

“Do you love me?” he asked suddenly. “Can you still love me again after everything that I’ve done?” his eyes were filled with panic.

“I never ever stopped loving you, Jongin. I don’t think I’m planning to anytime soon.” I spoke to him and leaned my head against his once steady chest. “You need to understand why I didn’t call.”

“Thank you for not calling. I would have died right there and then if they told me that this happened to you because of me. I’ll take care of you so hard that you’ll get sick of me.” he said and kissed the top of my head.

“You won’t be able to do that in this state. I feel like dying when I see you like this.” I confessed.

“Then you’ll take care of me too. Let’s just protect each other, okay?”

“Let’s do that.” I said and snuggled deeper into his chest as if I would die without its’ warmth. 


Hope you enjoyed!! 


[ARTICLE] BLACKPINK Will Team Up with TEDDY on Their New Single…YANG HYUN SUK, “Pressured Him for 4 Hours on the New Song”

[OSEN=김은애 기자] YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK raised expectations on BLACKPINK’s comeback as he congratulated JISOO on her birthday.


Along with the captions, YANG HYUN SUK uploaded a photo of JISOO decorated by himself, congratulating her birthday.

On the photo, JISOO is showing off her beauty while throwing finger hearts. YANG HYUN SUK added the message ‘Congrats!’ and a heart sticker.

YANG HYUN SUK also let the fans know that BLACKPINK’s comeback is very close. By stating, “Pressured TEDDY for 4 hours today”, people now know that TEDDY will be producing BLACKPINK’s upcoming single, once again.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s first-ever exclusive reality program, ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’, is set to first premiere on January 6.

2018. 1. 3.

SugaKookie Theory

Now, it’s no news that the recent BTS MVs are full of SugaKook moments. Starting from the “I Need U” video, the two are seen as incredibly close and happy together. 

However, what if their relationship is actually one that happens to run deeper than just friendship? What if it’s a romantic one rather than one that’s just platonic. I mean, the other members also have moments between individual members but for some reason, Big Hit seemed to really be emphasizing Jungkook’s and Suga’s scenes together. Just look at the way Yoongi smiles while looking at a happy Kookie. 

Then, when the “Butterfly” prologue video came out, the two are scene being as cuddly as ever as one another. When everyone is sitting around the fire, Jungkook easily makes himself comfortable on Yoongi’s lap.

And there’s THIS scene where Yoongi comes over to put his arm around Jungkook who’s just staring out at the ocean. In response, Jungkook turns around and gazes deeply at Yoongi for quite a few seconds actually. The look he gives Yoongi is definitely not one that people give one another if they’re “just bros.”

Next, in the “I Need U” MV, there was a black and white plaid shirt hanging in Suga’s room. Suga sits in the room and looks as though he’s feeling regretful.

In the “Run” teaser, the same exact shirt is worn by Jungkook as he sits around in an empty room. He appears to be reflecting on some things as he stares into a mirror. 

Next, we can see Yoongi wearing some sort of “guitar pick”-looking necklace around his neck before Jungkook punches him. In the scene, the two are fighting intensely about some matter that’s perhaps personal.

Rather than Jungkook, however, Jimin is the one seen wearing the necklace in the concept photos. If Jungkook and Yoongi are in fact in a relationship, then this means that he possibly cheated on him with Jimin. This really does sound more like a fanfic but an affair could be a valid reason for their fight. 

To back that up, Naver recently uploaded this photo:

Does that not look like one of those K-Drama love triangle photos? We have Yoongi in the center but facing the same direction as Jungkook. Facing the opposite way is Jimin, the “other man.”

Not to mention that Bangtan’s songs always focus on the idea of youth. Many young people have always struggled with their sexuality. So many also get bullied and hurt due to disapproval and fear. So, maybe Jungkook was getting beat up in the “I Need U” MV due to some men finding out about his sexual orientation. 

Lastly, based on all of the topics that Bangtan has written about up to now, it is very possible for them to bring up the topic of homosexuality. After all, the LGBT community has become an extremely important subject of discussion in recent media and society. 

Again, this is just a fan theory that may seem a little far fetched but I wanted to share my thoughts after thinking about all these little details. And, if the theory turns out to be false, at least there’ll be some new content and inspiration for future fanfics. :P <3

Imagine being a part of the Teen Wolf cast and your boyfriend, Jared, surprising you at a panel.

“No no that is so not true!” Dylan spoke up and you laughed at him.

“Don’t you dare deny it Dylan! She’s got it in a video!” Tyler pointed out and you laughed even more, nodding your head.

“Hellz yeah I do! And now that I remember- how about we get a sneak peek huh?”

Dylan’s eyes widened visibly “You won’t do it!”

“Oh yes I will!” you grinned at your co-star “Everybody this is Dylan O'Brien and his not-so-feminine scream” you laughed and Dylan groaned visibly.

“I have no friends!” he hid his face behind his hands.

“Hey! If you want to feel better-” you connected your phone to the computer that was set up on the side of the stage along with a projector “-I got a video of Tyler number 2 and Daniel being very manly as well”

“Oh no you won’t dare!” Daniel’s own eyes widened.

This time Dylan managed to smile “Ha yes yes please, that one I would like to see!”

“O'Brian I swear if you speak up once more-” Tyler spoke but didn’t complete his sentence as the entire crowd and Holland and Crystal ‘Aw'ed loudly enough. A small giggle left your lips as you realized at what they were gushing at.

As you were searching through your videos and photos one of you and your boyfriend, Jared, came across and of course everybody saw it. It was one of you kissing him on the cheek, both wearing your Always Keep Fighting shirts and him holding the phone in a weird angle. It was one of the many take syou had from a photo you had eventually uploaded on twitter for his campaign.

“Aren’t they just the cutest?!” Holland said with a wide cheeky grin.

“They absolutely are! Which also reminds me- There is a friend that wanted to come over here” Tyler said with a smile and you frowned for a second.

Something that was soon replaced by a wide grin as the crowd errupted into cheers and Jared emerged from behind.

“Crossover time!” Dylan shouted and some laughed.

“Hey everyone!” Jared smiled shyly, waving at the crowd that cheered even more.

“Hey baby” he whispered to you as he walked closer, wrapping an arm around your waist and kissing your forehead.

“Jared. What are you doing here?” you asked him back in a low voice, a breatheless laugh leaving your lips.

“Well I finished shooting early and didn’t have much to do so I thought I could surprise you, called Tyler to inform him and we thought we could do a mixed panel huh?” he looked at the crowd and they instantly clapped.

You laughed at him, your heart fluttering at the possibility of getting to spend more time with your boyfriend.

“Plus I actually missed you” he whispered in your ear, tightening his hold on your waist and pressing you closer to him.

You giggled and he cuhckled, kissing your lips softly and the crowd 'aw'ed at you two once more. You giggled against his lips and he chuckled, winking at you.


“Hey you two- keep it PG rated! We have kids here!” Tyler exclaimed, covering Dylan’s eyes.


‘There will always be hope amongst the chaos’ //
“I don’t think he can help it,” Natasha said, and when Steve looked over to her, she was smiling softly, “pretty sure you’re irrevocably drawn toward chaos, aren’t you?”

-Every little thing he does is magic by @itsallavengers

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 1 - The Akatsuki

Part 1 of 2! What if The Akatsuki had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all?

1. Pein: Username - Peinisgod109

Pein would hardly blog at all. In fact, he still has the generic theme and avatar. Konan made him make one when she did and he hasn’t touched it since. Sometimes people misread his username as something a lot dirtier.

Post 1: This is my Tumblr. I’m a god. Okay bye. 

2. Konan: Username - SapphirePaperCrane

Konan would blog about papercraft, and would also reblog pretty scenery and nature. Most people assume she’s a flower blog because she posts so much of it. 

Post 67: Look how pretty these orchids are!

Post 109: Here is my 10 step guide on how to make a paper rose!

Post 186: Shout out to peinisgod109 for never posting anything. 

3. Sasori: Username - ScorpionPuppet

Sasori would post, you guessed it, puppets. He would hardly ever reblog posts and would mostly upload photos of his own work. He’s gained quite a following but doesn’t really know why.

Post 3: Here’s some progress on Hiruko

Post 10: Updated some of Hiruko’s hidden weapons.

Post 11: Wait how do I delete posts?? I shouldn’t have given that away

4. Deidara: Username - Artisanexplosion1234 / ScorpionPuppetSucks

Deidara would have two blogs. One is to post his clay work and reblog pictures of explosions. The other is to reblog Sasori’s posts and add commentary onto the end of them.

Post 23: Haha this puppet looks really stupid

Post 25: You call THIS art??? This is garbage

Post 26: Hey ScorpionPuppet your art sucks and so do you

5. Hidan: Username - ImmortalJashinist666

Hidan hardly ever uses his blog but when he does he just mass posts photos of blood and gore. He doesn’t even bother to tag them and mocks people who ask him to. A few people think he’s just trying to be edgy. 

Post 87: This blood looks FUCKING AWESOME



6. Kakuzu: Username - 4MoreHeartsThanYou

Kakuzu doesn’t use Tumblr. When he first got it he thought it was stupid. But he DID set up a queue to post those “reblog the money cat” things on the same day every month for a couple years. 

Post 1: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

Post 2: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

Post 3: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

7. Kisame: Username - SharkkMann

Kisame only hops on Tumblr about once a month when he’s bored. He reblogs photos of sharks and comments on how majestic they look. He uploaded a selfie once but got spammed with hate mail over “bad photoshop skills”.

Post 24: This hammer head is A+++

Post 32: Look at the fin on that great white!!

Post 45: That mako looks like she could kill a man without any effort.

8. Itachi: Username - UchihaCrow

Itachi doesn’t post anything. At all. He only follows Sasuke and likes everything that he posts. And occasionally sends the odd anon message.

Anon message 1: You are super awesome. Just letting you know.

Anon message 3: Hope you’re having a great day today!!

Anon message 5: Reminder that you are loved by many people :)))

9. Tobi/Obito: Username - TobiIsTheBestEver / ElemantalGod

He has two accounts; much like Deidara. On the first he posts photos of cute animals and positive, uplifting things. He follows Deidara religiously and reblogs every single one of his posts. On his other blog he brags about how smart he is, reblogs photos of the universe and complains about his co-workers. 



Post 89: Today I had the displeasure of working again with a so called “lover of art”. This man drives me up the wall. I really want to strangle him. So badly. And then maybe set him on fire. 

10. Zetsu: Username - MonochromePlant 

Zetsu reblogs plants. That’s it. He sometimes reblogs things that Konan posts and likes things that Hidan posts. His profile picture is a leaf. 

Post 19: Cycle of a flower’s photosynthesis 

Post 23: This tree has beautiful branches. It must be very old. 

Post 42: Deforestation is the WORST. 

what i know about blurryface

after today I remembered when I had a huge obsession with finding every single thing blurryface has done so let’s talk about the blurryface twitter account woot

mmkay so here’s the creation date

but twenty one pilots didn’t announce the album until march. and according to @tylersoldtweets the account just sent people dms and then blocked them which is how the account got attention. 

then one day he posted this 

it became twenty one pilots header

then this

lets look at a calendar

this was the day that it was tweeted

so what happened monday night?

the stressed out music video

in fact the account posted videos of Stressed out played backwards. Here is a link to the videos REVERSED. And apparently the account favourited and unfavourited tweets that included the words “Stressed out” 

here’s another thing the account did:

what could that mean?

the day after that tweet twenty one pilots uploaded a video that is three minutes and 30 seconds long.

let’s look more into the world of the blurryface twitter account!

tyler’s old header was tweeted

let’s talk now about the song Ride. The account seemed to have some sort of obsession with that song.

blurryface also did a periscope to which he played ride. (i do not know if the photo is the same thing as the linked video)

here’s the link to the periscope. someone said that maybe what they’re saying is swedish. 

now about leaking their own album: I don’t really know how to get into that so here’s a link to a how they leaked their own album 

let’s look at some other shit! in no order!

and then most recently

which was posted a day before they announced the tour

and today

this actually had some pretty good theories

alright kids that’s what i’ve got

i’m still new, i didn’t start listening to them until September so please correct me if i’m wrong with anything here

anonymous asked:

Can u pls tell me in ur opinion. How does Yoongi love Hoseok? And how does Tae love Hoseok? Is it diff?

omg I’ll try my best? first of all it’s just my opinion as a poor shipper. don’t take it seriously!! kkk

their love have something similar but also very different.
the most interesting part of suhope is how yoongi would dramatically change his attitude when he is with hoseok. the stubborn lazy grandpa can suddenly become very energetic, moves and dances around, sings loudly and no one get in his way. sometimes even leader mon has to ask hoseok to cut in bc he won’t listen to any others. on the other hand, he is always the first one who help hoseok when he is getting hurt or scared or teased. even if it’s just for show or photoshooting, yoongi doesn’t care. (but he really teases hoseok a lot kkkk) if there’s no hoseok in this team we won’t see so many different sides of yoongi.
how tae is possessive about hoseok is more obvious than yoongi. when he says he want to do something with hoseok, he will then add “just us two”. tae loves every people but having their own time with hobi hyung is very special to him. sometimes he is the only one support and praise hobi, then he will express how he has been always looking at him. vhope upload couple shots often but also v has an amount of photo that took from hobi hyung’s back while hobi was like just walking and doing nothing. 
oh not to mention the way they touched hobi’s thighs and neck and…. there are so many details to make suhope and vhope really specail kkkk

21st century headcanons: les amis and social media

enjolras somehow manages to turn every social media platform into an opportunity for angry political rants (”enjolras, you know people don’t usually use their snapchat story for posting long critiques of the gender binary right?” “yes, so?” “just checking”). but he also posts a lot of candids of his friends with soppy captions that surprise people who don’t know him very well. 

combeferre uses facebook a lot but never really to write statuses - he just shares loads of articles and photos and stuff that interests him. his snapchat story is always full of photos of plants and insects - with the proper latin names as the captions - and group selfies, so many group selfies.

grantaire is really into memes, obviously - his fave is pepe, followed by the breadsticks meme. also he has a ‘secret’ side tumblr where where he posts lots of his art, mostly digital paintings of the amis (he’s really shy about it so they pretend not to know it exists but actually most of them check it at least twice a week for new pictures)

courfeyrac considers it his sworn duty to like/favourite/retweet/reblog every single selfie any of his friends ever post, and does so with impressive efficiency (”seriously courf i posted that like 30 seconds ago that’s impressive even for you” “you’re welcome”). he probably owns a selfie stick.

feuilly he really likes photography, and he’s also really good at it; his tumblr is a mixture of his two fav things to photograph: beautiful cityscapes and portraits of his friends, which are always super cute and well composed - like 90% of les amis’ profile pictures have been taken by feuilly. also he’s super into 8tracks and posts new mixes at least twice a week (he always makes mix CDs for peoples birthdays instead of cards)

joly he’s everybody’s best friend on snapchat because he sends all of them like 20 snapchats a day of random things that made him think of them (he does this even when they’re all together in the same room). he really really loves emojis, so half the time he’ll reply to messages with just a series of emojis that the recipient has to decode.

bousset his instagram feed consists entirely of loads of selfies with joly and musichetta on instagram with dorky inside jokes or puns as the captions. he and joly and grantaire have a vine account which is just them doing ridiculous stuff but somehow got really popular (they are now officially banned from vining during meetings because things got out of hand) - gavroche is their number one fan.

jehan they have like four different tumblrs all for different things: one where they post their own poetry and photos they’ve taken of the sky, a personal one that’s mostly just selfies and shitposting, a fandom blog, and one of those weird aesthetic blogs that just posts photos of plastic bags and smashed up plates and shit. also their snapchat story is always like 800 seconds long.

bahorel posts OOTDs on instagram like, every single day (feuilly usually takes them for him) and if he thinks one of his friends is looking particularly good one day he’ll post pictures of them too - it’s usually musichetta or cosette or jehan. constantly getting into arguments with people on social justice facebook groups, but he’s super good at debating so he usually wins. also, he snapchats the rest of les amis literally every time he ever sees a cat. 

musichetta she posted some selfies that got hundreds of thousands of notes on tumblr one time and then sort of accidentally became kinda tumblr famous, which she finds hilarious. she gets lots of questions from young girls about sexuality and body image and stuff and lovingly answers every single one. 

eponine runs a blog where she posts feminist critique of films and tv shows - chetta and cosette both write guest posts for her every now and again. she doesn’t have many photos of herself as a child so she makes a point of posting loads and loads of photos of gavroche and azelma on facebook and instagram. also her tumblr is unapologetically hipster af 

marius he uses old-style emoticons with noses like this :-) (everybody teases him about it but they actually find it really cute) and is really bad at remembering what abbreviations mean so courf usually has to remind him. he’s always the one who uploads photo albums to facebook after parties and stuff, always with a funny thing somebody said as the album title.

cosette she has a youtube account for videos of her singing (marius shares every one she ever posts, naturally, and valjean made her teach him how to use youtube so he could watch and like them all). she’s also super into tumblr astrology - she’ll constantly text everybody to inform them what kind of pasta or whatever they are according to their sign.

Been a while since I uploaded anything so here’s some Sam Drake “sex on pixelated legs” appreciation ^_^ 😏 Sammy is more than a pretty face and an amazing ass, he’s smart too ^_^

(Had to rewrite this because tumblr deleted it!!! :/)

Made using my own screenshots taken in photo mode and arranged using the pic collage app

As for my writing, I have an ambitious fic I’m working on (big idea, especially for me) and I’m so nervous/excited to share it with everyone. But I will once I’m happy with all the plot points and how it starts. I also have some imagines I’m uh imagining so they’ll get uploaded when I’m happy with them :)

Doesn’t Dan edit his own videos, he probably had to add in a ton of photos nd gifs and videos, also record the sources for the memes and make it all look pretty, if he’s online it’s probably for the video, please stop being so disrespectful he is doing his fucking job stop complaining about him being a ‘late’ because when and what he uploads is up to him just.  Be patient and nice.

NCT Dream as K-POP Bloggers
  • Mark: has multiple blogs each dedicated to one fandom. Always tags correctly and makes sure photos are linked to the source. Probably your number one source on information, always the first to upload photoshoot pictures and updates.
  • Renjun: he translates things for fandoms he's really into. His translations are always really quick and he subs a lot of interviews. He loves chinese version of songs and encourages people to listen to them.
  • Jeno: popular gif maker. his gifs are always really high quality and sometimes he releases psd's and makes tutorials (rarely). Multi-fandom but nonetheless really popular. Also sometimes makes edits.
  • Haechan: makes memes of his faves. will be the first one to roast them like no tomorrow. always arguing with his mutuals and prob has receipts on everybody. his tags r filled with commentary; will roast anyone. always tagging his mutuals
  • Jaemin: doesn't make content, just reblogs but is still relevant. has a neat tagging system and likes tagging jeno in things.
  • Chenle: likes to add little blurbs in posts. Uploads covers and stuff of songs he likes and also the guy to compile audio and make 3d version of songs. The first to upload leaked audio always.
  • Jisung: quiet blogger. Writes fluff sometimes, everyone is surprised when they find out he is so young.

Photos of the special movie screening - uploaded by director Xue Ling

This event was only open to those who received an invitation. Author Ping Zi, Liu Mingyue and Li Landing were there to see the first screening of the live action Ling qi movie.

On a public weibo post, he also informed the public that the movie might be released in March 2018 next year.

Try to find voice actors Lanling and Mingyue in the audience! (Lol)

In the last photo, the one wearing red in the middle is Author Ping Zi and the guy with the emoji covering his head is director Xue Ling.

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 2

Part 2 of 2! What if various Naruto characters had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all? Part 1.

1. Naruto: Username - NineTailsOfRamen

Naruto would predominately blog about ramen. He would make sure to set up a queue to post or reblog a new photo every couple of hours with uplifting captions underneath them. He would also rave constantly about how everyone should eat at Ichiraku. 

Post 15: Man this is making me suuuper hungry

Post 27: Ate this bad boy today!! Extra Chashu and naruto!! (that’s also my name heheh)

Post 56: Guys guys you NEED to eat at Ichiraku okay he is like the GOD OF RAMEN

2. Sakura: Username - PinkHairDontCare

Sakura would post motivational things such as body workouts, words of advice and things to lift peoples spirits. She would also (unknowingly) reblog Konan’s photos of flowers from time to time. 

Post 34: Here’s my daily routine for workouts in the morning! Try and add a few extra push ups or sits ups if you can manage it!

Post 44: DON’T GIVE UP. You can DO IT. There is nothing in your way of achieving your goals except for you! I know you can do it!

Post 78: Super beautiful Sakura tree; much like myself! ;))

3. Sasuke: Username - saszuke

Sasuke would literally just post about his thoughts and feelings throughout the day. He would never reblog anything but rather upload his own photos of things like the sunrise or the sky during a thunderstorm. He has a feeling that all the lovely anon messages he’s getting are from Itachi but he can’t be sure. 

Post 6: Actually ate breakfast today. That’s a new one. I haven’t been committed to eating breakfast in a long time. Had eggs; they were alright.

Post 21: Here’s a photo I took last night; managed to capture some lightning during the storm. I feel it reflects my personality pretty well.

Post 50: To the anon who keeps sending me nice things; who are you??? Are you Itachi?? It’s kinda creeping me out tbh

4. Shikamaru: Username - StitchedDream

Shikamaru would be on Tumblr quite a bit when he’s bored. He would reblog pictures of the sky and super comfortable looking bedrooms or beds. He keeps promising his followers he’ll upload a selfie of himself but he’s too lazy to do it.

Post 40: These clouds are me. Not even joking

Post 67: I kinda just laid down today and didn’t get up for like 4 hours. I didn’t even sleep.

Post 89: I want ALL of these beds. Just one big room filled with beds. That’s the dream. 

5. Chouji: Username - FoodIsAlwaysMyMood

Chouji would of course blog about food. He mostly uploads his own photos of various places he goes and the food he eats there. He’s gained a huge following and always takes suggestions on what to try. 

Post 345: Tried the new BBQ chicken at my local BBQ place today! It was AMAZING. The texture was PERFECT. Here’s a photo!

Post 400: Someone suggested I give a miso based ramen a try; so I did! It was SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT.

Post 567: Here’s a photoset of every meal I had this week! It looks like quite a lot now that I see it but everything was INCREDIBLY TASTY! Let me know which one is your fav!

6. Suigetsu: Username - ThinkingBoutH2Hoe

Suigetsu shit posts. A lot. And he doesn’t even care. His blog has no theme whatsoever; sometime he posts porn and sometimes he posts photos of birds. He follows Kisame and reblogs a lot of his posts about sharks too.


Post 444: Kisame Senpai this shark looks SO COOL YOU ARE THE COOLEST


7. Rock Lee: Username - TheMostYouthful

Rock Lee obviously would post anything and everything to do with training and fitness. From reblogging fitness videos to uploading his own routine, he’s followed by heaps of people who look up to him. They get a bit weirded out when he posts a lot of close up photos of Gai, though.




8. Gaara: Username - RedCactusPanda

Gaara doesn’t like telling anyone he has a Tumblr. He prefers to stay anonymous but LOVES posting about cacti and succulents. He always asks bigger blogs questions about how to look after his own and posts photo of his own secret cacti garden. 

Post 32: This little succulent has grown so much since I got him! I’ve named him after one of my friends; but not saying who!

Post 55: Someone suggested I would probably enjoy having some marimo’s so I got some! Here they are only two days after I got them and they are pretty cool looking :))

Post 70: Here’s my collection after 4 months. It’s grown a big bigger than I originally wanted but I love them all anyway!

9. Kiba: Username - 99PercentDog

Kiba posts dogs. And a lot of them. That’s all he posts as well; constantly reblogging photos or uploading his own of Akamaru (which get pretty popular).

Post 100: Look at this husky!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Post 150: THIS IS AKAMARU! Isn’t he the most handsome dog you have EVER seen?? This is a video of him asking for food haha look at those adorable eyes that I can never say no to goddamit


10. Haku: Username - It’sAlwaysWinter

Haku is always posting his best selfies. He reblogs a lot of posts relating to snow and winter as well, but it’s mostly selfies. A lot of people think he’s a girl. He likes shutting down perverted men who message him. 

Post 106: Me today~ :)) I really like my hair in this pic

Post 142: Thanks to the kind anon who told me my eyes were beautiful, but not as beautiful as my face on the floor :))) you’re the man

Post 600: Oh yeah, by the way. I’m a guy. A dude. A male. Surprise!