he also held my wrist to do it

You’re A Jerk (Noctis x Reader)

Character: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: You’re A Jerk

Suggested by anon:

during a fight Noctis gets angry at his s/o (who has a crush on Noct but have yet to confess) because they weren’t focusing, and didn’t trained as much as Noctis and the boys (idk i guess Gladio) have told them, like he’s very hard on them and scold their s/o who end up feeling embarassed and guilty but then later on he make up for it? 

Suggested by @wennbergbabe:

A fluffy one where Noct spends all day teaching you how to sword fight and it ends with you guys cuddling on the beach

He was late, but he was there. As attractive as usual as he walked my way.

“Sorry I’m late…” Noctis sighed, his brow furrowed.

Just that told me that his day hadn’t gone too smoothly and his duties as prince were irritating him deeply.

My boyfriend walked closer and barely even looked at me as he passed me by and went to pick up his sword. He tossed me my own wooden sword, which I immediately caught first try. I sighed as I feebly glanced at it and loosely held it, letting my arm fall at my side.

Noctis never allowed me to use real swords when we trained, allegedly too scared that we would hurt ourselves during our sparring.

As he positioned himself in his fighting stance, I knew there was something wrong. Something had upset him during his meeting, he was different that day.

There was no playful and flirtatious smile or glance as he prepared to train, there were no silly comments, no nothing.

Perhaps his duties as prince were far too great for him, perhaps he was overwhelmed and he was just fed up. Whatever the case, that was not the mood I usually saw Noct in.

Reluctantly, and hating to see him in such a mood, I acquired my own fighting stance. He didn’t even give me time to blink before he swung his sword at me.

Squeaking because of the sudden movement, I moved my weapon in a reflex to block his attack. I frowned as I stepped back, taken aback by that aggressiveness.

Our swords collided with one another, time after time, until Noctis finally managed to see a flaw in my attack as my movements were too open, and he took advantage of that by pointing his sword to my neck menacingly. He had won.

I still carried my sword in my hand, but in a real fight he would kill me before I could swing my weapon at him.

“Again” Noctis blandly said, impatiently as he retreated his sword and waited for me to get ready.

I took a deep breath, not really enjoying our training anymore, and acquiring an alert stance once more.

Noctis immediately attacked, nimbly moving and advancing as tough we were fencing. The sound of wood hitting wood echoed around the spacious room, along with our elaborated breaths and our shoes squeaking against the marble floors.

“C’mon!” Noct yelled in frustration. “Wake up, Y/N!”

I was doing my best, but I was no match for Prince Noctis himself. After all, I was just now starting to learn how to use a sword and he had known for years.

Also, he had never been so hard and demanding of me before in any of our training sessions. I was starting to regret asking him to teach me.

I gasped when Noctis pulled the same move from before, using my open movements to win the fight. Except for the fact that this time, he hit his sword against mine with so much strength that it knocked mine away from my hand.

He had also hit my hand when he did, making me yelp in pain and clutch my sore hand to my chest. Noctis was still too agitated to notice.

“Focus, Y/N!” He shouted at me, upset about my poor skills. “If this were a real fight, you’d be dead!”

“I’m learning!” I defended myself, embarrassed and slightly guilty that I couldn’t be as good as he was.

“Well, maybe you should try harder so you can finally learn!” His eyes harshly pierced me, almost disappointed. “I can’t always be there to save your ass!”

I furiously kicked the sword and gave him my best glare before angrily facing my back to him.

“You’re a jerk!” I shouted at him, storming off outside the building.


I sat at the long staircase outside the palace, trying to get over the scene. I was more sad than angry, to be fair. I only stared at my reddened hand and wondered what would happen between Noctis and me after that.

I was actually waiting for him to come back and apologize, and even then I would play hard to get. He hard embarrassed me and hurt my feelings and wouldn’t get away with it so easily.

Trying to see his perspective, I could understand that being a prince was stressful. That he could sometimes lose his temper and burst like he did.

But that didn’t mean he could leash out on me like that when I had nothing to do with it!

“Hey” Noct’s voice said behind me, just as he sat down next to me.

I didn’t reply nor look at him, pretending he wasn’t even there. I was so mad, he had no right to act like that. Even if he was angry because of something, it didn’t involve me and he shouldn’t have taken it out on me.

“How’s your hand?” At least he had noticed after all.

I wanted to make him feel bad and say ‘it hurts’ but I resolved to keep giving him the silent treatment.

Noctis leaned forward slightly to take a look at it himself. I caught a glimpse of a wince in his face when he noticed the area between my thumb and my index finger had reddened there where it hit me.

“Sorry, I promise I didn’t mean to hit you” The guilt was tangible in his voice as he spoke slowly and cautiously. “I just wanted to disarm you and…”

I remained strong in my silence, not even bothering to look at him still.

“I’m a jerk…” He sighed, allegedly annoyed with himself.

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Title: Naruto: Hands On

Summary: Naruto gets a little rough.

Words Count: 1,351

Pairings: NaruHina

Rated: M

A/N: Hope you guys will enjoy this short one-shot of my first smut fic! Really, it’s my first time writing smut so I’m really a noob! Also, I can’t seem to come up with a title for this fic so I’m going to leave it blank. If you do perhaps have a name for it, feel free to hit me up!  




Hinata whimpered, her body smashed against the cold wall as a certain blonde held her wrists and holding it behind her back while he trailed sloppy kisses from her chin to her neck, “N – Naruto-kun,” she moaned sensually, feeling her hormones rise. “We have get back downstairs. Sakura-chan and the others are probably waiting for us.”

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anonymous asked:

I fired my 44. Magnum like Coyote Smith and now I'm fucked, well at least my wrist is. How do I go about suing him? Do I sue Harmon or do I actually have to sue Coyote personally?

You must not have been listening closely enough, every time Coyote says “You’re Fucked,” he also very quietly says, “Also, Coyote Smith and the Smith Syndicate do not recommend firing a gun in this manner, and will not be held legally liable if you choose to mimic Coyote Smith.”  It’s very quiet, I know, but the disclaimer is there.

Protective (Requested)

Pairing: Steve x reader

Request: Hey! Could you do a Steve x reader where she is steve’s girlfriend and the other guys (Tony, t'challa, bucky, Sam, pietro etc) are like her big bros. And she has to go undercover in a bar alone to get some bad guy. She’s on her comms and the avengers have visual on her. But some guy flirts with her&Steve and the other guys are being annoying on the comms&asking the reader to punch him. But she offs the comms. Mission is a success though. Lots of funny stuff after that pls! Wanda&nat are her bff.

Warnings: None

Words: 1,338

A/N: I couldn’t think of a lot of funny stuff to put at the end. I wrote as much as I could think of.

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Request: Stress

Request: The reader being insecure/stressed but covering up well(sassy,jokes, etc.), Tig finding out and making her feel better (can be Smut if you feel like it) 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by thegavelcorrupts

I was a tick-timing bomb. Seriously, I could explode in seconds if someone pulled the right trigger. I mean, obviously, not in a good way. Why I was so stressed? Well, I’ll give you one name. Alexander Trager. Yes, my old man was the reason. Alex simply couldn’t stay away from troubles, I lived wondering what would be the next one. Now, he was on Damon Pope’s radar and that guy absolutely wasn’t kidding.

I was trying not to be a bitch with anyone, since nobody deserved it. Consequently, my way to hide my stress was being sarcastic, sassy or tell jokes, laugh aloud. Alex seemed clueless about it, being just the same. Speaking of him…

I had come home back from work, took a bath and made dinner, which got cold after hours of no sign of Alex. He hadn’t texted or called and I was pacing inside the house by the time he got home, late at night.

“Hi baby”, He greeted me. I watched, arms crossed over my chest, as he closed the door, “Are you still awake?”

“No, I’m not”, I scoffed and headed to our bedroom.

“What did I do?”, I heard him whimper behind me, “I texted you, told you not to wait awake”

“No, you didn’t”, I barked, entering on the bedroom and grabbing my phone. There was no message and I held it on his face, eyebrow raised.

“Sorry baby”, he grimaced and tried to reach for my waist.

“Oh no, it’s okay”, I dismissed him with a wave, “I like being awake until late at night when I have to wake up early for work. Just for fun, you know”

“Wow! What happened?”, he held his hands up. I crossed my arms, clenched my jaw and stared at him. Alex held my look and after a few seconds I relaxed and started to breathe deeper, tearing up, “Baby”, he muttered and I let him pull me to his arms, “What is wrong baby girl?”

“You”, I mumbled, hiding my face on his chest, wetting his shirt. I had my arms firmly wrapped around his middle.

“Me?”, I felt him try to pull back to look at me. Shit, now I was worrying him too. My words must have triggered all the red alerts on his head.

“You worried me a lot”, I muttered, still clinging on him, “I pray when you leave home in the morning, when my phone rings and it’s you or the boys, when I’m waiting for you to come home…I know what I was getting into, but I can’t help worry about you”

“I’m fine, I’m here”, Alex kissed the top of my head, “Relax and breathe doll”

“Oh Alex!”, I pulled back to look at him, “How can I do that? All these things, Pope and…”

“You are stressed baby”, he slid his hands down my sides, “I know I did that to you, but-“, Alex gripped my thighs and lifted me. I gasped and wrapped my legs around him, “-I’m also the one that can help you to relax and I’m planning to do that right now”

He smirked and before I could say something, we both fell in bed. “Alex!”, I squealed and he hovered over me, smirking.

“Yeah, keep screaming my name”, he winked.

“Oh you’re unbelievable!”, I laughed. Alex held my wrists and pinned them above my head. He wasn’t grinning anymore, his eyes were all lust and I sucked in a breath. He lowered his lips over mine, massaging them in a slow kiss. He grazed his teeth over my low lip and I opened them, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. I felt his boner through our clothes as I bucked my hips up. We both moaned and gulped for air.

“Feeling better now?”, he chuckled, resting his forehead against mine, rolling his hips.

“No, not even closed”, I whispered.  

Alex growled and knelt on bed taking off his kutte and unbuttoned his shirt. I sat and pulled off my own clothes, laying to take off my sweatpants. Frantically, Alex got rid of his remaining clothes and soon was over me again, both of us naked.

He squeezed my breasts, burying his face on them. He sucked my nipples until they were fat and hurting; he let hickeys all over my chest as I pulled his hair and moaned. His cock slid through my folds and I wrapped on leg around his waist, bringing Alex closer.

“Fuck me”, my voice was raspy, I tossed my head back on the pillow, giving him more access to my neck. Alex ignored me and kept rocking his hips, “Keep doing that and I’ll cum”

“And I’ll make you cum again”, he nibbled my low lip and then traced it with his tongue, “And again”

“Oh God”, I whispered as he continued to rub my clit. We set a pace, a rhythm as we continued kissing. I was breathing soundly, whining his name as the orgasm build inside me, “A-Alex…”

I came, hard. All the tension leaving my body and my legs turning into jelly. I held him close, our breaths mixing, moaning with our lips inches apart. Before I could recover, Alex pushed inside me with one single move.

“Fuck!”, I swore and he grinned.

“Who said you were allowed to cum?”, he knelt in bed, spreading my legs more for him. His grip was hard, I would have purple marks in the morning, for sure. I locked my eyes with his and held his arms, pulling him to me. Alex leaned to kiss me, but I pushed him, changing positions, staying on top of him.

“What did you just say?”, I grinned, moving my hips. He clenched his jaw hard and closed his eyes. His hands grabbed my thighs harder, I put mine over his chest and started to ride him.

“Yeah, that’s it baby girl”, he talked to me, lifting his arms to squeeze my breasts. I moaned louder, lowering myself onto him. He was deep inside me, balls deep.

“O-Oh A-Alex”, I stuttered, shivering. He pulled me to his chest and I kissed him, muffling my moans. His fingers caressed my spine, like he was playing an music instrument and I clung on him, trembling as I came again.

“Fuck!”, Alex swore, bucking his hips up, making me whine as I still felt my orgasm. He grabbed my ass cheeks and moved me a few times, until he spilled his cum inside me. I laid over Alex’s body, feeling his arms around me, my weak self relaxing even more.

“That was fucking awesome”, I smiled, tracing lazy circles over his chest, “I feel better now”

“I told you-“, he chuckled, “I was just what you needed”

“I though sex was what I needed”, I laughed, propping myself up to look at him.

“Practically the same thing”, he shrugged, “A-L-E-X”, he spelled, “S-E-X”, he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh shut up!”, I playfully hit his chest and he tickled me, both of us rolling in bed. I stopped laughing as he laid by my side, weight over his elbow, “Thank you”

“For what?”, he smiled, eyes following his finger tracing lines over my belly.

“For being just what I need”, Alex’s eyes met mine and his smile grew wider.

“Even with all the troubles and the stress?”, he asked. I caressed his face and his hair.

“All that baby, all that”, I said, pulling him closer again.


Requested. ((Its in first person so))

The breeze was awfully icy and i just wanted to get home, my mum was expecting me a long time ago and it was nearing 1am. I was still far from home and the only way i could get home quicker was to take the shortcut through the back of the Kasberg, a nightclub. My parents always warned me to not take shortcuts like this but i was very late and i was bound to get grounded sooner or later so what the heck.

As i neared a corner i saw a giant tour bus with its lights still on and a silhouette outlined on the bus. A cloud of smoke nearing me as i tried to escape the atmosphere. 

“Im not scary.” A familiar Birmingham accent drifted into my ears. I knew who it was but i was strong enough to ignore but i didnt succeed in getting away. 

“We have been through this, no Bradley.” I made my speed faster as i was almost on the street corner, my arm was then took behind my body. I was turned to face him beautiful features that i had managed to contain myself away from for months and months on end. As he let go of my arms, easing his grip, i was able to free my hands. I took my fingers and stroked them down his injured cheeks feeling every cut and lump. “What happened?” I felt myself feeling sick, he meant so much to me. Well he used to. 

“Im sorry.” I couldn’t bare the fact he had went behind my back again when we split up and took the vile powers and tablets i begged him to not contain. He was too precious. Before anything else i felt his hot breath on my lips, his upper lip scanned both of mine, his grip becomer tighter.

“I want you back. Im literally nothing without you.” His lips crashed onto mine without any guidance in the dark alley we were stood in. My hands explored his dark curls which cuddled his face with sweat, my fingers were caught up in the ringlets that i had found. His hands cupped my bum as my legs made themselves comfortable around his torso, it felt good to finally be around him again. The kiss becoming deeper and more passionate and serious, his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. 

“I’ve waited months for this.” He carried me to the door of the tourbus and my back hit the door with such force. I fell from his grip and i could see the lust building in his eyes. We opened the door and he guided me to the lounge area, locking the door behind him. He guided me holding my hand as he slummed down and i straddled him. I could feel him underneath me, smiling like a twat he quickly nodded his head. My jacket was flung to the window along with my polo shirt leaving me in my bra and leggings. 

“Bradley.” I shied away from him, hiding my body. 

“No, you know i appreciate every part of you.” He took my arms from my stomach and removed my hands from hiding anything, sliding his arms around my waist kissing my nose. He started to slide down my leggings, leaving me in my underwear. He sat me down opening my thighs apart from eachother, leaving small warm kisses down my thighs, around my underwear lines. My moans being covered by his muscular hands and strength. He moved my underwear over a tiny bit more and started sending his kisses in the direction which sent a flood of sensation through my body. I could feel the touch inside of me and out as i grabbed onto the cushions around me, my legs becoming weaker. He made the flushes of sensation more frequent, i suddenly moved so i was stood up. 

“I’ve missed you.” I pushed him down to the sofa where i was previously lay in my state and unbuckled his belt. The dirty smirk plastered across his face made me remember the reason as to why i got off with him but then feelings and shit got involved and to this day i was still never over him. I ripped off his blue holister shirt which was drenched in sweat  from his previous show around about an hour ago i guess. My small hands ran down his smooth tanned body making circles as i got to his boxer line. He squirmed out of his tight black  jeans which could easily outline his bulge. I laughed a little as i trailed my finger across the band of his boxers once more before he pulled them down himself. 

“Im not into the whole teasing business.” His smirk was overpowering and i quickly slid them down to his ankles. I took his size into my small palms and started giving him the pleasure he had gave me not long ago, his hand placed onto the back of my head making me take in the inches i could. I finished off while brads breathing starting becoming erratic. He rolled me over and ended up with his body heat against mine, he left small kisses up and down my neck sucking at the innocent skin which hadn’t been touch like this since our last get together months and months ago. His hand trailed down my thigh, his finger also trailing my underwear along with it. He took each wrist and held them above my head as his hip bones moved in sync as the flood of sensation took over and my moans became louder. The only silence was the force kisses Bradley would constantly do to shut me up,we were panting in sync until i could feel a flood of relief finish off our intercourse. His body flopped next to me as we dressed ourself decently again.

“Do i get another chance?” He grabbed my lower back and brought me closer to him kissing my nose with his plum pink lips.

“Do i have a choice?” I dug my head into his neck and slowly drifted off into a sleep.  

Little Dove

Request: Hey:) Nogitsune imagine where he sees y/n for the first time and immediately takes a liking to her, please?

Warning: creepy Nogitsune Stiles

There was something about the way the dim light of the moon slithering into my room, spilling across my hard wood floors and over the expanse of my bed that I loved. It was peaceful; it was familiar. It looked this way every night- with the exception of when it rained, and the sky darkened, of course.

           Tonight was no different than the other chilly November nights in Beacon Hills. I was standing in my doorway, admiring the moonlight and the seductive lure of my silky sheets. There was nothing that I wanted more than to crawl under my covers and stare at the gleam on my floor until my eyes slumped shut.

           But that wasn’t going to happen.

           Sighing, I shut my door as softly as I could and retreated down the long hallway. My front door was gracious and didn’t squeak. Luckily, my car decided to be merciful as well, and started up with ease. As I pulled out of the drive way, I fumbled in my hoodie’s pocket for my phone. Just as I pulled it out, it began to ring. Talk about coincidences.

           “Scott, hey,” I breathed. The heater in my car didn’t work. My fingers and nose were already beginning to feel the cold, numbing bite. “I got your text. I’m on my way now.”

           “Please be careful.” He begged. “It’s slick out tonight. It rained earlier.”

           I passed a stop sign without even slowing down. Who was going to stop me this late at night? “I know. It stopped just as I was getting ready for bed…”

           Scott sighed. “I’m sorry. I just- you and Stiles are, you know… you and Stiles. I figured you’d want to be here.”

           Softly, I responded, “Thanks Scott.” Clearing my throat, I made a turn. “You’re right. I do want to be there for Stiles. This is getting weird. It’s better if we all stick together and are there for each other.”

           “Yeah.” Muffled voices exchanged a brief conversation in the background. Then Scott spoke into the phone once again, making me jump slightly. “Deaton sedated him. He’s out cold right now.”

           “That’s good.” I murmured. “That’s good.” Breathing onto my hands in an attempt to warm them up, I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot of Deaton’s clinic. “Scott? I’m here.”

           “Good. The door’s open. You know how to get into the back.”


A light drizzle chose to start up just as I was getting out of the car. Hood drawn, I ran through the shallow puddles to step inside the warmth of the animal hospital. It was dark in the front area, but I could see lights on in the back. Voices were rapidly firing back and forth. Pushing my sleeves back to where my fingers could poke out, I ventured towards the back room.

           It was kind of weird to see my best friend passed out on the metal table usually reserved for pets- and the occasional werewolf- but at the same time, it wasn’t. Although I had moved to Beacon Hills at the start of my junior year, I was beginning to realize that it was a place where things would never be normal. And I was strangely okay with that.

           Scott smiled at my entrance, coming to my side to take my jacket from me and drape it on the counter along with his. “What happened?” I asked, cutting to the chase.

           Deaton looked at me with kind eyes. “Maybe you should ask Scott that question.” He pat my shoulder and moved towards the exit. “I’m going to go check on the cats.” I knew that was total bs but I appreciated the fact that he was giving us privacy.

           As soon as Deaton was gone, Scott was at my side, arms sliding around my waist. He pressed a firm, warm kiss to my lips. “Looks like someone missed me.” I teased, gazing up at him adoringly.

           Scott just shrugged. “What can I say? You’ve grown on me.”

           “I’m glad.” I pecked him lips one more time before eyeing him seriously. “Okay, now tell me what happened.” Seeing that there was no other options in my tone, Scott sighed.

           “The Oni attacked us, and then Stiles knocked Kira out, and then he…”

           “What?” It made me nervous that Scott wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Stomach churning slightly, I persisted, “He what? Tell me, Scott.”

           “He just… there’s something wrong with him! He’s not Stiles.” He snapped, eyes wide, voice raising slightly from how on-edge he was.

           I raised an eyebrow bitterly. “That tells me a lot. Thanks, doofus.”

           Scott rolled his eyes. “This isn’t funny Y/N.”

           “Am I laughing?” I held my arms out in a grand gesture. When Scott shook his head and peered at me from underneath his lashes, I caved. My tone was considerably softer as I coaxed, “I know something’s wrong with him. But have you figured out what exactly?”

           Scott opened his mouth, but at that moment, a loud groan sounded behind me. Stiles was waking up, and from the looks of his scrunched nose and clenched eyes, he was back to normal. He looked exactly like he had the morning of the first day of freshman year when Ms. McCall had let the three of us have a sleepover to commemorate the momentous occasion.

           I turned back to Scott with a skeptical expression. “Are you going to let me talk to him?”

           “Of course I’m going to let you talk to him.”


           He shifted uncomfortably.

           “Please Scott? You know I’m better at getting information than you are- especially when it comes to Stiles.”

           Scott ran his hand through his hair. “I know, I know.”

           “Okay, now’s not the time for you to go into jealous-boyfriend mode.”

           “I’m not!”

           “Then let me talk to him. Five minutes. Just give me five freakin’ minutes, please.”

           “You can do whatever you want, Y/N. I’m just worried about you being alone with him because he tried to kill me not too long ago.”

           Quirking an eyebrow, I stated, “That part you left out- of both the text and your little summary a few minutes ago.”

           Slowly, at the pace of a snail, Scott yielded. “If you want five minutes, you can have five minutes. I’m going to go put my bike in your trunk. But I’ll still be close by.”

           As I passed him my keys, I said, “I wouldn’t expect any less.” Smirking, I stood on my tip toes to leave a kiss on the corner of Scott’s mouth. “Thank you again for calling me. I know that lately you’ve been worried about how close Stiles and I are getting…”

           “You’ve told me that you two are just friends, and I believe you.” He promised. With a glance at the gradually stirring boy, he declared, “He needs you right now. If he remembers anything, he’s going to feel like crap. You’ve always been really good at calming him down, and- like you said before- getting information out of people. Especially Stiles. You’re always good with Stiles.”


Once Scott had left for the car, I drug a frigid stool over to where Stiles was. He had his long, pale forearm covering his eyes in a rather dramatic fashion. His breaths were slightly escalated though, so I knew he was awake.

           “Hey sleepyhead,” I cooed gently, not sure if he was unhappy or just out of it. “You awake yet?” Mindlessly, my fingers drifted to run through his hair. I had always considered Stiles to be my little brother. Looking at his thin and pallor body seemed to make that feel a little more real, like he was small and I needed to protect him.

           His arm fell to rest on his chest, dark eyes piercing mine. I couldn’t help but notice the deep purple rings lining them. He hadn’t been sleeping. “How nice… waking up to something so… pristine.” Stiles reached out to run one long finger across my wrist. I shivered and withdrew my arms, crossing them tightly across my chest.

           “Are you okay?” I deadpanned.

           The corners of Stiles’s mouth twitched slightly, like he wanted to smile. “Never better, little dove.”

           “Little what?”

           Stiles moved fluidly. I found it extremely weird; he had always been a bull in a china shop. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the table to face me head on. “Dove,” he continued without missing a beat. “You are strange. You make me almost desire peace, of all things. And you are very little compared to Stiles.”

           I stood up from the stool quickly. “Are we talking in third person now? Because Y/N isn’t a fan of it. In fact, it makes Y/N want to kick Stiles’s ass.”

           His eyebrows raised. “Ah, so you’re the Y/N Stiles thinks so much about.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “You know, it’s intriguing. Stiles thinks with words. Most people think with pictures- that’s what they see in their minds when they think of something. But Stiles… when I pick through his mind, all I see are words and phrases, facts and opinions. And then there’s your name plastered everywhere like it’s his saving grace.”

           Obviously Stiles was not home at the moment. I wanted to punch myself for taking so long to figure that out. My feet moved before I knew what I was doing, heading straight for the door.

           “Don’t go.” He called from behind me. My hand hovered over the handle. As much as I wanted to get away, part of me also wanted to know what he had to say.

           “Why should I stay?” I asked with no emotion.

           I didn’t hear his footfalls; I only felt his large hand encircle my wrist and jerk me away from the door. I quickly twisted my wrist and tugged, slipping right out of his grasp. His eyes held an mischievous glint as he looked me over. “You’re so beautiful.” He murmured; I wasn’t sure that I was meant to hear it.

           Not-Stiles cleared his throat. “You should stay because Stiles doesn’t want you to leave.” He drawled, stepping closer to me. “You know he’s still in here, trying to fight his way back to control. He’s screaming for you; he’s terrified. And the fool thinks that I’m going to hurt you.” He chuckled as he swept my hair over my shoulder, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. I was too shocked to move away.

           “You should stay because I don’t want you to leave. I want to know what’s got this human boy and that werewolf smitten, aside from your beauty. You’re incredibly alluring. You’d be breath-taking if you’d be a little bad for once.”

           My breath hitched in my throat. He was so close to me now. With every breath I took, my chest brushed his. “Stay,” he whispered one more time, “because I’m never going to willingly let you go now.”

Trying Again


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Things were going well, some may have said too well and all it’s done is prove them right- we couldn’t do it. Two weeks ago the last place I pictured myself being was on a plane destined to take me back home, back to the reality I needed to reconnect with after this dream world turned against me, becoming my own worst nightmare. 

One day off, that was all we had whilst in the city and all he wanted to do was sleep and stay on the bus. Yet with the sun shining and the day looking so inviting I couldn’t help but go along with some of the crew to explore before the evening descended upon us. Harmless fun and laughs around the sights, nothing painful or the need for paranoia necessary yet it had to happen, someone had to spot us and question everything, ruin everything. 

Worst part of it was the fact that I was oblivious, none the wiser to the fans snapping photos of me with other guys, laughing with them as we drank coffee minding our own business for the afternoon. 

Getting back onto the bus and it was quiet, too quiet for these guys. Ashton appeared first and found it difficult to maintain eye contact with me before brushing past, Luke and Michael stayed away in their bunks as I passed until I found him. His brown hair that I ran my fingers through was a mess, it had been ruffled continuously and knowing him he does it more so out of frustration than anything else. The look that followed once he was aware of my presence remains a ghost in my mind, how much pain he held in his eyes- they were no longer soft and sweet, they’d turned hard and filled with regret, no remorse, no love just fire. 

Sighing I tried to cast the memory out of my mind as I played with the wrist band he had given me from their first show of this tour. It was supposed to be a complete dream, touring with my boyfriend and seeing the world, being young and in love doing things few our age had the opportunity to experience. Glancing outside I see fields upon fields of green that made me feel nostalgic and also homesick. Barely any time had passed since I’d been away, there’s always that fine line between being away too little or too long. If you’re away too long things change, people forget who you are or act with such delight when they see you again. Then if you’ve been away too little people ask questions, wonder what happened to the big adventure that was planned and hold that ‘I told you so’ look in their smiles. 

Getting used to the normality of life was easier than I wanted it to be, part of me had hoped that I could have a new outlook on living after the months I spent away except here I was just another person, there was nothing significant about me here, not without him. Sometimes as I passed by on my way to class I’d hear comments being made, people would look or point at me muttering words that I never wished anyone would use to describe me. 

“You cheated on me! I knew it!” He stormed up out of his seat, and I remained utterly dumbfounded, unable to process the accusation. Pacing up and down I tried to go towards him or attempt to stop him but as I lifted my arms up towards him he slapped them away dismissively. Scoffing in response I stayed still, unsure how to respond to this side of him I’ve never approached. 

“What the hell are you on about Cal?!” It was close to a yell as the tension between us continued to rise, he stopped pacing and faced me, the look on his face was one of pure disgust. 

He shook his head, pointing his finger to me like a teacher to a disruptive child. “Don’t Cal me.” A blunt statement, one he didn’t care to tell me. “You know exactly what you’ve done, I knew something was up when you kept going out without me.” 

Remaining completely confused I tried to piece things together but my lack of response made him more frustrated. He showed me his phone and pictures of me and other guys, drinking coffee at cafes, partying at clubs, backstage. Sighing I let out a dry laugh, unable to believe that he thought I would do such a thing. “You seriously think I would cheat? After everything?” I was in a phase of disbelief, seeing him with such disgust and rage towards me when only three hours ago we were lying uncomfortably together laughing. 

Walking to class and sitting down few smiled my way, others rolled their eyes and ignored my existence but I didn’t care, of all the people whose judgement bothers me theirs concerns me the least. As the teacher began to talk I zoned out, allowing my mind to go into a state of temporary bliss of us in Italy, how he managed to get us into a tour of the colosseum just like I dreamed of, the days when we would play stupid games until the early hours of the morning just to pass the time by stuck in traffic. All of the I love you’s and never let me go’s

Hours dragged by slowly, painfully. All I wished for was to be anywhere but here, with him, with his crazy band mates, with the crew, with all of them - just somewhere that is full of life and isn’t a void. Checking the time I had half an hour until I could leave, just half an hour until I return to the routine I used to make myself accustomed to as if it were all I could amount to in this life. I opened my book and began to read all about Aristotle, something I’d rather not have to endure as my eyes began to feel heavier with each word I read and re-read. 

“Fine! I get it! You can’t trust me, you can’t rely on me to tell you the truth.” Grabbing a hold of my bag I shoved past him, tears burning in my eyes as I saw three heads sticking out of their bunks, sad smiles etched into each of their heads with big eyes full of sympathy. He stood there, behind them watching me go, he didn’t say anything else, no goodbye, nothing; and I think this is what hurt the most. 

Abandoned, stuck, isolated. I was somewhere unfamiliar but quickly sorted a way home, one taxi ride and breakdown outside of an airport later I was sat on the plane having his words repeated like a vinyl on a loop, each time becoming more pain inducing than the last. 

Opening my eyes I gathered my wits, seeing I had rested against Virtue Ethics and the principles of it. Sighing and wiping my face I checked the time, an hour later than I had planned to leave but at least I could leave, I had the choice to. Feeling groggy I headed outside of school and walked the familiar route home, passing the bakery that is half empty at this point in the day, waving to the elderly lady who waters her flowers regardless of how much it’s rained, through the park where the children shriek with delight and by my grandpa’s old house, still having that same sense of nostalgia. In sight were the various attempts at gardening, the pots of flowers now absence of life, the unmowed grass and lack of cars, except one outside that I didn’t associate with. 

Hesitantly I walked by, observing my reflection in the windows as I grabbed onto my house keys and took the ten steps to the front door, greeting the warmth like an old friend. Putting my bag and folder down on the table in the hallway I got a hold of my phone and walked through to the kitchen hoping to find something sweet to eat. 

Waving to the figure sat down as my eyes remained glued to the screen and with little luck found nothing good to eat and went upstairs. Just as I reached the top of the stairs I froze on the spot, I turned around pulling my phone away and tried to process what had just happened. 

Keeping my phone close I apprehensively went down the stairs, being careful not to make them creak as I went. Reaching the wooden floors I kept my head to the side, wanting to be able to see them before they saw me - again that is. His back was turned but I felt my heart getting hitched in my throat, attempting to suppress it I struggled to make eye contact as he turned around, a small ashamed smile forming on his face. 

Shaking my head in pure astonishment I couldn’t focus on his soft face without seeing the anger that he held last time I saw him, the words he spat at me and how he just let me leave willingly, he didn’t even put up a fight for the one he supposedly loved. “What?” The only words that managed to make it through my thought process and out of my mouth without any profanities escaping along the way. 

I heard a dry laugh followed by a small groan, “I’m an ass.” Scoffing I folded my arms in front of my chest.

“Well you sure got that right.” Looking away I paused and silence resumed between the two of us, “How long ago did you realise that I wasn’t lying?” 

Now I fixated on his facial expressions, the twitch in his eyebrow as he thought immensely, “A few days after you left, then I realised how dumb I had been to let you go.” He took a step forward and I took a step back, still remaining defensive. 

“You let me go.” I started, “You let me walk off that bus in the middle of nowhere and didn’t mutter anything, no goodbye or apology. I haven’t heard from you in weeks and you think you can just come back in here and apologise and we’ll go back to being happy?” Wiping my face I felt drained, unable to even put this together and in what world this would resolve everything. 

He shifted his weight from one leg to the other, shrugging his shoulders. “You should at least know that I don’t hate you,” He muttered, “in fact, I love you.” Internally I sighed but externally remaining silent, wanting to hear the rest of what he had to say. “Waking up the next morning knowing you weren’t there hurt, it felt like some part of me had been pulled with all the force in the world out of my body. Yes, I said some awful things to you but in hindsight I was tired-”

“In what world is being tired the most viable reason to flip a switch at me?” He came forward and held his hands up defensively, and I backed away again, this time hitting the door frame. 

“It’s not that I was just tired.” He paused and looked me in the eyes, no longer hard and cold they resumed the warmth I loved about them, loved. “Things were just getting too much, tour was going well but the amount of pressure I felt you were my relief from it and finding out you had been cheating on me, well accused of cheating on me hurt. It felt as if every sense of comfort had been truly removed and I couldn’t bare it.” His shoulders lowered in defeat and his foot moved across the wooden floorboards repeatedly. 

“You called me things, awful names.” I stated, not letting him sink into me again. 

“I know, and I hate myself for saying that.” 

“You let me leave.”

“Why did I let you go?”

“I hated you.”

“I still love you.”

“Why bother coming back?”

“Because I need you.” 

My words clinged to my throat after he said that, I was tongue tied just looking at him. He took a small step forward and I reciprocated the act, reaching my hands out from my chest down to my sides. 

“Please.” He lowered his voice even in the quietness of an empty house he remained delicate. Looking down his hand brushed against mine before clinging onto my fingers, intertwining them effortlessly. “come back.” 

Locking eyes with mine it was almost like a trance, something I was trapped in but it wasn’t like a nightmare, it wasn’t like a fairy tale. This felt like reality, the reality I wanted. 

Leaning in I closed my eyes, his breath feeling hot against my lips and I paused, whispering into him one simple word. “Yes.” 

Worth It

A short fic about Cam’s feelings during 1x08. Also its almost 1 am and i wrote this on my phone so if you see any typos please let me know!

Word Count: 760

Cameron was the most excited he’d ever been. It was Kirsten’s birthday, and he had the perfect party planned.

Even when she wasn’t surprised, he was still elated. Sure, it hadn’t worked, but he still held her hand for a few precious moments.

He cherished that feeling, the way her hand fit into his perfectly. He honestly hadn’t meant to do that, he was aiming for her wrist. But it was a happy accident that made his heart beat faster every time he thought of it.

“Okay, Stretch, bounce if things get too funky in there.”

“I love it when you talk science to me.” Kirsten had smiled, and maybe had a hint of a laugh.

Even though she was kidding (Kirsten Clark, kidding around. Who knew?) A brief vision of her saying that under *very* different circumstances flashed through his mind. He found it difficult to refocus completely after that.

It amazed Cameron that Kirsten knew that he was showing symptoms. He thought he was doing a good job covering it up, but she knew immediately. It was so gentle, the way she placed her hand on his forehead, face scrunched up in concern, even though she too was dying.

He didn’t want her to worry about him. All his life people had worried about him and treated him like he was a fragile piece of glass.

“I have no intention of dying. Not like this.”

That was his Kirsten, always fighting. She was always so strong, even against something she couldn’t glare into submission or outplay. It gave him hope that they would be okay.

When he called his mom, be thought his heart would break. She didn’t suspect a thing. She thought it was a normal phone call, a son calling to catch up with his mother.

“Was it worth it?”

Was giving up a position of a lifetime at one of the best colleges, a probably huge salary, and the eternal pride of his parents worth it for some government job?

He couldn’t help but look at Kirsten, the one thing that actually did make it all worth it. Before she came in, Stitching was just a cool job he couldn’t tell anyone about. But she, his blonde haired beauty with ice cold glares and flirty banter, made it all worth it.

Cameron didn’t want to tell her about the scar. He was hoping she didn’t even remember it, but a razor sharp mind like her never forgets.

It was surprisingly easy for him to tell Kristen about the scar. She didn’t cry and tell him she was sorry, that she wished she could take it away or that it never happened, the way other girls had. She just listened.

“You’re a genius!” Kirsten cried.

And then she was grabbing his shoulders and crashing into him. He was so stunned by the movement that he almost didn’t hug back. But when he did, his arms fitting perfectly around her slim waist while her hands were thrown around his neck, he decided he never wanted to let go, and that he wanted to hold her in his arms forever, however long (or short) that may be. He couldn’t help but let his hands linger on her sides.

Part of him hated the smug feeling he got when she called him a genius and hugged him. He felt like rubbing right into Liam’s stupid perfect face. The perfect face that Kirsten still had not called to say good bye, but rather was standing here, hugging him. (But, of course, part of him enjoyed the feeling too.)

Cameron tried to stop her from retrieving Fisher from the elevator shaft and demand that Tim do it instead. But of course, she was stubborn as a mule when it came to doing what she wanted. He doubted she had the energy to go up there at first, but somehow in her fevered state she managed.

He caught her when she stumbled back down, cooing soothing words into her ear and rubbing her back. He was touching her a lot today, but she never complained so he didn’t think much of it.

Cameron’s smug feeling came back when she had declared it the best birthday ever. Even though they had almost died, she had spent the entire day with him, Camille, Maggie, and Linus. No Liam, only a slightly angry phone call earlier.

The way Kirsten smiled at him made him shake his head. This girl would be the death of him.

And for some reason, he was perfectly okay with that.

Silk Ties

A Feysand/Feyrrhys fanfic. If you don’t ship this pair then for the love of all that is sacred do not read this. 

Word count - 2k

Rated M 

Before continuing, I’d like to extend an enormous thanks to @xnightwolfx for beta reading this. Her advice/excited squeals really took this to the next level and motivated me immensely for the week it took me to write this. 

Also, @highfae-of-brooklyn  @fuckingughhh @perks-of-being-a-canadian  Here you are as promised.

So now I give you what can only be described as “indulgent nonsense”. Enjoy ;)

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We Cant Be Friends - Luke Fluffy Smut

“C'mon Y/N how long does it take..!”

“Luke.. Im not so sure about this.” I could hear him pacing outside my bedroom door impatiently. Agreeing to go to prom was hard enough but when my rock star best friend decided he was taking time off touring to take me it was worse. Prom was by far my ‘thing’ but he somehow felt it was important for me to go.

“Y/N…whats wrong?”

“Don’t laugh okay? Its just i look…different…” And i did, my messy ponytail hair was now in waves down my back, my lips glistened with gloss, cheeks rosy with blush and eyes flicked with liner. Not to mention i was now wearing a dress, i liked it but was wary of showing my best friend. Or maybe i was scared to see him, knowing how good he would look. Like always.

“Im not gonna laugh i promise.”

“Okay..” I sucked in a breath and opened the door, walking out doing a double take as i caught sight of Luke. The weird thing was he did the same as i stood awkwardly in front of him.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thanks..” I looked down feeling myself blush.

“We should get going, here i got you this.” His hand moved from behind his back to reveal a corsage that somehow managed to match my dress which also somehow managed to match his attire as well.

“You didn’t have to.”

“But i did.” Stepping forwards he held it out for me to push my hand through, securing it around my wrist perfectly.

“There. Now we can go.” He chirped, taking my arm in his. Something about tonight very different between us. From the way i had to hold my breath when i looked at him, handsome and proper in his suit jacket and shirt which was of course matched with skinny jeans and all black converse. To the fact i was nervous for him to see me all dressed up. Even the way he had insisted on taking me to prom and went to all this trouble to be a good date. Something was definitely different.

“Luke.. Its not that i don’t want to go with you its just I’m not keen on the thought of prom. I know you have went to all this and its, its so sweet of you…” He was smirking at me, why was he smirking.

“Its okay, i didn’t think you would want to go, but. I do have something else we could do instead.”

“Seriously? Yeah sure um i should get changed.”

“No, you look nice. Don’t change.” His arm held onto mine still as we left the house.

“Where are we…” My mouth dropped, my back garden now lit, fairy lights around the few trees. A blanket on the floor with what looked like a pizza box and some sort of sprit bottle.

“Da da..” I looked up to see him smiling awkwardly down at me, his teeth showing as he tried to be cute for my approval.

“Its beautiful.. I…how?”

“I knew you wouldn’t want to go, i know you inside out, but. I wanted to do something special for you so you would have something to remember.” I couldn’t find the words to speak as something poked at my heart strings.

“C'mon..” He led me down to the grass.

“Here..” Holding out his hand, i took it a little confused and he pressed our bodies closer.

“I know you don’t want to go to prom but i insist that you have one dance.”

“Theres no music..” I giggled becoming comfortable in his presence.

“Then sing with me..” His voice started to mumbled the words to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

“Interesting choice..” I giggled at him as he spun me around and i joined in. We were shouting out the words, dancing like we were drunk but it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Lukee!!"screamed as he spun me around and we stumbled to the grass in fits of laughter. His head fell back to the grass with mine as we lay side to side watching the dark sky.

"Thank you.”

“What for?”

“This, its so much better than prom. Im really glad I’m spending it with you.” I could feel myself nearing the edge of the friend zone line i imagined in my head. So temped to cross it but too scared as always.

“Me too, i wouldn’t want you to spend it with anybody else.”


“Hmm” he mumbled answering me.

“I love you.” It came out like word vomit, my eyes clamping shut as i cursed myself temped to slap my head.

“I love you too.” Of course he said it back, like he always did but it only stuck the metaphorical dagger deeper into my heart.

Staying quiet i felt his warm hand brush mine, his fingers slid across my skin. His fingers pushing in between mine as he took my hand softly into his. I had never held his hand like this before so the new feeling sent my heart racing a little.

“I really love you.”

“Huh” huh?!

“I really love you. Like I’m in love with you. More than a friend. Not like a sister but like in a i-fancy-the-pants-off-you-and-want-to-kiss you kinda way. Like i don’t want anybody else to kiss you way. Like i want to be able to hold you hand just like this, all the time way.” My heart might have stopped for a minute but everything for the first time felt calm. We continued to watch the dark sky as i smiled, feeling complete inside. Like both of us knew out fate so there was no need to rush.

“You took your damn time. I love you too you idiot.” With that i rolled myself over to lay my head on his chest as i was held in his arms. He sighed kissing the top of my head, his arms squeezing me tighter to his body. Pushing myself up on my elbows i hovered my head over his. His eyes glistened in the dark as i watched his lips curved into a smile. Our eyes closing together as his hands came up to cup my cheeks as our lips touched. A fire burning through us, a surge of something new filling the space around us.


My body was lain down softly on the cool material of my bed sheets. His hands playing with the strands of hair that fell into my face.

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes..” I was nervous but i knew he wouldn’t hurt me and i trusted him with my life, not to mention was completely turned on by how hot he was tonight. Well he always was but a button up shirt suited him well.

Kissing my lips i felt safe in his presence, his hands coming round to my back as i arched it so he could undo my strapless bra. However not removing it as he seemed concerned about me becoming shy.

“Its okay, you can take it off..its okay.” It came out as a whisper as he pulled the material away and i was left bare chested beneath him. His eyes roaming my breasts quite hungrily but still not touching them. Lips pressing down on my jaw as they trailed hot against my neck and collar bones. I ran my hands up his now bare back remembering how my dress along with his shirt and jacket was somewhere with out shoes thrown around the living room and hall way. I let out a giggle at how ridiculously perfect this was, how good he made me feel just like in my head he would. His lips brushing my skin like fire on paper setting me alight. Feeling his hands tickle over my hips, his mouth moving down to finally kiss over my breasts. Licking round each nipple before sucking on them lightly. Moans leaving my mouth as i closed my eyes letting him do his work.

His fingers traced around the outline of my underwear, pushing it to the side so he could rub his fingers against me as he worked his mouth on my top half.


“I know baby, i know..”

“Enough please i cant, i need you.” And i did, the fire within me ready to explode.

With one final kiss he pulled away, standing to removed his jeans and boxers swiftly. I caught the sight of his length in the dark room causing my to rub my thighs together with arousal.

“Cheeky girl..” He smirked moving back on top of me. His hands prying my legs open again. I could feel him rub himself against me creating a perfect friction.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Luke please..” I almost whined so desperate for him. It wasn’t my first time but he was being gentle and caring like it was. Just one other thing that caused my heart to beat for him.

Securing one leg around his hip he pushed himself into me, filling me up to the brink. A soft moan leaving my mouth as he gave me time to adjust. His lips pressing to mine, his tongue slipping inside as he began to move his hips slowly. His speed picking up but sure to stay steady, showing me pleasure and love at the same time. Raising my hips i moved along to his rhythm as best i could, trying to keep up as he moaned when i tightened around him as he hit my sweet spot.

Our words were gone as the two of us rolled over so i could move against him, both our bodies in sync, rolling back over so he could move faster. It was almost animalistic but romantic as we worked together. My mouth coming down to kiss against his chest, his lips against my neck, breathing heavy in my ear. My hand grabbing at his shoulders as i felt a current of pleasure like no other crash through my body. Feeling him pick up his pace as he growled into my ear, letting go.

With heavy eyes and deep breathing we relaxed, coming down from what was close to euphoria.

“You know we cant be friends anymore Luke..”

“I don’t want to be friends.” With that his arm tugged my over to him flipping us slightly he pushed his lips against mine, something warm filling my heart. A homely feeling of love for Luke.

anonymous asked:

Blurb about play fighting with luke?? :)

it would start with luke telling a dumb joke and you nudging him in the side playfully. luke would frown dramatically at you and pinch your arm and demand that you laugh at his joke because it was funny dammit, even though it was stupid and you both know it. when you don’t laugh, he would playfully punch your arm and you would roll your eyes and punch him back and before long and he would be on top of you and giggling while he tries to pin your hands down, because you’ve been trying to tickle him or attack him or something and he refuses to let you win. when he’s finally holding your wrists down against the couch, smiling down at you as you pout playfully, he try to give you a quick kiss and you would take the opportunity to distract him by wrapping your legs around him and making a small sound into his mouth, just the way he likes. and in his moment of weakness, you would free your wrists and push his shoulders up far enough to gain the upper hand, quickly climbing on top of him and keeping down while he frowns at you and tells you that isn’t fair at all and you’re not allowed to use kissing to win a fight.