he also made him the happiest he's ever been

Chris Evans Imagine

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Chris hadn’t been doing interviews for while. 7 month to be exact. When you were on your last pregnancy month Chris took time off. He wanted to be there when the baby is born, he was afraid if he doesn’t take time off you would go into labor while he is away filming something. When the baby was born he wasn’t ready to go back, just yet. He wanted to be there for you and not to miss the babies first months. 

Sooner or later he had to go back, he had a contract he had to do, but it was just few interviews for now, so no big deal. Chris also really wanted to show off his new baby boy, his son. In the time of 6 months from the day his son was born he took more videos and photos then he has taken in his life time. 

“You said you had something so show us? A video of your son?” Jimmy Kimmel said to Chris who already was smiling from ear to ear. 

“Yes I do. I sent in a video, I wanted to send in all the videos I’ve filmed but there isn’t enough hours in your show” he joked but it also was very true. 

“So you want to explain that’s going on in this video before we show it?” Jimmy said already turning to the screen. 

“There isn’t much to explain but as you might now I have this “Famous” left boob grab that I do when I laugh” some already laughed just imagining him doing that. Chris nodded to the audience seeing they knew what he was talking about. 

“I think they know” Jimmy laughed along. 

“Yeah, so turns out I’m not the only one who does it anymore. This is like proof he is my son.” a video started to play and Chris a giggling mess already. 

It was a video Scott filmed. You started to tickle Jake making him and Chris both laugh and as Jake started to laugh he placed his small right hand in his left side, just like his dad. That made Chris, Jake and everyone else laugh even more. Not only did Jake make the same move as his dad, he also laughed with his full heart. There was doubt that little was the son of Chris Evans. 

“That’s cute” said Jimmy laughing a long with everyone. “I’m really happy for you man, You’ve always wanted a family and now you do, and it’s very cute” Chris nodded and looked at the stopped video of his and his son. 

“Yeah, I’m very happy. I always wanted a family but with time it felt liek it would never happen, then Y/N came into my life making me once again feel like I could have a family. Now I do and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been” every word he said was true. You also felt the same way. Both of you wanted the same thing in life and now you both have it, a family. 

After the interview Chris drove home feeling but also missing you and Jake very much. He never knew he could miss someone this much. Chris didn’t want to miss a minute of your and Jake’ day. While driving home he made a promise to him self, after finishing the contract hell be taking time off not months but years. He doesn’t want to miss his sons first words, steps, dates. He wants to be there for everything. Chris doesn’t want you to be doing all the work, he’s always wanted a family so he won’t let anything mess this up for him even if it might be once in a life time chance to him this family was once in a life time chance. 

Real Love Will Always Prevail

A/N: So this was a request that was originally requested to @wwe-smutfics but I have taken off her hands. I am not best of writers but I tried my best with it and hope you enjoy it. 

Request: Finn Balor/Reader where the Reader is Stephanie and HHH’s daughter and they’re trying to force a relationship between the Raeder and Rollins.

No warnings, just a little bit of bad language and I tried to make it a bit fluffy at the end. Set roughly 2014/2015



“Okay sweetheart, we have the perfect plan for yours and Seth’s date tonight.” My dad told me in the way to Monday Night Raw.

“What is the plan?” I asked both my parents who just so happens to be the power couple of WWE, Triple H (Hunter) and Stephanie McMahon.

“ Well once Raw is over, a limo will pick you both up from the arena and will take you to most extravagant restaurant in the city then afterwards you 2 lovebirds can do whatever you want,” My mum told me with excitement in her voice, however, despite the happiness and excitement in my mum’s voice, I felt sick to my stomach when she called me and Seth “ lovebirds”.

See the problem is I don’t love Seth, I mean he is apart of the authority therefore we have made a friendship but that’s all it will ever be, also he can be quite nasty and harsh to people without a strong enough reason. Plus I am in a relationship with Finn Balor. It hasn’t be for long, just over a few months and it has been the most happiest few months of my life. He treats me so well and seems to care for me, very deeply, just as much as I care for him. But as evident, my parents have no idea about our relationship and are trying to force a relationship with me and Seth and it is just plain annoying.

“Okay mum,” I sighed as the car pulled into the arena.

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Alright, Tae recently got a new bracelet in japan. This is the first time i’ve seen it

It has a cross. 

Who else likes to wear a cross?

The cross earrings are Jimin’s favorite earrings. Ever since that vlive, he’s been obsessed with them. Wearing them during photoshoots, promotions, etc…

(In addition) Tae also bought his own cross earring. Making the announcement on Twitter.

But back to Tae’s bracelet. Like Jimin, it keeps popping up everywhere. He wears it all the time now. And whenever they have a moment, I can’t help but look at it.

The bracelet is always on his right wrist, besides liking to wear it on that side, it could also mean he never takes it off. It made me the happiest seeing him wear it through the whole day on their honeymoon. (ISAC)

I also don’t know if he bought it or if Jimin gave it to him. But when I see them together and that damn bracelet is just there, I inherit a lot of feelings.

Now I’m not saying he got it so when he’s away, Jimin can be close to him, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. Or he wanted yet another item to add to the long list of things he and Jimin can have to match with each other.

Draco and Scorpius: Thoughts on Them.

I have it in my mind that when it was time for his son to start school at Hogwarts, Draco was deeply worried and for good reason. Growing up Draco had to live to certain standards including to believe that only purebloods should be allowed into Hogwarts, use magic, etc. Not only did Draco try to live up to his what his Father had instilled in him he also had to keep it up. I’m sure after starting school he learned that everything he was brought up to believe was wrong but a few years later it was too late. They expected him to get the Dark Mark. After all the events Draco married his wife Astoria. They get married even thought Draco’s Father disapproved. 

By this time Draco doesn’t give a shit what his Father thinks. Happy ith his life, learning to work on redemption along with getting a job knowing all the whispers behind his back all he did was walk with pride knowing that the words couldn’t hurt him. 

Enter Scorpius. 

With the birth of his son, Draco is the happiest he’s ever been. They hid away to raise him away from the hateful looks, glared and the gossip. Teaching Scorpius everything he could about how to be kind to others, how to be himself, to not judge anything, and also having to tell him about his past. 

When it’s time for Scorpius to go to Hogwarts it’s harder to let him go. All Draco wants to do is keep him safe but knows he has to let him grown. Even though it’s a shock that Scorpius made friend with Albus Potter, Draco accepts the friendship no problem and even comes to talk to Harry when his son comes to him in tears. 

People say that Draco can’t be redeemed because of his past but reading the books we can see he clearly struggles with what he’s forced to do by his parents. Seeing how much they have a hold on him it a horrible reminded that some kids are raised from the start. 

Paranoia, Anxiety, fear and clear abuse were evidently with Draco but he’ll be damned if he ever let his son suffer the same and therefore becomes that Father he never had all while keeping Scorpius far from Lucious. 

So these photos below, I believe while Draco just wanted his Father’s love and also feared him, I see where as he’s standing behind Scorpius ready to offer support and also to comfort as Scorpius has social anxiety because everyone believes him nothing more than the son of The Dark Lord. 

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I don't know if you do angst fics but how about a story based on your headcanon that Xander and Kamui were in a secret relationship before the games story where Kamui choses birthright path only to find out she is pregnant with Xander's child soon afterwards. What would be her and the Hoshido siblings reaction to this?Would Xander find out? What would come from this?

First of all: how dare you
Second of all: HOW DARE YOU
Anon WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS – I even chose to play as male Corrin during my birthright run so as TO AVOID THIS KINDA THOUGHTS WHYYYY
*sobs* here goes…

Part 1 - Part 2


Kamui giggled. “What?”

Xander ran his fingers through his princess’ arm in a embrace over her bed. He glanced down at her. “The name of our first son.”

“You’re already thinking about children?” She chuckled again, snuggling into his shoulder, her hand over his bare chest. “We’ve yet to wed, my love.”

A smile sounding like a snort left his lips and he squeezed her on his arm. “This is what happens when we are together, Little Princess. I cannot think of anything but building a happy family with you after we both end this war, side by side.”

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“It was-” he swallowed “It was a mutual decision. It’s not that we stopped caring for each other but we had carriers to pursue and-” Jensen stopped himself before he could say more.

He felt a lump form on his throat and his chest tighten just like every time he talked or at least thought about it. Which also was every second of his day and night ever since it happened.

He kept saying the same little story to everyone and although it was partly true, that there had been no fight only tears and hugs and lingering touches of goodbye, there was one big lie in all of it. He never wanted this to happen. Hell at some point he had started thinking about a family with you. A thought that made him the happiest man alive. But of course was not gonna become true.

 And it scared him even more to think of the chance of you getting that with somebody else than him.

 "Jensen?“ the interviewer snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Uh yeah. I will be honest-” his voice was low and rough “- I never thought this moment would come and even if it has I- (Y/n) knows I will always love her. No matter what. Even if we are not together she- she is the one for me and my feelings for her are never going to change”

The interviewer smiled sadly and sympathetically at him “We really wsh the best to both of you and hopefully one day we might see you together again”

“Yeah” his voice was laced with unshed tears.



Dan had been plenty of things in his life, each one of them had been a challenge and most of them had left him at risk of loosing his sanity. But the hardest thing he’d ever been and ever could be, was a father.

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Sea of Confusion

Rating: G
Warnings: Brief alcohol mentions
Word count: 7.1k

Summary: Mermaid!Phil became a human to live with Dan, and sometimes life can get a little confusing.

Author’s note: This fic is one I made for the phanfic exchange and this is dedicated to iktwabrokenbone. I’ve been working on this fic for the longest time it seems like. I’d like to say thank you to holly for being a wonderful beta and mega-helpful advice giver, and a special thanks to Em for being the best brainstorm and fangirl buddy anyone could ask for (who provided me with endless puns and amazing ideas). Enjoy <3

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Imagine: Interrupted (requested by anon)

Peter and I were together for almost a week now. The day he admitted that he loved me was the best day in my life. It was that one night I couldn’t find any sleep so I went out of my hut only to find Peter sitting on one of the logs. I sat down besides him and asked him what he was thinking about. He looked kind of worried. Finally he admitted that it was me. As always he added. He also told me that he couldn’t find any sleep because of me and honestly? So was I. Peter Pan was the Person I had a crush on since I first set foot on the island. I told him that I was often thinking about him either and that I was also sleepless because the thought of him just drove me crazy. All that lead to an incredible kiss and made me the happiest girl on earth. From that day on we were a couple. There had always been something between us. Since I arrived on the island a month ago I noticed that Peter was treating me different. He made a couple of exceptions for me. Giving me more food, letting me sleep in a hut instead of a tent and showing me all the special and dangerous places in Neverland nobody has ever seen before. At first I thought that he was only trying to be nice. I was the first girl arriving in Neverland and maybe he thought that I needed a special treatment because of my gender but everytime I talked to other boys he had this furious look on his face and when I was around he always acted somehow nervous. At first I pushed the thought away that Peter could actually like me that way. Maybe he really just tried to be charming to make me feel accepted or something like that. I mean I was just a normal girl. Dark brown hair which showed its brighter highlights in the sunlight and (Y/EC) eyes. I had some freckles spread on my nose and cheeks and I only wore functional clothes so I could go out in the woods hunting and things like that. Nothing special. But this thought proved to be wrong. We used to spend a lot of time together and when we were alone he sometimes took my hand or put a hand on my knee which made me also very nervous. In the end I gave in and accepted that Peter was obviously in love with me eventhough I couldn’t really believe it. I knew that it was just a matter of time until something would happen but someone had to take the first step. Gladly he took it that one night. That was a week ago. Still nobody had even the slightest idea that we were together. We always left together into the woods so we could at least have a little privacy. The boys started to wonder what we would do there every day so they sent someone after us. Nick was his name. He was one of the younger lost boys but he was very skinny and light so they chose him. He should follow us and find out about what we were doing. Maybe a secret that Pan was keeping away from them? Actually yes, it was something like that but our relationship was nothing dangerous or harmful for the boys. But because they didn’t know about it followed us. Deep in the woods, far away from camp Peter stopped in front of a tree. He backed me up against it and put one hand on the trunk right beside my head. The other rested on my waist. I was literally melting because of his touch. “You know why I brought you here?” He asked with a seductive smirk. “No idea.” I said smiling. “Well since we have so little privacy back at the camp and since the lost boys are at our backs all day I thought we could need a little time for the important things.” He said coming closer. I could hear my heart beating when I saw his face only an inch away from mine. “Which are?” I asked pretending to be totally clueless about his intentions. Peter was taller than I was so he had to look down at me. He leaned in to kiss me (as I thought) but stopped right before our lips could touch. “What do you think?” He said with a mischievous smile on his face. I tried to kiss him but he held me back. “What’s? Not strong enough?” He asked teasing. “Just kiss me already.” I said rolling my eyes at him. “Alright alright.” When I thought I finally won he stopped again. “But..” he continued having to smile at my reaction. “No Peter! No more games.” I said pulling him closer finally kissing him. We continued for a while and our kisses got more intensive and passionate. When we broke apart we were smiling at each other. I was so happy with this guy and it seemed like he was happy too. He was just about to continue when he heard leaves cracking. He stopped right in front of my face and smiled at the dumbness of the lost boy. He turned his head backwards without moving from the tree. “You can come out now Nick.” He said. Then he looked at me again smiling. Finally he pulled back from the tree and looked the lost boy in the eyes. “What is it Nick? Never seen people kissing?” He said raising an eyebrow at the reaction of the boy. His look was bug-eyed and he looked very nervous about having been caught by us. “Uhm.. I was just.. I.. I wanted to say that..” He stuttered. Peter was enjoying his helplessness. “So?” He said sneeringly. “I just wanted to say that everything’s alright back in camp.” the boy tried to save himself. “Really? Since you have forgotten Nick.. I feel it when something’s wrong with anyone on the island. But thanks anyways for that little report of yours. Now come on go back and spread the news already.” He said finally letting the boy go. He turned around on the spot and ran away glad that Peter didn’t punish him for following us. “Where were we?” He said turning back to me. “I don’t know.. I think we were just kissing.” I said smiling at him seductively. “Really?” He asked his head titled to one side. He came back to the tree where I was standing and put both of his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him cutely. The kiss was delicate and soft and I felt so comfortable in his arms. When we broke apart this time we decided to go back to camp again. Arriving there the lost boys were already welcoming us with congratulations and a very big dinner. Afterwards we were dancing around the fire for hours. Everyone seemed very happy about the fact that Peter finally found someone to be happy with because we all know villains usually don’t get happy endings. But his destiny was different because Peter was not a bad person. I knew that. Peter was the most tender and cute boy anyone could have imagined. And that’s why he deserved to be happy. When the fire finally expired and everyone went to sleep Peter took my hand and lead me to his tent as he always did. We lay down in his bed and he wrapped his arms around me tightly, caressing my back until I fell asleep. When he was sure that I was sleeping he gave me one last kiss on the head and fell asleep himself.


Hey everyone! I really enjoyed writing this one because it’s a great idea. Thanks anon for the request! Hope you guys liked it too. I’m still taking requests just feel free to ask! I wanted to finish it today because yesterday I didn’t post this damn imagine haha.. Hope you have a nice day guys!

Much much love ➳ Blue Suit Strawberry

Captain Canary Prompt: Say you never loved me

CC prompt from anon: “Say you never loved me.”, “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.”

Thanks for the prompt. Sorry it took long. 

*I don’t own LOT. 


They returned to 2016 after their mission. Sara has introduced Leonard to her father and sister, and also to the Team Arrow, as her boyfriend.

They have been together for two years now. They all accepted him. It wasn’t a secret that Sara has a questionable taste in her lovers. Still, Leonard was different. He brought a different glow to Sara. He made her the happiest she’s ever been in her life and that reason alone made them accept Leonard.

The couple stayed there for a month before deciding it was time to go to Central City and introduce Sara to Lisa.

Leonard thought it the meeting of the two women in his life would be a breeze.

He was wrong.




“Girl of the week?”, Lisa scowled.

“Lisa, this is my girlfriend, Sara. We’ve been together for two years,” he scowled back.

“Girlfriend? Two years? Lenny, you’ve only been away for three months.”

He had to explain what happened starting the night at the rooftop with Rip to almost dying in the engine room with Sara, to finally defeating Savage, and to how things transpired between him and Sara. He remained hopeful that Lisa would loosen up and finally talk to Sara. But Sara knew better. She’s similar to Lisa in a way that when she doesn’t like something, it would take a miracle for her to change her mind.

“…she’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. The strongest and scariest woman I have had the privilege of knowing, and…”

Leonard stopped as Sara squeezed his arm. He looked at his girlfriend who simply smiled and said, “I think Lisa wants to say something.”

She knew what they’re about to hear. Of course. Lisa stared at Sara from head to toe and then turned to her brother and said, “I don’t like her, Lenny. Get rid of her.”

Leonard immediately replied, “I would not get rid of her, Lisa. Come on. I just want to…”

“You want to hear what I have to say about your little fling? Here it is. I don’t like you,” she said while turning her head towards Sara, “I don’t like you being around me or my brother. If you don’t want your golden hair to turn to solid gold, I suggest you leave my house.”

“Lisa, you don’t talk to her like that! I brought her…”

Sara finally interrupted the Snarts.

“I’ll go ahead,” she said as she stood. Leonard held her hand. “I’ll see you, alright?”, she said to Leonard, then she lets go of Len’s hold.



“What the hell was that, Lisa?!” Leonard shouted as Sara left their place.

Lisa remained cool and responded, “Well I don’t like her. Lenny, she’s not like us. That tiny woman you call your girlfriend doesn’t fit with us. I don’t like the way she holds herself-so proud. Who does she think she is?”

Leonard knows he won’t win by keeping on arguing with his sister. “Just, please Lisa, give her a chance.”

“I love you, Lenny. But I’m sorry. Break up whatever’s between you two or I’m leaving.”


Mick told Sara about the conversation between the Snarts.

Of course she wouldn’t want to call it off with Leonard, but she also knows that Lisa is all that he has and he is all that Lisa has. She couldn’t take that away from Lisa.

That is why Sara avoided Leonard. She refused to answer his calls. She went away where nobody knew where she was.

Leonard went to the extremes and asked Oliver Queen where she might be. The Green Arrow said that there’s this clock tower in Star City where she used to stay. Len went there and luckily, his girlfriend was there.

“Sara, why have you been ignoring me?” he said as he approached Sara.

She wanted to run towards him and hug him but she restrained herself.

She replied, “Your sister clearly doesn’t like me, Len. And you’re not gonna lose your only family for me. I won’t allow it.”

“You don’t really have a say in this,” he firmly responded.

“Yes I do. We both know that. Now here’s my piece. Talk to her again. Say you never loved me,” Sara said, fighting back the tears forming in her eyes and the loud beating of her heart.

Leonard held her hand. “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.”

“I’m not asking,” she said. “I’m telling you to do it.”


“Then you leave me with no choice. I’m sorry, Len. I’m breaking up with you.”

Sara ran away from Leonard and from the clock tower. She ran and ran till her legs wring in pain. She cried and begged the heavens to take the pain away from her and make her understand this. She begged the stars to remind her that family always comes first. That Lisa and Leonard spent most of their lives together and Lisa wouldn’t allow a woman to mysteriously appear and take the attention of her brother.

She left Leonard by the tower, without a drop of tear. He anticipated that Sara would do this. He loves his sister but this was Sara. The only woman he ever truly loved. He went back to their home defeated.


For four days, Leonard hasn’t slept properly, nor has he eaten a proper meal. News from the Legends team reached Lisa that Sara called it off between her and Leonard. Lisa finally turned back to being the normal loving sister.

Everyday she prepares food for Leonard but he always leaves it untouched. He rarely spoke. He kept staring at his phone and watching the news for any updates in Star City and if there have been sights of a woman in white fighting men. There wasn’t.

Lisa started to notice the difference in Leonard.

“Hey bro, let’s eat together? I prepared your favorite.”

“Not in the mood, sis. Sorry,” he said as he went back to reading a Star City newspaper.“

Lisa was not budging. "Come on Lenny. Please?”

He wasn’t responding so she continued. “Please please please, Lenny?”

“Will you stop it already? I said I’m not in the mood!”

He shouted at his sister. Something he has never done. Lisa knew by now that it was serious.

She stood up, got the keys to her motorcycle and traveled to see Sara.


Lisa found her by the docks as Sara looks at the lined up yachts. 

“Hey Sara.”

“Lisa. What brought you here?” Sara said as she turned towards the other Snart.

“Lenny needs you,“ Lisa humbly said.

Sara immediately stood up and asked, "Why? What happened? Is he okay??”

 Lisa looked at Sara’s sad eyes. A familiar sight. Eyes with expressions just like her brother’s eyes now. Longing and love and sadness.

“Yes. Well, actually, no. He misses you. He won’t eat nor sleep properly. Please get back together with him,” Lisa asked sincerely.

“I thought you didn’t like me?”

“I didn’t. At first. I was jealous. It has always been me and my brother ever since we were little, then you came,” the brunette held Sara’s hands.

“I’m sorry. He loves you and I should too. You make him happy, Sara. I’ve never seen him as happy as he was whenever he’s with you–whenever he talks about you. Please, don’t let me get in the way of you two.”

To Lisa’s surprise, the former assassin hugged her.

“Thank you, Lisa. You don’t know how much you’ve made me happy. Never ever think that I’d be taking away Leonard from you. You will always be his family.”

As they broke away from the hug, both women were crying. As soon as they saw how each other looked like, they laughed it out.

“Come on,” Lisa said, “let’s take you back to Lenny.”

Know that I love you. 

 Prompt- “Can u please do one were Owen meets the reader when she is training the T. rex and then when everything starts somebody gets injured and well u can choose when they kiss and everything after that" 

 Warning- Swearing, Spoilers 

 Requested by- anntol2001

"Easy girl…..” You murmured softly. This had to go smoothly, this was your evaluation. (T-Rex name) followed you throughout her cage and finally ending where her breakfast was. 

 "Good job girly.“ You lifted out you hand and watched as she sniffed and nuzzled it. Finally, you exited the paddock. Applause was the first thing to happen. Then the congratulations. Someone caught your eye, and he was staring straight at you. You smiled and walked towards him. 

 "Mr. Grady, the Velociraptor trainer. Badass and the guy that practically every girl swoons over. What are you doing here?” You asked, you took in your surroundings, the people, the buildings.

 "I had to see the legendary Y/N manage to not be killed by a fucking t-Rex. Plus- Claire wanted Barry and I here.“ Owen offered a hand. 

"And please, call me Owen.” You shook his hand.

 "As you said before, it’s Y/N.“

 -time skip month or two later 

 "I’m at the paddock. Why is the door opening? Oh shit. What did you guys do?!” You stood and watched as the Indominus managed to snap Owen’s leg. 

“Crap.” You felt around your belt and found the flare. 

 "This better work.“ You mumbled as you wave the flare in the air, the Indominus immediately began after you. 

 "I so didn’t think this one through.” You began running, as fast as you could. It was a little terrifying to have a dinosaur bigger than the t-Rex chasing. Owen watched as you ran leading the Indominus away. He was too focused on you to even realize his leg was bleeding. You threw the flare and watched as The I-Rex stumbled through the woods. 

 "Owen!“ You called as you ran back. He waved, before clutching his leg. Speeding up your pace you slide in the gravel.

 "Shit.” You took off the your flannel, revealing a tank top underneath. You quickly tied the flannel around his leg and before you both could comprehend anything, you kissed him. And when your lips met, you could’ve sworn there were sparks. 

 "What was that for?“ He gasped out.

 "I love you. And emergency’s on its way.” The sirens blared and you stood up, signaling them over. 

 "You’ll be alright, Owen. As I said before, I love you. And if I don’t make it back, remember that.“ And with that you grabbed the gun from the back of the truck and began hiking through the woods.

 "I love you too, Y/N." 

 Short time skip- 

 Everyone knew the Indominus was dead, hell they watched as it was killed. He had watched as only one of his raptors left. The other three gone. Barry had come back and said everything had went okay, but that didn’t explain why you weren’t back yet. Thousands of people sat, getting the medical attention they needed. Claire had been talking to her sister before she had wandered over an tried to break the news that you were dead. He refused to believe it. He saw your t-Rex make it out alive and he felt that it meant you made it out alive also. And the moment you /did/ walk in, was probably the happiest for him ever. You had looked absolutely terrible, but beautiful all at the same time. You were covered in dirt, grime and blood, your hair was tangled and your muscles ached. As soon as you spotted Owen, you took off towards him, dodging others along the way. 




Okay. So this probably majorly sucks. I really had a super cool idea and then my mind blanked and I’m super sorry if you hate it and hate me.

What really annoys me is when people claim that we like Beth because we feel that she mirrors us or because she has a pretty face as if we’re a bunch of mindless stupid teenagers. Funny fact, if someone is stupid, it must be them, as they are unable to truly analyse a character’s strengths past how many zombies they have killed. It’s ok if you don’t like Beth but trying to belittle me for admiring her is ridiculous as I have many arguments to support it. I admire Beth because:

  • she went through hell, lost most of her family through horrible circumstances and she still managed to remain hopeful, sweet and kind. 
  • even when she’s suffering from the loss of someone (her father, Zach…), she still worries about how others feel and comforts them even though she must be broken as well and that’s really goddamn altruistic!
  • she’s always trying to make everyone feel better: she sings to cheer people up, she gives wise advice (to Michonne, Carl, Daryl, Maggie…); she kissed Rick on the cheek because she knew he needed it and deserved it for all that he does for the group, she knows he goes through too much crap and people are too harsh on him (but not understanding sweet Beth); she gave Michonne her space when she understood how upset she felt in Judith’s presence instead of smothering her with questions about her past; she made Daryl open up like he had never done, showed him that there’s something worth fighting for and made him feel the happiest he had ever been…
  • she took care of a baby who wasn’t hers, was an amazing caregiver and don’t tell me that’s useless. Taking care of a baby is not as easy as your inexperienced asses think. 
  • she’s a zombie killing princess!

In conclusion, Beth probably has the kindest heart and strongest emotional endurance out of all characters on the show. She’s also extremely self-aware, intelligent and observant. She symbolizes hope and light and she has her father’s strong morals. And the fact that she can be simultaneously a badass and a sweetheart is pretty impressive. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that that’s why we love Beth.