he also has a unicorn tail

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Lance is that Ravenclaw that only applies himself to the things he's interested in and the professors get so pissed at that then he gets all O's on his O.W.Ls and they are all just ???? He ends up creating spells and potions for the dumbest shit but it's also really useful? Like that spell he made that makes the paper turn into sparky blue dust when touched by a teacher that he made so he could pass notes ends up being used by the ministry with top secret info. 1/?

2/? One of his fellow classmates has dysphoria? He dicks around with a potion that gets rid of it and it ends up being a widely sold product. Basically if something interests him he can do it. If he doesn’t care he doesn’t do it. He’s not fond of history of magic cuz it’s boring as fuck? He charms a quil that takes accurate notes on everything the teacher says and focuses on something more interesting. He makes visual effects that can’t be seen by anyone over the age of 18 for everyone else

3/? He has to hold back snickers as sparks fly around Snape. He loves care of magical creatures and is super good with them. He never becomes a prefect but all the younger Ravenclaws come to him for help and advice because he’s super good with younger kids and he loves helping them figure stuff out. He’s almost always getting in trouble alongside Pidge(Ravenclaw and Slytherin friendships are both the best and the worse because they are both so cunning) for doing stuff like sneaking into the 

4/? Forbidden Forest to interact with some of the creatures or going into the restricted section of the library because they both wanna see what’s in it. A lot of times Lance managed to worm them out of detention with a promise to never do it again and a wink to Pidge saying we totally will. He’s an amazing Quiditch player and is a Seeker for the Ravenclaw team and sees the Seeker from Gryffindor(Keith) as his rival because he is seen as the best broom rider because of his control of the broom.

5/5 While Keith makes crazy yet controlled dives for the snitch based off instinct, Lance is more of an observe the whole field and find an easy yet cool way to get the Snitch kind of player. He has about 20 different plans on getting for different scenarios such as where the quaffle is, where the beaters and bludgers are, how his team is doing and what the other Seeker is doing. Also a random thought but I think his wand would have a unicorn tail hair core and probably made out of willow ??

This. This is just perfect, you have 100% convinced me, Lance is totally Ravenclaw. This needs to be a fanfiction omg

My fairy tail alter ego's
  • The Nalu shipper: When is the nalu talk, because they both need to know what the other lost so that there will be no misunderstandings and after that hug. Like an actual hug, not the chest to back stuff from the eclipse-arc.
  • The Gruvia shipper: I am just gonna pretend that they talked, when they went to their house.
  • The Gajevy/Gale shipper: Did they live together too? Did they do the dirty in between the council mission. I NEED TO KNOW.
  • The Jerza shipper: WHERE IS JELLAL! he's been for so long and he may be blind and can never see Erza's scartlett hair. THE FEELS.
  • The Zervis shipper: I don't want Zeref to die, because then we get no dragneel brothers moments, but I also want Zeref to die so that he can see Mavis and live on Tenrou-Island with her and where all the zervis fanfiction at. I need more of them in my life.
  • The crackshipper: I am so confused I want Mira and Laxus together, but I also want Laxus and Freed together. I also ship every possible ship between Sting, Rogue, Yukino, Minerva. Ugh.
  • The logical non-shipper: Okay so I didn't see Laxus and the Raijinshuu, so maybe there are with Makarov. Does he know why Makarov disband the guild. So if he's with him and doesn't come back who will it be. I hope a woman. There aren't many female guild master, I think. So it would nice to see more of them.

Name: PowerPuffins UchihaUzumakiHyugaCocoRainbowSprinkles-Hatake

Age: 65 looks 21

Rank: Hokage

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 93 lbs

Race: Human/Demon

Hobbies: She loves to have sex, flirting, and making new awesome ninjutsu.

More info~

Powerpuffins is the Hokage of the Leaf Village, since Tsunade wasn’t as good as Powerpuffins. Humiliated, Tsuande committed suicide. 

Powerpuffins is very strong and talented, excelling in everything and has no weaknesses what-so-ever. She even single handily defeated pain during the invasion. Naruto tried to help her though, but she accidentally killed him. Which is a good thing, so he doesn’t like interfere with her being hokage.

She has Uchiha, Hyuga, and Uzumaki blood. She has the Sharingan, the Byakugan, and the Rinnegan. Not just that, they are all mixed together. Making her eyes unstoppable. She also gets her strength from her 100 tailed Unicorn demon. Another thing is that she got a curse seal from Orochimaru, which you can see on left breast.

On her free time, she runs a Ninja Lingerie Shop. She makes all the clothing there, and one of her masterpieces are worn in the picture above.

Everyone loves her, and her cool personality. She’s friends with everyone in the village, and no one hates her. She’s happily Married to the great Kakashi Hatake.


Luckily I looked down and I saw that it was, indeed, a parody Sue. Otherwise, my faith in humanity would have been thrown right out the window.