he also has a big weenie

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Why did you like the beast?

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You really want me to give you a list because I’m pretty sure I could go on forever about him. Here, I’ll give you some of the basics.

- He’s got a library, woohoo for being well read
- The original story by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve had it that Beast was a prince who was raised by an evil fairy after his father died and his mother was at war with another kingdom. This evil fairy then tries and fails to seduce him once he’s an adult. When he refuses her, this weenie of a fairy turns him into a beast. She essentially has a tantrum because she got friend zoned. WEENIE. 
If you’re with me so far, when I heard this when I was younger I was appalled and completely felt for Beast and knew he was 100% deserving of my love lol
- He’s got a nice voice
- We get to watch his character growth in the movie going from, also a weenie, to a compassionate gentleman. PERSONAL GROWTH IS SEXY
- He’s super big and hey I’m tiny in real life, so size difference is also my jam
- I could go into other inappropriate detail but I’m sure y’all will just use your imaginations

What i love about sara sending rip to gay baby jail is that like, rip wouldve gone after mollusk whether or not sara said yes, we’ll help you- and sara has seen firsthand how reckless rip can be when he has a big bad (savage anyone) so it’s completely likely that had he not been sent to weenie hut penitentary, he would’ve just straight up been like well fine ill take on mallet myself, and his dumb ass wouldve died bc if i know rip hunter, i know he loves trying to kill himself bc he is hooo boy depressed

So technically, sara is protecting him by sending him to jailhouse rock and also, protecting someone by putting them in the s h a m e prison is the most rip move? Like she learned how to be you, rip, that’s what she knows of being a leader and she’s doing this for your own good

But ALSO i love that sara isn’t going to realize she did this for rips own good and not to be spiteful for like two weeks and then shes gonna be like HA THAT WAS A GREAT CALL GOOD JOB ME.

Sara: i did this to protect you!!!

Rip: did you

Sara: i can send you back to prison right now my omlett do not test me

Rip: did you say omlett

Sara: we’re working on using non appropriative nicknames of endearment