he also talks about harry styles a lot

And The Writer Is: John Ryan

John Ryan is a songwriter who co-wrote on nine of One Direction’s singles. Ross Golan, the interviewer, also wrote with One Direction, and co-wrote “If I Could Fly.” This is the same podcast Savan Kotecha gave his interview on.

Ryan’s interview sheds further light on the writing process of One Direction songs. In addition, one gets a glimpse of bts song production and the atmosphere of touring.

As the band got more famous, security was tightened, and there was increasing scrutiny of their individual movements.

It made me think of Harry’s lyrics, “I can’t touch what I see,” and “We’re not who we used to be.” Their fame gradually became a cage.

Ryan also talked about how Julian Bunetta oversaw production so that there was a cohesive “sound” on each album– down to the details of using the same synth, the same percussion.

I thought about the difference of each song on Harry’s album. He must have been thinking about these various sounds for a long time. The production on “Harry Styles,” done with a deft and unifying professionalism, still allowed the expression of a lot of different rock sounds– glam, stadium, folk, garage. All of these are outside of the 1D spectrum.

And finally, Ryan talked about how the audience of 1D was the first to appreciate how the band was maturing as musicians, how their sound “pivoted.” He made the comparison to The Beatles and their song “Revolution.”

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Who are Harry and Antonio?? If you don't mind could you tell me?

okay, i have like ten anons about them in my inbox every time i talk about them, so let’s make this answer a thorough one that i can link back to in the future! harry lambert was harry styles’ stylist (from around mid-2015 onwards), mostly for 1d related stuff but he also did harry and gemma’s outfits for the another man launch. antonio is his boyfriend - he works at selfridges - and he’s formed a lot of friendships of his own since. he attended lottie’s matchbox launch (he’s in a few pics with louis) and went to the another man launch with gemma for example. i just really like both of their social media presences and i’ve been following them forever. they’re just really sweet people and it’s obvious that they’re good friends with the styles-tomlinsons!

MBTI EXTROVERTED types as people I have met

ESFP: A girl from dance class. She’s really cool and her shape is perfect. Always uses red lipstick and does makeup.
ESFJ: Our teacher and girl from school.
1. Literature teacher is very talkative and kind. She’s clever and full of wisdom. Always makes fun of herself and she’s very busy person.
2. The soul of our class. Without her we would be a typical class. She has bad marks, can cry because of it and also because of classmates. Takes care of reputation of our class. She’s emotional one.
ENTP: My friend. He can’t stop talking and can be very annoying, but he’s smart and he’ve read a lot of books. Crazy on history, Star Wars and Harry Potter.
ENTJ: My aunt. She is so modern and she knows everything about style. Sometimes she can be strict, careless or even cruel. Her daughter (my cousin) loves her so much.
ESTP: My friend from school and I. What do you know about determination? Nothing, probably. Because ESTPs can tell you more and more about how to do something impossible. Encourage people which world needs.
ESTJ: My classmate. She is really responsibly and neat. Holds everything under her control. Everything she makes must be perfect and pretty.
ENFP: BF from camp. The best person I’ve ever met. Kind, smart and happy person. She laughed and fooled around even when was sick (we both fell ill and I was sad 😢).
ENFJ: My Best Sister Forever. First time we met when I was 1.5. She is shy sometimes, but very emotional. Can manipulate people through emotions. Everybody afraid of her, and she is very cool.


You meet online (before harry auditions for x factor) and speak for a few years. You think harry will forget you because he’s now famous but he doesn’t and he finally wants to meet you as he has the money to do so.


You knew your mother would have killed you if she knew that you had been spending so much of your time online talking to a boy. You were only 16, after all; it wasn’t exactly the safest thing you could do. But you had one site that you visited almost daily – an online game which had a large community of other players with whom you could interact with if you chose – and that’s where you had started talking to Harry.

You had no real way of knowing if you were actually talking to someone whose name was Harry Styles and was also 16 and lived in Cheshire, but you liked the idea of it. It wasn’t as if you were giving him any personal information. You weren’t exchanging photos or addresses or planning on meeting up; you were just messaging each other online.

One of the things that kept you interested in talking to Harry was how interested he seemed in talking to you. He spoke like a 16-year-old boy, but he also seemed wise beyond his years. After a few months of talking, you had already discovered a lot of things about each other and had developed a friendship that seemed almost completely normal, except for the fact that you had never seen each other in person.

The two of you typically talked every single day around the time you both got home from school. All of a sudden, however, you noticed that Harry wasn’t around as much. He popped on every few days, but it was far less frequent and also very brief. He still managed to message you whenever he could, but something had changed. You started to get a bit worried that he was going to stop talking to you altogether and wondered if it was something you had done.

You finally decided to question him about it when you saw him online after being gone for a few days.



Where have you been?

Sorry I haven’t been around. I have a good reason though, I promise.

Can you tell me what it is?

I…don’t know if I’m allowed to, yet.

What do you mean, not allowed?

It’s supposed to be a secret for now.

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Boxing Lessons

Request by sanjana111

Sorry this is coming so late. I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you were looking for. I recommend listening to ‘Fighter’ while reading it, 'cause that’s what I did while writing it xD (I listened to the Glee version, but you can also use the Original, I think^^)

Thanks for requesting this, it was A LOT of fun to write :D

You watched Harry, as he punched into Mark’s Punch Mitt, straight and from below, moving his legs in perfect form, before repeating and getting in a punch from the side. That last one threw him off balance, making you shake your head and yell: “What the HELL, Styles? Stop boxing with anger. We talked about this!”

He threw you a glare. Alright, if he wanted it that way, fine! You climbed into the ring and tapped Mark on the shoulder. He grinned and hurried away, knowing shit was about to go down. You held up your gloved hands, looking at Harry over them. He had paled slightly and there was a frown between his brows.

“You wanna let out your anger? Fine, go get a punching bag. But in this ring you’re a boxer, Styles! Which means you’ll control your anger and concentrate on your technique and your partner, understood?”

He nodded.

“Can you do that?”, you asked in a pressing tone, holding his gaze.

“Yes.”, he said through clenched teeth.

“Alright, then show me. Show me you can do this!”

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- Fumbling In The Dark    , by @astronautapricot: Louis is straight, Harry is not. They still shag a lot.

Larry canon fic (22k). After Harry came out to his bandmates just before the UAN tour, Louis has some questions to ask. And some things to figure out about himself.Great great fic ! Plenty of good smut (bottom Louis), thats a bonus ;)

- A Match Made in Aisle Three (Everybody Cut Footloose), by @flamboyantommo : (…) Or, the one where Louis is a drama student/cashier who assists Harry in buying a bottle of lube, and is also the only guy that frat boy Harry has trouble talking to. Also featuring Sophia as stubborn matchmaker and Liam as accidental wingman.

Uni Larry AU (16k) , very fun, lots of pinning and shy Larry, friends who’re making of them being so obvious, and just a bit of smut at the end. Perfect for cheering up :)

- we are not alone in the dark with our demons, by @paperandkink :  It’s a Wednesday when Nick leaves. One too many questions about his feelings for Harry Styles, one too many jokes, one too many laughs. He leaves because he can’t anymore, can’t pretend that’s all it is: a joke. He can’t play along anymore, so he walks out of the studio and gets in his car and drives, the destination not seeming important in this moment. The last person he would expect to find him is Louis.

Tomlinshaw canon fic (32k). OMG. OH. MY. GOD. If you can read Tomlinshaw and Gryles (not really but it’s still there, like a bad breakup), you absolutely have to read this fic. Come directly on my Top 10 fav ever. It’s perfect, very well written, amazing smut. GO GO GO read that.

- sad, funny, dumb, and brave like that ,  by detectivemills: During their next interview, Liam slings an arm around Zayn’s shoulder and Zayn can’t help but turn his head away, can’t help but let his eyes slide down to Liam’s fingers hanging against his chest. Liam leans into him a bit, a warm weight pressing into Zayn’s side, and his fingers hang even lower. He images the thickness of Liam’s knuckles pressing into him… and then imagines the thickness of Liam’s, uh, something else.

Ziam short canon fic (2,5k) : “Zayn gets fingered by a girl he hooks up with on tour and really, really likes it. Madness (inside his head, at least) ensues.” Nothing to add :)

- Up Against The Wall , by ilovelemon : “He’s into muscular guys,” Harry replies bitterly, “Which, if you haven’t noticed, I’m not.” Zayn shrugs lazily from his spot and places his head on Liam’s shoulder, “Then what stops you to go and put some muscle on?”

Larry Uni friends to lovers AU ( 6.3k): oh god, so much pinning. And jealous Harry is so funny. AND OF COURSE SEX WALL. (bottom Louis).

- Bite the bullet, feel the rush, by decadent : Louis is still behind him, insistently teetering from one foot to another, breathing against his neck in short, warm puffs and he feels so nice and sleep warm, smells so good, like the laundry detergent they use, like the Acqua di Gio he wears, like the coconut shower gel he probably steals from Harry, because Harry’s sure it’s his own and he’s even more certain that Louis doesn’t have his own bottle of the same thing, and Harry feels pure want tugging somewhere behind his ribcage, inside his tummy and it’s horribly unfair, he thinks. (Or, the one where Harry can’t stop wanting Louis, they see each other naked a few times too many and showers are a magical thing).

Larry flatmate AU (7.5k) : 2 words : SEX SHOWER. (also this fic is so fun).

- Some Day My Prince Will Come by @whitechimes   : Based off of this prompt: Everyone thinks we came to this party as a couple because our costumes match what’s your name AU or Snow White and Prince Charming meet at a party.

Larry Halloween AU (7,5k). Harry in a fucking Snow White costume. That’s all . (I lie, amazing smut, bottom!Harry of course)

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1D Pref; You find out he got someone pregnant (part 2)



It’s been a rough few months, but you managed to get through it without the paparazzi up in your face. You were slowly getting back on your feet, releasing all the memories you shared with Harry. 

A week after the two of you broke up, it was everywhere on the tabloids. Everyone also knew that he had gotten someone else pregnant. Since then, Harry lost a lot of respect and you gained a whole lot of sympathy, and it wasn’t something you need.

Today was one of those lazy days for you, as it was the last day before finals start. You were lounging in your oversize t-shirt and underwear, flicking through the tv shows. 

“Shocking news about Harry Styles?” You heard the daily news say, “We got a face to face talk with the one and only Harry Styles.”

“A trauma had happened a few months ago when it was announced that Harry Styles had gotten someone, other than his now ex-girlfriend of two years, pregnant.” The woman spoke, “but today, he just announced that it isn’t his baby." 

Your mouth flew open, turning the volume on your tv up loud.

"Harry Styles got a DNA test, only to find out that the child isn’t his. The woman had lied and now he was going to sue her for ruining his career and relationship with Y/N Y/L/N.”

Just as you were about to continue listening, your doorbell rang. 

You got up and out of your seat, and opened the door slightly, as you were still in your underwear.

“Harry?” You said, surprised that he was here.

He gave you a soft smile, “hey.." 

"Hi.” You replied.

“I’m sorry.” Harry spoke, but it came out as a whisper. He stuck his hands in his pockets and looked down.

You bit your lip, “you want to come inside? It’s a bit cold out here.." 

He nodded and walked in, slowly inspecting the place.

"It still looks the same.” He mumbled, walking into the lounge, seeing the tv on and talking about him.

“So, you know." 

You nodded, "I- I just don’t know what to say." 

"Don’t say anything,” He sighed, “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry for everything. I should’ve had the test way before. Through the whole thing, I couldn’t stop thinking of you and wishing it was you who was giving birth to the baby. I’m glad the baby’s not mine, because I don’t think I could handle it not being yours." 


“No, Y/N. I love you so much, more than anything in the world. I swear to god, I’m going to sue that woman.” Harry huffed, his hand touching your arm.

All you could do was embrace him with a hug. No words needed, just him in your arms and his scent filling your nose. You just missed him so much.

“I believe you.” You mumbled.

“We’ll get through this together.” He sighed, kissing the top of your head. 


“Y/N, please come out. We can talk about it. Or let me in, please.” Eleanor begged.

You silently cried, after a few broken glasses and cuts from the glass shards on your hand. 

Eleanor spoke softly, “you’re my best friend, Y/N. Please don’t hurt yourself. Please let me in, I swear to you the lads aren’t here." 

"Eleanor,” You spoke weakly, “I just want to be alone." 

You could hear Eleanor sigh through the thin walls, "I just want to help.." 

Pushing yourself off the ground, you walked towards the bed, laying down and soon your eyes drifted to a slumber.

Your eyes slowly opened, and your eyes shifted to the clock. It was just a few hours after you fell asleep. 

Turning your body, you jumped to find Niall sitting on the bed, his full attention on you.

"H-How did you get in?” You questioned.

“I have a key, remember?” He softly smiled.

You bit your lip and frowned, “what do you want?”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I know that sorry won’t do you any good, but I’m just so sorry for the mistake I made. I regret it so much and I just want you to know that I’m sorry-”

“Do you know how excited I was to see you again? To be in your arms again?” You interrupted him, “of course not! Because you were busy making some girl pregnant!" 

"It was a mistake, I swear to god!” He huffed.

“Everything is a mistake to you, Ni!” You shouted, “I’m so fucking stupid for thinking that this relationship could’ve went far." 

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?” He frowned.

“My family, my friends, everyone told me that you’d play me, Ni. Everyone! But I didn’t listen to them. I believed in you- I believed in us. And you just proved them all right, Ni.” You shook your head, tears silently falling.

“When are you going to get it through your head that it was a mistake?” He yelled, throwing his arms up in frustration.

“Me? Why are you yelling at me?” You screamed, “you’re the one who got us into this mess in the first place!" 

He looked at you in anger, but softened up as he realized what he was doing. "I’m sorry." 

You sigh weakly, "I’m done.”


“I’m done, we’re done.” You muttered, grabbing your suitcase and began stuffing all your belongings in.

“I swear, I’ll fix us! I’m sorry, princess! Please, it was a mistake, I swear.” He begged.

You bit your lip to stop yourself from crying, as the name ‘princess’ hit you hard. Knowing that you’ll miss Niall more than anything even if he made the biggest mistake.

Tears streamed down your cheeks as you packed the very last bit of your belongings. 

“Goodbye Niall.” You whispered, walking past him.

“Please don’t leave me.” He cried, his voice laced with pain.

With one last look at him, you walked out the door and out of his life. For good. 

A/N: Let me know if you like this series and want me to continue it with the rest of the boys :) Thanks for reading!

Made in the A.M. First Listen

First of all, when I say Candice and I made a Grand Odyssey to Lincolnshire, I mean it was a Grand Odyssey. We had to take a train out to this middle of nowwhere suburb train station, at which point the sweet Carly half of @carmanda-yaegus and new 1D bestie @wyabago picked us up and whisked us to the movie theater. This was a random ass movie theather in a random Chicago suburb. How it got this lucrative 1D deal is beyond me but anywho…

So the whole thing started off with a marathon of One Direction music videos starting where it all started with What Makes You Beautiful and let me tell you that theater was jamming. We laughed and screamed a lil when it came on, and halfway through I told the girls that they could’ve punked us, brought us to that theater and played the WMYB video on a loop for two hours, and it would’ve been worth the ticket price. The also played Live While We’re Young, Kiss You, Best Song Ever, Story of My Life and Steal My Girl. I started to get pretty antsy for new music by the end, but I have to say it was really fun to see those videos SO HUGE and not just on my tiny laptop screen.


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Niche on Bridge

Let’s try to get this straight.

First, Niche on Bridge posted this picture on Instagram. (Link)

You can see that the picture was posted from the restaurant. It was posted at 2:00 am February 16th EST, which is 5:30 pm February 16th GMT+11 (which is the timezone for Melbourne). So this picture was taken sometime before then. Possibly the night of the 14th or 15th. They tagged lots of stuff, clearly trying to get the fandom’s attention, but only @ to Louis.

Next is Des Styles’ tweet (Link)

This is Melbourne time - looks like he went to Niche on Bridge the night of February 17th. So the picture of Louis was posted before Des went there.

Niche on Bridge responded. (Link)

Niche on Bridge also tweeted this (Link)

I don’t know why they are talking about hanging out backstage, maybe this picture was taken at the stadium and only posted from the restaurant. And I also don’t know why they tagged Harry and Des, to be honest. 

Basically, it looks as though Des attended the restaurant, Louis may have attended the restaurant, albeit on a different night, and I don’t know why Harry was tagged. I don’t know what happened, but what we can see is not proof that Louis and Des were at the same restaurant on the same day.

Harry Styles Donates His Designer Clothes To Charity Shops

As if we needed further evidence that Harry Styles has a heart of gold (with the boots to match), it has been reported that the 21-year-old babe makes the time to donate his designer togs to charity shops. 


The star has apparently found that being one quarter of One Direction, aka the biggest boyband on the planet, means that he gets sent more free clothes than he knows what to do with, so decided the best cause of action was to use his position to help those less fortunate. 

Speaking to the Daily Star, a source shared: “Harry was casually talking about all the free stuff he gets sent and how he can’t keep up with all of it. 

Originally posted by ohstylesno

“He said he gives a lot of it away to friends and family but also drives up to charity shops and drops bin bags of designer clothes at a time. 

“Harry knows that he’s in an incredibly privileged position and would prefer to give it to people who need it rather than have it piled away in unused boxes.”

Of course he’d rather that, he’s Harry Edward Styles - pretty much the nicest person ever to exist. 

Originally posted by leadersofthenewbrokenscenex

Harry is currently in the middle of the UK leg of 1D’s On The Road Again Tour, ahead of the release of their much-anticipated fifth album ‘Made In The AM’. 

Now if you excuse us, we are off to rummage through every charity shop in the country until we find one of his particularly sexy sheer shirts.