he also has a unicorn tail


I am dog-sitting an excitable living mop this week. At first, I admit, I found little Oreo (Mr. O in some circles) to be a bit creepy. He would just peer at me from across the room with his black beady eyes shadowed by his hairdo/brow (most likely deliberating as to whether or not I was worthy enough to play catch with him and his precious sock collection). It wasn’t until we became friends and I more closely inspected his face that I discovered his INTENSE BEAUTY.

Seriously, those lashes are UNREAL xD

ok so Spiky Red Hotness over here is played by Kishou Taniyama and his animal is apparently a crow which is weird considering his tail and ears (his TINY, ADORABLE EARS)

the colorful kitty(?) vision in the center here is Mamoru Miyano’s character and you know what, I’m ditching the kitty idea and gonna say he’s a pretty unicorn.

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Tetsuya Kakihara, and Ryouta Ohsaka are also in this along with lots others.

the rhythm game this is all based on comes from Sanrio, and it is notably the first franchise Sanrio has ever directed to include the older male demographic rather than solely young women.

In summary, I’m watching this.